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[center [font "Courier New" Character A meets and falls in love with Character B, by an extremely strange situation. At first it even felt a little forced. Nonetheless, Character A falls in love. Soon after they find out Character B is an immortal , that isn't the craziest secret Character B has been hiding. They have been dating Character A, well their past lives, for generations. Every time Character A's past life dies, reincarnates, Character B spends years and year searching for Character A once more. Always hoping they can spend another lifetime with them.]]


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he was hopeless, hopelessly in love with the man just inches away from his face. Lucian couldn’t keep the grin off his face until Darren’s quietly responded to his little confession with his own soft lips. His hands found their way to Darren’s waist as he practically sat in Lucians lap and felt goosebumps cover his skin as Darren’s hands cradle his skull and intertwine his fingers in his hair. This kiss was a little more intense, butterflies tickled his stomach, and he was certain his heart would beat right out of his chest as he could hear it in his own ears.

Darren pulled away as they both caught their breath. He breathlessly chuckled at Darren’s breathless confession but couldn’t calm the quickened pulse of his ever full heart. “Later is fine with me.” He smiled to hide the small bit of disappointment as Darren stood from his lap. But it was probably a little early for anything more. Lucian was okay with being patient.

Lucian raised his eyebrow at the hottie professor but shook his head with a light laugh. “At least you enjoyed the class,” he stood from the seat and gathered the plates that now only had remnants of their dinners. “No, no furry commissions,” He spoke laughly shaking his head as he walk to the kitchen, “but I do offer commission art work for when I need a little extra cash. People love me doing digital portraits for them.” Lucian has drawn countless digital portraits for couples, families, even beloved pets and the like.

“I’m happy to show you my art portfolio sometime if you’re interested,” He turned back to Darren after placing the plates in his sink “but for now, how about cuddling up to a movie?”
Was this a heart attack? Darren’s heart was doing flips of joy and excitement with every single one of Lucian’s word. Just Lucian’s simple words were going to obliterate his poor heart and send him to the hospital. The words weren’t a complete declaration of love but it was close enough. It was perhaps the closes Darren had ever gotten to such a declaration. Overwrought with joy he closed what little distance there was between them and pressed his lips against Lucian’s again. Darren shifted a little bit closer and was practically in Lucian’s lap with the start of the kiss. His hand found its way to the back of Lucian’s skull, cradling his skull and interweaving into Lucian’s hair. The kiss was a little less chaste than before and Darren only pulled away because he needed air, sadly. “I really like you too,” he replied in between pants of breaths.

A gentle blush crossed his cheeks when he finally realized that he had crawled into Lucian’s lap. “So do you want desert now or later? I’m leaning for later for myself,” Darren softly said as he got up from Lucian’s lap. It was a little too early to be starting such actions. “Also to answer your earlier question I didn’t like any of my classes that were meant for my degree. The one class I really liked was an extra history class I took. I took it only because the professor was hot but the class ended up being really interesting so that was a plus.” Darren didn’t need the extra credit from the class at all. His social sciences had been covered but when he ran into Professor Hottie he knew he had to take the class. Darren, sometimes, could be a very simple man with simple interests... like attractive men. Lucian, however, was much more attractive than Professor Hottie. “Do you draw a lot digitally? Lots of Furry commissions in your portfolio?” He asked wiggling his brows.
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Lucian couldn’t help but chuckle at Darren’s comments on his cooking. It filled him with pride and happiness to know that he still loves his cooking. He could feel his he’s swelling with love for the male sitting in front of him happily digging in. He hoped he didn’t look too much like a love sick puppy as he admired Darren.

“Favorite class?” He mimicked as he thought about it for a moment, “it was probably my first digital art class. It’s funny, I was very against using digital tools at first, thinking it wouldn’t hold a light to your typical mediums but I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.” Lucian thought back foundly, digital art was probably the hardest for him to learn, though he barely uses it, he’s glad to have learned.

“Do you have any you enjoyed?” He was curious. Though, he was pretty certain he already knew the answer to that question and was amused before Darren even answered.

“Well, I’m glad you liked it.” He spoke softly before meeting Darren’s lips with his own, he reached up and brushed Darren’s cheek with his palm, kissing him a little deeper. Lucian pulled away little but kept his face close, a soft smile on his lips, “I won’t lie, I like you a lot.” He bit his tongue to not say “love”. No matter how badly he wanted to tell Darren just how much he loved him.
Darren was pathetic. His heart was doing backflips in his rib cage all because of that adorable smile after he complimented Lucian’s cooking. God, Lucian was unbearably handsome. “I don’t think I’ve ever had such a delicious lasagna,” Darren added. It really was the most delicious lasagna in the world. Which he gets the honor to eat it with the most handsome man in the world. Though Darren happened to be a little bit bias when it came to Lucian. Despite his bias he was still right. The lasagna was amazing and Lucian just so happened to be the most handsome man in the world.

