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[center [font "Courier New" Character A meets and falls in love with Character B, by an extremely strange situation. At first it even felt a little forced. Nonetheless, Character A falls in love. Soon after they find out Character B is an immortal , that isn't the craziest secret Character B has been hiding. They have been dating Character A, well their past lives, for generations. Every time Character A's past life dies, reincarnates, Character B spends years and year searching for Character A once more. Always hoping they can spend another lifetime with them.]]


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Lucian chuckled at Darren's 'Top Secret' joke. It wasn't really a joke, but it was lame and he felt he needed to at least try to give him something for trying. It was cute enough.

He listened intently as he worked on the lines on Darren's arm. Atmospheric science, huh? Lucian smiled, he was glad he liked it. He could recall the past - Darren's that is - he went for Environmental Engineering then, working to make the world a little cleaner for all. It's funny that his interests were never too far off of each other.

But he loved to hear the little changes that came from growing up with different parents, the different parts of the world, and his new experiences. But luckily he was always similar and allowed Lucian to love him all these years. "[b It totally sounds cooler than what I do. Maybe you can tell me more about it sometime?]" he glanced up with a smile.

He began to go lower on the wrist. He did his best to be careful and gentle while still getting the line work to be crisp and clear. But he heard the whimper from Darren nonetheless. It was clear he was asking him just to distract himself from the pain, but he was more than happy to tell him either way.

"[b I like to draw and paint, I also enjoy taking my dog for walks in the dog park, and I really like to study languages and history.]" Lucian wasn't going to admit he study and knew most commonly used languages because he wanted to be ready to up and be where ever he needed for least not yet. "[b I'm actually fluent in 5 languages.]" Lucian paused, feeling bashful. "[b Heh...Sorry, I'm kind of lame...]" he cleared his throat, trying to change the subject. "[b What about you? What do you like to do in your free time?]"
Darren listened carefully to what Lucian had to say about his job. It was clear to Darren that Lucian genuinely enjoyed his work. This simple thought had him oddly happy. For some odd reason Darren wanted Lucian to be as happy as possible. Sure, Darren wanted everyone to be happy but he wanted Lucian to be extra happy. He wanted Lucian to be the happiest person ever. Darren didn’t know why he felt this way but could not deny it. So instead he was going to just shove that longing to the furthest corner of his mind and pretend it didn’t exist.

When Lucian asked him about his job he gained enough courage to turn his head and look at him. “That’s top secret.” He said in a flat tone. Inside he was bashing his brain against a metaphorical wall for making such lame jokes. When he got back home he was going to have a talk with his mind about it’s horrendous jokes.

“It isn’t really. I don’t do anything too exciting or cool like you. I work at the National Weather Service as a weather forecaster. Originally I went to college for an engineering degree and then changed my major a million times before settling on atmospheric science. It wasn’t my original plan but I like it,” he finished with a small smile. He remembered constantly changing his major to the point he was driving his dad up the wall in madness. His father didn’t even work at the college Darren had went to. While his dad was getting annoyed his mom would just smile and say best of luck each time he changed his degree. Then again she did something similar and had started as an art major before switching a few million times until realizing she liked law.

A small whimper managed to surpass Darren’s lips as the needles moved a little lower on his wrist. By the love of all things holy that hurt in a way that shouldn’t. For a split second Darren rethought the tattoo as he shut his eyes and a tear slipped pass. Fuck. He needed a distraction.

“So what do you like to do in your free time?” He asked. A small part of him wanted to make snide remark along the lines of “what do you do when you aren’t torturing people” but retained enough of his mind to know that he did this to himself. There was no need to make a snarky remark because of his choices. At least the tattoo was going to look badass when it was over with.
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"[i [b Or you do enjoy it because you are secretly sadistic and you tell that to everyone, I’m onto you Lucian.]]"

Lucian looked up smiling taken back by how adorable Darren's silly grin was. He liked this, he liked him. "[b You caught me. I'm quite the sadistic. But don't worry, I'll be gentle with you.]"

