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[i [size15 [center You know better babe, you know better babe,]]][i [size15 [center Than to smile at me, smile at me like that.]]][i [size15 [center You know better babe, you know better babe,]]][i [size15 [center Than to hold me just, hold me just like that.]]][i [size15 [center I know who I am when I'm alone.]]] [center [size15 [i Something else when I see you.]]]

[center [pic]]

[i [size15 [center You don't understand, you should never know.]]] [center [size15 [i How easy you are to need.]]][center [size15 [i I've known the warmth of your doorways.]]][center [size15 [i Through the cold, I'll find my way back to you.]]][center [size15 [i Oh please, give me mercy no more.]]][center [size15 [i That's a kindness you can't avoid!]]]


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[center [size12 The choice of meat that Misha preferred was Reindeer. She found that seal and whale were a bit too chewy for her tastes. Deer was perfect, especially if cooked correctly. She began to cut up the meat, but paused when Mathias offered to help. She glanced up at him, smiling softly, [i [#778899 “that would be nice actually. Don’t cut them too small and start with peeling the potatoes, okay?”]] Misha wiped her hands off on a towel before handing over a potato peeler and a few potatoes over to Mathias. [i [#778899 “And don’t cut yourself,”]] Misha kind of scolded a bit before chuckling quietly and returning back to preparing the meat to be cooked.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 “Berwald is an ass that I can handle though,”]] Misha rolled her eyes. She was never quite fond of Berwald actually, but she gave him the proper respect for being their [i leader], though she did not like that too much. Misha wasn’t really too much into reconnecting with old friends, she had a plan in mind, but for now, she did have to play along with him. [i [#778899 “I do miss Tino, actually. Something about him and of course, you made things a bit more bearable when I was around before,”]] she murmured quietly, checking the water for when it began to boil. Carefully, she began adding in the specific ingredients to turn the water into broth.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 “But I think what I miss most is what Denmark looks like. The rivers, lakes, woods, the whole country. Greenland is so ugly, nothing pretty here. Everything is covered in snow with the occasional spring and summer that isn’t too cold,”]] she grumbled about her own country. She felt like she shouldn’t feel so ashamed about her own country, but who wouldn’t hate a country that is covered in snow every day.]]

[center [size12 Misha looked into the pot with a curious expression, mixing the ingredients around before looking at Mathias. [i [#778899 “That’s enough potatoes, hopefully. Now start the onions, make them small, but thicker,”]] she instructed before putting the potatoes into the mixture before returning to carefully prepping the meat once again. She was careful about it before slicing into her own hand actually. She had literally, not even 10 minutes ago, warned Mathias not to do that.]]

[center [size12 Misha cleared her throat before yanking a towel off of the oven and wrapped it around her wrist tightly. [i [#778899 “Guess I should listen to my own advice, huh?”]] She chuckled quietly before looking for the First Aid Kit that she had just used for Mathias previously.]]

[center [size12 Misha took a seat at the breakfast nook that was in the opposite corner of where Misha was standing and prepping the food and opened up the kit. [i [#778899 “Wow, this is actually a lot deeper than I thought. Maybe this is karma more than me not listening to my own advice,”]] Misha chuckled quietly before she began to dress her own wound. It was definitely karma, if you believed in that kind of stuff. [i [#778899 “Jeg er ked af det, Mathias. Jeg burde aldrig have løbet væk i første omgang(1),”]] Misha was muttering quietly as she carefully banadged her wound, wiping the blood away. She actually did feel really bad about everything, especially the fact that she hurt him just as bad as she just hurt herself.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 ”Kan du tilgive mig, især for at skade dig?(2)”]] Misha asked quietly as she stood up, wiping away the rest of the blood that was on the table and continued to clean it off of the knife as well, making sure it was clean to continue cooking with. Misha looked up at Mathias with those big, bright grey eyes that actually had a lot of sadness in them, waiting for Mathias to forgive her.]]

