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Erik stayed back while the two younger mutants left to find the blue man. He and Hank still weren't on good terms, especially after what happened between them and Mystique. If they were going to get anywhere with him, it was best if Erik wasn't present.

Knowing the scientist's routine, Tristan led her down to the labs. Hank was a creature of habit and was perched at his desk, peering through a microscope. [b "Knock knock,"] Tristan announced as they entered.

[i "If you're here about the cure, I haven't quite found the chemical split yet,"] he answered without looking up.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 2h 59m 37s
"He has the experience, and minus a team at the time. Besides...I trust Erik," Kenna said looking towards him. They'd need to know where to go and only Hank would have the answer.

"It's time that we go talk to Hank, Tristan. I think he'll understand our unique point of view about our gifts," she said. People who desired the same thing made for good partners at least until a point. "We're going to find a cure..."
  X / Turadh / 21h 22m 18s
Erik looked at his watch, gauging how long it would take them to steal one of Scott's cars to bail out of there. [b "If we move quickly, we can be out of here within the hour. Gather all of your things, if you've made yourself at home and unpacked."]

[i "Are you living out of your suitcase?"] Tristan raised an eyebrow at him.

[b "I'll scope out which car will get us out of here the fastest. You,"] Erik ignored Tristan's remark, but pointed a finger at him. [b "If you want to be included in this, go pack a bag before we leave you here to explain to Charles how you lost two human beings."]

Tristan rose from the bed with a dramatic sigh. [i "I liked the Renegades better before your bossy ass joined us,"] he grumbled, exiting the room in a huff.

Erik looked to Kenna now that they were alone. [i "No going back from this. We won't have Charles' to bail us out if we knowingly go against his orders to stay put,"] he gave her one last chance to change her mind.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 4d 51m 2s
"There's always room for more chaos. They know you, Tristan, if you are seen around they would get suspicious and....Erik...I have no idea. They can't be certain of anything, though," Kenna said finishing the beer. "So, when do we make our escapade?"

And why was she thinking of another night with Erik before they left. They weren't supposed to get addicted to each other.
  X / Faust / 5d 22h 8m 9s
[b "Aren't you a naughty seductress,"] Tristan teased, wiggling his eyebrows and attempting a tiger growl.

[i "For the love of christ, never make that noise again,"] Erik's clenched his eyes shut in annoyance.

Her question was definitely legitimate. The two men barely tolerated each other enough to be left alone without killing one another. But, Erik was outnumbered in the Institute and had a severe lack of options to choose for company while standing backup for her.

[b "Don't worry about us,"] Tristan assured her. [b "I'm sure we'll get along just fine. We might even find a karaoke bar to bond."]

[i "I can't promise he'll be in one piece when you see him next,"] Erik responded to her.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 7d 53m 33s
Kenna smiled at the concern he gave. It would take a lot and she was still struggling in balancing the thoughts and energy out. Truly it wasn't bad for having the full powers for a few short years.

"I'll need to figure something out. Luckily, I don't believe that she's interested in men. I just need to learn how to flirt with a woman," Kenna said before adding another part quickly.

"Not that I mean to go to bed with her. I think you've been enough for a while. She'll just think she's bringing another woman out of the dark age. Help will be needed. What will happen with you two other than trying to not kill each other?"
  X / Faust / 7d 21h 3m 31s
[b "Prove yourself like pretending to double-cross us to get in with the badies?"] Tristan asked, rearranging himself so he was lying on her bed with his back propped up against the pillows and headboard.

[i "It wouldn't be altogether too difficult to do so, if she's already mentally affected the woman,"] Erik answered. [i "With her brain waves compromised, it would require less energy for Kenna to deceive her. Once she has the woman under her spell, the employees will fall in line with whatever their boss says."]

It was risky, but worth it. Right now they were taking three steps forward and five backwards. With a woman on the inside to gain access to crucial information, they would have a better advantage. [b "Will you need help once you're in there? Like, energy-wise? If you're constantly expelling your power to keep her sedated under your influence, you may get drained,"] Tristan worried.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 7d 23h 25m 19s
Instead of dwelling on the strange relationship she had with Erik she focused on his words. Playing with the card in her pocket. That woman would understand after a trial.

"You will need someone on the inside. I'll go...that woman was fawning over me. I may have broke something on her...but If I can prove myself then I can be inside," Kenna spoke up taking that beer again taking a deep drink of it. "X-men style isn't working, guns blazing like Brotherhood isn't working. We just need to work smarter and use the cracks we have."
  X / faust / 10d 20h 55m 20s
[i "Is this a conversation we need to have in front of him?"] he looked pointedly at Tristan.