“That makes sense,” he happily replied as Lucian explained that he was mostly self taught but liked to take classes occasionally. “Do you have a favorite class that you’ve taken?” Darren asked, with his head slightly cocked to the side. Darren, personally, had no favorite class during his degree. In fact he hated more of his classes than liked them.

His heart proceeded to burst with joy when Lucian said he was willing to cook for them again. His joy was only increased when Lucian moved his leg and brushed up against his own legs. It was such a simple movement but it really was one of the best things. “I would like that, a lot,” He softly said. Darren’s words were simple but meant a lot to him. While it was no declaration of love it was a declaration of his intentions to stay with Lucian.

Darren laid his fork down after the last bite and leaned back in his chair. “I am disgustingly full right now,” Darren happily said. The idea of desert was sickening at best. “You may have to carry me away because I don’t think I can move ever again.” Darren, despite complaining about not being able to move, he stood up and moved over to Lucian. “Thank you for dinner. It was, like I said earlier, delicious,” he told Lucian before leaning down and stealing a soft kiss.
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Lucian chuckled at Darren’s response and continued to smile at the other feeling the weight of his leg against his own. It was a cute moment. “Don’t worry, I won’t ever make you go out if you don’t want to.” He spoke half laughingly.

The man had to admit going out wasn’t his thing either. Though, the less people see him and know him is best. Easier to move away and disappear when he needed to. It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to start a social media account but he’ll eventually figure out how to deal with that. Normally, Lucian didn’t stay in one place longer than 5 or so years, just to avoid any unnecessary issues.

Lucian smiled brightly as Darren complimented the dinner. “I’m so glad you like it.” It felt so good to finally be able to cook for two again. Lucian always cooked for them and as time went on he continued to add recipes from all over the world. He has a large cook book of clippings and recipes that he refers to from time to time.

Darren’s next question was hard to answer. Lucian has taken countless classes. Especially as art changed, techniques changed, new supplies and mediums entered the worlds, he would take classes to learn to properly use them. “I haven’t taken too many. But I was mostly self taught and I wanted to get better. So when a new class to teach different techniques comes around I like to take them. Just to better myself as an artist.”

Lucian didn’t lie, it was all true, but he left out the other tidbits he didn’t need to tell him yet.

“I’m glad. I like cooking for you. So, hopefully I can continue to do so.” He spoke softly and brushed his leg against Darren’s under the table. Odd that just apart of his body touching Darren was enough to fill him with bliss.
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Darren sent Lucian a scandalized look when Lucian said engagement parties were fun. “I feel betrayed. Engagement parties are absolutely not fun. It means I have to go out,” he grumbled a little bit.

The table was small enough that their legs were closed enough to brush against each other unintentionally. Smiling a little bit to himself he rested his legs against Lucian’s. That was when he realized what he had just said. “Oh my god, I’m becoming an old man and I’m not even that old!” he added after he realized that he had just complained about having to go out. The next step was him sitting out on his front lawn and spraying kids with water when they got close. Maybe even giving kids raisins for Halloween.

His attention went away from his handsome host and towards the delicious lasagna before him. Taking his first bite of the delicious looking lasagna a borderline indecent moan instantly left his lips. “So. Fucking. Delicious,” Darren said between bites. This was the best lasagna that he had ever had. Everything about it was perfect. Darren could happily die now.

Darren looked over at Lucian and nodded when he talked about also taking some classes. “Have you taken a lot of art classes?” He asked curiously. Darren didn’t know a whole lot about art classes or art degrees but he was curious especially since it had something to do with Lucian’s life. Darren had a feeling that he would always be interested and it curious about any aspect of Lucian’s life.

“Also dinner is delicious. I think it is the best lasagna I’ve ever had. Actually I know it is the best lasagna,” Darren added with a bright smile. If everything Lucian made was this good then Darren was going to get fat fast. Time to get a gym membership again.
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Lucian couldn’t help but think to himself that he wouldn’t ever want Darren to move. If he could solidify a moment with Darren forever he would. Especially moments like these, standing in the kitchen, dinner just made for the both of them with plans on going to bed together. It was pure bliss and Lucian knew tonight could only get better.

He smiled at the kiss and listened to Darren as they grabbed their plates and seated themselves so naturally across from each other for dinner. “Well, that certainly sounds fun. Even if you’re being dragged there I am more than sure you’ll have a good time. Engagement parties are always fun.”

