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"Like I said I can run to Seattle so I still might be trying to do that." he said with a smirk. "I honestly didn't think about your dad reading my mind, I hope he stays out of my head or hes going to see more of his baby girl than he wants to... you run through my mind all day...all of you." He said and leaned over to kiss her.

Looking through the shelf of DVDs he sighed, "I don't know what to watch, you pick." Sam was old fashioned, he hadn't gotten Netflix yet or anything, when he wanted to watch a movie, he bought one.

"I haven't had a guys night but I also haven't gotten drunk since we started dating either, I grew up a little because if I got drunk your dad would have killed me by now. I don't want any reason for your parents to hate me. I might have a ring on your finger but if your dad finds out your not a virgin, he will murder me."
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Renesmee laughed and just nodded. [b "I knew before you even started. My father can read minds, remember. And my Aunt see's the future. You should've known I would find out, baby."] She listened to him speak about Seth and Leah. [b "I don't think you give her enough credit. She lost you, phased into a wolf the first time, learned she had to follow under you, and lost her father all within the same year. She's strong as hell, Sam.. I wish I could be as strong as her."]

[b "Samuel Uley, don't you dare lie to me. Embry and Paul both miss you. When was the last time you had a guys night? Not since before we started dating, because you're either with me, or sleeping, or working, or patrolling."] she said. [b "I meant you won't be trying to have sex with me every night."] she giggled. [b "Don't act like I'm not telling the truth either."]
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'You knew about those?" He said shyly. "I'm sorry the alpha in me comes out when its something I'm worried about but no Leah and Seth might not try it with you but Collin and Brady might and Leah is a wildcard, we don't know how this affects her so I told Seth to watch her." Everyone knew Sam and Leah had a past together but Sam just couldn't be with her. She was mean to him, abusive even and when he left she threatened him. He was so glad that he had Renesmee now.

"Babe I have not been neglecting my friends and just because your not here doesn't mean I'll sleep better? I'll probably lose sleep being away from my imprint for so long. I know when your home you feel the pull towards me and thats a thousand times worse for me, Its going to be hell when your in Seattle and I'm not, thats hundreds of miles but if I had to I could run it."
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Renesmee listened to Sam and nodded slightly. [b "Leah is a girl. I think it's safe to say that she wouldn't try and mate with me. Seth is like one of our best friends, or my best friend at least. I think that also crosses him off the list."] she stated. She heard him use his 'Alpha Voice' and just rolled her eyes. [b "You aren't my Alpha, therefore. I don't have to obey you. Don't even try and start a fight, Sam. You know I'm perfectly
capable of taking care of myself."]

She sat on the couch and smiled. [b "I'm going to miss this too, but I know Embry and Paul have been missing their bestfriend. You can finally spend some time with them."] she said. [b "And catch up on sleep. You won't have me to worry about anymore. Therefore, you can stop adding extra patrols around my house."] She leaned over and kissed his cheek.
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"Its mating season Ness.... imprints don't matter during mating season... its not safe for you out there, the younger newer wolves can't control their urges. Seth, Leah, Collin, and Brady are new and when they crack and they will I don't want you to be the one they try to mate with." He said sighing. "When we go out we go together or not at all." He was using his alpha voice now, when that came out there was no arguing with him. He was protective and worried about her because she was his imprint and mate. Sam didn't want anything to happen to her.

"I'm going to miss this when your in Seattle... I'll be at work tomorrow thinking of you in your apartment all day, and going to school. I'm proud of you and can't wait to see you graduate but I can't help but miss you already and your still here."
  Sam Uley / polkadotrocker / 7d 20h 11m 35s
Renesmee smiled softly as she listened to Sam. [b "It's not problem, Sam. I practically live here, so I think thats its only fair that I help with the house work, especially when you're working all day at the Lumber Yard."] she said. Once she was finished, she started the dishwasher after Sam had loaded the dishes inside.

[b "Why don't you want me patrolling? We always used to do it together."] she said. She didn't know what was going on with Sam, but he was acting more protective than usual. [b We can just watch netflix if you want, I guess."]

She was going to definitely miss her and Sam's lazy days together when she went off to school but that was just going to make the time they did get to spend together, more special. She was just so afraid that Sam was going to get tired of the distance thing and leave her.
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"its okay baby, I won't ever hurt you, if your sore we can wait and just patrol tonight. As long as I'm with you, I'm happy Renesmee." Sam muttered as he took a bite of his own pancakes, "Babe you don't have to thank me, how many times have you made me a meal or did my laundry or cleaned up the house, you deserve all the love and thanks a million times over."

When he was finished he rinsed off his plate and placed it in the dishwasher as well as his utensils and his cup from breakfast. "I have all day off of work, maybe we should do something... we could just be lazy and watch movies all day here though... that sounds like a hell of a plan." he said smirking. He really didn't want Renesmee out on the reservation even if she was with him. It was still mating season for another 4 days and it was common knowledge to those within the pack that the younger wolves couldn't control their urges and Seth, Leah, Collin, and Brady were the newest wolves.
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Renesmee nodded as she listened. [b "I'm really excited about it. I haven't been on a good run in forever. You know how protective my Father is."] she said. She listened to him speak about Embry and how his mate was most liekly pregnant with his child. She sighed. She knew how badly Sam wanted his own children, but she just wasn't ready. [b "I'm still pretty sore from last night baby."] she said.