He returned to the lines he was working on with a chuckle and listened to Darren speak about his parents. It was nice to hear that he was able to grow up with kind and supportive parents. Not every new life had that and it was nice to hear.

"[b Well, I have always loved art and loved to draw. I also think that tattoos - body modifications too - are really interesting and cool ways for one to express themselves. No matter the meaning behind what they got. I just couldn't help but be drawn to tattooing.]"

Lucian had been an artist since before his...little predicament had begun. He painted, sketched, and even at one point made a living off of it. But with tattooing and body modifications he could do what he enjoyed again. Drawing. The skin was no different than a blank canvas, people just carried their beloved art work with them proudly.

"[b You mentioned before, you work nights, right? What exactly do you do?]"

He knew it was starting to turn into a game of twenty questions...but he was eating up anything and everything he could know about Darren. About the life he was living now.
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A fine eyebrow arched upwards when Lucian said he hated to make the cute ones cry. Was Lucian flirting with him? Or was he just being nice? Darren was never good at figuring these things out. Normally he needed Kelly to tell him when someone was flirting or they weren’t.

“Or you do enjoy it because you are secretly sadistic and you tell that to everyone,” he replied, his eyes narrowing, “I’m onto you Lucian.” Despite Darren trying to be serious a smile ended up spreading across his face. He honestly doubted that Lucian enjoyed causing pain. In Darren’s humble opinion Lucian was too nice to be into that. His smile faltered as the needles made first contact. It didn’t hurt yet but there was some discomfort especially with the needle hitting right above the bone. Lucian slow and gentle movements, however, were helping with the pain.

When Lucian asked about his interest in tattoos he opened his eyes and looked at Lucian. “I really don’t know when I became interested in tattoos. Neither of my parents have any tattoos and they aren’t really fond of them. When they offered to pay for the first sleeve, after graduation, I was surprised. Then again they are supportive of everything I do and want to do, as long as it is legal. I think I really got interested in tattoos because they are beautiful pieces of art. Well some of them,” He said after thinking about his reply. Darren had always been interested in tattoos and the stories behind him. The first one he got was an exaggerated tribute piece for a pet snake that him and his roommate smuggled into the dorms. The snake’s name was Prince Reginald the Third who was an old danger noodle that was trying to live its last days in happiness. So for a semester Darren and his roommate managed to hide Prince Reginald the Third until his untimely demise. This tattoo had a little less meaning behind it. Darren had wanted to keep the serpent theme and decided on having it be in the water only because he loved to swim. He also was tired of the plain arm so this was the best course of action.

“What made you want to be a tattoo artist?” He asked as he dared a peak at his arm. Not much had gotten done since they just started but it was still odd watching the needles move across his skin, leaving behind an inky trail.

Darren could only watch for a few seconds before looking away. The area Lucian had moved into was sensitive enough that it brought some tears to his eyes. It wasn’t enough to cause him to cry but just enough to sting his eyes. At the rate they were going there may not be any ugly crying. Lucian was surprisingly gentle despite moving multiple needles across Darren’s skin.
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"[i [b Yup. I’m ready to start crying...-]]" Lucian chuckled as he put the gun together listening to Darren. He was too adorable to handle sometimes. He wasn't excited to see him in pain but was happy to be the one doing his tattoo for him. Darren choose him and he wanted to deliver the best one he'll ever get.

Lucian would do his best to be as kind and gentle as one can when tattooing. Giving him small breathers and breaks as he needs, as well as talk him through it.

He had finished getting his gun together as well as the ink caps out set up with black ink. Lucian chuckled as Darren looked away from the gun telling Lucian he was ready. He could see the nerves and his heart melted. "[b If you need a break at all don't be afraid to tell me. I hate to be the one who makes the cute ones cry.]" He smirked at Darren. Was it too much? Nah, he probably gets it a lot. So much so that Lucian probably is coming of really lame. The paper had been removed and the transfer had dried, he was ready to start.

