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[center [font "Courier New" Character A meets and falls in love with Character B, by an extremely strange situation. At first it even felt a little forced. Nonetheless, Character A falls in love. Soon after they find out Character B is an immortal , that isn't the craziest secret Character B has been hiding. They have been dating Character A, well their past lives, for generations. Every time Character A's past life dies, reincarnates, Character B spends years and year searching for Character A once more. Always hoping they can spend another lifetime with them.]]


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Darren was losing himself into the kiss up until the moment he heard whining. He was hoping it was all fake and nothing was going to happen but, obviously, he was wrong. Newfie needed to go out. Lucian heard Newfie too because he soon pulled away from his lips and then from Darren. While Darren didn’t want to be parted from Lucian he couldn’t be mad at Newfie. The poor fella couldn’t help it if he needed to go. “I don’t mind waiting for you at all,” he said sending Lucian a soft smile. While he wouldn’t mind going out with Lucian and Newfie he felt like he needed a moment to calm down. The last kiss had his heart racing and Darren was pretty sure he would pass out if he got up.

Lounging on the couch he watched Lucian leave and when Lucian was gone he pulled out his phone. For a few seconds he made sure he had no messages before laying his phone on the table right next to the book he saw earlier. Darren cocked his head to the side as he looked at the plain book. He knew he shouldn’t snoop around but he couldn’t help but he curious. In fact he was really hoping for baby pics. Glancing up at the door for a moment he weighed his options before finally giving into his curiosity. Taking the book in his hands he gingerly laid it on his lap and with great care he flipped the book open and instantly froze at the first picture. It was him? Or at least what looked like him and besides him was definitely Lucian. The picture looked ancient and loved. Shakily he flipped to the next picture. Each page showed either him or him and Lucian. All of them were in various states of wear and tear and Darren didn’t know what to think. Could it be Lucian messing around with photoshop or something? That was what Darren was trying to convince himself of but the small notes and dates were rather damning.

What the hell was going on?

Laying the book down on the table he covered his mouth and tried to think. Thinking, however, was hard to do when he was going in shock. When the door opened he turned his head to Lucian. “L-Lucian can I ask you something? Why did that book show us?” He shakily asked.
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Lucian chuckled, "I'm glad you want to stay." He smiled at him before their attention was turned back to the piece of cake. It really was good, "I think anything you would have made would have been good." Lucian reassured him, but he took forever deciding on what to make for dinner as well..and really just lapsed into an old comfort dinner they often shared before.

He's finished the last of the cake and before he knew it, the plate was placed on the coffee table and the two were sharing a kiss once more. There was no way he'd ever get tired of kissing Darren, no matter how many lifetimes.

Unfortunately, he heard the familiar whine and scratch at the front door. It was about time for Newfie to go out. "Hold that thought." He said after reluctantly pulling away from the kiss with Darren. "Newfie needs out for a moment. Hope you don't mind waiting?" Lucian asked before slowly pulled away, his body not wanting to create the distance between them, and forcefully made his way to Newfies leash.

"I'll be right back"

Lucian stepped out after giving Darren a quick smile. Once the door was shut behind him he looked down at Newfie. "I thought you were my wing man, Newf." The cute dope looked up at him, tail waging, waiting patiently. Lucian smiled and gave him a pat before walking down to a patch of grass.
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Darren was honestly surprised that Lucian was nervous about asking him to stay. Lucian, to Darren, seemed to be a very confident person. But the more Darren spent thinking about it the more it made sense. After all how did someone go about asking someone to stay? The last time Darren had to do anything like that was in college and it was less asking and more just staying. Darren, in all honesty, really didn’t know how to have a true adult relationship outside of college. While he was sure it wasn’t to different he knew somethings had changed. Like for example there was no drunken sex on their first date. For Darren drunken sex had been a norm only a handful of years ago. So there was some differences between now and college.

Darren’s musing on the past was instantly taken away when Lucian brought him in for another kiss. Without a thought he melted into the kiss and leaned heavily into Lucian. His heart fluttered happily as they kissed for what felt like a blissful eternity. The moment they pulled away he smiled up at Lucian again. “Well I’m glad you asked. I really don’t think I would have the balls to ask,” he softly replied, knowing that he could be somewhat of a coward.

