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[center [pic]]

[center Here, in this little village by the sea, lived a young woman frozen in time. The village had long been abandoned and the huts were burned to the ground. The people believed the woman cursed the land, seeing as the fish stopped swimming near their coast and their children had mysteriously fallen ill.]

[center The memory of her last warning to them haunted their dreams and plagued their thoughts, her screams echoed in the wind for years to come, and her tears of anguish stained the sands red as her glare sent unforgiving chills down their spines. Her frozen body was tossed into the sea and forgotten.]

[center Her story was tragic, but her future holds uncertainty. Fore, she falsely accused of the murder of a man who forced her to be his bride and was sentenced to a public hanging. However, out of fear, ice shot forth from the woman’s hands as she struggled to escape the harden grip of the men sent to retrieve her and she was then accused of witchcraft. They tied her to a splintered post and set ablaze the dried grass beneath her feet. A soul splitting scream forced its way out of her throat as the wind picked up, it was then she gave them her final warning just before her body was encased in a shield of ice, "Ye shall all suffer a gruesome and most unsightly fate." A gruesome fate is what they faced, leaving only a few to survive living there and thus, forcing them to leave and to never return.]

[center That is until a diver discovered her body, untouched by the currents and her cheeks were stained with crimson tears. He admired her beauty but was unsettled about the almost eerie feeling he got from being near the woman. So, the man brought her body back up to the surface, his team questioning him as to why he would do such a thing, but he never could give them an answer as to why he did so. All he could do was ask them to anchor near the shore.]

[center Unbeknownst to him, he is the first and only male descendant of the judge that sentenced her to her death. He didn't know the next morning the woman would awaken and the ice would melt.]


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Taboo nodded as he lhet them dock. Once there, he helped her off and they made their way to the care, leaving the rest to deal with their equipment. He helped her into his car and smiled. [I "don't worry. This won't hurt you... Just like I won't"]

The drive was eventful, she asked what this and that was, and he eagerly answered. By the time he had gotten to his place, he helped her out and led her to his door. [I "it isn't much, but it's home... You can take a bath here while I go and get you some clothes"] he said
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A small smile graced her lips as she turned around to face him. No one ever complimented her before. No one was really nice to her at all, though it was refreshing, she questioned why it made her chest flutter and why her cheeks felt warm.

[#bddeff What is a c... car?”] Lyra tilted her head as her eyes widened in excitement and curiosity. [#bddeff “I want to go with you, yes. This new world sounds like something the old inventors would ramble and dream about...”] She chuckled at her own desperation to get off this boat.

[i [#bddeff “Being rocked back and forth and staring at the water is becoming maddening...”]] Lyra hummed as she thought about what awaits her and what time has done to the mainlands. Her heart raced and a she broke out in a subconscious grin. [#bddeff This should be interesting...”]

She walked up to the man and her eyes shone with intrigue and wonder. She was genuinely ecstatic and dare she say happy about possibly finding a true friend. Someone to look up to and admire.
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Taboo had noticed her moving towards the side. Making sure she wasn't thinking rash about the situation, he inched towards her. [I "Well, I can show you the town if you want... Its better than it was then... There's cars, different types of clothes, and living circumstances have improved... "] he said and smiled.

When he heard her mention her hair, he blushed. [I "Well, I kinda like your hair... Its natural, unlike some of these girls... "] he said, rubbing the back of his head nervously. He stared as the boat trekked its way back to port. He sighed as Alex and Smith grabbed their equipment. Taboo looked to her. [I "You want to come with me? I can get you to a bath before I give you a tour"]
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She remained silent as they spoke to her. Untrusting of their banter and she showed no sign of how vexed she was in this moment. All she could do was stare at her wedding ring.

[b Pop]

Her knees and back popped slightly as she stood up and made her way over to side of the ship. She stared at the murky water before lifting her hand and dropping the ring in the shadows of the sea.

