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Such chaos, and the people were responding as they should. Kenna even felt uncomfortable at the sounds. Kenna looked to Tristan before looking back to Eric.

"Want to join me at the bank. I have a teller that's going to take out some of the money for us, she's been helping with setting up the fraud accounts," she suggested.

Despite how strange this was, it felt oddly wonderful.
  X / Turadh / 59d 10h 29m 45s
[i "Suit yourself,"] Tristan went back to his ice cream, scanning the crowds around them.

Erik's eyes were hidden behind his sunglasses, but his posture was stiff and alert. He was beginning to get just as wary as Kenna was. [i What the hell was taking them so long?] His jaw locked. [b "I'll be right back,"] he muttered, be-lining for the nearest payphone.

Just as he picked up the receiver, however, screams broke out. [b "About goddamn time,"] he slammed the phone back down, hurrying from the booth.

Sabertooth always did have a flare for dramatics, Erik noted as the beast began upturning benches and tossing them at pedestrians. Blob was taking his time, stomping down on the sidewalks hard enough to crush the pavement. [i "Someone call the police!"] a man yelled, trying to duck into a store for safety.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 61d 15h 23m 59s
"There's only one way I enjoy sharing saliva but thanks," Kenna said looking to Tristan with a smile. "So, they hadn't arrived yet? Cassandra has all sides turning on her, I hope. Money is being drained. And we have five possible locations of pharmaceutical companies."

She'd ruin Cassandra at least for being a terrible human being and then go from there.

"Well...What are we going to do now?" She asked looking to them. They were an odd group but it was working so far.
  X / Turadh / 63d 10h 2m 25s
The two men stayed close to the town square, on opposite ends of the open market. Erik was keeping a close surveillance on the vacant spaces between buildings, waiting for Sabertooth and Blob to make their appearance. Tristan, on the other hand, had placed himself strategically by the ice cream vendor.

[b "Where has this been all my life?"] he muttered into the comms, licking at the mint chocolate chip cone in his hand.

[i "If you shut up, I'll buy you a freezer full of it,"] Erik pinched the bridge of his nose.

When Kenna joined them, Tristan wandered over casually so they were in a slight huddle. [b "Extra money is always welcomed,"] he held the cone out. [b "Wanna try?"]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 66d 12h 28m 9s
"Right, I'll be here setting up the ultimate demise. It's going good so far. I'll call you in an hour," Kenna said before hanging up. While she could go out there in the battle, right now she was needed here. She was a few important people away from a panic.

An hour later she was close to having it all unraveled. The accounts were being transferred, she had a name, and to buy some time she turned all the pages on them and hoping it worked out.

Joining the other two in some time she ditched the work clothes.

"Done and done, even set up a side account for us," she smirked to them.
  X / Turadh / 67d 10h 2m 58s
[b "We made contact with Sabertooth an hour ago. They're just entering the city. They're going right for the center of town, near City Hall,"] Tristan explained. [b "We're going to keep a lookout for them and stay close by."]

Erik entered the room, pulling on his jacket. Holding his hand out for the phone, he took it from Tristan so the other man could get ready. [i "We're not expecting much of a fuss, other than the usual screaming and running,"] he drawled out. [i "But it's best that we don't leave them on their own, in case things get ugly. We can't guarantee anything, with how desperate authorities are going to be after the hospital incident."]

It was true. They'd been watching various news broadcasts since she'd left for work, and every one of them had mentioned heightened security requirements to protect against further attacks.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 69d 14h 17m 12s

She set up the pieces. There were four of them that had key pieces to the organization. There was a headache afterward but she felt accomplished knowing that it was Erik that really had done this to get her skills where they were now.

"Is it done?" She called on the lunch break leaning against the wall. "We don't need to be somewhere do we?"
  X / Turadh / 70d 9h 49m 16s
Tristan's eyes trailed after her as she left, feeling a new pressure. Lead? He could barely control himself. What good would he be as a teacher for these mutants if he couldn't predict his own powers? [b "She's not serious, is she? They'd be better off in your hands."]

Erik, in a rare display of friendliness, clapped him on the shoulder as he walked by. [i "You're the only one whose seen what they have. You came out the other side of it You can be their symbol of hope that everything will be okay."]

It was a dry speech, but it'd have to do. Erik got on the phone in the den, speaking in murmurs to whichever of his teammates answered the phone. [i "Make it fast,"] he ordered. [i "We're not going to have much of a time frame to capitalize on this."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 72d 14h 52m 7s
Involuntary shivering she gave a groan before walking out of the room. One quick shower, and changing into the business skirt outfit. She hated this outfit. Looking like that girl that was so keen on being independent and fitting into society.

