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This was the worst situation for her to be in. She clearly didn't have half her wits to her, no wonder after the amount of alcohol she had had, and they were steering directly towards a topic that she could no longer avoid. Sure, she could lie, but at the same time she knew he would likely spot it, if she did. There really wasn't much of an option aside from telling him the truth.
Him sort of demanding an answer was not helping this situation as she slightly began to panic, curling more up into a ball as she avoided looking at him, even though she could clearly feel his eyes on her. "No, no," she repeated, shaking her head softly, not daring to do much more than that with how she felt, "I mean... I was drunk, very drunk. Otherwise I never would have done any of that." That was the truth. No way in a million years would she have had the courage to do that, at least not sober. She hadn't in the last decade, why would the next have been any different?
Still, knowing he would continue to press her for an answer now, she knew she didn't have a choice. Her face was bright red and her heart racing as she buried her head in her knees. "I... like... you...," she muttered into her knees, not daring to look at him. Her entire body shook and she was strongly considering running from the room and locking herself into her bedroom.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 111d 22h 35m 3s
To him he recalled the feeling that was behind it all, he just didn't know if it was real or if was her being drunk. Her words alluded to it being something else, but he didn't know if he could just assume everything about it. He did want to know of course, but she kept stopping. "Okay..well then..what then?" He didn't know what else to ask about it, or what he should be assuming. "You were just drunk? You were lonely..?"He wanted the answer of course, it didn't mean he knew what he'd do with it..after all he hadn't exactly refused or anything, but how could he be blamed..the way she kissed him made him feel..well like she really wanted him for one, and she really meant it, it was special. He looked to her now, even if she refused to look at him, he clearly wanted to know, and he didn't want a lie or excuse.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 111d 22h 54m 1s
She knew he would show her any alcohol, even if he loved to tease her. Maybe in her state right now she wasn't as receptive to that as she normally was. Not after feelings completely being pulled through the ringer. She was grateful for the food though, even if she was eating it even slower than she normally did.
It just seemed like a topic they would have to talk about at some point, even if it was one she didn't know how to handle. She had never kissed anyone, let alone drunk making out. Her face was definitely bright red from the topic though, to say the least.
She could easily take the reason he gave her and roll with it, but right now she was absolutely not in the state to lie or be overly embarrassed. At least not more than she normally was. Probably the best state to get anything out of her. "I... didn't feel bad for you... I mean I did, but I didn't kiss you because of that...," she muttered, not being able to look at him as she put some food in her mouth, possibly to stop herself from talking more. She really shouldn't be talking about this.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 112d 2h 43m 1s
He wouldn't show her anything of the sort, but he always liked to tease. He picked something she would more than likely be able to hold down, and something that would help soak all the rest of the alcohol out. It wasn't that he wanted her to feel like a child, he just wanted to help her get better, after all, he had brought the bottle in the first place, even if he didn't start with it. She broached the topic well enough, if not very quietly. His face got a little red as he slowly continued to eat. Just what was he supposed to respond with anyway. "Well.."He looked to her, she could face him about it or she could give him some other reason, he was still a bit confused about it all. "I dunno..i guess maybe you felt..bad for me..but..I didn't expect you would ever do something like..that."He didn't know how to take it really. It didn't feel like just pity or anything.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 112d 3h 42s
Even if she was hungover as hell, she was very self conscious of her state of undress. That he helped her with dressing didn't help her embarrassment one bit. Actually she felt very much like a child when he helped her with the medicine and water as well, even though she clearly needed it. Eagerly she swallowed both, hoping for relief soon. The thought of food made her stomach churn and she gave a groan. "Not sure I'll be keeping it down," she replied dryly, but was glad for his help to get back to their comfort fort.
