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[h3 Storyline:]
In the world of Alfheim, it's becoming more and more like it's mother system of Sword Art Online. It's currently the year 2029. So, it's been a few years since Kirito and the gang first joined the game and now things are changing once again. A new group of players are rising in the ranks and leading the way to discovering the newest depths and levels of this world. The newest discovery to Alfheim is the area that is heavily influenced by Greek mythology, Gaia.

New quest lines, weapons, gear and dangers await in this unexplored territory of Alfheim. The biggest feature of this new territory is the chance to gain 'blessings' from one of the major gods of Greek mythology. But you must be careful, for the deeper the 'blessings' one gets from one of the gods, the more likely one will be cursed by another.

As mentioned at the top, our characters are part of the new group of players discovering Gaia; this means our characters have developed skills in Alfheim, but this also means we will not mention Kirito and the others heavily, if at all.

[h3 Rules:]
1) Minimum cursing
2) Romance is fine, but it's not the main thing in this rp
4) There will be a posting order, and if you don't post within a week you are likely to be skipped

[h3 Skelly:]
If you're interested in joining, pm me a filled out version of the skelly below

Character's Real Name: Note: Have a picture ready for your character's real appearance, but know this won't be the main picture used in the rp.

Character's Game Name:
aka (title/nickname)

Age: No younger than 15


Fairy Race:

Type of Fighter:

Main Weapon:

Heightened Abilities: No more than 3



Pm me with the title of the rp so I know you read all of this.

[h3 Accepted Players:]
[b Yoruneko:]
Real Name: Kyoko Megumishi

Game Name: Kyome
aka Blue Lightning

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Fairy Race: Cait Sith

Type of Fighter: Melee, fighter

Main Weapon: One-handed Sword

Heightened Abilities: Speed, Accuracy

Personality: Can seem cold and rude when first meeting her, but is actually really caring and compassionate. Will fight for her comrades.

Misc: TBA

[b Colorful_Insanity:]
Character's Real Name: Ari Silver

Character's Game Name: Candle The Diamond Prince

Age: 22


Fairy Race: Imp

Type of Fighter: Melee/Healer

Main Weapon: Claws, but can also use a staff

Heightened Abilities: Reflexes, magic, and defense
Personality: Collected, calm, and a born leader

Misc: Originally started out as Healer for the Brotherhood of Ashes Guild, however upon the loss of one of their best players he took over the guild and drove it to the top. Now ranked one in the game many people have not met Candle without knowing who he is.

Character's Real Name: Jorian Silver

Character's Game Name: Wel'ren the Red Guard

Age: 22


Fairy Race: Salamander

Type of Fighter: ranged damage/Melee Damage

Main Weapon: Duel wielding crossbows, but can switch to duel knives

Heightened Abilities: Accuracy, senses, and reflexes

Personality: strategic, cunning, and coldhearted

Misc: Nothing is really known about Wel'ren accept that he leads a group of very well known Salamander fighters known as the Dawn, He is the real life brother of Ari silvers, or Candle in the game. He now leads the Brotherhood of Ashes from the Salamander side of it, knowing that his brother leads the Imp version and their friend Aleria, gamer tag of Alerian the Drowned Princess leads the Undine side of the Brotherhood. The group themselves wish to spread their guilds across to all the races and recruit them to fight to beat the world tree one day.

[b Okimichi:]
Character's Real Name: Midori Ariwara

Character's Game Name: Midory Lavaria

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Fairy Race: Cait Sith

Type of Fighter: melee/support

Main Weapon: Wakizashi and sharp fan

Heightened Abilities: Speed and magic

Personality: She is quite energetic, full of joy, uplifting, high spirits, no matter the situation.
She does not usually get mad, so if you've somehow managed to anger her, you would have been trying really hard, and even then she's quick to forgive and forget.
If she does get quiet, it's usually because she's thinking. Or because she's furious.

Misc: The sharp fan she wields doubles as a catalyst for her magic.

Character's Real Name: Shiori Ishimura

Character's Game Name: Shio-rishi

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Fairy Race: Spriggan

Type of Fighter: range/melee

Main Weapon: Bow and Tantos

Heightened Abilities: Accuracy and speed

Personality: She's quiet and shy but very kind.

Misc: She rarely talks about herself or how she feels

[h3 Accepted NPCs:]

[b Colorful_Insanity:]
NPC's Name: Maelo, the Dragon King

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon

Main Weapon: N/A

Heightened Abilities: Too many to list. This isn't google.

Personality: TBA


[h3 Extras:]
[b Colorful_Insanity:]
Game Name: The drowned princess Alerian

Real name: Aleria Argenta

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Undine

Main Weapon: a whip

Heightened Abilities: Speed, Strength, and flight time

Personality: N/A

Misc: The third leader to the Brotherhood of Ashes, is Currently located in the Undine Territory

[b YoruNeko:]
Character's Real Name: Ryo Hayakawa

Character's Game Name: Bleizen

Age: 19


Fairy Race: Salamander

Type of Fighter: DPS

Main Weapon: Katana

Heightened Abilities: Attack, speed, crtitical hit

Personality: Cocky, comes off as a prick

Misc: Known Kyoko and Rin since early childhood. Took a break from VR after SAO incident.

