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[#da0723 [b [i [center Introducing Lenali - a young twenty- four-year-old African American woman who is a vampire . Lenali is a very quiet and reserved soul, who is kind and sincere . Lenali was orphaned at an early age, around the time she became a slave as a human and her experiences leading up to the change and after her creators took her in led her to escape, starting her journey as the biggest threat known to her own kind. Lenali's guardian team is small, but considering what happened in her past, she need not much help.]]]]

[#da0723 [b [I [center Lenali's team encounter an unusual breed of vampires, who differ from the "regular" ones in appearance and exude an odor so strong that it makes some of the team members physically sick. The protagonists eventually find out that these creatures are hybrids created by the evil vampire Giever , who refers to them as "Memphas".]]]]

[#da0723 [b [I [center ----- ----- is a Mempha seeking vengeance for being experimented on, and after his escape, for separating him from the one he loved, unaware that he is being led into a trap by none other than Giever who sees plenty of potential evil and wants him to join his cause in finding and killing The Rogue.]]]]

[#da0723 [b [I [center In order to save himself, Lenali and the survived team she saved, ----- forms an alliance with second highest councilman of the dark side.]]]]

[#da0723 [b [I [center ----- is on the hunt for the Rogue, and is stronger than Lenali’s Guardians ever imagined. Prayer lines notwithstanding, he’s coming for his woman. This thing between them goes way back; it was there even before he’d turned. As a vampire and a man, he has a lot of decisions to make, a lot of factions after him, but there’s one thing that’s always been clear— he wants her.]]]]


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