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The day before the queen's kidnapping

Dom paced back and forth in his office. His glasses lay on his desk as he let his mind run free; something he didn't do often for serious reasons. For one, his thoughts came in droves. It was as if a wave of mental strain washed over him. It wasn't because Dom was some inhuman thought machine, but because he tended to hold back a lot of his true thoughts. At some point, he had decided that the best way to contain himself was to not say anything at all. His actions would more than speak for him. However, the issue here was the lack of action being taken. His thoughts had long since been falling into his words.

Dom had been getting into it more often than usual. Butting heads with each other was not out of the ordinary. They had different values and ideals that gave their senses of leadership and decision-making different paths like a fork in the road. But this meant that once a path was taken there was no turning back, and to this day not once had Dom's paths been taken. His mantle of king had become little more than a fancy word among Technicolor. He was able to accomplish far more work as Cascade even if he and Lorelei had to handle it themselves. Dom was thankful to have someone whose hands he could place his life in without worry, but the rest of the group could not be trusted; not even Cascade.

From the moment Technicolor had become whole, Romi had full control. Her plans were often outlandishly dangerous to him and had holes that could've been patched, but Dom's disagreements and concerns were seen as fruitless arguing for the sake of rather than being seriously thought about and considered. Romi was far more dangerous than he could imagine to have exerted such a degree of control with such kindness; a trait he didn't sympathize with. Similar words were thrown around often describing qualities others thought he needed to be a good king and garner trust. All of them he deemed as both luxurious and unnecessary. The only think he needed was faith in him from the team and he would handle the rest. Even the late king of Cascade knew that.

Dom met two particular thoughts that spoke out in his head louder than the rest. What if the queen were to be kidnapped? This was an extremely worrysome thought for several reasons. First, because of the way Technicolor functioned now, Romi's absence would sow massive disarray into the group. In the heads of the others, they would be without their leader eventhough he, as king, would likely remain. Second, the blame game would ensue. There was a lot of work Dom had done on his own in the shadows to ensue that not only his ideals would be realized, but also to aid the group. The issue is that all of the things he had done could easily be taken out of context and used against him. He would most likely be thrust into the spotlight as a traitor, or at least a suspect of sorts. It would only serve to squander his mantle further. The third and final reason was another question. How would they find her? Would they get hacked again? Have they already been hacked again...or would the queen set this up as an absurdly drastic effort? All of these were valid reasons and thoughts. Such things wouldn't be to far-fetched at all.

The second thought was very plaguing for personal reasons Dom didn't care to admit to himself. It also had to do with the difficulties he had been having ever since Technicolor became whole in the form of another question.
[+orange "Should I leave Technicolor?"]
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[center He gave her a sad smile before he finished the last bit of coffee in the mug between his hands. "We knew the risks when we accepted the mission. We knew we could have died, and we still put our lives on the line for everyone else. My career as a gymnast has been over for a long time, and even though it will likely affect my ability to walk, as long as my friends are alive, I wouldn't have changed the outcome. As long as everyone is still alive, I'd gladly take that bullet." Better his leg than his life or everyone else's lives for that matter. The world seemed bleak even on their better days, and his main regret was that everyone in Technicolor had wasted so much time in thinking the other side was a threat that they'd been blind to the real enemies. Dom still seemed content to carry a needless grudge even though Romi had done nothing to him.

The topic at hand was heavy, and the boy wished more than anything that they could sit at the table one day and discuss something much happier. "I don't want to suspect anyone of doing it. We shouldn't be turning our backs on one another especially now when we need each other the most, but the evidence we have a mole is piling up. It has to be an inside job because this is too clean- too calculated- for The Order. If they had it their way, they would have killed us all while we slept, but they took Romi instead because she's the threat they were worried about the most." If they had information on them, then they likely knew of Dom's hotheaded behavior, and how it got him into trouble more often than not. They also likely knew Romi had contingency plans for her contingency plans.

"Speaking of the mole," Freyr began somewhat nervously as he obviously meant their king, but would refrain himself from being so blatant about their borderline mutiny. "Being from Cascade as well, I hope you don't mind me saying so, but I feel Cascade died with our previous king. Not that I'm sentimental about it. I'm happy we merged. That being said," he lowered her voice so that the the only one that could hear him would be the red head across from him. "I'm not sure we can trust those we've delegated to leading us." He didn't mean Mal or Romi, but rather Dom and anyone who stood with him. Freyr knew that Ruby didn't either. Her pictures were confirmation of her distrust. It was hard to trust someone who was always psychoanalyzing them whenever he got the chance. He was supposed to be their leader- not their therapist.

