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[h3 Storyline:]
In the world of Alfheim, it's becoming more and more like it's mother system of Sword Art Online. It's currently the year 2029. So, it's been a few years since Kirito and the gang first joined the game and now things are changing once again. A new group of players are rising in the ranks and leading the way to discovering the newest depths and levels of this world. The newest discovery to Alfheim is the area that is heavily influenced by Greek mythology, Gaia.

New quest lines, weapons, gear and dangers await in this unexplored territory of Alfheim. The biggest feature of this new territory is the chance to gain 'blessings' from one of the major gods of Greek mythology. But you must be careful, for the deeper the 'blessings' one gets from one of the gods, the more likely one will be cursed by another.

As mentioned at the top, our characters are part of the new group of players discovering Gaia; this means our characters have developed skills in Alfheim, but this also means we will not mention Kirito and the others heavily, if at all.

[h3 Rules:]
1) Minimum cursing
2) Romance is fine, but it's not the main thing in this rp
4) There will be a posting order, and if you don't post within a week you are likely to be skipped

[h3 Skelly:]
If you're interested in joining, pm me a filled out version of the skelly below

Character's Real Name: Note: Have a picture ready for your character's real appearance, but know this won't be the main picture used in the rp.

Character's Game Name:
aka (title/nickname)

Age: No younger than 15


Fairy Race:

Type of Fighter:

Main Weapon:

Heightened Abilities: No more than 3



Pm me with the title of the rp so I know you read all of this.

[h3 Accepted Players:]
[b Yoruneko:]
Real Name: Kyoko Megumishi

Game Name: Kyome
Alias: The Abyssal Flame
Former Alias: Blue Lightning

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Fairy Race: Cait Sith

Type of Fighter: Melee, fighter

Main Weapon: Dual blades

Heightened Abilities: Speed, Accuracy

Personality: Can seem cold and rude when first meeting her, but is actually really caring and compassionate. Will fight for her comrades.

Misc: TBA

[b Colorful_Insanity:]

Character's Real Name: Matthew Blind

Character's Game Name: Anjui the light forger

Age: 24

Gender: male

Fairy Race: spriggin

Type of Fighter: healer/ ranged magic damage

Main Weapon: his armor suits or if in combat himself a single cerimonial obsiddian knife about 26 inches long

Heightened Abilities: magic dexterity and sight

Personality: intelligent strategic and very bubbly

Misc: was in the original game of SOA on the front lines and was giving the special skill of light forge. It allows him three seperate powers. he is also the spriggin leader of the Brotherhood of Ashes.

[b Okimichi:]
Character's Real Name: Midori Ariwara

Character's Game Name: Midory Lavaria

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Fairy Race: Cait Sith

Type of Fighter: melee/support

Main Weapon: Wakizashi and sharp fan

Heightened Abilities: Speed and magic

Personality: She is quite energetic, full of joy, uplifting, high spirits, no matter the situation.
She does not usually get mad, so if you've somehow managed to anger her, you would have been trying really hard, and even then she's quick to forgive and forget.
If she does get quiet, it's usually because she's thinking. Or because she's furious.

Misc: The sharp fan she wields doubles as a catalyst for her magic.

Character's Real Name: Shiori Ishimura

Character's Game Name: Shio-rishi

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Fairy Race: Spriggan

Type of Fighter: range/melee

Main Weapon: Bow and Tantos

Heightened Abilities: Accuracy and speed

Personality: She's quiet and shy but very kind.

Misc: She rarely talks about herself or how she feels

[h3 Accepted NPCs:]

[b Colorful_Insanity:]
NPC's Name: Maelo, the Dragon King

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon

Main Weapon: N/A

Heightened Abilities: Too many to list. This isn't google.

Personality: TBA


[h3 Extras:]
[b Colorful_Insanity:]
Character's Real Name: Ari Silver

Character's Game Name: Candle The Diamond Prince

Age: 22


Fairy Race: Imp

Type of Fighter: Melee/Healer

Main Weapon: Claws, but can also use a staff

Heightened Abilities: Reflexes, magic, and defense
Personality: Collected, calm, and a born leader

Misc: Originally started out as Healer for the Brotherhood of Ashes Guild, however upon the loss of one of their best players he took over the guild and drove it to the top. Now ranked one in the game many people have not met Candle without knowing who he is.

Character's Real Name: Jorian Silver

Character's Game Name: Wel'ren the Red Guard

Age: 22


Fairy Race: Salamander

Type of Fighter: ranged damage/Melee Damage

Main Weapon: Duel wielding crossbows, but can switch to duel knives

Heightened Abilities: Accuracy, senses, and reflexes

Personality: strategic, cunning, and coldhearted

Misc: Nothing is really known about Wel'ren accept that he leads a group of very well known Salamander fighters known as the Dawn, He is the real life brother of Ari silvers, or Candle in the game. He now leads the Brotherhood of Ashes from the Salamander side of it, knowing that his brother leads the Imp version and their friend Aleria, gamer tag of Alerian the Drowned Princess leads the Undine side of the Brotherhood. The group themselves wish to spread their guilds across to all the races and recruit them to fight to beat the world tree one day.

Game Name: The drowned princess Alerian

Real name: Aleria Argenta

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Undine

Main Weapon: a whip

Heightened Abilities: Speed, Strength, and flight time

Personality: N/A

Misc: The third leader to the Brotherhood of Ashes, is Currently located in the Undine Territory

[b YoruNeko:]
Character's Real Name: Ryo Hayakawa

Character's Game Name: Bleizen

Age: 19


Fairy Race: Salamander

Type of Fighter: DPS

Main Weapon: Katana

Heightened Abilities: Attack, speed, crtitical hit

Personality: Cocky, comes off as a prick

Misc: Known Kyoko and Rin since early childhood. Took a break from VR after SAO incident.

