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It was amusing how quickly he did speak and how much. It was hard not to tell that some of it was some strange corner of his mind. Having seen where he had been, almost what had happened, it was a wonder he was the way he was now.

"It's you are here...after all that..." Kenna said suddenly before giving a small sound. "I'm sorry...I shouldn't have said that. This is all new...I knew I was special before but it wasn't till four years ago that I willed someone. Some guys who thought I'd be a fun easy time so I told the leader to go...well, you can get the image."

Thinking of Erik she gave a soft sigh. "No matter what it won't be easy. He knows your with Erik, and think I will turned. So I guess we should go soon."
  X / Faust / 2d 21h 2m 17s
When she said it out loud, it did kind of sound ridiculous. [b "If it helps, the field trips only happen twice a month,"] he offered as a weak defense. [b "Classes run until two in the afternoon, and then the students have their training lessons with their mentors. It's usually in groups of fifteen, and we try to keep similar powers together."]

She did raise another good point in regards to the next step in Charles' plan. [b "We'll have to find him soon, if we're going to try and get him on our side. He's not known to stay in the same location for very long."]

If Erik was still missing the majority of his team, Tristan wouldn't be surprised if he was going to make a move soon in search of them. [b "The only advantage we have is that he can't get into the other labs without more help. Him and Azazel aren't enough to free the mutants. And if they have more power-blocking mutants in the other labs, they won't stand a chance."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 3d 17m 47s
If that was supposed to be reassuring it wasn't. It was aggravating knowing someone knew the feelings and thoughts, though she had just first really felt it not too long ago. Kenna gave a nod, though wasn't convinced. Listening to him she gave another nod to show that she was listening.

"So, there's training, field trips, and lectures on how we are good people?" Kenna asked slowly, trying to not have her tone be incredulous but it wasn't working. "Sorry, it's just hard to believe. It's okay, talking openly is really nice."

It'd be a hard adjustment, she knew, but it'd be worth it. When outside she couldn't help but find it nice. "So, I guess he's going to want us to go and find Erik again."
  X / Faust / 3d 22h 10m 1s
Tristan laughed. [b "It's not you,"] he assured her. [b "I'm almost always uncomfortable. I'm sort of used to my emotions and thoughts not being private, being around Charles and Jean. They do their best to avoid prying, but I know sometimes Jean can't help it. She's still learning to put up mental blocks to keep from invading our heads. I'm just paranoid by nature. I get what you mean when you talk about trust issues."]

He finished his coffee and waved for her to follow him. [b "The grounds are absolutely gigantic, so you might even find a spot that'll be nice and quiet for you. The younger kids tend to stick by the mansion, and the teens do their best to hide to avoid socialization. I think there's a pond at the very back, too."]

The sun gave off a nice warmth. True to his word, the smaller kids ran around the gardens close to the kitchen, playing a game of tag with their powers. [b "Charles owns about a hundred acres in each direction. He thinks being away from the city is better for our focus. At least, until we get a handle on things. Then the kids get chaperoned trips to the mall and stuff so they don't go stir crazy."]

He realized that he was rambling. [b "I'm sorry, I talk a lot. Storm says I have to work on it. 'It's hard to blend in when you're standing out',"] he quoted. [b "She says I'm always drawing attention to myself."]

He was rambling again. [b "Do you have...questions?"]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 4d 10m 24s
Listening curiously, there was still a lot of doubt in her mind, considering what her gifts had driven away. The most recent one still stung like a bitch. She never had been more thankful for someone not saying anything than when Erik didn't.

"I'm making you uncomfortable, aren't I?" Kenna asked looking to him with a small amused smile. "It is uncomfortable knowing someone can feel or know what you're thinking. I feel the same around Charles and whoever was with Erik before. Just know that I really don't care unless it matters, as cold as that sounds."

Thinking on those options she placed the drink down, rinsing the cup. "The grounds would be good."
  X / Faust / 4d 22h 54m 36s
He contemplates her question. [b "I think there's good in all of us, no matter what darkness we get in to. It doesn't just go away. That's the first thing Charles teaches us."]

Tristan moved to pour himself a coffee. [b "Most of us came from homes where our parents treated us like pariahs. Kind of like the Salem witch trials. Made us feel like we're abominations for having powers. Charles is the first person to treat us like we're normal. He doesn't make us feel like we're a mistake, or inherently evil."]

Since she already had a room, he fidgeted withe the coffee cup. [b "If you're not feeling well, I can show you to the infirmary. Or maybe walk the grounds to get some fresh air?"]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 5d 33m 6s
"Is this what you think or what you've been told?" Kenna asked, eating a little slower. While her head became stronger her stomach never seemed to catch up. Right now her stomach was having extra issues, probably due to stress. "That does sound rough. And...I have no idea...I won't say I trust you but your aura seems pretty good so...and I'm not combat trained."

She shook her head at the room. "Already taken care of...thank you though..."

What would they say to Erik, he'd likely get upset at talking to Charles. She rubbed her temple. "Thank you..."
  X / Faust / 5d 21h 45m 45s
He wasn't going to lie; her power did sound awful. He had a hard enough time with his own emotions, let alone dealing with everyone else's. [b "Sometimes our mutations feel more like curses. Some people get cool powers, like Storm. Then there's me, who can bring down a stadium if I get too anxious. It's a shittier version of roulette."]

Tristan finished his food and pushed his bowl aside. [b "Being like him isn't necessarily a bad thing. Yeah, Erik's done some awful things in his life. Some of which he's even proud of. But he wasn't born evil. We adapt to the life we're given. We change to survive."] It was a lesson Charles had tried teaching him many times.