[h3 Posting order:]
[i ]

[h3 Blessings:]
[i ]

[b Level I:]
Zeus: Wings glow and are slightly faster
Poseidon: Can breath under water
Hades: Time of death is halved
Hera: Change the form of average monsters into a bear of the same size with the same stats, however, neutralizes special effects like paralysis, poison, etc.
Ares: Ability to attract monsters in the area
Hermes: Gain wings on feet instead of back, allows one to fly slightly faster.
Artemis: Enhanced night vision- works for caves as well
Apollo: Ability to view the success rate/possible damage of attacks on opponents
Athena: Receives a free manual on everything on the land of Gaia
Aphrodite: free in-game customization of your avatar
Hephaestus: Weapons and armor have higher durability
Dionysus: Can raise healing ability of food items
Demeter: 20 protection potions made from a special grain, supply can be replenished at any temple of Demeter
Hestia: Increase party heal speed slightly

[b Level II] [i ]:
Zeus: Advanced lightning magic, regardless of magic stats
--Combat move to send an electric shock through the ground/Summon thunder cloud to electrocute targets for 30 seconds.
Poseidon: Advanced water magic, regardless of magic stats
--Receives a trident that can help in magic casting and in melee combat
Hades:Advanced dark magic, regardless of magic status
--Can withstand one kill blow, usable once a day/ Invisibility for 30 seconds, 2 minute recharge time
Hera: Additional damage to opponents -amount is ¼ damage opponents deal- recoil buff
Ares: Make one opponent turn on another, gain xp from their kill(s)
--Causes monsters within ten yards of player to run in fear
Hermes: Able to do advance air magic, regardless of magic status
--Teleportation magic-workable only in Gaia
Artemis:Obtain a hunting dog as a fighting companion
--Ability to use up to 3 tamed beasts at once/Hunting dog companion turns into a giant wolf in the moonlight & in caves, can be mounted
Apollo: Summon power from the Muses to increase attack power
--Gain a lyre to resurrect another player to half health if still in killed time/Allows the ability to use healing magic without swapping weapons
Athena:Ability to swap a stat or ability with another player or monster
--Ability to polish armor and weapons to have a 25% chance at reflecting opponents attack/Can call upon a giant owl to help fight by their side during the day, can be mounted
Aphrodite: Infatuate an NPC or humanoid monster, they will do your bidding for 1 hour. Can only have 3 infatuations at a time
Hephaestus: Advanced fire magic, regardless of magic stats
-- Ability to magically set their whole body on fire for close combat/Access to a special furnace/anvil to upgrade stats on weapons and armour
Dionysus: Advanced illusionary magic, regardless of magic status
-- Causes opponents to seem drunk, making them more likely to miss due to disorientation/Learns a tune that causes their opponent(s) to go mad and attack itself/themselves
Demeter: Advanced earth magic, regardless of magic status
-- Gains a scythe that helps in magic casting and in melee combat
Hestia: Activate x1.5 all-around status booster when in a team/party of 3 or more -party buff

[b Level III:]
Zeus: Maxed out speed boost and whole body generates lightning for one minute, dealing damage to opponents via contact, but is paralyzed for one minute after time is up
Poseidon: Summon a giant whirlpool barrier around avatar for one minute, but after time is up it collapses upon you and you take all the damage dealt
Hades: Becomes an immortal object for one minute, but after time is up dies.
Hera: A giant boss peacock comes and fights for the character, but turns on the player after defeating the opponent(s)
Ares: For one minute, character gains x2 to attack power but once time is up, the character is then dealt damage of the attacks at original attack power
Hermes: Character becomes intangible for one minute and is able to ‘enter’ the opponent(s) their facing to do direct damage, but after time is up, will take double damage if attacked for the next 3 minutes
Artemis: A shower of arrows falls from the sky for one minute upon opponent(s), but the last arrow hits you in the head
Apollo: Allows character to do mass heal of hit points, removes debuffs from himself/herself and party members, and can bring dead party members back to life if still in death time. The player then loses half of character's total hp if no one is brought back. If player(s) are brought back, then the character automatically dies and has double the death time.
Athena: Player is able to block and parry all attacks for one minute. After time is up, player is able to be killed by any hit point lowering attack instantly for one minute.
Aphrodite: Opponent(s) of the opposite gender fights with character, but after one minute, all that are affected gang up on the character at once.
Hephaestus: Player chops a limb off to make a unique weapon that penetrates all of their enemy’s defenses. Player remains mained with constant blood-loss until they’ve returned to a town.
Dionysus: Character can get a second chance after dying and can come back to life with full health, but will die again after 5 minutes
Demeter: Creates land that is unsuitable for opponent(s) to be standing in and causes damage to them for one minute, after time is up, the land then sprouts large tree-like creatures that attack the character
Hestia: Transforms surrounding area within 50 meters of character into an area that the character and party members can not die in for one minute , after time is up, lava erupts from underneath the character and party members and inflicts damage for as long as their in the area.


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Roleplay Responses

The group had all rushed into the hall and pushed their way agonizingly slow to the nest that seemed to form in front of them. However as they drew ever closer more and more spiders piled up on them. As candle had done the burst of magic one of the cait sith rushed forward to the nest and it seemed grabbed and egg Drawing one giant spider out chasing her angry as all hell.

Quickly Wel'ren ran up and slashed at the creature drawing its attention away from the cait sith who slid into place in the center of the group as the spiders grew closer and closer. Alerian had looked over the egg and sighed. [b "That is the wrong egg."] Pulling out a small piece of paper from her invintory. It was a much smaller egg about the size of a dime with yellow, blue, and red dots all over it. [b "My guess is that the spider you ended up agroing after grabbing the egg is a Nest guardian."] Pulling out her whip Alerian dove into the fight next to Wel'ren as he used his sword skills to drive back the spiders around him with fire.