[b Splash]

The ring hit the water with a small splash. Disappearing from her sight. Lyric turned around to face the men. [#bddeff “I want to see how much time has changed...”] She said as she clutched to the blanket again, the blanket’s hem flutter in the gentle wind and her hair softly swayed behind her. Her long blonde locks reached the back of her knees. Her fringe flowed over shoulders and her bangs were a little messy, but framed her face perfectly. [#bddeff “I need to trim my hair soon as well...”]
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Taboo was slightly surprised. [i "You've been in that ice since 1870?"]

He stared at her as she asked questions. [I "Well, I was going to take you to the hospital, but it looks lime your alright. I'll help you get someplace warm when we dock"] he said. Alex and the rest nodded. [I "This is Alex, Arthur and Smith. They're my crew. We were cleaning this side of the beach when I found the ice... Its a good thing I did"]

He smiled when she smiled. Good. She felt better. Smith chuckled. [b "Don't worry. You'll be in good hands with Taboo, here. He's a silly man, but he has a very good heart. "] he said as he patted him on his shoulder. [I "Ow"] Taboo grunted.
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Lyra stared the man as the blanket was draped around her sllender shoulders. [#bddeff “My name is Lyra Wakefield... Last I was told is that was 1870...”] Her voice trailed off she began to think over what he said. [#bddeff [i “2016, wow... One hundred fourty-six years have passed.”]] She was free.

[#bddeff “Can you tell where I am?”] Her eyes veered to the right as her left hand gripped the blanket. She was grateful for the warm and a small smile graced her lips. Lyra wanted to cry, she’s never known such kindness from a stranger.

[b Clink]

The small silver ring fell onto the deck of the boat as she let her body relax. As if her right hand had a mind of its own, it let go of the only thing she had to remind her of the past.

[#bddeff “I know I’m a on a boat of some sorts, but how did I get here and where will you be taking me?”] She gazed up at the man who held his hands up. She frowned, thinking they were also afraid of her. [#bddeff “You don’t have to be afraid of me... I will not hurt you.”] Lyra’s voice came out soft and almost angelic. She did not want them to fear her.
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Taboo was memorized as Alex had gotten a pickaxe. He hit the ice twice before it gave. The ice slowly began to crack from it, then went further down the structure. He saw that it was breaking and backed up, pulling Alex away before he could use the pickaxe. [I "Who are you? "] he asked to himself before the ice broke, and out came the woman trapped in it.

The woman had lain there... And as Taboo approached, he noticed she was breathing. He backed up before he came to see red pools staring back. He froze there, hypnotized as she slowly pushed herself up. She began to panic. He threw his hands in front of him, seeing a shocked look on her face. [I "Whoa, whoa... Calm down, its okay... "] he tried to reassure her.

She started asking questions, but her voice was too cracked... He made out the village and a judge, and he shook his head. [I "I dunno if you know the date, but... Its 2016... You may have been trapped in the ice for a long time... "]

He saw that she was shivering, then looked to Alex. [I "Get her a blanket"] he said.
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[b Pulsing...]

Lyra’s body pulsed at the foreign touch. Shifting into a warm flow of energy that surged throughout her body as the blood began pumping through her heart again. [#bddeff [i “Cold... Yet, I feel so warm.”]] She fought to open her eyes, but her body was too stiff and her eyelids were frozen shut.

She could feel herself being lifted, she could hear the water as it rushed downward as a force dragged her from her aquatic Hell. She felt herself being placed down. Her mind was frantic. She didn’t know whether to feel overjoyed by the fact that she could have a taste of freedom or if she should feel afraid of who has found her.

[b Thump...]

[#bddeff [i “Where am I? I can still feel my heart beating...”]] Her thoughts rang out and waged war on her subconscious. [i [#bddeff “I didn’t kill him and this is my punishment for being a witch. A monster in their eyes...”]] Lyra tried to open her eyes again, but could only mentally scowl as her left index finger twitched. [i [#bddeff “I just want to see where I am...”]] Her left hand twitched this time.

[b Crack!]

The crackling of the ice around her echoed through her ears as she slowly pressed her hand against the frozen shield. It began to crack even more as her heart raced and stammered in her chest at the thought of waking up.

