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[left [pic]][center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Offering drinks to an Irish woman probably wasn't the smartest move in Gabriel's playbook. Judging by Pandora's reaction, she had been waiting for him to ask. Though, she hadn't drank in a while, so perhaps he would have the upper hand. She flounced off to her room, and Gabriel followed behind, only splitting their paths to enter his own room. His eye throbbed when he jostled his head by pulling off his shirt, which caused him to wince. It had been a lucky shot on Pandora's part, but she never had pulled punches. Gabe let out a soft sigh as he stepped into the shower, letting the steam relax his muscles and relieve some of the pain from his bruises.

The shower was short and sweet, and soon Gabe found himself staring into his closet, mind at a blank. What was the appropriate attire for this situation? Should he wear his uniform, or civilian clothes? After a few minutes of agonizing over the decision, Gabe chose a simple, plain black t-shirt and dark jeans to match. It had been much too long since he had last gone out; his Blackwatch duties had been at the forefront of his mind after the SEP program, so he hadn't had time for leisure since. Gabe probed his swollen eye gently and winced again. Damn. He had hoped that the swelling would go down some, but it only seemed to swell more. He let out a sigh and decided he would make a trip to Moira's office later, not that he wanted to.

Figuring that Pandora must be almost done getting ready by now, Gabe made his way to her room and knocked three times, before letting himself in, not waiting for affirmation. Pandora was looking in her mirror, in the process of tucking some stray hairs behind her ears. Gabe had to resist the urge to let his jaw drop. She looked beautiful, the civilian clothes she was wearing hugged her in all the right places, her eyes were glowing and her hair fell perfectly down her back. He blinked, one, two, three times, before he found his words again.

"[b You look good, Nova. You, uh, you ready for those drinks?]"
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[center [size12 Pandora enjoyed training, especially with Gabriel more than anyone else. He had always been her favorite person since the day that they met. She was glued to him immediately. Most people considered it puppy love, actually. There was a lot of talk about it back when they were a part of Overwatch, but nothing ever began serious. Pandora rarely even acted upon it. He was her commander, not her boyfriend. There was occasional flirting on Pandora's part, but it was always ruled off as her being a girl.]]

[center [size12 Pandora's specialty was hand to hand combat with a side of long ranged weapons. She was always particularly good with her fists. She was skinny and short, she could easily dodge a lot of stuff, but of course, she didn't try as hard as she could have with Gabriel. They managed to punch one another a few times, leaving some bruising on their bodies. She was okay with it, it made her feel normal again.]]

[center [size12 When they were done, Pandora was sitting down on a bench and looking up at Gabriel. She left one really good shiner on him, but that didn't mean she didn't have her own marks. She had a few good bruises, but nothing too serious. She couldn't even really feel it, honestly. Training gave her a nice high that she cherished while she had it.]]

[center [size12 When Gabriel mentioned drinks, Pandora perked up. She hadn't had drinks in such a long time. A good cigarette with it too. Damn, she was in heaven. Pandora nodded vigorously, [i [#FF0000 "You had me at drinks, Boss,"]] she could drink a fully grown man under the table. [i [#FF0000 "Let me go shower and change, okay?"]] Pandora was like a kid in a candy store. She was beyond excited for this.]]

[center [size12 Without another word, Pandora was bouncing off into the direction of her room. In moments of being in her room, the shower was running and she stepped in. She took that moment of solitude to think about Gabriel and what had happened before their training session and it made her a bit sad. They were in this Talon situation together, they had to stick together. She didn't want to cause a stress in their relationship. Maybe she shouldn't have done that.]]

[center [size12 Once she was done with her shower, Pandora began to get dressed. Something simple, nothing over the top. Civilian clothes felt weird to her. Jeans and a t-shirt, was that okay to wear to get drinks? She hadn't gone out in such a long time. It was before the SEP program and Overwatch. When she was human, fully human. Now, she didn't know what she was anymore. It confused her, honestly.]]