[h3 Guild Info:]
[i The Brotherhood of Ashes:]
[ reference]

[i The Blood Shield]

[i The Flame Cleaver]

[h3 Blessings:]
[i ]

[b Level I:]
Zeus: Wings glow and are slightly faster
Poseidon: Can breath under water
Hades: Time of death is halved
Hera: Change the form of average monsters into a bear of the same size with the same stats, however, neutralizes special effects like paralysis, poison, etc.
Ares: Ability to attract monsters in the area
Hermes: Gain wings on feet instead of back, allows one to fly slightly faster.
Artemis: Enhanced night vision- works for caves as well
Apollo: Ability to view the success rate/possible damage of attacks on opponents
Athena: Receives a free manual on everything on the land of Gaia
Aphrodite: free in-game customization of your avatar
Hephaestus: Weapons and armor have higher durability
Dionysus: Can raise healing ability of food items
Demeter: 20 protection potions made from a special grain, supply can be replenished at any temple of Demeter
Hestia: Increase party heal speed slightly

[b Level II] [i ]:
Zeus: Advanced lightning magic, regardless of magic stats
--Combat move to send an electric shock through the ground/Summon thunder cloud to electrocute targets for 30 seconds.
Poseidon: Advanced water magic, regardless of magic stats
--Receives a trident that can help in magic casting and in melee combat
Hades:Advanced dark magic, regardless of magic status
--Can withstand one kill blow, usable once a day/ Invisibility for 30 seconds, 2 minute recharge time
Hera: Additional damage to opponents -amount is ¼ damage opponents deal- recoil buff
Ares: Make one opponent turn on another, gain xp from their kill(s)
--Causes monsters within ten yards of player to run in fear
Hermes: Able to do advance air magic, regardless of magic status
--Teleportation magic-workable only in Gaia
Artemis:Obtain a hunting dog as a fighting companion
--Ability to use up to 3 tamed beasts at once/Hunting dog companion turns into a giant wolf in the moonlight & in caves, can be mounted
Apollo: Summon power from the Muses to increase attack power
--Gain a lyre to resurrect another player to half health if still in killed time/Allows the ability to use healing magic without swapping weapons
Athena:Ability to swap a stat or ability with another player or monster
--Ability to polish armor and weapons to have a 25% chance at reflecting opponents attack/Can call upon a giant owl to help fight by their side during the day, can be mounted
Aphrodite: Infatuate an NPC or humanoid monster, they will do your bidding for 1 hour. Can only have 3 infatuations at a time
Hephaestus: Advanced fire magic, regardless of magic stats
-- Ability to magically set their whole body on fire for close combat/Access to a special furnace/anvil to upgrade stats on weapons and armour
Dionysus: Advanced illusionary magic, regardless of magic status
-- Causes opponents to seem drunk, making them more likely to miss due to disorientation/Learns a tune that causes their opponent(s) to go mad and attack itself/themselves
Demeter: Advanced earth magic, regardless of magic status
-- Gains a scythe that helps in magic casting and in melee combat
Hestia: Activate x1.5 all-around status booster when in a team/party of 3 or more -party buff

[b Level III:]
Zeus: Maxed out speed boost and whole body generates lightning for one minute, dealing damage to opponents via contact, but is paralyzed for one minute after time is up
Poseidon: Summon a giant whirlpool barrier around avatar for one minute, but after time is up it collapses upon you and you take all the damage dealt
Hades: Becomes an immortal object for one minute, but after time is up dies.
Hera: A giant boss peacock comes and fights for the character, but turns on the player after defeating the opponent(s)
Ares: For one minute, character gains x2 to attack power but once time is up, the character is then dealt damage of the attacks at original attack power
Hermes: Character becomes intangible for one minute and is able to ‘enter’ the opponent(s) their facing to do direct damage, but after time is up, will take double damage if attacked for the next 3 minutes
Artemis: A shower of arrows falls from the sky for one minute upon opponent(s), but the last arrow hits you in the head
Apollo: Allows character to do mass heal of hit points, removes debuffs from himself/herself and party members, and can bring dead party members back to life if still in death time. The player then loses half of character's total hp if no one is brought back. If player(s) are brought back, then the character automatically dies and has double the death time.
Athena: Player is able to block and parry all attacks for one minute. After time is up, player is able to be killed by any hit point lowering attack instantly for one minute.
Aphrodite: Opponent(s) of the opposite gender fights with character, but after one minute, all that are affected gang up on the character at once.
Hephaestus: Player chops a limb off to make a unique weapon that penetrates all of their enemy’s defenses. Player remains mained with constant blood-loss until they’ve returned to a town.
Dionysus: Character can get a second chance after dying and can come back to life with full health, but will die again after 5 minutes
Demeter: Creates land that is unsuitable for opponent(s) to be standing in and causes damage to them for one minute, after time is up, the land then sprouts large tree-like creatures that attack the character
Hestia: Transforms surrounding area within 50 meters of character into an area that the character and party members can not die in for one minute , after time is up, lava erupts from underneath the character and party members and inflicts damage for as long as their in the area.


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Roleplay Responses

The kind smiled a sly devil's smile. [b "Well If they join up we have our group."] Pointing to the area the armor use to stand at. [b "I have the other members covered."] pulling a few of the armor pieces out of his inventory he let it all clank on the ground. [b "Hmm this doesn't seem to be right."] Thinking about it for a moment Anjui sent a party invite to the three standing in front of him. [b "Do we have a tank or do we need one yet?"]

Looking over everyone he nodded. [b "Tank armor, It seems I am going to be healer. And we have three damage, so that means we need what one more damage type?"] Tapping on the armor that was on the ground he sprung to life, but instead of the armor itself raising up a small little lite creature came out of the armor. Slowly the creature started to take solid shape, eventually forming a [ fox] made of Fire itself. [#e57e0b "Yes master?"]
[b "I need a Tank and Damage set."] nodding the fox disappeared back into the armors and wo sets came out of the group themselves. The[ Tank] armor was easily recognizable as its defensive stat was high, but its attack was low of course to compensate was its Health stat of almost triple even Anjui's own health.

Also like before the Armor that came out for the damage was the Bemouth of a monster It was a [ Melee] armor damage type so it evened out their group with two ranged and two melee and the healer.
  Young King / Colorful_insanity / 1y 54d 10h 15m 52s
[#1D8348 "Huh... no, I didn't receive a message from Kyome either."] Midory says. [#1D8348 "This is really weird... why am I only getting messages from Shio?"]

[#808B96 "Maybe now wouldn't be the best time to go fighting in the arena if you're experiencing a bug like that."] Shio says. [#808B96 "Imagine if the bug got worse and your attacks didn't register anymore!"]