The food was tempting and she did nibble at it lightly, but she was still very cautious about anything being eaten. That and her throat still felt bad from her trip to the bathroom. His question and teasing made her turn bright red, though she gave a groan at the thought of more wine. "Don't you dare show me wine," she muttered before trying to figure out what she was trying to say. It was so easy to pretend that she couldn't remember anything. Maybe she should. Then things could go back to normal, but she could never act normal after that. "I kissed you...," she more or less whispered, not sure if he could understand what she said. Never mind telling him that she had never kissed anyone before.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 112d 7h 37m 23s
He wasn't paying much attention right now to how she was dressed when she was also feeling bad. He offered her shirt which of course he had brought along once he noticed she hadn't moved from the spot in her bathroom. Once she was sitting up he took the medicine back and helped her with her shirt. "Just drink some water first."He told her, not wanting her to fumble around too much with the medicine. Giving her a bit and some water he helped her with her medicine. "C'mon. Got you something you can keep down."He told her slowly and gently lifting her up to move her back out to their comfort fort and the table with the food.
Once they were seated she did mention something, "What were you trying to say?" He asked as they now sat there munching on some food. Though a part of him couldn't resist. "Maybe some more wine will even you out? You seemed determined to drink.." He mentioned, it was unusual of her. Then again..he remembered everything. He didn't know if she did.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 112d 8h 4m 0s
The dizziness definitely caught up to her now that she was laying on the ground, which only added on top of her headache and her stomach. She just stayed there curled up. Not moving seemed like a good idea, not even caring that the tiled floor felt really cold on her skin at this point. Now she remembered why she so rarely took more than a glass. She couldn't really hold it down.
Hearing him at the door, she gave a soft sound, which she meant to say yes with, but she really couldn't at this moment. Not like she was going anywhere anytime soon. She rested her forehead on the cool tiles, feeling flushed at this point. Closing her eyes, she just waited for him to return, because honestly, she didn't have the energy to do more. Though in her head she kept replying the parts of last night that she remember and wasn't sure what to do. Had she really done that?
When he finally returned she let him prop her up against the bathroom cabinet, though she was clearly flushed. "My shirt...," she muttered hoarsely, "Not just that though..." She looked to him, wondering if he wasn't going to ask what had happened last night or if he was going to ignore it all. Her hands did reach out to grab the medicine, but her hands shook too much.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 112d 8h 33m 22s
He watched her go through some subtle motions, trying to smile at him but then trying to hold in her alcohol. He watched her go like a bullet to the toilet, at the very least dizziness went by the wayside when you had to find the bathroom. He noticed how long she was gone and wondered if she was feeling the full effect. He didn't usually feel everything so it wasn't as bad for him.
He stood up and moved to the kitchen looking through her cabinets,for some head medicine and some stomach stuff as well. She didn't have any really. He walked over to the bathroom door and gave it a knock, "I'm gonna go get you some meds. You're okay for now I hope?"He did wait for her to say at least something before he headed out of the door. He returned in twenty minutes or so with some remedies for her, head medicine, something to settle her stomach and some good after alcohol eating, probably for the both of them. He had to wonder what she could remember as well, not really knowing if she did or not . He prepped her up something and set it out for her. "I'm here to help Tiger. You really decided to drink a lot."
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 112d 9h 3m 55s
The fact that she drank next to nothing on a regular basis probably didn't help her in this case. She felt absolutely dreadful. As she laid there with a pounding head she did note that he was dressed, though that didn't count for much when her mouth felt like it was bruised.
She supposed she shouldn't be surprised when he woke up from her moving around. Giving a small smile, she tried to sat up, but that was definitely wrong as her entire stomach churned and she could feel it coming. Not caring that she probably half trampled him by getting up and her splitting headache, she ran to the bathroom to throw up. Ironically as she sat there in front of the toilet things were slowly coming back to her. Her first kiss... Had she really done that? She didn't know how to feel. She was happy she did it, but on the other, what was she supposed to say? He would want an explanation for sure and as she was now she could never open her mouth.
Even once she was done heaving, she curled up in front of the toilet on the floor, not feeling like she could move, even if she wanted to. She felt absolutely terrible, both physically and mentally.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 112d 12h 3m 59s
It probably took her a bit to get oriented, so she would probably notice in a few moments that he was still totally dressed. He didn't know how nauseous she would be, or if she would even remember, he handled drinking much better than she did. He could just tell her..or he could be funny, there were so many things that ran through his head while he laid there, pretending to still be asleep. Though her movements were less than graceful so it was obvious anyone would wake up at that point. He slowly opened his eyes to adjust to the light and didn't exactly look over at her, knowing she'd just freak out more. He yawned a little, "Morning.."He muttered out as usual. What would her reaction be, surely lots of questions or something like that. He was lucky she didn't wear makeup that would be pretty obvious at that point. What could she remember?