[right [size10 1. I am so sorry, Mathias. I shouldn't have ever run away in the first place.]]
[right [size10 2. Can you forgive me, especially for hurting you?]]
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[center Mathias could not help but gaze at Misha for a moment when he had stood from the chair he had previously been confined to. Her minute expression intrigued the man, knowing it was not for his attitude, but instead his stature. It was always a defining feature of Mathias; his height. While he was not viewed as threatening like in the past, there were still plenty of countries that went out of their way to avoid him entirely. The avoidance felt amusing to Mathias, but he did not mind. He had plenty of people to talk to and even irritate to easily make up for the countries who wanted nothing to do with him.]

[center [#a60711 “I can only imagine what this type of environment does to a person.”] the Dane noted, only to wince at Misha’s hand coming into contact with his wounded shoulder. But he was pleasantly surprised to hear Danish words come out of Misha’s mouth. It had been quite some time since he heard them from her. He liked the way her Danish sounded. It was touching in a way, but the feeling was short lived when Misha reverted to English. [#a60711 “Never. In fact, it is appreciated. I’ve been given more hell conquering other lands. If being stabbed in the shoulder is all I get, then I’ll take that over war any day.”] he nodded, honestly chuckling.]

[center [#a60711 “Hey, hey. That snark is not very nice.”] Mathias replied, being facetious himself. [#a60711 “I may not be a genius or anything, but at least I’m not as stupid as Alfred.”] the Dane rolled his eyes. However, the mentioning of food got Mathias to perk up considerably. The want for warm sustenance in his stomach was quite high as the rations packed for the voyage from Denmark were quite cold on the ship. While Mathias and his men made it work just fine, the novelty was lost early on in the trip.]

[center Mathias had done as instructed, though, and sat himself at the counter. The man carefully watched Misha as she moved about the kitchen. He was intrigued as it had been a very long time since he last had authentic suaasat. [#a60711 “I can help cut the vegetables?”] Mathias offered. [#a60711 “But thank you for the food. If I had to go another day with the voyage’s rations I would have thrown myself off the boat!”] the man cackled. He knew a lot of his crew members felt similarly.]

[center For a minute Mathias sat in silence to ponder his plans; bringing Misha back to Denmark. Although he was sure the Nordics would be surprised in him being able to bring Misha back, but Mathias believed it would be a pleasant shock. [#a60711 [i ‘Hopefully Berwald won’t try to ruin it for everyone.’]] Mathias thought, letting out a disdainful hum. [#a60711 “Aside from the possibility of Berwald being an ass, I do think that the rest of the Nordics will be happy to hear of your return. Tino especially. He always thought you were quite nice.”] the Dane mentioned, almost smiling. The Finnish man in question was always the kind one when not embroiled in battle. Tino was quite deceptive with how he was perceived. [#a60711 [i ‘Hm, maybe that’s why they got along as well as they did in the past?’]] Mathias wondered to himself. [#a60711 [i ‘The return back will be interesting, regardless…’]]]
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[center [size12 Misha stood there and allowed the Danish to speak about Berwald. She rolled her eyes at the mere mention of that name. She was never a huge fan of him, but managed to make good appearances and kept in all of the Nordic’s good graces. At this point, the only reason why the Nordics wanted Greenland back in their cluster fuck was shear numbers, or at least that was what she assumed. When Misha withdrew herself from the Nordics, it wasn’t on a bad note. It was a kind of childish move because she felt unwanted and turned away because of the fighting that was going on.]]

[center [size12 Misha was the youngest one of the Nordics. She was still rather childish and treated as such, but with Mathias, he knew exactly what she was. A little demented country with a childlike face. She would definitely use this to her advantage when ever she arrived back to the Nordic’s home. She was going to make Mathias’ life a living hell for turning down her offer, possibly even make him go crazy, but it was going to be a slow and steady thing that Misha was going to work at for a while. Misha had plans, but how she was going to execute them was going to be another problem. Thankfully, she had a while to think about all of this.]]

[center [size12 Misha was never a witness to what Mathias was truly like back in the days of the Vikings, but she knew that Mathias wasn’t that way anymore for a reason. She could see his reaction to her deal, the sick expression he had plastered on his face. It was a touchy subject, of course. Needlessly killing people wasn’t for someone of weak stomach and Mathias was a bit of a pansy now. She needed to toughen him up, definitely. She missed powerful, stern, and kingly Mathias, not this [i whatever] he was now.]]