Candle quickly grabbed his staff and rushed down the hallway after Alerian and Wel'ren calling to the other two to move before they get surrounded again with spiders. He had eventually caught up with the other two and pressed farther and farther into the tunnels. Eventually Candle saw Fire's flickering from the corner of his eyes. Their flames a weird purple color instead of a natural red or orange. [b "Hey tunnel there, Lets go it probably leads into the center of the nest."]
Candle once again threw he staff up above everyone's head and a burst of light came out of it in a form of a single ray of light that blasted all the spiders in front of them to bits. [b "RUN"] Alerian called to the group and forced them all forward as spiders started surging forward from behind them like they were trying to stop them from going any farther.
  Diamond Prince / Colorful_insanity / 206d 8h 6m 23s
"That's right!" Midory responds. "I wonder if this fur will stay glowing long after we're out of here..."

After they had arrived at the olive tree and received olives, a big silly grin forms across Midory's face.

"Uhhh, wait, Midory, please don't waste your reward when we don't know if we need it for anything!" Shio says after noticing Midory's grin.

"Awe, come on, I'm starting to get hungry!" Midory replies.

"Then eat the bread you have!" Shio says.

"You're no fun..." Midory says as she takes out a piece of bread from her inventory then eats it in an instant.

After they had suddenly warped to another location, both Midory and Shio looked around from where they were standing, only to see the army that was trying to flood them.

"Pffft, is spiders all you've got to throw at us?" Midory says. "Shio, can you see any eggs?"

Shio just stands there, shivering, not saying a word.

"Shio...?" Midory says then sees Shio standing in fright. "Oh... I guess it's up to me then!"

Midory hops off Tak and gives Shio a pat on her shoulders.
"Do you think you could keep Tak alive while I go on ahead?" She asks. "You can even ride him with Kyome if that'll help."

"I-I don't how you can be so calm and cheerful at a time like this!" Shio responds.

"Well for starters, they aren't really real and there's not much to fear from this game, unlike its previous one." Midory explains. "But it's not like I don't understand why anyone else would be scared and or take it super seriously."

"Eheh... careful what you say, you might make the others mad." Shio says then carefully climbs on Tak. "Don't do anything stupid, alright?"

"When have I ever did something stupid?" Midory cheekily says then charges through the spiders, killing every any that get close to her.

Midory makes her way past the spiders and towards the nest while Shio takes Tak as far away from said spiders as possible. Once Midory sees the nest, which surprisingly didn't have any around it, she walks up to it and inspects each egg for the one they are looking for.

"Umm... I have no clue what a weaver's egg looks like!" Midory says to herself the notices one that stands out from the rest. "I guess that's gotta be the one!"

The moment she touches it, she feels some kind of slime drip down onto her shoulder. She looks up to see what one would assume to be the mother of the nest, a spider many times the size of the others.

"O-oh... hi there... I guess I am invading your home, aren't I?" Midory says. "But wait, is that a giant can of bug spray I see over there!?" She points off in a random direction.

Somehow, she managed to trick the mother spider into looking where she pointed, and she took that moment to take the weaver's egg and sprint back to Shio.
The mother spider was of course, not too happy and of course, chased after Midory.
  Midory / Okimichi / 211d 6h 14m 28s
The rest of them managed to get the glowing fur, one storing it in a lantern and another became a walking furball. As ridiculous as the salamander looked, it worked. As they all started their search, Kyome heard a large animal coming her way from somewhere behind her. Prepared to see the orthrus, she turned around. However, it was the other cait sith on the newly-tamed centaur. Realizing the girl just asked her if she wanted a ride, Kyome relaxed a bit from her combat ready posture and replied [#1256c4 “Sure, thanks. Midory, right?”] After hopping on, she looks at the lantern and says, [Here’s the fur I grabbed. It’ll be better if we add this to yours in the lantern.”] After doing that, they could see even further out and the immediate surrounds were even clearer.

It wasn’t long after that they located the olive tree and cleared the task. Sadly, they weren’t done yet. There was a second one immediately after. Kyome stored her olive in her inventory right before everything around them changed again. The new terrain appeared before them. [i ‘Weaver’s egg? Wait, no…’] she thought to herself, thinking about the new objective. As she heard what sounded like a stampede shuffling their way closer from all directions, her theory was all but confirmed. [i ‘Great…’] Kyome kept her cool as the Undine freaked out over the oversized creepy crawlies… She didn’t blame her, Kyome didn’t know anyone that actually liked spiders.

They all began exterminating the seemingly endless number of pests. No matter how many they killed, there were always more. Luckily the healer was skilled, so no one got too low on health. No matter what attacks they threw, they weren’t making much progress. They needed to get moving. When the imp yelled for everyone to run, that was their chance. [#1256c4 “We need to find where they lay their eggs. The sooner we do that, the sooner we’re out of here.”]
  Kyoko Megumishi (Kyome) / Yoruneko / 213d 9h 45m 22s
Candle had looked over the city’s shield as the group approached it. Something was amiss, but what? Stepping to the city gates the make shift group all were stopped by a guardian to the city. The Parthenon was the answer that the cait sith had given, but Candle knew of two other buildings that could have been the answer. The first was Hadrian’s Arch, the entrance into the city that was built in the early second century to honor rome’s emperor Hadrian himself. The second was the Theatre of Dionysos.

