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[h3 [center The Beginning]]
Dragons have been around for many millennia, to where it was believed they were the first beings ever created by the supreme god itself.

The beasts were the embodiment of different magic and the world around them. The dragons were associated with being the guardians of the gods and goddesses. They were worshipped by some, feared by others.
For the most part though, the dragons kept to themselves. They didn't bother anything as long as it didn't bother them. The dragons lived in their own land, which was almost like their own world.
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The Village of Sylenrion was one of the major villages which worshipped the dragons. In fact, it was quite common to see dragons flying above the temple that had been built by the people of the village in honor of the beasts. The dragons had even been known to take human forms, to mingle with the people who saw them as their guardians.

As time went, some dragons and humans grew feelings towards the other, bearing children. These dragon human hybrids, or Dragonkin, took after both sides.
Dragonkin were known to be human in appearance with draconic features such as having horns, scales, etc.. They had longer life-spans than normal humans, but didn't live as long as a true dragon.
Once a Dragonkin reached a certain age , they could take to a true dragon form. Though the Dragonkin's form is a slightly weaker version of their parent, but still quite formidable.

The Dragonkin were highly revered among the village, worshipped along with the dragons.
[h3 [center Darkness Falls]]
Though a peaceful era only lasts so long. It started slowly, but then grew. Very few dragons came down to the Village of Sylenrion. When questioned why, a dragon's usual answer was silence. Soon, dragons stopped coming to the village.

As dragons grew less in number, a concerning threat grew. Beasts of unknown origin started to spawn, terrorizing the lands. Without the dragons, the creatures were left unchecked and free roam of the world around them. These monstrosities were called 'Abominations'. They came in all shapes and sizes, and all were extremely dangerous.
Kingdoms and villages fell before the ravenous beasts, till only the safe places were the remote villages that bordered the lands where dragons once were prosperous.
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As the threat came closer, an elder, a Dragonkin, of the Village of Sylenrion stepped forth to speak:

[i "Without the dragons, the 'abominations' have taken over these lands. Yet, with that is another problem, we do not know where the dragons have gone, the very creatures we worshipped and have always seen as our guardians.
As a Dragonkin, I questioned the dragons. Not a word was said, but I feel something is wrong. Something has unbalanced the order of our world. With the scales tipping, I fear there is little time left for us. We must find the dragons, or at least find where they have gone.
I ask for several Dragonkin to step forth. I know you who are kin with dragons can feel the evil, but can also feel the connection between you and your draconic parents. I pray you use this to find what has happened to our guardians.
I warn you though, this journey will be into lands you have never been to. You will always have to be on guard, you will find allies in unlikely places, and be ready to face a danger greater than anything you have ever come across."]
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Several Dragonkin of the village stepped forth, accepting the Elder's quest.
Now it is up to them to find where the dragons have gone, and stop the advancement of the 'abominations'.

And so the Journey of the Dragonkin begins...
[h3 [center Rules]]
~Need a few other Dragonkin
~Absolutely NO godmodding, if I see any of this I'll kick you from the RP
~I prefer anime/illustrated pictures, but you are welcome to use what you are most comfortable with
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Any other questions, feel free to PM me

