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With all the winter things on it wasn't too cold. Hearing that he did actually mean what he had said made her flush more. It was nice to hear, even if belated. "I don't know. You just never acted on it, I suppose," she replied, giving a soft shrug to show she had no idea, "I look adorable dressed like a giant marshmallow?" She gave him a teasing smile. She let her silence show that she agreed to him about always meaning what he said.
She did chuckle softly at what he said. "I'm not sure if raiding a fridge and a restaurant fall into the same price category," she pointed out, but didn't say more about it. It was a longer walk and pretty cold or at least it grew a lot colder the more they walked
She found herself subconsciously gravitating towards him to seek warmth, maybe as an obvious thing since she did it when they were together in a blanket as well.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 101d 11h 22m 53s
It was as they began to walk that the cold began to nip at them clearly, but oh well, that's why they were bundled up wasn't it. Even now he thought the same way, her wintry clothing always looking rather cute and accenting her red hair this time. He listened to her go on and he rose an eyebrow, "Sure I didn't.."He agreed, but he also shook his head after, "That doesn't mean I didn't mean it when I said you were pretty or cute. It only came up because I was thinking look adorable in winter stuff." He looked to her a little bit confused about it, "When have I ever said stuff I didn't mean?"He posed, knowing she would have to agree there. "I realize that I was kinda..dumb and..oblivious..but..I dunno..I never felt charming enough for you to think too much of me saying you and I suppose I was right..cause you stopped thinking anything of it."
Her question was considerate, but at the same time he did wonder at it, "Mm..I'm sure I can afford you Oko-Chan.You're not supposed to worry about stuff like that when I am constantly raiding your fridge." The walk was a little longer into town, so it'd probably be colder on their way back, but it was decently cold now. He wondered if she'd..well if he was supposed to do anything while they were walking.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 101d 11h 47m 41s
Perhaps it was a slight problem that neither of them really knew what to do. She had only kissed him while she was drunk and sober she wasn't sure she wouldn't die, if she tried from blushing too much. She followed after him, bundling herself in wine red jacket with matching gloves and hat. "I suppose," she replied softly, knowing that was what he wanted all along. That she had a friend beside him.
Hearing him sigh, she looked to him. "Teasing me?" she repeated, confused at what she meant, before feeling herself flush at his words, "I suppose at some point I thought you didn't actually mean them, even if I wish they had been meant. I mean, you never looked at me like some of those pretty girls." At least she didn't think he had.
She honestly would have been fine with anything. That he actually chose an actual restaurant and not the raman place was a surprise. Still, she was happy and smiled, nodding. "Okay, let's go there," she agreed and let him out before locking up behind her, "Do you have that kind of money?" She didn't want to bankrupt him, after all.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 101d 12h 22m 42s
She was mostly right, he had no sense for how he should do things with her, after all she had kissed him, so he supposed now she was the precedent setter. Her little fits of pushing her was always a bit silly to him. It warranted a chuckle at her words. He shook his head a little bit as they got their coats on and such, "Mm..but for you that is a lot."He pointed out, "I'm really glad you have a friend now."He informed her, happy to tell her so and reaffirm that as a good thing.
He zipped up his long brown coat and put on his hat. He supposed in a large way, he had always liked the cold weather, and she usually looked adorable all bundled up..he's probably said so before. Thinking on it now he let out a small sigh. "I wonder how long I've been...teasing you.."He didn't know how else to phrase it. "I guess I noticed you blushing all the time..but I assumed it was just because you were shy so if I called you pretty or..cute or something.."He felt his face get a little bit red at the mention. "I dunno..anywhere is-" He sort of stopped, no they were dating now, some place they would have to sit down would be the appropriate choice. "Let's go to uhm..that dinner place with the sit down menu." Plated dinner's, that's appropriate at least.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 101d 12h 38m 54s
She supposed that she did have to change a little. He would likely only be willing to go out with her, if she was even capable of asking for things like this. She was hungry so it seemed only natural to ask. Him teasing her about it did not help. "Shut up," she replied and pushed his arm slightly, not that that actually did anything to him. He was impossible sometimes.
