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He figured something along those lines of response was coming, always having some way to justify herself. He noticed that she hadn't seemed to pick up on what he was trying to further tease her about, which was okay it wasn't as if he wasn't thinking on it as well and he didn't necessarily want to be too much more. He did find it amusing how she 'hadn't planned much ahead' but really she pretty much planned out the entire day. He enjoyed the train ride himself, glad to be relaxed and having fun with her.
Once they did finally get off the train he stretched out and looked over to her. "So what's first captain?"He asked her smiling a bit as he offered his arm out for her to take. He knew it was still too bright out to view any Christmas decorations all lit up, like this town was famous for. So he wondered what she had in mind for the first stop, possibly food or something.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 123d 3h 50m 54s
His teasing did not help her face and the flushing at all. Even if the walk to the station was a relaxing calm with only a few words exchanged, it didn't change the blush on her cheeks. Still, it felt nice to do this. Being together didn't seem to change that they got along.
When they arrived at the station she sat down beside him on the bench. Hearing the question, she looked to him. "I didn't plan that much. Just the train, when we arrived and what attractions and places to visit are where, how far away they are and what would be the best order in which to visit them," she replied, not understanding the further implication he was talking about.
Once the train came they got on and it was fairly relaxing. The normal talking and joking was fun. She in turn pointed out that in a crowd like this on a train it was unlikely that anyone would want to interact with her so she was mostly okay with it.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 125d 35m 8s
"Suuure you don't know."He chuckled a little bit. It seemed his face was able to calm during their walk to the station, whereas her's did not seem to, clearly something was on her mind too. It was an okay silence between them, other than a few comments as usual, it was nice again, being best of friends and in a relationship seemed to work so much better when he didn't overthink.
As they arrived at the station he took a seat on one of the benches and looked up to her gaining a small grin, he knew she apparently planned a lot of the day, "How much of the day have you planned? How far ahead?" He decided to tease her, knowing that could go far ahead. He did now realize what she was probably thinking about now, cause she clearly had something on her mind.
Soon enough the train did arrive, probably a fair ride ahead of them, and it was just more time for them to talk as they normally did anyway, though he always pointed out how silly it was that she could deal with crowds as long as they weren't in a house and being a party.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 125d 4h 10m 35s
His question made her thoughtful. "Hm... I mean, I packed us a lunch and some things to drink...," she began, her organized self coming through, but stopped abruptly when he mentioned the mangas, "I don't know what you are talking about." Her face turned the deepest shade of red imaginable as she too recalled the night before. Though truly, how else was she supposed to understand people?
She had a nice winter jacket on, a hat and gloves. For her it was a little chilly. Seeing his bag, it was clear that they both sort of silently had agreed to spend the night. Did that mean they would do that? It kept her face in a consistent flush that she couldn't hide.
Hearing him suggest to go, she nodded, beginning to follow after him. Feeling his hand take hers, she smiled ever so slightly, though her face stayed red. The walk to the train station wasn't too long and soon they were there. Checking the large clock there, she nodded. "Perfect. The train should arrive in 20 minutes. Right on time," she said softly, having everything planned for the trip.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 125d 6h 14m 52s
Sho looked to her and shook his head a little bit, "Mhm..any last minute things we might need for the train ride, or for in the city that you can think of? Gotta stock up on your secret..dirty manga's for the ride on the train or are you content with the one's you keep at home?" Clearly he hadn't forgotten how poorly she defended herself last night against possibly having some risque stuff to read, though again that might have just been him flustering her, he didn't actually know, but he certainly seemed certain he was right. Regardless, he was just teasing her about it in the end.
He had his winter cap on, a decent enough jacket, and he was still starting to get a little scruffy around the face, though he too had a bag, and he wondered if they both had assumed they'd be staying the night..well that was the plan wasn't it? He didn't really want to think twice on it now, after all, they were just supposed to enjoy each other, and he had been very good at letting his head get in the way of that so far. "Uh..let's get going."He stated and started to walk, knowing he was on the verge of thinking too much. "Oh."He slightly mumbled out, taking her hand into his own, feeling his face heat up a small amount of did this happen to him again? he wasn't the shy one here.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 127d 6h 4m 32s
Her face only got redder the more he spoke. "I am not. What kind would that be?" she replied adamantly, though her face clearly spoke another language. Never in a million years would she show those to anyone, at least that's what she thought right now.
Hearing him speak about Kat, she gave a shrug. "I suppose so," she agreed thoughtfully. She always found it hard to say whether they were friends or not. She supposed according to Kat they were.