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[h3 [center Dragonkin Skeleton]]
Dragonkin Species:
Weakness :
[h3 [center Accepted Dragonkin]]
[b Username: Dragoncita]
Name: Raizel Bloodshade
Age: Somewhere in his 3,000's
Gender: Male
Dragonkin: His mother was a Bloodstriker Dragon
Powers/Abilities: Like all Dragonkin who came to age, he can take to a dragon form. Inheriting a few abilities of his breed, Raizel can take on a shadowy form, has a vampiric bite, and sharpen his wings to become like razors, to strike without warning when flying past at high speeds. As a Bloodstriker, his tongue is extremely long, able to lash out at enemies and prey, causing profuse bleeding
Weakness : Raizel lives off of blood, without any, he is left in an incredibly weak state. Light renders his shadow form useless.
Bio/history: Raizel's mother was a Bloodstriker Dragonelle, his father a human. Being of a rarer breed, Raizel is highly revered amongst the Sylenrion Village.
Like all Dragonkin who come to age, he gained his dragon form. He is on the smaller side of dragons, but his control over his abilities was remarkable. Just like most Bloodstrikers, Raizel has a devious and cunning nature.
He wasn't too concerned when his mother's visits were less than usual. However, when she stopped coming altogether, Raizel actually became worried. When the dragons stopped coming, he could sense something was wrong. There was just something in the air, something not right.
When the Elder of Sylenrion Village stepped forth, asking for volunteers, Raizel was one of the few who came forward to accept the quest, knowing very well he would be traveling into unknown territory and against threats he did not know existed.
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[b Username:RamaAmor]
Name: Nekroma Sombra
Dragonkin: Mother was a nekomata dragon
Powers and abilities: Being of age, Nekroma can turn into a dragon similar to a nekomata, except much larger and with reptilian aspects. She can shapeshift into different forms, and speak to spirits. She can go between the spirit world and living world when she wants to, and can summon demons, though it's usually extremely tiring and painful.
She can also use a blue, underworldly fire, but this is usually for rituals, showing off, or extreme protection, as she can die if the fire goes out.
Weakness: Having two large, completely black eyes and a third slit eye that's black with a pink iris is going to leave you pretty sensitive to light, and she can't bare showing up in public without her mask. She is also a hopeless romantic and easily flattered, not to mention a bit quiet.
Bio: Nekroma is of a more common species, though she is still highly revered. Her necromantic powers are popular among those who have lost a close family member, and will often help them speak to the late person for food in return. Despite her dad leaving her, Nekroma's mom usually visits every one to ten years. So when her mom hadn't come in over ten years, Nekroma started to panic. She often asked her small pendant for help. It was a necklace with a raven's head, with a polished obsidian stone lodged into the skull. It was her comfort. When it was announced that they needed volunteers to find the dragons, Nekroma hesitantly joined the cause.
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[b Username: NorthernWolves]
Name: Insae
Age: 1,001
Gender: Female
Dragonkin Species: Fire
Powers/Abilities: In human form, she excels with a two handed sword in melee combat; has the option of setting it on fire.
In dragon form, all teeth and claws and lengthy bursts of fire
Weakness : Setting her sword on fire drains her own energy, and if not paying attention she can easily exhaust herself.
Transforming from human to dragon form takes sometime for her, and during that time period she is completely vulnerable.
Bio/history: She grew up as an orphan, never knowing anything except her first name; until she started to unusually long, and managed to turn into a dragon at the age 200. It was after that moment that she dedicated herself to protecting the village of Sylenrion, and she never revealed her name; no one knew her name, but they did know her by sight.
She still searches for signs of who her parents are, despite being unsuccessful all this time.
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[b Username: nomey1]
Name: Seres Gaál
Age: 825
Gender: Female
Dragonkin Species: Father was a White Dragon
Powers/Abilities: Besides being able to transform into her dragon form like the other Dragonkin, she is also able to heal both severe and minor physical injuries. On top of that, although she cannot use ice in an offensive way like other White Dragons can, she can still use it as a form of defense, forming ice walls or barriers.
Weakness : Despite having a dragon form, she simply cannot do it by will. She has to have the dragon stone that was passed down to her by her father in order to do so, and it takes some energy to transform. Her healing also has a limit. If a person's body is completely shattered and destroyed in all kinds of ways, she cannot heal the person to 100% perfect health. If she does not have enough power or energy to heal people's wounds, she will have to transfer the injury from the person's body onto her own, which can be quite painful.
Bio/history: When her mother was alive, Seres mostly stayed within the village of Sylenrion. Sometimes her father would take her and the mother out on small trips to other parts of the world, but mostly when he visited he enjoyed staying right there with them for periods of time. When her mother died, however, she found it hard to stay there alone, waiting for her father's arrivals. So she started traveling by herself to other places. No matter where she went or how much she might like a town, she would always find herself returning to Sylenrion. Seres would still see her father often enough, regardless if she was in the home village or out traveling, but when that pattern grew less and less to the point of nonexistent, she grew scared. She stayed in the town to wait for him when an elder Dragonkin made the announcement. She knew she had to be one of the people to go search.


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Raziel knew of the place at the very least it seemed. It was always reassuring to have more than one person have a general idea of where it was they needed to go. Seres was fairly confident she knew where to go, but no one is perfect and knew that it is quite possible for her to make a mistake just like anyone else.

Insae stepped out of the house not too long after and Seres smiled at her. She nodded at her remark about being ready to go. [#42c8f4 [b "I hope your talk went well,"]] she said. She did not expect to be told any details, but she did hope that whatever it was that she and the elder talked about worked out in her favor.

