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[center [size12 It had been over a week since the day that Pandora and Gabriel were asked to steal the Doomfist from Numbani. Pandora had been do nothing, but training. She was like that though. She was always train, train, train, and no break. She was a hard worker, even though her genes were geared towards being a super soldier. She always knew that she had to be better than she was a week ago. She wanted to improve her skills constantly.]]
[center [size12 The outfit that Pandora had been given was fairly close to her old uniform. It actually was basically the same thing, but a different color palette and a different patch on her shoulder. She glanced over herself placing her face plate over her soft, pale face. She felt immediately different. She was slim, sleek, and able to move fairly well in the outfit. She pulled the hood up over her hair and cleared her throat. [i You got this, Nova. Don't be stupid or reckless,] she thought to herself before grabbing her rifle, slinging it over her back before turning to the door and exiting her room.]]
[center [size12 When Pandora was approaching the plane, she felt a sudden internal sinking feeling. She knew what she was about to do and she knew, for sure, there would be Overwatch agents there. She knew that only bad could come of this, for Overwatch and she was going to be the cause of the bad. She couldn't allow herself to feel this way though.]]
[center [size12 Her thoughts were interrupted when Gabriel knocked into her. She glanced over at him from behind her mask and chuckled quietly. She entered the plane before him, sitting down in a seat near the window. She always preferred the window seat, even before becoming a Talon agent.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "It's alright, Boss. We both were in our own heads there,"]] Pandora tried making Gabriel feel better, but she knew calling him Boss wasn't helping. It was a habit and old habits died hard.]]
[center [size12 Pandora leaned back in the seat, glancing out the window. She was thinking to herself, over everything that happened with Overwatch and how she got to where she is now. She was a part of Talon because of a fight between Jack and Gabriel. She wanted to be mad at Gabriel, but she wasn't. She decided to close her eyes, going to a happy place like she did before any mission. She had a soft smile on her lips and was silent for the whole plane ride.]]
[center [size12 The plane was halting and Pandora's eyes opened. She stood up almost immediately. She knew that they were there. She glanced over at Gabriel with a soft sigh, [i [#FF0000 "Where to, Boss?"]]
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[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Apparently, Gabriel hadn't been as stealthy as he had hoped when he glanced at Pandora. This was confirmed when she joked with him about liking what he saw, which was responded to with a grumble to the effect of, "[i [b Watch the attitude, Nova,]]" but a slight smile peeked through his rough facade. Gabe continued picking at his salad while Pandora took her plate up to the dish-washing area. A slight bit of worry took him as Pandora sat back down across from him with a mischievous smirk on her face. Gabe wished he could say he was surprised when she asked when they would be able to fight again, but he wasn't. Not in the least. "[b I don't know. I haven't heard any news about it if they do have plans. They'll probably wait for us to get a little more of a handle on our abilities before they send us anywhere.]" He noticed that Pandora's gaze was drawn away from him to someone approaching. Recognition blossomed in his mind as he realized it was a member of the High Council of Talon and he immediately stood to attention. It was an unnecessary gesture, but it was habit when being addressed by his commanders.]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon "[b I am doing fine, sir, considering. I appreciate your concern.]" Gabe said, bending his head in respect. He listened intently as Maximilien explained his intentions and revealed his plans. His eyebrows raised slightly as the Omnic dropped a photo of the Doomfist gauntlet on the table and explained that he wanted them to retrieve it once they had better control of their abilities. It would be a very high profile job, something that wouldn't usually be given to two new recruits who are still learning about their new powers. Maximilien left them to stew on this bit of information, and Gabriel sat back down, seeming slightly stunned. He nodded, still stunned, at Pandora's joke. "[b I think we both have some things to work on...]"]]]