[center [size12 Misha took a single step backwards as Mathias stood up, forgetting just how tall the Danish was. She found herself looking up at him with a kind of awe stricken expression. She remembered how much she looked up to him. How high of a light she held him in, but now, she didn’t think much of him other than wanting to turn him back into that Viking. She then coughed, nodding a few times.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 “I guess, it could be considered a win-win situation, in the end. I kind of miss being around people, to be completely honest. Isolation makes people kind of crazy,”]] she chuckled quietly before giving a swift poke to Mathias’ shoulder, where she had stabbed him. [I [#778899 “Men, jeg savnede min Mathias, i sidste ende(1),”]] it was rare for Misha to speak Danish, but when she did, it was too Mathias only.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 “Hvis jeg skal indsende til kronen, være heldig dens for dig(2),”]] for Misha to speak Danish again, it was a serious thing. She was actually agreeing to Mathias, nodding her head. She was okay with this, after thinking it over for a few short seconds. She just hoped that her plans would still go through correctly. [i [#778899 “Don’t let this boost your ego, Mathias,”]] she then turned to her coffee maker, seeing how it was still warm and sighed quietly. She was a tab bit nervous of going back. She wasn’t a huge fan of the other Nordics, another reason why she left, but she never said that. Basically, in the end, all the Nordics thought she left because she felt mistreated, ignored, and unimportant. Most of it was true, but not all of it.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "So, I guess you can stay here tonight, though I hadn't had a visitor since the American decided to show up unannounced like someone else,"]] she hissed [i someone else] and glared at Mathias before turning back to the cups of coffee that she was now pouring.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Sit down at the counter. I'll make you something to eat,"]] she placed his cup of coffee in front of a bar stool that faced into the kitchen before sighing quietly. She did feel a wee bit awkward with Mathias now staying the night here. It was already 10 P.M. and she was starving. She hadn't expected Mathias to show up, unannounced which threw everything off.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I hope you like Suaasat,"]] she glanced up at the Danish man before turning on the stop and beginning to boil a pot of a water. She rolled up her sleeves and carefully pulling out different ingredients. It was a soup based dish made of a type of meat, rather seal, whale, or reindeer. It also had onions and potatoes in it as well.]]

[size12 [right [u Translations:]]]
[size12 [right [i But, I miss my Mathias, in the end.]]]
[right [i [size12 If I have to submit to the crown, be lucky its for you.]]]
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[center Mathias would have become offended at Misha’s dubbing the Nordics as a cluster fuck, but he was painfully aware of their dysfunctional dynamic. They [i were] a giant cluster fuck! And the Dane really couldn’t deny it unless he wanted to lie to her and himself. With all the warring and betrayal that happened on the regular Mathias, for a moment, wished that they weren’t all so hostile towards each other. But someone always got pissed off at something, words were exchanged, fights were had, and blood was shed. It was an endless cycle of aggression that he certainly wasn’t innocent in. Out of everyone involved, Mathias had to admit that Iceland was probably the most uninvolved. And even then, that was quite a stretch to make.]

[center [#a60711 “Well, [i excuse] me for not wanting to vacation while literally going to war with Sweden, Misha. Because a leisurely trip to Greenland is exactly what I needed while Berwald was being a self-righteous ass wipe that needed to be put back in line.”] Mathias scoffed, bewildered that she had even expected him to just drop what he was doing to say hello during the political and emotional tension that came with war. [#a60711 “Lukas barely stands me enough as it is, so I don’t know where the hell you’re getting this nonsense from, Misha.”] the male shook his head.]

[center Mathias then exhaled hard through his nose when the woman started to pull the knife out of his shoulder. The sharp pain that shot through him when a blade cut his flesh was far too familiar then the Dane cared to admit. But it certainly was not something he couldn’t handle. [#a60711 [i ‘I’ve dealt with significantly worse.’]] Mathias thought, still staring Misha in the eye.]

