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[center [font "Courier New" Character A meets and falls in love with Character B, by an extremely strange situation. At first it even felt a little forced. Nonetheless, Character A falls in love. Soon after they find out Character B is an immortal , that isn't the craziest secret Character B has been hiding. They have been dating Character A, well their past lives, for generations. Every time Character A's past life dies, reincarnates, Character B spends years and year searching for Character A once more. Always hoping they can spend another lifetime with them.]]


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Michael watched Henry carefully unwrap the gift. There was one thing that he wasn’t nervous about and that was his gift. He knew Henry would love it. The only thing that Michael was worried about was Henry being mad that he spent so much money or trying to turn down the gifts. He really didn’t want that to happen.

Thankfully, Michael’s worse fear did not happen. Michael could see the joy on Henry’s face as he unwrapped the case. He scooted a little bit closer and rubbed Henry’s shoulder. “Keep going darling,” he said with a large smile on his lips. Michael was happy that he had bought these gifts because the look on Henry’s face made it a hundred and ten percent worth it. “Take your time love,” he said as he watched Henry trying to say his thanks. Instead Michael received a hug with Henry’s face buried into his neck and Michael was perfectly okay with that. He wrapped his arms around Henry and pressed a kiss to the side of Henry’s head. “You are welcome. I’m glad you like them,” Michael replied as he happily held Henry.

Michael lovingly returned the kiss. Some of his nerves were gone thanks to Henry’s joy. “Alright,” he said as he got up again. He went over to the small desk that was in the corner of the room and rummaged through the drawers for some extra candles. He had a few scattered around the room hut he wanted Henry to have the lighting he needed to do a good job. “I’ll let you place them. I have a feeling you have a better eye for lighting than me,” He said as he sat the candles down for Henry to place. While he did that he went and lit the candles that were in the fixture on the wall, illuminating the room greatly.

Once all the candles were unlit Michael did a thing he didn’t think he would ever do for another man, he got undressed. He felt a small flush cross his body as he laid down, ready for Henry to draw him.
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Henry couldn't wipe the smile off his face, even if he wanted to, as Michael spoke about wanting to for him. He couldn't love anyone more, that was a fact. "No need to be nervous. Honestly, it'll all be first for me too. I've never felt this way about anyone else. At least not strong enough that I was interested in taking things further." Henry admitted. He was a bit more confident. Though, he was nervous as well, he knew it was right. It felt right to be with Michael. He didn't need anything else to confirm that this wasn't wrong. How could it be? It wouldn't feel like this if this was as bad as those in church proclaimed. It wouldn't feel so natural. So blissful.

He was a bit curious as Michael climbed from the bed, letting go of his hands, walking to his nightstand. Henry tilted his head, sitting up properly, watching Michael closely as he pulled out two wrapped packages. Michael set them down next to him, asking him not to be mad. Carefully, he unwrapped the first package, nearly gasping. "Y-you..?" He trailed off, his fingers gently rubbing over the rough leather. This had to be expensive, not even saving up, could he ever afford such a thing. He had to settle for the poorly made canvas', paper, and supplies when he did art. Quickly, he unwrapped the other packages. Charcoal pencils and fine quality paper.

The man merely stared in awe. These were expensive and fine materials. The kind he only really dreamed of getting his hands on. He looked up at Michael, he opened his mouth a few times to try and speak, but he had nothing. All he could do was leaning, tightly wrapping his arms around the other, burying his face into Michael's neck. "Thank you. I know these items weren't cheap. It means..." He paused, "More than you think." Henry held him for a moment. Happiness washing over him. They were mere supplies to other people, but it was a gift. A gift from someone he loved, for something he was extremely passionate about, and all he ever wanted to do.

He pulled away, placing a kiss on Michael's lips. "Lets get some more candles so I can properly draw."
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“No, it wouldn’t be,” Michael responded the moment Henry asked if it was wrong of him to want to do the drawing. According to the Bible and everything it was wrong especially since the motive was anything but innocent but Michael didn’t care. He was nervous but he wanted this. He wanted to give Henry something personal and something only for him and his eyes.

Michael heart fluttered when Henry said he would only do it if Michael wanted it. Gosh, he landed himself such a gentleman! His interaction with other men had always been just do it or get the fuck out. Michael always left since he didn’t appreciate feeling pressured. Henry, however, wasn’t pressuring him and was giving him an out. That just made Michael fall more in love with Henry. “I’m nervous but I want to,” Michael said as Henry kissed his hand. “I’m nervous because this is my first time with anyone... and it’s full exposure. But... but I find myself wanting to do it especially since it’s for you. If it was anyone else I don’t think I could do it but for you, with you, I can.” Michael wasn’t only talking about the drawing but also what could come after.