Darren attention returned to the cake that Lucian mentioned. He had honestly forgotten all about it after Lucian asked him to stay. “I’m glad you like it. I spent forever deciding what to make. Kelly actually got mad at me, again, because I took forever to pick a cake,” Darren said. Remembering the fork that had fallen in his lap he picked it up and curled as much as possible into Lucian’s side. Darren was absolutely happy in these simple moments. Once the cake was finished and the plate was on the table he stole another kiss, though this one was less about passion and more about just the action. Also Darren was pretty sure he was becoming addicted to Lucian’s kisses but that was a bridge he would cross later.
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Lucian felt his heart racing. For a moment, Darren merely stared at him with a wavered smile but quickly any nervousness or uncertainty was erased as Darren suddenly kissed Lucian. A smile found its way onto his lips as Darren pulled away and had the look in his eye that Lucian mimicked. Lovingly looking at each other.

He felt a chuckle bubble from his chest. "I can't lie that I was a little nervous to ask. I didn't want to make you uncomfortable." The thought of being nervous just moments before seemed so silly to him. It was clear they both were harboring the same feelings about wanting to spend longer and longer together, and neither were quite ready to give this night up so early.

Lucian kissed him again, a little more passionately. Happy that Darren was staying, that he had him back in his life. He'd been holding back for sometime now with him..but now he was feeling a little more free with his feelings and wanted to convey them even for a moment in a kiss. He pulled away once they both needed a little air, and smiled lovingly at Darren. He'd nearly forgotten about the cake he was holding.

"How about we finish this?" He chuckled bringing the cake closer to them once more. "By the way, it's delicious."
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Darren looked up from his snuffles with Newfie to look at his handsome boyfriend and to stick his tongue out at him. “You left way too quickly,” he replied. While he was tempted to remain snuggle with Newfie there was something way more better than Newfie besides him. Lucian or Newfie? It was, sadly, not a hard decision at all. Pressing a quick kiss to Newfie's head he straightened up and become a koala bear once more. He curled into Lucian's side again for a moment before moving away to grab a fork,

“Of course I would like some. I have to make sure it tastes delicious,” Darren happily said as he took a piece of cake for himself. It was delicious, like always. Darren wasn't going to brag but he was a bomb ass baker. Darren was halfway to another bite of cake when he noticed Lucian staring at him. Shifting slightly away from Lucian he rose an eyebrow at Lucian. “That better not be a look of judgment. The cake is good,” He said with a soft smile.

His smile widened a little bit as Lucian closed what little space was left. For a moment his smile slightly wavered when Lucian moved the cake away. No! He was going to eat more of that. His disappointment, however, disappeared quickly when Lucian asked him to stay. Darren's heart stilled for a moment before he surged forward and kissed Lucian, cake forgotten.

Darren kissed Lucian for a few seconds before pulling away and staring adoringly up at Lucian. “I would love to. I was kind of hoping you would ask or that eventually I would get the courage to ask. To be honest I don't think I would have the courage to ask,” Darren said.
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Lucian decided they could share a piece and cut one large enough for them both. A small laugh coming from him as Darren spoke about his figure. Darren had no idea, but he could never be unattractive to Lucian.

He was a bit anxious going back into the living room. Lucian had a feeling Darren wanted to drag the night out as well, or was he imagining it? After another moment of conflict Lucian forced himself walked back into the living room sporting the plate of cake and two forks. He paused at the entry way as he saw Darren wrapped around Newfie, "Man, I'm a little jealous of Newfie right now." He chuckled as he sat next to Darren.

It was a pretty good picture. His handsome boyfriend and the cutest large mutt you could ask for, cuddling. He almost hated to break it up.

"Would you like some?" He asked as he took a bite of his own from the cake. Wow, Darren sure knew how to bake a cake. It wasn't overly sweet but absolutely delicious and Lucian wasn't one to be huge on sweets. In admiration of Darren's baking abilities, He found himself staring at Darren. How handsome he was and he felt a little silly for being so nervous just a moment ago.

