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It was exciting to think that they had a plan, especially one that seemed to please them both. Him teasing her brought the desire affect of her turning a little red. In a way it was studying material for her to understand people better. "It's very informative," she simply replied softly before turning bright red at the thought of him actually reading some of them, "I... I don't think they're what you find interesting." At least she couldn't imagine him enjoying romance mangas.
Feeling his hand on top of hers, she did smile softly. It felt nice like this and she could forget some things for a moment, which wasn't bad. Hearing what he said, she shrugged. "It seems only fair that I get people from our group something as well. I wouldn't want anyone feeling left out," she pointed out. Whether or not, she and the people of their group were actually friends was debatable. There was that one hyperactive girl who she supposed was one, but the others she couldn't say. They were more his friends and hers by extension, as he had always dragged her along.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 280d 9h 36m 16s
It seemed like they had a plan for vacation now, that was good at least. Though for today they didn't have much to do. Her answer to his statement only made him chuckle a little more. "I suppose you're lucky I find your manga reading endearing. Especially since its not study material. Well..not that you aren't clearly applying it."He teased, knowing things couldn't be all that realistic in some of the one's she read, though he thought on it a little more. "Maybe you should let me borrow some."He wondered what kind of reaction he would get, was she embarrassed about the one's she owned? What was she was all to tease her again, but she didn't have to know that yet.
He did notice she leaned against him though, which was nice..his hand seemed to slide on top of her's, a smile remaining on his face,this was at least okay with her he hoped. Though they were kind of close and she didn't seem to mind so far.
"I'm happy you have more than me to get presents for now."He still wouldn't be able to regret getting her to make an actual friend.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 280d 12h 11m 26s
She honestly had no idea how she would react, if it ever came to that. Considering that she had needed to be drunk so she would undress around him after so many years, she wasn't sure how that would end aside with dying of embarrassment.
Seeing him grin, she looked over to him confused. "What?" she asked before he pointed out the manga thing, "I am not. You can never read too much manga. Besides... isn't it like that in real life?" She honestly had no idea. On her shelf there were various books to different places. Truthfully, she had gone to this college for him. Since for the first time after high school her parents gave her the option of transferring away from her all girls school, she had taken it.
Hearing the suggestion, she gave a nod with a smile. "That sounds good. I'm sure the others would love presents," she agreed and found that she was growing excited, "I guess we have a plan of sorts." Smiling she leaned against him slightly, happy for this.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 316d 14h 56m 22s
He hoped he salvaged the situation enough anyway, she wasn't actually curious enough to..want to do that with him already was she? No..she must be reading too much manga. He looked over what she was pointing out, "Well we will obviously have to stop at the book store."He agreed and listened to her go on about the tower, grinning as he glanced over to her, "You [i are] reading too much manga aren't you.."He chuckled to himself, "Okay we'll go to the tower." Still it was endearing she had a book just because she lived in this region for school. It kind of brought up a lot of questions though..did she just come to this school for him or..did she want to go to this school?
He seemed to be scanning over the book, "We can get dinner a fancy..ramen place.. And maybe we can look for some presents at the mall there."He offered her.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 316d 15h 20m 54s
Him shaking his head did ease her mind slightly, but still, she found herself wondering if something could happen. It was strange that suddenly things that were completely normal before were now something so difficult to talk about. Sure, he was still her best friend, but at the same time he was now her boyfriend. That had to make a difference, didn't it?
"That's true," she agreed slowly, continuing to wonder, if she was overreacting or not before she nodded, "Yeah, I'll go get the guide." Getting up, she moved over to her ample shelves and browsed for the guide in question. As she did, she wondered if it was them having problems transitioning from friends to lovers or something else. Wasn't it supposed to be easy when this happened? She had no idea.
