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While her brain wasn't photographic, it just had a knack for remembering everything she read. Much the same it was with reciting everything. She simply opened up the metaphorical page in her mind and begin to read from it. It required no effort and she simply could get lost in it.
That was why she didn't realize he was looking at her the whole time she explained. When she was done she looked at the last monument she was describing, waiting for him to say something. Only when he didn't speak did she realize that he was looking at her, making her blush slightly. That only grew more when he mentioned that she didn't get nervous. "I... Don't know. It's just easy. Like reading a book or something," she replied with a shrug, not sure how to explain it better.
Her gaze met his, just looking at him back. She couldn't really understand why he would find it so cool. Most people called her a know it all for it, even when she had tried to explain that she couldn't turn it off. However, in this moment she only looked at him, her heart beating a little faster.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 324d 19h 59m 11s
He supposed with her summary of things he got exactly what he asked for, listening to her go on about what exactly everything was, and what it was used for, when it was made, these things he all found useless, but when she said them he seemed to find amazing. When she continued to say them he paid attention to her a little more than all of the monuments and places, taking both in, but her more. He was always so impressed that she just remembered those sorts of things, how her mind worked in such a fascinating manner. It was also entirely possible that at this point he'd forgotten all about teasing her about manga moments and such, there was clearly no denying how it felt a certain way being up here vaguely alone with someone. Still though once she was done it was obvious he was more looking at her than the last thing she was talking about. "You know you don't even..get nervous or anything..or stammer..when you talk about things like that. You just explain everything you know about it..all the facts.."She didn't even really seem bored to be doing so. He still had to wonder how he hadn't thought about being with her before, never was he shy about telling her how amazing she was, it just didn't click he might ever go for more.
Still just looking into her eyes now and thinking of her, his face did get a little more red. Somehow embarrassed by all the praise he wanted to give her in his head and just how cute he wanted her to know she was maybe.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 325d 17h 37m 27s
As soon as it came to human interactions it took ages with her as she was quickly unsure of how to handle them and what was appropriate so that she went in circles in her head. It was just how she was. "Oh," she replied to the teasing comment, not quite having gotten that.
Him teasing her about her manga moment made her turn bright red. The hand holding did the rest to keep her face this shade of red. Riding the elevator up, she wondered what it would be like. On the one hand, you really could see a lot of different things, but on the other hand, these were the types of moments where the protagonists kissed or more in the mangas. Would that happen too?
When they reached the top she stepped to the middle and looked out. "Can't you see it?" she asked and began to point to different landmarks and sights, giving an almost dictionary worthy summary of what they were, why they were famous and what they were used for today. It was the kind of stuff she kept stored in her brain.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 345d 17h 30m 58s
He was surprised she was the one who had taken the entire time on that one thing, but then again that sounded like something she would do as well. He looked at her and shook his head a little bit, "I know we were going to the tower, I'm just teasing."He informed her, maybe he was just no good at this or something, but he could tell he accidentally started turning gears in her head as what they would do instead of the tower.
They headed towards the tower as it was and he took her hand into his own. "We can't just pass by your manga moment."He joked and they set off. Soon enough on the elevator to the top of the tower. He wondered what she was thinking on though, what was she expecting out of this stop..or was she really just trying to see the sights? It could have been her way of trying to set up some romantic situation without having to ask or something..he was beginning to overthink it again. They had the elevator alone, of course he'd overthink, though once they arrived at the top there really weren't very many people here either. "So what are we trying to see?"He asked finally, approaching the railing to look out of the windows, again wondering how she'd handle the heights.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 346d 54m 46s
She tilted her head as she listened to him. "I suppose I get that," she agreed, "But doesn't it depend on the person's preference? Maybe she likes one over the other. How would I know?" That seemed like something that had to be considered and she had no idea about it.
She furrowed her brow when he said that she would figure it out and left. Unsure she stood between the two racks. She picked up a charm and then also a key chain, lifting one up to examine it, then the other. How was she supposed to choose? It took her the entire time while he choose his presents and bought them until she decided to get the key chain, as Kat-chan seemed to be that kind of girl, at least the way it was portrayed in the mangas.