Lucian turned the gun on and began the line work, slow, smooth. "[b So, tell me about yourself, Darren. What got you interested in getting tattoos?]" He was making small talk, but he really wanted to know all he could about the other. What had Darren's new life been like? Siblings? What were his parents like? What were his new experiences in this life and how they differed from his last?

So many questions, he was just so damn curious...but he'll keep it to the small stuff for now and learn as time goes on with Darren.
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Darren watched intently as Lucian began to transfer the head and part of the body onto his arm. Seeing the ink on his skin made him even more excited. Even from the transfer paper the soon to be tattoo looked great. Lucian also managed to get his arm proportions correct so that what he had put down so far looked like it belonged on his arm. None of it looked awkwardly placed or forced to fit.

[i “God, he is perfect,’] Darren’s mind supplied as he looked up from the ink on his skin to Lucian. He was somewhat staring at Lucian while he placed the last of the body down onto his arm. Darren was quickly taken aback by his thought. He didn’t disagree with it but it was coming out of left field for sure. Too bad Darren didn’t have the courage to ask Lucian out for a drink so that he could really see how perfect or imperfect Lucian was. Instead he was going to settle on suffering through his rapidly forming crush and drown all his sorrows in the bottom of a pint of ice cream.

Darren had to look away before Lucian looked up at him. He didn’t want to be caught creepily staring at his tattoo artist. If Lucian didn’t appreciate the attention it would make the sessions more awkward than it needed to be and Darren really didn’t want to risk it. So instead he looked back at his arm. “Yup. I’m ready to start crying. Don’t worry I won’t move too much. I may or may not have cried when I got my other tattoo but I didn’t move. Then again the snake doesn’t go into my inner wrist... but those are just minor details,” he said looking down at his tattooed arm. Darren really only moved when it came to his elbow and sobbed at the wrist. The only reason Greg even stopped and let Darren take shots was because he was tired of hearing Darren cry. It’s not like Darren knew it was going to hurt as bad as it did. His piercing on his wrist has hardly hurt so his naive ass thought that the tattoo wouldn’t be as bad. What he really didn’t think about was the fact that his piercing was actually really simple and was one swift needle through the skin not one needle stabbing him multiple times. Now he knew better.

Darren took a deep breath and looked away from the gun. “I’m ready whenever you are. Remember all tears are illusions and I totally didn’t start crying at all,” he said with a small smile. Darren wasn’t ashamed of crying as a whole he was just ashamed of his tattoo crying. It was a very ugly cry in his opinion.
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Lucian took in the pink color that grew on Darren's face. So he was at least taking the flirting well, he noted to not lay it on too thick until a session or two more. Then he could really start going in for the kill.

Darren has chose the bottom of his arm to start. He had a piercing on his wrist, it looked uncomfortable, not to mention the wrist is kind of sensitive area to start. But, starting of with the harder part is probably the best idea with this big of a tattoo.

Lucian smiled sitting down on the stool next to Darren's chair and gently took his wrist as he began to clean the area he was going to lay down the transfer paper.

He also noted that Darren's skin looked smooth and was probably very soft to the touch. Though, it had always been like that. He cursed that he had to wear these dumb gloves. But, it was the right and professional thing to do....sadly...

Once the skin was cleaned and sanitized, Lucian pulled out a bottle from one of the drawers next to him laying down his 'stencil stuff' or stencil applicator, if you will. He rubbed it onto Darren's arm in the areas and then began to lay down the transfer paper. Lucian glanced up at him as he had laid down 3 pieces starting with the serpents head and part of the neck going into the body. "[b Nervous yet?]" he teased as he laid down a fourth piece. That should be enough for today's session.

He began to put his tattoo gun together as well as pulling a clean needle from the packaging.
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When Lucian had said he would take care of him a small blush made an appearance on his face. It wasn’t as bad as when Kelly ousted him though and was soon forgotten. Though his last thoughts about it was he wouldn’t mind Lucian taking care of him.