She moved herself to a more open space so that she wasn't too close to any of the other dragonkin. She needed a little bit of space in order to transform into her dragon form. She wrapped both hands around the dragon stone and closed her eyes, focusing her energy and tuning out everything else. Ice cold energy overcame her entire body and everything went dark as her body morphed itself.

[center [pic]]

When Seres opened her eyes she could immediately tell that she was several feet taller than before. Her eyes glowed a brighter shade of red than her typical reddish-brown color and she could feel the strong pair of wings on her back. The transformation was successful. The dragon stone that was in her hands was now embedded in her forehead, and there it would remain until she transformed back into a human.

[b [#42c8f4 "Ready?"]] she asked everyone else present.
  Seres / nomey1 / 111d 18h 2m 10s
They walked until they came to some place where both of them could sit down, she across from the elder and separated by a table. She continued to sip her tea as the elder sat there in deep contemplation. Insae was not expecting much of an answer, all these years had turned up very little about her parents.

The elder responded. Insae already knew that one of her parents had to have been a fire dragon, and the statement that "a few fiery dragons who would frequent this area" wasn't really helpful either. Insae shrugged her shoulders, maybe the elder was right. Maybe she needed to seek the answers outside of this village, and maybe this journey would answer the questions she had been seeking answers to.

[+purple "It's alright Elder. I thank you for your help. I'd better go and join the other now."] After a polite bow, Insae walked off to join the others.

The other three were milling around, waiting for her to join them obviously. Insae walked up to them, [+purple "Let's fly, shall we?"]
  Insae / NorthernWolves / 126d 14h 1m 44s
[h3 [center Raizel Bloodshade]]
Raizel had closed his eyes, seemingly dozing. He felt movement beside him. It was delicate, light. Slowly, the male's red eyes opened once again. He glanced to the side, seeing the smaller female with cat-like features. The male listened to her as she introduced herself.
In response, Raizel bowed his horned head slightly to her, straightening again, [#b22222 "Pleasure to meet you Miss Nekroma. I am Raizel Bloodshade."]
His red gaze shifted to other female, Seres, who joined them. Mezame Village; he knew of the village. He'd only seen it once or twice in his younger years. Other than that, he knew little of the place. Raizel usually kept close to home, having never really felt the urge to travel. He had found his den, claimed a small piece of territory, and he was content. However, that was all before the 'abominations' started appearing.
[#b22222 "I have only visited Mezame Village once or twice in my youth,"] the male spoke, [#b22222 "I do not remember too much about the place."]
His eyes shifted towards the Elder's home. Raizel yawned, standing. He'd wait a bit longer before taking to his true form so he could take flight. Besides, been a bit since he last stretched his wings.
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The Elder Dragonkin had once again sat down. He soon held a cup with tea inside. The elder paused, taking a sip, then setting his mug down again.
He was silent for some time as Insae finished. The Dragonkin appeared deep in thought. The elder male lifted a hand, stroking his chin, thinking.
[i "That is a mystery indeed. From what I know, you are of fire origin on your dragon side. There were quite a few fiery dragons who would frequent this area. I cannot say much about your human side unfortunately."]
The Elder took another drink from his tea, [i "Other than that, I know little. Perhaps you will learn more along your journey dear. I apologize I could not be much help Insae."]
  ::Dragonkin:: / Dragoncita / 145d 14h 51m 31s
There was a lot to process; important things to think about. Seres could only nod as the elder, and the others, spoke during the conversation. She felt no need to speak up during this time for there was nothing new or useful she could contribute.

At least, that was what she had thought, until she had heard that they should go to Mezame Village. She had visited the place a few times before, both with her father and on her own. It was a rather quaint little village, the atmosphere much like their own village. She loved how they used the edge of the forest to assist how they built their homes and other important buildings. Some where on the ground, but most were up within the trees themselves, using various pulley systems and hanging bridges to get where they needed to go. Despite the circumstances, she couldn't help but get a little excited about going there once more.

Jadant Forest itself she has ventured through on her own only once, but even then the Guardian was very kind in assisting her along the way. She could not fight well on her own, but rather defend and support when possible. The Guardian, however, was strong and wise. It was concerning to hear that they had not been seen in some time, for she knew that they were very serious about their role to the forest and the villages that were close by.