Grey eyes moved up- watching the red haired woman's face. "As much as I hate to admit it, Mal is right. We can't be doing The Order's job by killing our own. They want us to kill each other, and as much as I hate Dom, we can't give them the satisfaction of knowing they have less work to do." Somehow they would have to put aside their suspicions at least until they found Romi.
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[font "Shadows Into Light" [size16 It was only when things calmed down that Ruby realized just how tired she was. She hadn’t slept in days due to the intense undercover job she had to go under, but now everything was reaching some form of conclusion. Whether her findings were accurate or not had yet to be seen, but for the time being she has completed her part of the job. Though she needed sleep, she did not want to be alone right now. She would hang out for as long as she could before finding somewhere to pass out for several hours.

As if Freyr knew exactly what she needed, he poured them coffee and motioned for her to follow. She smiled at the opportunity: peace and quiet, along with a chance to properly catch up with a friend. She followed him to the meeting room. It was odd to come in here and have it be completely empty. Normally when they had to be in the meeting room, several people would already be sitting here and waiting for whatever it was that needed to be discussed. Now, it would just be the two of them enjoying a cup of coffee.

Guilt ate at Ruby as she heard that everyone assumed her to be dead. She didn’t want to lose contact with everyone and cause sadness or confusion. If she had been able to, she would have reassured them that she was fine and only needed to go off on a mission for a while.

While sitting down, she glanced over at Freyr and was confused to see the way he was walking. What had happened while she was gone? Without having to ask, he revealed the injury received and explained how he got it. Her eyes were wide with concern as she stared at the bandages. Normally, this type of injury wouldn’t be quite a big deal if it were anyone else, but she knew his history of being a gymnast. The wound to his leg could be so bad as be career-ending to any sort of athlete who needs their body to be in tip-top shape.

At his apology, Ruby vehemently shook her head. [b [#800000 “I’m sorry I was gone while everyone was having such a hard time.”]]

Though she knew it was silly to think this way, she partially blamed herself for Freyr’s wound because she wasn’t around to stop it from happening. There was no realistic way she could prevent every tragedy or injury that might occur within Technicolor, but her dedication to the cause and everyone involved was a little on the intense side. She worked herself to near-death just to make sure everyone was okay and everything could proceed as needed.

[b [#800000 “Maybe Cinnabar knew something was going to happen. I don’t know if she knew she was going to be kidnapped specifically, but she did pull me aside after the last group meeting I was a part of.”]] She paused in order to take a generous sip from her coffee. [b [#800000 “She told me she suspected a rat within our ranks. I couldn’t believe it at first. No one wants to imagine someone you’re supposed to trust stabbing backs. Regardless, when she asked me to look into the matter, I accepted the job. I had to go into hiding so no one would know exactly what I was doing, in case the rat could be tipped off. I was really hoping that I would be able to prove her wrong…”]] She sighed dejectedly. [b [#800000 “Turns out she was right.”]]]]
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[center All of the clamor subsided. Everyone was worked up and agitated after the events of the morning. Not that the boy blamed them being pulled from their rest only to be met with the reality of a missing queen and an angry red head with a possible concussion from an unknown assailant. As worried as he was, it would do no good for either Romi or Luca if they were all at each other's throats. Freyr was still alert, but for now, they could focus on other things like getting their queen back and catching up on events from friends they'd thought had been dead.

He turned his gaze over to Yoko. He hadn't seen her since the day they moved to the Penumbra base, and he'd been convinced that she was dead- if not from The Order then from her already limited life span. Freyr poured them two cups of coffee and motioned for her to follow where the two of them could have a moment of privacy- at least until someone came searching for them. It was a slow trek to the empty meeting room down the hall from the kitchen, but necessary nonetheless.

“I had thought for sure you would be dead. What happened to you?” He set the cups down on a table before moving over to the light switch to turn on the lights. It was morning and being stiff and cold from more or less just waking up, and his limp felt more pronounced than ever. He was sure that she would have questions for him as well. The boy offered her a sad smile as he took a seat and massaged his sore calf through his sweats. “We all thought you were gone. A lot has happened in such a short amount of time, and I guess I'm just relieved. No one is handling the news about Romi very well though.” And rightfully so. She was certainly the glue that held everyone together, and it was only a matter of time before Technicolor came unraveled at the seams.