The man couldn’t wait to dig in and took himself a few bites of the lasagna. It was a recipe he’d learned a long time ago and was his always go to, he wishes he could remember where he got it from. “There are times I’ve considered going back to school. It never hurts to take more art classes.” Lucian smiled. He was certain no matter what he would pursue in this everlasting life it would have to be artistic. It was his sole outlet for living so long, an escape.
Darren softly chuckled as Lucian claimed that Newfie would be huge if he wasn’t on a diet. He could honestly see it happen with how quick Newfie consumed the treat. Good thing Newfie had a good papa that cared about him. Darren also found that he cared a great deal about Newfie and had to make sure that he didn’t spoil the cute creature too much.

He beamed up at Lucian when he was told that he could stay there as long as he wanted. “You shouldn’t say that because I probably would never move,” Darren happily said. Content to hold onto Lucian he watched as Lucian got their dinner ready and plated.

Once Lucian was done and replied to Darren’s question he was conflicted. Food? Or snuggles? After a few moments he decided that while he loved snuggles he would rather eat while the lasagna was warm. “I’m glad you have been good and your seeing in increase in commissions,” he responded as he leaned up and pressed a quick kiss to Lucian’s cheek before reluctantly removing himself from Lucian’s hold. Picking up a plate he made his way to a table that he had seen. “I’ve been good. I haven’t done a lot, like usual. The most excitement I’ve had was looking into masters programs. I don’t want to go back to school yet but at the same time I should,” He said sitting down. His life was filled with excitement. “My next weekend is expected to be a little bit more interesting. Kelly’s cousin is having an engagement part at her parent’s lake house and I’m getting dragged to the party.”

The food smelled absolutely delicious and he couldn’t wait to eat it. He was actually more excited to just be spending time with Lucian. Darren loved learning more about Lucian and just spending time with him.
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Dinner finally out of the oven and completed, Lucian was about to start preparing it and enjoy it at his little table with Darren. He couldn't stop the smile that formed on his face as an arm wrapped itself around him, "I bet he did. If I didn't put him on a regular diet, that boy would be twice the size by now." Lucian chuckled and placed a kiss on the head that was now rest on his shoulder.

"You can stay like that as long as you want." Lucian would never ask him to move. Feeling the warmth of his body was a pleasure and it took effort to not let his mind wonder. He wouldn't pressure Darren and was more than happy to take this all as slow as it made the other comfortable.

Lucian wrapped an arm around Darren once he was done with plating, just wanting to hold him for a moment before responding, "I've been pretty good. Drawing mostly, I've got an increase of requests lately, and spending time with Newfie out at the dog park. How have you been? Also, foods all ready. We could eat and talk?" Lucian smiled down at the other in his arms. He also wasn't opposed to continuing to hold him like that.
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Homemade lasagna? What did Darren do to get so spoiled? If it was socially acceptable to marry someone after two and a half dates then Darren would be proposing right now. He loved lasagna. It was such a simple meal that was delicious and filling. Yep, he was going to end up marrying this man and it was all because of lasagna.

“Thank you,” he happily said as Lucian took the cake from him. Darren’s smile widen as Lucian leaned in and pressed a quick kiss to his lips. Lasagna, kisses, and Newfie... all were ingredients of the best day in his life.

On cloud nine Darren made his way to the couch and sat down. “Hey Newfie. I got you something,” he called after him. When Newfie came over to him he put the wrapped treat behind his back and ruffled Newfie’s little (large) head. “Who has been a good boy? You have been. Yes, you have been,” Darren cooed to the goodest of all boys. After a few more pets he grabbed the treat from behind his back and unwrapped it. Newfie was instantly interested and froze as he stared up at the treat. “Such a good boy. Don’t get too use to the treats though. I bet your daddy doesn’t want you to get fat,” he said as he handed over the treat.

With the treat gone Darren stood up to throw the wrapper away. His eyes fell on the book on the table and his eyes cocked slightly to the side. [i ‘Huh, baby pictures? I hope so,’] he thought to himself before leaving the living room and silently padding to the kitchen with the wrapper in his hand. He stopped at the entrance and felt his heart flutter as he looked over at the man that he was going to call his, hopefully for a long time too. Once sure that Lucian wasn’t hurt himself Darren silently padded over to him and wrapped an arm around him. “Newfie loved the treat,” he happily informed Lucian while pressing his head to Lucian’s shoulder. “Just tell me when to move and I’ll let you go,” he softly said as he continued to snuggle into it. “How have you been? I feel like it’s been awhile since I saw you even though it’s only been a few days.”
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Lucian smiled the moment he saw Darrens beaming face, "Hey," he started as he returned the quick little kiss. "Thanks. I hope you like lasagna. Made it from scratch with some garlic bread." Lucian stepped to the side and welcomed Darren in. "Welcome to my humble abode." It was true it wasn't great and not in a grea area, but he did his best to make it feel warm and welcoming. There was some of his personal paintings hanging up, a bookshelf, TV and some nicer furniture.