Seres politely bowed to the elder and said, [b [#42c8f4 "Thank you,"]] before stepping outside with the other two that had left. She had no need to speak with the elder privately and she did not want to accidentally overhear whatever personal matters Insae was going to bring up with the elder. She only felt comfortable with learning knowledge that was told to her directly rather than from what was overheard or gossiped about.

She reached into her dress' pocket and pulled out a icy-blue stone that fit perfectly into the palm of her hand. She looked down upon the dragon stone, which had been passed down to her from her father, and let out an almost inaudible sigh. It was hard to look at it and not think about him.

Seres couldn't transform into a dragon at will like other dragons or most dragonkins. The dragon stone she gripped in her hand was needed in order for her to transform into her dragon form. It also helped in controlling her emotions. If she got overly emotional, whether it be rage, sorrow, or fear, sometimes those emotions would force her to transform against her will. Her father hand passed it down to her once she showed signs that she was able to transform and knew she was struggling with keeping that ability under control.

She squeezed the dragon stone tightly and looked at the other two dragonkins with a warm smile. [b [#42c8f4 "Have either of you been to Mezame Village before? It's one of my favorite places to visit whenever I have the chance. It's not too hard to find if you know what to look out for, especially from the sky."]]

Seres took a deep breath and looked at the surrounding area. It might be a while before any of them would be able to return to Sylenrion. Hopefully, the next time they returned, they would return successful.

She whispered to herself, [b [#42c8f4 "We can do this."]]
  Seres / nomey1 / 151d 15h 35m 42s
Concerning food or drink, Seres did not want any. But as to information, she, along with all of them, was curious as to what information the Elder would give them.

The Elder first responded to Nekroma and then to Insae, before leaving the room to wherever the kettle was boiling. Insae kept in that un-moving and straight posture, only her lips turning up slightly in amusement seeing Raizel yawn and seeing his fangs pop in and then pop back.

But barely had she stopped that little smile when the Elder came walking back in with two cups. One he gave to Nekroma, and the other he gave to her. Insae picked it up slowly, and sipped a tiny bit of tea. Yes it was hot, but at the same time it was very refreshing. The feeling of the hot tea cascading down her throat felt good, Insae even allowed herself another tiny smile.

As soon as the Elder began to speak, Insae again went back to her formal posture while cradling the cup of tea carefully in her hands. This was a serious matter, one of life and death for all who lived upon this world. If the guardian of those forests had disappeared, Insae shuddered to think about what sort of abominations were prowling around there without attention. A few nasty abominations had been popping up as late, and Insae knew she was one of the few who kept them away from this village. But what if there was no guardian, no one to be a buffer between chaos and civilization, what was the result?

The Elder suggested first locating the guardian, for they might give them much needed answers to continue on and find the dragons. It would be much easier to fly than to walk there, and Raziel voiced her thoughts on flying out loud. Then the Elder responded back with an agreement, before continuing on about the the dangers of the journey ahead.

Insae hoped that they'd be able to come together as a team. It would take time since they didn't really know each other. Yes they had heard of each other, and Insae only really knew Seres from the few conversations she had had with her during the wound healing sessions.

The Elder then said about seeing them, if they wished, in private, starting with her. As Raziel said his words and walked off, and then followed by Nekroma, Insae took a long sip of hot tea before putting down the cup. She walked over to the Elder, the sword lightly clanking against her hip, and followed his lead.