The rest of the night was fairly uneventful. As usual they ended up watching a movie that was terrible, perhaps snuggled a little closer in their comfort fort than they had before, but other than that it was normal. Like always he went home afterwards.
At a later day they were heading to the city. It was hard to say what would happen between them, if they stayed the night at the city. In a manga the two leads shared a bed and well, often led to more. Was that what would happen here? She honestly couldn't say.
Either way, she had her bag ready so they could head out when he rang her doorbell. Opening the door, she shouldered her bag and gave a nod. "Ready," she replied as she stepped outside and locked up, "Looks like it's another snowy day today. The train leaves in an hour so we should have plenty of time to get to the station." She liked to have everything planned so that nothing could go wrong. Missing the train was not an option.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 247d 6h 21m 21s
"Oh yea? Not my interest...are you sure you aren't just hiding some things from me, maybe you own one's you would want people to see huh?"He knew his grin was growing, but he doubted that would stop her from trying to avoid or not answer the question directly, which could implicate her.
Hearing her talk about his friends and their group he shook his head a little bit, "Oh don't act like you didn't get all buddy buddy with Kat-san." He knew at the very least those two were their own friends, much to Kat's efforts, but still.
The rest of the night seemed as normal as any other, which was nice to get back to, maybe they stayed a little closer to each other, but they were able to keep their friendship as it had been as well, sure it was one night, but after he went home he was sure they both felt good about it. Now that it was another day though, they would most likely just be going ahead with their plan and heading into the city, or staying the night in the city like they had decided. Still through, he assumed, no fault of his own he couldn't stop actually thinking about how manga-esque their situation had become, was she expecting...well everything to happen..or anything? He had a hard time knowing when she wanted a kiss, and she got a lot more confident when she wanted something it seemed, or just didn't think of it, not that he'd mind seeing that again either.
There was plenty of time to think on these things, but now he was at her door and walking inside, shaking off a bit of the cold and it seemed to be snowing. "Are you ready?"He asked her.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 247d 13h 48m 49s
It was exciting to think that they had a plan, especially one that seemed to please them both. Him teasing her brought the desire affect of her turning a little red. In a way it was studying material for her to understand people better. "It's very informative," she simply replied softly before turning bright red at the thought of him actually reading some of them, "I... I don't think they're what you find interesting." At least she couldn't imagine him enjoying romance mangas.
Feeling his hand on top of hers, she did smile softly. It felt nice like this and she could forget some things for a moment, which wasn't bad. Hearing what he said, she shrugged. "It seems only fair that I get people from our group something as well. I wouldn't want anyone feeling left out," she pointed out. Whether or not, she and the people of their group were actually friends was debatable. There was that one hyperactive girl who she supposed was one, but the others she couldn't say. They were more his friends and hers by extension, as he had always dragged her along.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 284d 3h 10m 37s
It seemed like they had a plan for vacation now, that was good at least. Though for today they didn't have much to do. Her answer to his statement only made him chuckle a little more. "I suppose you're lucky I find your manga reading endearing. Especially since its not study material. Well..not that you aren't clearly applying it."He teased, knowing things couldn't be all that realistic in some of the one's she read, though he thought on it a little more. "Maybe you should let me borrow some."He wondered what kind of reaction he would get, was she embarrassed about the one's she owned? What was she was all to tease her again, but she didn't have to know that yet.
He did notice she leaned against him though, which was nice..his hand seemed to slide on top of her's, a smile remaining on his face,this was at least okay with her he hoped. Though they were kind of close and she didn't seem to mind so far.
"I'm happy you have more than me to get presents for now."He still wouldn't be able to regret getting her to make an actual friend.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 284d 5h 45m 47s
She honestly had no idea how she would react, if it ever came to that. Considering that she had needed to be drunk so she would undress around him after so many years, she wasn't sure how that would end aside with dying of embarrassment.
Seeing him grin, she looked over to him confused. "What?" she asked before he pointed out the manga thing, "I am not. You can never read too much manga. Besides... isn't it like that in real life?" She honestly had no idea. On her shelf there were various books to different places. Truthfully, she had gone to this college for him. Since for the first time after high school her parents gave her the option of transferring away from her all girls school, she had taken it.
Hearing the suggestion, she gave a nod with a smile. "That sounds good. I'm sure the others would love presents," she agreed and found that she was growing excited, "I guess we have a plan of sorts." Smiling she leaned against him slightly, happy for this.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 320d 8h 30m 43s
He hoped he salvaged the situation enough anyway, she wasn't actually curious enough to..want to do that with him already was she? No..she must be reading too much manga. He looked over what she was pointing out, "Well we will obviously have to stop at the book store."He agreed and listened to her go on about the tower, grinning as he glanced over to her, "You [i are] reading too much manga aren't you.."He chuckled to himself, "Okay we'll go to the tower." Still it was endearing she had a book just because she lived in this region for school. It kind of brought up a lot of questions though..did she just come to this school for him or..did she want to go to this school?