[b Shattering...]

The ice shattered, sharp shards glittered under the sun as it peeked out from behind the grey clouds. Her long golden locks fanned out around her body as she lay there, finally able to breath. Her clothes where still intact, though they were outdated. Her once tanned skin was pale due to lack of sunlight. Her feet were bare and covered in scorch marks.

[b Red...]

Her blood red orbs shot open as her body slowly rose to a sitting position. She weakly turned her head to observe her surroundings, but soon her eyes filled with panic as she whipped her head around to find a place to hide. Finding none, Lyra shakily held her hands up and stared at her palms, the ring Joseph hand placed on her dainty finger was clutched in right hand, tightly and the dulled Sapphire gen had left a small indention in her delicate skin.

[#bddeff “I’m on a boat, but why? Where is the village and the judge? I thought I was dead...”] Her voice weak and trembling from not being able to to use her vocal chords in so long.
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[center [b [size30 TABOO]]]

Taboo... Usually when they say the word, it would mean something out of turn.... Maybe up to illegal purposes... But, Taboo began feeling up to his reputation. He was bit of a troublemaker, and the people that backed him wished they could even scrape the surface of his name. Still, hi job as a deep sea diver had its rewards. But, today seemed... Different.

[b "Yo, Canon! You got a call. Got a deep sea dive to clean off the shore. Its bringing too many gulls around for the port about twelve kilometers from it. "] a voice called. It was Alex, his friend and a paranoid wreck. Having a friend is one thing... To have a friend with OCD was a total different ball game. How he even ended up it the business was a mystery to even Taboo. He hated anything dirty, but he's an assistant diver. Taboo thought nothing of it. He sighed loudly as he grabbed his wallet and gear. [I "Tell Willis we're on it... "] he said simply before throwing his flippers over his right shoulder, and headed out the door.

At his dock, he had a ship named ol'Glory, and on it was his two navigators Arthur and Smith, who seemed to be putting their equipment on the boat. As he slid onto the boat, he threw his hair up into a ponytail, and smelled the sea air as the wind trickles through the sail. [I "Where's Willis? "]

[b [I "He said he won't be able to come. We're on our own this time"]] Alex said as he slid onto the boat. Arthur smirked. [b [u "What else is new? He only got on the boat once, and it was for that scam about treasure being buried under the decks"]] he said. Smith chuckled as he set up the last of the equiptment. Taboo shrugged. [I "His loss. Everybody ready? "] he asked. Everyone got into position. Alex dropped the sail as Arthur hoisted the anchor. Smith was at the Helm, ready to navigate.

[I "Let's do this"]

[center [size30 ❇❇♠❇❇]]

The ship slowly approached the coordinates shown on the directions from Willis. Taboo recognized that place. He remembered the tale of the SeaWitch, of the terrible deeds done to her. He wondered why they were going there to clear the waters, but it was his job nevertheless.

He suited up and was in water, closer to the shore. Ales was on the otherwise of the boat, doing his cleaning there. He usually felt content in the water, peaceful. Though today's job was to clean the shore, it was worth it if he could have just a few hours to himself... That was until his daydreaming has gotten him snagged.

He grunted as he was dragged sown slightly, and he knocked into something hard. He didn't know stone could stretch that far to the open water. He managed to straighten out, and then attempted to get his breathing bag from the stone when he noticed... It wasn't atone at all... In fact... It looked like... Ice?!

[b ❇static❇ This is Taboo... I seem to have came across something... A big shard of ice...]

[I *static* Orders, captain?]

[b Bring down a line... It could be something here...]

[I *static* Roger]

Taboo stared at the block of ice. He couldn't tell what it was, but as he stared, he felt a wave of feelings... It was if he felt insecure and enraged... Heartbroken and betrayed all at once... As he stared, though, he made out a figure... A figure of a... Woman?!

A few hours had gone by and after a few close calls, they successfully pulled it from its resting place. As it thudded onto the deck, Taboo ripped off his goggles and looked at the block of ice... Indeed, there was a woman! Was she real?

