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Instead of dwelling on the strange relationship she had with Erik she focused on his words. Playing with the card in her pocket. That woman would understand after a trial.

"You will need someone on the inside. I'll go...that woman was fawning over me. I may have broke something on her...but If I can prove myself then I can be inside," Kenna spoke up taking that beer again taking a deep drink of it. "X-men style isn't working, guns blazing like Brotherhood isn't working. We just need to work smarter and use the cracks we have."
  X / faust / 31d 12h 6m 40s
[i "Is this a conversation we need to have in front of him?"] he looked pointedly at Tristan.

[b "I was literally kidnapped while you slept together. I think we're past the point of sex life secrecy between you two,"] the younger male snorted.

[i "What we need to do,"] Erik spoke over Tristan to take advantage of the subject change. [i "Is go on the offense instead of being on defense all the time. They've had the advantage over us going on to these places blind. We need to have a game plan. You say Hank is working on separating the chemicals in the serum; that's our place to start. If we destroy the reserves for the neutralizing chemical, we can put a stop to the production of the serum. Without that particular chemical, it's nothing more than chloriform."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 32d 17h 54m 21s
"I do, Erik. Those two hours were amazing. I kissed you and just felt your lips, not all of this. It was my head..." Kenna placed a hand on Tristan's arm. "And we're Renegades."

Erik wasn't the complete enemy here she stood up and looked to Erik. "I agree though. We aren't going to talk these people into stopping. We need to do something. What do we do, Erik?"
  X / Faust / 33d 12h 7m 51s
[i "A club name?"] Erik shut the door behind him. [i "Can't be any worse than the X-Men. Little narcissistic if you ask me. Naming the team after yourself? Well done, Charles."]

Tristan couldn't help but roll his eyes. [b "Well, we were going with the Scooby Gang, but you've really changed my mind with that compelling input."]

The only serum he was worried about at the moment was the one in his hand. The beer was cold and refreshing from the stale taste he'd had in his mouth. [b "If we're going to track the chemical they're using for paralyzing the mutated gene, Hank might be able to put something together that can permanently neutralize mutations without damaging the rest of the DNA code,"] he explained.

Erik's eyebrows drew together in a frown. [i "Why would we want to terminate our mutations?"]

Tristan wasn't altogether too thrilled to hear the challenging tone in his voice. [b "Not everyone is as happy with the powers they were given,"] he kept himself calm, though he was defensive of Kenna's wishes to not be stuck with empath abilities.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 33d 17h 13m 31s
"Normally, I'd hate this beer but after this last while...yeah...this is amazing," Kenna took the drink before giving a half smile. "That's good. Do you think it might work? A cure...or sedative..."

That thought wouldn't leave her head, all she remembered was being around people and not feeling them.

"Would you get over yourself? We're discussing the syrum and uses," Kenna rolled her eyes. "After all, we have even a club name if you want to join."
  X / Faust / 34d 13h 44m 19s
[b "Lucky for you, I've brought medicine,"] he strolled across the room as smoothly as his aching body would let him.

Sitting down on the edge of her bed, he produced two bottles of beer from behind his back. [b "Couldn't get access to the liquor cabinet. Charles' keeps it pretty locked up."]

Tristan cracked the tops and handed her one. [b "Erik is doing exactly what you would expect him to do. Jean said he and the Professor are locked in his office in a shouting match. Rather, Erik is shouting while Charles has yet to even raise his voice."]

He took a slug of his drink. [b "Hank thinks he can narrow down the chemical compound of the serum, which might give us a lead of who the supplier is. He said certain chemicals are government-mandated and have to be purchased through private companies. If that's the case, we can find the suppliers and try to shut them down."]

Outside the door, Erik's elevated voice broke through the walls. The door was thrown open and the German man stormed in. [i "His pacifism sickens me. We did what was necessary and he's acting like we should have sat them down to talk it out. Can you believe him?"]

It was then he took notice of Tristan sitting on the bed with her. [i "Am I interrupting your little slumber party?"]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 38d 14h 6m 14s
"Feels like an emotion a-bomb went off in my head. Ready to crawl into a hole in the middle of Canada...the desert is way too hot. And there'd be snowstorms," Kenna moaned. After two hours free it was gone it was making up for it.

"God...anything else happen? Erik bring down the entire building?" She knew she'd need to face him but just couldn't.
  X / Faust / 39d 11h 58m 51s
[i "You're surprisingly not in as bad of shape as I thought you'd be,"] Jean said as she scanned his x-rays.

[b "I've got a hard head,"] Tristan replied.

[i "Actually no, you've got a serious concussion. But everything else is nothing more than bruises and a cracked rib,"] she corrected.

With a new dosage of pain medicine, he was dismissed from medical and free to return to Kenna. Knocking on her door, he waited a moment before ducking his head in. [b "Turns out I'm harder to kill than I thought,"] he tried to make light of the situation, stepping into the room. [b "How are you?"]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 45d 18h 25m 15s
The woman would know the cure, or where it was. There was a mutant out there with that ability. In the room she could feel the emotions crashing in like waves on her.