Reluctantly Michael let go of Henry’s hand and got up from the bed. “I do have the supplies?” He said as he walked to his nightstand and pulled out two neatly wrapped packages. Michael had gone back to the market and had seen a beautiful leather folder meant to protect the drawing paper. Micheal has also bought some nice quality paper and some pencils imported from Europe and some charcoal pencils. It had costed Michael a pretty penny especially with the war going on but Michael felt good about buying those items. He hardly spent any money in the first place so it didn’t put much of a dent in Michael’s coin purse.

Bringing the wrapped packages to Henry he sat down next to the man. “These are for you. Don’t be mad at me,” he added as a caveat. He didn’t want Henry to be mad about the money spent and he also didn’t want Henry to feel like he was flaunting his wealth because he wasn’t.
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"Oh yeah? What is it? I can do whatever you'd like." He smiled at the other. He was curious what this personal drawing would be. Henry had a few ideas, but he wasn't quite sure. Maybe a portrait only for Henry to see? He had ideas pop in and out of his mind as it seemed Michael was a little nervous to speak about what he wanted. Henry looked curiously at him, he wanted to speak up, see if he could make Michael feel more comfortable to ask what he wanted.

As he opened his mouth, Michael took his hand and spoke up, and it would be a lie if Henry didn't say he was a little stunned. He chuckled softly after Michael had asked nervously. "Would it be a little wrong of me to say I'd love to?" He smiled a little devilishly and teasingly. "But, honestly, only if you're comfortable. I don't need any of that from you if you aren't totally comfortable. Your love is enough for me." Henry spoke truthfully.

He wouldn't ask or do anything if Michael wasn't totally committed and comfortable. It wouldn't be fun that way. Henry was content with just having him in his arms, where he could keep him safe, and love him. "If you have the supplies and are comfortable, I'd be happy to." He lifted Michael's hand and kissed over his knuckles.
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A saucy little idea came to mind when Henry said yes to him. It wasn’t perhaps his very first idea when the asked Henry to draw him but it was an idea that Michael found himself enjoying more and more as he thought about it. He let go of Henry’s hand in favor of rolling on his side moments after Henry’s kiss he sent the other man a small grin as he looked at his handsome lover. “I would love you to do my portrait for the wall but I was thinking something w little more personal for you,” he softly said.

Michael wanted to draw tonight out a little bit. He didn’t want to just jump into Henry’s arm and find themselves under the covers right away. While Michael felt like tonight was the night and that Henry was the right person it didn’t feel right to get to it yet. Michael, despite his enthusiasm, was a nervous little cookie about what was to happen next. Not only was he nervous he just wanted to savor his night with He ray which was where his next idea came from. It allowed Michael to get that extra time to calm down and enjoy just Henry’s presence but it also moved them to a new step that they hadn’t really reached. Sure there was the lake but with Michael’s idea it was a little bit more intimate than that.

Taking one of Henry’s hands again he finally worked to the courage to suggest what he really wanted to suggest. “Would you draw me nude? Something for you to remember me by when we can’t be together for extended periods,” Michael nervously asked.
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Henry smiled, feeling a flutter of excitement wash over him as he watched Michael walk to him on the bed. He was undeniably attracted and smitten with this man. The other had stopped to put down the candelabra before quickly making his way back to Henry, straddling him. Henry was a bit surprised, extremely pleasantly. "I love you deeply, Michael" he responded to Michael.

Their lips met, tender, lovingly, and he swore his heart was going to burst from his chest. His arms slithered around the others waist just as Michael gently pushed him back, excitement continued to build in his lower self. If they didn't calm down soon, he was certain that Michael would be able to feel his excitement underneath him. But, a little to Henry's disappointment, Michael pulled away for air and rolled from on top of him. He couldn't help the smile that immediately took hold of his lips. Henry knew that Michael would be the death of him like this. The two laid, hand in hand, enjoying each others presence.