Then the hot fucker had to wink. Darren’s heart fluttered a little at the wink. Lucian was probably just being friendly but Darren couldn’t help but feel something. His heart then proceeded to melt when Lucian said he had spent extra time on the design. [i ‘He is just being friendly. He probably spent the same amount of time as he did on other tattoos,’] Darren tried to tell himself but found that he couldn’t believe it. Darren had looked though Lucian’s portfolio multiple times before but nothing was this detailed. Don’t get Darren wrong all of Lucian’s work was gorgeous but this tattoo was just one step better. It looked like Lucian had put in the extra work. There was no way to deny it.

Darren watched Lucian get ready while sitting his cardigan and the bag containing the croissant on a table that was a little ways away meant to hold stuff for the clients. While he was doing this one of the most important questions was asked causing Darren to pause and think about it. He worried his lip between his teeth for a long moment. If he started at his upper arm then there would be no pain until his elbow but if he started at his wrist then the worst pain would be over faster. He outweighed the pros and cons for a few more seconds before resigning himself to some pain. “Let’s start at the wrist and work up. At least that way I get the worse of it over with and by the time the session is over my eyes won’t be red,” he replied as he returned to Lucian and took a seat next to him. Once he was comfortable enough he offered up his left arm.
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Lucian wanted to melt seeing Darren's smile. "[b No need to worry, I'll take care of you.]" He spoke, his tone more flirtatious than he planned. But he also wanted to reassure Darren that he would certainly take care of him, and they could take as many breaks as needed as well as stretch out the sessions.

He understood not everyone was able to sit still for 3 hours and let someone else basically stab them over and over again. It can get painful.

"[i [b I bet you are sick of tattooing roses and crosses but I’m glad your week went well,]]" Lucian sighed with a nod, he really was. He didn't mind nor judged when people wanted to pick something off the wall and have him just tattoo it right here...but they get boring. So he was excited to work on this piece....and work with Darren.

Lucian watched Darren as he scanned the art work. He could tell him loved it. The way his hazel eyes lit up....his heart skipped a beat watching him. Not the mention the way Darren says his name..he really was a just like a fool. He enjoyed falling back in love with him every time, but at the same time he was a very impatient man.

"[b Awesome, I'm glad to hear that. I took extra time on this, just for you.]" He spoke with a wink before reaching over to put on his gloves. Lucian was a stickler on being sanitized and for everything to be as clean as possible. Once he'd placed on his gloves he'd taken down his alcohol wipes. "[b Where would you like to start? I can start at the time or at the bottom?]"

Where he was going to start was important, so he could pull the correct part of the tattoo from the transfer papers he'd already prepared with parts of the artwork. As well as clean the proper part of Darren's arm.
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“I can’t confirm or deny that I will sob. Depends. It will probably be when we get to shading that I’ll start becoming a blubbering mess,” he said with a smile. By the time they get to shading Darren’s skin should be sensitive. Sure they will have a break between sessions but that didn’t mean he was going to be a hundred percent healed up when he returned. It would be more like ninety five percent healed up between each session just leaving enough sensitivity in the skin. Or at least that was Darren’s experience after his first tattoo. He also ended up taking a few shots in the middle of his last appointment so that he could continue. Which was a big no-no but Greg didn’t care. Hopefully no liquid courage would be needed because there would be none.

As for the lone croissant it would be saved as a sacrifice. When he got home he would throw it into the dragon den and hide in his room. Hopefully the dragon will be appeased.

His thoughts about the croissant instantly disappeared when Lucian said he had finished up the design. “I bet you are sick of tattooing roses and crosses but I’m glad your week went well,” he said as he made his way next to Lucian. He never really understood why people got tattoos of the wall but then again Darren liked huge designs that were unique. Like the tattoo Lucian was about to show him. Everything about the tattoo was beautiful. The scales were beautifully detailed, glistening in all the right places where it wasn’t in the water. It’s overall body curled carefully to give it the look like some of it was in water while the majority of it was out. And the eyes... damn they were well done. The face of the serpent was not fierce at all but it’s eyes said everything. It’s eyes said fuck off and that it was ready to attack. It was gorgeous.

