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Mackenzie nodded in agreement as she grabbed a blanket, covering her chest up with it as she let Everly feed from her. She sighed and laid back a little. "Come sit by me, please." She patted the seat next to her. Jake had been gone so long, she had missed his warm embrace, his smile, the way he had made her feel protected.
  Mackenzie / SinfulStella / 222d 20h 30m 3s
Her mother helped her and Jacob held their daughter and made faces at her, trying to get her to giggle. "Shes adorable." He muttered handing her over to her mother. "I love you so much already."
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 223d 11h 9m 27s
Mackenzie let out a laugh and shook her head, "No, I already explained to them that it was my fault. You're fine. Promise." She gave his arm a encouraging squeeze before walking over to her mom and sitting by her. "Mom, where's the food? I need some and water, if I don't have that I cant feed Everly." She sighed. She had decided to breast and bottle feed Everly, it saved money and less bottle to clean that way.
  Mackenzie / SinfulStella / 223d 12h 59m 1s
Jacob walked with her and felt all eyes on them. “I would never kill you and no one will ever hurt her.” He said holding their daughter. “Your parents don’t kill me right?” Jake said worried.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 225d 13h 15m 43s
"Yes she's ours. Small little thing, but she has a HUGE temper. Stubborn too." She laughed, kissing him back before nodding her head back towards the living room. "We should probably head back before they start to think one of us killed the other." She said teasingly, before leading Jake out to the living room. He was back... back in her life for good.
  Mackenzie / SinfulStella / 225d 17h 8m 13s
Jacob's frown broke into a smile, "I can do that... and I can stand to lose some sleep if I get my girls in my life." He kissed her gently and then kissed the top of Everly's head, "Shes really ours... wow." He said still smiling. The baby girl had his eyes and he couldn't get over it.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 225d 17h 43m 14s
Marry him? Now? Even after she kept this from him? Was now a good time? "Jake.. I... You want me to move in with you? Now? Everly is a light sleeper, she stays up half the night. You wont get the sleep you need." All Mackenzie ever wanted was to be with Jake, and she decided it would be best for the three of them to stay together. "You'll have to baby proof everything."
  Mackenzie / SinfulStella / 225d 20h 31m 31s
Jake shook his head, “marry me.” He blurted out. He had wanted to ask her before he left and that didn’t change now. He wanted it more now that he had a daughter. “I’m not leaving my girls again....I’ll do anything to keep you two safe and in my life.... I want you both to come to the concert. I’ll get passes for your parents too if you want to come and some headphones so it doesn’t hurt her little ears, but I want you there.”
  Jake / Polkadotrocker / 226d 13h 52m 25s
"They know you didn't. I told them I didn't know until after you left, they were disappointed in me when I decided not to tell you... but it was my choice... your not a terrible dad, and your not going to be. If anyone is terrible its me... keeping her a secret from you." Mackenzie rested her head on his arm, watching how their daughter reacted in the arms of her father for the first time. They were together... somewhat as a family for however long.
  Mackenzie / SinfulStella / 226d 20h 48m 33s
Jacob looked down at his baby girl, she had his eyes....she was undoubtedly his. “She’s so small.” He muttered as he let a tear fall from his eyes. “I’m not leaving you two...not again....your family probably thinks I ran....I don’t want to be a horrible father.”
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 227d 15h 26m 37s
Mackenzie suddenly felt overwhelmed with all of his questions and she needed him to slow down. "One thing at a time. Everly and I are perfectly fine I assure you that. I need more sleep that's all, but its hard when she is always crying or hungry. She's only a couple of weeks old.... but she's a handful." She slowly rocked Everly in her arms, her eyes watering.

"You shouldn't have to ask to hold her, she's your daughter." Mackenzie smiled, slowly moving closer to Jake as she carefully placed the little girl in his arms. "I had her on December Fourteenth. I was in labor for nine hours. Worst and best time of my life." She gave a little laugh, but bit her lips and smiled as she saw Jake hold his daughter for the first time. She loved them both. So much.
  Mackenzie / SinfulStella / 227d 15h 38m 32s
“What was I supposed to think? I’m gone all this time and you haven’t told me.” He said sighing. He looked at her softly. “I’m sorry for my outburst but I... we have a daughter?” He wanted to see his daughter now. His career had just taken off.

“Tell me this...are you struggling? Do you and Everly need anything?” He was already worried about them. He loved Mackenzie. “Can I meet her? Hold her? Will you move to Nashville with me?”
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 227d 15h 46m 32s
Mackenzie hadn't expected this to happen. She saw the look of hurt and betrayal in his eyes. She out a sigh and nodded towards the hallway. Once they had gotten in the hall she narrowed her eyes on him, "First off that outburst was not necessary. I have guests over and that wasn't appropriate. Second off, I know what that look in your eyes say. No I didn't cheat on you. This is your daughter, Everly. This... She is why you couldn't come here all those times you wanted to. I didn't want you to ruin your career over a baby." She sighed and rocked Everly in her arms, softly cooing at her again to calm her down.

"She is yours. I'd never cheat on you. I'm hurt that you would think that." She frowned.
  Mackenzie / SinfulStella / 227d 16h 32m 45s
Jake looked at her worried, Momma? He asked himself in his brain....she had a baby? Without him? Jake took a step back. What in the hell was going on? He hadn’t gotten a look at the baby but he was suddenly overwhelmed.

“What is going on here?” He asked out loud. Had she cheated on him?
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 227d 17h 24m 41s
Handing Everly over to her father, Mackenzie hopped out of her seat and ran to Jake, jumping on him and wrapping her self around him. She grinned happily, "You're here! I didn't know if you would make it!" She squealed and kissed him deeply before hearing Everly howl out a scream. "Oh crap. Uh... you should come with me." She slid off of Jake, fixing her dress before sighing and walking over to her dad, taking Everly away from him. "Shhhh... Momma's here." She smiled down at her daughter before looking at Jake with a worried look on her face.
  Mackenzie / SinfulStella / 227d 17h 33m 12s

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