Michael spoke up and Henry turned his head to look at the other, the light of the flame flickering against his features. He was breath taking. "I'd love to. Just tell me when, where, and I'd be happy to capture the beauty that I see." He smiled moving in closer to place a kiss on Michael's temple, still holding Michael's hand.
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“Well, perhaps it isn’t grand but it is a finale,” he sheepishly responded as he watched Henry walk into the room. This was the first time that Michael had invited someone into what was his sanctuary. He wanted Henry to like it, and feel like he was at home. Michael also liked the sight of Henry in his room. He looked comfortable especially when he sat down on the bed. Michael’s heart did a few flips just seeing Henry sitting there and when he patted next to him on the bed Michael was officially lost to Henry. Michael was absolutely, undeniably, in love with Henry.

Putting the candelabra down on the night stand on his side of the bed he rushed over to Henry and straddled his lap. He cupped Henry’s face with his hands. “I love you Henry. I love you so much,” he said before tenderly kissing Henry. As he kissed Henry he gently pushed him down onto the bed and held himself up as he kissed him. Only when air was necessary he pulled away and buried his face into Henry’s neck.

He laid there like that and just breathed in all that was Henry. Michael enjoyed the feeling of Henry beneath him, breathing. He also had a feeling he would love to also be under Henry, feeling the comfort of his weight on top of him. Those thoughts interested the lower part of him a lot. Rolling off of Henry he laid right next to him and took Henry’s hand in his. For a few seconds Michael stared up at the shadows dancing on his ceiling before finally speaking one of the thoughts at the forefront of his mind. “Would you draw me Henry?”
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"Right behind you, my love." He replied as Michael began to lead him to the staircase. Henry allowed his eyes to break from his lover to the walls. He looked over the portraits that lined the walls. He noticed Michael wasn't up on the wall. Henry was curious as to why he didn't have his own portrait. Maybe he choose not to have one? He would certainly love to draw Michael. If he'd allow him. Capture him how he saw him.

They finally made it to the top, turning right, and opening a door to what Michael explained was an office. Henry was impressed by the size of his manor. Still surprised how only two people could use so much of his house, his house was much smaller with more bodies constantly inside.

Henry looked around the office, it was covered with shelves and books, a desk, and two chairs. It looked cozy. A nice quiet space to be in and work. He dreamed of a studio for his art like this, instead he got a stuffy attic filled with little annoying critters, only way to keep the littles from messing with his art. Michael was soon pulling him again. It was further down the hall. He pointed out guest rooms, his fathers room, and finally - Michael's room. He pushed open the door into the dark room.

He didn't hesitate, nor did he hide his curiosity, as he walked deeper into Michael's room. It was hard to see, but it felt similar to the rest of the home, decor and well lived in by Michael. "Is this your grand finale? I think it's my favorite part of the tour." He spoke jokingly and winked at the other before turning back, looking at the bed. Henry felt a bit of excitement well up in him. He took initiative and sat on the bed, wordlessly summoning Michael to join him. He may be a little impatient, but he wanted Michael in his arms.
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Taking Henry’s hand he smiled adoringly up at the man. This was the most he had smiled in a long while and his cheeks were hurting but he loved it. He loved feeling this happy and this loved. Bringing their intwined hands together he pressed a kiss to Henry’s knuckles. “Well then follow me, love,” He said as he maneuvered around the piano bench and grabbed the candelabra and started moving towards the hall and to the staircase. The wall was lined with portraits of Michael’s family, all of whom owned the house. There was a spot left for Michael’s portrait but he hadn’t bothered commissioning one.

As they went up the steps he thought of something. Henry was an artist. Michael would love to have some of Henry’s art work in the house and would love Henry to paint his “official” portrait for him. At least if Henry did that Michael would have a piece of Henry no matter where his lover was. Michael was, of course, willing to pay for the time and art that would come. It was also an excuse to spend more time with Henry. Later Michael would ask about it but not yet. He wanted to finish this tour so that they could enjoy their grand finale. Even if they didn’t make love he would very much like to kiss Henry senseless and at least cuddle with the man in bed.

Michael continued up the stairs and turned right and opened one of the first doors. “This is the office. It’s where all the magic happens and by magic I mean never ending paperwork associated with running a business during this war. It’s one of my favorite places though because I like reading in here.” Michael said as he looked around the dark room. Books lined the walls and a sturdy oak desk sat in the middle of the room with a nice chair behind it and a large leather chair in the corner for reading.