[#1D8348 "Oh come on Shio, it's just messages!"] Midory replies. [#1D8348 "I don't see how it can progress to affecting my attacks."]

[#808B96 "You really want to try this arena- okay fine, I guess we're teaming up as well."] Shio states.

[#1D8348 "Yay~!"] Midory exclaims.

[#808B96 "Oh yeah Kyome, my question is, do you think we can actually do well in these fights?"] Shio asks. [#808B96 "With me not having done much of any PVP and having just been scared a few minutes ago... I feel like I would be more of a burden than help."]

Midory hears this then wonders how she could help Shio feel more confident about herself while pacing around for a bit while looking at the sky.
[#1D8348 [i I really don't want to force her to join us if she's uncomfortable with this... but at the same time, this could help her.]] She thinks to herself. [#1D8348 [i What do I do to-]]

[#808B96 "Uh, Midory, watch out, you're about to-!"] Shio tries to say but Midory ends up walking straight into a hooded figure. [#808B96 "-walk into... someone..."]

[#1D8348 "Wuuaagghh!"] Midory reacts as she falls to the ground, but the hooded figure quickly catches her before she falls and pulls her back to her feet. [#1D8348 "Hah... sorry about that!"]

The figure shakes their head and doesn't say anything then walks away.

[#1D8348 "Phew... almost thought I ended up starting a fight with someone there because I wasn't watching where I was going, heh, heh..."] Midory says.
  Midory / Okimichi / 1y 58d 14h 29m 13s
After bombarding Anjui with accusations, Kyome realized that she was passing her guilt and insecurities onto him. She didn’t want to admit it, but she wanted him to be a bad guy after that nonsense. She let herself be riled up by some prick & got Midory & Shio involved in something she didn’t even want to be a part of. They were the two remaining people she grouped up with in order to enter this city… She was already bringing them misfortune… The others were strong too… & they couldn’t even enter the city due her to being a walking curse. It’s never Kyome who paid the price, always others.

Before spiralling too far into her head, Kyome focused back on what was going on around her. She noticed that Midory didn’t get the message even though both she & Shio did. Right after Shio sent a test, so did Kyome. [#1256c4 “That’s weird. I’ll send one too.”] It said Testing.

After Midory confirmed Shio’s, the attention went back to what brought this up in the first place. Anjui’s invitation. Although her flurry of questions was due to a bunch of emotions. She was curious about how he’d respond. She didn’t know anything about him besides him being some powerful guild leader that wanted to team up for some reason. Depending on how things went, she could use this chance to avoid causing any more trouble & go back to her solo days.

However, deeper down she didn’t want to lose this chance. She hadn’t played with them long, but Midory & Shio seemed to have something she missed… Same with the other players that were with them… She recalled they were all part of the same guild. Didn’t pay attention to the name. Regardless, it was more than just having more numbers… Since teaming up with everyone, Kyome felt like she could regain that sense of more that she had lost years ago. It was possibly losing it again once she got it back that scared her the most.

Despite her fears, it was nice being included in all of them joining or not.

[#1256c4 “Yeah that works,”] she replied to letting it be a group decision after the Anjui responded. Apparently Shio wanted to ask her something afterwards… Before having another mental freak out, she put her worries to the side so she could listen to Anjui. One thing at a time.. She took a calming breathe to regain her composure. Although her emotions were far out of her comfort zone, she always made a point to seem stable and strong on the outside. Though here it was more like defensive and hardheaded.

As he stepped closer while laughing, she wasn’t sure what was so funny. That was, until he explained that he was in the same guild as the three that were with them before. Apparently, those pricks from before set them up to obtain and sell information about them. Kyome had heard about that, but never realized there were guilds who focused on it. She probably should have paid attention before now… If his entire guild was at war with theirs, then it was a good thing he stepped in… Candle, Wel’ren & Aleria weren’t pushovers & neither was this guy. Plus, with the Olympic competitions, information on possible competitors would definitely be valuable. At least, there was some good that happened. He stopped her from giving them something to sell. Knowing that there would be players from those types of guilds around gave purpose to that encounter.

His story made sense. Although she hadn’t partied with them long, those three were not ones to easily forget. She may not have remembered their guild or titles, but she remembered their names and strength. [#1256c4 “Thank you for your answer. I do remember them. I just didn’t pay much attention to their guild name. I’m sorry about the misunderstanding. If Midory and Shio are okay with it, I don’t mind us forming a team. We’ll need more members anyway.”] Turning to the two of them, [#1256c4 “What do you guys think? Anything to add?”] It was up to them now. Even with Anjui as an addition, they’d still need three more members. Plus, there was still Shio’s question...
  Kyoko Megumishi (Kyome) / Yoruneko / 1y 60d 7h 57m 52s
Anjui seemed a little taken aback by the line of questions. Had he really wanted to play hero he could have jumped in before the duel even started and caused the focus of the duel to be more on him and taken on the three without interference from the other guild members of the Burning Cleaver. He also could have saved his show of power for the actual duel had he really had that in mind or used his mana for different skills instead of damaging his sword and forcing his mana down to zero. Stepping up closer to the group he laughed boldly.

Pointing to the guild name above his head. [b "The brotherhood of Ashes is my association. Those other guilds, the two you would have made enemies out of are guilds the brotherhood has been hunting down sense the open war has been declared between them. To be exact the Open war came down to the decision of the original makers of the Brotherhood. Candle, Wel'ren, Aleria, Myself, and Tarvu all agreed to do so. They are player killer informant guilds. The Flame cleaver purposely duels players to find out their skills and abilities. The Blood Shield does the same thing. They sell the information they gather to the Pk guilds in the game and make real life money doing so."]

Raising his hands slightly as the women went into another flurry of questions. [b "No I wasn't following you. I sent in the message saying we should meet up here or at the Tavern. I went to the Tavern and had been informed you had just left, so I assumed you were heading here instead. I came in only after it had started."] Holding up a finger he went through his menu and brought up the guild charter, or more specifically the players within the guild. [b "Candle the Diamond Prince, Wel'ren the Red Guard, and Aleria the Drowned Princess. They are leaders of the Brotherhood of ashes for other races to the game. They were the three that were in your party that helped you get through the introduction quest into Athens."]