Her brow furrowed at what he said about Kat. Ultimately, she shrugged and replied, "We've done some things a few times." She didn't feel it warranted him hurt and she was pretty sure that Kat-san did many more things with other people, because she had sort of learned to give her some space.
The word date did make her flush furiously, especially coming out of his mouth, she didn't know why. "Any place you want to go, Sho-kun?" she asked, not really considering that she might have to call him different. Perhaps she should, but somehow it almost seemed rude to just call him Sho. He had always been Sho-kun to her and she suppose he would in a way always be that.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 101d 13h 31m 7s
She however, seemed to be very good at hiding things, or he was just very stupid, he felt more of the latter. He looked to her, she asked him out for food, that was new. "Oh my the princess deigning to leave her castle? Who will keep the books company if we go out to eat??"He couldn't resist teasing, but at least he knew if she was with him she'd feel comfortable at a restaurant. She did the last time they went in a group too, and he had to assume it was now cause of her new friend that she probably went out some with her too. "I almost forgot you made a friend of Kat-san. Should I feel a little hurt you actually feel comfortable being out with someone else now too?" Of course he didn't mean that, all he wanted for her was to have more people to depend on, and more friends.
He finally did nod seriously at the question. "Sure let's go out on a date."He couldn't again resist mentioning the word as he stood up. This would be very new for them to have that setting in mind. How would he have to say her name now? That was always a popular question..his nickname from her could stay the same, the ending denoted the close a way wasn't he supposed to drop all honorifics?
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 101d 15h 15m 59s
It was fair enough. Looking back at things with hindsight, it was always hard. So she simply gave a nod. Him saying that he wouldn't be able to keep secrets made her chuckle. "That's true," she agreed with a small smile, "You were always bad at hiding things. Maybe that's why you gave up on ever keeping secrets from me." She couldn't help teasing him.
She supposed that she was flattered by that. After all, he valued her more than a girlfriend. Her hand ran through her hair, slightly flustered at the thought of that. She looked over to him. "So... where do we go from here?" she asked softly. Did they go out on a date or what?
The blanket she had wrapped around herself slowly slipped from her shoulders, making it clear that she was slightly relaxing. Her head tilted lightly. "Shall we grab something to eat?" she asked. She was hungry and maybe he was too. Actually, he likely was.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 105d 5h 41m 47s
He felt being honest like he always was would just benefit him here anyway. "I don't know."He offered simply, knowing that he didn't know how he would have reacted. He meant that he wouldn't have been able to keep secrets, but again he shook his head. "I don't have any. I wouldn't be able to hide anything from you."He figured, knowing that she could read him so well, and maybe as a kid he'd tried or something like that. A few magazines possibly when he was younger, but the fact that she liked to read didn't keep him well-supplied in those, she'd surely found them when they were younger, but obviously he'd given up such things.
He knew it wasn't that he was thinking of getting together with her, but still. "I still wanted to be your friend over dating her in that instance.."He felt like the reason could be because he wanted to feel the same way now, but he was starting towards that himself already.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 105d 8h 3m 37s
She rolled her eyes lightly at the teasing. He was like that so she could live with it, but he was ridiculous at times. The point about the secrets made her shrug lightly. "I suppose. I mean... would you have agreed, if I had told you earlier?" she asked, since it seemed obvious she never would have told him, if she had not been drunk. Again she shruhher. "I don't know. That's why I'm asking," she pointed out truthfully.
To her it seemed fairly obvious how Ai would react. She wouldn't be happy and maybe even blame her for sabotaging her relationship with Sho. His question made her shrug. "Probably not, but you didn't really. I mean you had no idea how I was feeling when you broke up so... I don't know," she replied with a sigh. It would be complicated. She wondered how his friends would react to them getting together. Since she didn't really have friends, it wasn't a question she really had to worry about.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 106d 6h 56m 24s
"You said it."He responded to her clown comment, but he was just teasing her again. He narrowed his eyes a little bit at her comment about secrets. "Maybe you didn't keep a ton from me, but the one you did was pretty important wouldn't you say?"He knew it wasn't totally black and white like she was making it out to be. He shook his head a little though, "What secrets could I keep from you?"He knew it wouldn't be very easy to have ever, nor was there anything really to keep from her. Her question made him think for a second, "I can't decide how Ai-chan will feel. It might seem kinda like I left her for you but well..I kinda did. She didn't want me to be so close to you and we've always been close so..then this just happened like it did so..Is there something we could really do?"