Finally finding it in one of the many shelves, she grabbed it before moving back over to him. "Here," she said and opened it to the must see attractions. Browsing through them, she wondered what would be nice to see. "And anything strike your fancy?" she asked, looking towards him as she thought on it, "They have a nice book store... And the tower would probably be nice. Look at the city from above." What else did couples do on a date? Perhaps he knew more or was at least a little more romantic than she was.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 331d 8h 31m 46s
His gaze seemed to be caught as she asked what and turned red, he simply shook his head. At first he was just wondering about staying together, of course now that she suddenly got a reaction he realized what she was probably thinking. He shook his head a little bit, "Well I..I dunno I suppose we were going into the city and that's a ways, I was just tryin' to figure out what the plan is since we're uhm..talkin' about it now anyway." He didn't know if he was supposed to be walking on eggshells or something now, they seemed to have trouble communicating all of the sudden, they had no problem telling how the other felt, but was that getting in the way of just words now? Now he was just getting a little bit in his head though. They never had these sorts of problems before did they? All the sudden now that they're dating everything was....being least it seemed a little like it. They had one very nice dinner, but now hanging out in her room seemed to bring them into more nervous situations. He tried his best to shake those thoughts from his head. What would he try to get her to do when that was the situation? Thinking on that for a few moments he simply breathed in a bit and tried to relax himself. "Let's just look at the guide book and see what we can see. Then we'll figure out how early we should leave here and when we get there, maybe if we should stay there or not." He stated and looked at her, able to do so, shutting off his brain for the most part, a small sincere smile creeping on his face. This was his best friend, things wouldn't be hard, neither of them had to act a certain way if they didn't want to, and the rest should come naturally shouldn't it? If anything, he would just look for a little more signs.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 331d 9h 30m 0s
Hearing that it was a good idea, she gave a soft smile, happy he liked the idea. The idea of planning the trip was exciting, but when he asked the part about staying in the city her face turned scarlet in a heartbeat. "As in... in a hotel? Together...?" she asked, her voice clearly shaking. It wasn't like they hadn't slept in the same room before, but somehow it being a hotel made a difference to her. Wasn't that where in the mangas the protagonists always went to...? She couldn't even think the word.
Since they had no other ideas what to do that day, she simply shrugged. "Then I guess we can plan. Seems like a good thing to do. I'm sure I have a guide laying around here somewhere," she suggested and was about to get up and look for it before blinking at how he was looking at her that kept her rooted. She could feel her face growing red. "What?" she asked, not sure what to think of his gaze. The words that he was good to her was just the way she saw it.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 1d 10h 6m 53s
He shook his head a little bit, offering her a small smile. Did he really have so much to still figure her out about her? He supposed in a way he did, but he hoped he still knew her as well as he thought. "No, it was a good idea."He nodded his head a bit, agreeing about the time as well. "We can plan to go tomorrow then. Are we..are we gonna stay in the city or..?" Now he was getting it in his head, was she just sending her nerves over to him and becoming more brave herself? He couldn't actually tell if this was a good or bad thing. "Uhm..but I have no idea what we should do today still."He was still trying to process all the things she could casually say to him. He looked at her curiously still trying to piece it together in his mind. 'He was just that good to her', things like that she was saying, would that be normally embarrassing to other girls but not her, the most nervous one in the world. He didn't even realize he was basically staring at her and trying to figure her out again, not in an odd way, but he was just focused in some way.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 1d 11h 0s
She supposed she was hard to understand. Probably when it got personal was when her nerves started to act up. Maybe some of her anxiety was taken by now knowing what he wanted from her, though anything other than a normal conversation might trigger her nerves again and make her want to hide.
The city was probably rightfully a surprise. Truthfully, she hadn't thought about the possible crowds. All she thought about was that was a thing that couples did so why not do it? She wanted him to experience a good time and those trips always looked fun in mangas. The realization would probably hit her later. So her answer was more perplexed, innocent almost. "Why not? It's what people do, isn't it?" she replied, looking up at him before shrugging, "I mean, we could, but that might be short notice. We could go tomorrow." She still had no desire to quickly leave her apartment, she doubted she ever would. "Or would you want to do something else?" she inquired unsure.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 33d 14h 14m 34s
He began to wonder what her breaking point was, was she really such a nervous person about only certain things? Her saying this so easily again puzzled him, but it wasn't bad that she could talk that way. He still felt she should have known somehow, but he'd probably have to drop it and just accept that he could make it up to her somehow."It seems like you really "Oh? You actually want to go to the city?"This was a little surprising, given how she was with crowds. He suppose she had grown in the way that she was with him so maybe the crowds mattered a little less. "You mean today?"He asked again, he was sure they could and all, still he wondered what her expectations of the day would be. He knew she had already called him out for not being close or holding her hand, but he couldn't help but wonder if that extended further, was he supposed to know if she wanted to kiss too? Wasn't that even more of an embarrassing thing, so she'd be more nervous about it..well he decided that anyway, he was rather clueless.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 33d 14h 30m 44s
It seemed the most natural thing to worry about him in the morning than herself. After all, she woke up looking at him and not herself. His smile made her smile, though his words made her furrow her brow slightly. "You like getting stuck in your head," she mused softly, brushing some hair out of his face.
