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[#05a855 Just another fucking Journal and a placed for my Silenced thoughts and withered dreams....]

[center [pic ]]

[size10 [right [#97fa0a Fuck off...]]]


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[size10 [+green "You Should be afraid of the dark." -Rage

"Love me without fear...Trust me without wondering...Love me without restrictions...Want me without demand... accept me how I am"
  尻尾 / Shippo / 281d 22h 24m 22s
[size10 [+Green I seen you yesterday... I wished that you would of looked my way... I know that will never happen... It just would of been nice, someday I will forget all about you... you will just be another face in the crowd... Sigh I crush that will simply be forgotten.
  尻尾 / Shippo / 319d 9h 47m 23s
[size10 .... Oh if you wanted to insult me why not do when I walk in .... Thanks..... I know I'm pretty lame and fucked for not driving....maybe I should just kill myself...then you wouldn't have to wouldn't have to deal with such a fuck up...
  尻尾 / Shippo / 322d 23h 50m 49s
[size10 What the fuck.... I Don't know what to do...I don't know how to help you guys... I don't want to hear you fight... You guy....
  尻尾 / Shippo / 332d 22h 12m 44s
[size10 Just a cute gif that I don't want to lose...

[+White ...Sigh...Just when I think that love is coming to bless me I feel I am pushed away....Why does love have to be so difficult...]]
  尻尾 / Shippo / 335d 9h 45m 35s
[+green [size10 The last couple of days at work have been really stressful ... What's wrong with me... V_V I know what I am doing for the most part but why can't I master it...Why can't I move faster get things done quicker? What the hell is wrong with me..... It's just been a stressful couple of days... All I can do it hope for the best...
  尻尾 / Shippo / 344d 9h 13m 10s
[Size10 [+green Sorry if this come out a little harsh but it need to be said...

You shouldn't keep hold on to me in that way...It's not good for you...If cutting you out of my life is what I have to do then I will.... You need to move on... You can't keep these feeling for me because sadly I don't feel the same... I know it so bitter say this. If you want to remain friends then I think things are going to have to change. You need to let go of those feeling your clinging too...because were never going to be the same again... You are you and I am me..... Don't you say your going to be alone forever. Your only going to be alone forever if you give up... and don't ever fucking try to look... You will find someone but that someone isn't me... Look I want to be your friend... but it worries me that you still have these feeling for me... You will never be happy... Now if you are talking about someone else then pardon me...

  尻尾 / Shippo / 349d 2h 29m 52s
[size10 [+green Sigh, I'm truly sorry for opening my big mouth. It was rude of me to say something like that.... I forgot I wasn't with my friends... Even then it's not really a nice thing to say...It just something we use to laugh horrible as that sound. I guess I really truly am a horrible person... Just a monster.... ]]

[ [size10 ローリンガール]]
  尻尾 / Shippo / 356d 47m 14s
[+Green [size10 ... All these feelings are crushing me inside... Pulling on the strings of my heart... It would be best if they just snapped ... Why does falling in affection always come with pure and utter agony ?...
  尻尾 / Shippo / 357d 18h 34m 22s
[size10 [+green "So sick of backing down that I might just spill it all
And if I do you won't be coming back without a deep scar in your soul...."

"Are you not sick of playing games...Sick of giving blame...Sick of fucking living like the world has never given you a life defining day?"
  Shippo / Shippo / 351d 3h 43m 53s
[+Green "It's hard to accept the Truth...When the Lies were exactly what you Wanted to hear..." ]

  Shippo / 322d 21h 33m 6s

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