Shrugging he went along with it. Disappearing however was not the plan. Seeing the giant glowing dog just walking around Candle held up his sword Gathering a little light into it, That had caused the dog to instantly look in his direction. Alerian quickly stopped Candle from gathering anymore into it. The wild creature seemed to lose interest. [b “You idiot remember the guardian said any magic that emits light will be snuffed out.”] Wel’ren smacked his head. [b “If candle can draw enough power into his sword it won’t matter what is coming at him it’s an instant removal of anything in a cone shape in front of him.”]

[center [pic]]

The salamander drew his weapon and charged the creature only to phase right through it. Having caught a bit of its fur on his armor he shuttered. [b “It can’t physically be harmed?”] Swinging his sword at the creature’s legs Wel’ren moved back in time for the Orthrus hatchling’s heads to smack each other trying to get at him. [b “Wel’ren don’t be stupid like your brother. We can’t fight this thing head on.”]
Candle ran his hand on Wel’ren’s armor and gathered up the fur from his back. [b “We don’t need to Wel’ren will be our lead. He has the most fur on him it seems, as he is covered in the stuff.”] Wel’ren once again shuttered at the thought as he clad on his tank armor and trudged forward.

Eventually the group found the olive tree, and the guard to the city. [b “You have come to the second test. Name one important detail to Greece’s Culture.”] Drawing back into her memory Alerian popped off. [b “Their form of Belief in the importance of one single man in a society. They value individuality. It can be seen in their art, philosophy and even their government system.”] The guide nodded and placed an olive in each of the parties hand.

[center [pic]]

[b “You have chosen the path of the Architect. The path ahead leads to but a single dangerous place. Follow the Athenain mark and return to the gates with the weaver's egg.”] With that the group disappeared and once again appeared underground, only this time a scuttling sound could be heard all around them. Screaming Alerian jumped up. [b “Spiders, why did it have to be fucking spiders.”]

[center [pic]]

Wel’ren raised his hand and pointed straight out. [b “Ek, Fleygja, Prir, Geirr, Muspilli.”] as he finished three fire spears shot from his hand in front of him to show giant spiders all around them. [b “Defensive ring. Everyone behind me, we got company.”] Candle quickly drew out his staff and switched to healing mode. Raising the point of his staff to the air he called out. [b “Oss, Naoa, Nott, Lysa, Auga, Gropa.”] casting a version of Night vision on the entire group he saw exactly how many spiders were around them now. It looked like the whole tunnel they were in was full of them. [b “OUT OF MY WAY.”] cried Alerian as she charged forward he whip lashing out. Turning any spider that got near it’s tip into ice and falling to the floor shattering.

As the group proceeded down the tunnel bigger spiders appeared. Up ahead one could see a bunch of webs in the way, but behind them were something no one could think of. [b "Wel'ren shoot off more of the fire."] Alerian called out to the man and he did so. Shooting three more fire spears ahead of them the spiders moved out of the way and it burnt away the webs. [b "I knew it. Its a nest."] Alerian kept throwing her whip around, but she saw her health, and everyone elses going down and up like crazy. [b "Candle how are you holding up?"]

The male only grunted as he finished another group healing spell [b "Sea firra heiraguru ausutoru, burotto subaru bani."] as the party slowly progressed Candle drew light into his staff. [b "Move everyone."] Placing it into the ground and diving off to the side The thing blasted in both directions from the gem on the top, as the light shot out the staff itself seemed to change into many different shapes and forms all going with Candle's collected weaponry.

[center [pic]]

The very last staff shape took hold and blasted the entire area in fire [b "RUN now."] wel'ren called out as he got himself up off the ground and started running towards the nest.
  Diamond Prince / Colorful_insanity / 223d 5h 43m 34s
"I wonder what Athens will look like?" Midory says.

"Either what the real Athens looked like long ago or their own version." Shio responds. "It really comes down to creativity or historically accurate, and I'm betting on the creativity."

"Do you think many players have already gotten to Athens?" Midory asks.

"I'm sure there's quite a few that stayed up all night, waiting for the new area's release and charged forward the moment it was available to them." Shio answers.

When they were stopped at the city's entrance along with everyone else and were asked a question about Athens, Shio wanted to answer it but wanted to see if anyone else also knew the answer.

"Will our reward be delicious olives?" Midory asks after hearing what their quest is.

"What- why is that the first question you think of?" Shio questions.

"I don't know, maybe they're magical!" Midroy answers.

Then when they were suddenly brought to another place, Midory and Shio looked around only to realize that that is kinda pointless.

"No magic, huh?" Shio says then takes out and lantern and lights it. "Lanterns and torches aren't really magic so maybe we can-"
And suddenly a wind blows out the lantern.

"...Never mind." Shio says.

"Oh look, Kyome's going after that, um..." Midory says.

"Orthrus hatchling." Shio says.

"Yeah, that thing." Midory replies. "Oh, and she's trying to tame it!"

"But it seems like it isn't working and we should probably start moving with her instead of commentating." Shio says.

"Hey Tak, do you think you can gets us close enough to ortheris hatchling so we can get some of its fur?" Midory asks.

"Orthrus hatchling!" Shio says.

"Yeah, that!" Midory says.

Tak nods runs past the beast with Midory and Shio gliding their hands along its fur, only getting a small handful of its glowing fur.

"Okay, give me the fur you've got." Shio says.

"What are you gonna do with it?" Midory asks as she hands her the fur she has.

Shio takes out a glass jar with a handle and places the fur inside it then seals it tight.
"Makeshift lantern." She answers. "I think the more fur that's placed in here, the brighter the light becomes."

"You have everything, don't you?" Midory questions.