Darren’s hazel eyes scanned the picture a few more times, seeing if he had any changes. He could fine none. It was perfect. “Wow Lucian it looks really great. It is everything I ever wanted and more.” Darren finally said looking up from the book and up at the taller man. “I have no changes at all. You did a really great job. I’m ready whenever you are.” He couldn’t wait to get the tattoo and show off Lucian’s skilled work.
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Lucian smiled as he took the coffee offer from Darren, he seemed very pleased that Lucian had taken him up on his offer. He took a sip, perfectly brewed black coffee. It warmed his throat and the warmth continued to fill his chest as well. He loved black coffee. Then again, he liked bitter tastes over sweet.

The male smirked "[i [b It's okay, you wouldn't be the first to cry during a session. I had one lady who literally sobbed and we had to wait for her to calm down.]]" Lucian chuckled, it was a sweet older lady who just wanted a little hummingbird on her ankle. She tipped him extra and will sometimes still come into the shop to just chat with him.

Lucian didn't take him up on his croissant. He ate his fill just the night before and he didn't really have enough in him to pretend he enjoyed regular 'human' meals. But he wouldn't admit that was why he wasn't interested, obviously. "[i [b My week was okay, I did mostly stick and I'm pretty excited to get started with yours. I actually have the complete sketch right here.]]"

He excitedly pulled out his sketch book and flipped to Darren's tattoo. It was finely detailed down to the scales. The face wasn't angry either, but he tried to make the eyes intimidating, like it was waiting to attack something. "[i [b What do you think? If you don't like it we can make a few more tweaks and actually start next week.]]" Lucian felt pretty proud of it. Then again he never tried as hard as he did with this one, he truly wanted to impress Darren.

Not to say he didn't work hard on all of his stuff....he just took extra time, extra care, and was meticulous with every detail more so than usual. He wanted to kind of blow him out of the water and maybe keep him coming back for more.
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Happiness filled Darren when Lucian accepted the coffee. “They put some cream and sugar in the bag. There is also an extra croissant if you want it. I may or may not have forgotten to eat before coming here...” he said trailing off as he brought his cup of coffee and took a sip. The taste of perfectly brew coffee flooded his senses. He could do this. He could get through today without looking like a fool. Well not a complete fool because depending on what part of the tattoo they were going to work on there may be some tears. If they do just the line work and they get down to his wrist there was for sure going to be tears. Or his elbow... Or his inner arm on the other side of his elbow. Darren knew his limits and there were many but pain was beauty. He wanted this tattoo enough to be stabbed multiple times by a fast needle in places that hurt. Maybe he wouldn’t outright sob like he did when he got his wrist pierced. That was embarrassing and he really did not want a repeat performance of that.

“I’m as ready as ready can be. Please ignore any and all tears. It is an illusion,” he said after one more sip of coffee. “Just let me eat my croissant real quick,” Darren added. With that said he made quick work of the delicious buttery treat. The beast within had been fed and was content. Now he could do this for sure.

Darren took another sip of his coffee and let out a content sigh. “How was your week?” He asked making some small talk as he began to remove his cardigan, working around his coffee. By the time he was done with his appointment it should be warm enough that he didn’t need the thin material to feel even slightly warm. Should being the the key word.

Free from the confines of his cardigan he draped it across his already tattooed arm. His week had been filled with joy and some anticipation. Darren couldn’t wait to see what Lucian had came up with. Based off of the sketch Darren knew that it was going to be a good tattoo. He loved the one on his right arm but he had a feeling that this tattoo was going to be a hundred times better. It was already his favorite tattoo and not even a drop of ink had touched his skin.
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Darren had decided to pay with debit, and once the card was swiped and the amount was paid he was leaving. Lucian watched until the two were in the car and out of the parlor's parking lot. That sucks.

It sucks because he's so close to him but at the same time completely out of least for now. He just had to win him back, like he always did.

"[i [b You guys were awfully cute together.]]"

Lucian heard the teasing feminine voice from behind him. Clara. She was the only one in the shop that didn't also work as a tattoo artist, but purely working with people seeking piercings.

