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A slow smile split Leon's features. It took long enough for him to realize. With the frantic scrabbling he would have thought that Jonathan would have had panicked thoughts that would have clued him in faster. [#1a0057 "Ah, an unfortunate habit that. You know what they say about the boy who cried wolf."] As he spoke, Leon removed his 'glasses' and pretended to inspect them as he delivered the 'punchline' in the same, even tone he'd had throughout their conversation. [#1a0057 "He was torn to shreds."]

A soft chuckle escaped him. Leon slowly turned his attention back to Jonathan. The man was sweating, literally and figuratively. Vaguely he wondered whether he realized it or not. The fidgeting had stopped. A thin brow rose as he smirked. Oh, so the corruption was it? Surely he had something better than that. [#1a0057 "Rest assured that I am [i personally] looking into any matters that may cast a shadow within my company."] A little in joke with himself. [#1a0057 "There is a reason that I came here myself rather than allow someone else to negotiate for me. I'm rather tired of allowing people to decide things for me."] He put his "glasses" back on. [#1a0057 "They would ensure that only those with means would have access to my company's product."] he frowned. [#1a0057 "Murderous leeches."] His expression darkened momentarily only to switch back to the cheery demeanor that he had, had through the majority of their conversation. [#1a0057 "Oh, but you won't be like that. Corruption or no, you wouldn't allow those less fortunate to bleed themselves dry simply to make even more money."]

[#1a0057 "I intend to destroy self serving pharmaceutical companies via your company. The profit that my company sees on a daily basis far surpasses any losses that may occur. The medication that will be sold at a reasonable price is only that which will save lives. Old men that want their jolly pills will continue to pay full price."] He smiled. [#1a0057 "Of course, if you find this sort of thing unfavorable, I could always cast my net into more favorable waters."] Leon shrugged. Was it the best business strategy? No, but he'd lost someone incredibly important to him because of companies like the one he'd inherited charging exorbitant amounts of money for something that should be easily accessible.

[#1a0057 "..."] Leon glanced over to the disruption. Irritating. The lights in the meeting room flickered for a moment as his temper rose. The irritation passed as quickly as it had rose. He had bigger fish to fry than that one and judging from the look on Jonathan's face, that fish was set to fry. [#1a0057 "Ah, yes. Productivity and all of that. I understand all too well. I suppose such initiative should be commended despite interrupting our meeting."]

[#1a0057 "I think it would be interesting to work with you Mr. Mueller."] Leon replied softly.
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/g0RuTfs.png]]

It took a while for Jonathan to realize that Leon was playing a game with him. He had been slow before, but now he wanted to smack himself on the back of the head. He knows. Okay, but how does he know? Why are you stressing about this? Even if he did he doesn't look ready to tell anyone. Wait, Jonathan, he's talking. Pay attention.

"Ah, sometimes I ramble on and make things more than it is. A very few percentage leave my company. Much more come in looking for a career and I offer it, but it is as you say, a killer work ethic."

He figured now would be the best time to play along, give Leon what he wanted. Which, right now he didn't quite know what it was, but he was sure it wasn't anything anybody in their right mind would agree to. Calm down, Jonathan.

He took a deep breath and forced his fingers to stop thrumming against his leg. Take the attention off of him, get the attention onto Leon. "I've heard a bit about your...peers - if you want to call them that - being a bit trigger happy when it comes to business proposals. If I were to come to a case involving working with any of them, I'd have difficulty looking over...blatant corruption, not that my company hasn't seen its fair share. I inherited the corruption from my own father." Sell it, goddammit, do better than that. Simple and easy, that's all it was.

"You came here to offer a proposal, I'm sure, don't let my equal partnership end this wonderful meeting," as much as he would have liked to, "What ideas have you brought to the table?"

He twitched when he heard a feeble knock on the door. Feeble as in they had thought about this before they decided to knock on the door. This is the most important meeting I've had in months, a year almost, and they had trouble deciding whether or not to knock.

It should have been a hard no, don't knock.

"I apologize for any interruptions, they're eager to make sure their work is satisfactory before they leave for the night. They all have a general quota to meet," he explained, "It ensures that the company's partners get their shipments out on time and keeps the employees satisfied with a good pay."

Eventually he watched as the man walked away from the door. Jonathan hadn't once looked at him, hoping that he wouldn't walk into the room. And it turned out well. Nothing happened. But he was ready to leave, too. He wanted to seal whatever deal, and go home, sleep for the first time in a couple days, and then come back into work and set to work arranging this matter.

"So what do you say, Dr. Blackmoor?"
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Jonathan was getting twitchy. Aha. So this was the man. If he were innocent, would he really getting this agitated? Over the years Leon had learned that when someone was guilty, they got particularly jittery over things that related to their crime. Normal people at least. He suspected that had he not just killed someone, Jonathan wouldn't have been nearly as jumpy. Others might have been squirming harder at this point. Right now it looked like his companion had simply licked a lemon and it was a minor inconvenience. Perhaps he'd put more pressure on him. It would be fun to watch him crack.