"I've always got to be prepared for any occasion." Shio explains. "Especially in new lands."

"Hmmm... do you think Kyome would like to ride with us?" Midory asks. "Although, I don't know if Tak could handle three people."

"It's fine if I walk, I don't need to be carried the entire way." Shio responds. "In fact, I would like to stretch my legs some more."

"Let's just hope we won't need to run away from that orethires-" Midory tries to say.

"Orthrus hatchling!" Shio interrupts. "And you don't need to worry about my capabilities in running." She then hands Midory the makeshift lantern, hops off Tak and follows along.

"Heheh, I guess I shouldn't worry then!" Midory says then takes Tak over to Kyome. "Hey, Kyome~, wanna a ride?"
  Midory / Okimichi / 223d 12h 13m 52s
As the makeshift party arrived at the entrance, the large statues stationed at each side of the passage rumbled and then blocked the way in before any of them could safely get through.

They began to speak in unison. [b “None of you have proven worthy to enter the city of Athens. Therefore, none of you may pass.”] A quest bar then popped up before her. It required a minimum party size of 5 players. The quest bar read: [i Would you like to begin the Athenian Right quest? Yes. No.] Since there didn’t seem to be another way into the city, Kyome pressed the ‘yes’ option. The entire group came all this way to enter the city, so they were going to enter the city.

[b “What’s the name of the most famous building within Athens?”]

Kyome took a moment to think back to what she learned in Early Western Societies class. [#1256c4 “Parthenon,”] she blurted out the moment the answer came to here.

[b “That is correct. Your party has evading the way of war. Your trial is that of wisdom. Make your way to the olive tree and you will be granted entry into the city.”]

At that moment, their surroundings went pitch black and the shifting of the landscape could be heard. After the shifting ceased, one last message was given by what sounded like the statues. [b “A warning: any magic that emits a light will be snuffed out.”] With that, the party was in utter darkness and silence.

[i ‘Well, this doesn’t look good… There has to be a trick to finding the olive tree…’] she thought to herself. However, a blue glimmer could be seen in the distance and it appeared to be getting closer. As it approached, Kyome realized that the light not only was an enemy, but an orthrus hatchling that was about double her size.


Although the orthrus illuminated its immediate surrounds, the light didn’t travel too far from it. So she still couldn’t tell where the rest of the party was. If possible, the best option would be to tame it and have it lead the group to the tree. So, she got close enough to jump on its back and establish a connection with the two heads. However, after her attempt, it showed it was untamable. She was really disappointed reading that… She didn’t tame many beasts, but she kinda wanted this one… Regardless, even though that idea was out, the creature had to be the key somehow. Before either head could do any damage, she jumped off.

After landing, Kyome noticed she could see a bit better. In fact, she could make out her surroundings. She looked and noticed some of the orthrus’ fur got caught on her hand and was still glowing. She then shouted to the rest of them, [#1256c4 “It’s fur sheds and still glows! If you run your fingers through its fur, you guys should be able to grab some without agitating it too much. Do that and we’ll be able to find the olive tree.”]
  Kyoko Megumishi (Kyome) / Yoruneko / 224d 11h 36m 54s
Wel'ren had taken and stabbed his blade's into the cyclops's eye as Alerian shot her whip around the creature's neck. Both were causing the thing to bleed but it seemed his health wouldn't go down at a very fast rate. Being players from SOA they had some of their old skills, especially their special skill.

Candle had put away his staff and pulled out a small single handed blade which he raised above his head. Gathering light into the thing he called out. [b "Wel'ren move."] the salamander quickly jumped back and out of the way in time to see a blinding bright light crash into the creature and decimate the thing. The magic came from Candle himself. The blade shattered and disappeared as the magic finished. Candle himself breathing heavily like he had been running for a while.

The cyclops was gone, but the ground they stood on was scorched like a fire spell had been casted in a cone from where candle was. Wel'ren just barely above the thing, and Alerian standing just to the left of Candle. Grabbing ahold of Candle Alerian helped support him. She had heard what the Cait Sith said and started trudging with the others in her direction. [b "Candle you shouldn't have done that until we could get you a replacment, now you can't use your skill until we are back in town."] Candle only smiled. [b "That part of it anyways."]

Wel'ren came up and took candle's otherside and just shrugged. [b "He could use the other two forms, but I am sure one of them shouldn't be needed yet. We've not yet run into anything to big. We could have taken on that beast with normal skills. You know your talent should have been used on any dungeon or raid bosses."] Candle rolled his eyes. [b "Lets just go."] hurrying to catch up to the two Cait sith, and the spriggen Candle invited the three of them into a party he didn't say anything to them as he did, but he knew it seemed that as long as they could find each other they were safe until they reached the outlying portions of Athens. Even then perhaps being in a party would do them good as they discovered the new area.

Wel'ren had reached into his bag and pulled out a map, however as Alerian opened her bags nothing seemed to change other then she had a small dimond in her bag now. Candle opened his bag to find something very shocking o anyone. He had recived a cyclopse eye ruby. However the suprise was the Shinning ball of black light that appeared as he kept scrolling it was a blessing. Putting it away Candle noticed the three people had joined up. The first name that came up was Kyome Cait Sith. The second was Midory another Cait Sith. The third was Shio-rishi who was the spriggin.
  Diamond Prince / Colorful_insanity / 229d 10h 53m 11s
[b *SMACK*]
Shio is hit from the middle of a spear and thrown across the ground in the process.