Finding that confidence he moved in much closer, moving the cake aside, wrapping his free arm around Darren's shoulders. "Will you stay here, with me, tonight?" He asked softly, his face close enough to Darren's that it was hard not to kiss him. he didn't even mind if it was too straight forward. There was a pang of nervousness in his chest but he couldn't help but smile down at Darren.
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Darren instantly was missing Lucian’s warmth against his side. He considered making grabby hands at Lucian but his man was gone before he could. Flopping down in the spot that Lucian vacated he glanced
over at Newfie. “Your dad moves too fast,” he grumbled to the dog. Newfie, being the adorable fucker he was, just wagged his tail. No sympathy in his big, adorable, eyes at all. Jerk face. In retaliation he stuck his tongue out at Newfie who simply wagged his tail more before making his way to the couch. Unable to be annoyed at Newfie, primarily because he had done nothing, Darren began to pet the big goof. “Maybe I’ll cuddle you instead of him,” Darren mummered to Newfie as he wrapped his arms around the big beast’s neck and hurried his face in the dark fur.

Darren was content to stay like that for awhile up until the moment Lucian asked him what size of cake he wanted. Moving his face from Newfie’s fur he looked up towards Lucian’s direction. “Small if we aren’t sharing. I have to keep a slim figure for this rather handsome artist who happens to make the best lasagna ever,” he called out.

Once Darren was done he went back to holding onto Newfie. “I don’t want to go. You are too warm and cuddly and your dad is much more cuddly. What should I do Newfie?” Darren quietly asked Newfie. The only answer he got was another thump of a tail. Newfie was horrible with advice. Darren needed to know what to do next. All of his last relationships they kinda just happened. There was very little discussion on who was staying over and for how long. Now Darren was unsure of what he should do. This wasn’t some college fling. This was something he could see lasting for a long while of not forever. He was at a loss on what to do.
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Lucian smiled as Darren seemed to fully enjoy himself watching the movie and he felt just the same. Though, as the movie ended it felt like their night may end soon as well, and Lucian honestly didn't want it to. "I enjoy watching just about anything, especially with you." He wanted to add 'I just love seeing you so happy.' But he just couldn't quite get the words out of his mouth.

After a pause, worried Darren may say he would head home, Lucian was ready to ask if Darren would, possibly, hopefully, want to stay over or at least for a little longer. But Darren didn't seem so ready to leave either as he suddenly spoke about the cake again. Lucian smiled with a nod, "Yeah, cake sounds really good about now." His heart did flips and flutters as Darren kissed his jaw, it took everything not to hold him there and return to kiss ten fold.

"I can grab us a slice." Lucian hesitantly moved himself from Darren and stood. Maybe if he stepped away for a moment he could gather the courage to ask Darren to stay over, or even...find another way to convince him to. Would that be too forward? Lucian smiled down at Darren, kissed him on the head, and made his way into the kitchen. "Small or big piece?" He called out.

Lucian took a deep breath...contemplating what he should do. It seemed Darren also didn't want to leave just yet. Maybe after some cake, Lucian could ask? It seemed silly to ask him...the other idea of convincing him to stay sounded more appealing for sure.
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Darren was the happiest that had been in a wry long time. Between the soft kisses on his head and the warmth of Lucian’s body there was nothing that could ruin his mood. To make everything better he was happily full and was watching one of his favorite movies ever. Yup, Darren was truly happy in these short minutes.

As the movie ended Darren’s happiness was coming to an end and nervousness was settling in. He didn’t want to leave Lucian but he wasn’t sure if he should push to stay the night. Even if it was just to cuddle Darren would be happy. He just wanted to spend the rest of the night with Lucian. He was happy with Lucian. “I’m glad that you liked the movie. Like I said it’s one of my favorite movies. Next time we should watch one of your favorite movie or some action film,” Darren said. There would be a next time for sure and most likely many more times after that.

The biggest problem, however, wasn’t if there was going to be a next time but what was going to happen during this time. Darren really did not want to leave and there was only one thing that he could think off that could delay them having to make a decision on what was going to happen. “I could go for cake. How about you?” He asked as he looked up at the handsome man.

Even from this angle Lucian was painfully attractive and caused Darren’s heart to flutter. Shifting up he pressed a quick kiss to Lucian’s jaw. Happy with his efforts Darren pulled away from Lucian. While he didn’t want to leave Lucian he also wanted to have cake and draw out their time together. “Do you want a piece for yourself or do you want to share?” He asked.
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“Looks like I made a good choice then.” Lucian smiled at Darren as they got into cuddling position and comfortable. His heart was full and overflowing with contentment, joy, and he couldn’t imagine anywhere he would rather be. He also couldn’t help but feel proud and happy at Darren’s approval of his art. It made him all the more excited to show him all of his other works - avoiding some of the art he’s done of Darren, at least for first. “I’m very glad you liked it. I look forward to showing you more.”

