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[center [b [size11 [font "Palatino Linotype" {Name:}]]]] [center [size10 [font "Palatino Linotype" Kimberly Aideen Leonidos]]]
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[center [b [size11 [font "Palatino Linotype" {Short Bio:}]]]] [center [size10 [font "Palatino Linotype" Kimberly was the lovechild of her parents. The child that was not supposed to exist due to her mother being barren. Yet her father had proved that to be wrong one night in Vegas. Kimmy had grown up to be much like her father, in taste and personality. Yet she had been granted with the beauty of her mother. But her parents nerdy and geeky side was definitely her strongest trait. That still didn't convince her father that he was, in fact, her father... Because even though he was a very intelligent man, he still had his moments of... well... stupidity. Despite what the world thought of her, Kimmy had always found herself to be one of the boys. Dressing like them, acting like them, there was not much of a feminine side to her, except for her gender in itself, and her looks. Not like it mattered much to her, since she had yet to feel anything but insecure.]]]


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Thor could feel her kissing him back in return. She... she was willing, but... but.... Thor felt her hands push him away. Instantly he had stepped back. His eyes refused to look at her. He couldn’t.

His face was hot, a bright red tint colored his face. Why... why did he... he shouldn’t have. His eyes soon stared up at her as she spoke. She... she wouldn’t even look at him. How was he supposed to explain?

Yes. No. Both? He wasn’t sure. Wasn’t... wasn’t it odd for her? Her younger brother just kissed her!

Curse. Yes, he was cursed. Thor couldn’t look at her. He refused. He took several steps back. He placed himself a far corner of the room away from Kimmy. Go? Yeah... actually maybe that was best. But... but that wasn’t the case. He wanted her there.... he did, really. It was just.... He could hear her footsteps, his eyes concentrated on his fingers that fiddled in front of him.


Thor looked over to her. Shit... shit shit. He took a couple of steps to the window. His fingers wrapped around the bottom as he tried to lift the window up. Fuck...ing vendetta’s. He took a deep breath. Well, what were they to do now? “I... I’m sorry.” He murmured lightly. “I-i didn’t mean to I just... yes, both to your questions. It’s odd... I know. I don’t know... I just...” fuck he was stumbling over his words like his father.

He stood in silence for a while. “W...why did you kiss me back?” It was the only question he could really think of. He fucked up. He knew he did. She didn’t even want to be near him. She was nervous... probably even scared. “Kimmy I’m really sorry...”
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Not her? Then who had he been thinking about? Certainly it was not Irene. Given the fact that she would possibly murder him... And broken Ken Jr.'s heart. Maybe it was Emi? Not even...

Kimmy shook the thoughts from her head, her eyes finally glancing up at her brother. He had turned awfully quiet. Then again, she had obviously shamed him... And now he had finally indulged chocolate... Wait. He. Indulged. Chocolate.

Her eyes remained staring straight back at his. This was why nobody wanted to give Thor chocolate... He was too much like their mother...

From white to red her skin turned in seconds as she bit into the chocolate part of the last piece, offering him the fruit itself. This was bad, and she knew it could get worse. But maybe Thor wouldn't be so bad?

The silence was horribly dreadful, and Kimmy felt her heart pounding in her chest each time he pushed her down further. This was getting bad to worse. But before she was able to part her lips to say something about him wanting a taste, she felt his lips press on against hers. Her eyes widening, and the strawberry simply slipped through her finger tips. This... The feeling. This was wrong yet she could not deny that she loved what was happening. Her eyes flickered shut.

This was all happening too fast, and she could feel her body on fire. Yet it was a warm feeling inside her soul. She allowed for him to invade her. But it had soon dawned on her again, this was Thor, her brother.

Thor pulled away and Kimmy simply looked up at him in a daze. She tasted sweet? Was that the only reason he wanted to kiss her? Or was he having illusions from his previous dream?

She felt her thoughts fade as he kissed her again. And instantly her body reacted to returning the favor, with more passion until...

Kimmy pulled away, pushing him slightly away, apparently making him stand up instantly. "Th-thor..." She blushed before looking away. "So... I...was it me in those dreams of yours? Or is this just the chocolate reacting?" Reaching up, Kimmy tucked away some of his hair behind his ears with a soft yet nervous smile. "I guess now we know that you posses mom's curse..." She partially joked. Kimmy looked up at her brother, flashing an awkward smile, and standing up.

