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[b "Oh? So you're a three course meal then?"] Kenna rose her eyebrow. Everything about him seemed to edge on the unusual but also expected. Watching him with avid curiosity, all the while almost enjoying the change of energy.

[b "I haven't yet..."] That was the frank way they talked. It was interesting, kept her on her toes. Normally she'd be upset that he was telling her how to do this. The truth was he kept a portion of herself out of the act, not wanting to fully share herself.

Without a seconds thought she kissed him back moving her hand to his cheek to his hair. Whose desire this was, she didn't know, or cared.
  X / Faust / 29d 3h 34m 52s
[b "I'm a full experience,"] he taunted back, feeling rather smug.

His fingers twitched as she answered him with her permission. The words were barely out of her mouth before his hands went to her waist to pick her up and drop her on the mattress. He was nothing, if not a man of action. [b "I won't hold back if you won't,"] he inched his way along her body.

When he was eye to eye with her, he lowered his face closer until his lips hovered above hers. [b "Don't think. Don't get in your head. Just shut up and act,"] he muttered before crashing his lips to hers.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 29d 9h 8m 25s
"A drink and a show...very interesting..." Kenna couldn't help but give an amused laugh watching him. The shirt off was certainly inspiration to go through with his act. By experience she knew that he was strong. There wasn't a voice to tell her it was not a good idea, there was never that voice when it came to these acts.

Taking the drink, appreciating the burn she looked back towards him. "You have my permission, Erik," she nodded. It was more fun just watching him right now, wanting to see how much of an influence there was.
  X / Faust / 30d 3h 37m 15s
He raised an eyebrow. [b "Siren?"]

His question went unanswered as she gave a snide remark of her own. He backed up slightly until his hand found the doorknob and shut it behind him. The lock twisted shut. [b "I think you'll find that I'm up for the challenge."]

Erik turned to the large mahogany wardrobe and pulled open a drawer. He produced a bottle of scotch, holding it out between them. [b "Let's say I was prepared for if you showed up, and if you didn't."]

He cracked the top and took a pull from it, enjoying the burn. Handing it off to her, he moved towards the bed and drew the covers back. Erik made a dramatic show of removing his shoes and shirt before crossing the room to her. [b "I'm still waiting on permission to put my hands on you,"] his arms hung loosely at his sides until she gave the go-ahead.

He couldn't have cared less if they woke anyone. He became almost animalistic, given how she'd essentially invaded his thoughts for the past few days. By morning, he wanted a clear head. Until then, he would relish in the first contact he'd had in a long while. No strings attached was the deal. He would abide by that agreement.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 30d 6h 44m 49s
Kenna could never place him which was why she remained interested. At the end she pieced most of it together. In that moment she felt some triumph in herself. "My effect is still happening...that's amazing...I was right, Siren is a good pick."

The logic was there and there was that annoying feeling. She considered this for a moment. "You'd be giving me access to a lot, you know, and there might be some influencing," she stepped forward to him giving the trademark smirk. "Think you can handle that?"
  X / faust / 30d 7h 1m 44s
She had a point. Getting properly drunk would ensure no feelings got in the way. He'd done it countless times with women he'd slept with to quell his pent up aggression. [b "If we need liquid courage, Charles has a full bar,"] Erik stepped a bit closer to her space, partially blocking the door.

As promised, his arms stayed crossed to keep his hands to himself. She could push him aside and he wouldn't stop her. [b "It's going to happen eventually. You said it yourself; we're connected. Still, we're essentially strangers. We barely tolerate each other. The frustration isn't likely to go away. Why not get it out of our systems before it distracts us on our mission?"]

God, it sounded borderline pathetic. He couldn't even tell if it was attraction or sheer desperation to clear his mind of her. [b "Your choice, Empath."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 30d 7h 18m 2s
Kenna gave a soft sound, thinking to what Jamie had said, but didn't comment on it. Instead the comment about not letting people in earned a single, louder laugh without mirth.

"That's because you're not an empath. It's all feelings all the time, touch some one and it's worse. There is never a single moment for you because all there is is others..." Kenna answered in annoyment at her own self. "Sex only if smashed because then it's not so loud. I miss that."

Giving a sigh she shook her head. "I'm going to go now before I still over. Good night."
  X / faust / 30d 7h 30m 43s
There was a faint tug in the corner of his lips. [b "If it keeps you from getting killed, then the training was worth it."]

This woman was more confusing than Raven had ever been. Her posture was tense, and she didn't seem to want to be there at all. It certainly wasn't how his adrenaline-fueled imagination had pictured this late-night meeting going when they'd been bickering so furiously earlier. Erik saw her eyes wander to his tattoo. He lifted his arms to cross over his chest. He was not fond of being vulnerable.

[b "Maybe our next lesson should be how to emotionally detach yourself from others,"] he drawled. [b "I happen to be an expert."]

Erik was probably pushing his luck. [b "I almost feel like you're calling into question our maturity and capability of keeping no-strings-attached. I thought I've taught you better than that."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 30d 7h 46m 31s
"Going to make me say that again...yes, I'm sorry...I should know better than that. And while I'm at it. Thank you for the push now I know how if I need to instead of a not so happy accident," Kenna places her hands in the pockets, stepping in she still remained by the door though.