[b "Thanks for cooking breakfast. This is really good."] she said as she took a bite of the pancakes. She glanced up at him and smiled softly. [b "I'm so thankful that you're supporting me through it all though."] She truly didn't know what she would do if Sam wasn't supportive of it. They probably wouldn't work out, even though they were mates. She couldn't be with someone who didn't support her.
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"5 but Seth is taking over the actual patrols since hes alpha for a couple days... I needed a break and with it being mating season and everything, testosterone is on high with the pack and well Embry mated finally but he might have scared the girl so much she won't talk to him and most likely is pregnant with his child.." Sam said sipping his coffee. "This is good baby, thank you.... but we patrol later and maybe we can have a little fun."

He winked at her and intertwined his fingers with hers. "Sweetheart I wanted you to know I am so proud of you and I know your going to do amazing in Seattle but I'm going to miss you so much. Its not going to be the same here without you... be prepared for alot of visits and face time.... and when mating season comes around again... I'll be at your door."
  Sam Uley / polkadotrocker / 7d 23h 35m 26s
When Renesmee woke up, she was indeed sore. But she wasn't going to show it. She knew that if Sam hadn't let his wolf out, then he would be in pain. So it had to be done. She woke up to the smell of pancakes and burnt sausage. She giggled and slipped into a sweatshirt. [b "Good morning."] she said. [b "You cooked breakfast for me?"] she grinned.

She walked over and leaned up, kissing his cheek. [b "Go sit down. I'll make you some coffee."] she said softly. She gently pushed him out of the way and grabbed two plates from the cabinet. She fixed the plates, and put the K cup in the Keurig she'd gotten him just because he needed a new coffee maker. [b "Did you sleep well?"] she asked.

She set the plates on the table and grabbed the coffee cup. She sat down and smiled softly. [b "Thanks for cooking breakfast, baby."] she said [b "What time do we go on patrols?"]
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The next day Sam woke up beside Renesmee, he never wanted to hurt her but she had reassured him that he hadn't but that didn't stop him from getting up and making her breakfast in bed that morning. If he only had one more day with her before she left for college than he was going to make the best of it. His wolf was quiet today. He had done what he wanted and today Sam was content and he wanted to make today special for Renesmee. He had already told the pack that Seth was in charge for the day, even though Sam had to patrol later. He was hoping Seth would take over that as well. He probably would but Sam wasn't going to mention it right now. He could hear the pack mind and it seemed that mating season was hard on the pack and there may be a few pack babies on the way but Sam wasn't going to jinx it... everyone getting what they wanted but him.
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Renesmee looked around her empty room. Everyone was going to Seattle when she moved in to help, since Bella and Edward weren't going to be there. She had just decided she would spend the next two nights at Sams house. They wouldn't be able to be together again for at least a few weeks once she moved in. She sighed softly. It was be a big adjustment learning to be all on her own. She'd always had a house full around her, wheather it was vampires or wolves, or just her human friends.

She grabbed her duffle bag and purse, and slung them over her shoulder as she walked downstairs. [b "I'm heading to Sam's. If anyone needs me, for whatever reason, I have my cell. Emmett."] she said with a grin. Emmett always loved to call and bug her while she was with Sam. [b "I'll see you guys bright and early Saturday morning. Thanks for agreeing to go with me. Love you!"] She hugged Esme and headed to La Push.

She hoped and prayed her jeep was quiet enough so he wouldn't know that she was coming. She hopped out once she was in his driveway and grabbed her bags before heading inside.
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Sam was working late nights trying to catch up with all of the days he had missed by going on the trip to Isle Esme with Renesmee but tonight he was heading home around seven because he was just exhausted. It seemed like he had never stopped working and the pack was on edge because Jacob was trying to challenge Sam as alpha and Embry had imprinted and it was causing drama because a new imprint and their imprintee had to be together to strengthen the bond and Embry patrols had been dropped and that meant everyone had to pick up a few extra shifts, even Sam.

He had done two shifts in two days and worked late both of those days. If he had to run right now he wouldn't be able to. His legs ached and that usually never happened. Unlocking the door and heading inside he flipped on the light switch in the kitchen and laid down his keys.
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Renesmee and Sam had been back in Washington State for a few weeks now. Sam had been busy catching up at work since he took ten days off, and Renesmee had been busy packing and making a trip or two to Seattle with her Mother and Father. Just making sure that they had everything ready with school.

She and Sam hadn't gotten to spend a lot of time together since they'd come back from Isle Esme. She understand why, and in a way she never had time to really miss him. Bella and Edward had taken a spure of the moment to Canada to visit family and friends. She wasn't sure why. So Rosalie and Esme were helping her finish up the last minute packing she had to do.

Since her Parents weren't home to object, she was planning on sneaking over to Sam's to spend the night. He wasn't expecting her, so it would be the perfect surprise. Who knew when they would be together again when she went off to College.
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"I love you more Renesmee." He said holding onto her. "Dinner smells amazing... I know your stressed out but were going back home in a few days and your going away to college and I... I'm going to be in La Push just waiting on you. I love you and I'm not ready to share you with the rest of the world yet so can we please just cherish these last few days we have here baby? La Push will be so boring without you there... maybe I can come to Seattle and visit you sometime... see your school and your dorm?" He suggested then asked, "What did Alice want? Wedding planning already?"

Sam knew that Renesmee wanted to wait until after she graduated for the wedding and babies but he would be content with getting married in the summer. Hell he would marry her right now on the beach of Isle Esme in his swim trunks. As long as he got to call her his.
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