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Lucas, although hearing the girl's remark and turning his head towards her for a couple seconds, ignored it. He turned his attention towards the teacher once again, lazily resting his head on his palm and listening to the guy ramble on. 'Mr. Mitchel has always been the most boring teacher here...' He thought to himself.

After a short while, the bell signalling the end of class finally rang. 'Thank goodness!' Lucas exclaimed in his own mind as he began to grab his things. Taking another glance at the new girl, he noticed how she seemed so...uncomfortable being there.
  Lucas Mui / AskTheStaff / 1y 77d 15h 21m 14s
Mara turned her attention to the clock, making the ticking sounds by clicking her tongue. She was bored and wanted to just go home at this point. “Tick, tick, tick.” She mumbled soon after.

Her eyes trained on the boy that stared at her earlier. He seemed interesting to her. [i “Maybe he’s not so bad.”] She thought and huffed. “Pft, yeah right.” She quickly looked down at her notebook and pretended to take notes. Cursing to herself in her head. She hadn’t meant to say that aloud.
  Mara Brooks / Lapis_ / 1y 77d 15h 37m 42s
Although Lucas payed more attention to the lecture than most of his class, that didn't mean that he wasn't bored. "How much longer until the end of this, again?" He looked around for a clock until he spotted one near the door. "Oh, right...about an hour..." He mumbled lazily as Mr. Mitchel continued speaking. "This'll be just great..." He whispered to himself sarcastically. Soon enough, it had been quite a while and the teacher was still rambling on about Poe.

  Lucas Mui / AskTheStaff / 1y 84d 14h 6m 57s
Mara's blue orbs shone with excitement as she stared at the mountain. They were creepy, mysterious, and overall intriguing to her. Almost as if they were calling out to her. "So cool..." She muttered under her breath as a tiny smile danced across her lips. A light chuckle resonated deep within her throat.

[b "Mara, pay attention, please."] Mr. Mitchel grunted as he turned to face the board, writing today's English lecture down. Mara rolled her eye, already bored with what he was teaching. [i "I've already learned about Poe and his twisted creativity. A genius in the poetry world...] She huffed and faced the board, resting her chin on her hand as she took in every little detail of her teacher's movements. [i "Bland... Just as he is. Befitting.]
  Mara Brooks / Lapis_ / 1y 84d 14h 30m 30s
Lucas could tell that the girl was attempting to be intimidating, but he knew she wasn't. He used to be the same way, until he became comfortable being in the school. Most people were like that, honestly. 'Yep...definitely from a different place as well.' He thought to himself, not looking at her anymore. [b "Class, you can have a couple minutes to talk to your friends. I need to prepare the lecture for today."] The teacher said as he nonchalantly walked up to the board and started to draw some things out.

"Well, I guess I have to find something to do." Lucas said as he reached into his backpack and pulled out a decent-sized book. "This will have to do for now." He began to read the book, calmly flipping through each page. Soon enough, the teacher had made some kind of noise to signal that the lecture was starting...although Lucas didn't hear what the teacher had said.
  Lucas Mui / AskTheStaff / 1y 86d 14h 2m 42s
[b “Take your seats and be quiet. We had a new student. Please, stand up and introduce yourself.”] Their teacher said as he lazily plopped down in his chair. [b “Well, come on. I don’t have all day.”] Mr. Mitchel groaned and watched as the girl slowly rose to her feet.

“My name is Mara Brooks. That’s all you really need to know.” Mara’s voiced very softly as she sat back down. She noted how boring her teacher was and how one boy stared at her. Turning her head, she shot the boy an icy glare and tried to look intimidating. However, with her small stature, it was nearly impossible for her look intimidating to anyone. [i “What’s his deal?”] She rilled her eyes and directed her attention back to the window. [i “I miss California already.] Her thoughts of home ran rampant as she closed her eyes. Melancholy, she felt so lost already.
  Mara Brooks / Lapis_ / 1y 86d 14h 31m 42s
To Lucas, this just seemed like a normal day. There were the sleazy students hidden away in corners, snickering. Then there were the normal students, walking to their classes like they were supposed to. Finally, there was him...completely forgetting the room number he was even supposed to be going to. "Oh, well..." He said as he pulled out his schedule. "Room 407, right." Lucas realized once he looked at the classes listed on the schedule. He slowly moved around, finding his way through groups of students and going to the classroom. Soon enough, it was right in front of him. "There we go. I've been here for so long, and yet I still forget where my classes are sometimes." He sighed and entered the classroom.

A few students were scattered across the room, lazily awaiting the inevitable sound of the bell. "Well, my classmates are all in quite a good mood, aren't they?" He whispered to himself sarcastically as he set his things down next to a desk and sat at it. To his right, the desk was completely empty. On his left, however, there was a girl looking out of a window. She seemed to be contemplating something, or at least that's what Lucas perceived that she was doing. 'Must be a new student...I don't recall ever seeing her before...' He thought to himself.
  Lucas Mui / AskTheStaff / 1y 87d 16h 40m 35s
The echoes in the hallway were ringing through the small girl’s ears as looked down at her schedule. “Why this town of all places? Mom’s boss is crazy, this place is so small...” She quietly groaned as looked around. [i “Everyone looks like a cliche chick flick...”] Being in a new town and transferring to a new high school made it difficult for her to fit in, not that she wanted to fit in. The teen would rather stand out.

She could hear some of the students whispering about her. Sighing, she pulled her black beanie over her ears and walked a little faster and into the the classroom she was supposed to be in. Picking the seat the very back and closest to window. The view of the mountains and their peaks covered by a light and almost eerie mist. This town reminded her of one those gloomy settings in poetry and stories. “Creepy...” She mutter and waited for the rest of the students and the teacher to file into the room.
  Mara Brooks / Lapis_ / 1y 87d 16h 53m 39s

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