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[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon After a week and a half of almost constant training, Gabriel found himself finally getting ready for his first mission. The new uniform felt strange when he put it on. A long, black hooded trench coat covered nearly skin-tight armored leggings and shirt, with a belt carrying extra munitions, and a stylized skull mask hiding his identity. Gabriel stocked his coat with extra guns as well, just in case he found himself in need of them, before he made his way towards the air bay, where a small plane would take both Pandora and himself to the Numbani drop point where they would, hopefully, retrieve the Doomfist gauntlet and complete their mission. He ran over the layout of the museum where the gauntlet was being held in his mind over and over again, trying to think of all possible outcomes and possibilities. He was so entranced in his own thoughts, that he barely noticed when he accidentally bumped into Pandora while they both tried to enter the plane at the same time. "[b Shit. Sorry, Nova.]" He mumbled, and motioned her forward, following behind.]]]
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[center [size12 Both Gabriel and Pandora were two creatures that had to tame themselves in order to function correctly and Pandora saw this. They were generically mutated into something that was supposed to be scary and powerful, not falling apart at the seams over something so trivial. She was going to make sure that both her and him got their powers straightened up and working in their favorite, instead of the other way around. Rather Gabriel liked it or not, she was going to make him realize his protentional and push him further than he would ever push himself.]]
[center [size12 Lost in those thoughts, Pandora glanced up and caught Gabriel sneaking looks at her. She tilted her head, placing her fork onto the tray which meant she was down. [i [#FF0000 “You like what you see here, Boss?”]] She chuckled, joking with him as she picked up her empty tray and walked it over to where she could only assume were where people washed them. She could only hope, at this point, she was still trying to figure out the lay of this place. For now, things were foreign to her which made it a bit uncomfortable, in the grand scheme of things.]]
[center [size12 Pandora slid back into her seat, hands propping up her chin as she stared right at Gabriel with a mischievous look on her face. [i [#FF0000 “So, when are they going to let us back out on the field? I am itching for a fight,”]] she was always the high strung and violent type. She was a fighter, definitely. She had seen some horrible fights, coming back from places that she should have died in, even now, she was still living after an explosion that should have killed not only her, but the man sitting across from her.]]
[center [size12 What she was really itching for was to get a gun in her hand, actually. A sniper rifle, in particular. Always her gun of choice. Ana Amari taught Pandora a lot of things, but the one thing that has proven to something that Pandora really liked was the sniper training. Pandora took a lot of pride in her skill, just like Ana Amari did. Someone that Pandora was going to truly miss. She could not help, but to sigh at the mere thought of that Egyptian woman.]]
[center [size12 One of the people that Pandora was really close to during her Blackwatch days, other than Gabriel of course, was Jesse McCree. Both of them together was a recipe for disaster. Where ever the two of them went, they would raise 9 kinds of hell and leave a path of destruction behind them. They were opposite sides of the same coin in the sense that they came from radically different backgrounds, but manage to have a lot of similarities. Jesse was raised in a gang called The Deadlock Gang, while Pandora was raised on a small farm and taught the ways of being Catholic, even though she was now here, sitting in a lunch room where the most deadly assassins ate lunch. What made Pandora leave her simple life behind was the loss of her brother, when she was younger. They had a close bond, which was what drove Pandora to befriend Jesse McCree. She saw so much of her brother in that obnoxious cowboy.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I mean, I know they aren't going to just toss us into the field since we don't have full control of our new found powers, but you know,"]] she trailed off without meaning to when she saw someone approaching them. Her gaze went from looking at Gabriel to now looking at a particular Omnic. A Omnic named Maximilien. Pandora knew of this Omnic and gave him a polite nod in his direction.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Good evening, Maximilien. What can I, or we, do for you?"]] Pandora asked, posing herself in a polite manner. She wasn't about to fly off the handle in her normal ways, demanding respect out of a Talon council member. She had to be patient with respect with this particular Omnic.