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Raine takes a second to evaluate the...spider...tank? He ponders what he's looking at and then says [#b11b1e [b "Yeah I'm uh...I'm fine. Just really confused. For one, pods are raining from the sky, then soldiers try to ambush me for using 'Magic'! That's something I gotta look into, and now a giant robot spider tank lady erupts from the ground and destroys said soldiers. SO yeah! I'm doing pretty good! How are you?"]] Raine takes a second and chuckles to himself and thinks aloud [#b11b1e [b "Today is chocked full of surprises"]]
  Raine Beau / Succboi / 359d 12h 4m 27s
Iris looks around and quietly whistles in amazement, [b [font "Bell MT" [size16 [#18fbc6 "Never seen tech like this before... Well... I guess that's not saying much since I've never left Earth before..."]]]] When she hears the alarms, Iris sighs, [b [font "Bell MT" [size16 [#18fbc6 "Guess they know were here... Damn it... Now this god damn noise is going to give me a headache..."]]]] She covers her ears as she starts to walk as her hearing seems to be much more sensitive than the average human. Meanwhile, Jeena continues to take out the pods, noticing that Iris and someone she didn't recognize went up into the ship, while Raine looked as if he was about to be attacked by some troops, before she could rush over, some strange thing she didn't recognize took out the troops. Not trusting the strange thing, she wanted to go closer to make sure it wasn't hostile but remembered what Iris said, [b [font "Bell MT" [size16 [#11b68f "It doesn't seem to be attacking him at the moment... I'll just keep an eye out to make sure..."]]]] Jeena goes back to destroying the pods, while looking back at Raine from time to time in order to make sure the creature that was near him wasn't hostile.
  Iris Kibu / Kilala25 / 360d 1h 12m 3s
[google-font <link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Orbitron' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>]
[h3 [#154f56 Shade]]
[Orbitron Shade stops as he equips his armor to go out. Before putting on the helmet he gets a message on his arm panel:

[div [b [center [pic https://i.imgur.com/PnKm9oU.png]] [Orbitron [center 【Minoshi】]

Shade! We have intruders on the ship! Supernaturals!]]]

Shade gasps as the alarms go off! He looks over to see a door opening. It appears to be Vladimir and Iris! Shade stands there and yells:

[div [b [center [pic https://i.imgur.com/4o4DQaS.png]] [Orbitron [center 【Shade】]

Supernaturals!? We are your allies!]]]

Minoshi in the background runs a ship scan to identify what type of supernaturals they are as she rushes to grab her sniper rifle in fear!


The soldiers look at him in confusion. One of them runs scans and sees something he was not expecting:

[div [b [center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ZSJonEQs.jpg]] [Orbitron [center 【Yellow Commander】]

What is this... A unmodified HUMAN!? But he knows magic! How!?]]]

[div [b [center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ZSJonEQs.jpg]] [Orbitron [center 【Yellow Soldier 1】]

Is he a potential?]]]

[div [b [center [pic http://i.imgur.com/ZSJonEQs.jpg]] [Orbitron [center 【Yellow Commander】]

Maybe... Capture him!!]]]

Before the soldiers can make their move, something emerges from the ground! Whatever it was sends Raine and some of the soldiers flying back! After the smoke and dust disapate, a spider tank can be seen! It does not look like a normal spider tank however, it is colored blue instead of yellow like the rest of the troops!

[pic https://i.imgur.com/m7AXNzZ.jpg]

It seems to be slashing and gunning the yellow troops down! After the troops are dealt with, she seems to go towards Raine and helps him up

[div [b [center [pic https://i.imgur.com/3XTOVJ4.png]] [Orbitron [center 【Blue NT-ST】]