[center The bloody wars they waged over petty feuds were callously disregarding towards countless innocent lives. Too many people had died and were killed for close to nothing. There was no glory behind the slaughter. It was not something Mathias felt proud of. Things like the screams of war victims and the smell of their blood pouring out of their wounds was unforgettable. The fact that Mathias had once gotten immense pleasure out of taking his enemies’ heads as war trophies disgusted him now. It was something that neither he, Berwald, nor Lukas wanted to talk about. They had buried the metaphorical Viking hatchet. They vowed to never go so far as to eviscerate whole hoards of people out of spite, for the spontaneity, for the disembodied heads for trophies, and skulls for alternative chalices. It was all just too much.]

[center He felt nauseated at the idea of mindlessly murdering people for fun. The Dane had longed to put those days behind him. However, he was here on official business. And by orders of the Danish crown, he was to obtain Greenland in whatever manner he saw fit. Although brutally conquering was a go-to choice in the past, over time Mathias found that he had grown much shrewder.]

[center [#a60711 “I will admit, my battle axe is my most prized weapon.”] the male noted, acknowledging Misha’s point with a nod. [#a60711 “How about this?,”] Mathias began as he stood up, [#a60711 “Come back to Danmark with me. And for your submission to the Crown, I am yours.”]]

[center He then straightened himself out, although it did ache to move his previously impaled shoulder too much. But it was nothing excruciating to Mathias. [#a60711 “So, what do you say? If the harbor isn’t frozen solid come morning, we can pack up and sail to Danmark at your earliest convenience…”]]
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[center [size12 Misha remembered a time, long ago, where she was actually friendly. She was kind to people and allowed people in her country without harming them in any kind of way. Her home was the sight of many great parties that she had thrown with the Nordics. They were family, for a while, until the American invaded her land. This all fell back onto the American, trying to take things that weren’t his. In the grand scheme of things, Misha’s land belonged to the Nordics and no one else, but she withdrew herself from everyone to be independent and alone. That doesn’t seem to be working out for her anymore. Now, the Danish idiot was here and tied up in her kitchen. How long could she keep him there before someone tried finding him? She did not want to risk someone witnessing her. She had to continue putting on a face for everyone.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 “You stopped visiting and I withdrew myself from that cluster fuck called The Nordics,”]] she tilted her head, pointing out why they haven’t seen one another in such a long time. [i [#778899 “Plus, you have that Norwegian now to keep you company. No longer in need of little ol’ Misha, huh?”]] Misha pouted before she turned around to grab a rag off the counter. [i [#778899 “But, I guess I can understand that. Who would want to be seen with me anymore? I tried killed the American, even though he won’t admit it. He was right here too. Laying on this floor, bleeding much more than you are,”]] Misha grinned in a vile way before she began to slowly remove the knife from Mathias’ shoulder, pressing the rag hard against the wound that she had caused.]]
[center [size12 Misha, though covered in blood, was no longer going to try to maim Mathias any longer. She had bigger plans now. [i [#778899 “You want to talk politics, Mathias? I have a proposition for you,”]] Misha grabbed the medical kit from underneath her sink before pulling away pieces of clothing from the wound.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 “I will let you have my country, but it is for a price,”]] Misha explained slowly as she bandaged the wound that she had caused, making sure there wasn’t any more loss of blood. Though countries could take a pretty hard beating and still be able to walk home without an issue. Mathias was known for living through brutal beatings, just like a lot of the countries. [i [#778899 “You kill people with me. Let that Danish Viking out, Mathias. I want to see you in your natural state, not this polished mess that the other Nordics created for you to be,”]] Misha grinned softly as she turned back to put the medical kit back up.]]
[center [size12 Misha then grabbed another clean rag to clean off the bits of blood off of Mathias’ head. She was gentle though, caring almost. [i [#778899 “How good could it feel with that battle axe in your hand, Mathias? Just imagine it,”]] she murmured softly to him before she began to undo his restraints. [i [#778899 “I trust you and you trust me and all of this could work so perfectly, but if all else fails, I can at least be with my favorite Nordic if you decide to take me now,”]] she chuckled quietly, letting the ropes fall down around the chair and Mathias’ feet.]]
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[center As per usual, Mathias and his men had ran over a plethora of different scenarios in preparation for the invasion of Greenland. It simply was a natural course of military action to take. Several of these possibilities and their potential outcomes all sped through Mathias’ head as he crept along to continue his search.]