[center [size12 Pandora looked at herself in the mirror. Her skin was more pale than before Talon. Her freckles were more noticeable. Her hair was darker. Her eyes were golden, like fire. She liked it, but hated it at the same time. She smiled for a moment before throwing her hair into a ponytail, tucking extra, shorter strands behind her ears.]]
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[left [pic]][center [size14 [Cutive+Mon As soon as Gabriel's lips had met Pandora's, he had known it was a mistake. He had been her superior, back in Blackwatch. She had been there in Rialto when he had tipped the first domino that led to this. She had been there for him, but this, this was not good for either of them. Pandora was wearing that shit-eating grin again; the one she wore when she knew she had him. And she did. If she had taken that opportunity to kiss him again, she could've gotten away with it, had him fully at her whim. It was a weakness, and Gabriel didn't like weaknesses.

As fully evidenced by her next comment, Pandora knew exactly what she was doing, and how it was affecting him. She had certainly become much more energetic after the kiss[s [Cutive+Mon [size14 es]]]. Angela would've considered it a miracle of the SEP, but Gabe figured that his lips were just magical. He swiftly sidestepped Pandora's flailing fists and out the door, stalking down the hallway towards the training grounds like he had taken to doing so often lately. Gabe wasn't surprised in the least to hear Pandora by his side, keeping pace with him perfectly, as she always did. He didn't realize how much he had missed the sound of her feet next to his.

"[b We're gonna get you back in shape. You've been sittin' on your ass too much lately. Cardio followed by combat, for now.]" Gabe said, facing straight ahead. He was afraid of what he might do if he looked at her now. Knowing she was there, by his side again, was enough.

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Gabe could already feel the bruises forming on his arms and one [i particularly] painful shiner. He had, of course, allowed Pandora to get all those shots on him. Or at least, that would be what he told everyone else. Despite being bedridden for weeks, she was still the spitfire she had always been. He wiped the sweat off his face with a towel and sighed softly. Now that they were done training for today, he had to face what had happened earlier. Now [i that] was a conversation that needed a drink and a cigarette.

"[b You up for drinks, Nova?]"
  ouroboros / 52d 9h 16m 30s
[center [size12 When Gabriel caught her in a much deeper than intended kiss, Pandora melted for a brief moment. A girlish moment that she had been denied in the past, when she was younger, of course. She quickly composed herself, though. She stood up straight, looking her Boss in the eyes with a smirk playing at her lips. She wanted to challenge him again, but decided to allow it to lie for now.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Oh, I fully know what I am starting, Boss. Do I regret it, no. Do I wish I had done this before, yes,"]] she chuckled quietly before skirting around Gabriel, exiting her room. She turned to face him with a grin spread across her face. [i [#FF0000 "Maybe, we can revisit this once our training is done. I gotta punch you around a bit before anything else,"]] she made mock punches into the air, bouncing on the balls of her feet. She was definitely a feisty, little girl even though she had been bed ridden for a while. She bounced back so quickly from most anything.]]

[center [size12 Proof that she could bounce back from most anything was the time when she was still enlisted in the Soldier Enhancement Program with Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison. She remembered their first mission and she was horribly injured during it. There was something so powerful put into her body when they were made into super soldiers that made Pandora into this adrenaline ridden person. She broke, not only her arm, but her collar bone. She was still going like nothing happened. She was put on bed rest for several weeks, but by the second week, she was ready to be put back out onto the field. Angela Zieglar was just as baffled as everyone else.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "So, what are we going to do, Boss?"]] She asked curiously, walking besides Gabriel, in step with him. It was something she always did. She always walked at his pace, in step with him. She had been close with him since day one, the first day they met and were put into the SEP program. She was never not with him.]]
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[left [pic]][center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Pandora was mostly right that the damage was already done and there was nothing left to do with Moira, but Gabriel still thought that she not only might do this again, to others, but she still deserved to pay for making them like.... like this. Just thinking of it threatened to make him angry again, but he kept it in. He would take out his anger when they were training. The corner of his mouth twitched just a bit upward, hinting at a smile, when Pandora admitted, in her own special way, that he was right. However, his face quickly returned to its normal, resting bitch face style expression, leaving no trace of the smile that was hinting there before. Pandora popped into his view and pointed accusatorily at his face.

"[b I've always looked like this. You should know that by now, Nova.]" Gabe did have to admit he had an angry looking face, but even still. It was normal for him, and he was fairly sure that his face was stuck that way, just like his mother had always warned him it would be.

Pandora had moved in front of Gabe, blocking his path to the door. Before he could pass by her and continue to the door, she was pulling him down towards her. Their faces were only inches away for a moment, then Pandora leaned in quickly and pecked his lips. Aw, hell. She began to pull away but Gabe found himself wrapping his arms around her before she could and pulling her close to him.

