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[center [font "Courier New" Character A meets and falls in love with Character B, by an extremely strange situation. At first it even felt a little forced. Nonetheless, Character A falls in love. Soon after they find out Character B is an immortal , that isn't the craziest secret Character B has been hiding. They have been dating Character A, well their past lives, for generations. Every time Character A's past life dies, reincarnates, Character B spends years and year searching for Character A once more. Always hoping they can spend another lifetime with them.]]


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Lucian chuckled sheepishly at the compliment. "I don't know about that.." he murmured but felt pride welling up in him that Darren enjoyed his work so much. But the chuckle turned into a laugh as Darren admitted to checking out his page.

He couldn't lie that he liked the idea the Darren thought of him often. Was that a bit egocentric? Lucian thought about him enough it only seemed fair.

Though, getting to see Darren adorably embarrassed didn't last long as Newfie came full speed their way. At first it just looked like Darren was going to stumble but in his attempt to stay up Lucian felt himself dragged down with him. Lucian couldn't quite comprehend what happened until he heard Darren's 'uh' that he realized Darren was partially on top of him.

Lucian fought himself to not try and keep Darren there. It was pure bliss for a moment, he smelled different than before. It was still a scent he'd love to smell forever.

He fought a laugh that was bubbling up in his chest as the other scrambled to get off him, he sat himself up on his elbows. The blush on Darren's face to cute to ignore.

"Don't worry," he chucked. "I don't mind if it's you," Lucian added, a little flirty, before pushing himself from the dirt and offering Darren his hand to help him up. "Plus, I should have warned you. Newfie can be like hitting a brick wall," he joked but had to thank the big boy later. The mere seconds he had Darren on him only made him ache for more, but in due time. He still needed to thank Newfie tho.
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Darren’s face was going to split in half with how much smiling he was going. There was a large smile on his lips as he listened to Lucian talk about being busy. While it was disadvantageous for Darren he was happy that Lucian was busy because of how good he was. “Don’t feel bad. You deserve to have all the bookings in the world. Your art is good and your skill with a tattoo gun is just amazing,” he happily replied.

His smile faltered only slightly when Lucian asked if he had done any more stalking. The smile only faltered due to the embarrassment he felt because he had stalked the pictures. A soft blush dusted his cheeks as he looked over at the galloping Newfie. “Um... yeah I did. Liked and commented on it a few minutes after you posted the pictures. Beautiful work,” he said as he scratched his neck.

Darren didn’t get long to be embarrassed because Newfie was galloping at him at full speed, or what Darren guessed was full speed. In preparation for the collision Darren widened his stance and made sure he was solid on his feet. Too bad Newfie was stronger than Darren had thought and plowed right through him. Darren tried to keep himself from floundering to much but in his attempts to stay up he may have accidentally brought Lucian down with him. It was also perfect angle for Darren to land partially on top of Lucian.

All of this happened so fast that Darren didn’t comprehend anything until his nose was buried in Lucian’s neck. “Uh,” he began while his brain short circuited. Soon enough he felt a wet lick on his cheek and when he turned his head Newfie was sitting there, stick nearby. That sight put Darren’s mind into overdrive and he quickly scrambled off of Lucian. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to take you down with me,” he said once he was by Lucian’s side. If Darren was blushing earlier than his face was on fire now. He had a serious blush going on as he looked over at the goodest of boys. While Darren didn’t appreciate Newfie’s actions he couldn’t help but feel a little giddy about it. The feeling of Lucian’s body was everything he dreamt of and his smell... he had been in heaven for those short moments. All of this was added to the grocery list of things to tell Kelly.
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Lucian smiled as Darren spoke of his parents dogs. Tug-of-war with Newfie could well rip your arm off if he really put his 150 pound weight into it. Nah, he would rather stick with a game of throwing and stick than risk dislocating something.

Though, he was captivated by the fond smile that grew on Darren's lips. It was a smile that made his heart melt. Maybe some day that fond smile could be for him again? He pulled his eyes away as Darren had thrown the stick for Newfie and of course, the big goof was already running before the stick even left Darren's fingers.