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Ah, Miss. Nova. I see you are awake and well now, correct?"]] Maximilien asked in a polite tone, musing at the girl in front of him. [i [#FF0000 "Yes, I figured out recently that my abilities center around my emotion, so I guess that means I can't be as emotionally heavy when I fight or things might end badly for everyone,"]] Pandora joked softly before chuckling nervously.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Oh, I have read files and reports over you, Miss. Nova. I am fully confident in your abilities to control your emotions, as well as be a fierce fighter. I am cannot wait to witness what kinds of things you might be capable of,"]] Maximilien chuckled back, letting Pandora know that it was okay to laugh. He then turned his attention to Gabriel. [i [#778899 "Mr. Reyes, how are you doing? I know things must be hard right now, but you are doing better than most right now, in your situation,"]] the Omnic commented before nodding his head at the Hispanic man. [i [#778899 "I wanted to fill you two in on something that myself and a few council members have agreed to let you two do since you two have worked together before,"]] Maximilien pulled a card out of his pocket and placed it on the table. It was a picture of the infamous melee weapon, Doomfist. [i [#778899 "We need this and I want you two, in a few weeks, to get this back for us. It is in Numbani's museum currently and I have full faith, once you two can get full control over your abilities, in both of you to get this back safe and sound,"]] Maximilien mused softly before nodding at the both of them and walked away.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I guess my question was answered, Boss,"]] Pandora chuckled, leaning back into her seat. She was pretty excited about this. [i [#FF0000 "I guess I need to brush up on my sharpshooting skills,"]] Pandora quietly commented to herself.]]
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[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Gabriel had let his anger get away from his control, and he cursed himself for it. He wasn't some child to throw a tantrum every time he found himself mildly inconvenienced, so why was he acting like it? He growled under his breath, upset at himself for letting his emotions get so out of hand, when Pandora sat down next to him.]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon "[+red I know why you're frustrated, Sir. You know, you're still my commander. No matter where we are. I need you to take a deep breath and realize that your anger isn't worth losing your head over. Just think about this. Talon is a new beginning and they will recognize who you are truly meant to be and give you what you deserve.]" Pandora had called him 'Sir' again. The thought almost made Gabe wince, just another reminder of his lost post and how far he had fallen. She had pried the glass from his grasp and placed it away from him, then ran her fingers through his hair. It was a sweet gesture, and a few weeks previous it would've made Gabe's heart soar. But now, it was just another bittersweet reminder of what he had lost.]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Gabe realized people were staring; he supposed that he [i had] made a bit of a scene. Their gazes soon returned to normal when Pandora snapped at them to mind their own business. Gabe almost smiled at that, she had only been awake for barely an hour and already she commanded respect. "[+red I don't want you in a million pieces over something so silly.]" Pandora said, and she kissed his head. Gabe fought his urge to recoil from the gesture, it was more affection than he was used to, especially in public. She grabbed his cracked glass and offered to return with a new one, to which Gabe nodded. He watched her leave and come back, analyzing every movement for some sign as to why she was being so affectionate, but he found none. She returned to her seat across from him and placed the new, unfractured glass in the place of the old one.]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon "[b Thank you. I suppose you're not the only one who still has to work on controlling their powers.]" Gabe sighed, placing two fingers on each of his temples. "[b And I'm sorry. I never meant to cause a scene. You didn't have to do any of what you did.]" He left it at that and started working intently on his Caesar salad, periodically sneaking glances at Pandora to see how she was reacting to all this.]]]
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[center [size12 Looking at Gabriel with intent eyes, watching his every move as he spoke about what happened while she was lying on that hospital table, most likely being dissected. The thought of that made her a bit uncomfortable, but something else was giving her the feeling of uneasiness. And that was Gabriel Reyes. He seemed frustrated. No. More like mad about something. She watched him for a moment, waiting to see what would actually happen, but waiting did not seem to help to oncoming problem.]]