"[b Be careful what you start, Pandora,]" Gabe growled, his lips brushing her ear. He angled her chin towards him and kissed her again, though this time it was not a peck. It was deeper and more passionate. God, why was he doing this? What was wrong with him? Fuck. He pulled away quickly and moved to the door. "[b Lets go get you training again.]"
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[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Maybe we just have to deal with her. I mean, Moira. She isn't so much a threat anymore if she has already done the damage,"]] Pandora shrugged as she picked herself off of the bed. She pulled off her old clothes and began putting on something a bit more comfortable, but something that she normally trained in. It was a slick, black jumpsuit. She stretched upwards before chuckling, [i [#FF0000 "I guess it does feel good to actually get out of the bed and move around."]] She would never admit it, but Gabriel was right about a lot of things and even if she never listened before.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "But you're right, let's just drop this silly Moira stuff until later,"]] she murmured quietly before popping up next to Gabriel with a small smile on her lips. [i [#FF0000 "But I need to see you more happy than this normal angry expression,"]] she scoffed, pointing at his face. [i [#FF0000 "Come on, I'm out of bed and moving around. Be happy, Boss,"]] she huffed, moving in front of him now. She hadn't really realized quite how tall Gabriel was.]]

[center [size12 Pandora tilted her head a bit before grabbing Gabriel's face and pulled him down towards her. She looked at him intently for a moment before pecking his lips with hers. [i [#FF0000 "Stop being so grumpy all the damn time,"]] she quietly grumbled before letting his face go.]]
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[left [pic]][center [size14 [Cutive+Mon What was happening to him? First the night in his hospital bed, now this... something outside of Pandora's room? Her eyes when he had caressed her- he couldn't think about that right now. They both had bigger problems, in particular, a Moira problem. He watched her crawl back onto her bed and felt a twinge of guilt as he noticed she was skinnier than usual, and the dark circles under those luminous golden eyes.

"[b It wasn't your fault. I didn't give you time to do much of anything if you wanted to stop me,]" Gabe replied before taking her invitation to sit next to her on the bed. He laid at the foot of her bed, staring at the blank ceiling as Pandora spoke. He knew that she was right, they couldn't just haphazardly run in and attempt to kill one of the most powerful people in Talon. Even if the organization stood for chaos, it wouldn't permit it within their ranks. He sighed, placing his hands behind his head.

"[b Lets not talk about her anymore, at least not today. I'm sick of that woman tormenting us like this. If we ignore her, maybe it won't be as bad,]" He said softly, glancing over to Pandora. Her dark hair, her bright eyes, the freckles dusted across her cheeks. Why hadn't he noticed how pretty she was before? He blinked, and the moment was gone. Rather than address what he was feeling, he cleared his throat. "[b Change into something more suitable, we're gonna get you back on a training regimen.]" He said and stood up quickly, turning away to give her some privacy.
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[center [size12 Pandora wasn't so much ashamed of how she was dressed. She was taught this kind of stuff before her days of Overwatch, being in a special program that made her do and say things that would get government secrets and other information from very important people, but it was more shaming that she felt embarrassed to stand in from of Gabriel in such a demeaning manner. She always held Gabriel in such a high respect that she allowed tensions to grow so strong between them that it reduced them to [i this].]]

[center [size12 When Gabriel draped his jacket around her, the tension and the embarrassed seamlessly disappeared. She felt safe, actually. With his arm around her shoulder, it added to the safe feeling even more so. She couldn't help, but to kind of awkwardly half smile. She cleared her throat and nodded as she was led back to her room.]]

[center [size12 Pandora was about to speak when she felt the hand on her cheek. She looked up at him with these brightly lit, gold eyes, like life had been breathed back into them. She was kind of awe stricken by him in the moment before she felt his hand slip away. She was to grab his hand and put it back against her face, but she kept herself from doing that. She then turned to head back into her room.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I'm sorry, it was foolish for me to just run out there in this,"]] she gestured to herself before crawling back into her bed. Her once muscular body had almost turned into a little bit too skinny than most people, who knew Pandora, would be used to. Lack of eating properly and sleep will do that to someone.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Come here, let's sit and talk about Moira,"]] Pandora moved, once more, patting the extra space next to her for Gabriel to sit. [i [#FF0000 "We can't be irrational about this information that we have. We have to be smart or this could put both you and I in a dangerous position,"]] Pandora murmured quietly. She felt like Moira was everywhere around them. Like she was always listening in on everyone's conversation, at one. It was a kind of creepy and unsettling feeling.]]
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[left [pic]][center [size14 [Cutive+Mon "[+red Gabriel, no.]"