[#1a0057 "Equal partners hm?"] He replied. [#1a0057 "Now that would be mutually beneficial for both parties. We would simply have to have the paperwork drafted and reviewed by our lawyers- naturally."] Leon smiled. It seemed to him that the man was running on autopilot. What he'd just said sounded like a stereotypical business spiel from a movie. How many nerves had he hit he wondered. [#1a0057 "How you put it makes it seems so dire, a til death do us part sort of situation. Were it not business I would have said it sounded romantic."]

And there it was. It was difficult to contain the glee that he was feeling right at this moment. This euphoric feeling of seeing someone's hand and knowing just how to destroy them. My, he really was a villain now wasn't he? Not the victim Jonathan may have assumed he was. Leon adopted a confused expression. [#1a0057 "Mr. Mueller, I never said anything about your interns leaving. Why would they want to leave when clearly you have a very passionate stance about your business. I was simply saying that there are interns that would love to work with you. Are you implying that this isn't the case?"]

It almost pained him how easily Jonathan had cracked after the great front he had given him initially. At least the man was pretty, even when he was angry. There were some men that became utter beasts when they were angry. Not attractive in the least. [#1a0057 "I have to wonder whether or not your interns are dropping like flies. From what you just said, it seems as though they do not last very long here before joining the great majority to seek "other" employment. As I said, I didn't think that this was the case. All I've heard are glowing reviews of your killer work ethic."]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/g0RuTfs.png]]

Jonathan couldn't help but be twitchy at each death metaphor. It was getting harder and harder to compose himself, but he kept his smile straight and his eyes locked onto Leon. His fingers tapped rhythmically on his leg, a futile attempt to calm himself down. He was still on the high from killing his intern and the death comments wasn't helping him get off it. He was glad he had learned to hide it in his face, the anger that came with killing.

"Well," he choked out, barely managing to hold his voice, "I'm sure we can come to an agreement on something. A mutual partnership, as equals? Something as important as research and development deserves to be held above anything else, and I can ascertain that the distribution of your products are safe and swift. Nothing to it but to sit back and watch the numbers." He leaned back in his chair, not once glancing up at the clock. He was counting down the time they had left mentally, and he tried his best to be exact. Of course he'd give a few minutes extra for his lateness. He could have killed Felicia later.

Finally, with what seemed like a quickly covered up insult, Jonathan grinned and completely forgot about the dying and death comments. He leaned forward just slightly, enough to notice his seriousness. "I would [i never] leave your company, or you, at room temperature," he said, playing along now. He started to get what was happening. Either someone had been especially telling as to the workings of this business, or someone had been extremely nosy. He couldn't decide which. "My interns love working here, [i if] they decide to leave at any point, depending on their success and determination, they leave with a great recommendation and advice for the future."

Jonathan put an elbow on the table, lazily resting his head in it. This was comfortable enough now where he could. "You'd be in good hands, if you decided to partner with me, Doctor Blackmoor, or if I may be personal, [i Leon.]"
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Knocking on a glass door, how polite. Certainly more polite than he had been expecting given not only the lateness, but also the information that Julian had given him. If his assumption was correct, this man was a murderer. Interesting. He thought he'd be taller. [#1a0057 "I am pleased to see that you have... [i Drawn the curtains] on that in time to meet with me. I was afraid you wouldn't make it."] Leon replied evenly. [#1a0057 "Though, I admit that I have time to kill."] he smiled and shook Jonathan's hand. [#1a0057 "Doctor Leon Blackmoor, though I assume you already know."] At least if he was a man with a level of competency.

[#1a0057 "No, thank you."] Leon tilted his head with the same, even smile. It hadn't been his intention to play around when he had made this appointment, but he'd be damned if he didn't tease this man to see how he would react to his euphemisms. [#1a0057 "Perhaps we should take a seat, I have a feeling we have much to discuss."] Without waiting for his response, Leon slid off of the table to return to the seat he had originally been occupying. He crossed his legs in a casual manner and watched Jonathan as he too sat down.

[#1a0057 "I assume that you have been made aware of my situation, though I doubt that anyone in the business world could have missed it."] He paused. [#1a0057 "My CEOs would love for me to step off so they can handle everything, but I find that I would prefer to be at the helm; even if I'm sent home in a box."] Leon chuckled in spite of himself. [#1a0057 "I head research and development and haven't had any experience in running a business. Unless you count monopoly, but no one does."] He sighed and shook his head. The plan was to make himself look helpless. It wasn't that difficult to do honestly. He'd been practicing it since he was very young. Hell, the media even painted him as a poor victim who had lost his entire family save his young son. In his opinion that made him seem helpless enough. Once he was certain that Mr. Mueller here was buying the act, he would start nudging things in his own favor. Perhaps be even more obvious with his death related quips. He wanted this man to think he wasn't a threat and then come up and have the other's interests in a choke hold. At least until he grew bored of it. It wasn't every day that he could bully a murderer like this.