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 112d 19h 59m 44s
There was some relief to him taking off her shirt. It helped a bit with feeling so hot and since she was drunk she didn't go completely insane at him seeing her shirtless. Feeling him tuck her in, she gave a soft smile and was happy there, snuggling in as he cleared things up a bit. When she felt him lay beside her her reaction was much like before, but much more direct. She turned towards him to wrap her arms around him before she passed out completely.
The next morning she awoke to her head throbbing like crazy. She gave a groan she she tried to orientate what had happened and where she was. The way she felt she could have gone to a bar. Slowly she was coming more around as her eyes opened. She still had her arms around him.
Feeling herself flush, it was nothing compared to what happened next as she realized she was half undressed, exposing her bra with her chest pressed against his. There was a clear attempt to move away, only to stay when her entire body revolted at the idea of moving with a feeling of nausea. What had happened last night? Still resting there she thought on it.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 112d 20h 26m 10s
He was a subject to just being there, words going unheard from him in her drunken stupor of sorts. The fact that she couldn't get her shirt off would have made him chuckle if he weren't worried she had a serious issue, or that she wasn't on top of him. He moved finished taking it off of her anyway, and put her underneath a blanket, next to him. He was a bit dizzy himself, but he managed to move the wine to a safer place not near the two of them and stumbled back over beside her. Her little comfort fort would come in handy, they'd both be laying down next to each other on a bunch of comfy blankets and all. Though her reaction to waking up shirtless next to him would be completely on her. As it stood he didn't hang on long before he passed out beside her as it was, though he was still dressed.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 112d 20h 53m 16s
There had never been a plan and she honestly had no idea what to do now. At least she didn't think they would continue this. She was clearly lost to this feeling and the touch, but surely they couldn't keep kissing forever.
There was quite a bit of exchanging going on, from kissing to fluids. Though was it just her or was it getting hot in here? Her mind was slowly starting darken. She was feeling a little dizzy. Slowly she pulled back. "It's hot," she muttered as she began to tug on her shirt to try and get it off, though mostly succeeded in getting it half off and caught around her head.
At the end she gave up on it, mostly because everything was spinning anyway. Finally she slumped down on top of him, not caring she was half undressed and simply began to drift off. Somehow she was very happy about how all this had turned out mostly.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 112d 21h 4m 22s
He wasn't sure what they were supposed to be doing in the end really, what was her plan from this point forward? He was fine with just the kissing of course, he wasn't really thinking on it now or how long they had been kissing or anything like that. It was just so easy to get lost in and she kept it going with him so he did the same right back to her. Her hand began to move down his side again and he didn't know if it's what she decided to do or if she began to parrot his movements, though the opposite had been true before.
He didn't know how much of this he was supposed to remember..or if she intended to do this at all..or..well really what her intentions behind it could be, could be as simple as finally kissing anyone. He just wasn't as drunk as she was, but he was certainly muddled now by their exchanging of kisses and fluids.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 112d 21h 20m 30s
She probably was really drunk, of even feeling that didn't stop her or made her jump back in complete panic. To be fair she was very lost to all this. She assumed he had kissed Ai a lot while they were together so she simply assumed that he had done this before.
They had been kissing for a while now, but she didn't care. Didn't care that the movie had ended. She was happy. Feeling his hands slowly begun to wander her body, she couldn't help a small sound. Him feeling her butt was a strange feeling, but she didn't pull back or anything like this. She supposed she was just happy that he didn't seem to think of her as a sister or anything like that. At least, she doubted that siblings did anything like this.
Her hand slowly began to move down from his hair to his side. She did want to feel more, but she wasn't sure he was convinced by all this.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 113d 2h 38s

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