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Charles gave her a small smile. [b "My dear, we aren't here to bully you into submission. You have my word that we will help you, regardless of your decision. We just want you to be aware of all of your options. No matter what you decide at this time, the Institute will remain open for you, should you ever change your mind."]

Tristan grinned to himself over Charles' evident desire to be a good guy. Whatever had gone down on that beach before Erik betrayed them, it was clear that Charles wanted to be the better person, no matter what. [b "She's right,"] he agreed with her statement about Erik's potential interpretation of her coming to them. [b "He doesn't always think rationally."]

Xavier nodded. [i "It's true that he can be stubborn like a mule. However, Kenna, you could have betrayed him thirty times over in the span you've known him. Erik can be lost at times, but he has been quite successful at knowing who can be trusted. Unfortunately, we both have betrayed our trust in one another at some point in our friendship. You, on the other hand,"] he smiled at the girl. [i "You're an outsider, like him. I believe he sees a reflection of himself. And that is why I'm confident that this plan could work."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 14d 22h 37m 11s
Somehow she was in between two powerful adversaries and the position was uncomfortable. What was worse was feeling him somewhere there in her head though. It wasn't often she felt someone in her head, it was one reason she wanted to control her abilities.

"If I say yes or no, you'll still help me?" Kenna asked ignoring the looks from the others. Crossing her arms she wasn't sure what to think or say. "And...he has displaced anger and a lot of it on you. What makes you think that once he hears I'm here? He might think I joined you."

Those mutants though, it still was killing her. Looking to Tristan and Ororo before she gave a soft sigh.
  X / Faust / 15d 23h 25m 4s
Tristan watched the gears turning in Charles' head. [b "Sir?"] he asked, a warning tone in his voice.

[i "Kenna,"] he began. [i "I understand that all of this might be a bit overwhelming, if not incredibly confusing. And we would never put you in a position that you would not be completely comfortable in. However, you are in a very interesting position."]

The others were now staring at their mentor like he'd grown an extra head. [i "For whatever reason, Erik has put trust in you. And that trust might be just what we need to make sure that no other people are subjected to the cruelty of those labs."]

[b "Do you think he'd actually do it?"] Tristan interjected.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 15d 23h 41m 44s
What was going on here? Kenna watched and felt puzzled, attempting to not let herself get overwhelmed. Clearly there was bad blood on both sides but Charles still cared for Erik. She gave the quickest of smiles, since she liked Erik to a point as well.

"Well, it was more like we had a deal. He might be up for listening though considering they have some of his people," Kenna shifted uncomfortably. "He's prickly but he cares about them."

Wait, did that mean she would be in the middle of these two forces? Oh, Christ, that sounded awful. Every part of her wanted to avoid it but it was for a good cause.
  X / Faust / 18d 19h 49m 34s
Tristan glanced around to find that the others were, in fact, all staring at her like she'd grown a second head. [b "Guys?"] he asked.

Hank was the first to respond, clearing his throat and picking his jaw up off the floor. [i "Sorry, it's just...Erik Lehnsherr, asshole of the year, voluntarily helped her get into the lab. And then stayed to help get you all out. That's a tough image to come up with."]

A faint smile tugged at Charles' lips. [i "He wasn't always pure evil,"] he assured them. [i "He fought beside us once, remember that."]

[i "Literally once. And then he abandoned us on a beach,"] Hank reminded him.

[b "Time out,"] Tristan tapped his hands. [b "Is there a point to what you're saying, sir?"] he looked to Charles.

[i "Clearly, we have to do something about these laboratories. If we don't, thousands of mutants could be at risk for becoming lab rats for scientists."] He paused. [i "If Erik helped Kenna once, there is a possibility that we may be able to request his help again, to destroy the labs."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 18d 23h 25m 28s
Kenna found herself mostly watching and listening as if she was in the front row seat to a movie. It still didn't feel real that this was happening despite the last few days did happen. They were speaking so analytical when it seemed to her it was the opposite.