“I guess I should start. You've probably noticed by now,” as if to prove his point, he rolled up the leg of his pants to show her the bandage wrapped around his calf. “We got lucky that this was the worst of it. Around Christmas Luca and I went undercover, and if we hadn't barely escaped with our lives, there's some part of me that would find it funny. But we went to the annual gala they hold in city hall every year. The mayor had all of our files, and had information he shouldn't have. We tried to shut it down, but they had trackers. If you've ever wondered what a dog, spider hybrid looked like, then that was it. It shot me in the leg, and Luca had to get it out.” It had been terrifying at the time, and he was still scared to encounter one of them again just in case they tweaked it to actually work. The last thing he wanted to do was lead those things right to the only family that cared about him.

He lowered his pants leg and raised the cup of coffee to his lips. “I wish you could have come back to better news rather than the news that the queen is missing.”
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About a year and a half ago

[+orange “All is well, Mrs. Johan. I wish you a good life,”] he told a woman as he left out of the front door of her house with a smile. These were the last words he intended to give to a certain client that had asked him to do a house call. Normally, Dom would decline to such things, but the money she had offered was too good to refuse. It also helped that she was a rather straightforward case. Psychiatry had its levels of difficulty, and this instance was on the low end of the spectrum.

Dominic took a deep breath as the smile vanished from his face. He pulled out a pair of shades from his pocket placing them on his face continuing his stroll toward the cafe he had been stopping at recently. This time wouldn’t just be for a cold coffee. There was a woman that had approached him after bumping into him a few times that wanted to “meet” him. Whatever it was that she wanted, it was going to have to wait after a nice apple chai mocha frappuccino.

It was a five minute walk from the client to the cafe, so it didn’t take long for the woman to come into view. She seemed to be dressed for the weather as it was pretty hot out. Dom had forgone his standard outfits for a simple t-shirt and a blazer over it. He wore jeans and sneakers as well to avoid sweating anymore than he needed to in nice clothes. Instead of approaching her, he went for the door putting a hand on it. [+orange “Been waiting long? Good.”] He asked and responded quickly being cheeky. Dom opened the door motioning her in with his head. [+orange “Inside. Whatever you want from me is waiting until after my cold coffee. I’ll buy you something just because I’m feeling generous.”] He did just get paid after all.
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[center [size14 547 days and 18 odd hours ago]]
Stalking was part of her day job so it came to her as natural as breathing most days. However, during the last few weeks, her stalking had not been related to a case. Instead, she had been ordered on scouting duty. Which didn’t surprise her a bit, since the last round of recruits were...they were really [i something]. Their scouter having been placed on a rest break since he had claimed the stress of the job was getting him. Eve was fairly sure that stress didn’t make you sign up people that couldn’t tell their asses from their elbows. Or even know what an elbow was, to begin with. Eve snorted at the thought, her foot beginning to tab lightly on the cracked cement.

The short-haired hacker had placed out feelers all through the city a few weeks ago. A few had a small amount of promise as she slowly made her way through the ever-growing list of ‘could-be’ agents. This one was a bit different. With a little research and a lot of following, Eve was fairly sure she found someone worth her and her King’s time. ‘[b Dominic Fury]’. They had [i bumped’] into one another several times in the past week. Him always leaving a small cafe nearby his client, her always going in. The early morning walks to and from the cafe had at least made her more awake every day.

Glancing down at the small watch that decorated her wrist, Evelyn looked up towards the sky a sigh leaving her lips. The last time they had run into one another, she had asked him to meet her in front of the cafe, a few minutes earlier than their normal ‘run-ins’. Of course, she had firmly stated this wasn’t a case of infatuation, but a business offer. Unfortunately for her, she had arrived [i way] to earlier. Eve shoved her hands roughly into her tight jean pockets. It was a day far too warm for her normal trench coat. So instead she had settled with a plain tank top and jeans. At least she could still wear her normal combat boots, even if they did make her feet sweat in this heat.
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[h3 [center Diary Entry]]
[font Consolas [i [right November 14th]

[center "Congratulations on getting another year older."]
That's what my boss told me today. I didn't really know what to say other than a quick thanks before getting back to work. I know there are those that sometimes forget about their birthdays because they don't feel the need to celebrate while others anticipate the day because they are reaching a milestone of some kind. I turned 19 years old so no real milestones there, but that isn't the reason I was a little thrown off by the statement.

Being another year older means being another year closer to my expiration date. Yes, everyone dies eventually, but I'm not sure how many know when exactly they are going to die. If the doctors my parents had hired are correct, I supposedly only have two years left: when I turn 21. Who knows how exact their estimates are. Maybe they are wrong, and I will live a few years longer, or a few years shorter. They were supposedly the "best of the best", as my mother kept insisting to me, so who knows. For now, until I am proven otherwise, I will have to go with the estimation they gave.

I guess I'll celebrate "getting another year older" by going to the movies tonight. Apparently a new horror film came out recently that everyone is terrified of. Could be fun.]]
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