While they were walking, [+purple "I have a question, one which I've been seeking an answer to for many years now. I came here only knowing my name, and nothing else. 200 years later, I learned that I was a dragonkin. Ever since then, I've searched and try to learn who my parents are. But, I've gotten no where.... During all this time, I have never asked you, and now I ask you if you know anything about my past??"]
  Insae / NorthernWolves / 157d 2h 40m 15s
Nekroma smiled. "Thank you!" She heard his story about the guardian and the shrine. She had heard about the guardian's disappearance. She hoped that they could be able to find it, or at the very least, be able to use her as a medium to speak to it. She heard his part about tricks, and sighed. Tricks was all she had, she wasn't exactly built to fight. Rather, she was frail and light, meant for flight. Luckily, her shapeshifting could help, but it took a large amount of energy, too much, and she'll pass out in an instant. Though the part with allies made sense, after so many dead people, you start to gain respect for both sides of the spectrum. She felt no need to speak to him. Rather, she stepped outside, sitting next to the much taller Raizel. "H-hello!" She didn't know why she stuttered, it was her ally after all. He just had such a frightening presence..."I-I'm Nekroma."
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 159d 12h 3s
[h3 [center Raizel Bloodshade]]
Raizel had folded his clawed hands neatly in his lap. The tip of his tail twitched now and then. The Dragonkin waited quietly for the females to request anything from the elder. Raizel observed silently, his red eyes a gentle glow, showing his calmness. He raised an eyebrow as Insae requested to see the elder privately. However, it was none of his business.
As for the Elder, he gave his kind smile, [i "I'm sure I can come up with something for you Nekroma."]
He then turned his eyes to Insae, [i "Give me a minute, I have a kettle on the stove. Should be boiling by now."]
The Elder Dragonkin left the room, leaving the Dragonkin to themselves. Raizel yawned, showing fangs, then closing his jaws again. Though time seemed to be passing quickly. Once again he heard the shuffling as the Elder returned.
The old one set cups down in front of both Insae and Nekroma, having the requested items. The old Dragonkin then went over, sitting down. His gaze looked over the younger Dragonkin before him.
[i "There has been word from the other villages that the forest between our lands and the dragons has become neglected. The guardian of the forest has not been seen for some time now as well."]
The elder gripped his staff, [i "The Guardian of Jadant Forest is not a dragon, yet its presence and connection with the dragons is important. Perhaps we should prioritize finding it. It may know where the dragons have gone. I suggest heading to Mezame Village which has a shrine dedicated to the Guardian. It would take almost a full day for you to walk, a few hours if you fly, to get to Mezame Village."]
[#b22222 "Flight would be our best option then,"] Raizel suddenly spoke, [#b22222 "Quicker and more efficient. Given the circumstances, time is not on our side."]
The elder glanced towards Raizel, giving a nod, [i " would be wise to fly since there is little time. If Jadant Forest is corrupted with the 'abominations', then the rest of the villages will fall, including our own."]
The Elder Dragonkin stood up again, leaning on his staff. His old eyes looked over the group, [i "The advice I offer when starting your journey: know your strengths and weaknesses, learn to work together. Alone, you will fall, but if you stand by each other's sides, you will rise to overcome the dangers that await you. Be always aware, the 'abominations' adapt quickly. You may be able to use one trick, but they will learn from it, and next time you'll find the same trick isn't working again. Know friend from foe. The nicest person or creature could very well turn on you, where the more grotesque is the one you should trust."]
He paused to catch his breath, [i "If any of you would like to speak to me privately, speak now. Insae, I shall see you first when you are ready to speak to me."]
Raizel listened to every single word the Elder spoke. His eyes had narrowed, pupils thin slits. 'Work together', he would need to remember that since most of the time he was a loner. Yet times changed, and he would have to change with them.
He gave a slight bow to the Elder Dragonkin, [#b22222 "Thank you old one. I shall keep your words close."]
Then without another word, Raizel slipped outside, waiting patiently. He felt no need for a private talk with the Elder. The Dragonkin felt ready for the most part, traveling wise. Yet the unknown made him worry slightly. So, 'abominations' could adapt. It made sense, just he never gave the creatures a chance to really learn his abilities, striking fast and quick, ending the 'abomination'.
  Dragoncita / 159d 12h 12m 48s
Seres smiled up at the tall man as he responded to her curiosity, not bothered in the least that she had to tilt her head up quite a bit just to see his face. She could easily see why he was respected, sometimes even feared. He was not the only strong one of the group, for Insae was known to actively guard the village from any outside threats. She had healed her wounds several times and didn't mind the visits from her. Seres appreciated her, in fact, for doing the hard work of protecting the people of the village so willingly. She did not know Nekroma well, but that did not mean she would underestimate her. Each Dragonkin was powerful in one way or another, despite size or outward appearance. Seres only hoped that she herself would be useful to this group as they go on their journey.

She bowed her head respectfully towards the elder as he appeared at last to greet them. She blinked in surprise for a moment when he offered Raizel some blood. She did it again when Nekroma requested bone marrow. Each species of dragon really does have their own way of living and dietary needs, don't they? Her expression returns to a neutral once the initial shock has passed. Despite having traveled so much, she mostly came across other humans rather than dragons, which was unfortunate since now they are disappearing.

[b [#42c8f4 "Nothing for me, thank you,"]] Seres replied to the elder.