[b "If you think I could be of help, I'll come with you to talk to Erik. You're right; I've gone through what his team is facing. It might be of use,"] he stood to wash his dish.

[b "If you'd like, I can show you to a spare bedroom with some extra clothes, if you want to shower and change,"] he offered.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 6d 4h 44m 5s
"The red guy was the only one with him...then there was Toad...Most of his people was taken the night of the mob club," Kenna answered slowly, feeling weird for telling most of this. It wasn't her business. Looking to him she gave a thoughtful look before smiling.

"You survived something like that before, right? You got out and all you have is a tremor, that's damn amazing. Maybe that's why you should come. You know what it's like and can do more," she said starting to look for just some soup. Her stomach wasn't her friend at the moment. "I'm an empath who dislikes most humans and even mutants. Knowing what they's know..."

She gave a soft laugh. "Maybe I'm a bit like him..."
  X / Faust / 7d 22h 37m 32s
[b "Charles grew up here. He shared it with his adopted sister, Mistique. You may have seen her with Erik. She's on his side, now. She's the blue one,"] he explained, pulling juice from the fridge. [b "The past couple of years, Charles has turned it into a school for people like us. Some classes are to help us learn to control our abilities. Others are your basic school courses, like English and math. Kind of a mix of everything, really."]

Tristan took a seat at the kitchen island and poured himself a bowl of cereal. [b "It's fine,"] he shrugged off her apology. [b "I'm kind of new to this whole thing anyways, so I'm probably not the best guy for the job. Storm says I'm lucky I haven't killed myself yet, considering how many mishaps I've had. Part of it is due to those experiments."]

He lifted his sleeve and showed his faint Lichtenburg scar on his forearm. [b "You get zapped that many times, as high as they can go? Your nerves are shot, for the most part."]

He watched her carefully. [b "You think Erik would be willing to help us, like he did at the lab?"]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 8d 3h 14m 34s
"This place is massive...How did anyone live in here before he opened the school...also...classes?" Kenna asked looking to him curiously. "What sort of classes?"

It wasn't as if she really planned on being one of them or what Erik was either. Fighting for or against humanity, that was what it came to ultimately. "I, uh, should have asked you if you'd come with me to talk to him. Not very good at people despite being an empath..."

Mostly it was blocking it out, but either way.
  X / Faust / 9d 23h 20m 2s
Charles nodded. [i "We may disagree, but Erik and I worked together to form this team, and I will always hold out hope that he may see the brighter side of life eventually."]

At the mention of her own hunger, Tristan felt his stomach gurgling. Food would be nice. [b "Come with me. I'll show you the kitchen,"] he gestured for her to follow.

The school was busy with activity, but most of the kids were outside on the lawn, taking advantage of the warm weather. [b "It's not always so chaotic. Classes have been cancelled for the day, so everyone is sort of fending for themselves,"] he told her, holding an arm out to stop her before a young teen ran past them and almost bowled them over.

The kitchen is empty, thankfully. He began pulling snacks from cupboards, not entirely sure what would work. [b "If you want a real meal, I can try to cook something. Might not be much good at anything other than grilled cheese though. Fair warning,"] he opened the fridge.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 10d 1h 9m 5s
Oh, well, this wasn't a position at all. Even through his carefully trained walls she felt love for this man. Whileas Erik had only deep hatred for him. It was an interesting position. "You still care for him quite a bit...." Kenna said softly before giving an awkward look. "I'm sorry...Uh...okay. I can try but I want him with me. I don't have any of this training yet."

She gestured to Tristan. Erik would understand, or not, either way she didn't want to go out there without protection until she learned more than defensive. Offensive...

"Could I get something to eat? It's been a long, weird...week..." she said rubbing her forehead. These damn headaches would be the end of her.
  X / Faust / 11d 21h 42m 32s
Charles gave her a small smile. [b "My dear, we aren't here to bully you into submission. You have my word that we will help you, regardless of your decision. We just want you to be aware of all of your options. No matter what you decide at this time, the Institute will remain open for you, should you ever change your mind."]

Tristan grinned to himself over Charles' evident desire to be a good guy. Whatever had gone down on that beach before Erik betrayed them, it was clear that Charles wanted to be the better person, no matter what. [b "She's right,"] he agreed with her statement about Erik's potential interpretation of her coming to them. [b "He doesn't always think rationally."]

Xavier nodded. [i "It's true that he can be stubborn like a mule. However, Kenna, you could have betrayed him thirty times over in the span you've known him. Erik can be lost at times, but he has been quite successful at knowing who can be trusted. Unfortunately, we both have betrayed our trust in one another at some point in our friendship. You, on the other hand,"] he smiled at the girl. [i "You're an outsider, like him. I believe he sees a reflection of himself. And that is why I'm confident that this plan could work."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 12d 2h 17m 54s
Somehow she was in between two powerful adversaries and the position was uncomfortable. What was worse was feeling him somewhere there in her head though. It wasn't often she felt someone in her head, it was one reason she wanted to control her abilities.

"If I say yes or no, you'll still help me?" Kenna asked ignoring the looks from the others. Crossing her arms she wasn't sure what to think or say. "And...he has displaced anger and a lot of it on you. What makes you think that once he hears I'm here? He might think I joined you."

Those mutants though, it still was killing her. Looking to Tristan and Ororo before she gave a soft sigh.
  X / Faust / 13d 3h 5m 47s

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