The sound of Pandora's voice behind him made Gabriel stop his swift pace. He did not turn to face her, but he let her catch up to him and closed his eyes while she pled her case.

"[+red Gabriel, you cannot do anything about this. You can't kill Talon's leading scientist and medical expert. You would put us in such a bad position,]" she said. Gabriel figured that she was only partially correct. He could kill Moira, he would damn well enjoy doing so. It wouldn't necessarily fix anything and it would put him at least in a bad position with the leaders of Talon, but it would make him feel a little bit better.

"[+red Please just come back to my room and we talk about this more, okay?]" Gabriel hadn't given her any time to change if she wanted to stop him, so he deduced that she was standing in the corridor with only the attire she had had on when he left. He heard the discomfort in her voice and felt just a twinge of guilt. It was his fault that she was in such a compromising position, after all. She pleaded with him again to follow her back to her room and Gabe sighed heavily. She was probably right, if he did something stupid the higher-ups would bring in Pandora to break him, even if he left her completely out of the situation. In one swift motion, Gabe pulled off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders; it was long enough that it covered more than the skimpy t-shirt she was wearing. He kept one arm around her shoulders, both a protective gesture and to help keep the jacket there, as he began to walk slowly back to her room.

"[b I'm sorry for making you go out like that. You shouldn't have had to do that,]" Gabe said softly when they had reached Pandora's door. He lifted his hand and brushed it gently across her soft, freckled cheek. [i No.] He couldn't do this, at least not right now. Gabe pulled his hand away quickly and returned it to his side before opening the door for her and ushering her inside.
  r e a p e r / ouroboros / 115d 8h 19m 27s
[center [size12 Pandora, like life had been breathed back into her, quickly stood up with a burst of energy to stop Gabriel. It was a mistake to tell him. His emotions were going to get the best of him. She struggled for a moment, getting used to walking once again before hurrying towards the door that Gabriel had shifted through. She swallowed hard, pulling the door open and closed it behind her. [i [#FF0000 "Gabriel, no,"]] she whispered in a harsh, gruff tone before shaking her head.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Gabriel, you cannot do anything about this. You can't kill Talon's leading scientist and medical expert. You would put us in such a bad position,"]] she shook her head, hoping that he wouldn't think that she was trying to protect Moira. Pandora hated the woman just as much, if not more, than Gabriel.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Please just come back to my room and we talk about this more, okay?"]] Pandora urged him to come with her. She was blatantly standing in the hallway with nothing more than a big t-shirt and underwear on. It made her mildly uncomfortable and she just wanted him to come with her. It was something that they needed to talk about before making any kind of move on Moira. Things would head south very quickly if they tried harming one of the most intelligent scientists that has ever worked for Talon. They would be killed them brought back to life again just to be murdered again. It wasn't a smart move on Gabriel's part to say anything right now.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Please, Gabe. Just come back to my room,"]] Pandora held a desperate hand that was urging him to come with her, not to make a reckless decision because of his emotions. Her eyes screamed [i stop this] and her posture was stiff and mildly fearful.]]
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[left [pic]][center [size14 [Cutive+Mon The sad puppy look on Pandora's face almost made Gabriel feel bad for how he was acting - almost. He had to remember how [i she] had acted to warrant this treatment. He watched her pull the tray of food onto her lap, then scooch over on her bed to make room for him to sit. Gabriel pondered whether or not he should accept her unspoken offer, or if he should stay in his place by the door. Eventually, he decided to sit by her. The quiet '[i I'm sorry]' was what got him to cave in. He stiffly sat down by her side, his hands placed firmly on his thighs. Her voice as she spoke was quiet, but it was brimming with anger and hate. She had piqued his interest, and the anger in her voice only intensified that.

"[b Explain what you mean by that, Pandora,]" Gabriel said, matching her soft tone and shifting slightly on her bed. The way Pandora was acting made Gabe nervous; she was always loud when she was upset, but at this moment she was as quiet as a mouse. They sat in silence together for a moment before Pandora cleared her throat and spoke her mind.