It certainly wasn't luxurious but he was his home for the last few years and it was plenty for Newfie and himself. Honestly, now with Darren in his life again, he'd considered getting a much nicer home - lord knows he has enough to buy a house outright saved away for a rainy day. But Darren didn't seem to mind as their eyes met once more and Lucian smiled and couldn't help but chuckle.

"Newfie loves any flavor of biscuit. Honestly, I don't think he even tastes them sometimes. Here," Lucian took the cake from Darren to help ease the load from holding both. " It sounds delicious. Get comfortable, I'll put this in a safe spot and finish dinner."

Lucian couldn't help himself, he leaned in and gave Darren another sweet kiss before making his way into the kitchen. Bliss filled him as he placed the cake in the fridge to keep cool and began finishing touches to the lasagna and garlic bread. He was very excited for Darren to try more of his cooking and to be able to spend the evening with him once more. Lucian even got them a late night movie that he was sure Darren would enjoy.
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Darren was a mess of nerves the last two days. At least when he was working he had something to do to occupy him. His days off, however, left him with very little to do. The first day was spent adjusting back to a day shift schedule and longingly staring at he beautifully coming together tattoo all while thinking of the hot tattoo artist. That day Kelly was just done with him as he panicked over what type of cake to bring. She had up and left while Darren went through every saved recipe he had. Eventually he settled for a simple white cake was a strawberry filling and a whip cream frosting. Well... he settled for it only after Kelly came home with a Costco pack of condoms and threatened to send a picture to Lucian using his phone if he didn’t pick something. Darren wasn’t embarrassed by the fact that they were condoms but more worried that the text would be suggesting something he didn’t want to rush. While he was down to get busy with Lucian he didn’t want to push Lucian if his feelings weren’t mutual at the time. Also his main goal for the night wasn’t to get down with Lucian but to at least stay the night and cuddle. Getting down would just happen to be a plus if it came to that.

Packing up the cake Darren made sure he had everything. Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. A huge ass dog biscuit for Newfie? Check. With everything accounted for he took the cake carrier and made his way out, yelling out to Kelly to inform her that he was leaving.

Hoping into his car he began his journey to Lucian’s apartment. It was a part of town that Darren tended to avoid. While it wasn’t the worse part of town it wasn’t the best either. When Darren had told Kelly where he was going Kelly had scrunched up her nose in disgust and told Darren to avoid the heroin needles. As he pulled up to the apartment building and found a spot she could see Kelly’s concerns but she was over exaggerating. Sure the surrounding area was run down and the apartment had seen better days but Darren wasn’t too worried about his safety. The neighborhood, after all, was pretty quiet. There were some kids carelessly playing on some basketball court across the street and was really the only noise to be heard. Darren would have actually liked the place if it wasn’t run down but he wasn’t living here so his opinions hardly mattered.

With cake in had he navigated his way to the apartment number that contained the man he was constantly thinking about. Juggling the cake and the dog biscuit box he finally was able to knock on the door. On the other side he heard a bark that could only be Newfie and a smile found its way across his face. As the door opened his smile only brightened as he beamed up at Lucian. “Hi,” he happily said to Lucian before stealing a quick and rather chaste kiss. “It smells amazing in here,” Darren added once he stepped into the apartment and the door was closed behind him. His eyes roamed the apartment for a quick second. It was a small apartment but it wasn’t too bad. Lucian, thankfully, wasn’t living with a futon being the sole piece of real furniture and a milk crate as his table. The place was also a little worn down but nothing absolutely horrible. It actually felt homey to Darren. With that thought in mind his eyes made their journey back to Lucian. “So... I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it but I got so excited to see you and Newfie that I went out and bought Newfie this huge dog biscuit. I hope he likes bacon flavor and I hope you like white cake with strawberry filling,” He happily said, gravitating to Lucian to stay in his space.
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Lucian was filled with excitement as Darren agreed that dinner worked for him. He was ready for true one on one time, kind of. Newfie would more than likely steal the show as well but Lucian wouldn't mind. He couldn't help but chuckle at the 'starving artist look'. It was true that for a while there Lucian made little to nothing and lived very...modestly for a while when he came across that apartment. After he started at the shop he was well off and could afford to upgrade but - something he wouldn't be admitting any time soon - he needed a cheap crap place he could leave in a moments notice if he were to cross paths with Darren in another place.

