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In a small steampunk town known as Vapor , there lives a multitude of people, including Marilynn. She, along with others of all different races, would like to travel the world. As they travel, they come across many different sights, towns and troubles.

Rules: No god modding, be nice, don't have a million different pets, and stick to one or two characters. PM me the skelly before joining

Skelly example:

Character name:
Pets (optional):

Character name:Marilynn
Species/race: Spider monster
Powers/specialties: Good climber, poison fangs, skilled artisan
Weaknesses: ADHD, easily embarrassed or flustered
Pets: Bronze Griffin with Amethyst eyes named Screwy
Gender: female
Sexuality: Bi
Appearance: Classic brown and white dress, robotic heeled boots, stitched heart pendant, eight eyed gear goggles, sideswept black hair with purple highlights, eight black eyes with dark pink irises. 4"11'
Bio: Energetic and scatterbrained, Marilynn loves running around and collecting scrap metal. She makes a living off of selling robotic pets she calls artifacts. She's always dreamed of traveling the world, but for now she simply sells artifacts and creature eggs to passing travelers.


Username: NightSkyFox
Character name: Oliver L Benjamen
Species/race: Can turn from part ram into human
Powers/Specialties: Is extremely good at fixing things that are needed to be fixed *basically his job*
Weaknesses: He can't be near anything with sulfa in it, if he does. He becomes weak and sick.
Pets: He has a robotic fox made by his friend Marilynn
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: A leather jacket and classy white shirt, dress shoes, messy hair, Ram horns when part Ram
Bio: He is known as the 'fixer of people' after his dad died, the title was given to him due to his specialty. His mother is the proud owner of the 'Scrap Shop' where people come to repair there broken items or buy scraps, Oliver being the one if anything is needed to be fixed. What he loves doing most of the time is thinking what it would be like to explore the world other than the city of Vapor.


Username: AskTheStaff
Character name: Ellyda Spark
Species/race: Dragonfly-human mix
Powers/Specialties: Flight, creativity, Tomboyish nature
Weaknesses: Inner feelings/emotions, losing her wings
Pets: A tiny, robotic dragonfly companion named Flie
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight !
Appearance: 5'10, large black boots, white shirt with brown overalls/suspenders, tan gloves, goggles, purple hair with small pigtails, dragonfly wings
Bio: All her life, Ellyda has been the weird one out of the bunch. She's a decently strong Tomboy and stands out compared to many other girls. Although she likes her hometown of Vapor the most, she has visited many others. She loves designing new or upgraded pieces for her dragonfly companion Flie, sometimes selling the old parts that are in good condition to other individuals.


Username: Dragoncita
Character name: Tybalt & Felan
Species/race: Human & Alpha Wolf Demon
Felan - Felan has complete control of fire. The gauntlets that appear to armor his front legs can open up, releasing powerful shockwaves to knock back enemies and has a chance to set things on fire. Can conjure up powerful firestorms when he feels a need to
Due to being an Alpha, Felan also has the ability to call forth lesser hellhounds from the pits of hell to aid him in battle
Tybalt - Like his pact beast, Tybalt has complete control of fire. Gained enhanced reflexes and super-strength due to his beast
Weaknesses: Water renders their fire abilities useless. Tybalt is completely mute, so he relies on his beast to talk for him
Gender: Both male
Sexuality(optional): Tybalt is straight. Felan, doesn't really care
Tybalt - Decent height, completely white hair despite being 22 years old, most often seen wearing a dark blue jacket with his hood up, due to the pact he create with Felan, Tybalt has a brand on his tongue
Felan - As a human, he's pretty tall, reddish brown hair, his wolf ears stay even as human, Felan wears a cloak. In his demon form, Felan is massive, a combination of having white and black fur with red highlights. His front paws are armored gauntlets almost, storing mass amounts of heat
Bio: Tybalt and Felan come from a further part of the world where man and pact beasts were common sights. However, to make a pact with a beast and gain incredible power, meant the human would have to give up something such as an emotion, a limb, etc.. In Tybalt's case, he lost his ability to speak, becoming mute. He carries a small notebook with him to write now and then.
As for Felan, being a demon, and an alpha one at that, he's got a more devious and evil nature.
Since his partner became mute after the 'branding', Felan is the spokesperson for Tybalt. The demon can hear Tybalt's thoughts, relaying them to another person for his partner, though sometimes he will say something his partner would prefer being kept quiet.