Then came talk of the reason all of them were here; to find out what happened to the dragons and how to protect the rest of the world from the abominations. Her mind flashed to her father as soon as he mentioned their parents, but her face remained neutral. She was not the only one hurting from a missing loved one so she had to keep her composure. She had to believe that she would find him alive and well.

She nodded after hearing what Nekroma said. [b [#42c8f4 "I agree. Any help will certainly be useful to us."]]

Seres was a little curious as to why Insae would want to speak to the elder privately, but clearly that wasn't any of her business. All she cared about was getting this journey started as soon as possible. Maybe the elder will speak to them all as a group first before diverging into private conversations and inquiries. She would let him make the choice, however, since they were here on his calling.
  Seres / nomey1 / 168d 5h 43m 34s
It wasn't long before another Dragonkin joined the group of three already assembled. Insae knew Seres pretty well, since the wounds acquired on protecting this village had to be healed somehow, and Seres was one of the finest healers in this town; that was of course if Seres was out of town and traveling about.

Seres question was left unanswered, until Raizel answered in that deep bass of his. Insae did not reply, because her answere would be the same as Raizel's, and she would not have come here if she wasn't going to answer the call for help from the dragonkin.

Then Insae heard footsteps stepping nearer. The Elder entered the room, and glanced over the four of them. To Insae, maybe it wasn't actually true, it appeared as if the Elder had wanted more dragonkin to have answered the call. But it didn't appear to phase the Elder, as he merely welcomed them and asked if any of them wished something to eat and/or drink. To Raizel, the Elder specified a blood offering which Raizel politely denied. Then the Elder looked towards everyone else and asked, but before anyone else could answer, but then Raizel asked his own question.

There were a few moments of silence after Raizel's question, Insae was unsure of what was going on. She stepped from one foot to the other, her tail slowly and nervously swishing. But then the Elder answered in an assured tone. Did it only seem like it, or did the Elder put a little stress on the words "and your parents"? Insae was initially confused, but after awhile it made sense. They were dragonkin, and if the dragons had left, that meant that their parents had gone somewhere as well; at least their dragon-parents.

Raizel's tail swished first one way, and then another. There was another moment of silence, before Nekroma spoke up. Bone marrow, that was indeed a most interesting choice, followed up Nekroma expressing her desire for aid.

Insae took a deep breath, and answered in a calm and steady voice, [+purple "I would like some tea, and ask you some questions Elder..... in private please."]
  Insae / NorthernWolves / 169d 5h 3m 0s
Nekroma faced the elder, and purred a bit. "Bone marrow, if you have any." She had a worried expression, as she surveyed the others. She seemed to be the weakest, seeing how she almost never fought. She looked at how prepared all the others seemed to be. She felt like a child. Her ears perked up when the elder said that he could advise them on where to start, the fires on the tips of her tails flared up from excitement. "I-We would definitely like the advice, sir!" Her ears flattened, as her expression grew to a smile. She really was a child in spirit.
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 173d 13h 48m 14s
[h3 [center Raizel Bloodshade]]
Raizel had settled down on a stone bench. The male had closed his eyes, tail resting beside him. The sound of footsteps and the scent of others brought him back.
His red eyes slowly opened as her heard what could have only been a 'meow'. The male turned his gaze, seeing a female Dragonkin. He had only seen her about several times, not much. Raizel simply gave her a nod, turning his red orbs for eyes back to the door as another approached.
The Dragonkin that entered he knew a little bit more about, well, more of what she did, acting as a guard to the village. He watched her for several moments, then let his gaze wander elsewhere. The tip of his tail twitched now and then, waiting quietly.
Once again, his attention was brought back as another Dragonkin soon entered. Raizel listened quietly as the recently arrived Dragonkin asked if they were there due to the elder's request.
The male slowly stood, he found himself taller than the other 3, however, he didn't let it bother him. Raizel's voice was low as he answered, [#b22222 "I am indeed here to answer the call."]
The male lifted his head, hearing footsteps. The Elder that had asked suddenly appeared. The Elder Dragonkin looked over the small group, seemingly nodding to himself. He leaned slightly on the staff he held, sighing softly.
[i "Welcome young ones to my abode. May I offer you anything, tea? Or for you Raizel, I'm sure I have some blood left on hand."]
As for Raizel, he simply shook his head, [#b22222 "I appreciate the offer old one, but I do not require any at the moment. I recently went on a hunt, and I should be good for sometime."]
The elder only nodded, looking towards the others, [i "Anything for you ladies?"]
Raizel was quiet for several moments, then spoke again, [#b22222 "I assume you are going to prepare us for the journey?"]
The Elder Dragonkin went quiet, but finally answered, [i "Yes, I shall try to help you the best I can before you begin. There are several areas I advise you visit, in hopes of learning more of what happened to our guardians, and your parents."]
Raizel gave a slight nod. He glanced towards the other 3 out of the corner of his eyes. The male's tail slowly swayed to the side, waiting for their responses.
  ::Dragonkin:: / Dragoncita / 173d 13h 56m 44s
Seres stood there for a while as the crowd slowly began to disperse. An elder dragonkin had spoken to the village about the dire situation none of them could ignore any longer. The dragons were no longer frequenting Sylenrion, or anywhere for that matter, and a certain darkness was starting to crawl across the earth aptly called "abominations". There were fewer and fewer places that could be considered safe due to just how many different areas became overrun by them to the point of full on destruction. She mainly stayed in the home village due to the rise in danger, but there would come a point where no one would be able to run anywhere.