[center Ironically enough, Mathias swore that things had been far too easy up to this point. The only true inconvenience he and his men had encountered so far was the sea ice during their initial approach to Misha’s country. But this thought was fleeting since it was swiftly replaced with an alarmed [#a60711 [i ‘Oh, shit!’]]]

[center Perhaps he had still been disoriented from the long ship-ride out of København. But nonetheless Mathias was not particularly pleased about suddenly finding himself upon the floor. And being without his hatchet did not help either.]

[center [#a60711 “I was never into having a woman’s foot stamped onto my chest,”] he began, clearly not being all that serious about his current situation. [#a60711 “But there’s always a first time for everything, I suppose.”] A facetious shrug accompanied the Dane’s statement.]

[center Then the man rolled his eyes. [#a60711 “And did you [i really] think I was going to waltz in through the front door? I would have brought my battle axe along to chop it down.”] Mathias retorted. [#a60711 “I may be off, but I’m no fool, Misha.”]]

[center Honestly, Mathias could have kept up with the smart ass commentary all night, but it wasn’t too long after their brief exchange that the Dane was forcibly knocked out cold.]

[center [b ~~~]]

[center The blond did not know how long he was unconscious, but the process of coming back to reality seemed to take an eternity and a half. When he did wake up, Mathias was greeted by a viciously sharp pain towards the front of his head. And on top of that he could feely a suspiciously warm sensation streaking over half of his face. [#a60711 [i ‘I am like ninety-five percent sure that’s blood.’]] the thought came and went as groggy groan escaped his lips.]

[center Bright, albeit still dazed, blue eyes then cracked open. Immediately Mathias realized he was staring directly into Misha’s dark grey eyes. The man couldn’t totally decipher what the woman’s gaze held, but Mathias could tell that it wasn’t anything good.]

[center It took a moment for Mathias to process Misha’s words, but when he understood he had laughed. [i Laughed.]]

[center [#a60711 “The last woman who said that to me was naked… Unfortunately, I am being led to believe that this is in an entirely different context.”] the Dane smirked. However, his body tensed up in response to Misha slowly shoving her knife into his shoulder.]

[center An expression of disbelief then crossed Mathias’ features. [#a60711 “What the hell is that supposed to mean?!”] he hurriedly inquired, seeing more blood ooze out of his fresh wound the farther her knife was plunged into his body.]

[center [#a60711 “I haven’t seen you in so long? Definitely long before Lukas and the Norwegian crown relinquished rights to this land to Kongeriget Danmark.”] Mathias replied. He knew that he wasn’t in a great position to be saying such things, but the man was fairly confident in the fact that Misha wouldn’t outright kill him. At least not if she didn’t want to be absolutely obliterated by his men and his allied nations. Mathias knew that Misha was far smarter than that. Smart, but dangerously so. How he went about conquering the ice-laden country was almost entirely up to how Misha wished to proceed.]

[center [#a60711 “To be honest, I’m not looking for a fight. But make no mistake, Misha. I will do what I must in order to serve and protect the interests of the Danish crown.”]]

