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Erik clicked the lock on the door and slowly backed her up towards the bed until the mattress hit the back of her knees. [b "My excuse,"] he gave her a playful shove so her back hit the mattress. [b "Is that I've been cooped up in this house all day, and could use a little stress relief."]

He dropped his lips to her neck. [b "Unless of course my excuse doesn't meet your standards for being good enough."]

With a challenging smirk, he pulled his face away to raise an eyebrow at her. [b "I think it's a valid reason, don't you?"]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 80d 13h 38m 8s
Kenna almost considered saying that, considering few kept her interest. It was awkward around Jamie but that was something they'd all cross.

"Who are we fooling? He already knows and is probably wondering why," Kenna chuckled as she looked to him with a smirk. "I have two and a half hours...I wouldn't mind skipping that preening and hair spray today. So...what's your excuse?"

They were fun even if the situation was not fun.
  X / Turadh / 81d 10h 13m 41s
He smirked arrogantly at her. [b "When you decide to admit that I'm more alluring than you let on."]

It was a problem, really. They were capable of behaving whenever Tristan was with them. Flirting was kept to a minimum. Touching was prohibited unless absolutely necessary. When it was just the two of them, however, it was anything goes.

Before she could leave, he grabbed her around her waist and spun to drop her on the bed. [b "Or we could continue to pretend that we have a strictly professional relationship, with occasional stress relieving benefits."]

He was more than aware that he was going to make her late for work if he kept it up. But, it was fun to have her squirming. [b "You're going to miss your shift if we stay here,"] he spoke innocently, leaving the decision up to her.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 82d 20h 36m 17s
It was complicated, to say the least. There was friendship, desire, and a mentorship. At least on her part there was the friendship.

"When will you admit that you like me in some way other than in bed?" Kenna asked taking a step towards him with a smirk. Leaning up she kissed him with need.

There was a few hours before work and maybe this would help the focus. e would be less irritable for a while at least.
  X / Turadh / 84d 10h 47m 6s
Erik may have had a slight advantage, given the fact that he'd worked tirelessly to learn how to block an invasion of his mind, in the event that he was ever around Charles without his helmet to protect him. He almost felt a little guilty for how frustrated she was getting, but it had to happen for her to learn. She eventually began getting a bit better, poking holes through the mental walls he'd built up.

At the end of their training, he was satisfied that she was getting stronger. [b "You don't need to thank me,"] he brushed it off, though accepted the kiss on the cheek. [b "I agreed to be involved in this, and I would be a fairly shitty mentor if I neglected to actually teach you anything."]

There was a bit of pent up frustration lying under his skin. Catching her arm before she could leave the room, he raised a challenging eyebrow. [b "Though our other training is less of an obligation and more of a reward for both of us."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 85d 15h 12m 31s
It was not the most awkward situation she had been in. It was the rare situation where she had wanted him more than once but kept that desire at bay. Right now she could use any distraction.

"Alright, and no shenanigans, as fun as that is," Kenna said trying to gather her focus through her mind from the other stress. The old way wasn't working, so she had begun another process.

She tried three different methods in her own head, and trying to get to his. If it wasn't for needing to get ready for work soon she would have succeeded more.

"Erik...I do really admire you...going through what you did and still mostly there. I'm happy to work with you," Kenna leaned up and kissed his cheek.
  X / Turadh / 86d 10h 49m 50s
Tristan was the first to call it a night, pressing a fond kiss to the top of Kenna's hair. [i "Don't stay up too late,"] he aimed a warning finger at them before disappearing to his room.

Erik was next, excusing himself quietly though he knew he was only going to stare at the ceiling while he came up with a strategy. When her knock came shortly after, he was only slightly surprised. Nevertheless, he stepped to the side to let her in his room.

[b "I think the next step is to put you in a situation where your opponent is resisting your powers. If they know you're an empath, they can struggle against the control. I want you to try to get into my head while I'm actively fighting against it,"] he advised.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 87d 15h 40m 53s
"That's easy in theory. Kim's ego is bloated since we decommissioned her boss. I get it, Erik, it's tiring," Kenna grimaced, ignoring the urge to just collapse right there. It was easy when there wasn't so many people but the focus was getting slowly better.