Dropping his hands and shoving them into the pockets on his pants he had a smile on his face. [b "I am not surprised you don't remember them. They didn't make it past the Spider part and are currently on their way past that with a few other guild members from the Brotherhood so we can help people get through them or help lower leveled players on this side of the game also."]
  Young King / Colorful_insanity / 1y 67d 8h 40m 35s
[#1D8348 "Woah, I've never seen you this scared before."] Midory says. [#1D8348 "Well, except for the spider place but that could happen to anyone."]

[#808B96 "Look, I just don't want to end up losing because suddenly we're fighting Zeus himself or whatever!"] Shio states. [#808B96 "I get the feeling that this isn't the type of arena system where you can just leave when you don't feel like fighting anymore."]

[#1D8348 "That... would be illegal, wouldn't it?"] Midory asks. [#1D8348 "I mean after all, if someone wasn't allowed to log out when they feel like it then that would raise many alarms because... I'm sure you know why."]

[#808B96 "But-... actually that makes sense."] Shio replies. [#808B96 "I don't know... I need a few minutes to think about this."]

Midory and Shio watch the rest of the battle unfold then the "hero of the hour" approach them after recovering metal scattered about. They both feel a bit confused when he mentions a question about joining up.

Midory checks her invites and messages but can't find anything.
[#1D8348 "Huh... I didn't get anything?"] She says. [#1D8348 "Must be a glitch I guess..."]

[#808B96 "Well I got it so yeah, must have been a glitch or something."] Shio says. [#808B96 "Here, let's check to see if me sending you a message will work."]

Midory receives a message from Shio saying TEST.

[#1D8348 "Yup, that worked."] Midory says. [#1D8348 "Well anyway, I guess at this point it would be a unanimous group vote thingy on if we should all join up?"]

[#808B96 "After he answers Kyome's questions of course."] Shio states. [#808B96 "Oh, that reminds me... but yeah, I'll wait to ask you this question, Kyome."]

Midory continues looking in her message and notification boxes.

[i [#1D8348 Hmmm... what happened to my other messages and notifications?]] Midory wonders. [i [#1D8348 I know I didn't delete them and I set it to never delete things by itself... so what happened to all the messages from last time I was logged on?]]

Midory continues trying to figure out what's going on with her account.
  Midory / Okimichi / 1y 73d 13h 59m 20s
Even after entering the arena, Kyome still didn’t have her mind on the fight. Instead, she was wondering how she let herself drag others into such a pointless fight. [i ‘What is this? Battle of the Sexes?’] There was no real reason to fight. Though she had a feeling they wouldn’t have just let them walk away peacefully, this was so stupid. It’s like they wanted to create a reason to fight. Kyome was a very quick DPS before, but that blessing made her even faster. Although she hadn’t tested her new speed in a fight, it would at least be useful to close the distance & catch them off-guard in one action.

Since she dragged Midory and Shio into this, she was going to handle it before those nuisances could even send an attack their way. Though, honestly, she wasn’t sure if they were going to participate or not. It wasn’t a fight Kyome wanted & she was the person those players instigated a duel with. They entered Athens together, but that wasn’t reason enough for anyone to fight a pointless duel they have nothing to do with. It didn’t matter if they fought, stood there, or walked away. This was her fault, so she needed to deal with this. She always fought solo. Nothing new, but the setting.

Except something, or rather, someone and a something new entered the arena. That someone was a Spriggan with a rather large dragon for that something. He apparently was a leader of a guild that had enough influence to threaten the guild of those fight-hungry players in front of her. The Spriggan used a high level blast attack as a show of power. He was probably hoping the fight would end at that point, but it didn’t. As even more players appeared, the fight seemed to be one between enemy guilds rather than whatever it was before.

Kyome never truly cared about guilds. She’d been playing Alfheim Online since shortly after its release. She used her savings to buy it along with the AmuSphere since her parents weren’t going to purchase games anymore. One daughter being stuck in a coma was enough. It wasn’t a big thing when she first started. Though she kept an ear out in case Rin wanted to join one when she woke up. Her sister was always into that kind of thing. She said they were like an adopted family or community.

However, guilds didn’t become popular until after ALO was revamped with unlimited flight for everyone. That was seven months after Rin died. If she’d survived… They’d probably have laughed at how everyone was finally forming them after wasting all their energy on a pointless race war. Since then, she’d been invited to join various ones over the years. However, guilds were always Rin’s thing, not hers. She was perfectly fine staying solo. So, every single invite was rejected.

It wasn’t long before the Spriggan, Anjui with an extra long title, had wiped everyone out. As all the downed players bled to death, their bodies shattered leaving their Remain Lights. During the fight, Kyome paid attention to when he was fighting those original instigators. She was glad she didn’t have to bother taking out that trash. Now that is was over, she noticed something odd. She could have sworn that Salamander named Bleizen attacked the Spriggan along with another Salamander. However, the [ Remain Lights] where they died weren’t both red. One was black. Who knows, she probably remembered wrong. Whatever it was, it didn't matter. They were gone. That nonsense was over with.

With its job done, the Spriggan's dragon dissempled into a pile of various armor sets. After gathering his collection, Anjui stood there for a moment to examine his blade. By the look on his face, it received some damage. That's one more person she inconvenienced. Though he didn't have to interfere. She could have handled them all on her own. It just would have taken longer with that many opponents. He acted on his own. She didn't force him to damage his weapon for it. Unless he was those knightly or attention-seeking types, the Spriggan must have had a reason.

He walked up to the three of them still out of breath. Thinking he was coming over for some sort of acknowledgment, Kyome was surprised when he spoke. [i ‘... question about joining up? When did this happened?’] Kyome looked to the other two and asked if he asked them while the dispute began. She ended up noticing a group invite notification. [#1256c4 “You just sent this shortly before that drama started…”] Kyome paused to consider the sequence of events. [#1256c4 “Were you following us? Did you set that up to make some sort of impression? Between that & how you seem to have some guild connection, there seems to be way too many coincidences not to ask. I don't know about the other two, but I need an explanation before responding to that.”]
  Kyoko Megumishi (Kyome) / Yoruneko / 1y 75d 4h 40m 18s
It was the appearance with the Dragon and Anjui with the display of his power that made the other members of the Flame Cleaver hesitant. Of course going against a person so powerful meant trouble, but what could he do after that display of his power? He had no mana, but that didn't mean he couldn't still have something else up his sleeve also. the group stood their ground in silence, the breeze licked at everyone's skin. Soren seemed to only laugh at Anjui; His cocky attitude seeping into his voice as he spoke.