[center [size12 The moment the glass began to crackle, Pandora stood up from her spot across from him, in a concern manner of course. She swallowed hard, watching his form vaporize into black smoke. Her eyebrows knitted together in concern, not really knowing what exactly to do now. Gabriel and her were not humans. Their conditions were not something easily treated, or even taken care. She did not know what to do for him, other than to walk over to his side of the table and sit down next to him.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I know why you're frustration, Sir,"]] it was a habit. A habit that would most likely never die. Before, Gabriel was not only Pandora's commander, but he was her best friend. She honored his obsession with being top dog, or at least in some sort of commanding position to keep him in a state of slight happiness. She knew that was what he wanted. He wanted to be a respected commander. Like Jack Morrison was. That was why they were at odds constantly and Pandora was not blind to that.]]
[center [size12 Pandora cleared her throat and reached for the cracking glass and pried it from his clutches. [i [#FF0000 "You know, you're still my commander. No matter where we are,"]] she murmured softly to him, placing the glass of water further away from him. [i [#FF0000 "I need you to take a deep breath and realize that your anger isn't worth losing your head over,"]] she reached up, brushing her fingers through his hair before resting it on his shoulder, which was misting away slowly. [i [#FF0000 "Just think about this. Talon is a new beginning and they will recognize who you are truly meant to be and give you what you deserve,"]] she explained in a quiet tone before glancing up to a few people who were staring at them.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Mind your own fuckin' business,"]] she hissed through her teeth, which caused all of them to turn away. She finally turned her attention back to her long time friend. [i [#FF0000 "I don't want you in a million pieces over something so silly,"]] she spoke carefully before pressing her lips to the side of his head. She stood up and grabbing the glass of water. [i [#FF0000 "I'll go grab you another one of these,"]] she gave him a soft smile, walking away, and returned with a brand new glass of water, placing it in the place of the old one. She then returned to her seat, across from Gabriel.]]
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[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon The unusual softness to Pandora's voice after he scolded her made Gabriel feel incredibly guilty. Even when he was being careful not to show it, minor changes in his body language would obviously give him away to someone who had known him for as long as Pandora had. After watching Pandora take small portions, Gabe grabbed a huge burger smothered in pickles, cheese, and ketchup, along with a small Caesar salad, then sat down next to Pandora.]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon "[+red I want you to tell me what happened while I was dead.]" The request caught Gabe off-guard, and he choked a bit on his burger.]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon "[b Are you sure? It wasn't anything special. I was just focusing on learning my new powers, and Talon didn't have any huge projects.]" He sighed and added, "[b By the way, you don't have to call me 'Sir' anymore. We're the same rank at the moment.]" It hurt his pride to admit it, but Gabe wasn't a commander anymore. He was just some grunt who had to prove himself before he could rise in the world of Talon. Just some lackey trying to learn how to utilize his newfound powers in combat. Like a fuckin' newborn kid. Gabe clenched his fist around the glass of water he had gotten, cracking the surface from the pressure. Having to start over again just pissed him off. As his tension rose, the edges of his form started to fade into black smoke, threatening to move bits of him to other places if he didn't get his anger under control soon. "[b Fuck.]" he whispered, trying to calm himself.]]]
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[center [size12 Pandora tensed up a bit when she felt the heavy hand of Gabriel's rest on her shoulder. She had a brief moment of fear when he did that, but soon it vanished when he spoke. [i [#FF0000 "I will try not to, Sir,"]] she spoke softly to him before continuing behind him. The height difference made it a bit harder for Pandora to keep up, but she managed even though there was a nearly 1 foot difference between them. She had always dealt with being shorter and it definitely had its advantages and disadvantages. Scaring people was always fun, but not in the way that she had just scared Gabriel though. She could see the sheer panic in his face, a fearfulness that she had actually never seen before in him. Maybe one time, but that was long ago.]]
[center [size12 When they came in closer contact with food, Pandora's stomach growled in desperation for food. She groaned, [i [#FF0000 "honestly, I would eat Overwatch's slop right now. I am that hungry."]] She whined softly before actually approaching one of the long buffets. There was a lot more varieties of things to eat. Talon must have a steady flow of income if this isn't an issue to do every day.]]