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 106d 8h 34m 44s
It was just very sudden she supposed. After all, he hadn't really known about her affection until yesterday. Should she have told him far earlier than this? She wasn't sure. Him reaching his arms to push her cheeks up made her flush slightly. "That must look like a creepy clown," she commented, but it all came out muffled with him doing that.
When he did finally let go off her cheeks she massaged them slightly before giving a smile. There was the question how things would change now. Well, she supposed not too much, aside from probably spending more time together and becoming more... well intimate. Stil, she was happy either way. His stipulation made her tilt her head. "You act like I kept a ton of secrets from you," she replied. There had only been the one. "What about you? Amy secrets?" she asked before she thought of something, "What about Ai?" After all, didn't this look pretty bad to her?
  Hoshizora / 1y 108d 8h 11m 53s
He knew that he did like the idea of all of this, he didn't know that there was anything to come in between them as it was, they made it this far. Looking to her now he nodded his head, knowing that she must be still a bit overwhelmed. "Yes I do, I'm not just saying it so please.."He stretched out his arms, pushing up the sides of her cheeks a little bit, "You're allowed to smile again, I don't know what you're keeping it back for." He knew she was probably anxious and all, so he was really just teasing her at this point. He'd probably answer any questions she needed him to and this would be a new step for both of them clearly, but he wondered how it would affect anything, if it did at all.
Was knowing that he was committed to her really just satisfy everything she wanted? He never knew how such things worked, not that he hadn't given this serious thought. It was very clear now, there was this certain tense thing between them sometimes, now it was melting away, he knew that this was it. "No more secrets."He added on top of this.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 108d 8h 56m 18s
This was probably the calmest she was going to get. At least with these circumstances. Love was probably a too strong word, but it was true, mostly. She did care for him greatly, but surely that would scare him, though he didn't run from the room, so that was a start.
"I know. I'm just trying to explain why you disappearing hurt so much," she replied, not wanting to get into it again. When he said what he did she stared at him. She honestly hadn't expected him to say that. Maybe he should pinch her. "Why did you think that?" she asked curiously, looking to him, "You're not just saying that?" Somehow she couldn't believe it until he outright said it. Still there was a small smile that tugged at her lips. This was what she had always wanted after all.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 110d 7h 58m 16s
She did seem more calm, the more he talked himself anyway. He looked at her curiously and just as intently. He supposed he had to answer once she brought the word love into it. He actually seemed a bit surprised by the words. He didn't expect her to say something like that casually before they were even together, though it made logical sense to him anyway. "I tried to do that for your own good, I didn't particularly like it."He reminded her of that. Still, he knew he wanted that feeling that he craved, from before but he didn't want to force it. "Well I.. I want to try too. All the stuff I do, I guess if I look at it in a different way, I just never thought we could be together."He looked to her hoping he'd made her happy with the admittance at least.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 110d 8h 22m 31s
That was a fair question. Would it make things easier? She had no idea, though she supposed there would be some comfort in knowing that he did like her like that. "I think so," she replied truthfully, "But don't say that just so we can talk." That would have been the worst feeling. What more she thought it was a possibility that he would do that to get her to relax.
Him asking if he was her best friend made her furrow her brow. "Of course you are. No one knows me like you do nor this long," she replied truthfully before looking to him, "But talking to you about you... That's different..." At least it felt different to her. This was... well love and that was a hard subject for her.
Him telling her to calm down and to leaning forward made her look to him. It was something, though she found herself wondering what she was supposed to say. Him being close didn't help the matter. "I don't know how long I've... well loved you. At some point, I just realized... When you decided to distance yourself from me... I couldn't bear the thought," she told him, feeling like she was rambling or something as she nervously played with the blanket.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 110d 8h 37m 37s

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