[center It was almost funny; Mathias attempting to be diplomatic, but he did not want to subject his men to conflict unless absolutely necessary. It was all a puzzle and strategy game, something Mathias an expert at playing regardless of what his current position may have been. And while it seemed he was rather compromised; the Dane was certainly no quitter and was skilled at working with whatever he was given. And this time he was definitely utilizing the shit out of that skill to not only save his skin, but to fulfill the purpose he arrived in Greenland for…]
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[center [size12 The Greenlandic girl did not bother herself with fancy entries or flashy words. She sat, quietly on the couch until she heard something in another room that she would believe to be her study. She closed her book and placed it aside, along with her cup. She stood up before grabbing what looked to be a kitchen knife and carefully made her way into the hallway that lead all the way to her study. She left the door unlocked for a reason. She did not like intruders. Coming through an unlocked window was intruding, but coming through her unlocked front door was an invitation for, who she thought was, Mathias. That lanky creep. She rolled her eyes at the thought of him being in her house. She did have a bit of a soft spot since she believed that he would be the only country to truly compare to her shear volatility and violence.]]
[center [size12 Misha knows Mathias, very well, as well as his family. She could be considered a part of the family, given where her country sat and how much it was like the other Nordic countries. She was just colder and more reclusive compared to the rest of them. A sad fact, but it was a true one. She withdrew herself before the Nordics could actually make her a part of them. Mathias was the one that was supposed to do it. The thoughts were making her angry. Angry enough to kill him in her own home, but she was going to keep from doing that though. She wasn't going to let him die in a warm place. If she was to kill him, he would need to die outside, in the freezing cold.]]
[center [size12 Misha then waited for the door to open. Did Mathias believe that she was this stupid to just allow someone to come into her home without her knowing. She closed her eyes, patiently waiting until she heard that click. Once she did hear it, she quickly disarmed him and swiftly kicked him onto the ground.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Ah, Mathias. What a pleasure this is, huh?"]] She had her foot on top of his chest before giving him this bitter sweet grin, kicking away his infamous weapon. She scoffed at him, [i [#778899 "I left the door unlocked for you to come. Did you really think I would not find out about you coming here?"]] She then leaned down him, giving him a hard hit with the butt of her knife to his head to knock him out for the time being.]]
[center [size15 [b ~~~]]]
[center [size12 Misha had Mathias tied up in her kitchen, to a chair with sturdy ropes. She was sitting on the kitchen counter, waiting for him to come to finally. She knew that none of this was part of his plan, or at least she would hope not. Misha never took Mathias for a coward, or pussy as she sometimes called him. She admired Mathias before she become this dark creep. She looked up to him in a sense of envy to how he could take claim to whatever he pleased without consequences, but now, he was facing a consequence for doing such a thing. How ironic. Misha laughed at the thought.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Mathias,"]] Misha murmured, leaning forward from the counter and tilting his chin upwards to wake him up. [i [#778899 "Wake up, sweetheart. I want you to witness me,"]] she grinned as she slipped from the counter. She had her knife in one hand and his chin in the other. She pointed the knife against his shoulder. [i [#778899 "I hate hurting you when I used to love you so much,"]] she whispered into his eat before she began stabbing into his shoulder slowly.]]
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[center Mathias Køhler was the best of the Nordics; especially better than Sweden. At least that’s what the Dane thought. Between him and Berwald, Mathias swore that he was infinitely more handsome, charming, and intelligent. Although a majority of this boasting came out when he was neck deep in one of their infamous fights, Norway and Iceland seemed to find it amusing when they were at each other’s throats over god knows what. All while Tino tried to get them to make nice. Among the Nordic family it really felt like every day there was [i always] something that the Swede and Dane were fighting over. It felt like it was the same shit, but different day.]

[center Some would call it incessant pestilence, but Mathias always referred to that personality trait as bold tenacity. It afforded him the confidence he knew that he needed to be a successful nation and set an example for his Nordic neighbors, no matter how much they warred with each other. Mathias was also proud when other nations, European or otherwise, noted this quality. Because if there was anything about himself that he was the proudest of it was his ability to persevere and build himself up as a nation.]

[center As of late there had been a considerable amount of grumbling coming from his friend Alfred, as well as concern from Canada, and other utterances from a plethora of nations. It had been about Greenland, a large country whose landmass was predominantly ice, though harbored a vast amount of valuable natural resources. From his experience of acquiring new colonies; whether it be by invading and conquering or acquisition through a treaty, Mathias knew that such resources were highly sought after. However, Alfred had taken great care in warning as many nations as possible of Misha, the woman he had encountered during his attempts at taking Greenland for himself.]

[center This had peaked the interest of many, including Mathias. Most wrote off Greenland’s hostility as her being antisocial. A lot of nations had officially deemed it an unnecessary risk to deal with her to colonize her land. The alleged abundance of natural resources couldn’t shake most nations from this conviction. Nobody had wanted to go through the trouble of plotting an invasion in an attempt to conquer Greenland for their own. However, the Danish crown had expressed some interest in Greenland just like they had for the Faroe Islands, among others, before it came into their possession.]

