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It seemed she had the answers to all her own questions for the most part. He nodded his head a little bit sheepishly once she mentioned just saying, he was sure it would be hard, but no harder than knowing when to move forward with someone who was as shy as she was. He smiled a bit at the suggestion of watching a movie. "Sure, let's do that." He stated and thought a little bit, "I'll grab us some snacks, it's your turn to pick out a movie I think." At the very least, their options were slowly thinning down to only being able to watch movies that people liked, but he doubted that would hold their full attention for long. As normal they would probably chat over them and whatnot. He walked over to her kitchen grabbing them some snacks, making popcorn, bringing out drinks, nothing alcoholic this time, before sitting on her little blanket setup again. It was always so comfy and warm.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 331d 17h 32m 24s
Could he blame her? After all, she hadn't expected that he would kiss her, at least not like that. Still, the kiss felt amazing and she was happy with it. What more could she want? There was a slight urge to run, but she mostly kept it at bay, possibly also to him having his arms around her.
Hearing what he said, she looked to him. Of course she knew they were trying this. "I know and we are," she replied, twiddling her hands together a little anxiously, "Like how? Just say it?" Her head tilted, almost as if she was genuinely confused by saying what she truly wanted. He should know that speaking up wasn't her strong suit.
"So... movie?" she asked as she kept looking up at him. A movie was a good go to thing to do, she supposed. That and she didn't know what else to suggest. Naturally, she would make tea and find some food to go with that.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 331d 20h 10m 18s
He really couldn't say how it would work in the future, but he'd bring it up after this kiss. The kiss did seem like she was hesitant at first, so he knew how she felt the first night it happened. She did seem to kiss him back finally, and even bring her arms around him. It did feel as strangely tingly and warm as it did the other night after he kept kissing her. It was a long few moments before he slowly moved back and looked at her, his face a little red, but he hoped he answered her question. At the very least she didn't run and hide, yet anyway.
It seemed it did need to be addressed after all, "I don't know..I thought we were trying this.."He explained meaning them as a couple. "I just..I don't wanna mess it up and I don't want to scare you away..I know you are pretty help me to know what you want when you..want something.."He supposed it sounded easy enough, and whatever method she could find would be better than nothing.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 332d 2h 5m 20s
That was more than fair to point out, even if she wished he didn't. She did feel her face flush slightly at remembering it. She knew though that he didn't mean to hurt her, nor that it was his intention.
Still, she could see the way it dawned on him as they looked at each other. She wondered if he thought her silly. After all, it was hard to compare the two. When he explained she did nod, though wondered, if he was lowering the amount of times something had happened for her sake. She wouldn't put it past him. There was one question that did come to mind thought and she couldn't keep herself from asking, "Then how will this work with us?" It was clear neither of them were truly that forward and able to make the first move.
When he suddenly moved towards her, she didn't know what to expect as he took her hands and she looked to him. Him turning red at looking down at her didn't help her flushing calm down either so they were both red faced. When he did finally kiss her there was a split second urge to run and hide, instinct she supposed before she did slowly begin to kiss him back. His arms going around her was a strange sensation as her own arms slowly and hesitantly moved to wrap around his neck. It did feel really good and made her feel tingly.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 332d 2h 55m 17s
He looked to her and he shook his head a bit, "You were drunk.."He pointed out, noting that it was a bad defense. It seemed like he didn't know how to not hurt her, he really didn't want to, but it kept happening. He looked to her curiously as she finally mentioned what was really bugging her. His face began to clear up a bit as they looked at each other in the eyes. He sighed out a little bit, "Ai-chan..didn't have any trouble doing that to me..not that it happened a lot or anything but.."He hoped that explained it, "I wasn't very abrasive or anything.." Once he was allowed to do it, he could, but for the most part he didn't initiate the first kiss or the being close, Ai was just bubbly that way.
He walked up to her regardless and took her hands into his, looking down into her eyes, his face becoming a little red again. This was different without any drinks, but..he wanted her to be happy, and he wanted to see if she made him feel the same thing as when they were drunk. He leaned down, pushing his lips slowly against her's, his arms going around her.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 332d 3h 16m 24s
He had said that before, but still... They had kissed before, quite extensively. How could he think that she wouldn't be okay with kissing? She supposed it was just really hard with how things were between them. "But we have kissed before," she pointed out, probably a pretty bad defense. Ironically, it seemed like he had hurt her a little by not doing anything, even if she knew he meant well.
Him asking if that had been all made her blush even more furiously. How was she supposed to explain this? Still... she had promised to be honest to him and not keep secrets. "That... and that you wouldn't have any trouble doing anything with Ai," she told him softly, her face hot. Surely he thought that she was crazy. He was doing so much to reassure her and she could do nothing but say that he clearly wanted to do things with his ex. She found it increasingly hard to look into his eyes.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 332d 3h 26m 57s
She seemed to be blushing now too at least, though he didn't know if that helped or hurt the situation right now. His eyes stayed on her's even if she began to waver a bit. He wondered what he was supposed to say, he knew the answer he supposed. "I I didn't..I don't know..know if I should..or.."He basically summed it up. He'd said this before, he had no idea how to pace things with her, he didn't want to offend her, he didn't want to rush, he didn't want to go too slow, but he also didn't know how to proceed to make that happen.
His face continued it's red shade as well, his voice not straying far from sounding small, he didn't want to hurt her, but he wasn't confident he knew how to act. "Was that..all you were thinking..? That I didn't want to?" It seemed like that might have been something that didn't quite make up her whole funky attitude about it.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 332d 3h 48m 23s
She supposed that it was hard to differentiate everything. At least with having only been dating for a day, but having known each other for so much longer. It made things hard to understand on how to pace things. They knew each other so well and at the same time not at all in this respective.