[center [size12 But instead of grabbing whatever she pleased as instincts normally told her to do when she was hungry, she instead grab smaller portions of things with her current condition in mind. She just woke up after being dead for a pretty long time for the whole dead thing. She did not want to stress out her body in the beginning. It might make other things harder for her.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I want you to tell me what happened while I was dead,"]] Pandora asked as she took a seat in a table that was more secluded away from other people. She glanced around, no familiar faces or anyone minding her at all. She just saw normal people, doing their jobs, and taking their breaks. She felt kind of bad for thinking Talon was full of horrible people and creatures all this time.]]
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[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Gabriel leaned against the wall just outside of Pandora's door to wait while she changed. She had brought up a good point, what if Angela [i had] gotten to Morrison? And if she had, why had she left Gabe and Pandora to die? It didn't seem like her but... what if she had? Gabe was shocked out of his thoughts when he heard Pandora cry out. He had [i thought] that the Talon base was secure. He lunged for the door handle, when it opened.]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon "[+red So, I figured out that when I get mad, fire just materializes in my hands. I got scared for a moment, but its okay. I’m fine. But food. I’m starving.]" Pandora said. Gabe sighed and relaxed slightly, then grabbed Pandora by the shoulder, looking into her eyes.]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon "[b Don't ever scare me like that again.]" He said, then turned and started marching towards the mess hall. He resisted the urge to shadow step there, just so Pandora could keep up with him. When they reached the mess hall, Gabe gestured to the long rows of buffet-style food. "[b Help yourself. I personally think the food tastes better here than it did at Overwatch.]" What he wasn't mentioning, though, was that he hadn't actually tasted the food. Everything tasted like ash to him now.]]]
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[center [size12 Pandora couldn’t help, but to scoff at the idea of Jack Morrison even being here with them. It was an almost insulting thought that he would even being standing here if Talon had found them. [i [#FF0000 “Jack Morrison would sooner kill himself than work for Talon, unlike you and I,”]] Pandora pointed out the obviously as they walked along together. It was a true statement. Jack Morrison was too much of a good guy to ever work for the bad guys, no matter what happened. [i [#FF0000 “But most likely, Angela Ziegler got her grubby hands on him. Using that taboo medical shit that she thinks are miracles,”]] Pandora chuckled. She never really liked Angela. She was honestly more found of Captain Ana Amari if she had to choose between the two. After all, Ana Amari was the reason why Pandora was as good of a shoot as she was.]]
[center [size12 As they neared Pandora’s room, she paused before looking over at Gabriel. It was her best friend, her old Commander, and now, he was a dead man walking. She couldn’t help, but to feel a slight pang in her heart as she saw his heavily scarred face that had little to no emotions on it. Before, they were great friends, laughing together and now, he was some comatose beast who was wanting to kill the next thing he saw. She wasn’t thinking about backing out, but she was happy about one thing. It was that she was here with him and it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be.]]
[center [size12 Pandora glanced inside the room. [i [#FF0000 “How ironic. Talon has Blackwatch colors too,”]] she spoke quietly to herself before walking into the room. Though, the room itself was nothing like her old room. It was much darker, more eerie, and lonely feeling. She hoped that Gabriel’s room was nearby for some late-night comfort if she was to have over flow of emotions or concern about anything. She was always like to know if he was nearby, it made her always feel a little bit better about most anything.]]
[center [size12 Pandora gently closed the door behind her before looking at the uniform. Bland, but sleek. She dropped the ratty hospital gown to the floor and picked up the uniform and began getting dressed. A simple pair of black pants that fit like a glove, as well as an undershirt which hugged her body perfectly. She then pulled the top layer of shirt over her which had hints of darker greys, reds, and blacks over it with the Talon logo on the arm. She looked at herself in the mirror and sighed softly. It was an odd thing to see her wearing when she, just months ago, were fighting people in this uniform. She felt dirty, but satisfied at the same time. She was betraying her friends, but finding new ones after her team left her to die. They most likely did not care to pick up Gabriel and her and only cared for Jack. She started having strong feelings of anger and hate that her hands began growing hotter and hotter by the second to the point that they literally caught on fire for a brief moment.]]
