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Kenna gave a small knowing smirk to him. She had felt good buried in him that he kept burying. While the others were talking about how this was bad or weird she took the moment, while the fuzziness was there but not growing steady. "You don't have to. I'm okay with this deal. And what I did earlier...that wasn't from me...that was from you," she said softly to him, with that same smirk.

Once outside, she felt the fuzziness like a bad headache. They were far enough to go through...she wanted to know who this mutant was, and now she could not feel everything.

Ororo didn't like it but followed them all out anyway, never more glad to be outside than this. There was the plane waiting for them the other mutants waiting.

"Are you coming?" Ororo asked, half fearing she'd join Erik.

"There's something else I need to do. But tell Charles...I do want his help..." Kenna said softly looking to Tristan at that with a small nod.
  X / Faust / 32d 17h 21m 44s
Erik's face scrunched up back into his usual sourpuss expression. [i "Don't look too much into it. You're helping me get my team back. The least I can do is make sure you and your cousin don't get killed. It's nothing more than returning a favour."]

Tristan held Ororo up as the other two joined them in the hall. [b "It's hard to explain, and to be perfectly honest, I still don't understand much of it, but let's just go with it and get out of here while we can."]

Magneto brushed past. [i "I promise, I'm not turning good, kid. This is a mutually beneficial escape plan. Let's fight more about it later. Kenna's right, we need to haul ass."]

He led the way back down the hall, as Tristan helped Storm along. [b "I'm just as suspicious as you are, but for now, he can repel bullets and we need that advantage."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 32d 22h 8m 55s
"Actually, she'll be not upset. She's been trying to divorce him for over the last two years. Getting him killed...well, that was him fulfilling what I started..." Kenna said uncomfortably, wishing she had held her tongues. In this moment she hated her gift more than anything right now. "We? Why would you? This should be the end of what we agreed."

It was something else really, feeling that pressures again she saw the other two come out. "That person is coming back. We should hurry," Kenna said snapping back to her old self.

"We're working with him? Now that's insane," Ororo said pointing to Erik.

"We don't have time for this," Kenna rolled her eyes.
  X / Faust / 32d 22h 22m 24s
Erik paused, unsure of what he was supposed to do in this situation. Comforting people had never quite been his strong suit. More often than not, he was the reason for someone to be upset. [i "We might have a chance to get to her in time. What you've done isn't worth a death sentence, I'm sure. She might be angry but it's better to be angry and alive than dead. It's your call."]

At the submerging tank, Tristan held Storm steady as she took in lungfuls of air. She was a little worse for wear, but she was always quick to bounce back. Seeing her in a more vulnerable state was new for him. [b "We're at some lab. I don't know what happened, but they got to you before I could. We have a small window to get out of here, but however they're controlling our powers is going to be coming back on soon. We need to move."]

He rose to his feet and helped her stand, letting her lean a bit on him for support. [b "I bet you're disoriented as all hell right now,"] he took steady strides to get them back to the other two.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 33d 21h 0s
Just like that she felt the last piece of her world was dropping away. If there had ever been a stable place, that was Trisha. Seeing that smile, her supportive words, it made the world a brighter place. Kenna was now placing her life in danger, and those kids, right after killing Sam inadvertently. It was crashing down painfully but she had seen it coming.

Kenna didn't care for people to see her expression or thoughts, while she felt their feelings. This time it couldn't be helped as the pain showed on her face. "That's what I thought," Kenna said slowly. "Sam was my fault. He's married to my cousin, the only person alive who thinks I'm worth anything. There was a fight and I told him to tell every woman he slept with what a worthless piece of shit he was. And he did. I didn't mean to do it. I'm going to lose her for my mistake now."


Storm coughed, the water coming out hastily. Looking around confused. Last she remembered her powers hadn't worked and she was being tortured while they tested her. It had been a nightmare like the mutants before had told him.

"Tristan," Ororo said in a raspy tone. "Where are they?" SHe asked in a fiery tone, feeling her powers come weakly to her. "How are my powers back? I don't understand."
  X / Faust / 34d 19h 2m 20s
Tristan barely waited for the words to be out of her mouth before he was bolting for the room next door. He threw it open and sure enough, Storm was submerged in the tank. [b "Hey! Hey, it's me,"] he smacked his hand against the glass to wake her up.