Michael then pulled Henry down the hall. “A few of these are guest rooms and the room across the office is my father’s room. Aaaand down this hall, at the very end, is my room. He said as he pushed the door open for Henry.
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Henry held his breath for a moment. He uttered words that he felt deeply, and he hoped Michael felt the same. As if to read his mind, Michael kissed him once more, full of passion, full of love. His heart felt as if it would burst from his chest.

Henry made sure to kiss him back with the same intensity, struggling for air, he wrapped his arms around the others waist, taking him all in. The two finally parted for air. Light and warm huffs coming from his mouth and a warm smile soon taking its place on his lips. "That's the best thing you could ever say to me." He chuckled softly, holding the loving gaze in Michael's eyes as their lips met once more, tender, and soft.

It was hard to stop, to pull away, but soon they finally parted. As if they were trying to keep their wits about them and not make a scene in the parlor. "I would love to see the grand finale." Henry was interested in what the grand finale could be. There was a bit of perverse hope it was Michael's room, maybe they could continue the passion they had in the parlor? Henry quickly pushed those thoughts aside. He was happy just being with Michael, enjoying their love, and getting a full evening just the two of them.

The man stood from the piano bench and held out his hand to the other. "Show me the way, my love." He smiled at the other.
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Michael’s shoulders sagged with relief when Henry said that the music was lively. He was so happy that Henry actually liked the music and happy that he didn’t totally fuck up the song. Michael was just happy. Today couldn’t get any better until it did.

Henry’s light cupping of his cheek and he kissed Michael. Michael melted into the kiss and wrapped his arm around Henry’s neck, fingers slipping into Henry’s hair, cradling the back of his skull as they kissed. Michael and Henry had kissed a few times before but this kiss felt different. There was more love in this kiss and as they pulled away they were staring at each other in the face. Michael’s brow creased slightly when he noticed some nervousness in Henry’s face. Before he could ask Henry said three words that Michael had never thought he would hear in his life. Henry loved him and Michael loved him too. Surging forward he pressed his lips against Henry’s and kissed him hard and filled with passion. Only when he needed air did Michael pull away. “I love you too Henry. Oh god do I love you,” he softly said as he lovingly stared into Henry’s eyes. Leaning forward Michael stole one more tender kiss, just incapable of not kissing Henry not when Henry just told him he loved him.

After a few rounds of kisses Michael needed to continue their tour before he pounced Henry in the middle of the parlor. “Any interest in continuing the tour, love? I have a place in mind for the grand finale,” he asked, a small grin on his face because he planned to have the grand finale be his room.
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Henry couldn't help the flutter in his stomach as Michael kissed his knuckles, and when he stole a kiss from his lips. How could one person make him feel so much? He adored it. "I'm certain you wont." Henry chuckled, smiling at the hint of amusement Michael had about him. He watched as Michael lit the room up with candles. The room was illuminated, flickers of light danced on the walls, it felt peaceful and romantic to be here with Michael. He couldn't wait for him to begin playing.

Without hesitation he joined him on the bench of the piano. Henry looked down at the keys. They were well used, spots where fingers danced across many times before, a smile touched his lips as he looked at Michael. He seemed unsure what song he'd like to play as he sat in silence for a moment. Henry felt anticipation build, would he play something romantic? Something somber? He appreciated all forms of art, including music, and he was ready to soak in anything Michael wanted to give him.

Finally, music began to fill the quiet room. It was slow. Henry couldn't help the smile that sat in his face, he closed his eyes, letting the music sway him. It was lovely. His heart swelled with love, he opened his eyes and looked at Michael as he was in a distant place. He watched him closely as his hands made their way across the piano. Finally, the notes faded, the room was quiet once more. Michael looked at him, waiting, it seemed he wanted Henry's reaction.

"That was .. lovely." Still smiling Henry leaned over, cupping Michael's cheek, kissing him softly. As he pulled away, he made a split second decision, it just felt right to do it now. "I love you, Michael." His voice was hushed, nervous, he looked over Michael's face. He knows they both love each other, but they had yet to say it allowed, and Henry didn't want to continue being too shy or nervous to tell Michael exactly how he felt.
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Before Henry’s hand fell away from his Michael snatched it to real quick and pressed a small kiss to Henry’s knuckles before moving closer to the man and stealing a quick kiss from his lips. “I hope I don’t disappoint you,” he said with a faint hint of amusement. Michael wasn’t some musical prodigy but he was pretty good with the piano and he knew he wouldn’t disappoint Henry.