[center [size12 Yelping out of brief fear, Pandora rubbed her hands together to find that there was no longer fire there and she was completely okay now. She then quickly opened the door, looking at Gabriel. [i [#FF0000 “So, I figured out that when I get mad, fire just materializes in my hands. I got scared for a moment, but its okay. I’m fine,”]] Pandora joked, holding up her slightly scotched hands to show him. [i [#FF0000 “But food. I’m starving,”]] she grinned as she closed the door behind her.]]
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[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon When Pandora waved her hand through Gabe's wraith form, it almost shocked him out of it. Not because of how it felt, but because if he hadn't been facing her, he would never have known. He didn't mention anything, though, since he thought it might make her uncomfortable.]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon "[+red I'm fine. There is just a lot to take in, Gabriel. All I know is that I want to change out of this fuckin' hospital gown and something to eat.]" Gabe nodded and followed Pandora to the door, quickly taking the lead to show her to her assigned quarters where she could change. As they walked, Pandora talked, as she usually did. Gabriel didn't mind, though. It was nice to have something to listen to. "[+red So, curious question. What happened to Morrison? He was there, with us during the explosion.]" Gabe huffed and shook his head.]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon "[b Don't know, don't particularly care. Talon didn't bring him in, so I suppose either he's dead, or someone else got to him before them.]" They reached Pandora's quarters and Gabe opened the door for her with a mock flourish. "[b This one's yours. There should be a standard Talon uniform on the bed, until you can scrounge up some new clothes. I'll wait out here for ya, then we can go get some grub. Sound good, Nova?]"]]]
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[center [size12 All Pandora could really remember about that day was Gabriel and Jack's fight. It was a bad fight, probably one of their worst. She was standing there, begging for them to stop before everything went from bad to worse. Pandora did not want to think about it anymore. She wanted to find out more about these powers that she had. Before, all that she was good at was shooting a rifle, which she had learned from Ana Amari and keeping a good eye out for her team whenever they did missions. Now, she had powers that had something to do with fire. She couldn't help, but to become a bit hungry for it.]]
[center [size12 When Pandora saw just one of the several things that Gabriel could do, she was actually mildly impressed. She reached out, finding that her hand phased through him. She did withdraw her hand, feeling as if she might have possibly made him feel violated in some kind of way.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I'm fine. There is just a lot to take in, Gabriel,"]] she rubbed her face. A lot of emotions were felt in a short amount of time which caused the girl to become a bit tired. [i [#FF0000 "All I know is that I want to change out of this fuckin' hospital gown and something to eat,"]] she huffed softly, looking for a door. She wouldn't know where she was going, but she still did it. She opened the door, waiting for Gabriel to follow her.]]
[center [size12 Before this accident, or whatever you wanted to call her death, Pandora was a very brash kind of girl. She was very aggressive, volatile, and knew how to deal with most situations. But now, she was still in this state of confusion. There was no manual on how to deal with being an undead assassin, or whatever you could call what Pandora was.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "So, curious question,"]] Pandora was finally smoothing her emotions out now. She was slowly becoming the asshole Irish girl that she normally was. [i [#FF0000 "What happened to Morrison? He was there, with us during the explosion,"]] Pandora knew that Gabriel hated the blond headed man more than anything. Pandora's hatred was well hidden, unlike Gabriel's. Pandora grew to hate Overwatch when they became too scared to operate when people said no. Overwatch was there to help people, not sit on their asses all day and ignore people in need. But her main hate was towards Jack Morrison though. She felt as if this was his fault.]]