“Well, then, I guess I could simply just leave… Seems like you don’t want me here right now…It was nice spending time with you, loved the present.” Kimmy saluted to her brother giggling awkwardly. “Goodnight…” Kimmy clasped her hands together, inching her way over to his door, soon reaching behind her and turning the knob. Her eyes widening as she realized the door did not budge. “Um… It’s locked…”
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No! What the hell? That wasn’t why he was... well he was going to hang out with Jasmine but after seeing Kimmy upset he really just wanted to make her better. Beautiful? Like someone? Wait! Did she really think he liked Jasmine?

Granted, sure yes. Jasmine was beautiful and so were all the other girls in their family circle. But, him having a thing for Jasmine? No... no, no. She was a bit too outgoing for his taste.

Thor glanced over to her as she made a sound. Want to what? The boy blushed, had... had they told her. He wanted to shake his head and say no, but that smile on her lips had him frozen in place. Play... oh god, he’d been hanging out to much with Aion. Thor shook his head, dirty thoughts running through his mind.

His eyes finally followed her finger. Oh. Oh... she meant... Thor nodded slowly. He looked back over to her finally exhaling a breath he didn’t even know he was holding. “Yeah... yea... we can play.”

Though, before they even could, the door had swung open. Thor kept his mouth shut as Kimmy spoke very suggestively about the way they played video games... Video Games! Thor Closed his eyes feeling Aion patting his shoulder. Why did he want to kill himself or well at least be alone?

Jasmine? Fantasies about Jasmine? Thor’s mouth opened wide. Why the fuck did she think it was Jasmine? Of all people?

Jasmine reached around Thor, grabbing the strawberry from Kimmy. Her eyes caught her brothers before she looked back at Thor. She giggled lightly shoving the chocolate dipped part of the strawberry into Thor’s mouth. “Me? Oh no Kimmy. It’s not me he’s been thinking about.” Jasmine left the room leaving the two alone.

Thor’s mouth watered. The sweet taste of the melting chocolate over the fresh fruit. He wanted more. He had never tasted anything as delicious as that in his life. His parents were always hesitant to give him chocolate, they were sure one of them would posses the terrible curse that ran in his blood line. Clearly, it was not Kimmy. Dante... Thor wasn’t sure, not that it mattered.

His eyes were on Kimmy. The one with all the chocolate. He watched as she bit into the chocolate part, handing him the rest of the strawberry. Thor leaned down, his hands pressed to the bed, pushing Kimmy lower and lower into the bed in the process. She had finished all of the chocolate and the only taste of what he wanted was left on those lips.... the ones that tainted his dreams.

“I just want a taste.” He managed to say as he leaned in closer. His lips brushed against hers. Yet, for him that wasn’t enough. Thor pressed even more, his tongue piercing through the crevasse of her lips. His tongue swirled in her mouth, savoring the taste of the chocolate and strawberry that remained in her mouth...

Thor pulled away. “You taste sweet.” His heart pounded, his mind yelled at him. Why was he doing this? Saying all this stuff? He... he wasn’t supposed to be saying such things, doing what he had just done, yet.... yet.... he had pressed his lips to her again.
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Come... With him? Kimmy stopped in her tracks, glancing slightly over her shoulder. Had... Had he gotten over being mad at her? Her heart rejoiced, and a smile adorned her lips. Aion, however, had to maintain his cool as he had finally felt proud of his friend taking initiative.

Kimmy looked beside her to notice her blonde female friend. Both Aion and Kimmy had not been surprised to see her, she had a tendency to pop up at random times and in random places. Yet Kimmy had oddly somehow felt like maybe... Well... Jasmine WAS in his room... Had... Had she been the one he was fantasizing about?

Aion gently pushed the two into the room. Kimmy listened attentively to the conversation between the two. A surprise? What for? It wasn't her birthday, or any holiday involving presents for that matter. So why would there have been a surprise to her?

A treat that they both could enjoy seemed a bit scary for her. Especially if it came from a Vendetta. It was already obvious why anyone who was friends with the family had to be... cautious...

Aion joined his sister's side with a grin, quietly closing the door behind the two soon to be lovers. "They... They need to admit their feelings pronto. No more denying it. Are you thinking what I am thinking?"

As soon as the two very odd siblings had walked out of the room, Kimmy turned to her brother and smiled softly. "So you were looking for me so you could hang out with Jasmine? You... Don't have to lie Thor. I mean... She is beautiful." She teased before clasping her hands together. "But it's ok, at least you like someone, I, on the other hand, have a feeling that Jasmine believes that I have a thing for Aion. But Aion really is not my type." She laughed awkwardly before sitting on his bed. It had been a long time since she had sat on his comfortable bed. It always felt like she could sink in between the dark green sheets.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, Kimmy had finally decided that breaking the ice was something necessary at the moment...

