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Sam looked at her pained. Not telling her that he was going to come visit her every chance he got. Even if the running there was intense, he was the Pack’s Alpha. If he couldn’t handle it no one could.

It was an hour later when Sam got up and nudged Renesmee to run home with him. It was dark out now and he didn’t want to keep her out too late. Even being a human vampire hybrid she needed her sleep but tonight Sam wouldn’t be going home to his house. He was going to stay in wolf form asleep on Renesmee’s floor. He wouldn’t dare sleep in her bed with her parents in the same house. Even though Bella wouldn’t have a problem with it, Edward would and Sam did not want to get on the vampire’s bad side.

The next day Sam woke up and sauntered to Renesmee’s bathroom where he phased back and got dressed.
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Renesmee blushed as she seen Sam staring at her. She giggled and shook her head. She watched as he took off running, and she was right behind him. Even though she was a human-vampire hybrid, she still loved working out. It relaxed her like nothing else ever did, except being in Sam's arms. She made sure the apartment she got in Seattle, had a three bedroom, so she could turn one into a mini gym, and the second into an office, where she could do all her studying.

Her minded was empty, she finally realized that Sam had stopped running. She came to a fast halt. She turned around and watched him, trying to figure out what was going on. When she realized he wasn't going to phase back at that time, she sat down and ran her hand down her back. [b "I'm going to miss you so much... But this will help our relationship. I know it will. It will back us stronger."]
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Sam nodded his head, taking in the sight of her. Renesmee was gorgeous and every time he saw her... she seemed to get more gorgeous... but this time was different. The pull he had to her was stronger... like she was a part of him. Sam brushed it off but the pull lingered so he started to run... running usually relaxed him, got his worries out... let them go.

After about 20 minutes he stopped in a clearing to catch his breath and sit with Renesmee. He didn't unphase at first, he wanted to see what she wanted to do or say. He had a pair of cut off denim shorts tied around his back paw and he could put them on if needed. Thats why he had the damn things.

Looking to Renesmee he whimpered. He didn't want her to leave and this was their last night together for a long time. Thats why they went running, it was something they both loved.
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Renesmee grinned when she finally finished packing. She could sense that Sam was outside waiting on her, she could feel it in her bones. She changed into a running outfit that Rosalie had given here, and braided her hair. It was messy, but she didn't care. It would probably get messed up anyway. She walked down the stairs and hugged her Mother. [b "I'll be back in a few hours. I'm going to patrol with Sam for a bit."] she said.

She walked outside and smiled softly when she seen Sam, who was in his shapeshifter form. [b "You ready?"] she asked. She looked at Emmett and rolled her eyes. [b "Shut up. You don't have to worry about me, Emmett. I can take care of myself."]

She waited for Sam to move, or react in the slightest way. She hadn't ran at her full speed in quite awhile, and she was very excited about it. She wouldn't be able to do things like that in Seattle.
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Sam patrolled for a few hours, running off some steam and letting his muscles get used to phasing again before he ran to the Cullen house to see Renesmee. Sam walked up the steps to the porch and scratched his paw against the door. He could hear people inside. It was around 9 o clock so he was waiting on Renesmee to join him. She would be leaving tomorrow and it was going to kill him but he was determined to spend their last night together... even if he wouldn't see her for a few weeks. It was already killing him on the inside.

Emmett opened the door and said, 'Ness is coming, keep her safe Uley." Sam just nodded his head. It wasn't rare that he let Renesmee see him in his wolf form but it felt different for him as she was his mate... they were connected on multiple levels and no one could understand that.
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Renesmee nodded and looked up at him. She wasn't sure if their future children would inherit the shapeshifter trait from Sam, but she knew she didn't know how she felt about their future children following under anyone but Sam. But she knew he didn't want to be Alpha forever. [b "You'll be the best father in the entire world."] she said softly.

She leaned up and wrapped her arms around his waist before she left. [b "I love you."] she said [b "I'll come patrol with you once I get everything done. Should be by nine."]

She hopped up into her Jeep and headed home to Forks. Even though her family annoyed the hell out of her, she truly had missed them. [b "I'm home!"] she said when she walked through the front door. Esme and Carlilse were waiting for her at the staircase. [b "I missed you guys!"] she said, hugging them both. She said hello to everyone, and told them about her week at Isle Esme, before heading upstairs and unpacking, and repacking for Seattle.
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“I will be but Seth will be my beta...he is now but he will take on more responsibility. I don’t want to be patrolling all the time and never be around for our kids. My dad was like that and he turned into an alcoholic so I refuse to be that way.” He said kissing her.

When she was leaving Sam sighed, “I’ll be on your back porch at 9...phased so don’t let Emmett kill me.” A big black wolf took even some Vampires by surprise sometimes and being alpha Sam was the biggest wolf in the pack...and the tallest man.

Sam patrolled for a few hours, letting some steam off and getting his muscles working again. It had been too long since he phased... he had to remember even when he was with Renesmee that he needed to phase and take care of himself. He never did, he was always so worried about keeping her safe.
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Renemee looked up at Embry and grinned. She had become best friends with him over the past few months, especially when the Jacob thing happened. He and Sam had quickly became her rock. [b "We missed you!"] she said. She pulled away and looked up at Sam, she blushed when he mentioned having kids. [b "You won't be alpha once we have children?"] she questioned.