[center [size12 Pandora held a resentment towards Jack Morrison for how him and Gabriel were always at one another. She felt as if she had to protect Gabriel over Jack, most of the time. There were a lot of time wheres Pandora and Ana Amari had conversations during breaks, having tea and talking about Gabriel and Jack's straining relationship. Ana had predicted something like this was going to happen though. Pandora obviously was more partial towards Gabriel than she was towards their former commander and friend, but she could not help but to feel curious as to what happened to that blond haired boy scout.]]
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[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Gabriel was relieved when Pandora let the doctor go, if only for the fact that they wouldn't have to knock her out again. The doctor scurried past Gabriel, out of the observation room. '[i I hope he gets those scratches checked out. Scars don't do him justice.]' Gabe thought. His attention was pulled back to Pandora when she whispered his name, and soon after Gabriel felt her arms around his torso. The gesture made him tense for a moment, but he relaxed himself and wrapped his arms around her in turn.]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon "[+red What happened?]" Pandora asked, but Gabriel decided to let the matter sit for a moment as she rested her head against his chest. The two stood there in silence for a few moments, each listening to the other breathe. Pandora stepped back, taking in Gabriel's appearance. He knew that death had changed him, but it had changed her too. "[+red What happened to you?]"]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon "[b There was an explosion. At the Swiss headquarters. It was bad, both you and I were on the brink of death when Talon found us. They brought us both back, healed us. But... the explosion changed us. My cells are constantly decaying and regenerating, so I can do stuff like this,]" Gabriel shifted into his wraith form and floated around the room for a few seconds. "[b They think that the explosion changed something in your cells as well, causing you to have some control over fire.]" It was then that Gabriel noticed the sad look on Pandora's face. He grabbed her shoulder gently and rubbed his thumb over it. "[b Hey, there's no need to be sad. We're both alive, and better than we were before. Be happy.]" He said, his crimson eyes looking deeply into her golden ones.]]]
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[center [size12 The doctor, who was wiggling in Pandora's grasp suddenly calmed when someone walked into the room. She was so focused with her rage and anger that, at first, she did not even hear the new person in the room. She sat there with burning eyes that were staring holes into the doctor before the voice finally clicked in her head. [i Gabriel Reyes, that son of a bitch,] she thought to herself before she finally allowed the doctor to go free.]]
[center [size12 Pandora watched as the doctor scurried away in fear, his face bleeding from the claw marks that she had left on his jaw and cheeks. She then turned her attention to Gabriel, or at least towards the body that had Gabriel's voice, but the man looked off. Dead, even. Pandora was looking much better, herself. Her skin was pale and her eyes had turned this glowing, gold color. She was still herself though, minus some nasty scars and new found powers of fire and explosions.]]
[center [size12 Pandora peeled herself from the medical table and stood up. Weak at first, but refused any kind of help and stared at Gabriel for a very long time, in silence. She did not look angry though. She looked relieved, strangely. She was still confused as to where she was, but happy to see Gabriel's face, even if it was dead looking.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Gabriel,"]] that all too familiar Irish account leaked through her lips as she walked towards the much taller male and wrapped her arms around his torso in a tight embrace. She couldn't help, but to be overcome with emotions that she had actually never really felt before. It was relief mixed with happiness, but there was still confusion and anger there, as well. [i [#FF0000 "What happened?"]] She asked in a solemn tone.]]
[center [size12 Pandora was quiet now, though. Her head rested on Gabriel's chest as she relished in this moment of finally being alive, or at least being as close to that as she could possibly be. She was still trying to remember exactly what happened. What caused them to be what they are right now, standing together. [i [#FF0000 "What happened to you?"]] Pandora spoke, taking a step back as she got a better look at the scarred face, red eyes, and paler skin tone, but still managing to keep that Hispanic darkness about it. She then had a sudden rush of sad emotions. Her expression became sad, but no tears. She just looked at him, confusion and sadness written all over her face.]]