They fell into comfortable silence as the movie played. Lucian could hardly focus but chuckled at the little funny moments and found himself looking at Darren more than the TV. His heart did leaps, flips, skipped beats with every kiss Darren placed on his hand. If only the man knew what he truly did to Lucians heart. In return Lucian placed soft kisses on Darren’s head.

The movie credits finally began to roll and it honestly didn’t feel like it had already been over an hour and a half. The movie didn’t feel long enough to cuddle with Darren. Lucian made no attempts to move from his warm position. “That was the first time I’d seen that movie, it was really good.” He smiled down at Darren. He didn’t want the night to end but at the same time was curious where this would go. Would Darren want to stay the night? Would he want more?

As anticipation for the rest of the night flooded his mind he kept a smile on and looked down at the man curled into him.
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Was Darren excited about being called Lucian’s little Koala Bear? Hell yes. He was going to be the happiest and best koala bear for Lucian. In joy he settled a bit on the couch and eyes went over to the painting that Lucian had pointed out. It was absolutely beautiful if not a little bit sad. The wilted and budding colored buds probably had some significance especially with the full blooms being a void of color. The meaning though? Darren wasn’t too sure. What Darren was sure about was that the painting was absolutely beautiful and well done. He couldn’t wait to see more of Lucian’s work.

Looking back to Lucian his smile instantly brightened. “I love The Proposal! It is one of my favorite romantic comedies. Like Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock, and Betty White... who wouldn’t love that?” He said. Once Lucian settled down next to him on the couch Darren made his move and curled himself around Lucian. A sigh of content left his lips once he was snuggled against Lucian’s firm and warm body. Darren was the most comfortable he had been in a long while and was made even more comfortable with Lucian’s arms over him. It had been forever since he last got to cuddle with anyone. The last relationship he had ended right after college and that was so long ago. His last boyfriend was also had a deep seated hatred for cuddling and romantic comedies. So this was nice.

Rolling his head up slightly he looked up at Lucian. “I looked at your painting by the way. It’s beautiful.” Darren informed Lucian. Happy that his man knew his opinion on his painting he settled back down. Darren’s hand found its way up to Lucian and intertwined with Lucian’s fingers. For a good portion of the movie Darren kept his position before eventually pulling Lucian’s hand further down and pressing a handful of kiss to Lucian’s beautiful hands all while snickering at the antics in the movie. This was a life that Darren could happily live.
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He shook his head in amusement but couldn't wipe the big grin off his face at Darren's 'french girl' comment. He would be lying if he said he wasn't interested in seeing Darren nude, but maybe indulge in something other than just drawing him. "An off-centered crotch really just builds character," he chuckled. Lucian was and always has been, passionate about art. It started as a hobby but now is his only outlet besides Darren. If he didn't have his art, making it this long alive like this would have been just about unbearable.

"I'm glad to hear that, actually, one of the paintings in my living room is mine." He couldn't help but want to show off even if just a little. He very much wanted to impress Darren - as well as he was just very proud of his work. He motioned slightly to the picture that featured a field of flowers.

Only the center most was full bloomed, yet lacked any color, while the budding and slightly wilting flowers were in full and radiant colors. It may or may not be a little symbolism of how Lucian saw himself. A full bloom and healthy flower with little color. It just further pushed his narrative that he really only lived for one thing - Darren. It didn't seem to take much encouragement for Darren to be on board for cuddling and a movie.

"You can cling to me as long as you want, my little Koala." He cooed teasingly as he followed right behind Darren to the living room. "I picked out this romantic comedy. 'The Proposal', you said you enjoy those most, right?" He smiled as he set up the tv with the movie and climbed up next to Darren, opening himself to allow Darren to cuddle up to him however he liked before wrapping his arm around him and enjoying the warmth of the others body.
“Well darn I guess I can’t commission you to draw my fursona. Darn. Maybe I’ll have a better luck with you drawing me like on of your French girls,” Darren jokingly replied with a wink. Would he be opposed to some nude modeling for Lucian? No. But would he prefer to do other things nude with Lucian? Yes, someday hopefully soon. As for furries Darren did not really have a fursona and had nothing against furries. Well except wolf furries. There were way too many wolf furries out there, all with neon fur. But that was the extent of his discrimination.