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Roleplay Responses

Ellyda washed herself off as fast as she could, although still making sure that she got all the sulfa off. "I-I'm so sorry, Oliver..." She looked down solemnly and took a few heavy breaths. "I'm ruining's all my fault for getting you s-sick..." She felt like this would only damper their relationship...and she was actually trying to make it stronger. Everything was already going her mind, at least...
  Ellyda Spark / AskTheStaff / 1y 70d 9h 45m 22s
[i Oliver felt terrible forgetting most of everything and he sighed] [b "When.when are we going to be there?"] [i He says and stands up, only falling due to not knowing how to walk]

[i He cursed under his breath and quickly crawled onto the bed and he handed Elldya a cloth and some water] [b "You should get some of that sulfa off of you now.] [i the male sighs and lets out a small cough, feeling sick again]

[i Loosing his control, he tuned back to monster form. He let out a painful sigh as he hated sulfa. He got the same sickness from his dad, who is sadly no longer with him]

[i He then thought what it would be like it Tamriel. He knew it would be much different from Vapor, the shops, the people, the clothes. Thinking for a moment. He looked at his own clothes. Then continued thinking.

[i Wouldn't they be scared of us? We aren't normal human and he didn't care if he was seen. But wouldn't they get uncomfortable of the non-human people came into the world? Oliver was used to this as travelers always came to Vapor looking around at many things]

[i But Oliver knew that Tamriel liked being a small town and liked being crowded into there own little world and did not like new comers how Vapor did. Oliver thought about this for a long time until he started painfully coughing again]
Marilynn became extremely worried, hoping that it wasn't super bad. "What's wrong?! You can trust me, I have some things in here only I know about..." At this, she went to their bed, and scooted it over. She took away some of the flooring, revealing a bunker. "I have sheltered others before. This floor is made of a metal that doesn't let any magic or scents through. Anything on the other side of it is undetectable, as if not even there..." She looked at Felan and Tybalt. "A life of running away is no fun, I should know..." She sighed. "This isn't the only secret I have."
  Marilynn / RamaAmor / 1y 74d 22h 27m 32s
[h3 [center Felan]]
The male's ears remained flat back against his head. Felan wandered around the female's shop. There were quite a few things laying around the place. It was a bit messy, but he figured that the other had a pretty good idea of where everything was despite the heap of equipment laying about.
He meandered towards a window, looking out, watching. Felan's ears suddenly flicked forward, body tensing up. He could've sworn he saw a familiar figure walking through the people. Felan opened his mouth slightly, allowing the scents to flow, sorting them....
[#b22222 "Damn't! Of all people to be looking for us!"]
He realized he had spoken out loud. Felan laid his ears back again, glancing over to Marilynn. Hopefully she wouldn't be too bothered by his outburst. The male moved quickly back, retreating to his partner.
Felan found Tybalt where he had left him, laying on the ground, hands behind his head and eyes closed.
[#b22222 "Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but looks like our time in this place is up. Pretty sure you-know-who has decided to come around."]
Tybalt was completely still, but then moved. He slowly opened his eyes, glancing towards Felan. As for Felan, he only growled, crossing his arms across his chest.
[#b22222 "Yes, I am quite certain. I know their scent anywhere"]
The white haired male once again seemed to give a silent sigh. He slowly sat up, then standing. Tybalt walked out of the small room, glancing out the window. He trusted Felan, and he could sense it, danger.
  :-Man&Beast-: / Dragoncita / 1y 75d 13h 44m 30s
Ellyda helped him up slowly, placing him back where he was sitting. " long does this amnesia that you have last for...?" She asked, trying not to act offended that Oliver had forgotten her name.

She looked down for a second again, still worried and blaming herself. "I wanted this to go well...and all I did so far is hurt you..."
  Ellyda Spark / AskTheStaff / 1y 76d 9h 56m 49s
[i He shook his head and looked at her and smiled reassuringly] [b "It's's just the amnesia....umm.your name is Marilynn.or is that the other one? Or....."] [i he sighed and shook his head, not remembering anything very much. He had two best friends and he couldn't even remember one of there names]

[i Using the potion one of his friends gave him, he drank the rest of it] [b "Damn.....I need more of the stuff"] [i he says and looks at the now empty bottle. He blinked his eyes a few times and got his senses back]

[i But sadly, he still didn't have his memories back very well and when he tried getting up and walking, he fell forward. Forgetting how to move his feet]
"A-are you okay, Oliver?" Ellyda said once again with worry in her voice. She put her hand on his shoulder and tried to look at him in the eyes.

'I must have made Oliver [b really] sick or something...he acts like he doesn't even remember much of what happened.' She thought to herself, tearing up a bit.