His thoughts and words made her tilt her head. How was she supposed to explain what he meant to her? She was still bad with words and this was just a complicated topic. "You are that good to me," she finally replied, looking up at him, "You shouldn't feel dumb. You didn't know and I didn't exactly animate you to figure it out, did I?" She saw no fault with him, probably more in herself.
Their vacation was still long. What could they do? Maybe a trip? It's what people in mangas did so why not them? It could be romantic, right? "What about if we take a day trip? We could go to the big city and stuff like that," she suggested, unsure of how he would like the idea, if he would like it at all.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 47d 10h 45m 1s
It seemed like she was already paying more attention to him than herself so early in the morning. "Just..stuck in my own head again like usual."He smiled slightly at her. Of course things weren't bad at all like this, maybe things would be much easier, now not having to feel like these weird rules would keep them apart, they'd just be able to express whatever they wanted to now right? "I guess it's I really so good? You seem so relaxed and happier than before or..not that there's anything wrong with that, I'm glad I just..feel dumb because I could have made it that way..well..before now."He wasn't making too much sense like usual when he tried to explain anything like this, but he hoped the gist of it came across anyway. He regretted not realizing something sooner, even if she did try to hide it.
He had no right idea what they'd do with all their time.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 47d 11h 38m 11s
It was probably hard to measure them according to normal standards of dating. They had known each other for years, knew all their little quirks and whatnot. They were not strangers getting to know each other, but more friends that had to learn to know each other in a different light, possibly something even more difficult than the former.
When he stopped moving underneath her, her grip did loosen slightly, but not by much. She slept for a moment longer before slowly waking up, her eyes fluttering open as she looked up at him. Covering her mouth, she gave a gentle yawn. "Good morning," she whispered softly, not yet moving her head from his chest, "What's with the thoughtful look so early in the morning?" Well, she had no idea, if it was early, but it felt like it.
They still had so many days left of vacation. What would they do? Sure, she was fine with doing this every day, but she had her doubts that he did. "Anything you want to do during vacation?" she inquired softly. She would surely do it to make him happy.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 82d 8h 10m 8s
In a lot of ways, this wasn't something people did after a first date, all snuggled up like this, but it seemed that this was probably the most comfortable he'd ever felt. He continued to try and see more and more how he had missed maybe some obvious signs, or why his brain didn't let him think of her in that way. It just made sense now that he was here, being gripping on to, feeling wanted. He did stop all of his movement though, he'd relax here for a bit, after all it was the same as that other morning, he never had seen her looking so content. The way she looked made him feel good, but also sort of like he wished he could have done more, was this really all she had wanted of him, and he couldn't even notice. It was hard to think on regrets or retroactive things, but still, some of it seemed worth it for her to be so easily clinging on to him, refusing to wake up.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 82d 8h 48m 30s
It wasn't quite as easy for her to fall asleep as it was for him. Not that she wasn't enjoying this or was afraid he might put a move on her. She supposed it was still a foreign feeling and him just holding her made her heart beat like crazy. Still, she was happy and after some time and together with the lull from the movie she did finally fall asleep.
His presence was definitely reassuring and she had no problem sleeping throughout the night. Much like before her arms snaked around him, like she wanted to make sure that he wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. Or perhaps it was a small fear inside her that he would end up leaving her for one reason or another.
She didn't realize he had woken up in the morning until he began to touch her hair and kiss her forehead. Not that she woke up from that completely, but instead stirred slightly, her head angling towards the hand that had touched her previously. Another reaction was that her arms tightened more around him, as if to subconsciously say that she didn't want him to move and wanted to keep him there.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 83d 12h 30m 45s

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