The drunks only did some for her nerves but made it easier to sleep. Still at four in the morning she knocked on Erik's door before entering. "Can you help me...train more? I mean with my powers."

it sadly meant learning to manipulate.
  X / Turadh / 87d 21h 59m 56s
Erik's expression remained passive. [b "We have the advantage at the moment. She doesn't know who you are, and therefore doesn't know that you're working with us. As long as you continue letting her believe you're at her beck and call as an employee, we have nothing to be concerned about."]

Tristan nodded. [i "She won't know that you're behind the sightings of Sabertooth and Blob, so she won't be able to point the finger at you. You've done extremely well with your acting so far. We have full faith that you'll pull everything off flawlessly."]

Erik dropped to the couch next to Kenna. [b "Well enough that I think we've earned a night off of focusing on this mess. I've had a headache for four days, and now we have to wait for my team to get to work. Drinks all around,"] he helped himself to another drink.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 89d 14h 47m 13s
"Not the boss," Kenna answered, taking the drink from Erik with a nod of thanks. The question of the danger was shrugged off. She was on the front line, going around like a damn spy. It would just be a matter of influencing the right people over and over again.

"It will be fine. I mean...we have our diversions, distractions, and infiltrations. Right, Erik?" She asked hopefully. This was all new for the two younger ones.

She just wanted to have some fun time again.
  X / Turadh / 92d 10h 51m 15s
Erik never thought he'd see the day that he agreed with Tristan Oehler, but the kid's idea was good. [i "I'll contact Sabertooth to get started. We'll start with sightings on her company property. They can escalate from there to get things moving."]

Left alone in the living room, Tristan glanced at Kenna. [b "You sure everything is okay? You're kind of a bit more on the front-line than we are. Things might get a lot worse when they start tearing shit apart, and your boss inevitably panics."]

He got up to cross the room to the bar Erik had stocked upon arrival. [b "We've earned a drink,"] he poured them each two fingers worth of scotch [b "Drink up. Erik may be the elected leader of this mission, but you're still boss,"] he winked, throwing his shot back.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 93d 13h 38m 41s
"Boss? I'm just reporting back what I know are her little ticks. Slowly getting the people on the inside," Kenna said before looking thoughtful. "I wonder if getting enough people working to our agenda would look like the inside of a clock."

This would be the call of Erik, she looked to Erik giving a small smile. "You're the one who is really leading us. We don't know what we're doing, but you do. And wouldn't be here without you."

It was as close to sweet as she had gotten with him. He did save both of their lives, and she only saved him from walking into a trap.
  X / Turadh / 94d 11h 59m 10s
Erik shook his head. [i "Sabertooth and Blob were able to escape before capture. The others weren't as skilled. Sabertooth was able to fight them enemy off, and Blob was just too large for them to bring down. They're at a safe house, waiting for word from me."]

Tristan weighed their options. [i "Neither are good at blending in. That might work to our advantage. Sightings alone will get word around, and then they can go in to cause damage."]

[b "They're nothing if not professional disasters,"] Erik surprisingly agreed.

The younger man scrunched his face when she shut the tv off, but didn't argue about it. He could see the tension in her shoulders. [i "What say you, boss?"] he nudged her leg with his foot.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 94d 15h 34m 50s
"I thought they were all captured," Kenna asked before considering how that sounded. Blob and Sabertooth didn't sound like a great people to hang around with.

"There's some locations that she has property in. Redmond and by the warehouses. Maybe some incidents there would be enough to shake her up. She doesn't like mistakes or loose ends."

Going for a drink she turned off the television. Experiment or not it was going sideways. There was more that she could do on her own.
  X / Turadh / 95d 11h 16m 46s
Erik's expression changed from tense to confident. [b "I know a few people who will gladly accept that challenge."]

Tristan's brows furrowed. [i "Are you talking about the Brotherhood? Because I don't think Kenna was talking about total destruction of the building."]

He was met with an eye roll. [b "They'll do as instructed. If we give them specific expectations, then they will manage the rest."]

Tristan wanted to argue more, but his brain was side-tracked with what Kenna had said about an awkward coworker. So, he caved rather early on in the discussion. [i "Do we call in Sabertooth and Blob, then?"]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 96d 17h 2m 14s

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