"How did you find where the lab was at?" Charles finally asked her, folding his fingers together.

"We found an agent, I charmed him and made him think he had to go to the base. The red guy got us past the gate then Erik did the rest up until the neutralizing mutant," Kenna summarized with a shrug. Feeling the skeptical air from them she rose an eyebrow. "Why is everyone so skeptical about that? It happened."
  X / Faust / 20d 19h 32m 22s
Tristan snapped an elastic around his wrist to keep him grounded - one of Storm's suggestions to focus his attention. [b "They're conducting experiments on an entirely new group. I've never recognized any of the people in there with me. I'm assuming the others died under the strain of the testing. I was the only one who ever successfully escaped."]

Rising to his feet, he began to pace. [b "The mutant who stops powers from working, they're new. The scientists never had those capabilities before. They would just keep us drugged so we couldn't fight back."]

[i "I think we need to focus on the fact that this isn't the only lab like this,"] Scott interjected. [i "We barely found this one, and that's including the help of a tracker."]

[i "A potential advantage for us would be if we could use Cereboro to find the labs. A dense grouping of mutants would indicate such a place. That is, if they don't have other mutants who can void powers. Without the mutations being broadcasted openly for Cereboro to track, we may not get a hit,"] Hank added.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 20d 22h 34m 26s
Kenna gave a small nod to everyone there. She wasn't entirely sure about most of this, between Erik, the government, and now this she wasn't sure what to think. Only that Charles was only a few years older than herself it seemed and was in a wheelchair.

"Meeting me? Really?" Kenna asked puzzled. It was almost as if she was something special when she wasn't. "Thanks for saving our asses back there. I didn't tell him, sensing that it was...complicated..."

Then there was the news. There was silence all around as the mutants listened before looking to Tristan.

Ororo frowned but still managed to look calm. "They found a way to further blame us, because we found one of their labs."

"What happened at the lab?" Jean asked puzzled.

"There was a mutant with the ability to nullify powers. The mutant went away as soon as we got closer," Kenna mumbled rubbing her arms. Rather she had to overwhelm it using Erik.
  X / Faust / 21d 18h 8m 8s
[b "Well whatever the reason is, we can't trust him!"] Tristan blurted out. [b "When has Magneto ever worked in anyone's favor but his own?"]

[i "Let's not immediately jump to conclusions, Mr. Oehler. Our guest has arrived, and it would be best that we get all of the information before we start speculating,"] Charles remained as calm as ever.

[b "Guest?"] Tristan's brow furrowed as he heard the door open.

Kenna entered the room looking no worse for wear, but possibly overwhelmed by the population of the Institute. [i "Welcome, Kenna. I've been looking forward to meeting you. My name is Charles Xavier,"] he greeted her.

Charles gestured to the others around the room. [i "You've met Storm and Tristan. These are some of my other students, Scott Summers and Jean Gray."]

The two mutants gave small greeting waves. Tristan opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by Hank entering the room. [i "Professor, I think you're going to want to see the news,"] the blue mutant hurried to the tv and turned it on.

Onscreen, several government officials stood at a podium for a press release, reading statements about the riot that had occurred at the club. [b "Well fuck,"] Tristan slumped into a chair, listening as they described the 'dangerous' mutants who caused the fight.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 23d 23m 41s
This was strange for her. So very not normal, for her. Though the definition of normal was changing to the government, people with powers, and hatred towards them granted or not. Kenna parted ways with Erik, finding herself disliking some of that, since with him she felt as if she had something in common.

The Mansion was something else, outside there was some people of all ages, some using their powers. She watched for a moment before walking towards the door, bag in hand.

As if waiting for her, there was Storm by the door. "You did come, he did say you were, I will show you to your room. I am Ororo."

"Kenna," she said awkwardly. " already know.."

Once settled into the room, she was lead to a study, to where she assumed this Charles Xavier would be. She was curious about this professor, spotting Tristan there.