She was definitely not fine with this. The blush should have told him as much, but still it was hard all this. Apparently once again her words were pretty badly chosen, but she did find herself blushing even more at his words. He did want to kiss her? That made her pause, happy, but confused. She was surprised that he had such a timid reply though. That was usually her speciality, not his.
Her next words made the flush on her cheeks become even darker and more embarrassed. "Then... why don't you?" she asked softly, her eyes barely staying on his. She just couldn't imagine he needed permission from Ai to kiss her. It was a little in the back if her mind for sure.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 332d 4h 3m 2s
He supposed they'd been dating all of a day that they'd been dating..but how it came about and how long they'd known each other may play a factor into the things she just blurted out. She was relatively quiet until they finished taking off their winter stuff and then she piped up about something looking to him. He felt his face turn a bit red upon her just saying so and she seemed to be totally did this happen?? It seemed she was very curious as to what she'd be blushing over, it was probably because she was comparing herself to Ai and not really thinking on herself just saying something like that. All in all he couldn't deny that it was on his mind since she did it the previous night, "Y-..Yes..I do.."He said, somewhat shyly, which should be a change for her, if not a welcomed thing.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 332d 6h 9m 8s
She looked over to him when he asked her that question and tried to explain what he meant. Her face flushed as she tried to think of how to say it. How could she? Tell him that he clearly liked Ai more than her?
Them arriving at her apartment gave her time to think as she took off her winter coat and stuff to hang them up to dry. When she was done with it, she looked to him. "Don't you want to kiss me?" she asked, probably again a sentence that was terrible in the situation, but he should have learned by now she had the social grace of an elephant in a china shop. He had been all for it when she had been kissing him that night, but he didn't even seem to try to make any effort to kiss her. She looked to him, trying to understand what was going on inside him, but clearly she had no clue about anything.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 332d 13h 57m 45s
It was possible that he liked dating Ai, not because he would kiss her, but because she would kiss him. Things like that weren't happening all the time though. As they continued to walk and hold hands he looked over to her. "Yeah it is peaceful."He said back, but again it was like that air was slowly creeping back upon them. "But are you thinking about something else? You're drifting away.."He didn't know how else to explain it to her out loud. Distracting herself, but not unnoticably so. They were arriving now back at her place though so they'd have plenty of time to talk to each other about things, and whatever stuff she was mentioning earlier that he teased her about. It was easy to tease her, but right now he wasn't.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 332d 14h 7m 56s
She probably explained so many things that didn't actually need to be explained, but that was the way she was. What could she do? It probably was very silly to be dusting his hat off when they still had to walk a bit and it was snowing, but she couldn't help it. Somehow she had to do that.
The way the moment felt she thought he might kiss her. After all, it's what happened in all those mangas and whatnot. Alone on the street and close. Him asking that question made her flush slightly and she nodded. "Yeah, as good as can be," she told him. She couldn't help wondering though if he had been as reserved with Ai or if he would have kissed her regardless. Probably he would have. She wondered why he treated her so different.
Going back to taking his hand, she began to walk up the street again. "It's really peaceful, isn't it?" she mused, trying to forget about her other thoughts.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 332d 14h 23m 37s
Her explanation for it of course wasn't needed, he knew she left the house, it was associating with people he worried after. Her jokes may have been a tad underwhelming but he never minded that. He noticed she meticulously dusted his hat off, leaning on him slightly, even if the effort was futile altogether because they still had to walk some. Though she seemed to stay there after to look at him, which he returned and looked back at her, smiling as he was. "Am I clean now?"He asked knowing that there was still snow falling, but just as pointless as her cleaning and his question, he still felt the need to approve of her actions in some way. Still he kept his mind out of the equation, not wanting to overthink this, and not wanting to make a potentially wrong move same as holding hands with her, he'd have to know it's exactly what she wanted and or was ready for.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 332d 14h 37m 11s
There was a special feeling about this, she couldn't deny it. Somehow it felt like their friendship, but only even more heightened so she supposed it made it fell good. The way they laughed and smiled and only seemed to be pushing the other further up.
Hearing the joke, she rolled her eyes. "Aren't shut ins allowed to enjoy the snow?" she replied with a playful smile and shrug, "I can just quickly build a snowman and then go back inside to my books. I see no contradiction in that." At least not to her. Sure, she liked being inside, but once or twice she did like to go outside.
The snowman part made her laugh. "Well, then you will simply have to hold a carrot in front of your nose," she replied as she got on her toes to brush the snow off of him, since naturally, he was a little taller than her. It wasn't that much, but she wanted to brush it off either way. That meant she was slightly leaning against him for balance and once she was finished she stayed there for a moment, looking up at him.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 332d 20h 50m 35s
He couldn't help himself, so only his volume was helped. Until they started chuckling and laughing together of course. His smile did stay in place, there was a uniqueness to the feeling between them, at the same time as they were dating, it also seemed like an opportunity to become better friends than they ever could be. He certainly hadn't seen her smile this much in such a long time, they seemed to be contagious and keeping each other happy.
Looking over to her he chuckled a bit more, "A snowman, ambitious shut in recently I see."Of course he was joking, but the snow collecting on his hat apparently stuck in place enough that she had to brush it off, "I think not. I don't have a big enough nose."He joked, as if he had aspired to be a snowman before or something. Though she did seem to stop them when she reached up for his hat so he was just left looking and smiling at her
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 333d 4h 18m 28s

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