Sir, are you okay?]]]
  GodPro123 / 360d 11h 27m 57s
"Hmm...so you smoke and you are a smoke dragon? You get a point for consistency. Either way, do you have a plan? I'm willing to have conversation with alien beings, but I am also just as willing to turn the ship into rubble." V writes down in his book, "Breath of Crystal Dragon" which creates an alcoholic beverage to hold in his hand. "Lovely, glad this still works. Weird though, I happened to write this while I was--" V clears his throat. "Anyways, I happened to find out that a weird drink exists but it tastes kind of...old. I mean alcohol doesn't get old, but you know...as if it's from an older time. I guess that's irrelevant, pardon my consistent ranting. Never been the best conversationalist."
  Vladimir Dorato "V" / Sinsear / 1y 28d 12h 17m 40s
As Raine charges through the city, he pillages every store he can find and takes it's candy. After eating all but a sucker, he pops it in his mouth and has a devious grin crawl across his face. As the soldiers catch up to him, Raine shouts, [b [#b11b1e "Now that I got a sugar rush, I can really CUT LOOSE!!!"]] He the unleashes a massive fire blast, annihilating several pods in the process. [b [#b11b1e "Man this is almost too easy, I wonder what these pods even have inside of them...it's still pretty fun to play target practice though!"]] He then notices the soldiers and asks, [b [#b11b1e "So you guys just gonna stand there or are you gonna explain yourselves?"]]
  Raine Beau / Succboi / 1y 28d 12h 26m 54s
Once she sees Vladimir is ready, she circles around him a few times, a poisonous smoke trail around him now, [b [#18fbc6 [size16 [font "Bell MT" "Don't move too much or it will dissipate..."]]]] She starts to fly into the air as Vladimir seems to be floating next to her as she heads towards the ship, the poisonous smoke stays around him. When they finally reach the ship, she looks for a spot to land, gently doing so on a flat surface of the ship. The poisonous smoke disappears when Vladimir is safely on the flat surface, [b [#18fbc6 [size16 [font "Bell MT" "We better hurry inside... with technology like this, they may already know we are here... Hold on wait here..."]]]] She disappears like smoke in a small crevice, finding an opening, and letting Vladimir in. As soon as the two are inside, she closes the opening and turns back to human form.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/Z9Lqlzpm.jpg]

[b [#18fbc6 [size16 [font "Bell MT" "You can take the mask off now..."]]]] She whispers.
  Iris Kibu / Kilala25 / 1y 28d 12h 24m 52s
[google-font <link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Orbitron' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>]
[h3 [#154f56 ???]]
[Orbitron Inside one of the three ships, there is a soldier that is reporting to the ship's captain.

[div [b [center [pic https://i.imgur.com/4o4DQaS.png]] [Orbitron [center 【???】]

Captain! We have a problem! From what I see there are dragons outside below us!]]]

The woman, with a high pitch voice replies:

[div [b [center [pic https://i.imgur.com/PnKm9oU.png]] [Orbitron [center 【???】]

D-DRAGONS!? U-Uh... Are they firing on us?]]]

[div [b [center [pic https://i.imgur.com/4o4DQaS.png]] [Orbitron [center 【???】]

No! In fact... I think they are helping by destroying other pods. But they could be third party who is neutral! After all, we do not seem friendly in comparison!]]]

[div [b [center [pic https://i.imgur.com/PnKm9oU.png]] [Orbitron [center 【???】]

Go down there and bring some NT-ST's with you! I'll help get word to Sister-1 to monitor the dragons. I need you to help fight on the ground!]]]

The captain looks and sounds worried. The soldier looks concerned for the captain.

[div [b [center [pic https://i.imgur.com/4o4DQaS.png]] [Orbitron [center 【???】]

Be careful, Captain Minoshi]]]

[div [b [center [pic https://i.imgur.com/PnKm9oU.png]] [Orbitron [center 【Minoshi】]

Y-You too, Shade.]]]

He smiles a bit. He then types something on a console and runs to the hanger...


It appears the there are a lot of soldiers moving up on the group and a lot of soldiers following Raine.
  GodPro123 / 1y 28d 16h 11m 35s
V writes, "Mask 3341" and has an odd alien gas mask protecting has face from any toxic fumes. Afterwards he looks toward the direction Raine ran and smiles. "Bright guy. Probably not the brightest mentally but he sure has some excitement." He looks at the card and notes that he isn't necessary monetarily in struggles but he appreciates the call for help. "Well, Iris, I am ready to go when you are. I am well restrained but I do love a good fight when needed so be aware that I can hold my weight. Especially with my little gift from the Heavens." V then kisses his book's cover as he awaits Iris to help him see if the ships are friendly.
  Vladimir Dorato "V" / Sinsear / 1y 34d 17h 2s
Raine takes in all the things he's seen and has but one thought that he announces for all to hear. [b [#b11b1e "THIS IS POSSIBLY THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!"]] He the takes a deep breath and aims at a pod. Then a huge fireball forms from his hand and he chucks it at a pod, causing a huge explosion that engulfs another pod or two. Raine then goes to say, with a grin on his face, [b [#b11b1e "I mean there's two, apparently poisonous, smoke dragons, an armada I didn't even know we had, potential aliens attacking the planet and if it couldn't get ANY better...I can have a huge amount of CANDY!!!]] You notice his raw happiness and excitement engulfs him in flames and that he isn't at all bothered by them. [b [#b11b1e "But before I go...]] Raine pulls out a bandana and a business card, [b [#b11b1e "Yo V, keep this on you if you ever wanna join my business or need anything, I'm of the Odd Jobs West!"]] Raine then says the same slogan to Iris and seeing as the card kinda doesn't stay on her he just kinda tells her the and hopes for the best. [b [#b11b1e "Now if you don't excuse me, i gotta carbo-load and take the fight to them!]] Raine then sprints of, knocking down the occasional pod.
  Raine Beau / Succboi / 1y 35d 9h 41m 15s
Iris mutters, [b [#18fbc6 [font "Bell MT" "Shit... there goes my peaceful little ordinary life..."]]] She whistles as she runs 20 feet away from the others. The dragon who took out the pods flies next to her as before Vladimir's and Raine's eyes, Iris turns into a dragon!