"Hey," she said quietly before looking to a guy with visers.
  X / Faust / 24d 19h 9m 13s
Tristan paced in the professor's office, trying to run through the events of the last few days. It had been going on thirty minutes of straight talking, but Xavier didn't seem to be making any move to cut him off, so the boy kept talking. [b "I don't even know what happened! I went to find her and then she wasn't there. I looked all over, but I figured out that she was taken."]

[i "Okay, let's focus on the main issue,"] Scott interjected finally, clapping Tristan on the shoulder.

Turning to the professor, he summarized the rest. [i "They found Storm and other mutants being held in the same labs that ran experiments on him. The kid said that it's not the only lab around. That they're all over the country."] He paused. [i "Erik helped them escape."]

Charles looked unfazed by the new information. Scott raised an eyebrow. [i "You knew that already, didn't you?"]

A small smile tugged at the older male's lips. [i "Erik's helmet may block my powers, but his teammates are open. I picked up on Azazel when I started tracking Tristan after Storm had been taken. He's powerful enough that he leaves behind a clear trail. What I want to know, is why Erik stuck around so long to help. From what I hear, Kenna has once again turned down our offer, and his. I'm confused as to why my old friend has taken it upon himself to aid her."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 24d 21h 1m 54s
It didn't take too long. Since Trisha only lived upstate, and it was known the death of Sam, there wasn't that many people there. No sign of agents. Kenna was surprised how quickly it took to change her emotions for when there would be agents. Walking away, she knew she was walking away from the last person who loved her.

Erik was impatient to go back, and Kenna couldn't exactly blame him. "This is...this isn't normal...but thank you. I'm not joining them either, I just need to get this contained. Well, I do hope you find them, it was nice to work with you."

Xavier would be on the way, and she'd have some of her curse lifted, if not sharpened.
  X / Faust / 25d 17h 50m 6s
[I "He won't change his mind. It's an hon-"] the red mutant began to speak, only for Erik to cut him off.

[b "Be quiet, Azazel!"] he snapped.

He weighed their options, seeing as they were still down a handful of teammates. [b "We need something to keep ourselves busy while I figure out a plan to get the rest of us. I'm not good being idle. At least if I'm helping you with your own problem, I'm doing something productive."]

Toad began to rouse, groaning and clutching at his head. [i "I do not recommend any of that. Worst spa I've ever been to,"] he slurred his words, being aided by Azazel to sit up against a tree.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 27d 23h 56m 25s
The empath that could feel more than she liked, hated to share her private world. Somehow that statement with Erik had been out of fear before it gushed out. Kenna was regretting it now, logically she knew better. They knew who she was and Trisha knew what she was too. She still loved her and tried to make her a better person.

"You don't really need to pay me back for anything, you know. You saved my ass from almost getting shot," Kenna pointed out before nodding. "They might be on their way there already...and I don't know combat very well..."

Kenna admitted though it was painful. Seeing the jet go off, she wished she was on there, but a mess was a mess.
  X / Faust / 29d 18h 37m 52s
Erik paid the X-Men no mind as he led them back to freedom with Kenna. He spotted Azazel off to the side and waved him over to take the semi-conscious Toad out of his arms. The small group of mutants were up ahead waiting by the X-Jet. [i "I was serious when I said I would help. It's your call if you take the offer or not,"] Erik looked back at her once his arms were free of his teammate.

Tristan looked between the two, far too tired and beat up to even bother throwing in an offer as well. When Kenna gave him the message, he nodded. [b "We'll be waiting at the Institute, whenever you're ready,"] he confirmed.

Carefully, he helped Storm hobble to the jet, and eased her into a seat so she could buckle herself in. [b "I do plan on writing a six page apology to you when we get back,"] he tried to joke. [b "And I offer my services while you recoup. I'll get you sandwiches, or blankets, or whatever you need, to make up for you getting kidnapped and tortured and stuff,"] he spoke quickly.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 30d 20h 49m 56s

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