[#1a0057 "Anyway, with my parents' untimely demise I was left with this company. I suppose I could have gone with the distribution company that they had used for years, or even distribute our products through the company, but what fun would that be? It's my company now and I wanted to branch out and explore new avenues."] He focused on Jonathan and considered him for a moment. [#1a0057 "I heard that you cut quite the figure Mr. Mueller."] He told him softly. [#1a0057 "So many interns dying to get a chance to work with your company... How could I say no?"] He smiled at him once more. [#1a0057 "It is my hope that our companies would work well together. I would hate to see the company my parents dedicated their lives to wither up due to sloppy mismanagement."] His voice took on an edge. Oh, wait. His eyes went wide with feigned surprise. [#1a0057 "Not that I'm saying you'd let my company assume room temperature. Oh [i dear] I am bad at this."]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/g0RuTfs.png]]

He sprinted towards the door and wrenched it open, searching for the child. Gone. He closed it quietly, not to alert anyone else that might be wandering around the floor and locked it. That was just as terrifying for him as it probably was for the kid, being caught like that. Regardless, the kid was gone now. By the time he reached wherever his parents were, the memory might be gone. Unless that was a ghost he saw. He hoped it was an actual kid, honestly.

Stepping back over Felicia - [i Bye Felicia] - he began removing his clothes swiftly. He only had a few minutes before he had to be downstairs. He didn't have time to simply spray the blood off, he'd have to go for a whole wardrobe change. And so he did, in a suit nearly exactly similar to the one he had been wearing. He then washed his face in a sink in the private bathroom attached, almost needing to scrub a bit hard around his eyes to get the blood out of them. Jonathan really needed to start thinking about closing them when he shot someone at point blank range.

His kicks thoroughly off for the day, he rushed back out of his office, straightening himself as he went, down a few floors in the elevator, and then down the hall to the meeting room. He respectfully knocked on the door, nodding at a passing employee, before stepping inside the room.

Jonathan would have let out a exhale of content, having made it barely on time to his appointment. But it was hardly appropriate in this situation. He walked over to the only man sitting in the room and held out his hand. "Jonathan Mueller, its so nice to meet you," he smiled politely. "I apologize about the wait, I ended up having an argument with a peer and had to unfortunately handle the issue before coming. It was urgent, but I assure you not as urgent as my meeting with you."

He knew the urgency of this meeting depended on a new company using his distribution agency as a means to an end, and nothing that stepped in his way would have stopped that, but Felicia had been in the way and she wasn't going to let him go before he did something about whatever she was complaining about. "Please, before we start, is there anything I can get you? Water, coffee?"
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Despite knowing very little of how a corporation was to be run, he was here, trying to secure a merger. Leon sat quietly in the conference room he had been shown to when he had arrived and quietly contemplated what he was going to say. His main line of work had been research and development in a sense; and then he had murdered his parents and orchestrated it so that his siblings had taken the blame. It had been agonizingly simple. He was good at playing the victim and he wasn't exactly human anymore.

Not after his experiments.

Leon had been tasked with creating the perfect soldier and he had achieved it in the form of his son, Julian. After seeing the success he attempted to do a similar procedure on himself. He had help from his lab assistants, naturally, and he too was a success. The lab assistants lost their minds shortly afterwards. A tragedy really.

So Leon was very smart and had inherited a multinational pharmaceutical company. That didn't explain why he was here. He could have easily let the board of directors continue what they had been doing and let them build the company while he raised his son- That was too easy however. Why allow those fat cats to control the company he had literally killed for? Besides, business wasn't too difficult. It was rather like poker- or monopoly. You kept your hand a secret until it was too late or bullied the other party into doing as you wished. Simple.

What wasn't so simple was that he wasn't alone in this endeavor today. His nanny, Katya, had taken the day off and that meant that he didn't have anyone he trusted taking care of his son and that he had, had to take him along for this venture. Not that he minded that she had taken the day off. The woman had raised him herself and was rather old at this point... And Julian could be a handful. Luckily this place had a daycare. After making the boy promise that he wouldn't do anything out of the ordinary or play too rough, he had been shown up several floors to a large conference room.

Looking out over the glassy table surrounded by many chairs, Leon couldn't help but wonder if this power play was supposed to impress him or irritate him. Either way it left him with the impression that his potential business partner was insecure about his dick.