[#122656 "You don't fool me Anjui, I know who you are. Your a healer and nothing more."] Drawing his blade the members of the Flame cleaver guild advanced slowly upon the Spriggin and the dragon with them. [b "If you do not leave I will end each and every one of you here."] It was then the gnome's voice came across. The deep earthly tone of his voice spoke. Of course his words were only in a whisper so everyone had to strain to hear his words of course. The giant of a man drew his own blade and shield.

[#8e4c0b "You will not touch them."] moving to the front line the Gnome as Anjui guessed was indeed the tank to the group, which meant their ten man squad that was now standing in front of him was damage and the Undine who had the arrogance about him was the healer. Pointing at the undine [b "Your first."] Putting the obsidian blade away Anjui pulled another blade from his side a thin rapier like blade that could slip between a pair of ribs, but thick enough to break armor. [b "Come at me children and let me show you the skill I possess."]

The group advanced and was taken by the spriggin easily. First his target was the Undine, he dodged around the 's series of attacks the first came from the Gnome who wanted Anjui to stay focused on him, but he couldn't see to keep the spriggin's attention at all. Ducking low between the next two attackers Anjui grabbed a blade from its sheath from one of the two and cut down the healer first taking several hits and stunning swings to the undine to get him to stop. [b "I may be a healer."] the young black haired male said as he stood back up the blade produced out of the chest from the Flame Cleaver undine healer.

[b "But that is not all that I am."] Next to go was the ranged damage users which he ran down in mindful motions on the three of them without a healer they were squishy as they wore light armor, but instead of being cut down by the spriggin's blades they had been attacked from behind by the armor dragon which dragged its claws across the three of them easily causing their bodies to go flying into the group itself. Next was the Gnome who was a much harder target.

The Gnome kept Anjui on his feet. Swing and a miss swing and a miss. Every chance he got it seemed he swung his heavy sword, but its movements were to slow for a direct hit. It wasn't until he was almost cut down by one of the members that had joined in that he understood what was going on. Anjui wasn't facing the gnome he was being pushed into the other members. Ducking the next swipe it seemed the Gnome blocked the attack just in time to have the blade of his fellow member shatter against the shield he carried.

Anjui saw the spare second and sprung to his feet his blade in hand. The male spotted his moment and aimed for the sweet spot of his next move. Swatting away his shield by getting his blade between his ribs and the shield pulling it away anjui forced the gnome to rely solely on his claymore like blade. it didn't matter however as anjui was to quick for the blade to touch, and so the man just drove into a rage swinging his blade blindly. He had taken out three of his own group in a fit of rage swinging left and right, but it was to late cutting the gnome deeply in the throat anjui had somehow ducked into the soft spot of the blade and threw the man off balance. Digging his knife right up into the man's jugular and across his neck.

the melee dps that were left. The two charged him at once, but Anjui jumped into the air with skills of a gymnast landing softly upon one of the blades. Both of them had pierced the other during their charge hoping to have stabbed the spriggin through not expecting him to move but instead try and dig out the knife from the gnome's body.

The fight was quick, but Anjui as he landed hit the sand breathing harder than normal. Replacing the rapier back in its sheath the male stepped forward and pulled on the dagger stuck deep in the gnome's throat, as he pulled on it the group finally understood just how deadly this 'healer' was. Finally wiggling free the knife he wiped the blade off on the body of the undine's fine white fur around his hood and placed it back in the leather strap on his waist. Stepping up to the dragon and releasing the magic within the armor. The dragon fell apart and the metal seemed to clank and bang as it hit each other and the ground. Gathering it all up he placed it back into his inventory.

Pulling out his obsidian blade again he looked at it with a sad face. [b "Damn I was hoping not to get rid of it just yet. Guess I need to go find a smithy to fix the thing or make another one."] It seemed the blade had a crack starting to form upon the blade, the crack peered to be gold like the blast of sunlight he had let out of it earlier and glowing even. It was a blade and usable, but to take a blast like that caused damage even on the blade itself; the thing couldn't handle to many of them either one did damage, two would shatter the blade completely if it wasn't repaired.

Coming to stand next to the three girls the male just spoke with huffs of heavy breathing. [b "So..You...never..answered my question about joining up."]
  Young King / Colorful_insanity / 1y 87d 6h 7m 24s
[#1D8348 "Hmmm... I was honestly expecting this place to be even bigger."] Midory says as she looks around the coliseum. [#1D8348 "I was kinda hoping there would be massive chariot races but... maybe that would be somewhere else?]

[#808B96 "...What?"] Shio replies. [#808B96 "You want it to be [i bigger]?!"]

[#1D8348 "Well, I might just be wanting large scale battles rather than a bigger arena."] Midory states. [#1D8348 "I never did get involved in any of that war stuff... meh, I just didn't like fighting then."]

[#808B96 "Right... and I didn't bother with that stuff either since you didn't want to be a part of it."] Shio says. [#808B96 "Say, do you think that-"]

The sudden rudeness from some random guy interrupts Shio and then both Shio and Midory end up just watching the entire situation unfold in confusion.

[#1D8348 "Hey, Shio, how do we do duel other players when it isn't a part of the arena events?"] Midory whispers.

[#808B96 "Wait, you- oh right... well, I don't exactly know what this place changes regarding it."] Shio whispers back. [#808B96 "I don't really want to get into a random fight like this anyway, mostly because the only reason this fight is happening is because people are angry, not because it's an actual challenge."]

[#1D8348 "Right, okay then... well I don't want to force you into this fight if you don't want to do it."] Midory says. [#1D8348 "But at the same time, I don't want to leave this fight being a one versus three..."]

[i [#1D8348 Let's see here... how can I help without trying to get Shio to join... maybe someone in the crowds would be willing to help?]] Midory thinks to herself. [i [#1D8348 I can't exactly go over there and ask around right now... maybe it will be fine with just the two of us against three?]]

Midory and Shio watch as their opponents ready up for the fight. They also notice that Kyome wasn't particularly happy about the circumstance either.