She cleared her throat and shifted her eyes up to him. A small sensual smile slipping on her lips. "Since we are finally alone....do you...do you really want to...with me?" She questioned a bit shyly, then reaching out and pulling him closer to her by the hem of his shirt. "I... I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I have been waiting for this for so long...but... I wasn't sure how you would take it... And...well...Could you please... Play with me? Or... I can play with you... Or with each other... Or..." She finally pointed over to his computer. " At least teach me how to play mine craft. I miss spending time with you and the games. So can we play with each other until they get here?" She stared up at him with bright joy-filled eyes.

What the fuck had he just heard? Dante nearly spat out his green tea as he had walked by his brother's room. The ginger male took a step back and held his ear against the wooden door. He chuckled, he tried hard not to and covered his mouth. Had Kimmy a thing for Thor? And Thor for Kimmy? Well, it was no surprise to him that Thor might, MIGHT, have had a thing for their sister. But Dante still couldn't believe it was true, until now.

Aion had finally returned, a black box in hand and his sister behind him. His eyes noticed the redhead against the door.

"What are you listening to?" Aion questioned with a smile, Dante simply held up a finger to his lips. "They are finally going to play with each other. Let's not disturb him. Cock block ain't a good thing."

"What?" Aion asked with a grin and quickly walked up to the door, opening it quietly as he noticed Thor's now blood red face. Kimmy sat in front of Thor, as he stood in front of her, the girl looked around her brother to notice Aion and smiled. "You guy's came back fast."

"And you sure do work fast, Thor." Dante winked at his brother before looking back at Jasmine. Kimmy raised an eyebrow. "Thor actually takes his time for this kind of things. He likes to be thorough while playing with me." She explained causing Dante and Jasmine to burst out laughing. The girl simply felt confused as to why, yet she had not asked.

Aion shook his head before looking at Thor, handing the black box to his sister. "Nice to know you got the skills, eh?" He patted his shoulder.

Kimmy looked over at the black box and smiled. "Is that the present?" Soon having the box held out to her. Raising an eyebrow to her words. Something that she did not need anymore?

"Well... what is it?" Kimmy asked before opening it, her eyes brightening up with happiness. "Chocolate covered strawberries!" She cried out excitedly.

Aion grinned. "Yes Kimmy... Just like the fantasies Thor had about--"

"Jasmine having sex with him and him making love to Jasmine?" Kimmy asked as she grabbed a strawberry and held it out to Jasmine, and took one and bit it herself."

Aion looked at his sister and gave her the look.
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Thor reached the door, but before he could leave, his eyes had fallen on to his sister and Aion. He kept quiet, listening to Kimmy’s words. Blood rose to his cheeks. His mouth gaped, how.. how could she... he closed his mouth as she had finally noticed him. Her words were short. Simple. Cold. He could see right through that smile of hers, they were siblings after all. Was.. was she mad at him?

Advice? Advice! That was not anything his sister would say to him if he knew exactly who the girl was! Why- he couldn’t go after her. That would have been wrong. Besides they were just weird dreams. He knew it was a bad idea to tell Aion.

Thor didn’t want the dream to come true. He didn’t want her to.... Thor shook his head, shrugging Aion’s hand from his shoulder. Anyone could go after Kimmy if they wanted. Just because he... he couldn’t be attracted to his sister...

And it wasn’t that he enjoyed the fantasies... he was simply having fantasies... or maybe he did enjoy them... no, they were just odd. And it wasn’t the fact that it was.... well... ok, if he was someone else and the girl was Kimmy... and he had fantasies about her, even non-sexual ones; yes, Thor would like said fantasies. But that was his sister! This was just fucked up.

Thor shook his head. Jasmine could wait... what ever she planned on dragging him into could wait. Besides, she always had Victor to force around instead of him. And... she’d more than likely show up eventually.

The boy turned his heels. “I was... actually going to look for you... I wanted to know if you wanted to come with me...” he directed his attention to Kimmy, but he was sure she thought he was talking to Aion. “I was gonna buy a movie, we can pick one out and watch it tonight... together.”

