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Jack hugged her close. "This may sound perverted, but I completely agree with you." He chuckled.

  Jack Hobbes / AskTheStaff / 285d 7h 26s
Serpenta could barely speak, but managed to get the words out. "I'll never get tired...of doing this...with you..."
  RamaAmor / 285d 7h 3m 12s
Jack's breathing was very hot and heavy as he snuggled against her. "How was that for ya?~"

  Jack Hobbes / AskTheStaff / 285d 7h 4m 41s
Serpenta grabbed the protection, and smiled.

Serpenta sat upon Jack, breathing heavily as she fell onto his chest.
  RamaAmor / 285d 7h 6m 3s
Soon enough, Jack broke yet again. He looked up at her, wondering what she would do this time.
  Jack Hobbes / AskTheStaff / 285d 7h 8m 28s
Serpenta put in 210 percent, leaving little space between her and Jack.
  RamaAmor / 285d 7h 9m 11s
Jack chuckled, knowing that Serpenta would keep going.
  Jack Hobbes / AskTheStaff / 285d 7h 18m 36s
Serpenta took the hint, and went down his chest and stomach.

Serpenta came up, cleaning her face off. She got right back into the swing of things.
  RamaAmor / 285d 7h 19m 48s
Right on cue, Jack broke. He went completely limp and looked up at her with that same look that said 'Take your prize.'
  Jack Hobbes / AskTheStaff / 285d 7h 21m 39s
"Break~" She ran her tongue up, from his collarbone up to his chin.
  RamaAmor / 285d 7h 22m 33s
Jack began to break, his tongue lolling out and his moaning very loud.
  Jack Hobbes / AskTheStaff / 285d 7h 24m 13s
Serpenta stuck an arm up his shirt, pushing down on his chest a bit. She was smiling, and kept putting more and more into what she was doing.
  RamaAmor / 285d 7h 25m 24s
When he was kissed, he didn't let Serpenta for when one of them needed air. Even during the kiss, Jack was still making noise.
  Jack Hobbes / AskTheStaff / 285d 7h 32m 39s
Serpenta noticed the loud moan, and took her chance, french kissing Jack and knocking him onto the floor.
  RamaAmor / 285d 7h 33m 47s
"Just...mhn~...wondering when you'll b-break me~" Right after, Jack let out a loud moan.
  Jack Hobbes / AskTheStaff / 285d 7h 53m 17s

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