[b "I'm gonna get you out,"] he assured her as her eyes flickered open.

He moved to the small stairs leading to the top of the tank where they submerged her, unlatching the lid and pushing it aside to haul her up. He carefully undid the strap of her breathing apparatus so she could spit it to the side.

In the room next door, Erik looked to Kenna grimly. [i "They will do what they can to silence anyone who could go to the media. Families, friends, doesn't matter to them. They can't let the labs be found."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 34d 22h 27m 22s
It was difficult to not feel the waves from these people. All of it sinking into her own horror. Looking between the two of them she tried to feel more of them, finally picking up a faint feeling in the room just next to her it was familiar in a sense. "Tristan, I think she's in the next room," Kenna said. Unable to find more words for what was going on.

Looking to Erik, she knew she had to ask but didn't want to. "Erik, what happens to the non mutants that know and help...a mutant? Like to them and their family?"

Kenna was sure the answer wasn't going to be pretty but she had to ask. This wasn't good news for her cousin if the answer was severe.
  X / Faust / 35d 17h 20m 44s
Tristan was visibly agitated upon seeing the experiment rooms again. He froze for a moment at the first empty room, where chains were bolted to the wall to contain a mutant. Flashes of his own torment passed before his eyes before he backed away and moved on. [b "These rooms are meant to test the extent of our powers. And to see how the government can manipulate our abilities under extreme duress,"] he explained.

When Kenna got a feeling towards one of the rooms, Erik was the first to step forward. He waved his hand and the door shot open. [i "Boss!"] a voice came from the corner.

Toad was strung up by his wrists, with electrodes stuck to his temples. [b "Shock therapy,"] Tristan breathed out.

[i "His powers are limited to what you see. Torture isn't going to make anything else appear,"] Erik snapped the chains and helped Toad down.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 37d 4m 39s
Truthfully, Kenna was glad that Erik went with, he was strong and could help. Why he was doing it she wasn't sure. But he agreed anyway which was a relief. She didn't say thank you outloud, but gave him a nod and a twitch of a small smile.

"Christ," Kenna whispered, though it was meant to be a clear voice. This was something else than the cages. This was where the strongest ones went, it seemed. Looking around it was something from one of Sam's sci fi movies.

"They really..." She stopped herself, there was no time for shock. She had to sense something. Attempting to break through her wall, she closed her eyes, feeling a twinge in the next room, perhaps more but it was faint. "There's at least one person in the next room."
  X / Faust / 37d 18h 19m 14s
Tristan was put a little at ease by her reassurance that she would help, but he wasn't confident that Erik would be as willing. [b "I don't know..."]

Erik held up a hand to silence him. He wasn't entirely pleased by this turn of events, but he couldn't just leave them on their own. After Kenna had essentially saved his life fifteen minutes ago, he had no choice. [i "Let's make this quick. We don't have forever."]

Okay, that was unexpected. [b "Yeah. Okay. Uh, this way,"] he waved them forward to follow him.

The experiment rooms were held on the level above them. A few held water tanks for submerging the mutants, while others just had tables where they would be strapped down. Tristan was banking on there being a member of Erik's team in at least every other room. Storm would likely be in the submerge tanks.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 38d 33m 18s
It was puzzling being in this position. There was Erik's who was in for himself and position, and Tristan was stuck in his nightmare. Whoever Storm was, probably that amazing woman before with the powers of a storm.

"I guess I'll help you, Tristan," Kenna said finally, looking back to Erik. There was no way that she could persuade him to stay, she didn't even know if was completely needed. "Maybe some of your missing team members are back there, too. That's not the former trick, either. Just pointing out a fact."

There was sounds back there but no one was rushing out. She looked down wanting to step to it and investigate.
  X / Faust / 38d 18h 31m 55s
Tristan winced at the kidnapper nickname, but didn't dwell on it with everything going on around them. [b "I think it's just us right now. I passed by cells earlier, but they were empty."] He paused, choking down the fear. [b "Storm is still in here somewhere."]