"Shio!" Midory calls out. "Oooo, you're gonna get it now, you-... you... whatever!"
She then charges towards the centaur with her sword out and strikes at its chest, only for it to narrowly block her attack with its spear.

"Ugh... that really hurt." Shio says as she gets up. "Don't worry Midory, I'll return the favor to it!" She takes out her bow and aims it at the centaur.

"Wait, I just got an idea!" Midory says after dodging a thrust from the centaur's spear. "I'll try to tame this one!"

"Wait, what?" Shio responds. "Have you ever tried taming anything?"

"A few times but they all failed... that doesn't mean this one will!" Midory says then runs at the centaur again, this time quickly climbing onto its back and holding on while it tries to throw her off. "I'm not letting go until you're mine!"

"I don't think you understand how taming works..." Shio says with a sigh then notices a taming percentage bar on the centaur appear with it steadily rising. "Or you... what?"

"Woohoo!" Midory shouts while keeping a firm grip on the centaur. "I don't care what you say, this is fun!"

"But aren't you supposed to feed it something for that to work?" Shio questions. "Well, it is half horse so I guess it makes sense but I still think you would need food to tame it."

"What do you suggest?" Midory asks. "Take your time if you need it, I'll just be holding on to this flailing centaur!"

"A carrot or an apple or wheat." Shio suggests. "But I only have this one apple so, here!" She then tosses an apple to Midory who just manages to catch it.

"One apple for the mister centaur coming up!" Midory says then tries to give the apple to the centaur. "Could you please forgive my rudeness earlier of attacking you, pretty please?"

The centaur stops and glares at her then the apple. It contemplates the offer for a bit then accepts the apple.
A menu pops up in front of Midory saying taming successful.

"YAAAAY, I made a new friend from a new land!" Midory exclaims. "My first success in taming too!"

"I c-can't believe that actually worked..." Shio says. "Uhh, wait, wasn't there another battle going on?"

The three of them now look off towards the distance where a battle once took place, only to see that there are more players now and they were all successful.

"Wow, there are a lot of players here now." Shio says. "First, what is your new friend's name?"

"Oh, um, Tak- er, T-Tak, yes, just Tak." Midory replies. "That is of course, if you like it, mister centaur?"

The centaur shrugs.

"Well Tak it is!" Midory says.

They both then hear the Cait Sith say something about Athens.

"I think she said Athens is the way she's heading." Shio says. "We should follow her since we have no idea what to do here."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Midory responds. "But we can follow her on Tak, as long as that's okay with you, Tak!"

Tak nods.

"Come on Shio, I'll help you up!" Midory says while extending our her hand.

Shio grabs her hands and climbs on then the two of them ride on Tak as he follows the Cait Sith to where Athens is.
  Midory / Okimichi / 230d 5h 31m 54s
As Kyome readied herself for her multiple opponents, she noticed that six of the centaurs were closing in on her and they were all using different weapons. So, she decided on her strategy then. There were three range weapon users: bow and arrow, javelin, and throwing knives. One used magic. The most immediate two quickly approaching her used melee weapons. One had a sword and shield, the other had a mace. She confronted the swordsman and mace-wielding centaurs first.

As one centaur attacked with his sword, Kyome parried it and slashed him with her blade. Immediately after that, the one with mace came rushing toward her was going in for his attack. She deflected him by using his momentum against him and redirected him as her sword clashed against his mace. By that time, the sword bearing one had just about circled back. As she turned to face him, an arrow shot right by her cheek. [i ‘Looks like those ones in the back aren’t just for show after all,’] she thought to herself, knowing that if she hadn’t turned, that would have been her head.

Without time for another thought, she clashed sword with the centaur and was pushed back. She dodged an offensive spell and a knife flying her way as the legs of the centaur before her shot out blood.The movements were too fast for the average player to notice, but the moment the centaur overpowered her blade, Kyome had quickly sliced his legs at the junction as she was thrown backward. She quickly delivered the final blow to the creature and dodged the mace that came for her head. [i ‘One down. A lot more to go,’] she mentally tallied. This time, she took a more aggressive approach and closed the distance as he was about to circle back. Before he got the chance, she jumped onto his back and then sliced his head off.

Now that those two were out of the way, there were only the ranged-weapon and magic users left. Evasiveness was the key attribute to her strategy with them. She had to close the distance between them. However, she knew that the more she did that, the higher the risk of damage. Either way, she knew she could do it. She was confident in her abilities. So, she began her pursuit.

That was when she noticed two female players coming her way and a centaur right behind them. However, she had her hands full with her own opponents. [#1256c4 “Look out!”] she shouted across the valley, hoping they don’t take any unnecessary damage. Without checking to see if they reacted in time, she returned her focus to her own battle with not enough time to completely dodge a magic fireball. Kyome managed to avoid a direct hit, but still took some damage.

Shortly after getting revenge on the centaurian mage, she saw another group show up and manage to attract a cyclops higher up on the hill. [i ‘Just when I thought there were just centaurs in the area...’] she thought, just before backflipping into the air to avoid being impaled by a javelin. Upon landing, she used the impact to project her forward towards the closest remaining centaur and sliced through it. It wasn’t long after that that the other two were slain as well.