[#1D8348 "Of course this isn't an easy decision... I don't really like this situation we're in."] Midory states. [#1D8348 "I think I-"]

Then suddenly someone else jumps in, spouts seemingly random things to Midory and Shio then summons armors and turns them into some kind of dragon.
Shio jumps backwards and falls on her behind at the sight of the dragon.

[#808B96 "How- what...?!"] Shio says. [#808B96 "That's a thing you can do?!"]

[#1D8348 "That... is so... AWESOME!!"] Midory shouts. [#1D8348 "Is that our opponent too, can we fight it instead?!"]

[#808B96 "No- no, we are not fighting it!"] Shio responds. [#808B96 "In fact, I don't think I can really handle this place if we have powerful magic like that to contend with!"]
  Midory / Okimichi / 1y 87d 10h 24m 43s
Anjui had stood there for a moment before a movement had caught his attention to the left of the Arena. It was a quick flash, but a light of red had come across his vision and the Salamander had stood it seemed he summoned fire to surround himself. Watching things unfold it must have meant the Salamander was the dps of the group, the Gnome must have been the Tank and the Undine likely the healer. His arrogence got on Anjui's nerves by a lot.

Looking up his name Anjui had found out quite a bit about him. He was the Third top healer in the game, Under Candle who was now two and Anjui who was the top healer although Anjui had also taken the Top tank spot from Wel'ren who dropped to second place as well. What had made Anjui even more angry however was the guilde the guy was in. It was a Player killer helper guild, they would test peoples strengths in duels and little help bits on quests, and when the players were beaten or their skills were throughly known they would sell it to the player killer guildes for high prices and they would let the pvp guildes take care of their dirty work for them. It was like the green players who turned yellow or stay green but help kill other players.

Looking up the other members of the party Anjui formed a fist and hit the stone railing that had kept him from falling into the arena itself. The gnome was a big honcho in the guilde, as he got looked up he was the second in command of the guild the two were in. The Blood Shield. While the information guilds weren't well known if known at all The Blood shield was well known for its members getting into duels with others and being paid high value for information. They used their information selling system as their profit and it allowed them to gear up their members and kept them on the front lines of new additions or discoveries in the game which allowed them to gather unknown information as well.

Anjui knew of the guild as he had paid for information from them as well, being a member of the Brotherhood of Ashes had its perks after all, but it kept information in his ears about other guilds as well. The Slamander however was an interesting character he seemed to be in a seperate guild, The Flame cleaver. a Merchant guild according to the page that Anjui could pull up, but its members were private, and any other information had to go through its guild consolt which seemed to be the salamander that was now in the ring. Seeing another movement in the ring Anjui noticed the few red players gather up in the edge of the arena weapons drawn and ready to fight themselves, a few even dropped into the arena to aid their "friends".

Anjui however dove into the arena as well throwing all the armor collection he had gathered out and summoned it to life. This time however instead of the armor all becoming seperate things it had summoned one giant creature of armor. The armor landed with a thud, and as the dust settled and disappeared Anjui was standing between the two groups a [ Dragon] at his side ready to fire whatever breath at either side of people. [b "I think you have overstayed your welcome here."] Anjui spoke in a matter of fact tone to the Undine brat Soren. Turning to the Gnome Anjui stared the male down even though he was much larger then him. [b "I don't think Marcus would be very happy to know that his second in command has caused a tuffle with his biggest buyer."] Anjui saw then Soren take in a deep huff of a breath like he wanted to speak, but Anjui wouldnt allow him.

[b "I am Anjui The Light forger, Leader of the Brotherhood of Ashes in the Spriggin race. I know your guild leader Marcus is a Former member of the guilde I lead. I do not think Marcus would like for the Brotherhood to pull its strings and have his little guilde's headquaters and members raided constantly to the point they start leaving. Now run along and take your Flame Cleaver members with you as I don't like Red players hanging around."] Pulling out his own weapon [ The Obsidian blade] glistening its star like quality in the sunlight of noon. The handle shown a set of wings as the guard carved in silver, in the middle was a gem of red and black. up the hilt to the blade was three angels, all of which were carved of silver and showed they were actually tainted angels.

Seeing however the four other members of the Flame cleaver joined the group standing in front of him Anjui started to show why he was given the nickname The Light forger. His blade had started to glow gold as the sunlight hit the object, even the armor he wore went from a silver to a gold and pearl in color. The entire blade went from Black to Gold in a few seconds the only part that wasn't gold was the handle which had a tight grip of Anjui's hand on the white cloth like piece. Aiming the blade in front of him Anjui let the power of the blade go. The thing seemed to have a cone like damage of Fire. Leaving the land burnt to black and the arena wall that had to be at least three leagues away destroyed. The wall itself had regenerated, but the affect of the damage was what Anjui was going for.
  Young King / Colorful_insanity / 1y 88d 6h 40m 34s
Running into Midory and Shio so soon was the last this Kyome thought would happen. Although she decided that she would give it another try at the next opportunity, that was not

As the group entered the venue, Kyome was amazed by how the space seemed to open up before them. Akari’s fiery fur brightened as many people bustled about throughout the walkways. Although they came in from a single doorway, it became clear that adjacent halls expanded from the long ones that seemed to circle around. Many merchants had shops set up selling everything imaginable, from potions and boosters to armor and weapons to miniature statues of the gods. They even had trinkets and accessories for people to commemorate the event.

As they made their way to the center, the came across an arched entryway. Instead of leading to another enclosed hallway, there was a balcony shortly before them. An intricately carved railing wrapped along the edge, protecting its guests from falling down the enormous opening as they gawk. Seeing, this opening Kyome exchanged an intrigued glance with the other two girls. As they walked up, the whole coliseum appeared to open up before them.

While leaning onto the railing, Kyome’s eyes widened as a smile formed from wonder and anticipation, [#1256c4 “Wowww. Are you guys seeing this?”] At least 10 floors stretched out below them. Yet the arena is what truly captured each fairy’s eyes. It stretched out at least 500 meters . [#1256c4 Isn’t this so cool? Everyone is going to competing right here.”]

As Midory and Shio shared their reactions, Kyome heard someone grunt on the other side of her, [#0a1f8a “Oh come on. I’m so sick of hearing every fangirl walking in here lose their minds. They’re giving me a migraine.”]