The theory shocked Gabriel - he knew it shouldn't have, Moira had always given him the creeps in their Blackwatch days, but it did anyway. Of course, he had known she was into some shady shit , they all had been, in Blackwatch. But morphing himself and Pandora into walking dead killing machines? That was too much to handle, even for Gabriel. He growled quietly and tensed slightly as he glared [s through] at Pandora's door, in the direction Moira had sauntered off to. He barely even registered the shadows licking at his form, too busy thinking about Moira's sadistic actions. As Pandora laid down, Gabriel stood, a swift, smooth motion, and made his way to the door.

"[b I'm going to kill that woman,]" He stated simply before shifting into his wraith form and floating through the door.
  r e a p e r / ouroboros / 125d 7h 25m 7s
[center [size12 Things went from worse to even more worse when she saw Gabriel walk in. She knew that she had alienated herself from him and it wasn't the best course of action to go through, but she did not have the courage to tell him. She felt ashamed when she looked at him with soft, golden eyes. Her body tensed up at the threat of shoving the food down her throat. At least he was still caring, even if he was a bit rough and gruff about it. She nodded her head before she took a hold of the tray and pulled it into her lap. She glanced down at the food with a hard stare. She wasn't hungry, but she knew that she needed to eat, or she would be forced to eat.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I'm sorry,"]] she murmured quietly before moving slightly to the other side of her bed, patting a space next to her for Gabriel to sit next to her. She began eating slowly, taking casual sips of water in between bites. [i [#FF0000 "I know all of this seems like I must hate you or want nothing to do with you, but honestly, it is quite the opposite. It has to do with Moira and something she has done to not only me, but you too,"]] she murmured in a soft, but hateful voice. A type of hateful that no one could really describe in words, it was just bitter and angry sounding, even though her voice was soft.]]

[center [size12 Pandora was running over how she was going to tell Gabriel. How things would turn out, what Gabriel would do if he knew the truth about Moira. She turned them both into fighting machines, incapable of dying so easily. They would live on past the people in their lives, until eventually their bodies decay from prolonged exposure. She shuttered at the idea before clearing her throat.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I remember Moira from our days in Blackwatch. She was an awful person that no one really liked and Angela Zieglar was the first person to call it when Moira began experimenting with immoral medical practices. Guess what? We were the first guinea pigs, Gabriel. The living dead,"]] Pandora chuckled, finishing up her food before placing it aside. [i [#FF0000 "She is the reason why we aren't dead and the reason why we can do the things that we can do, you know? I overheard her talking to someone about it right after we got back from Numbani,"]] she leaned back into her pillows before rolling her eyes.]]
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[left [pic]][center [size14 [Cutive+Mon It had been exactly three weeks, one day, and seven hours since Pandora had spoken to Gabriel. It had been exactly two weeks, five days, and five hours since he had been released from the medical ward. Gabriel found himself both confused and hurt at the treatment he had been getting from Pandora since the first day he had woken up. Whenever he tried to approach, whether it was to ask to train or even just for a smoke, she had ignored him completely. He wasn't sure why it hurt him so much to have her ignore him; he had known they would both change after what they had been through, but going so far as to pretend he didn't exist...

Gabriel knew that Pandora wasn't eating regularly. Despite his best efforts to not let her recent attitude get to him, he was worried about her and often checked in with the kitchen to see if she had eaten. The answer was often no. He had taken to leaving a small tray outside her door just in case, but it was always left untouched.

Gabriel regularly asked Moira about Pandora, and though Moira probably knew everything that was going on, she put on an air of innocence and ignorance every time. It infuriated him, and he began to train every day after asking about Pandora to vent his anger. However, today, Moira had told Gabe that she planned to confront Pandora about her recent behavior and asked that he come along. He had, of course, agreed, and stood beside Pandora's door just out of sight when Moira knocked and entered. The two women spoke for only a moment before Moira exited again, hands empty. She only shrugged at him before flouncing away in that annoying way only she did.

Gabriel had to admit his anger and frustration at Pandora for what she had been doing lately, not taking care of herself, hiding, and ignoring everyone. As he silently walked into Pandora's room, he resolved to try and keep his anger from showing, but when it came down to it, he failed. Small shadows swathed his form as he spoke to her.

