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Jacob shook his head, “No Bella...wolf sense smell you smell woodsy like me but mixed with your normal’s weird I can’t put my finger on it.”

He ate the food she made smiling, “Bella this is delicious.” Jacob ate all he could hold and then some, “bells you know you don’t have to be afraid to talk to me about things like that.... it happens but this time it’ll be safe for you.”
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Bella turned to look at Jacob. She smiled softly. [b "I ate eggs when I was pregnant with baby nugget..."] she mumbled. [b "I'm cooking Waffles too."] She felt him wrap his amrs around her waist, and she smiled. [b "I'm still tired. I say once we eat, we go back to bed.... for sleep."]

She froze when she heard Jacob say that she smelt different and she shook her head. [b "Different Shampoo."]
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Jacob wandered downstairs wearing his maroon sweat pants. "Eggs? You never eat eggs.' Jacob said curiously. Bella absolutley loathed eggs but she was making them and eating them? "Who are you and what have you done with Bella?" He asked coming up behind her and rubbing his hands across the small of his back before putting his hands on her waist. "It smells good babe.... I just took a shower, and I am all yours for the next two days." Thats when he noticed it, she smelled different.

His wolf senses could differenciate smells and every person had a distinct smell, Bella's was mostly strawberry and Vanilla but now she was different.... then he realized. She smelled like him but it wasn't his scent... "Bella this is going to sound crazy but you smell different...."
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Bella sighed as she woke up. Jacob was practically laying ontop of her. She just smirked and shook her head. She silently slid out of bed, and grabbed on of Jacob's shirts to slip on. She knew she told him she wouldn't wear close, but the house was full of windows. She headed downstairs to cook breakfast, knowing he would be out for another hour or so.

She grabbed a bowl and mixed up waffle batter and eggs. She had a craving for eggs ever since... she'd gotten pregnant the first time.
  Bella Cullen. / BooBear96 / 2y 335d 7h 16m 27s
Jacob smiled and let her cuddle into him. "You heard the woman, Jacob stays." He muttered half smiling. Edward didn't say a word, he wasn't about to argue with his wife but Jacob's thoughts were loud but one caught his attention more than the others. An image in his mind of a little boy about 3 and a little girl about 1. The boy was Jacob's spitting image with Bella's eyes and the girl was all Bella with Jacob's eyes and Black hair.....they were perfect children.

Edward locked eyes with Jacob, he had saw the thought. Edward nodded, "If thats what she wants thats what she will get."
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Isabella smiled softly. [b "Thanks for always being there, Jacob. I coudn't handle all this craziness without you."] she said. She leaned over, wanting to be closer to him. He was always warm, and she was always cold now. She watched as Edward returned to the room with Carlisle. She wasn't sure what was about to happen, or how it would play out, but she knew it wouldn't be pleasant. [b "Jacob stays."] she said softly. She was quite tired now. She didn't move when Edward moved closer to her.

[b "I'm so tired."] she said softly, her eyes were still closed. If they didn't bother her, she would be asleep within minutes.
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Jacob nodded, "I won't leave Bella.... and I know I'm supposed to be doing this for you but at the same time.... you've given me something to hold on to.... so thank you." Jacob had never pictured himself as a father but as soon as the idea was put in his head with Bella.... Bella round with his child... a baby with his eyes and her smile.... it killed him. It was something he wanted more than he ever thought he would.

He knew Edward could read his thoughts and honestly, he didn't care. Edward could read his thoughts and knew that Jacob was looking for a way for a shape shifter to die. He had lost Bella or so he thought so he didn't want to be here anymore, that was until today.... he had a purpose.
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Bella sighed softly as she listened to the both of them. [b "I just don't want to cause anymore trouble than we already have, Edward."] She thought for a moment and then sighed. She didn't want this, but she didn't see any other way. She knew that Edward would never lte her keep the baby that they had right now, inside of her. [b "Fine...."] she muttered.