Brows furrowed, she cut her eyes as she slowly turned her head to the guy on her left. [i ‘Did he really just say that?] This area recently opened and the first big event is gather. Did someone really have the nerve to say what she thought he said? [#1256c4 “Excuse me?”] she said, giving him a final chance to correct himself.

He was an Undine with brown hair and sharp silver eyes. The fairy had a dark blue jacket with a wide stream of white fur lining the outer edge of his hood and draping down from his shoulders along the lapels. At the base ends of the hood was a flat piece of silver on each side. The Undine glared at her. [#0a1f8a “Are you deaf? I said calm it down or buzz off. You’re annoying.”]


Kyome took her weight off the railing and faced him. [#1256c4 “That sounds like a personal issue. Maybe you should leave and take of that.”]

Squaring up at her, [#0a1f8a “Or maybe I should take care of the problem right here.”]

With neither side budging, they glared at one another. It was as if the energy between their eyes was battling it out to see if the other would back down. Until a large figure walked up from behind the Undine and picked him up by the shoulders, [b [#8a440a “That’s enough Soren.]]

Elbowing the other guy in the gut to drop him, [#0a1f8a “What the hell, Bosuke!? That chick and her friends started it. You can’t stop me from finishing it.”]

[#1256c4 “What? You’re an idiot.”] This was getting ridiculous. He started the whole thing and wanted to spin it. [#1256c4 “The only thing you need to finish is making your exit.”]


The big guy was clearly a Gnome. As the largest fairy race, it would be easy to tell even without his brown attire. After Kyome’s comments, his features became harsh under his blonde almost farm-boy hairstyle. [b [#8a440a “You just crossed the line. He may be a handful, but don’t insult my friend.”]] He sighed. [b [#8a440a “Looks like we do have something to settle. 2 vs. 3, let’s duel down in the arena.”]]

[#b41c18 “Looks like I made it right when it’s getting interesting. Make that 3 vs. 3. If Bosuke’s this riled up, I can’t miss it.”] Another one came out of nowhere. This time it was a Salamander. He had bright red hair and wore all black with a single sword hanging from his ensemble of belts. [#b41c18 “The name’s Bleizen. Please take care of me,”] he winked.


This was already annoying since the beginning. Who would’ve known things would escalate like this. If the Undine was annoying, the Salamander that just showed up seemed bothersome on a whole different level. Regardless, there was no stopping the duel now. It happened so fast... If only she hadn’t said something back, Midory and Shio wouldn’t have been dragged into this all of a sudden. Maybe she just brought misfortune to whoever she gamed with. She sighed, [#1256c4 “Let’s get this over with.”]
  Kyoko Megumishi (Kyome) / Yoruneko / 1y 88d 6h 51m 4s
"Paid more attention for them?" Midory questions. "You mean we missed some already?!"

"I-I... I don't know, okay!" Shio answers. "If we did, it's most likely because we didn't arrive here in the first place..."

"What if there was a parade going and delicious cake being served and we missed?!" Midory says. "Or even a-!"

An Orthrus bursts into the tavern, startling both Midory and Shio. Then they see Kyome come in afterwards and have a look of confusion as they to the creature and Kyome back and forth.

"...Oh, that must have been your special reward!" Midory exclaims. "...Right?"

As thrown off by this random encounter as they were, Kyome replied, [#1256c4 "Yeah..."] Realizing this really was happening she added, [#1256c4 "I named him Akari."] Kyome looked down at her orthrus, gaining some reassurance from his excited panting and wagging tail. He started to paw at Midory for attention. [#1256c4 "Akari, sit still. Not everyone likes that."] She looks back at Midory and Shio, [#1256c4 "I'm sorry about that."]

"It's fine, don't worry!" Midory responds. "Wait, isn't Akari usually a female name?"

"Midory... why..." Shio mutters under her breath.

Kyome smiles a bit, [#1256c4 "It can actually be either."] She remembered how she promised herself to try being a part of the group again if the chance came. Her expression turned serious and focused [#1256c4 "We were actually on our way to the Coliseum. There are Olympic tournaments over the next few days and the qualifications start today. Although there's also the singles matches, did you want to join up for the group ones?"]

"Yes, group matches, I needed something to do anyway!" Midory says. "Mostly [sub because I [sub didn't plan ahead [sub like... [sub at all...]]]]"

"Eheh... yes, yes, we can join you for group matches is what Midory means." Shio adds. "We didn't know there were matches going on anyway..."

Both Midory and Shio follow Kyome out of the tavern and to the Coliseum.
  Midory / Okimichi / 1y 108d 7h 45m 51s
Anjui had finally made it to the make shift Arena in which the games would be held in. it seemed the groups were mostly NPCS gathering up, with a few and far actual player groups in the mix, What threw him for a loop however was the colosseum went from a single story building on the outside several on the inside. The colosseum had been dug into the ground unlike the traditional Roman or Greek theatres or games.
Looking around Anjui noticed the people from earlier. It was the two Caith sith and the Spriggin.

Shooting the three of the group invitations along with the message attached to it. [b "Hey lets participate in the group games. I'm sure we could kick butt."] of course Anjui didn't know their abilities or what god they chose for their blessings, but he could tell that if Candle, Wel'ren, and Arden had chosen to party up with the three of them then it wouldn't hurt him any to do so either. Besides the worst that could happen is they drop out of a silly Competition as a group and go their separate ways right?

Pulling up the details again it required a full party registration of seven. They would only make four... Pulling out three more sets of armor Anjui conjured them to life. The first wa a [ priest] class. just like Anjui. The second was a melee [ tank]. Like Wel'ren, only the armor used two double handed weapons instead of a weapon and shield. The last was a melee [ dps] class much like Arden although he carried a single weapon instead of a bunch of them.

Anjui of course awaited replies from everyone , however he had heard a fight going on within the arena already. The kid stepped through the archs to find The three ladies he had messaged but moments ago dueling in a three way match between themselves and another set of players. Leaning against the alabaster stone the male watched as the duel between the two Cait Sith and Spriggan against the Salamander, Undine, and Gnome. It seemed the girls were out matched as the Salamander looked like a very tank build. Undine was the healer and the gnome was a sneaky person using mid ranged crossbows.
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Midory and Shio end up finding a notice board during their walk. There's many seemingly random various posts ranging from memes to requests for help with jobs. There is one that catches their eyes, however.