[pic https://i.imgur.com/0caFceGm.jpg]

Iris opens her mouth as she speaks to the other dragon, [b [#18fbc6 [font "Bell MT" "Remind me to get a major makeover if this planet survives this... were going to go to Paris... Not much for me here with my secret out..."]]] The other dragon nods, [b [#11b68f [font "Bell MT" "Will do... People have seen my face around town as well... I'll have to alter my appearance as well if we decide to relocate..."]]]

Iris notices the ships targeting the pods instead of the people then says to the other dragon, [b [#18fbc6 [font "Bell MT" "Jeena... help the ship get rid of those things... My cover is blown anyway... might as well see if I can get the assistants of those two down there..."]]] [b [#11b68f [font "Bell MT" "Right away!"]]] [b [#18fbc6 [font "Bell MT" "I'll let you know if the ships are our enemy..."]]] Jeena nods as Iris heads back to the others.

When she reaches the other again and stays about 40 feet away from them as she calls out, since she's a dragon, it is easy to hear her, [b [#18fbc6 [font "Bell MT" "I apologize... I can't get any closer than this or you will be affected by the poisonous mist I made of... The ships don't seem to be targeting people... just the things raining from the sky... My companion is aiding in destroying whatever those things were... If you like I can take you up there to see if these ships are friend or foe... but... you'll need something to protect yourselves from my poisonous mist..."]]]
  Iris Kibu / Kilala25 / 1y 28d 12h 51m 7s
"What in the world are those? I don't know if we should be raising our hands in victory or should be preparing for some cosmic war." V writes down a small message and a pigeon made out of paper whilst still having life is flying out. Then V looks toward Raine. "Raine, do you have any sweets on you? Some to spare at least." V says, not really acknowledging the dragon at all. Not out of disrespect, but of concern for more unnerving matters.
  Vladimir Dorato "V" / Sinsear / 1y 39d 17h 33m 42s
[google-font <link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Orbitron' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>]
[h3 [i NARRATOR]]
[Orbitron The dragon ends up destroying some of the pods by simply knocking into them! Some of the pods land on the ground as they stick to it. There are several flash's of light that does not last nearly as long as the one before and it does not knock them out or deafen them. Three space ship seem to appear in the air as the blue lights everywhere on them makes them easy to see... The ships are huge!

[pic https://i.imgur.com/M0qmxjq.jpg]

The ships seem to be targeting the pods as they all shoot them with an assortment of weapons! It only takes out a small fraction of the pods though...
  GodPro123 / 1y 40d 13h 46m 19s
Raine looks up in the sky, seeing the performance in front of him, yells aloud [b [#b11b1e "NO FUCKING WAY THAT IS SO COOL!!!"]] He continues [#b11b1e "Did you summon that bad ass dragon iris? My abilities are looking a little lack luster...]]
  Raine Beau / Succboi / 1y 40d 16h 48m 49s
Iris tries to think quickly in order to get them out of this situation than an idea comes to mind as sends her thoughts out to someone or something, [b [i [#18fbc6 [font "Bell MT" Jeena... I'm in quite a bind... I need your help as I can't get away without sacrificing lives or revealing my secret, please act quickly...]]]] Iris continues to smoke as she waits for a response. In a matter of seconds, thoughts are sent to Iris' mind, [b [i [#11b68f [font "Bell MT" I'm on my way, it should take me too long...]]]] About a minute or so after receiving the message something is seen flying towards the mechanical rocks. With the night sky being lit up more than usual, it isn't too hard to see what it heading towards the mechanical rocks. It appears to be a dragon, however not a normal looking one that are told in stories and tales as this one has a mist like appearance.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/ETgFO3om.jpg]

The dragon's body suddenly solidifies as it attempts to knock the mechanical rocks away from locations of any people near by on the ground, to the best of it's ability.
  Iris Kibu / Kilala25 / 1y 28d 12h 52m 37s
"Oh dear lord, may your creations lay the foundation to our evolution." V says as he moves the water shield higher in the air. V motions them to move out of the way as he moves the water above their heads. "Whatever your abilities are, I hope they can prevent any damage to us, because this is more of a Plan B type strategy I am using right now."
  Vladimir Dorato "V" / Sinsear / 1y 41d 14h 4m 21s

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