"I-I'm so s-sorry...I had never intended to go through any s-sulfa and bring it here. This is all my fault."
  Ellyda Spark / AskTheStaff / 1y 76d 12h 35m 52s
[i He blinked and let out a sigh] [b "Was I asleep.that long?"] [i he says to her, hugging back and looked around] [b "Did the me back here?"] [i he asks and looks around]

[i He hated the thought that he scared her, he still felt terrible. Being ill and also about making her scared. He looked around, the amnesia getting to him the worst of ways]

[i He shook his head and held his head in his hands. Confused on everything and basically every one. For one, he knew he was going to Tamriel.but....what else?]
Marilynn laid a hand on his shoulder and smiled. "Don't worry, you get used to humans. After all, the only spider town that seemed to exist was burnt down by extremists..."
  Marilynn / RamaAmor / 1y 79d 13h 1m 3s
[h3 [center Felan]]
[#b22222 "Somewhat similar since I had made a pact with Tybalt."]
His ears twitched a bit before he continued, [#b22222 "Before then, spent most of my time below. Nice and quiet, except for the occasional fight between clans. Plus plenty of damned souls to torture."]
The male's eyes lit up at the thought of his past victims. Oh how he had enjoyed every single moment of making their lives miserable as they wandered powerless in his domain of the hells. Felan almost started to pant in excitement, but stopped himself.
Instead, he sighed, a small puff of smoke leaving his mouth, [#b22222 "However, the rules in this world are much different than the ones I was used to. Can't just kill anything or anyone on sight anymore, even if they really did have it coming to them."]
[#b22222 "There are times where I question myself why I had even left and made a pact with a human...such a pathetic race..."]
Felan laid his ears back flat against his head again. His mind wandered elsewhere as old memories returned.
  :-Man&Beast-: / Dragoncita / 1y 79d 13h 7m 39s
Marilynn sighed. "I bet this story is relatable to you..." She got up, took off her goggles, and stopped working on a wolf she was making. "I kept getting run out of towns, for one reason or another. People saying I was too dangerous, others hunting my venom to sell it. Being a black widow isn't exactly as fun as you'd think, always hearing about others getting burned alive and such." She looked at Felan with sorrow filled eyes and a melancholy face. "But I was able to find here, and here is where I stay."
  Marilynn / RamaAmor / 1y 79d 13h 23m 9s
[h3 [center Felan]]
Tybalt had remained in the room, unmoving. Felan watched his partner for a bit, ears twitching. Hearing the other's thoughts, the male laid his ears back. Felan knew it was best to leave Tybalt alone when he was in this mood. He knew very well what could happen...
So instead, the male took his leave, leaving the other to his thoughts. Felan wandered out to the rooms where it appeared the female worked. His ears perked forward, listening to the sounds around him. The humanoid sniffed the air, jaws slightly agape to allow for better scent collection. Typical city scents, he'd gotten used to them.
His eyes shifted to the female again, watching her. Felan was silent for several moments, then finally broke the silence, [#b22222 "Mind me asking how you came around these parts spider?"]
  :-Man&Beast-: / Dragoncita / 1y 79d 13h 42m 52s
Marilynn smiled back to the wolf. "Great! You can get breakfast at 9 am, and if there are any drinks you want, just tell me! I'm usually working in the shop. Oh, and if you go out in town, be back by about midnight." Her smile grew a little bigger, and she seemed to be blushing a little bit. "Thank you for staying!" She gave Felan a small hug, and went to check on the dragon eggs and finish her machines.
  RamaAmor / 1y 80d 12h 54m 50s
[h3 [center Tybalt & Felan]]
Tybalt had returned the small notebook to a pocket in his jacket. Once again, he gave the motion of a sigh, but not a sound heard. Then before he knew it, the white haired male felt his hand grabbed, and being drug along.
He shot a look back at Felan, unsure how to react. Tybalt was anything but social, so this situation was rather awkward. As for Felan, the humanoid only gave his partner a smirk, following behind. His ears perked forward, hearing Tybalt's thoughts, and only grinned showing his sharp fangs. If looks could kill, Felan would've been dead.
They were led inside. Tybalt barely got a look at the place, though Felan did. His ears were swiveling back and forth, listening intently. Such an intriguing little place. Plenty of things here and there. The eggs is what caught Felan's attention. He paused for a moment, glancing them over, then continued to follow behind.
Soon, the female had brought them to several small rooms. Tybalt finally had his hand let go, which was a relief to him. He quickly put it in a pocket so not to be suddenly grabbed again. The white haired male looked to place over, then to Felan, then simply walked inside. He quietly sat down on the floor, leaving his companion with Marilynn.
As for Felan, he flicked his ears, then looked back to the female. He gave her a smile, [#b22222 "Tybalt says it will do. He isn't too picky about these things, so long as there's a roof over our heads."]
  :-Man&Beast-: / Dragoncita / 1y 80d 15h 7m 1s
"You're awake! Thank goodness!" Ellyda quickly went up to him and gave him a friendly hug. "We're on the blimp to Tamrelia . The captain and I helped you back here into the bed so you could rest." She looked at him with a concerned expression.
  Ellyda Spark / AskTheStaff / 1y 80d 15h 9m 53s

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