Darren had asked about Lucian's week. "Busy. I feel pretty bad for booking out so far and the only reason it wasn't farther out was someone canceled." Lucian admitted smiling over at Darren. "I was pretty excited to get more of the piece done." He tried to play it off like he wasn't feeling bad about not really getting to see Darren...that it was all about the art he was doing for him. "How was yours? Stalk any more of my work?" He teased.

He had posted new work online. Just some small stuff he did but was pretty proud how they came out and he remembered the first day Darren came in his friend ratted him out...but it was cute.

Lucian glanced back toward Newfie who was full barrel running back with the stick in mouth. He didn't really have good brakes and Lucian just hoped he didn't completely run Darren over.
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“Exactly,” Darren responded when Lucian said he didn't hear a thing. He continued to pet Newfie for a few more minutes while Lucian crouched right beside him. Darren would hate to admit it but he felt like a school girl, filled with giddiness, as Lucian brushed against him. A smile played on his lips when Lucian picked up a stick and offered it up to Newfie. The little cutie was instantly more interested in the stick and not him. Darren, however, was okay with that because he got to watch Lucian and Newfie interact. Somehow, someway, Lucian became even more attractive with his interaction n with Newfie even if it was something as simple as throwing a stick.

Standing up he watched Newfie dart off for the stick. “An easy and simple game. My parent's dogs prefer tug-o-war and that is a nightmare. They don't give up,” He said with a fond smile. His parents had what Darren could only describe as a zoo. They had about six dogs, three cats, way too many guinea pigs and birds all because why not. Two of the dogs just happened to be pit bulls who refused to give up in a game of tug-o-war. By the time Darren was willing to give up on the game he was basically curling one of the dogs. The dogs were cuties though.

When Newfie came barreling back to them a loud laugh left Darren's lips. “Oh my. Such a good dog,” he softly said as he reached down and pet Newfie, unintentionally brushing against Lucian's hand. Well he did it unintentionally...but somewhat intentionally. “Why don't mind if I do,” He said looking up from Newfie and at the offered stick. Taking the lightly spit covered stick he brought it back and gave it a good toss. The stick wasn't even in the air when Newfie began to run.

“So how was your week?” Darren asked as he turned his attention over to Lucian while watching Newfie from the corner of his eyes.
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Lucian chuckled, he didn't even realize that Darren had even attempted to scare him. He was too excited about him even showing up that he'd barely noticed the 'Boo!'

When you're kind of unkillable, nothing really scares you anymore, but Lucian decided he'd kept that part to himself. "Sorry," he sheepishly replied with a laugh. For just a moment, Lucian felt a bit nostalgic as it has always been so easy to laugh and be relaxed with Darren. Sometimes so, it was hard to keep himself in check.

He watched Newfie bound over in excitement and Darren had crouched down to meet him eye to eye. It was pretty adorable sight. Lucian smiled warmly watching Darren baby talk and pet Newfie.

"I didn't hear a thing." He laughed and crouched down close to Darren, brushing shoulders - which he would never admit was on purpose just to touch him - to pick up a stick near and grabbed Newfie's attention, "You want the stick?-" Newfie jumped back letting out a few excited barks before Lucian stood and tossed it not to far off. "That's probably his favorite game," he looked back at Darren.

Newfie full speed ran back and about knocked Lucian over, "Woah, stallion, relax." He laughed ruffling up Newfie's coat and getting a few slobbery kisses before taking the stick from his mouth. He handed it to Darren. "Here, you wanna?" He asked, allowing Darren a turn to play some fetch with Newfie.
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If Darren’s smile could get any larger he would split his face into two. “I thought I would surely scare you,” he jokingly said as Lucian simply responded with a hey there. He had gone out of his way to be sneaky too! Oh well, he would have to try again though maybe next time he tried to “scare” Lucian he could wrap his arms around Lucian right afterwards and kiss him.

Darren had to stop himself right then and there. He needed to stop hoping that him and Lucian would eventually get together. Darren was paying Lucian to do some work on him and they need to be professional. Also Darren didn’t even know if Lucian liked men! His heart wouldn’t be able to take it if he got invested in Lucian just to find out he preferred women. If that happened then Darren was running away, living off the grid, and owning as many dogs as possible. But really he needed to stop it. There was so many things he didn’t know about Lucian that would be important to a relationship.

But Lucian was so handsome and kind.