[b "I was literally kidnapped while you slept together. I think we're past the point of sex life secrecy between you two,"] the younger male snorted.

[i "What we need to do,"] Erik spoke over Tristan to take advantage of the subject change. [i "Is go on the offense instead of being on defense all the time. They've had the advantage over us going on to these places blind. We need to have a game plan. You say Hank is working on separating the chemicals in the serum; that's our place to start. If we destroy the reserves for the neutralizing chemical, we can put a stop to the production of the serum. Without that particular chemical, it's nothing more than chloriform."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 12d 2h 43m 1s
"I do, Erik. Those two hours were amazing. I kissed you and just felt your lips, not all of this. It was my head..." Kenna placed a hand on Tristan's arm. "And we're Renegades."

Erik wasn't the complete enemy here she stood up and looked to Erik. "I agree though. We aren't going to talk these people into stopping. We need to do something. What do we do, Erik?"
  X / Faust / 12d 20h 56m 31s
[i "A club name?"] Erik shut the door behind him. [i "Can't be any worse than the X-Men. Little narcissistic if you ask me. Naming the team after yourself? Well done, Charles."]

Tristan couldn't help but roll his eyes. [b "Well, we were going with the Scooby Gang, but you've really changed my mind with that compelling input."]

The only serum he was worried about at the moment was the one in his hand. The beer was cold and refreshing from the stale taste he'd had in his mouth. [b "If we're going to track the chemical they're using for paralyzing the mutated gene, Hank might be able to put something together that can permanently neutralize mutations without damaging the rest of the DNA code,"] he explained.

Erik's eyebrows drew together in a frown. [i "Why would we want to terminate our mutations?"]

Tristan wasn't altogether too thrilled to hear the challenging tone in his voice. [b "Not everyone is as happy with the powers they were given,"] he kept himself calm, though he was defensive of Kenna's wishes to not be stuck with empath abilities.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 13d 2h 2m 11s
"Normally, I'd hate this beer but after this last while...yeah...this is amazing," Kenna took the drink before giving a half smile. "That's good. Do you think it might work? A cure...or sedative..."

That thought wouldn't leave her head, all she remembered was being around people and not feeling them.

"Would you get over yourself? We're discussing the syrum and uses," Kenna rolled her eyes. "After all, we have even a club name if you want to join."
  X / Faust / 13d 22h 32m 59s
[b "Lucky for you, I've brought medicine,"] he strolled across the room as smoothly as his aching body would let him.

Sitting down on the edge of her bed, he produced two bottles of beer from behind his back. [b "Couldn't get access to the liquor cabinet. Charles' keeps it pretty locked up."]

Tristan cracked the tops and handed her one. [b "Erik is doing exactly what you would expect him to do. Jean said he and the Professor are locked in his office in a shouting match. Rather, Erik is shouting while Charles has yet to even raise his voice."]

He took a slug of his drink. [b "Hank thinks he can narrow down the chemical compound of the serum, which might give us a lead of who the supplier is. He said certain chemicals are government-mandated and have to be purchased through private companies. If that's the case, we can find the suppliers and try to shut them down."]

Outside the door, Erik's elevated voice broke through the walls. The door was thrown open and the German man stormed in. [i "His pacifism sickens me. We did what was necessary and he's acting like we should have sat them down to talk it out. Can you believe him?"]

It was then he took notice of Tristan sitting on the bed with her. [i "Am I interrupting your little slumber party?"]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 17d 22h 54m 54s
"Feels like an emotion a-bomb went off in my head. Ready to crawl into a hole in the middle of Canada...the desert is way too hot. And there'd be snowstorms," Kenna moaned. After two hours free it was gone it was making up for it.

"God...anything else happen? Erik bring down the entire building?" She knew she'd need to face him but just couldn't.
  X / Faust / 18d 20h 47m 31s
[i "You're surprisingly not in as bad of shape as I thought you'd be,"] Jean said as she scanned his x-rays.

[b "I've got a hard head,"] Tristan replied.

[i "Actually no, you've got a serious concussion. But everything else is nothing more than bruises and a cracked rib,"] she corrected.

With a new dosage of pain medicine, he was dismissed from medical and free to return to Kenna. Knocking on her door, he waited a moment before ducking his head in. [b "Turns out I'm harder to kill than I thought,"] he tried to make light of the situation, stepping into the room. [b "How are you?"]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 25d 3h 13m 55s

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