She closed her eyes and an image of her father flashed across her mind. She pressed her lips together, trying her best to not let panic or fear overtake her heart as she thought of him. It was hard to not wonder where he could be or what might have happened to him, along with all the other dragons. She lost her human mother centuries ago. Though she has had plenty of time to mourn and become okay with the woman's passing, that did not mean she was ready to lose her father, too.

Brownish-red eyes snapped open at the sound of a small child sobbing. Looking around, Seres spotted a small blond boy sitting on the ground, hands covering his eyes as the tears flowed freely down his chubby cheeks. That's when she noticed some red forming on one of his knees. The poor kid must have tripped and scraped his knee.

Walking over, she squatted next to the child and placed a hand over the injury. He pulled his hands away so his wide eyes could see who had approached him. His crying calmed down into heavy sniffles as he observed her hand glowing in a light, gentle blue color. When the light faded away, she pulled her hand away to reveal that his knee was completely healed.

She looked at the boy and smiled. [b [#42c8f4 "There you go. Good as new."]]

He looked back and forth between her and his once bleeding knee. Once his young brain finally processed what had happened, he looked up at her and smiled a wide, toothy grin. [b "Thank you, pretty lady!"]

Seres laughed in response to the innocent exclamation, unable to resist the urge to ruffle his messy hair. [b [#42c8f4 "Just be careful for me, alright?"]]

[b "Okay~."]

As if nothing happened, he stood up and ran further down the street. All she could do was sigh as she watched him disappear from sight. Hopefully he wouldn't hurt himself again, but children are typically accident-prone. She rose to her feet and brushed off her shin-length, white-and-brown dress. Observing the other villagers as they went about their day, the white-haired woman finally came to a decision. If there was anything at all she could do to protect these people, nothing would stop her from doing that. The high risks of the task did not nearly terrify her as much as the possible deaths of many more people at the hands of the abominations.

With that newfound conviction, Seres walked on to the temple that the humans had built in order to worship and show their respect to dragons. The elder that had spoken to the crowd earlier lived in the house that lived directly next to it, which was where he said he would be.

Fortunately, when she arrived, she could see three other dragonkin standing in front of the home, assumingly there for the same reason that she was. She smiled at them and lightly bowed her head before joining them. Although she recognized their faces, she could not 100% remember their names. She had been to many different places and met so many people over the years that recalling a person's name right away was difficult, regardless of their species.

[b [#42c8f4 "I assume you all are here in response to the elder's speech?"]] she asked the group. Though she was not uncomfortable with silence, she enjoyed engaging in conversation with those around her whenever possible.
  Seres / nomey1 / 173d 18h 34m 43s
A figure stood within the crowd, hooded in a dark grey parka with white color as an outline. On the right hip, the figure had a sword that appeared to big and heavy to be wielded by someone of this person's stature. But there's more to a person than just a mere glance on the cover. For just like icebergs, the truth was under the surface.

Her name was Insae, but most people did not know her name; they did however, could recognize her by how she looked. The hood was somewhat tall as it covered the her jet-black horns, and a somewhat long tail was slowly going left to right with a bit of impatience. This time listening to the village elder who hadn't still come to some sort of conclusion, was time wasted killing the Abominations which were threatening this very village. Ever since the dragons had disappeared, these vile Abominations had become more bold and much more nastier. They dared to attack anything that crossed their path. It had become a hard task to protect anyone who couldn't fight in Sylenrion due to the sheer number of these abominations.