Soon enough they were back at Sams house, and Renesmee had been trying to leave for ten minutes. It was hard on the both of them. They had gotten so used to being with each other twenty four seven. [b "I'll come out sometime tonight. I just have to make sure everything is ready to go for Seattle."] she said. She was starting to get nervous about leaving Forks, the only home she'd ever known. But she knew that she had a bright future ahead of her.
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Embry chuckled and said, "Hey Loca, hey Sam." He said nodding to Sam and hugging Renesmee. Sam knew Embry would never hurt Renesmee, he couldn't. Imprinting was their most abosolute law and even Jacob couldn't and wouldn't harm her.

'Seth held down the fort while you were gone, nothing went wrong, hes a good leader." Embry said and Sam nodded as they loaded the luggage in Renesmee's jeep. "Good he will take over once the time comes that Renesmee and I have kids... I'll still phase and be in the pack but I want to be around, not like my dad was." Embry understood. Joshua Uley was a horrible man up until the day he died. It was one of the reasons that Sam was like he was.

Back at his house Sam sighed and pulled Renesmee in for a hug, "I love you and I know you have to pack but I will be patrolling tonight, its been too long since I phased so if you need me... I'll be patrolling and you know how to find me. I love you."
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The next few days went by very fast, as much as Renesmee hated it. They were heading back to Washington State today, and in three days, Renesmee would be moving into her apartment in Seattle. She was so excited to start this new part of her life. She was excited for the independence that came along with it. She wouldn't have her Father or Sam always watching her, making sure she never got hurt. She was nervous as well though, she was afraid of what the distance would do to her relationship with Sam. She wasn't sure if it would ruin it, or make it stronger.

It was a long flight back to Washington, but soon enough they were home. Since Edward and Sam didn't exactly have the best relationship, Embry was picking them up at the airport. She was grinning from to ear once they landed. [b "I've never been so excited to see snow before. I loved being on the beach with you, but I missed Washington, and the coldeness."] she said. She grabbed her carry on bag and walked down the stairs. [b "Embry!"] she said.

Soon enough they were all in Renesmee's jeep, and headed back to La Push. Since she had been gone for some time, Renesmee was dropping the two of them off at Sam's, and then was going to head home. She had to finish packing for the move.
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"Like I said I can run to Seattle so I still might be trying to do that." he said with a smirk. "I honestly didn't think about your dad reading my mind, I hope he stays out of my head or hes going to see more of his baby girl than he wants to... you run through my mind all day...all of you." He said and leaned over to kiss her.

Looking through the shelf of DVDs he sighed, "I don't know what to watch, you pick." Sam was old fashioned, he hadn't gotten Netflix yet or anything, when he wanted to watch a movie, he bought one.

"I haven't had a guys night but I also haven't gotten drunk since we started dating either, I grew up a little because if I got drunk your dad would have killed me by now. I don't want any reason for your parents to hate me. I might have a ring on your finger but if your dad finds out your not a virgin, he will murder me."
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Renesmee laughed and just nodded. [b "I knew before you even started. My father can read minds, remember. And my Aunt see's the future. You should've known I would find out, baby."] She listened to him speak about Seth and Leah. [b "I don't think you give her enough credit. She lost you, phased into a wolf the first time, learned she had to follow under you, and lost her father all within the same year. She's strong as hell, Sam.. I wish I could be as strong as her."]

[b "Samuel Uley, don't you dare lie to me. Embry and Paul both miss you. When was the last time you had a guys night? Not since before we started dating, because you're either with me, or sleeping, or working, or patrolling."] she said. [b "I meant you won't be trying to have sex with me every night."] she giggled. [b "Don't act like I'm not telling the truth either."]
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'You knew about those?" He said shyly. "I'm sorry the alpha in me comes out when its something I'm worried about but no Leah and Seth might not try it with you but Collin and Brady might and Leah is a wildcard, we don't know how this affects her so I told Seth to watch her." Everyone knew Sam and Leah had a past together but Sam just couldn't be with her. She was mean to him, abusive even and when he left she threatened him. He was so glad that he had Renesmee now.

"Babe I have not been neglecting my friends and just because your not here doesn't mean I'll sleep better? I'll probably lose sleep being away from my imprint for so long. I know when your home you feel the pull towards me and thats a thousand times worse for me, Its going to be hell when your in Seattle and I'm not, thats hundreds of miles but if I had to I could run it."
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Renesmee listened to Sam and nodded slightly. [b "Leah is a girl. I think it's safe to say that she wouldn't try and mate with me. Seth is like one of our best friends, or my best friend at least. I think that also crosses him off the list."] she stated. She heard him use his 'Alpha Voice' and just rolled her eyes. [b "You aren't my Alpha, therefore. I don't have to obey you. Don't even try and start a fight, Sam. You know I'm perfectly
capable of taking care of myself."]

She sat on the couch and smiled. [b "I'm going to miss this too, but I know Embry and Paul have been missing their bestfriend. You can finally spend some time with them."] she said. [b "And catch up on sleep. You won't have me to worry about anymore. Therefore, you can stop adding extra patrols around my house."] She leaned over and kissed his cheek.
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"Its mating season Ness.... imprints don't matter during mating season... its not safe for you out there, the younger newer wolves can't control their urges. Seth, Leah, Collin, and Brady are new and when they crack and they will I don't want you to be the one they try to mate with." He said sighing. "When we go out we go together or not at all." He was using his alpha voice now, when that came out there was no arguing with him. He was protective and worried about her because she was his imprint and mate. Sam didn't want anything to happen to her.

"I'm going to miss this when your in Seattle... I'll be at work tomorrow thinking of you in your apartment all day, and going to school. I'm proud of you and can't wait to see you graduate but I can't help but miss you already and your still here."
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