The struggle was real for Darren. It was so real he nearly missed Lucian’s response to his question and his comment about Darren not being there. “And miss unlimited dog pets? Only a fool would miss out on this opportunity,” Darren replied as Lucian called Newfie over. “As for me I’m doing well.”

Once Newfie came over to them Darren found himself crouching and offering his hand up to Newfie. “This must be the handsome Newfie. I wish I could say you are cuter in life but I would be lying because you are cute in both photos and in person,” He said in what could only be considered a baby voice. Darren looked up at Lucian for a moment. “No comment on the baby voice. It’s all an illusion and you hear nothing,” he paused and looked back over to Newfie, “isn’t that right sweetheart,” Darren finished, reverting to the voice.
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Lucian smiled proudly at his big ole goofball, Newfie. He barked, lazily ran around, and kind of bulldoze some of the smaller pups. But he was clearly having the time of his life..then again when wasn't he?

Lucian was absentmindedly checking his watch on his phone. It was a few minutes passed their 'meet up time'. He was growing a little nervous that Darren wasn't showing up. Though, he didn't blame him if he didn't. Not for how awkward Lucian had been about it on the phone. He once again mentally kicked himself and just watched Newfie with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

At least Newfie enjoyed himself.

"[i boo]" Lucian broke out in a smile once more hearing a familiar voice from behind him. He forced himself to gently turn over whipping around in excitement. "Hey there," Lucian couldn't lie that his heart beat just a little faster now that Darren had finally showed up.

Was this a date? No. No, it was not. He kind of wished it so.

"I'm good, just making sure Newfie doesn't get himself into trouble. How are you? I wasn't sure you were coming." He tried to play it off jokingly, but really seeing those Hazel eyes looking back at him.. he could feel the nerves melt away.

Lucian glanced back over at Newfie, he whistled for him. Without missing a beat Newfie came running over, tail going a mile a minute, he barked excitedly.
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Darren was getting anxious at the fact that he hadn't seen Lucian at all. It wasn't even a minute pass the meet up time but Darren was an anxious little fella when it came to his not date. Fidgeting with his phone for a few more moments he finally slipped it into his pocket and looked around. He was starting to feel weird just awkwardly standing near the entrance of the park. It made him feel like a creep. Looking around he saw a few dogs and their owners walking towards the same destination. If Darren was right they were heading towards the dog park portion of the park. Or at least that was what he was guessing.

Maybe Lucian was that way and not the main entrance?

Honestly Darren could figure everything out easily if he just sent a text to Lucian. Darren, however, liked to do things the hard way. For a few minutes he walked around towards the dog park. He saw many good doggos of all shapes and sizes. All of them Darren wanted to pet and tell the, how good they are. His dog gazing was how he spotted a rather large black dog playing with other dogs. Darren wasn't too sure but he had a feeling that it was Newfie. From this distance it was hard to tell which meant he had to investigate. Oh darn, life was so rough.

A few more steps and Darren was about eighty percent sure that the large dog was Newfie. His belief was reaffirmed when he caught sight of Lucian. His back was towards Darren giving Darren the opportunity to marvel out how good looking Lucian was from the back. Not only was Lucian's behind a gift from the gods but his shoulders were perfectly broad in Darren's humble opinion. God, Darren had it bad for Lucian. He wouldn't be opposed to coming up behind Lucian and laying his head against Lucian's back all while wrapping his arms around Lucian's waist, maybe laying a kiss to the back of his neck.

[i 'NO! Bad thoughts. Stop it,'] he thought to himself.

Instead of doing what he really wanted to do he instead decided to sneak up on Lucian. Moving as stealthily as he could he came up to Lucian. “Boo,” he said once he was close enough to Lucian which may or may not him hovering over his back. A smile was on his lips as he looked towards the field of dogs. “Hi!” He added, “How are you?” He added happily.
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Lucian could hear a very faint honk in the background as well as what sounded like Darren hitting the breaks. He covered his mouth to stifle a laugh as Darren responded very excitedly. It warmed his heart and he felt a wave of relief hit him, but it was replaced by nervousness again and excitement to see him at the dog park.

"Yeah, I don't want to be the cause for any accidents. I'll see you Saturday," he spoke warmly as the call disconnected. It took a lot out of him to not celebrate in the middle of the shop but to merely go on with his work like excitement was stirring in him.