Following after Lucian into the kitchen he smiled adoringly up at him. “Well that seems like you are pretty well rounded when it comes to art. I can draw a mean stick figure... it’s crotch is normally off centered but those are small details and it makes the drawing more endearing.” Darren loved everything to do with art but he was not the most artistic person in the world. In fact the best he could do was a slightly disfigured stick man and cumulonimbus clouds because he had to draw those shit heads too many times.

Shifting his thoughts from his shitty art work he turned his attention back to his amazingly talented date. “I would love to see more of your work. I’ve only seen your tattoos, which are amazing, and I’m sure that your other work is just as amazing,” Darren replied. He really would like to see more of Lucian’s work since art, obviously, meant a lot to him which meant a lot to Darren.

Darren instantly perked up when Lucian suggested a movie and a cuddle. Those were two of his favorite things in the world and it seemed like Lucian had remembered it. “Just so you know my fursona is a Koala Bear because I cling to people like they cling to eucalyptus trees,”He said happily. “What movie did you pick?” Darren added as he padded into the living room. He gave Newfie a good pat on the head before sitting down on the couch, ready to settle on for a good cuddle.
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he was hopeless, hopelessly in love with the man just inches away from his face. Lucian couldn’t keep the grin off his face until Darren’s quietly responded to his little confession with his own soft lips. His hands found their way to Darren’s waist as he practically sat in Lucians lap and felt goosebumps cover his skin as Darren’s hands cradle his skull and intertwine his fingers in his hair. This kiss was a little more intense, butterflies tickled his stomach, and he was certain his heart would beat right out of his chest as he could hear it in his own ears.

Darren pulled away as they both caught their breath. He breathlessly chuckled at Darren’s breathless confession but couldn’t calm the quickened pulse of his ever full heart. “Later is fine with me.” He smiled to hide the small bit of disappointment as Darren stood from his lap. But it was probably a little early for anything more. Lucian was okay with being patient.

Lucian raised his eyebrow at the hottie professor but shook his head with a light laugh. “At least you enjoyed the class,” he stood from the seat and gathered the plates that now only had remnants of their dinners. “No, no furry commissions,” He spoke laughly shaking his head as he walk to the kitchen, “but I do offer commission art work for when I need a little extra cash. People love me doing digital portraits for them.” Lucian has drawn countless digital portraits for couples, families, even beloved pets and the like.

“I’m happy to show you my art portfolio sometime if you’re interested,” He turned back to Darren after placing the plates in his sink “but for now, how about cuddling up to a movie?”
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Was this a heart attack? Darren’s heart was doing flips of joy and excitement with every single one of Lucian’s word. Just Lucian’s simple words were going to obliterate his poor heart and send him to the hospital. The words weren’t a complete declaration of love but it was close enough. It was perhaps the closes Darren had ever gotten to such a declaration. Overwrought with joy he closed what little distance there was between them and pressed his lips against Lucian’s again. Darren shifted a little bit closer and was practically in Lucian’s lap with the start of the kiss. His hand found its way to the back of Lucian’s skull, cradling his skull and interweaving into Lucian’s hair. The kiss was a little less chaste than before and Darren only pulled away because he needed air, sadly. “I really like you too,” he replied in between pants of breaths.

A gentle blush crossed his cheeks when he finally realized that he had crawled into Lucian’s lap. “So do you want desert now or later? I’m leaning for later for myself,” Darren softly said as he got up from Lucian’s lap. It was a little too early to be starting such actions. “Also to answer your earlier question I didn’t like any of my classes that were meant for my degree. The one class I really liked was an extra history class I took. I took it only because the professor was hot but the class ended up being really interesting so that was a plus.” Darren didn’t need the extra credit from the class at all. His social sciences had been covered but when he ran into Professor Hottie he knew he had to take the class. Darren, sometimes, could be a very simple man with simple interests... like attractive men. Lucian, however, was much more attractive than Professor Hottie. “Do you draw a lot digitally? Lots of Furry commissions in your portfolio?” He asked wiggling his brows.
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