[center After an intensely debated meeting, the Nordics had assigned Matthias with the task of mounting and executing an invasion of Greenland. This was a task that the Dane hadn’t minded undertaking. So, with great pleasure he had several ships readied with Danish military personnel and supplies set to leave as soon as possible.]

[center [b ~~~]]

[center The travel to Greenland wasn’t all smooth sailing due to weather. The temperature was bone chilling, and the closer Mathias and his men got to Greenland, the icier the sea had become. The ice was a threat to the structural integrity of Mathias’ ships, however this certainly was not his first run around with sea ice. Fortunately for the invading Danes, they had arrived before the ice became too much of a nuisance to navigate through. Based on the intel given to him by Alfred, Mathias brought his ships into port before setting anchors down and offloading.]

[center While he had been told that Greenland was sparsely populated, Mathias instructed his men to remain vigilant while they started scouring the surrounding area for anyone who may have lived there. They didn’t want to have to fight if it wasn’t necessary, but the Danes were ready to do what was necessary to take the land in name of the Danish crown.]

[center As he was out exploring, Mathias happened upon a house that appeared to be inhabited. Based upon the location and appearance, the description Alfred had given led the blond male to believe that this was actually Misha’s home. Exercising extreme caution as he surveyed around the home, Mathias kept his weapon drawn just in case this reportedly hostile woman attempted to attack him.]

[center Contrary to popular belief, Mathias wasn’t a total fool. Therefor there was no way in hell he was going to go storming in through the front door. God only knew where the girl was in the house, if she was even home at all, though the tread marks in the snow looked fresh and were headed towards the house.]

[center [#a60711 [i ‘Better to be safe than sorry..’]] Mathias thought as he did a visual sweep for potential alternatives points of entry. He did find an unlocked window he felt comfortable with creeping through. The Dane was fairly large in stature, so this was no easy feat; to crawl through a partly frozen window without being detected.]

[center Once inside, though, Mathias cleared the room, declaring it safe. For now, at least. With his hatchet drawn the man crept along, the male set on clearing the house before continuing with any other tasks that needed his attention…]
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[center [size12 Misha was once this beautiful, adorable girl with bright, grey colored eyes and long, white hair. She did not have a care in the world, but one day, things changed within her. She cut her hair, her eyes turned a dark grey, and she no longer intermingled with her fellow countries. She was reserved, stuck in her reclusive world without a care in the world. She did not have much of a relationship with her neighboring countries, Canada and America, after America tried taking her country for himself, so that was what most of the countries believed what was wrong with her. She pulled herself away from everyone and took her independence into her own hands, telling everyone to leave her be and let her do things on her own. People coddling her and trying to hold her hand was not what she wanted. She was independence and freedom from those kinds of chains. She did not need help. Greenland could survive on her own.]]

[center [size12 With this sudden change in the small nation, Misha became rather feared, but not a lot of people believed that this little girl was capable of the things that America has told them. Instead, the Nordics decided to send Denmark, Mathias to take control of her because apparently, the American could not handle a little girl. This sudden take over was not something Misha had planned or even had knowledge about though. She was not going to take this very kindly. But for now, she would play along with it. Act likely she was stupid, like she did not know what she was doing.]]

[center [size12 Misha was just coming in from a day out. The snow fall was definitely picking up and she did not want to be caught outside in. She trudged her short legs up to her front door, pushing it opened before walking in. She shook her head, letting the snow fall off her body. She kicked her boots off and peeled layers of clothes off of her until she was down to her sweater and simple pair of black leggings. She stretched upwards, elongating her torso before returning back to normal before walking into the kitchen to make herself something hot to drink. The cold was still trapped in her bones.]]

[center [size12 The white-haired girl was in her own world before hearing something that sounds very foreign to her. [i An invader? On my land, no thank you,] she thought to herself before placing her cup of freshly made coffee down and headed to the front window. There, she saw him. Larger than life, Mathias or in other words, Denmark. She chuckled to herself, shaking her head. [i Of all people, they send that dimwit?] She thought to herself again, laughing at her own self before going back to her cup of coffee, settling down on her couch with a book. She was waiting now. Waiting for him to come to her. She wasn’t going to answer the door. She was going to let him find his own way into her home.]]
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