Alex jumped onto the deck, and everyone was surprised of what they were seeing. [b "This looks like a murder case, man. She looks like she's been locked in a freezer..."]

Taboo didn't hear anything. The woman looked as though she had clutched something in her hands, her body was tense and there were red lines running down her cheeks. She reached out, mesmerized by the view. [I"Let's thaw her out... "] he said without thinking...
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An eerie silence swept through the small island settlement. The clouds hung low and the winds were still. The waves were mere ripples as they ceased their journey to the shore. However, in one of the few huts, a girl lay unconscious in a crimson pool of blood; though, not her own, but that of a man's. He had painted her skin with knicks and bruises the night before, all in a drunken rage and she was left defenseless against him. Her vision faded and her exhausted mind was left to rest as the man towered over her, slightly sober and horrified by his actions. So, he took his own life. Slitting his jugular with a jagged shard of glass from the broken rum bottle he had beat her with. Falling next to her as the life fled from his being.

He never wanted to hurt this woman, he just wanted her to himself. This woman, she was like a siren that lured him to her. He knew what she was and used that to his advantage, so he blackmailed her and forced her to be his bride. The woman was a witch and she knew that if she tried to get away from him, he'd expose her to the village and she'd then be burned at the stake.

So, she stayed, obeyed his every command in fear of her own life. She knew not of his hidden rage. He had beaten her because he was angry at her for speaking to a sailor at the port. Asking about life outside of the island. He knew she was curious about the outside world but was angry at her defiance, especially after he told her never speak to another man. She broke his number one rule and she paid the price of her sin.

[b Bang, bang, bang!]

The door was thrown to the ground as three men forced their way into the dark hut. Completely stunned at the sight of two bodies lying on the floor. Shock turned to hatred as they watched the girl open her eyes. Red! Her eyes were as red as the pool of blood she was laying in.

[i [b [#a4ccf4 "Lyra, what have you done? Answer me! What have you done to Joseph?"]]] Her breath hitched as she stared at her "husband". The glass protruding from his skin. Her voice gone from begging him to stop. [i [b [#a4ccf4 "Grab her, she'll be hanged for the murder of Joseph Wakefield. Lyra Wakefield, you are hereby under arrest for the murder of your husband. I, Arnold J. Peters, sentence thee to be publically executed by hanging. There will be no trial."]]] His eyes held no remorse for the woman as she struggled to free herself from the other two men that were with him.

[#bddeff "No! I didn't do this!"] Lyra cried out as she felt her hands growing cold. [i [#bddeff "No, no, no! Not now! Pease!"]] Her mind screamed as she thrashed around. The coldness began to burn her fragile skin as shards of ice shot forth from her palms and impaled the floor in front of her. [i [#bddeff "No, what have I done?"]] She froze as the judge roughly gripped her chin, tilting her head up and maliciously smirking at her.

[i [b [#a4ccf4 "Burn this, witch...]]] He then left and the men soon followed, dragging poor Lyra to her doom. She fell unconscious yet again...

Waking up to the smell of smoke, Lyra panicked and let out a soul splitting scream as she watched the flames lick at her skin. Crimson tears ran down her cheeks as she glared at the people who surrounded her. Chills. Unforgiving chills ran down their spines as the winds picked up and the sea became enraged. [#bddeff "Ye shall all suffer a gruesome and most unsightly fate."] Lyra screamed her last words to them as her body was shielded in ice.

Scared, the judge ordered they toss her body into the sea. Such is the fate of a witch. Her screams would echo in the wind for years to come, her last words would haunt this little village on the sea for all eternity.

A gruesome fate is what they faced. The fish never came, their crops withered to nothing, and the children had mysteriously fallen ill. Cursed... The island was cursed and the sand was stained red from a witch's tears. Leaving only a few people to survive living there, including the judged, and thus, forcing them to leave and to never return.

Lyra would be forgotten. Just as the island was... That is until her body was resurfaced....
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