"Is that... a wanted poster?" Midory questions.

"Let's see here..." Shio says as she takes a closer look at it. "There is some group of players who have been managing to steal blessings from players after they receive them in the city."

"Wait, you can steal them?" Midory asks.

"Apparently these players can." Shio answers. "I hope we're not dealing with some kind of hackers here... because if we are, who knows what else they have been doing besides stealing blessings."

"Wouldn't they have to be extraordinarily good at hacking to hack this game?" Midory asks. "This is actually starting to sound scary now."

"Then we should use our blessings before these people steal them!" Shio states.

"I don't want to, there could be something special that happens if you collect them all without using them!" Midory replies. "Imagine if we were able unlock some special power or item that is... god tier or something, maybe even higher!"

"I don't think you... yeah, okay, fine, we'll keep them if you really want to." Shio says.

They walk away from the notice board and head to a tavern nearby. Once inside, they sit down at an empty table.

"Hmmm... what should we do now that we're here?" Midory wonders out loud. "I honestly didn't think this far ahead..."

"Wow, you really don't think that far ahead a lot of times, do you?" Shio responds. "Well, I'm sure they have events of some kind around here."

"Celebrations?" Midory questions.

"Well, maybe that too but not what I meant." Shio says. "It's more likely they have special competitions for this area, but finding them... we should have paid more attention for them."
  Midory / Okimichi / 1y 238d 5h 55m 59s
Anjui had reached the temple of Dionisius with caution. While he was the god of Wine, he was also known for being the god of the grape, ecstasy and madness. his temples were riddled with traps or hidden rooms that would loop into each other and drive a person mad if they weren't careful. A maze in the temple could cause a person to get lost and trapped in the temple and eventually die. If one wasn't careful even they would end up dead in the temple as well. Passing through the tests Anjui stepped up to the alter.

Placing his blessing upon the alter a booming voice of the game came over the temple [b "I give you my blessing Great child of the shadow. You have gained a very powerful patron god, but know because you have chosen me other gods will now deny you a blessing from them."] Anjui expected as much as gods still had their spats of hatred for one another. The greeks were in fact very well known for it in the real world as many hated each other for a reason or another but would not so lightly forgive each other over it either.

Anjui had left the temple, Healing generation of food he gave would now be much higher as long as he made it or if it went through his inventory. Slipping into the light of the sun the male had seen something in his bag he did not expect. It was the head of the Gorgon from earlier. It must have been placed in his bag with his blessing. pulling up the details It was useable on a creature the same power level as he was, but its stone phase would only last two minute and the cool down was an hour long.

It was then another notification popped up on his screen about a potential Olympic game Several competitions would be taking place over the next couple of days which would be in a series of either single or team competitions. becoming more curious, the male tagged the notification and pulled up more details to it.

The first competition would be happening in a few hours, but it was a group thing. A group of four to be more exact. Top 25 single players and top ten teams would then be apart of Olympic games themselves. The first race it seemed would be a race using Pegasi. Even more detail into the competition would be a five lap race one person would make a lap and pass a relay baton to the next person before they could start their lap. Once everyone went around once, the first person would go a second lap. Once the laps were done their point totals are added up. The less time on each lap meant more points for the team. The team with the most points at the end won the competition.

[#810de7 "Perhaps a group would be better for this instead of trying to get in alone."] thinking about it a few people came to mind and that was the few people at the gate who drew him in. Now just to find them again. He remembered seeing the one that shot off head towards the zues' shrine. where the other two went was unkown other then towards the center of town.

Pulling up his guild's character list he sent a message to Candle and Arden to ask them to forward an invitation to the group they were in to get here, He would meet them at the inn near called the Flying Sailor. Upon his arrival at the tavern the male sat down in one of the corners and ordered a bit of food and drink. With that now he waited.
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As nice as Midory and Shio had been, Kyome needed some space. What happened to the rest of their group brought back a surge of emotions that seemed to never truly fade. Although she made sure to appear calm on the outside, her thoughts seemed to only accelerate as the flurry raged into a cyclone. [i ‘They were just alive. We all almost finished that quest and just like that…’] Her thoughts flashed back to when she and her sister Rin were playing through the Sword Art Online Beta and imaged her final moments being like theirs. She new that their death wasn’t permanent like hers… However, it still evoked a comparison. [i ‘This is why I play solo,’] Kyome thought as she approached the Zeus altar.

More flashes from the beta came forward within her mind. The lighter, freeing memories where they felt the virtual world was theirs for the taking whenever they partied up. They were both good. However, the possibilities seemed endless with their combined strength. The party just now was starting to give a similar feeling… Kyome missed that… Her sister was gone, but so was that situation. Rin would want her to make new friends online… In fact, she’d probably chastise her for not doing so before now. Yet, she couldn’t. Rin was gone, been gone. So, she had to figure things out for herself.

As Kyome became more aware of the present, she used the blessing and her wings grew almost instantly and she could feel the latent increase in her speed. Not a moment too soon, her new companion appeared with a prompt to give it a name. [#1256c4 “Well, I can’t just call you Orthrus… How about Akari? For the soothing light that emanates from your fur.”] The creature’s tail perks up in agreement. [#1256c4 “Akari, it is then. Ready to tour the town, Akari?”] Akari hunches back with his glowing tail in the air like he’s excited and ready to dash off. Kyome spread out her enhanced wings and they took off with no finish line in mind.


As she tried out her upgraded wings on her first ‘walk’ with Akari, she became to calm down and wonder how the other two who made it out were doing. If given the chance, she decided to join up with them again. It may not be permanent, but she would at least give it another shot. As time past, the cait sith noticed multiple signs about an event with cash prizes. The two slowed down to check out the next upcoming notice. Apparently, there’s going to be various competitions over the next few days. There’s single matches and team matches. Top 25 singles and top 10 teams get to compete in the grand Olympic Games. Everything was calculated on a point system. [i ‘Well, this seems interesting.’] The first qualifying event was a chariot race using pegasi. [#1256c4 “Come on Akari, let’s go check this out.”]
  Kyoko Megumishi (Kyome) / Yoruneko / 1y 240d 12h 21m 14s

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