After everyone finished their first battle in Gaia, Kyome picked up what was dropped. One thing that stood out to her was that the currency they left were coins called drachma. She noticed a small window popped up showing the conversion rate between drachma and yrd. Although there wasn’t an option to actually do the conversion. She also noticed the map and started looking at it. Not wanting stick around, she chose a route to the nearest city, Athens. She was not playing the game to get all buddy-buddy with random people online, but with all these creatures showing up just right outside the portal, travelling alone wasn’t the best idea…

[#1256c4 “Everyone, Athens is this way,”] she said as she started walking in that direction, completely disregarding greetings or introductions.
  Kyoko Megumishi (Kyome) / Yoruneko / 230d 10h 50m 16s
The clash of metal broke the wind's hollow that passed between the foothills and the battle that was going on. The first side was the guild Brotherhood of Ashes, to be more specific its leadership were the targets of the fight, but it seemed the enemy was uninformed that the leaders always traveled with guards. The opposition was the remnants of the previous player killer guild they had run into. The battled seemed to be quick, however it was a blood bath all together, for the one side had taken heavy losses to the heavily armored units in the Brotherhood of ashes, that and their leadership’s special abilities.

Soa had been beaten, but not forgotten Ari and his brother Jorian had been in the killer game, and had but faded memories of the dangerous place. It is where they had earned their titles. Ari had become Candle the Diamond prince. His deadly accuracy with his claws seemed to make it seem like he was untouchable it had earned him Diamond prince. He was to say the least the top player on the American servers in the game. He had even started the Brotherhood of ashes in the game with his brother Jorian and their best friend Aleria. It was the brotherhood of Ashes one could say that had become well known.

With each new race that joined the brotherhood of Ashes in Alfheim a new self sustaining farmlike estate popped up with the brotherhood's symbol above it. The brotherhood always made themselves available to be helpful to their race, or to the guild itself. As they made a name for themselves the leaders were all given a nickname in the game. Candle, ari, was given the Diamond prince, just like in SOA. Wel'ren, Jorian, was given the title The Ardent Dawn, while Alerian, Aleria, was given the Drowned princess.

[right [pic]]
Joining Alfheim online the two of them quickly made the brotherhood of Ashes in the game as well making a name for themselves even then. Recruiting players like crazy in their beginning days the brotherhood of Ashes had become widely known as a force potentially able to take on the world tree themselves, that was until it was later found out that the tree originally wasn’t meant to be beaten. Once the game however was taken over by another company they got rid of the raid at the base of the tree to replace it instead with a capital at the top of the tree players could reach by a teleportation gate.

That is where most of the Brotherhood’s recruitment went on, at least for a while. Then The twins got their friend Aleria to join them in ALO, who chose to join up as an Undine, and so they split the brotherhood into each race specifically. Then came along Jotunheimr, the land of giants. The guild itself went into the realm and was destroying the place like there was no end, only as they finished the raid itself for the great sword Excalibur they find out that it wasn’t real, and only a small nameless blade.

Ari, also known as candle in the game had been one of the first to download the new update to ALO…The land of Gaia. Stepping through the portal the male stretched his arms and swung around wildly, that was until his brother Jorian, or known as Wel’ren in the game stepped through and just pushed him and laughed. With them they had brought their third commander Aleria, who was known as Alerian.

[left [pic]]
The three of them were merrily trudging along to find the first base of operations point where would be a good place to set up a city, however before they could a clash of metal came across their ears. [b “Candle, Wel’ren we need to help whomever that is.”] Wel’ren just nodded his agreement, but Candle disagreed. Perhaps it was the imp side of his character’s nature, but he was more interested in getting their stuff started instead.

As the group kept going it seemed the metal ringing grew closer and closer to them. Stepping up a hill and seeing the battle go on down below Alerian called out. [b “CYCLOPSE.”] as the last of the centaur bodies seemed to disappear from the battle. Wel’ren charged into the battle at the Cyclopes grabbing its attention and forcing it to attack him. Grabbing his duel knives he dove left and right hoping his reflexes would carry him around the slow brute of an animal. As the Cyclops was focused on Wel’ren, Alerian pulled out her whip and stung the creature in the neck to pull it off its feet. Candle pulled out his staff and started calling out healing spells for the group it seemed that was formed from the fight between the centaurs and the Spriggan and the two Cait Sith, their group of three along with the Cyclops.
  Diamond Prince / Colorful_insanity / 233d 9h 44m 19s
"Heeeeey, Shiori!" Midori calls out while running down the school's hall. "Waaaaaiit uuuuup!"

[left [pic]]
"You're not supposed to run in the halls, you know?" Shiori responds once Midori reaches her.

"Oh come on, school has ended today!" Midori says. "Say, have you heard about the new region in Alfheim Online?"

"Uhh... I don't think so." Shiori says.

"Well, the new region is called Gaia and there is a whole lot of new content in it!" Midori explains. "But... we haven't played Alfheim Online for almost a month."

"And you want us to play it again?" Shiori asks.

"You know exactly where I was going with that!" Midori answers. "So, will you play it with me, pretty please?"

"You know I can't say no when you ask me like that." Shiori replies.

"Yay!" Midori exclaims while jumping up and down. "Would you want to bring your AmuSphere over to my house?"

"S-sure." Shiori says. "Does that also mean you want me to stay the night?"

"You're always so good at picking up where I'm going with what I'm saying!" Midori says. "Sleepovers are always soooo fun!"

"I'm sure my parents won't mind." Shiori says. "It's a good thing we don't have any homework this week to worry about too."

"I forget why we don't but I'm not complaining!" Midori says. "Let's go home now!" She then dashes off.

"W-wait, the floor is-!" Shiori tries to say.

[b *BAM!*] Midori slips on the recently mopped floor and lands flat on her back.

"...wet." Shiori finishes.