[i "You,"] Erik pointed at Flame Girl as she rounded up the last of the mutants. [i "Take the others and follow Azazel. He'll lead you out of here, but under no circumstances are you to separate from the group. Stay close together and do as he says. We'll lead you to freedom as long as you heed our instructions."]

He turned to look between Kenna and Tristan. [i "I don't know if you're away, X-boy, but we have a very short window of opportunity here. Your friend might already be dead. You really want to chance sticking around here when we can get free before they can stop us?"]

Tristan's hand shook while still holding the gun at his side. [b "I have to try. My mistake got her here. I can't leave her to their experiments."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 38d 21h 30m 9s
"It was necessary to get in, Erik. That was all," Kenna answered matter of factly, her face calm looking back to Erik without flinching. There was such lively colors ad the mutants were beginning to be freed. Inside were people inside cages, there was other rooms, she was sure she didn't want to know what was in there.

With the feds gone it was just the mutants freeing each other. This was wrong, they were people with extra powers, that was all they were. She sucked in a breath.

"Nice Kidnapper, I'm glad to see you in one piece," Kenna gave a thin smile. There was so much going on. "How many more rooms are there with people?"
  X / Faust / 39d 19h 23m 58s
Erik's head whirled around to look at her. [b "It was a trick?"] he frowned. [b "You were manipula-"]

[i "Boss, you heard her, let's move!"] Azazel gave him a shove in the direction they were initially heading.

Magneto was raging internally, but he had to admit that he was impressed she was able to find a way to push forward. [b "We will discuss this later,"] he threatens Kenna, but only halfheartedly.

Further ahead where the mutants were being kept, Tristan was still trying to aggravate his captors. [i "You guys don't talk much. Do they make you sign your balls over when you get hired?"] he spit through the bars of his cell.

He wasn't entirely sure where this sudden bravery was coming from, other than chalking it up to pure adrenaline. [i "I'd hate to do grunt work for some stuffy scientist who thinks they're going to be the next Darwin,"] his head rested against the bars, sporting a nice cut where one of the guards pistol whipped him.

[i "Keep your fucking mouth shut!"] the same guard yelled from the desk.

The girl in the cell across from him had been rocking and muttering to herself since he'd gotten here. She caught Tristan's attention when fire began covering her body, fueled by her fear. [b "Your powers are working,"] he whispered, mostly to himself.

His had stopped once he'd gotten thrown in this place. Tristan reached his hand out and grabbed the bars, focusing his energy in to vibrating the metal enough to bend them. [i "Holy shit,"] he laughed to himself. Yep. Definitely an adrenaline rush. [i "Oh guard?"] he called.

[i "I said to keep your fucking mouth shut, you little weasel!"] the man marched over, only to get a punch to the jaw that sent him sprawling against the bars of the flame girl.

Seeing her chance, she reached her arms around the man's chest and held him until the fire began licking up his torso. The guard began to scream, and Tristan could smell the burning flesh. This was the opportunity he needed to take.

It only took a little more bending of the bars before he was able to slip his scrawny body through. He grabbed the guard's gun and keys, quickly unlocking Flame Girl's cell. [i "Unlock the others,"] he urged her, pressing the keys into her hands.

Two of the other guards came bolting around the corner, and Tristan didn't even think before raising the gun and pulling the trigger. One hit center in the male's chest, but the other was hit in the neck. He dropped to the ground clutching his wound where the bullet hit the artery, and Tristan felt a flicker of fear at his actions.

He choked it back down.

Raising the gun back up, he kept the aim on the last guard who came their way. [i "I didn't want to have to do that. You left us no choice,"] his voice wavered as guilt battled the adrenaline. [i "You shouldn't have taken us."]

Behind the guard, his eyes caught site of Erik Lehnsherr and another familiar face. [i "Kenna?"]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 39d 21h 3m 58s
Just then with that wave of frustration it hurt her head, but also stopped the wall block. Kenna gave a bright look and smiled. "Perfect, sorry I had to push. Just had to overload him and you are overwhelming, Erik. Now, your method will work. Shall we?"

It was sneaky it she had only several methods and doing what she had to do. "They're all in there...and have their powers back but not for long..."

She moved forward wanting to see who made her feel so normal but also was holding them captive. It had been so unusual.
  X / Faust / 39d 21h 25m 2s

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