With their shopping done they walked outside. Hearing the question and seeing that look on his face it was quite clear he knew what she wanted to do. "I thought it was the tower next. If you want, that is," she answered, wondering if he wanted to perhaps do something else instead. She wasn't sure if she could handle a change of plans, but she would try.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 346d 8h 46m 39s
He listened to her go on and he shook his head a little bit. "It's meaningful, because it's something you wanted to give her."He tried to explain again and chuckled some. "If you got her a charm for studying, or a keychain for her phone, probably one of those little cute one's, she'd love it as a token of your two's friendship."After all, she tried very hard to win her over as a friend and eventually they did get there, wouldn't this gift just be admitting as much? Still he thought on what she said..she was so easy to shop for most of the time, a manga she didn't have, a book she wanted, shouldn't it be something more meaningful..or should it be useful like she was just talking about.
"You can pick something out for her, I believe in you. I'm gonna check some things over here."He said, figuring it was as good a chance as any to sneak in something to buy her. He got a few things, some just random nick-nacks for some of the girl's of their typical group, postcards from the area, or cool one's from elsewhere for anyone else. He did manage to sneak her gift in with his things as well. He got the bags and walked back outside with her letting out a small breath. "So where was it we were going next?"He asked her, knowing it was that tower, but he wanted to clearly tease her about it again as his grin spread across his face.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 346d 17h 44m 46s
The smile he got from feeding her was strange in her opinion and made her feel a little self-conscious, so that she did eat a bit more on her own accord. However, soon they were out of the shop and on to shopping, the incident mostly forgotten for the moment.
Listening to what he said about souvenir getting, it felt like an odd concept. "It's special because it's from me?" she repeated, not really believing that, "But it should be meaningful to her. Perhaps useful, like... a book on the history of the region or something." It seemed a little silly to just buy a trinket that would gather dust on a shelf.
Nodding, they did head for the first shop on her list. It was the typical souvenir shop, having everything from little replicas of buildings to books and postcards. "How about a tour guide?" she suggested, pointing to a rack, "Or maybe a charm for studying?" There was also some little key chains that looked kind of cute that she admired for a moment.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 350d 9h 46m 44s
Sho found a wholesome smile spreading across his face, she would think so much of something as simple as feeding. Now he could openly see how cute it was and express so. Instead he still just observed and smiled, not adding to how red she became this time. They were out soon enough.
As he looked around he shook his head a little bit. "Kat-san would probably like just about anything you got her, since it's from you."He knew she would probably see something like this as something to over think about, he would too probably, but the simplest things were going to be the best things in this case. Kat was obviously just excited to be seen as her friend. Especially being on the Kat-chan basis with her, even that just made him smile. "You had the shops lined up, we can just look in all of them, we'll find something."
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 350d 17h 21m 51s
Naturally, she had no problem with just having some ramen, otherwise she probably would have said something, but she did enjoying having some variation or local food when it was possible. Otherwise you so easily missed out on some good food you would never be able to try anywhere else.
Hearing that he liked the plan, she smiled softly, happy that he liked it. "Then it's settled," she replied, already wondering what to get Kat-chan. Perhaps he could help her because she honestly had no idea what people liked or wanted as a souvenir.
She was pulled from her thoughts when he spoke and held up the noodles for her. Her face went bright red as it was essentially him feeding her and that was something she hadn't really prepared for. With her head still bright red she slowly leaned over to eat the noodles. Slowly she swallowed. "They're... good," she agreed, still dying slightly.
She did eat some more, but soon they were on to the shopping district. Looking around at the many shops, she wondered where to start. "So... where do we start? What do you think Kat-chan woul like?" she asked unsure, never having done this before.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 350d 18h 10m 20s
He was simple, the bowl was assembled and it was their noodles and their bowl, so he thought it was easy enough to pick. He couldn't really help what he was going to eat, it was what he wanted, and he'd had a whole meal, while she sort of ate some. Once she had laid out the plan for them he nodded a bit. He knew that she was able to read him well, but sometimes it was..well it wasn't like he could say, she had clearly been thinking of it all day. "It's nothing. I think it's a good plan, we can get stuff for everyone." Of course he couldn't say he was thinking of a gift for her, and also of the hotel, that he especially couldn't mention, she'd go red all over again and it seemed to have finally left her mind now that they were just having fun together once more.