"Ow... these clothes needed cleaning anyway." Midori says as she gets up. "Welp, I'll see you later then!"

"Yeah... alright then." Shiori responds.

Midori more carefully makes her way back home from school and soon Shiori arrives there too.
They both head into Midori's room, activate their AmuSpheres and log into Alfheim Online.

[left [pic]]
Midory blinks and looks around as she tries to remember where she last logged off.

[i Ummm... okay, I'm near this, uh, tavern!] Midory thinks to herself. [i I was, erm, oh yeah, Shiori was inside there before I logged but I have no idea if she went anywhere else afterwards.]

Midory decides to head inside the tavern in order to find Shiori, known as Shio-rishi or just Shio in Alfheim Online.
As she enters the tavern, she peers around and spots Shio sitting at a table.

"Hey Shio!" Midory calls out as she runs over to Shio. "Now, I don't know how to get to Gaia at all..."

[right [pic]]
"You are hopeless sometimes." Shio says. "We have a notice in our inventories about how to get it, or at least I do anyway."

"Oh, yeah, I see it now." Midory responds. "It's not that far from where we are actually."

"We just need to fly over to the portal, which shouldn't be too hard as long as you remember how to." Shio says then gets up from her chair. "You do remember how to, right?"

"Aha, of course I don't!" Midory answers. "Oh wait, I think I remember how to now."

"D-don't try inside here, just wait until we get outside!" Shio says.

The two of them leave the tavern and head towards the portal that happens to not be far away from them at all.

"Wow, how did I not notice it earlier?!" Midory questions. "It kinda stands out from everything!"

"You really need to focus on your surroundings more." Shio states.

The two of them fly through the portal to Gaia and land at a clear spot. Well, Shio does anyway. Midory is too busy admiring the land around herself and forgets about the limit on flying.

"Uhhh, hey, Midory, you have to land!" Shio shouts.

"Gaia is so cool, I just can't wait to explore it all!" Midory says as she glides further and further away from Shio.

"Yeah but you don't have forever on flying around so please land already!" Shio shouts.

"Hey, I think I see someone fighting some centaurs?" Midory says. "Must be a new enemy but anyway-"

Midory's wings run out on her.

"O-oh dear- WAAAAH!" Midory exclaims then falls and lands on her face.

Shio frantically runs over to Midory to see if she's okay.

"Owww!" Midory muffles in the soft grass the sits herself up. "It's a good thing I'm a healer- woah, hold on, was there always two of you?"

"You seriously need to focus and listen to me, please!" Shio says as she helps her up. "Especially since you are a healer, you would have to pay attention to everyone's health, including your own!"

"Yeah, yeah, I understand, they don't call me-... well no, I don't actually have nickname for my healing so never mind." Midory says. "OH, the person fighting, let's go help her!"

Midory quickly stands and heads towards where she saw someone fighting centaurs with Shio trying to keep up with her.
They soon see who Midory was talking about but get surprise-attacked by a sneaky centaur behind them.
  Midory / Okimichi / 234d 5h 4m 36s
Back in 2022, Kyoko and her sister, Rin, were Beta testers for the game Sword Art Online. She was 10 years old at the time and really enjoyed testing out the game with her older sister. In fact, they excelled as an inseparable duo, though they were pretty skilled gamers on their own. When the game officially came out, of course they bought it. They were both so excited to play once again. However, they were only giving one game per household during its big premiere. As the older sibling, of course Rin got to play first. That was the last time they talked. Her last words to her beloved big sister were ‘Go for it!’

As positive as those words were, she still wished she could have said more. There was no way to know that the game they were looking forward to so much would kill her. It was two months before the game was cleared that her brain was fried in her hospital bed. About 2,000 people died like her sister did. She survived for so long, being one of the last of the group who did not make it out. That was a feat of its own.

After that incident, NerveGear was replaced by AmuSphere, a much safer technology that was made for gamers without any health risks like before. To many family members’ and friends’ surprise, Kyoko immediately bought one. Many thought that it would be too painful for her to return to the VR world, especially since she was so young. However, it was the exact opposite for Kyoko. She felt closest to her sister when in an VR.

When Alfheim Online was out in the very beginning of 2025, she bought it. Even though it was only a few months after her sister’s death and a couple since the end of Sword Art Online, she wanted to return to the game world. It was the world where they spent hours upon hours having fun testing it out and the world that her sister spent her final moments. So, for the last four years she’s been playing various VRMMORPG’s, but her main one has been that first one she bought by herself, ALO.

In Alfheim, Kyoko was a Cait Sith fairy with the username Kyome. It was not a really creative name. It was just the first characters of her given name and surname in reversed order of a normal Japanese person, since the surname usually comes first there. Cait Sith fairies have been known for having the best sight and high speed among the other races. However, even among the Cait Siths, Kyome was known for her speed and precision in her fights. Due to the main color seen during extremely accurate and fast attacks, she received the nickname ‘Blue Lightning’.

It is now 2029. With grand release of the new region, Gaia, Kyome was ready to venture into it. She heard it was a difficult area and she was looking forward to defeating bosses and going on quests. The moment she was in, she flew over to an area not far from World Tree and entered the portal to this unexplored realm. Upon arrival, she almost automatically ran into a herd of centaurs. [#1256c4 “Looks like this area really is going to be Greek lore,”] she thought out-loud. Kyome drew her sword and engaged her opponents, which now had her surrounded and were charging. A slight grin could be seen for a moment as she welcomed the challenge.
  Kyoko Megumishi (Kyome) / Yoruneko / 234d 8h 30s

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