[b "Both of you shut up about the age. Edward is a hundred something. So just drop it. He's the older one."] she said, smirking. [b "We can do this... I just want you both to realize that, I will not let this come between the three of us. We're a family.. Now more than ever."]

[b "Jacob... Please don't go. I can't do this without you."] She looked at Edward, who had walked out to get Carlisle.
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"Rosalie changed her tune when she heard that Jacob agreed to this.... she still gets a baby to spoil and love and she gets to pick on Jacob for all of eternity so its a win win. " Edward said flashing Bella a smile.

Jacob smirked, "So Blondie is up for the idea, its a miracle..... a dad at 17... wow." Edward laughed, "I'm technically 17." Jacob shrugged and said, "Okay so... are we doing this?"

Carlisle came in the room and waited on Bella to answer. He had to know soon because he had to remove the fetus that was killing her. Jacob stood up to leave, "Bella if you can't answer, I'm just going to go."
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Bella looked at Jacob. [b "It's Edwards baby. We didn't know this was possible, it's so rare."] she said [b "Surely that means something."] she listened to him and rolled her eyes. [b "You're an idiot."] she giggled.

She listened to Jacob and nodded. [b "I wouldn't take your sperm, and then not let you be in said babies life. What kind of person do you think I am?"] she said [b "It would just have two daddys.. It's not fair that you'd do this for me, and have to be uncle Jacob."]

[b "What will everyone think?"] she asked [b "Rosalie about kills Jake every time he's a quarter of a mile from the house. What would it be like with a pup in the house everyday?"] She looked at Edward, waiting to see his response.
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Jacob shook his head, "Bella its killing you, its not a baby if its killing you... you mean so much to me Bella, I wouldn't agree to this for anyone else... and look at it this way... your kid will be extremely handsome." He knew this would earn a chuckle out of her but looked at her seriously.

"I don't think he would have talked to me about it if he wouldn't raise my kid as his own but Bella I have a stipulation about this.... I mean I know I'm 17 and this will be your baby but we do this.... I want to be in its life, I don't care if I'm Uncle Jacob but this kid will know me." He said sighing, it wasn't too much to ask but he had to say it.

Edward came back in the room, "To answer your question, yes I will raise a child that is a wolf... and Jacob's demands aren't out of the question... when the child is of age and phases, he will have to be there."
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Bella looked at Edward, she was hyperventaliting at this point. She didn't understand how Edward could suggest something like that. Didn't he know that it meant she would actually have to have sex with Jacob? [b "You want me to have sex... with Jacob?"] she questioned. She just shook her head over and over. [b "The family I want... but Edward, what about you? Could you raise a...wolf?"]

She felt really weak, so she laid back against the couch. She heard Jacob, and her eyes shot up. [b "Oh great. He's already talked to you about it."] she mumbled. She laughed when he said they were going to have a baby. [b "I haven't agreed yet, Black."] she said [b "I'm not so sure about all this."] she placed her hand on her stomach, holding it slightly. [b "I don't know if I can kill Edwards baby..."]
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Jacob stood in the doorway of the Cullen house... just waiting on Edward to finish calming Bella down..... Edward had suggested the impossible.... something that gave Jacob a chance... a slim chance that she would change her mind and pick him but he would take that slim chance.

"Bella breathe please.... its better for you this way... this way you get the family you've dreamed of and I don't lose you, I'll talk to Carlisle about the procedure. " Edward said holding her tight.

Jacob took a few steps forward so Bella could see him now. "You know this is crazy right Loca?" Jacob hadn't seen Bella in three weeks, since her wedding. She looked weak, upset, and pregnant.... Edward excused himself to talk to Carlisle.

He smiled seeing her smile at him, "But I'm all about crazy apparently... I'm into that." He hoped this would get a laugh out of her. "So.... we're going to have a baby....." He said raising and eyebrow at her smirking. She was 19 and he was 17 and they were having this conversation but it was obvious that Jacob would do anything for Bella.... even this.
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