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The fire fairy seems to be telling the Queen what Reb said. The Queen looks at Reb and how unhappy he looks. The Queen then says something, however, the fire fairy protests but backs down after the Queen says something. The fire fairy sighs and tells Reb what the Queen says, [font "Times New Roman" [b "The Queen says she'll take you home once we drop off the others and apologizes for choosing you... You seemed to peak her interest when you ignored one of the fire fairies when she was flying back to headquarters... She has not seen many human act that way... when given the chance to see the unknown. A select few of humans can see what you saw... but most of them can't... unless we choose to show ourselves... As for why we can't take you back right now is that we won't have the supplies we need in order to get back to the garden for two of the people on board... getting the supplies is very difficult as they easily melt from our touch and even more so to go unnoticed while obtaining what we need... I tried to insist for you to at least experience the garden... but she said if going home is what you really wish, she will do so as quickly as possible without any casualties of course..."]] The fire fairy sighs as she shakes her head, [font "Times New Roman" [b "We'll just have to search the universe once more... Try to enjoy the ride sir. Something like this doesn't happen everyday... I have to go make sure the others are comfortable and hopefully happy..."]] The fire fairy sighs once more as she starts to fly away, the last words that can be heard before she is out of ear shot are, [font "Times New Roman" [b "And she was so happy to finally find one..."]] The Queen leaves the room as well, heading a different direction than the fire fairy that left to tent to the guests, 3 to 4 other fire fairies always seeming to accompany her.
  Kylie Reaper / Kilala25 / 9d 2h 53m 37s
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[h3 [#eb3333 Reb]]
[Orbitron Reb leans against a wall:

[div [b [center [pic]] [Orbitron [center 【Reb Marble】]

Fine, have it your way then.]]]
  Reb Marble / GodPro123 / 10d 17h 41m 8s
The two 17 year old girls look back at Andre, a nice looking white table in front of them with what looks to be tea in two tea cups. Before the girl in the blue clothing can stop the other. The girl in the pink clothing gets up and hold out her hand to Andre. [font "French Script MT" [size20 [b [#a85173 "Hi! My name is Rebecca! This is my twin sister, Rachel!"]]]] Rebecca looks pretty happy to see Andre while Rachel is glaring at Rebecca. Rebecca notices how angry Rachel looks and sits back down before even getting a hand shake, looking like as if someone just kicked her puppy. Rachel then lets Andre know, [font "Chiller" [size17 [b [#6f6f95 "Look... If there was any alcohol on the ship, the fire fairies would have given it to you... were not even suppose to be talking to you since we promised the fire fairies we wouldn't till we reached the garden... but my eager sister here couldn't help herself..."]]]] Rebecca then complains, [font "French Script MT" [size20 [b [#a85173 "But Rachel! I just wanted to make friends! And people call you the cool one!"]]]] Rebecca pouts. [font "Chiller" [size17 [b [#6f6f95 "Waking up on a strange ship already signals bad vibes... I want to make sure were safe Rebecca... I'm just worried is all..."]]]] Rebecca looks at her sister and hugs her, [font "French Script MT" [size20 [b [#a85173 "I'm sorry! I was just too eager to make new friends I know your just trying to look out for the both of us... I love you Rachel!"]]]] Rachel just seems to get flustered while Rebecca just giggles as she continues to hug Rachel.
  Kylie Reaper / Kilala25 / 10d 18h 6m 38s
As Andre walks closer, he notices the two girls that are talking and approaches them. He then asks [#36def9 [b "Have either of you seen two dogs around? I swear they were just here a second ago"]] He then scratches his head with a puzzled look on his face. [#36def9 [b "Also...and this sounds weird but got any alcohol? you know 'grown up juice'?"]]
  Andre Hearte / Succboi / 10d 19h 6m 27s
The fire pixie then says, [font "Times New Roman" [size15 [b "Look... you clearly don't look too happy... how about this... If you don't like it there or get home sick. I'll have the queen personally take you home... she wouldn't have it any other way..."]]]

[h3 Meanwhile...]

In the distance two figures can be seen, one with blue clothing, the other with pink. Both have brown hair and the one in pink clothing is holding a sun umbrella as the two of them relax in the garden dome.
  Kylie Reaper / kilala25 / 10d 18h 51m 29s
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[h3 [#eb3333 Reb]]
[Orbitron Reb looks at the pixie and replies:

[div(style="border: 1px dashed #eb3333; padding: 30px; -webkit-border-radius: 17px;-moz-border-radius: 17px;border-radius: 17px;-webkit-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #eb3333;-moz-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px

#eb3333;box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #0;color: #eb3333;") [b [center [pic]] [Orbitron [center 【Reb Marble】]

So this ship is supposed to be a safe haven for all involved? And I'm being sent there to live out the rest of my days or something?
  Reb Marble / GodPro123 / 48d 15h 17m 46s
Andre, hearing the conversation between the two voices in his head, decides not to comment aloud on this. Andre instead decides to walk back to the dome, noticing the lack of two, admittedly cute, corgis and calls out [b [#36def9 "Hey, weren't there two dogs here a second ago?"]]
  Andre Hearte / Succboi / 10d 19h 16m 51s
The pixie replies for the queen, [font "Times New Roman"
[size15 [b "She is unable to understand you... She can only understand and speak Ouvin. As for why the queen choose you... is a mystery... we can barely understand her ourselves and we are her subjects..."]]]