“You’re late,” Called out a voice from… his room? Thor shifted his gaze over to his room. There stood one of the girls he always seemed to be around. Jasmine. “I knew coming here was the better option.” Her smile was bright, soon noticing her brother and Kimmy. Jasmine skipped over, passed Thor and beside Kimmy. “Sometimes I wonder if you like Aion more than me.” She pouted placing her head on to Kimmy’s shoulder.

Thor took a deep breath. Man, he really did not want to deal with both Vendetta siblings. “Has Thor told you about his lit—”

“little surprise, no because it’s a surprise.” He interrupted the blonde. “Actually… why don’t you pick it up for me?”

Jasmine smirked, her eyes shifting over to Aion. She placed her hands behind her back, lacing her fingers together. “Would you like to join, I do enjoy sibling time.” Her attention turned back to Thor. “I’ll bring you back a little treat too, something you both can enjoy.” Jasmine snickered before leaving out the front door, waiting for Aion.
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In a few years? No. Kimmy didn't see herself with anyone in a few years. She could see herself studying to be an animal rescuer. Maybe a vet... Traveling around the world. Possibly go into music? But being with someone what not in her plans. Or well, she just didn't want anyone in her life apart from her family and friends. And pets!

Watching as he brother quietly ran back to his video games, Kimmy looked down at the two glasses of chocolate milk. "Crap. It was supposed to be hot chocolate." She scolded herself.

It had been a few days since she had last seen Thor. Around three weeks to be exact. There was no worry in her mind about it. The blonde boy was always locked away in his cave, eyes locked on the games he loved and books he read. She had already gotten used to Thor being away from her, even in school. Even though sometimes she had wanted to spend a little time with him, she had finally accepted the fact that it was more than possible that her brother had hated her for some reason or simply just didn't find any pleasure in her company.

"What's wrong, Kimmy? You seem bummed out." Aion questioned as the ginger paid for her very strawberry slushie. "I don't know. Guess I am just out of it."

"Is it because Thor hasn't been talking to you lately?"

"No. Well, at least I don't think so." She shrugged her shoulders, walking out of the corner store with her friend walking behind her. "Thor hates me. Or just doesn't like me. Which is fine. I mean... All siblings have their moments....right?"

"Not us. I and Jasmine are... Very close." Aion chuckled before wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "Thor does not hate you. Just has confusion towards you. Puberty is simply acting up, and backfiring on him." He explained with a cheeky smile. Kimmy rose an eyebrow. "I guess..." She scratched the back of her head. "He thinks I want to have sex with someone. Just like you do, just like everyone else does. To be honest... No one has gotten my attention. And... Well, I am kinda happy about it. Daddy suffered a lot for love. So did mom... Grandaddy, granny... And basically everyone I know that is an adult."

"But they all got their love at the end of it all. Love sadly has pain joined with it." Aion explained making Kimmy shake her head. "Then I don't want to feel THAT kind of pain... I'd rather stay where I am with people..."

"Do you think that Thor should think the same way about love?"

What did she think? Kimmy's breath stopped short. She hadn't expected for Aion to even question her about thing related to her brother's love life. Especially Thor, since he was rather reserved when it came to any relationships he might have had or even crushes. Secretive was in her brother's nature. Now as for Dante, Dante was a completely open book. He was not a problem.

"Thor... He could think as he wants. I mean, if he ever gets with someone, I am pretty sure he will be happy."

"What if the person would happen to act like you?"

Again, her breathing had stopped momentarily. Like her? Kimmy couldn't picture her brother with someone like her. Not after what he had shown her... "Why does it matter so much?" She questioned curiously, making the dark-haired male grin from ear to ear. "Just interested to know how much you love your siblings."

Kimmy smiled and shook her head. "I love my brothers."

"Like siblings?"

"Of course, what else would there be?" Kimmy looked up at her friend innocently. This... this was going to be fun for him...

"Changing the subject, Thor has been having rather naughty dreams about this girl that he in fact likes. Or well is developing a rather strong love for. Yet he is having a hard time to admit it."

"Really?" She spoke softly as her eyes looked away. A girl, that Thor liked. Somehow Kimmy had felt her heart sink a bit. It wasn't like it mattered anyways. Maybe her brother would have more of a luck finding someone right for him than she had. "Who is she?" She hesitated a bit. "...Do I know her?"