"[b You need to eat. So do it,]" Gabriel stated, his voice cold. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned on the wall next to her door. "[b Listen to me or don't, but I'll force that food down your gullet if I have to.]" His voice was even more gravelly and raspy than it had been, thanks to the punctured lung he had received in Numbani.]]]
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[center [size12 It had been a few weeks since their mission, Pandora had done something extremely uncharacteristic of her. She withdrew herself into a kind of hiding fashion. There hadn't been any missions for her and Gabriel since what had happened at the museum due to their recovery and getting full working order back to their bodies and minds. Pandora had actually done worse since she hadn't left the Talon Headquarters. Something about sitting still and stewing in silence had actually gotten to her in a bad way. She ignored everyone around her, including Gabriel Reyes.]]

[center [size12 Pandora hadn't eaten today. It was pushing 4 o'clock in the evening. She was lying on her back, staring up at the ceiling with cold, golden eyes. She had no emotion on her face other then this blank, unblinking stare that was almost glaring into some imaginary being that wasn't there. She was rolling over thoughts of Moira in her head. That woman had done a number on Pandora with little words spoken between them.]]

[center [size12 Pandora then rolled over, clearing her throat. She wanted to leave her room, but her body was refusing her want. She wanted to see Gabriel, tell him everything that she knew about Moira, but she couldn't. That would throw a wrench in all of this and screw everything up because she was being emotional over something that actually brought Gabriel back to life.]]

[center [size12 A soft, but sharp knock pulled Pandora out of her mind and she snapped her head towards the door before she watched it open. That red haired woman with a tray of simple, but yet delicious looking food with a cup of water on the side. [i [#778899 "At this point, it would be inhuman not to worry about you, Pandora Nova,"]] Moira had a smirk on her face, like she felt good tormenting her by being in this room with her.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Don't test me, I am not afraid to die again just to make sure you die,"]] Pandora huffed quietly as she sat up. The tray was sitting next to her on a nightstand.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Just eat something. Gabriel has been asking about you. You might want to stop whatever this is and talk to him,"]] Moira motioned to Pandora and around her room before turning on her heels to walk out of the room.]]

[center [size12 Pandora had never really hated someone as much as she hated Moira. Something about that woman just really hit a nerve, other than the obvious. She hated the way Moira looked at people, the way she spoke, and how she just knew everything and it felt like she thought she was better than everyone. It made Pandora angry that she played God and brought not only her, but Gabriel back to this horrible life that they should have never been brought back to.]]
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[left [pic]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Though the situation would make one think otherwise, Gabriel felt at peace with Pandora lying next to him. He could tell that she felt the same way, peaceful and relaxed. She had tensed up a bit when Gabe had touched her shoulder, so he pulled away and returned his hand to his side.

"[+red Yeah, that little British twat will get what is coming to her eventually. But you got the worse of it. I'm really happy you're fine.]" Gabriel smiled slightly, amused by Pandora's concern, as she sat up, slowly and gently to avoid jostling his bruised form.

"[b I appreciate it, Nova. I'm glad someone is doing better than me.]" Gabe chuckled, glancing at Pandora, scanning her body for signs of other injury while she leaned over to the heart monitor.
[+white XXX]

"[+red I heard that this was bothering you and Moira knows that she can turn this down. She's fucking with you. She is such a vile woman.]" Pandora grumbled as she turned down the volume knob on the heart monitor. Gabe would never admit such a thing, but he had completely forgotten about it once Pandora had laid by his side. He blinked from surprise at the pure hatred in her voice when she spoke of Moira. Gabe didn't like the woman either, she seemed to go out of her way to make things difficult, but that didn't mean he hated her. He resolved to ask about it some other time, though, as Pandora carefully curled back into the bed, resting her head on his chest.

"[b Does it sound... normal to you? My heart, I mean?]" Gabriel murmured, his already gravelly voice accentuated by his drowsiness. His body was so cold that he almost didn't notice Pandora's growing warm, but once he did, he placed a hand on her back. "[b I've been through enough, don't you think? No need to set me on fire, too.]" He said with a small smile, looking down at her. Without thinking about it, he began rubbing her back gently with his thumb in an attempt to comfort her. Gabe knew that she would tell him what was wrong when she was ready, so he didn't ask what was bothering her, though curiosity dogged at the edge of his thoughts. Instead, he just looked at her, studying her form intently.]]]
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