He barely slept that night.


Saturday finally rolled around and Lucian climbed out of his bed. More like sprung. He showered, cleaned up his face a little, and got Newfie a little riled up.

Lucian had decided to dress pretty casual today. Just a simple V-neck and some tattered and old jeans. He didn't want to seem like he was trying to hard..

"Ready to go the park, big guy?" He patted his thighs as he saw the tail go into full swing. Newfie let out a few excited barks before bulldozing to the door. "Alright, lets go." Newfie was a good boy and knew right were to go even without a leash. The big dog climbed into the back of the car, laying himself out on the backseat.

It only took a few minutes to arrive at the dog park. It was a nice warm day out, perfect, and Lucian as just as excited to be here as Newfie was. The big dog nearly jumped out the window. "Okay, okay, hang on." He chuckled as he opened the back door and Newfie took off like a big oaf into the gated park.

Lucian followed suit and glanced about. Familiar faces all around. Being a dog guy now he seemed to know most of the people around town who also owned dogs. They seemed to have created a club. He shared a few hello's and waves at those he'd met a few times at this park.

Though, the one he wanted to see he hadn't noticed yet so he just kept a watchful eye on Newfie as he ran about with some of the other dogs he'd befriended.
Darren was going to die. His heart was exploding with pure joy when Lucian asked him if he wanted to meet Newfie. Secretly Darren had thought Lucian was only being nice in the parlor when he said one day he could meet Newfie. it was happening! Darren was getting the honor of meeting a very good boy and spending time with the very good boy's very attractive owner. How Darren didn't have a heart attack or crash in the car in front of him he didn't know. What he did know was he had the biggest smile on his face as he slammed on his brakes. “Yeah! I would love to meet Newfie,” He enthusiastically said. Darren had to keep himself from adding a bit about how he would also love to spend time with Lucian.

Another car horn in less than five minutes and Darren realized he probably should get off the phone. Normally he was fine driving and talking but Lucian was such a distraction. Clearing his throat he sent an apologetic look to the driver who had honked at him and had pulled up besides him to glare at him. “Hey Lucian. I would hate to cut the conversation short but it seems I'm having some difficulty driving and talking, it is probably less the talking and more the fact I'm tired, but anyways could you text me the park and time? I'll be there for sure,” He said as he glanced over his shoulder to change lanes. “Thanks for inviting me Lucian. I hope you have a great day!” He added. Darren waited for Lucian's good-bye before hanging up.

He had to tell Kelly!

[center ~]

Saturday did not come soon enough. Darren was a ball of excitement at home and at work because he couldn't wait to see Lucian. When his shift ended he rushed home and took an extra long shower to make sure he was extra clean. He then proceeded to spend forever trying to figure out his outfit all while Kelly sat on his bed, blanket over her head, and coffee in her hands.

“Darren.... It isn't even an actual date. You are just going to the park to meet the guy's dog. Calm down and wear something you are comfortable in,” she grumbled into her cup.

Darren looked over to Kelly scandalized. “I have to make a good impression with the dog Kelly! This is important. If I don't the precious little guy may not let me pet him,” He said with three shirts in his hands.

“Its a fucking dog Darren and stop acting like this fuss is for the dog and not his owner. Now wear a plain black shirt and the jeans that make your ass look great,” Kelly said pointing at the shirt in the closet. When Darren went to argue she raised her hand. “No arguments Darren. Black shirt. Ass hugging jeans. Now.”

Sending his roommate a dirty glare he put on the exact outfit she had demanded. It was a simple all black ensemble but it looked good. “I guess this will do,” he reluctantly admitted as he checked himself out in his mirror. He also had to agree that his butt did look glorious in these jeans... not that it mattered. Darren was only meeting Newfie and that is it. “Alright, I'm going. Don't burn down the place,” He said as grabbed his phone.

[center ~]

Darren may or may not have been a little early. If a little early was thirty minutes early. He had been precious that he wasn't going to find the park but in reality he had found it almost instantly. So now he was awkwardly standing off of the side of the entrance playing on his phone.
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"[i I work Saturday and Sunday but I’m free after eight in the morning up until three. Why? What did you have in mind?]"