The boy held up his finger to his lips with a chuckle. "I am sorry, love, but I cannot reveal who the lovely young lady is. Bro code. However, I can say that he is quite captivated by her beauty and grace within her and outer. And like I mentioned before, he has had rather graphic naughty dreams about her making love to him and him to her. Wonder how much he enjoyed it." He teased making Kimmy grimace at the thought. Thor and anything sexual? Wasn't he just as prude as Victor or worse? Possibly worse... He couldn't even tell her anything about her own outfit Aion had given her the other day without seemingly uninterested in it. Well, at least he was polite enough to have said it looked kinda nice on her and would be fine for whoever she wore it for.

Opening the door to her house, Kimmy giggled and looked back at Aion. "Well even though I cannot picture Thor actually liking any girl, if he enjoys the little fantasy of him making love to that girl, I guess he should ask her out already then."

Aion smiled evilly as his eyes encountered the blonde that had a gaping mouth behind the young ginger. The young woman raised an eyebrow before looking behind to notice her brother. "Oh, hi Thor. Surprised you are going out. Have fun, alright?" She faked a small smiled at him before walking by him towards her room.

Aion simply looked at his friend with a wide grin. "You heard that? She gives better advice than I do. Or well, she took the words right out of my mouth. Might as well and take the chance and go after her." He walked up to the boy and whispered, "Maybe now the ream can come true. Let her ride you all the way to pleasure island." Aion patted his shoulder. "By the way, no, she doesn't know that it's her. But remember this, if you don't, someone else will."
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“I’ve been having dreams about Kimmy.” Thor managed to blurt our to his best friend Aion. As soon as he had, Thor knew he made a mistake. The dark haired male was going to persist, question him when Thor really didn’t want to even think about the reasons as to why he was having those dreams.

“What kind of dreams?”

Thor fiddled with his fingers. His blue eyes watching the way his pointers tapped against one another. “Those...kind of sexual dreams.”

"Do you make love to Kimmy in these dreams? Or does she make love to you?" Aion asked him with a smug grin.

“Both...” Thor murmured.

He could hear Aion laugh. Was it honestly funny? Or was it just sad that Thor wanted to ignore such dreams. "Do you want them to come true?"

Thor kept quiet. What kind of question was that. Kimmy was his sister. His blood relative. They were growing up together. Lived in the same house! She was smart, clumsy, a nerd... someone he always wanted around... ....

"I guess thats a yes. Why feel ashamed of it?"

Hours later....

Video Games.... they weren’t all that fun. Lack of sleep meant lack of energy. Meaning that all Isreal Thor could do at this game at the moment was loose. He couldn’t concentrate. How could he? After such a conversation with his friend.

“Do you want them to come true?” Aion’s question lingered in his head, “why feel ashamed?”

Why? Thor groaned. The simple answer was that she was his sister. He shouldn’t have felt such a way towards her. Though, his great uncle had the same... no, no. This was different. Completely different. Besides, why would she ever develop a crush on him when she had someone like his best friend Aion around... or even Zach... they were much cooler than he was.

Thor grunted, annoyed. Maybe some strawberry milk would help him calm down. He pushed the door open, entering the kitchen where his eyes fell over the redhead that seemed to haunt his dreams lately. He blinked twice, his eyes stuck on her, her face then her... Thor furrowed his eyebrows. “Why?” He questioned not even hearing any of the words she spoke.

Aion... he shouldn’t have been surprised. He could feel himself booking inside. A crush, being alone with that crush... why did it bother him, yet made him slightly hopeful? Was it simply because that was his favorite color that she was dressed in?

Thor’s face instantly reddened as she unzipped the jacket. He went to the fridge, trying to ignore her garments, grabbing the small jug of strawberry milk, he couldn’t help but glance over her again. Nice... girly.. Thor shook his head, ignoring her words. “I’m not blushing,” he murmured as he drank the milk while shaking his head. He ignored her questions constantly always unsure of how to really reply without sounding terrible.

“You mean my clothes?” Thor smirked soon catching as she wiggled. He shook his head, looking way. “No it doesn’t.” It said I’m ready for whatever you want.... Thor blinked twice as she clinked their glasses together.

What did he think about it?

She looked beautiful, with or without it. Not that her naked would make her beautiful or... Thor shook his head. “No, yeah. I don’t know... I like the color. And yes I mean it’s attractive and it looks nice on you... I’m sure...” Thor glanced away from her, “anyone you decide to wear it for would think you looked alluring.”

He was her brother. Little brother Thor. Year’s before he could help her pick out clothes, he still could, but... it was just a little odd. He looked beautiful in anything. Attractive. “Uncomfortable or not, it looks nice.”