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[left [pic]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Gabriel Reyes never imagined he could be in this much pain.]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Gabriel had been fighting with his long term friend-turned-enemy Jack Morrison. They had been in the Soldier Enhancement Program together, along with Pandora, the only other party present. The argument was about to turn to exchanging blows, but before Gabriel could throw his punch, the world around him erupted into fire. Blast after concussive blast hit Reyes' form, as he struggled to identify Pandora and Jack through the firestorm. It took everything he had to not cry out in pain. Pandora, the only truly innocent party in the argument, was laying on the ground not far from Gabriel. He immediately tried to make his way toward her, but to no avail. The aftershocks from the explosions finally forced him to the ground, and that was where Gabriel Reyes died, one hand outstretched towards the motionless form of Pandora.]]]
[center [+white blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah]]
[center ~~~~~]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes had started Overwatch together, along with a small group of others. Over the years, as Overwatch gained popularity, Jack rose into the spotlight as leader of the group, and Gabe was pushed into the shadows, being appointed as the leader of Blackwatch, where he first met Pandora. Jealousy grew in Gabriel as the years passed, a great black monster inside of him, just waiting to burst out. Then, one day, it did. The day of the fight, and the explosion. The day Gabriel Reyes lost everything.]]]
[center ~~~~~]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon Gabriel awoke almost a week before Pandora. In that time, he had fully integrated himself into Talon, the terrorist organization, and had accepted his new identity as Reaper, the masked assassin. He had only started to get used to his new abilities, caused by his cells simultaneously decaying and regenerating themselves at a hyper-accelerated rate. When Pandora's brainwaves started showing signs that she would wake up soon, Reaper took to sitting in her observation room, waiting.]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon The day she finally woke up, the doctors of Talon were doing some more tests to determine how her body was affected in the explosion. The doctor who was drawing her blood was, unfortunately, the closest person to her and thus the first victim of her angry confusion.]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon "[+red Where am I? Where the fuck am I?]" She growled. Gabriel stepped forward slowly, holding his gloved hands up so she knew that he meant no harm.]]]
[center [size14 [Cutive+Mon "[b Pandora, it's okay. It's me, Gabriel. Please let go of Doctor Monaco's face. You're safe now.]" He said, slowly continuing his advance. If she didn't do as he asked, he was going to have to rip the doctor away himself, and that might lead to some nasty scars.]]]
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[center [size12 The last thing Pandora remembered was standing with Jack Morrison, speaking to him when everything went dark. Everything happened so fast that she couldn't even react, push Jack out of the way, or call for Gabriel. Explosions, fire flared up causing unimaginable pain. Pandora always thought that she could never burn to death, but she was fairly certain that this was the way she would go. She was so hot, uncomfortable heat poked at her body until her eyes finally shut, and she was gone, or at least she thought she was dead.]]
[center [size12 Pandora was a part of a small group of elite people in Overwatch. The SEP, or the Soldier Enhancement Project, which she had met two very good friends of hers. Jack Morrison, who later became the Commander over Overwatch and Gabriel Reyes, who had a hell fire in his eyes when he looked at Jack. Pandora could tell Gabriel was jealous of Jack, but she never commented on it. She couldn't help, but to feel that Gabriel was going to act on those volatile fits of jealousy. But, she just kept her mouth shut. She did not want invoke rage from Gabriel. She liked to think that they were close enough to be honest with one another, but the whole Commander position issue was such a sensitive subject for him that Pandora respected it.]]
[center [size12 When Pandora awoke, she thought she was still dead or reliving the pain when she felt her body being poked once more. She jerked a bit, huffing softly. She felt like she was on fire again, but did not see flames. She began jerking harder, pulling one hand free from the restraints that tried their best to keep her down. She reached over, grabbing a fleshy face and bashed it against the hard bar of the table she was laying on top of.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Where am I?"]] Pandora asked, pulling her other wrist free. She glanced around, blinking a few times. She felt like what had happened, dying was all a dream. How was she even alive? She growled softly, [i [#FF0000 "where the fuck am I?"]] She spoke this time with more assertion. She was still holding onto the face of one of the people in the room. She was grasping it firmly to ensure that this man was not going to get free of her claws.]]
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