Instead of making a beeline to the piano Michael made a few rounds around the parlor and lit some of the candles so that it wasn’t as dark in the room. Once the candles were lit he sat the candelabra down on a table near the piano and went over to the piano. Michael patted the bench next to him, giving Henry an option to sit next to him.

For a few minutes his hands hovered over the keys as he contemplated what to play. He wanted to play something romantic. Something that held an ounce of the passion he felt for Henry. As his hands ghosted over the keys he finally decided on a song to play for Henry. It was one of the newest songs Michael had learned to play and he had learned it just because he liked the sound, never thinking about the emotions associated with it until now. Taking a deep breath he began to play Serenade by Franz Schubert. His fingers danced along the keys with ease and Michael even found himself lightly swaying with the music as he played the familiar notes. When the last gentle note was played Michael remained frozen for a moment, fingers hovering above the keys, before he owlishly blinked and came back to the present. Turning he looked over at Henry with a sheepish smile on his face. Curious about Henry’s opinions but not brave enough to ask yet.
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Henry returned Michael's bright smile as they begin their tour. Hand in hand, they enter the first stop, the dining room. It was just adjacent to the kitchen. Well decorated and put together. Michael points him to a photo of the manor and the land that surrounded it. Henry hadn't really seen a photo yet, most of his families portraits were paintings, and only when they could afford it. That, and it never had the littles, since they couldn't stay still long for the painter to properly capture them. He was amazed to finally see a real photo and not a painting. He stared and studied it, listening still, to Michael speak of his uncle and their lover.

He assumed, based on the term lover, that Michael's uncle was more like Henry and Michael. It comforted him knowing they weren't the only ones who went against what they'd always been told. Henry frowned when he heard about how his father put it away, he'd lived to see that picture, he was certain it was the same joy that danced in his eyes when he looked at Michael.

The two moved on, they went to the entryway, he'd already gotten a good look around this room when he first arrived. It had more pieces of art, Henry enjoyed looking at each piece, some were original and by people he was sure he heard of. It made him hopeful one day people would hang his art up in their home. As the pushed pass the entryway, they entered the parlor. Henry slowly swept over the room, taking it all in, seeing more art, photos, fireplace, and a piano with chairs nearby. Henry stopped and looked up at the portrait of Michael's family above the fireplace. He had a good mix of his parents, though, he had a little more of his mother in his face. She was beautiful and looked like quite the lovely woman.

He took more of the room in as Michael began to speak after letting Henry soak it in. Michael offered to play for him. He brightened up, giving Michael a smile, "I'd love to hear something. I'm not familiar with musical pieces, but I'm certain whatever you play will be lovely." Henry reluctantly let go of Michael's hand, freeing him for the time being, to play something.
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Michael smiles brightly when Henry laced their fingers together and kissed his hand. Henry had a way of making Michael feel loved and this was one of the ways. They didn’t get to hold hands often but when they did Michael enjoyed the feel of Henry’s strong calloused hands in his own hands. It was absolute heaven and Michael wouldn’t trade it for anything. “Alright, follow me,” he said as he grabbed the candelabra and began their tour. The first room they entered was the actual dinning that they had passed through.

“So the dinning room and kitchen were the two rooms that were in the best shape. We kept the original artwork from my uncle’s lover and the original table,” he said as he pulled Henry to one of the artworks. It was a simple landscape photo with the manor in the background but it was one of his favorites because it was set in the autumn with all the leaves turning. “This is my second favorite. My favorite is one he did of my uncle on horseback looking behind him. I’m guessing it is at his lover he was looking at because he looks so happy. My father, however, had it put away because he didn’t like it.” Michael said before moving on.

The next stop was the entryway that had a few more pieces of art but nothing notable in Michael’s opinion. The following room was the parlor. A piano sat in front of the window and several chaises and big puffy chairs surrounded the fireplace. A portrait of Michael and his parents hung centered on the fireplace. On the mantel were a few nicknacks and a grainy photo of Michael and his father. On the wall opposite of the piano were two large windows and a bookcase between the two. The bookcase was filled with books from anatomy and medical procedures to components of certain flowers. The lower half even contained a few journals Michael’s father had penned and one of them had been published. However, the most important piece for Michael was the piano. “This is my favorite room and the most time consuming room to fix. The only thing that wasn’t destroyed was the piano which I found out was my mom’s piano. She even carved her name under it. Did you want to hear anything? I know how to play,” he said, hopefully offering to play for his lover.
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