At this point Insae considered just walking off, but the elder came to his conclusion. He sought brave dragonkin who would go out into the world and seek answers as to where and why the dragons had disappeared. Insae paused to think. On the one hand, if she went, that meant she'd be abandoning her unofficial post as a protector. On the other hand, this would be one way to save everyone by finding the problem with the dragons and solving it, not to mention that his journey might reveal answers to questions that Insae had been searching for a long time.

By this time the crowd had dispersed, and Insae had made up her mind. With a steady step, she walked to the elder's house.

As she came up to the elder's house, Insae glanced at the empty temple that had been built for the dragons. With the might glory of the dragons gone, the temple looked as if it were in disrepair. Maybe, maybe this journey would bring back the dragons and the peace that had existed under them.

Entering the elder's house, two other dragonkin had already arrived. One of them was Raizel, and the other was Nekroma. Insae knew Raizel very well even though he might not know anything about her. Nekroma, Insae had merely heard the name and seen the female dragonkin, but did not know much about her.

Insae unhooded herself, and politely made small bows to both Raizel and Nekroma.
  Insae / NorthernWolves / 175d 4h 28m 15s
Nekroma sat in the form of a cat as the elder spoke. She was easily noticeable, since cats don't usually have two tails, feathered wings, or chasm eyes. She wasn't the most powerful person, but she was still well known. This was more because of her necromantic powers then lineage. Despite Nekomata dragons being hard to fine, they are actually pretty common, and are smaller than most dragons. Nekroma had this problem, being only 5'2". The two fires at the tips of her tails flickered as the elder spoke.

As the elder finished his speech, Nekroma turned and walked into an alleyway. She transformed into a human form, a black cloak ending right above her knee. She had pale skin in the areas that didn't have cat fur, her head, her knee, and her upper leg. She stretched her pink tipped feathered wings, and walked towards the elders house. She glanced at the now empty temple where dragons once gathered, and continued on her way.

She walked into the elders house, and looked around. She jumped a bit and let out a small meow when she saw Raizel, her fur on end. She calmed down a bit, and waved to him. She had heard of him, though she doubted that he knew who she was. She tried her best not to stare, since her two main eyes were just huge pitch black holes. Her two tails waved around, unable to keep still, as she waited for more dragonkin to (hopefully) join.
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[h3 [center Raizel Bloodshade]]
Raizel was completely silent as the Elder spoke. He was a Dragonkin, he was actually well-known amongst everyone who lived in Sylenrion and a few other villages due to his mother. His mother was a Bloodstriker, a rare breed which wasn't often seen.
A forked tongue flicked from his mouth, testing the air. Raizel glanced around at the members of the village who had gathered. He could see an even mix of humans and Dragonkin. His eyes moved back to the Elder. Raizel knew of the 'abominations', had fought a few of the weaker ones that had gotten too close to the village. The male grimaced at the thought of those beasts overrunning the lands. Raizel slowly closed his red eyes, opening them again.
He lifted his head as the Elder called out, asking for several Dragonkin to step forth and take this quest. Raizel watched the crowd around him. His pupils narrowed into thin slits, tail lashing to the side.
[i "I understand you need time to think this through,"] the Elder suddenly spoke, [i "If any Dragonkin accept, come visit me at my house."]
Then with that, the crowd dispersed. Raizel watched the humans and Dragonkin. He sighed softly to himself. He knew there was little time left, and to put this off any longer would result in the last safe places to fall to the 'abominations'.
Raizel waited for the last of the crowd to leave, then headed towards the temple. He knew the Elder's home was there. The Dragonkin paid little to no attention around him. His tail trailed behind him, claws clicking on the hard ground beneath him. The male's eyes glowed slightly, pupils narrowed into thin slits.
Before he knew it, Raizel was standing before the door that led to the Elder's house. Beside the small building, was the massive temple that had been built for the dragons. Raizel glanced towards it, staring at it for several moments. One time, there were usually several dragons swarming around. Now though, there was nothing.
[#b22222 "Let us just hope I am not the only one,"] he muttered to himself, [#b22222 "I know I am capable of many things...but this is one of those times I feel a few more are needed if we are to succeed in finding out what is happening..."]
  ::Dragonkin:: / Dragoncita / 178d 8h 4m 44s

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