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" Just stories about that.. never happened to me." Raylnn said as she looked out the window. " Can we play this game later i think i was to relax and get some food." She told him
  Raylynn / Angel_love94 / 263d 18h 5m 53s
Elijah raised an eyebrow, "Um no...its alright. Why would you assume that? I promise not every person is that evil." He tilted he head to the side in thought, "Something like that didn't happen to you did it? You can tell me if you want, I won't laugh or anything, cross my heart and hope to die." he finished, mimicking the moves.
  Elijah / specs / 293d 2h 58m 12s
"Umm sure." Raylynn said kind of sure about this. "So I can trust you right. Your not going to blind fold me and take my stuff and run??" She asked and thought for a moment. "Sorry that was stupid of me to ask." Raylynn said remembering something from her past.
  Raylynn / Angel_love94 / 294d 23h 3m 54s
"Well..." Elijah started, taking out his notepad and a pen. "technically you put on a blindfold, then try to draw something, while I guess what it is after...but I don't have a blindfold." Digging through his carry-on, he found his scarf, "You don't mind wearing this do you?"
  Elijah / specs / 297d 20h 51m 57s
"How you do you play blindfold artist?" Raylynn asked looking at him with a slight tilted head. "I only know how to play Uno and monopoly." She added with a smile
  Raylynn / Angel_love94 / 299d 3h 2m 27s
Giving a loud clap, Elijah sat up. "Alrighty than!"' he chirped. "How about we play a game? I don't have any cards, but I'm sure there hundreds you might about blindfold artist?"
  Elijah / specs / 299d 20h 48m 23s
Raylynn pulled her self up and took a deep breath and giggled at his joke. " Thank you.." She said then put her jacket.
  Raylynn / Angel_love94 / 302d 20h 15m 39s
Elijah quickly placed a hand on Raylynn's shoulder, to steady her body. "Whoa now, we wouldn't want you to take a trip so early, you just got here", he joked.
  Elijah / Specs / 306d 2h 20m 35s
Raylynn smiled. "Mmmm hot chocolate does sound good." She said as she grabbed her jacket feeling cold. As she did the train started and she stumbled a bit.
  Raylynn / Angel_love94 / 306d 18h 4m 48s
Elijah nodded, blinking then took out his book to find his ticket stub, "Apparently I'm going to Portland...I heard they have good coffee," he said with a grin, "but personally I'm more of a frappuccino kind of guy, banana flavored only. And I can't say no to a good hot chocolate."
  Elijah / specs / 306d 20h 51m 17s
" I don't know how long the friendship will last but I could use a friend on the train." Raylynn said as she shook his hand. "Where are you going?" She asked as she pulled her hand away and put her hair in a mesh bun
  Raylynn / Angel_love94 / 308d 23h 10m 44s

"Elijah", he said holding out his hand. "I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship." And he did, after all it wasn't everyday you found mysterious stranger oozing enigma, she was practically a story just waiting to be written
  Elijah / specs / 309d 20h 27m 50s

Raylynn turned her head and looked at the male and smiled. " Im Raylynn." She said introducing herself. She thought she might as well since they were sharing an area. Plus there was something talking to him that had her interested in getting know him.
  Raylynn / Angel_love94 / 310d 19h 44m 2s
Elijah hmmed, staring at the girl in front of him, with the sudden realization that she was the most saddest creature he ever met. "Well...we'll just have to make this the best then, eh? he said with a smile.
  Elijah / specs / 311d 2h 23m 11s
" So I really dont know how long ill be on this train.. When we stop and the place seems interesting ill get off and explore then see where that takes me." Raylynn said to him as she looked out the window. She watched the last people to board.
  cassie <older> / Angel_love94 / 313d 13h 12m 51s

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