"Let's get started then. Get the guys making an appearance, I'll get my little pawns into work," she said and clasped Tristan's shoulders. "When we find these people, you're going to need to lead them and talk to them."

She didn't care, she went to Erik and kissed him more tenderly. "I'll call when I can."
  X / Turadh / 73d 10h 55m 59s
[b "This wasn't one of your guys, was it?"] Tristan looked to Erik.

The older male just shook his head, eyes glued to the television with a pensive stare. [i "None of my crew members possess the abilities to cause explosions. This is something new."]

For a moment, they sat in silence until a sinking feeling took over Tristan's gut. [b "Oh my god,"] he shot to his feet to grab his bag from the corner, digging through the notes he'd written.

[i "You've seen this before?"] Erik looked to him.

Tristan shook his head, biting down on his lip. [b "Not in person, but I've heard of similar instances at the labs when experiments went wrong."] He found the page he was looking for and slid the notebook to Erik. [b "Part of the tests involved serums meant to test the limits of mutations. The neutralizing serum was only developed to counter act the effects of the initial testing with the more powerful stuff."]

He remembered sitting in his cell and hearing guards talking about 'another one' having to be put down like an animal for getting too out of control in the test chamber. If the mutant from the hospital had pyro-kinetic abilities and was subjected to increased levels of the serum, it was quite possible that he could lose control and combust, taking out anyone in his path.

[b "They must be getting desperate if they're using that stuff again. The project was halted after some girl literally melted while her body was trying to adjust to the injection. They're trying to get back in control,"] he glanced back at the television where they were beginning to cart bodies to the waiting ambulances.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 75d 14h 47m 3s
Placing on the oversized shirt Kenna wandered out before watching with a horrified expression on her face. Her stomach churning she looked to Erik before taking a breath.

"Is today good to get started? I'll get Gladys today on the finances to see if I can find out where the money is coming from," Kenna said almost regretting being nearly late. Just a shower and clothes, then she'd get all her pieces in one spot.

God, this was really happening, wasn't it?
  X / Turadh / 76d 10h 5m 32s
Tristan could hear their murmurs through the wall, but his eyes were glued to the television. [b "Guys,"] he hammered a fist on the wall. [b "I think you're going to want to see this."]

The breaking news alert was on almost every channel. An explosion at the local hospital, taking out the entirety of the emergency department and countless lives. Footage from the news cameras caught the chaos outside as victims were rushing to safety, blood pouring from various debris wounds.

[b "I think we'd best work a little faster,"] he breathed out.

[i "Sources are saying that they witnessed a large man enter the hospital with severe wounds to his body, seeking medical assistance after claiming he'd been held captive and tortured. When approached by staff, witnesses say the man began screaming right before the department spontaneously burst into flames. Authorities will begin searching for the cause of the explosion once fire crews get things under control, but no leads are available as of yet. Police chief says that the likely cause behind the tragedy was a gas leak. More to come as this story unwinds."]

Tristan turned to look at them. [b "I'm fairly sure we know this wasn't a gas leak."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 77d 14h 31m 19s
The question begged why him? Logically there were far better reasons to not keep going back to Erik.

Right now she was sure she was out of better reasons and needs. Right now it was survival and release. She closed her eyes resting her head against his shoulder.

"I want to set him up. There's someone just as awkward where I work. Maybe it would help him out,"Kenna mused. "Other than planning, this is boring. Except you. There is no sentence where Erik and boring go together."
  X / Turadh / 78d 11h 4m 11s
The tension and frustrations were noticeably cut as they laid in the bed following their activities. Erik's eyes were closed and he was working on getting his heart rate back to normal, arm thrown lazily around her waist. [b "I feel better already,"] he muttered, lips against her skin.

He could hear movement out in the living room; Tristan stubbing his toe on something and letting out a stream of curses before dropping back onto the couch. [b "I'm going to sedate that idiot one of these days. I swear, he never sleeps."]

It was an unfortunate side-effect of the medication that Tristan took to keep his body tremors down. Insomnia kept him awake at all hours of the night, no matter how long he stayed in bed trying to sleep. He'd manage an hour at most, and then without fail find himself wandering around looking for something to do. A moment later, Erik heard the television click back on and groaned. [b "I'm not leaving this room for the rest of the night."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 78d 14h 45m 45s
"Perfectly valid," Kenna smirked before grabbing his collar she smirked to him. It was really the intensity that she craved considering few gave her that satisfaction, he didn't shy away from her abilities either.

Kissing him she wrapped her arms around his neck attempting to end the conversation. Having that fun time before going into the drudgery of her work.

A paycheck and people that were wanting to hurt her kind, what worked better than that?
  X / Turadh / 79d 11h 57m 29s

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