Lucian felt himself smile. In a moment of silence he fought himself to not invite him, it was unprofessional, but he didn't think he wanted to wait a whole 2 weeks before seeing him again.

"If you don't mind.." he started after a moment feeling a bit nervous and paced back into his part of the shop. "Well, I had mentioned before that you could meet Newfie sometime. I was gonna take him out Saturday afternoon and he liked to make new friends..." Lucian could feel himself rambling.

He felt his heart pound, a nervous feeling in his gut, it was like this every time. "Anyway, I was wanting to see if you were interested in coming out with me Saturday." He paused but quickly added, "To meet Newfie that is. Y'know."

Lucian was mentally kicking the shit out of himself for sounding like a complete idiot. It honestly would shock him if Darren turned him down. But he waited with baited breath to hear Darren's response.
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Darren rested his head against the headrest of the car and listened to Lucian. A small smile played on his lips as he heard Lucian’s voice and Lucian saying he was glad that Darren had called. To be honest Darren’s heart fluttered with joy when he heard this.

[i ‘Stop it,’] he mentally grumbled to himself. He was acting like a love sick middle schooler. Darren has only know Lucian for a couple of days and only really spent a few hours with him! There was no reason for him to be acting like this.

All the joy instantly disappeared when Lucian said they were booked for the next two weeks. With how good of an artist Lucian is Darren was secretly surprised that he was only booked out for two weeks and not more. That still didn’t mean Darren was happy with it. The twelve year old girl with her first crush was making its appearance because he was definitely feeling defeated and sad in that short moment. He really needed to get over his crush and fast because this was ridiculous.

With a soft sight Darren turned the car on and sat up. He might as well make his journey home so he can curl up with a pint of ice cream and whine to Kelly about his crippling crush on his tattoo artist. Said tattoo artist who was still on the phone and whose voice filtered through his car speakers asking him if he would be free on the weekends. Darren instantly froze as he was backing out of his spot. Was he free this weekend? He had work over the weekend but he didn’t think he had anything to do after work. There was no event Kelly was trying to drag him out to. No volunteer events either so he should be free. “I work Saturday and Sunday but I’m free after eight in the morning up until three. Why? What did you have in mind?” He asked as he got honked at. A little bit embarrassed he raised his hand up in apology and finished backing out of the spot and was on his way home. All while curious on why Lucian would ask if he was free on the weekend.
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"[b [i Alright, I’ll call you tomorrow, probably, once I’m sure about my schedule.]]"

Lucian felt his heart skip a little knowing that Darren was going to give him a call. He felt a gentle and warm smile touch his lips. He hoped he didn't come off too unprofessional, but at the same time he didn't care too much, he wanted to do his best in keeping Darren in his life longer than just getting this tattoo done.

He laughed at Darren's sarcastic tone. "[b Exactly,]" he responded to Darren's goofy grin with his own. Now it was time for goodbyes. Lucian held himself back from touching the other or trying to make them stay any longer.

"[b I hope to hear from you soon. Have a good day, Darren.]" He waved the other off. His chest had a tightness to it. Lucian knew he'd be hearing from him soon...didn't change that he hated watching him leave.

Lucian quickly recovered and turned his attention to his next guest.

[center -]

It was Lucian's day to close up shop. It was almost 7 PM now, after cleaning, sanitizing, and locking up. Though, his mind was still going miles a minute. He kept his phone on the loudest setting and close to him...he may be a little obsessive to hear from him.

Though, it wouldn't be until the next morning his phone was buzzing.

He had a short schedule today, so he was just hanging out at the shop, checking people in and making sure the front was still tidy. He'd also been the one answering the shop calls. He had decided to check his openings, realizing he'd booked himself solid.

'[i Way to go]' he mentally scolded himself.

He felt a bit of a sinking gut feeling. Lucian knew he wasn't gonna get Darren in for at least two weeks.

Like he'd willed the phone call with his thoughts of Darren, the phone buzzed loudly in his back pocket. Lucian perked up immediately.

"[b Hello?]" he spoke a little nervously until he heard the familiar voice over the speaker. Lucian broke out in a grin. "[b Hey, Darren. It's been a slow morning, but I'm glad you called.]"