"Nah, there isn't any rodents or cockroaches. I keep it fairly clean and pest free, so no worries." Lucian couldn't stand pests. He'd have to get rid of them even if Darren wasn't visiting, but he was still embarrassed about how his apartment was older and not the pretties sight and fairly small. Only because he wanted to show off to Darren, just a little.

He gave it a moment of thought before nodding, "Yeah, if you wanna bring some desert that would be awesome. I'd love to taste your cooking." Lucian smiled up at him, becoming more and more excited, he couldn't wait even though Darren wasn't even out of his chair yet and their session was far from over. "I look forward to it," he spoke sincerely and still in a lower voice to avoid others listening in. "I'll give you my address before you leave today."


Clean this, organize that, scrub there and there, check on the food.

Lucian had spent the better part of his day off cleaning and organizing his home for Darren's arrival. It wasn't that it was dirty, per say, he just wanted everything perfect. He had homemade lasagna and garlic bread baking and filling the house with a fresh herb scent.

Lucian was so nervous that even Newfie could sense it and followed closely, bumping into him, barking, and overall being in the way. "Newfie, bud, can you lay down? You're constantly under my feet." Lucian grumbled in annoyance as he continued to move around the small five hundred square-foot apartment.

It was about four when he finally finished and dinner was just about ready. Darren would be arriving any time and Lucian sat down to calm himself. Newfie joined him on the couch and had placed his head on Lucian's leg, "Sorry, I didn't mean to get grumpy with you, you loaf." Newfie merely panted in response and wagged his tail at the pats he got on the head.

Lucian almost forgot the photo book out. "Probably should be this away," he spoke quietly before picking it up and flipping through the pages. A serene smile on his face as all the memories flooded his mind. All the times they laid together, smiled together, and loved each other until Darren's end every time. This whole curse was very bitter sweet, sweet he could remember loving the same soul all these years, bitter that he could never grow old with Darren.

Newfie grew excited and hopped of the couch, barking. Darren must have arrived, and without a second thought Lucian set down the photo book on the coffee table going to the door to greet him.
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“Dinner works for me,” Darren happily replied. He couldn’t wait to spend one on one time with Lucian. He also couldn’t wait for Lucian to cook again. Darren had been too sleepy to really enjoy the soup Lucian had made which was extremely disappointing for him. This was the first boyfriend Darren would have that willingly cooked and didn’t throw a fit about it but that was probably the difference between actually dating a man versus dating in college.

A soft laugh left Darren’s lips when Lucian warned him about his apartment. “Well it has to match your starving artist image,” Darren teasingly responded before adding “As long as there are no cockroaches or rats I don’t mind what your apartment looks like or where it’s located. But if there are cockroaches or rodents I’m going to need you to get rid of them before I get there.” He wasn’t too fond of rodents and insects at all. In fact the one cockroach he ever had to deal with he made Kelly kill it and then destroyed the location with bleach. He also wore shoes in the house for days.

His thoughts meandered back over to their plans and Darren’s day was instantly made with the knowledge that in a few days he was going to be with Lucian and hopefully for the rest of the night. “Do you want me to bring anything for dinner besides myself?” He asked. Darren wasn’t that great of a cook but he wasn’t that bad and he was completely willing to bring something. “I make a delicious cake,” Darren added. While he wasn’t the greatest cook he was a damn good baker. He just didn’t bake because he would get fat from all of his delicious sweets.
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Lucian looked at Darren's attempted at a serious and disappointed face, but it didn't take long for it to change into a smile and Lucian reflected that smile as well. "It's true. Though, there are times where I would much rather be cuddling you."

Newfie really did give some of the best cuddles around. A big fluff ball that you could lay on all you wanted and he wouldn't bat an eye. Really, a gentle giant who wouldn't purposely hurt a fly. But he would be lying if he said it wasn't hard to go days without holding Darren, as they grew closer and time flew by it became harder and harder to hold back.

Hopefully, soon, he wouldn't have to hold back so much and could comfortably shower Darren in affection, kisses, cuddles, and never leave his side again.

"Well, how about you come over for dinner? We can play by ear how the rest of the night goes?" Lucian smiled up at him. End all be all, he wanted Darren to stay over for the night - of course he wouldn't admit in case it made Darren uncomfortable. If that entailed anything more that was fine as well. But since the night he accidentally fell asleep next to Darren he was aching to wake up next to that peaceful and handsome face again.

"I have to admit - in case you want to change your mind with - my apartment is kind of crappy. Run while you can." Lucian joked as he continued shading to stay on time with the session.
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