Taking to a long shower and she changed not giving herself time to wallow. She just would need to work that much harder to get free of it. Of course, that was when she waited for whatever briefing or Erik barging in his own matter.
  X / Faust / 46d 11h 58m 29s
Erik's arm dropped back to his side. [b "Kenna, come on,"] he sighed as she walked away from them.

He barely took a step to follow her before Storm grabbed his arm and stopped him. [i "You really need to learn when people need space,"] she scolded.

[b "Ah yes, let's just leave the empath to feel the guilt of several people at once, and let her wallow in her sadness until she feels better,"] he snapped in return.

[i "She is learning to cope with her mutation. She can't have you trying to save her every time something gets rough!"]

[b "I'm trying to help her, which is more than what you all are doing!"] Erik moved threateningly towards her.

Storm refused to back down. [i "And what is it you think we're doing?"]

[b "Leaving her to figure this shit out on her own, instead of being mentors to her! Charles can read minds for godssake, yet he stays locked away in his office all day, avoiding the very thing he's so set on building!"] Erik exploded.

[i "I assure you, Erik, I am avoiding nothing."]

Both mutants turned to see Charles in the doorway, Hank standing behind him with his arms crossed. Erik huffed, not liking having been overheard. [b "You could have fooled me."]

[i "You've been here for barely thirty-six hours Erik. Half of that time has been spent away,"] Charles tilted his head to the side. [i "Do you really think you have any notion of how I run my institute?"]

Pausing for a moment, Charles gestured for them to follow. [i "Let's move this out of the garage, shall we? It's a bit drafty."]

[b "I was on my way to see to Kenna,"] Erik bickered.

[i "She won't be left alone. Jean will be finished with Tristan soon, and he will be free to check on her. I think it's best that she has time to cool herself off."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 47d 17h 48m 2s
It had felt amazing at first. The way that man had withered in her hands, stuck with her. She rubbed the back of her head feeling like that was a hangover.

Kenna could feel the truth from them and yet it was hard on herself. "It wasn't right. This all isn't best friend was almost won't fix this...."

Turning to go back to her room. It was a shadow with the emotions coming on heavy and in a rush. Two hours she felt the same and now she was back to this/
  X / Faust / 49d 12h 34m 42s
Tristan was the last one off the jet, with Storm a few steps ahead of him to ensure he didn't fall. Jean was waiting with a wheelchair for him to drop on to in order to take him to get x-rays and medical check up. [b "See you in a while,"] he bid Kenna farewell as he was pushed past her.

[i "Miss you already,"] Erik drawled sarcastically under his breath, making a move towards the door but stopping as he heard Kenna approach.

Her suggestion made sense. If a pharmaceutical company was backing the experiment with the mutation blocker, they needed to start looking there instead of the labs themselves. [i "Charles is forgiving, even to a fault. He'll come around eventually, when he sees we were left with no choice. Don't let him fool you; he's been known to be the source of trouble many times."]

Storm approached, having heard the conversation. [i "For what it's worth, you'll have me to testify for you. I don't condone what happened, but it was the only choice we had. A teammate had been taken hostage, and we needed minimal casualties."]

Erik gestured to her with a wave of his hand. [i "See? Justified."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 52d 15h 48m 11s
Kenna gave her a soft chuckle before resting her head back. Closing her eyes she fell asleep almost instantly. There was someone she could trust, be close with, that was a good feeling.

When they got to the mansion she felt that leftover headache from the use of her powers. The look on Hank's face when she handed him the vial was priceless.

"Erik...we've been looking in the wrong place...kind of..." She said catching up to him. "We need a pharmaceutical, or some lab. They might tell us where to go. I don't know if Charles will listen to me after the torture."
  X / Faust / 53d 12h 14m 42s
He flashed a boyish grin and wrapped an arm around her shoulders to give her a faint hug. [b "I figured I'd be okay, what with you being my knight in shining armor and all,"] he answered.

She looked absolutely exhausted. Tristan used their position to tug her slightly more against him so she could rest her head on his shoulder. [b "Close your eyes and rest for a while,"] he used his free hand to give her some of the blanket on his lap. [b "I'll wake you when we get there."]

Up at the front of the jet, Storm caught sight of Erik's tense shoulders. [i "He's harmless. You can put the jealousy back in its box,"] she taunted.

Magneto barely gave her a glance. [i "I'm not jealous. They can do what they want."]

Storm snorted. [i "What they're doing is called 'resting'. Tristan doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. He's not about to swoop in and make a move on her. Even if he did, she's not yours to claim. A woman is not a prize to be won by brutes in a pissing contest."]

[i "Brute?"] he finally turned to meet her eye. [i "I'm blushing, Ororo. I didn't know you thought of me as rugged."]

Their bickering went back and forth, though it fell on deaf ears in the back of the jet, where Tristan had dozed off with his head against the seat behind him.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 53d 18h 8m 28s
"In talking about sex lives....would saying you'd rock their world be bad? Sorry....I laugh at funerals," Kenna shook her head. She appreciated the thought already feeling the auras coming back. "No spandex..."

Glancing to Erik wondering what he thought he saw and what was going on.

"Hm....maybe...but I'm just glad you're okay," she said resting a hand on his knee for a moment allowing the tiredness and mental exhaustion from the use of her powers.
  X / Faust / 54d 12h 51m 36s

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