Lucian quietly sighed as he looked back at his appointment book. "[b I am sorry, I didn't realize this before, but I'm actually...booked up for the next two weeks. But I can get you in anytime after that.]" He felt a little heartbroken having to admit it.

He was quiet for a moment. But an idea sprung on him. Lucian DID tell him he could meet Newfie...and he does have this weekend off. "[b Are you busy this weekend?]" Lucian blurted the question without thinking.
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A gentle smile played at Darren’s lips as Lucian took a card and scribbled down his cell phone’s number on the back of the shop card. He didn’t want to admit it but he was giddy about it. Yes, it was a silly thing to be happy about but he was unbelievably happy. While he got Lucian’s number through not so normal means he still had it! Darren couldn’t wait to tell Kelly about it, which she will probably make fun of him for his excitement.

Taking the card from Lucian he pulled his wallet out with his hand that wasn’t getting tattooed. With more care than needed he slid the card into an empty spot in his wallet. “Alright, I’ll call you tomorrow, probably, once I’m sure about my schedule.” Darren happily said as he slipped his wallet back into his pocket.

Lucian’s attention went away from Darren and there was a small hint of jealousy that hit him. At the same time how Lucian dealt with the other customers was heart warming. He was so kind and apologetic and handsome. Too bad Darren had to leave him. Darren could probably spend all his time in Lucian’s presence but that wasn’t in their cards. Lucian was his tattoo artist and they would keep a professional relationship, damn it. [size10 But he wished it wasn’t, damn it.]

Darren snapped out of his thoughts when Lucian turned back to him. “No worries. I don’t have much to do after this though I’m sure you are busy,” he replied softly. He watched as Lucian began to wrap the tattoo. “Swim right afterwards. Don’t use lotion. Scratch it. Right?” he said with a large shit eating grin on his lips. “Yeah, I know what to do. Thank you again Lucian. Like I said I’ll call you when I know my schedule. Have a great day,” Darren said before making his sad departure from the shop.

He was sad to leave Lucian’s side. Lucian was easy to talk to and friendly. It felt like they had a connection that Darren couldn’t explain it. What Darren did know was that he knew he wanted to come back as soon as possible.

[center ~]

Darren was exhausted. After leaving the tattoo shop Kelly had insisted on playing 20 questions which was really 600 million questions. Needless to say Darren got no sleep and had to work that early morning. All he wanted to do was curl up in bed and sleep for the next six centuries. It was only when he pulled his wallet out to pay for some groceries did he see Lucian’s card. Almost instantly he perked up as he paid for his things. Quicker than he had moved before he took the groceries to his car and pulled the card out.

For a long moment he fiddled with the card before flipping it to the back. With sure fingers he dialed the number and waited for it to be picked up. “Hey Lucian it is Darren; Darren Harford. I hope you morning is going well. I just got a chance to check out my schedule and wanted to know if you would be free next Wednesday?” He nervously asked.
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"[i [b It looks amazing Lucian,]]"

Lucian smiled, he could feel his heart do a flip in his chest. The smile on Darren's face and the excitement in his voice sent warmth through his body. A feeling he'd missed.

He'd glanced around to see the other client, they'd waved and was patiently waiting. Lucian didn't want to make them wait any long than they had to and he'd gotten a quick idea. He kept telling himself this wasn't a very professional thing to do..but he was doing it anyway.

Lucian had taken the shops business card and flipped it over and wrote down his personal cell phone number. After quickly scribbling down the number he handed it to Darren. "[b It's easier to just call me directly. You can give me a call anytime and we can get you in.]" He smiled at him.

Really, on the inside his heart was sinking a little. Lucian didn't like having to watch Darren leave the shop again..but at least this time he had his personal number. That was okay...right?

Lucian had partially turned his attention to the other client. "[b Sorry about that, we ran a little late! I will be done in just a sec.]" He smiled and the younger girl gave a nod. She and her mother had been there two other times, so he'd consider her a regular at this point. He returned his full attention to Darren.

Lucian put down more anti-bacterial solution over the freshly tattooed skin before wrapping it laying down the medical tape to hold the wrapping down but not too tight. "[b Yeah, just give me a call anytime and we can get you booked in. Sorry we ran a little later. I am guessing I don't need to tell you all the upkeep stuff, huh?]" he smirked at Darren.
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