He seemed to be scanning over the book, "We can get dinner a fancy..ramen place.. And maybe we can look for some presents at the mall there."He offered her.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 320d 8h 55m 15s
Him shaking his head did ease her mind slightly, but still, she found herself wondering if something could happen. It was strange that suddenly things that were completely normal before were now something so difficult to talk about. Sure, he was still her best friend, but at the same time he was now her boyfriend. That had to make a difference, didn't it?
"That's true," she agreed slowly, continuing to wonder, if she was overreacting or not before she nodded, "Yeah, I'll go get the guide." Getting up, she moved over to her ample shelves and browsed for the guide in question. As she did, she wondered if it was them having problems transitioning from friends to lovers or something else. Wasn't it supposed to be easy when this happened? She had no idea.
Finally finding it in one of the many shelves, she grabbed it before moving back over to him. "Here," she said and opened it to the must see attractions. Browsing through them, she wondered what would be nice to see. "And anything strike your fancy?" she asked, looking towards him as she thought on it, "They have a nice book store... And the tower would probably be nice. Look at the city from above." What else did couples do on a date? Perhaps he knew more or was at least a little more romantic than she was.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 335d 2h 6m 7s
His gaze seemed to be caught as she asked what and turned red, he simply shook his head. At first he was just wondering about staying together, of course now that she suddenly got a reaction he realized what she was probably thinking. He shook his head a little bit, "Well I..I dunno I suppose we were going into the city and that's a ways, I was just tryin' to figure out what the plan is since we're uhm..talkin' about it now anyway." He didn't know if he was supposed to be walking on eggshells or something now, they seemed to have trouble communicating all of the sudden, they had no problem telling how the other felt, but was that getting in the way of just words now? Now he was just getting a little bit in his head though. They never had these sorts of problems before did they? All the sudden now that they're dating everything was....being least it seemed a little like it. They had one very nice dinner, but now hanging out in her room seemed to bring them into more nervous situations. He tried his best to shake those thoughts from his head. What would he try to get her to do when that was the situation? Thinking on that for a few moments he simply breathed in a bit and tried to relax himself. "Let's just look at the guide book and see what we can see. Then we'll figure out how early we should leave here and when we get there, maybe if we should stay there or not." He stated and looked at her, able to do so, shutting off his brain for the most part, a small sincere smile creeping on his face. This was his best friend, things wouldn't be hard, neither of them had to act a certain way if they didn't want to, and the rest should come naturally shouldn't it? If anything, he would just look for a little more signs.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 335d 3h 4m 21s
Hearing that it was a good idea, she gave a soft smile, happy he liked the idea. The idea of planning the trip was exciting, but when he asked the part about staying in the city her face turned scarlet in a heartbeat. "As in... in a hotel? Together...?" she asked, her voice clearly shaking. It wasn't like they hadn't slept in the same room before, but somehow it being a hotel made a difference to her. Wasn't that where in the mangas the protagonists always went to...? She couldn't even think the word.
Since they had no other ideas what to do that day, she simply shrugged. "Then I guess we can plan. Seems like a good thing to do. I'm sure I have a guide laying around here somewhere," she suggested and was about to get up and look for it before blinking at how he was looking at her that kept her rooted. She could feel her face growing red. "What?" she asked, not sure what to think of his gaze. The words that he was good to her was just the way she saw it.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 2y 5d 4h 41m 14s
He shook his head a little bit, offering her a small smile. Did he really have so much to still figure her out about her? He supposed in a way he did, but he hoped he still knew her as well as he thought. "No, it was a good idea."He nodded his head a bit, agreeing about the time as well. "We can plan to go tomorrow then. Are we..are we gonna stay in the city or..?" Now he was getting it in his head, was she just sending her nerves over to him and becoming more brave herself? He couldn't actually tell if this was a good or bad thing. "Uhm..but I have no idea what we should do today still."He was still trying to process all the things she could casually say to him. He looked at her curiously still trying to piece it together in his mind. 'He was just that good to her', things like that she was saying, would that be normally embarrassing to other girls but not her, the most nervous one in the world. He didn't even realize he was basically staring at her and trying to figure her out again, not in an odd way, but he was just focused in some way.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 2y 5d 5h 34m 21s

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