She was a sweet girl and was basically Lucian's adopted little sister. The little brunette found out about his little...situation a few years back and she also knows all about Darren...well..his past lives at least.

Lucian had to tell her. She had a major crush on him when he first started at the shop. Clara was only 17 at the time but her uncle worked there and she hung out with him all the time. Thus, introducing her to Lucian. She kind of...turned into a weird stalker.

Long story short, she caught him in the 'act' and he spilled it all for her. Luckily, she's a nice girl and was willing to keep it all hush hush for him in return that he becomes her best friend. Why you ask? '[i Because it's totally kick ass to have a vampire for your best friend.]' Lucian wasn't your traditional vampire. It was more of a...curse per-say. Though, he never knew how to fix it nor did he really remember how it even happened.

"[b Shush it.]" He playfully messed up her perfectly styled hair. "[i [b Hey!]]" she growled and glared up at him, kind of like a feisty puppy if you will.

"[i [b I wasn't the only one who could probably see it. You were drooling all over that poor boy. Not my fault you don't know how to be subtle.]]" Clara smirked. Lucian let out a sigh, she was totally right...he probably looked like a fool. Well, at least he didn't scare him off too much.


Friday took it's sweet time getting there. Lucian hardly slept a wink, in that time...he was too excited to see Darren again. This was their first real session and Lucian made sure to be there early to set up his little part of the parlor.

Nothing fancy, mainly pictures with him, Clara and Uncle Maverick. Maverick owned the shop, actually. He was impressed with Lucian's work and for some reason saw a young him. They sort of became his family after that. Even though they have sort of a father-son relationship Lucian just calls him Uncle Maverick. He spends holidays with them, does special family events, the works.

Lucian typically doesn't let himself get close to people other than Darren like this. But they kind of wormed their way into his life. Uncle Maverick doesn't know about him, but Clara does, and it's nice to have someone there that will listen to his rants while Darren is still clueless.

"[i [b Try not to make everyone in the shop gag today, okay?]]" Clara said as she walked up to his little work station, a smirk evident on her face. "[b Whatever, don't you have some people to stab?]"

"[i [b My first appointment isn't here yet. I thought I'd bother you.]]" She giggled before they heard the shops door jingle. Lucian smiled seeing Darren walk in with two coffees and two croissants. Clara nudged Lucian before walking away, trying to bite back a laugh.

"[b [i Morning! Do you like coffee? I may have bought one too many? I promise it isn’t poisoned.]]"

Lucian chuckled "[b Oh, I'm not so sure now..]" He teased with a smile as Darren approached him. "[b But thanks, I'll take you up on the coffee.]" He wasn't sure if Darren had purposely got him some or not, but it's cute and he appreciated it. He would need it today. "[b Are you ready to get started for today?]"
Darren didn’t even bat an eye when he heard the price though Kelly beside him choked a little. A good tattoo costed a pretty penny especially when done by a talented artist. Honestly Darren was expected it to be a lot more than what Lucian had just said. He was expecting it to come out to $1600 without tips so $1300 he could do. Already he was calculating how much the tip would cost him and Darren was happy to say that even with the tip he would be on budget. If he wasn’t hungry he would be the happiest clam on the block.

“Let’s go with debit,” he replied with a small smile. Fishing his wallet out of his pocket he handed over the blue plastic card. When it came time for him to sign the receipt he made sure to leave a decent tip for the consultation before handing over the receipt and pen. “I look forward to Friday. Have a great day,” he said with a bright smile before Kelly pulled him out of the shop.

Darren hated to admit it but he was somewhat sad to go. Friday wasn’t that far off but that didn’t mean he wanted to leave Lucian’s side. There was something about Lucian that attracted Darren and it wasn’t just his looks. He felt comfortable being around him and talking to him like Darren had known Lucian for his whole life. That comfort made Darren sad to leave but food was more important.

Once they were both in the car Kelly turned to Darren with the biggest shit eating grin ever. “So when is the wedding?” She asked.

Darren glared at her. “Never. He probably already has someone and even if he doesn’t he may not be interested. I’m going to keep it professional.”