"Here at least try some ramen, their noodles are good."He said holding the noodles up to her closing in on her mouth, obviously just so she would try them.
It wasn't too long before they finished with their meal anyway and they were off to the shops. Now he just had to figure out how to get something without her knowing it.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 351d 1h 55m 17s
She shook her head slightly. "There are so many different kinds of ramen and you just want a bowl and some meat," she remarked, though she was one to try the local food. Once they had ordered and their food came she still wasn't too hungry, even if it looked delicious. His remark earned him a shrug. "I just don't need to eat as much as you," she pointed out, not feeling like this was a bad thing, but couldn't help a small chuckle at how he was able to eat and pout at the same time. Still, she slowly began to eat, though at a much slower rate than him.
"So after this we should get the souvenirs. There are some nice shops not too far from here," she told him before noticing that he seemed to be fairly absent minded at the moment, "What are you thinking about?" She did wonder though what she could get Kat-chan. She had never really needed to get anyone a souvenir and honestly didn't know what was standard or what one got a friend.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 354d 15h 33m 42s
As they sat down and she asked him what he'd be eating he offered a small shrug to her. "Whatever big bowl of ramen and meat they want to give me Kyo-chan." He informed her, looking over the options, it seemed they had their own local combo for ramen as well so he'd probably be doing something similar to her. Once they ordered their food and began to eat he looked to her. "You weren't so hungry again huh?"He pouted a little bit, eating his own noodles somehow still continuing his pout.
He didn't know what exactly he would get for all the other's, maybe it would be easier if he only had to buy something for Kat-san like she did. Well her too..he had to get her a gift somehow too didn't he..that would be kind of difficult, maybe he should wait until they got back for him to do that? But then what if she already had one for him when they stay tonight? If they stay...well they probably were weren't they.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 354d 16h 33m 4s
Her face flushed slightly when he teased her about the tower. "They are fun and you have a great view from them," she pointed out, adding in her head that this was mostly from manga knowledge.
Listening to what he said, she nodded. "We can do that," she agreed, not being all too hungry, but if he was she was fine with that. He was a guy after all. Seeing the ramen place he pointed out, she nodded. "Sure, let's eat there," she agreed, not really having a concrete plan where they would eat. She had purposefully left that part blank since it did always depend on the mood, weather and whatnot.
Once they were at the shop they sat down in a booth and she looked at the menu, quickly deciding for a local specialty. At least it seemed like a good idea to try something local, if you are going to be there. "So what are you going to eat?" she asked, looking to him curiously.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 354d 17h 12m 27s
He shook his head with a small chuckle, wondering if she had just memorized that list by now. "And again with the tower.."He teased, knowing he referred to that as one of her manga tropes. "I am hungry..So we can get food, then souvenirs and probably something for our friends, and then go up on the tower to look around." He wondered how she'd do with the heights, actually getting a little surprise about it now that he thought more on it, but he supposed they'd find out. "Mm.."He muttered spotting a ramen-house of some sort, that seemed to be right up their alley, and would keep things still familiar and friendly. "Ramen then?"He asked, wondering if she would have a different idea as to what they should do, maybe she had the trip going a certain way in her mind that he wouldn't want to mess up in any way by being..well thick or..not romantic or something, he didn't want to think that though since that would be the beginning of getting into his own head.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 354d 19h 6m 14s
Considering all the other things that could have been planned, she considered herself fairly restrained in that regard. She hadn't booked a hotel, mostly because the idea alone made her head nearly explode, and she didn't have a timetable or anything so that she considered this fairly free. The train ride was fun with talking and some snacking on the brought lunches and soon they were at their destination.
Once off the train, she too stretched, glad that it was over. It was a lot of sitting and a lot of people in a confined space, not terrible, but bad enough for the likes of her. Seeing him offer his arm to her, she smiled softly, though her head turned bright red as she took it. "Well, we could eat a proper lunch, if you are hungry, check out the souvenir shops nearby or go check out the tower closer to the center of the city. There is a nice view from up there," she suggested, wondering what he would most like to do. She was fine with any of them, naturally as she had made the list.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 355d 14h 35m 47s

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