[h3 Meanwhile...]

A voice is suddenly heard talking in Andre's mind, the corgis no where in sight now. The voice sounds quite chipper, [font "French Script MT"
[size20 [b [#a85173 "Who are you? I've never seen you before..."]]]] Another voice is then heard, [font "Chiller" [size18 [b [#6f6f95 "Shush! We promised the fire pixies we wouldn't speak to the other passengers!"]]]] The other voice says, ashamed, [font "French Script MT"
[size20 [b [#a85173 "I'm sorry..."]]]]
  Kylie Reaper / kilala25 / 10d 18h 31m 11s
A faint whisper from Andre can be heard saying, [b [#36def9 "I can't believe they don't have any kind of alcohol on here..."]]
  Andre Hearte / Succboi / 48d 15h 45m 27s
Andre walks up behind Reb and the others and asks, [b [#36def9 [b "Did I miss something? Cause it looks like I missed something."]] All the while Andre seems to have a somewhat saddened look on his face
  Andre Hearte / Succboi / 10d 19h 2m 53s
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[h3 [#eb3333 Reb]]
[Orbitron Reb looks at the lady speaking in harp and then looks over at the pixie and replies:

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#eb3333;box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #0;color: #eb3333;") [b [center [pic]] [Orbitron [center 【Reb Marble】]

I did not WANT a new start...]]]

He then looks back over at the woman and replies:

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#eb3333;box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #0;color: #eb3333;") [b [center [pic]] [Orbitron [center 【Reb Marble】]

...I cant understand you... And as for this "Garden"... I can't help but feel like this is getting out of hand. I was just minding my own business and like a blink of an eye I am here. Andre said that you take people who are unique. "Super humans" and aliens. I am neither of those things so why am I here?]]]
  Reb Marble / GodPro123 / 48d 15h 51m 35s
One of the fire pixies snap at Reb. [font "Times New Roman" [size15 [b "How dare you call the world our queen's garden a prison! Our queen has worked hard in order to make it a paradise for those who live there! A light in the darkness for those who want a new start but are unable to get one because of what they are and where they live..."]]] Hearing the commotion, the queen turns around, looking confused at the words but sees the upset expression on Reb's face and seems to understand. She hold up her hand for the pixie to be silent. The queen goes over, placing a hand on Reb's shoulder as she tries to speak to him, but like before, it just sounds like a harp is being played when she speaks.

[h3 In Another Part of The Ship...]

The fire pixies look confuse. One of them says, [font "Times New Roman" [size15 [b "What is this alcohol he speaks of?"]]] Another one utters, [font "Times New Roman" [size15 [b "I believe it is a drink they have on this planet... some of those in the garden I believe were talking about it as well...]]] A third one speaks, [font "Times New Roman" [size15 [b "I apologize... we do not have this... alcohol... you speak of... However I believe it is at the garden..."]]] The fourth one responds, [font "Times New Roman" [size15 [b "Are you sure that is going to be enough for the two of them..."]]] The four pixies look nervously at one another. Finally, one speaks up, [font "Times New Roman" [size15 [b "Let us hurry and get more!"]]] The four pixies then quickly fly off.
  Kylie Reaper / kilala25 / 10d 18h 52m 19s
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[h3 [#eb3333 Reb]]
[Orbitron Reb looks at her and gets a slightly mad look:

[div(style="border: 1px dashed #eb3333; padding: 30px; -webkit-border-radius: 17px;-moz-border-radius: 17px;border-radius: 17px;-webkit-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #eb3333;-moz-box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px

#eb3333;box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #0;color: #eb3333;") [b [center [pic]] [Orbitron [center 【Reb Marble】]

You! You are the captain of this ship right? I demand to know why I am being taken to PRISON!]]]

He stops to look at the large ship...!

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#eb3333;box-shadow: 7px 7px 11px #0;color: #eb3333;") [b [center [pic]] [Orbitron [center 【Reb Marble】]

  Reb Marble / GodPro123 / 48d 16h 10m 44s
Andre then says, [b [#36def9 [b "I think you forgot about something"]] Completely disregarding the comment about the corgis. [b [#36def9 [b "Alcohol, do you have some on board or not?"]]
  Andre Hearte / Succboi / 10d 19h 4m 16s
The fire pixie says, quite seriously, [font "Times New Roman" [size15 [b "Whatever these dogs you are talking about... these two are much different from them... If not fed they would rip this ship apart..."]]] One of the fire pixies opens a compartment and dumps the contents of what was in the bucket into it, which appears to be bags filled with a red liquid. They close the compartment and the bags drop on the ground. The two corgis jump at the bags of red liquid and start to shred them, making sure to drink every last drop. As Reb wonders, he eventually ends up in the main control system where a woman can be seen.


When she seems to speak, it sounds as if a harp is being played. It is easy to see that the spaceship is already off planet and heading for a much larger ship.

  Kylie Reaper / kilala25 / 10d 18h 54m 38s

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