Eyeing the tattoo on his arm for the briefest of seconds before shrugging briefly. "It's not as if it makes a difference, really, it all ends up a bundle of feelings and not a lot of pleasure. Suppose it's time to try and sleep before tomorrow."

Her nerves was tied up, as was his from what she could feel.
  X / faust / 30d 7h 56m 58s
He gave a small laugh. [b "I'm better at friendship than romance. Much less stressful. Plus, I'm not good with affection in general. Like holding hands. What's the point of that?"] his face scrunched as his thoughts trailed off.

When she stood to leave, his focus snapped back to her. [b "Best of luck with the beast in the tower,"] he saluted playfully.

Erik's day had not been as laid-back. After breaking two punching bags and embedding a dumbbell into the wall, he'd given up and retreated to his room. This place was getting to him, just like he knew it would. Too many smiling, happy faces unaware that the rest of the world wanted them dead simply for being different. Charles was going to get these kids killed.

And Kenna.

God, she was frustrating. In more ways than one, really. He'd gone between hating her and admiring her several times over by the time she knocked on the door late that night.

Erik did his best to appear indifferent. [b "You're sorry?"] he muttered, not sure how this evening had turned around on him again.

Still, she seemed sincere. Stepping aside, he held the door. [b "Come in, if you want. I'll keep my hands to myself."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 30d 8h 9m 40s
It was quite a bit to think about. Jamie said it so easily and cheerful that Kenna could swear that he was the wonderful empath and she could be the one that literally take down the house. [b "I never had a friend, really...It's always been awkward. Lovers...yeah...It's nice though."]

Standing up she leaned down she smiled. Placing a hand on his sleeve. [b "Thanks...I think...I guess we will see,"] Kenna nodded.

Later that night, she did go to see Erik, but not for the reason he challenged her to. Dressing in the a band tee shirt and pajama shorts she leaned against the door. [b "I didn't come for that...don't get excited...I, um, came to apologize for using my abilities on you in such a way."]

She had to continue before her mode ran out. [b "I admire you and your strength. That's all. I'm sorry, Erik."]
  X / Faust / 32d 4h 14m 56s
Tristan smiled at her. [b "Everyone needs at least one friend. Glad I can help in any way. I don't know much about Erik Lehnsherr, but I do know that everyone has their reasons for being who they are. I think Charles struggles to understand that he can't change Erik, even though he desperately wants to."]

He rose from his chair and stretched a bit. [b "In any case, the two of you seem to have connected in some way, and I think the Professor is intrigued by it. From what Hank has told me, Erik doesn't play well with others. Even if he's tough on you, he's protective about it. Maybe all he's doing is trying to prevent humans from committing mass genocide again, like he saw in the camps. By drawing a clear line between us and them, he can force them to maintain their distance."]

Looking down at her, he gestured to the mansion. [b "Five bucks says he's in there beating the shit out of a punching bag while going over your fight in his head."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 34d 6h 4m 22s
[b "You probably should ignore what I say, but the latter sounds cooler. Unexpected and something to not be reckoned with...but I laugh at sad parts at movies,"] Kenna shrugged. Listening to her it hit her harder as she knew he was right. [b "'re right...I think I screwed up."]

Sighing she knew she had and would need to apologize. He'd call her weak but she had her code to think about. [b "'ve been a great friend." ]
  X / faust / 36d 7h 46m 10s
He scrunched his nose. [b "I think they thought 'Doppler' wouldn't be taken as a joke. Tremors works, but I heard them saying it was too mean, because I couldn't control it at the time, and they didn't want me to think they were mocking me."]

Tristan stretched his legs out. It was weird hearing that Erik was less moody, but in the sense that he didn't think the man was capable of remotely liking a person to the point where he didn't continually insult them. The news about the camp, however, is an even bigger surprise.

[b "No, I didn't know that,"] he frowned. [b "Charles never said much about Erik's past, other than that it was traumatic and was a big reason for how he's turned out. Fuck, if I'd have experienced that, I'd probably have a vengeance like Erik too. Going through a concentration camp? It's impressive he even came out of that alive at all."]

It shone a new light on the villain. His anger made more sense. The hostility he held towards humans was justifiable, given that sort of childhood. [b "I can see why he'd be upset with Charles for constantly telling him to let the past go. How do you let something like that go?"]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 36d 8h 15m 39s
[b "Well, that escalated quickly. Doppler...why didn't they go for Tremors. That would have been mad awesome,"] Kenna said after a moment before shaking her head. Siren. It was her code name while she was one, and after today she had earned the mark. Almost bringing Erik to his back for her, it was something.

Was it possibly her as well that was wrapped around Erik? Thinking on that question he shrugged. [b "He doesn't much...and kind of relaxes. I don't know. Did you know he was in a concentration camp? He told that to me when I didn't go with him when we first met."]
  X / Faust / 37d 4h 58m 22s

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