Kelly let out a loud snort. “He was totally interested in you. When you were busy staring dreamily into his eyes he was returning the favor. But don’t listen to Kelly. It isn’t like she knows best. Just like when she told you that Brent was cheating on you and you were like oh no when you found out. Maybe you should have listened to Kelly then. Just saying.”

Darren’s glare only intensified. They promised not to talk about his last boyfriend. They pinky promised over a pint of ice cream and some horrible buddy cop movie on the couch. Now she broke the promise and there would be repercussions, mainly in the form of hiding all of the spoons. Despite her failing to keep her promise she wasn’t wrong. Most of the time she was right about Darren’s love life. She knew when someone was cheating, about to break up with him, or was an overall scum bag. Her accuracy rate on all of this was scary good but Darren was hard headed enough not to listen to her warnings and advice.

“Just saying maybe you should ask him out after that tattoo is finished,” she added as she began to take them to their favorite diner.

[center ~]

It was Friday! Darren was just as excited as he had been when he went in for the consultation. The only difference between then and now was that he was driving himself. His poor little Civic got its bumper repaired which meant he didn’t need to wake up the dragon. Darren was also lucky enough to be sent home early so he got to change into his normal clothes. Instead of black slacks and a white button up he was wearing his usual attire of black jeans, a black tank top, and a sensible cream colored cardigan because it was chilly. His hair was no longer crunchy from the gel and laid in its natural state of just barely being in his right eye. If Kelly was awake she would have laughed at how much time Darren put into his appearance. Darren had, after all, changed six times just to find the right tank top-cardigan match. But she wasn’t awake so Darren’s little secret was safe.

He was almost to the tattoo parlor when his stomach growled. In his hurry to find the right clothes he had forgotten to eat. Glancing at the clock he still had enough time to stop at the coffee shop nearby. When he walked into the place it was nearly empty. The lady at the register had a large smile on her face.

“Good morning sir what could I get for you today?” She asked.

“Could I get two black coffees and two croissants?” He asked without hesitation. It was only after he paid did he think about his order. Normally he picked up coffee for Kelly on his way home but there was no Kelly for the next three hours. Darren found himself in a small self made dilemma that he eventually gave up on when the food and drinks were handed to him. Well he hoped Lucian liked coffee and croissants worse case scenario Darren would drink the coffee himself. There was no such thing as too much coffee in the world.

With the coffee sitting carefully in his cup holders and the croissants all buckled up Darren made his way over to the tattoo parlor. He made it to his appointment right on time and when he saw Lucian he couldn’t help but smile. “Morning! Do you like coffee? I may have bought one too many? I promise it isn’t poisoned.”
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"[i [b Let’s go with half now and half when you finish up]]"

Lucian smiled and nodded. He kind of preferred him to pay that way, just so nothing will keep him from coming in for an appointment. He knew, at least in past lives, Darren had a knack for bad luck. It warmed his heart to see that it appeared it was something that still stuck even with his new life.

That was one of the only things that he didn't mind so much and even began to cherish. Little details about Darren that stayed the same, some thing were different.

Mannerisms, some personality changes: shy to bold, vise versa, loud and out going to soft and reserved - you get the idea. But somethings never change. Like his kind heart seemed to always be the same, his outward appearance was pretty much the same, the way he blushes never changes either.

Lucian began to note all the small things. It was precious to him, most people don't get the mark those really small...seemingly insignificant details. He was lucky to get that. Even if he wasn't so lucky in all the other areas of being in love.

He was lost in thought, staring at Darren, when he heard the others stomach rumble and the teasing remark made by Kelly. Lucian was amused watching the two and listening to Kelly about Darren's grumpy mood when he gets hungry. That seemed to not change either and he found himself laughing inwardly to himself.

"[i [b “She is sadly right. I’ll become a monster if I don’t eat soon. So how much do I owe you?]]"

Lucian chuckled "[b $650 should cover the first portion. I take cash or debit, whichever you have on hand right now.]"
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