The redhead sighed softly to himself and leaned back in his chair. Such a long wait surely meant that the man was trying to psych him out. It was tiring. If he had to wait much longer he'd just play around and then leave without agreeing to anything.

[b "...Daddy?"] A small, familiar voice cut through the silence of the room. Leon startled and turned to see his son standing in the empty room with him. [#1a0057 "Julian! I told you to behave."] Leon scolded softly. [#1a0057 "Go back before they realize you're missing."] The boy puffed out his cheeks and stayed where he was. [b "He's a killer daddy."] Julian told him flatly. The man simply stared at him. [#1a0057 "What..? Julian, what do you mean? Who's a killer? Start from the beginning."] The boy sighed. [b "I got bored so I snuck off and started exploring. It was all boring until I got to a room where a man in a dark blue suit was talking to a lady. He was scaring her and pulled out a gun. The lady didn't even fight it. It was stupid. She could have screamed or something at least-"]
[#1a0057 "Julian."]
[b "Sorry daddy. Anyway, he shot the lady and then saw me. He looked really surprised, but he didn't say anything or follow me, so I went looking for you so I could tell you."] The boy finished.

Leon considered this information for a moment and then nodded. [#1a0057 "Thank you for telling me Julian, now you really must get back to the daycare. We'll discuss your behavior when we get home, don't think you're off the hook."] With a groan the boy obeyed his father and disappeared- back to the daycare if he knew what was good for him. Leon rubbed his forehead with another sigh and stood up. Dark eyes scanned the room quickly to make sure there weren't any security cameras that he had missed- none. Excellent. Now, what to do with the information that Julian had given him.

A name would have been wonderful. Just looking for a man in a dark blue suit would be tedious. Ah well, he'd just have to be coy about the entire situation. Rather than sitting in the chair again, he leaned up on the table and watched the door thoughtfully. Most people wouldn't have trusted the word of a five year old, but Julian didn't have a reason to lie. Not to him. His son was an honest child and if he had witnessed a murder, that's what had happened.

A few more minutes passed before someone started to approach the door to the conference room. A thrill ran through him. It was a man in a dark blue suit. Oh, this should be fun~
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/g0RuTfs.png]]

It was probably dusk. He'd been stuck in this office tower for twelve hours straight, he was ready - itching - to get out of here. But not yet, one more appointment. [i Felicia Burr is on her way up to meet you,] static interrupted his encroaching headache. He didn't respond, but Jonathan spun around in his chair. Felicia Burr was not part of his schedule and had never been part of his schedule so why was she here?

Not that it mattered now, she was already on her way up. No matter, Felicia was just a woman that nobody would miss. A weak knock on the door and a young woman - no older than twenty-five - walked in. Tapping away on her phone, as most did these days.

[i God, I sound bitter,] he thought to himself as she started into her speech without even greeting him. He wasn't listening. [i Its not like I don't use a phone but...to use it constantly like that?] He stared at her phone with spite. [i Listen to yourself think, Jonathan,] he grinned. "Is that phone more important than looking at me and speaking?"

Her head snapped up from her phone as though she had been caught in the act. Well, she had, so she had reason. She quickly pocketed the device and held her hands together at her waist. [i She looks like my grandmother now,] he thought amusingly. He couldn't let her continue on like this. She was making a fool of herself. And as for what she had planned for the company, outrageous.

"I'm going to stop you there," he murmured, standing and walking to her. Being a good one foot taller than her, she shrunk. He grabbed the folder she had tucked under her arm in favor of typing on her phone and looked through it. A company he had planned on...well, merging with. Perhaps that's why it had never gone through before, it was in a turmoil.

Well, regardless of the good information Felicia had given him, it wasn't enough. "Unfortunately Felicia, the promise you had shown when I first hired you ended up falling flat on its face. You aren't needed here anymore."

Of course her confusion was something to see, face dropping to an open frown. She started to protest but Jonathan, now thoroughly tired, clamped his hand over her mouth. "Understand when I say that you did a great job at this company, but I get the feeling you just wont be able to keep up," he murmured, reaching down to grab his pistol. Small, technically legal to carry around but not definitely not legal to shoot. He could practically feel the chill come off the girl as her skin went white. She knew what was happening.

It was quick, hopefully painless, as the blood spattered over him and her body dropped to the floor. The sound was deafening, the ground practically shaking from the reverberation, but it was trapped ultimately thanks to his wonderful office design. He wiped some blood out of his eyes. She hadn't fought back. None of them ever do.

He heard the creak of his office door, the soft sliding across the floor. He looked over quickly, arms at his side one clenched the other wrapped tightly around the handle of the gun. He must have been a sight to the child standing there. [i How did a child even get in the front door? Which receptionist allowed him up the several floors?] he thought, unable to process the fact that he had been caught in the act. The door clicked shut. Wait.
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