He smiled softly at his sister as she said it didn’t matter. “Keep it, maybe you’ll want it in a few years.” He shrugged his shoulders.Thor retreated to his room attempting to escape any other awkwardness that he could possible feel around her. He could feel a throbbing pain below.... this really wasn’t good.
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[i "This is for you. And this is for Emmi. Make sure to wear these the day that you two decise to be alone with thr guy you are sure to be with forever. Unless you just want him for just one night."]

Those were best friends words before she had been handed two boxes. One with Emilia's name upon it, and the other with her own. The young girl stared at the dark blue underwear, matching bra. Her cousin doing the same to the same yet different color in the other box.

"This... We can't wear just this infront of any guy we like... It... They will get the wrong idea, right?" Kimmy spoke up as she held up her new bra. "It looks like a maids outfit... Or a tuxedo!" She giggled soon looking over at her cousin who continued to stare at the orange bra. "It's ok Emmy. No one will see us. We might as well try them out." She said softly as she pulled off her Link shirt off, which she had [s stolen] borrowed from her brother around a week ago. Slipping into both new clothings, Kimmy stared at herself in the mirror, a small smile forming on her lips as she looked back at her cousin who still stared at the box. Had she been in shock?

"Matty would approve if you tried it on..." Kimmy insisted, soon meeting the gaze of her cousin who shook her head. "I can't. This is just..."

Kimmy giggled and nodded. "I know... It is awkward. But at least it is just us.... And... I reallt don't think the girly look really fits me. I am more.. Sportsy. Not like Irene, I can't play both..." She sighed before looking back into the mirror, and turning to stare at her rear end. It.. It was giving her a weggie on purpose... Not exactly comfortable either...

"How about I make us some hot chocolate with marshmellows and just toss these aside? Not like we would ever wear these infront of any crush anyways..." She looked down at her still growing cleavage. "I will be back." She smiled, grabbing a small oon opening the door of her room and walking out.

It had been a while since her parents had been out on their...'date'. Her father always looked forward to the little getaways with her mother, leaving Dante to be freely staying over his friends house and her and Thor well... Thor never left his room. And she... She always kept to her cousin and her best friends.

The house was silent, too silent for comfort, yet it did not bother her. Her eyes trailed over to the blue door next to the kitchen. Sounds of tapping on a gaming control and grunts of frustration was all that could be heard from the otherside. He was at it again with his online friends, she was sure of it.

Slipping by, the young teen waltzed into the kitchen, grabbing the milk from the fridge and the chocolate and glass from the shelves. She could still hear her brother's frustrated grunts, it only made her wonder if he had lost the game entirely or if he was simply repeating the same enemy over and over again. Either way, Kimmy had soon met eyes with the blonde who had suddenly appeared in the room. Staring at her curiously, before avoiding eye contact with her with a red face as he grabbed his strawberry milk from the fridge. "Lost the game, I guess?" She questioned with a smile before placing the almond milk back into the firdge. "Online game or --" Why? Why what? Why she was asking or? Her eyes trailed down to stare at where he stared at.

The young teen simply giggled and shook her head. "Aion gave it to me. He said to save it for whenevee I want to be alone with my crush. If I ever get one." She smiled soon unzippinf her jacket to show him. "It is actually nice. But I don't think it is me. It's too girly." She stared down at herself before looking up at him. His face simply matching the color of his beverege. "Why are you blushing?" He was quiet. And shook his head. He was ignoring her, like he always did when he got into his bad moods. Much like their own mother.

"Well... If I ever get a crush I will use what I always use." She giggled before turning around and showing him her butt. Or well more like pointing at the weggie. "Because this just does not say comfy." She smirked before slipping the jacket back on, grabbing the two glasses of chocolate milk and walking up to him. Clinking her glass against his with a amile, Kimmy then stared at him.

"Cheers mate.. Maybe to us finding someone we like enough to wear uncomfortable underwear for... What do you think about it? Does it look ok?" Looking down at her glass of chocolate milk, the young ginger could only wonder if Aion was right. Then again, when was he ever wrong? The male could always read them like a book. Between the line and behind the masks, any Vendetta was good at knowing who one truly was... But to really find her someone that would love her and not use her? Kimmy giggled at the thought. Irene had more possibilities to ending up with Kenneth than her with anyone...respectable.

"It doesn't matter," She began before sipping her milk and looking up at her brother. "I am not planning on showing this to anyone. Might as well throw it in the trash." She shrugged her shoulders with a rather apathetic look.
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