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There had only been one or two occasions as it was where she had drunk and they definitely hadn't really involved other people so when he toasted she just continued to stare at the can, saying, "Cheers." Somehow she had the feeling that losing her wits in a place like this seemed absolutely haphazardness. How did any of these people do it?
It was true that her list of contacts probably only consisted of a handful of people, including her parents and Sho-kun. Somehow she found the idea of even texting people unnerving. If they did meet, what would they talk about? She didn't do fashion, boys or any of the typical stuff. She knew if they had her number, they would soon not want to be her friend. "I don't know," she replied, which seemed to be a standard answer to anything that made her obviously uncomfortable.
The word shenanigans was enough to distract her for the moment that it took him to nudge her and she did stumble towards the house. Catching her balance, she looked to him, her back tingling where he had touched her. Shouryu, do it for Shouryu. Why did he have to like this stuff? This was her worst nightmare and honestly she could think of a ton of things she'd rather do.
It was then in that moment that a group of people came out of the house, singing, if one liked to call it that, something and her eyes widened as she dove behind Shouryu. She just felt safer behind him, even if those guys obviously didn't even really realize she was there. Carefully she peaked out from behind him.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 300d 6h 35m 29s
After she said she had made it, he clinked his can on to her's, "Well cheers."He stated, hoping to catch her in the snafu and she'd drink along with him as he did so. Hopefully she'd respond that way to the small celebration of her just arriving really, and start her into the night. Her next question was totally obvious and she knew it, for the most part though he just nodded and took another sip of his drink. "They are. Now maybe instead of asking can give some your number to text and they'll ask you if you want to come to parties..or you know. Just chat about everyday friendly stuff." He figured, well he hoped and prayed that he could make her more friends, and they were wondering why she didn't come, she was friendly enough. Therefore she'd have no trouble actually talking to the few that she'd recognize from class. "Well come on. The shenanigans and party and chatting is all inside."He stated moving behind her with a light nudge in the direction of the house. He was really praying this would be something she could enjoy, after all, it was just friendly times and all..just not alone with him this time.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 300d 14h 13s
She wasn't unset by the idea of not going to parties and whatnot. She didn't necessarily enjoy them a great deal and she didn't see the point. It was loud, people got drunk and did stupid things. How was any of that fun? She enjoyed her time with Shouryu, but that was different. He was fun, funny and well... not like the others. Why he had to go to these parties was a mystery to her? She was fine with just having him as a friend and no one else.
She was still standing on the front lawn, even after having sent the text debating with herself whether or not she should be here. Maybe Sho-kun hadn't seen the text yet and she could leave before he ever went looking for her. She could write and say she changed her mind.
Her dress went more in the direction of formal than party. Since she had never really gone to parties, she had inadvertently went with something her family would wear to special occasions, but this clearly wasn't one such occasion. "I did," she replied slowly, still looking around apprehensively, clearly not enjoying any of this. She took the can without question, though didn't make a move to even sip from it. Unsure she looked from the can to the house to him. "Are they in there?" she asked, even though it was a totally obvious and stupid question.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 300d 14h 8m 8s
It was in a way more than him being polite, she had been asked about before, and by the same token he always invited her somewhere he was going to, and he meant it. He wanted her to have more friends, he wanted her to have fun, he wanted her to interact with people. Picturing her future by herself wasn't something he enjoyed doing honestly. Her response was amazing in itself about being prepared ahead of time, since it was originally a joke. Though her answer didn't lead him to believe she would consider it, after all, rarely did she go anywhere. He knew she didn't have a lot to do..she'd done it already.
At some point he had to stop considering that she was upset at home by herself..he knew she enjoyed having him around to some degree, and when they managed to do something late together for whatever reason she enjoyed it, but she felt..distraught whenever he was going. He didn't actually know why, or he was oblivious, or he assumed it was because he was her only friend nothing more.
When his phone went off he looked down at it, a small shocked look was present for a second but he knew where she'd be, out front. He knew that actually she'd still find the music too loud or the party too rambunctious even if it was pretty tame and the music was only loud enough for everyone to hear. Once he saw her, she was a bit..dressed up..well..she would get attention for sure and while some of it wouldn't be negative, she'd likely see it that way. "You made it."He stated approaching her, a can in his hand, obviously alcohol, but an extra this time..maybe it was time for a new strategy here. He handed her can to her, maybe loosen her up, she'd talk a little more, hopefully. "Come on let's say hi, some of the girls were wondering why you don't come."
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 300d 14h 33m 12s
Kyoko couldn't help liking the nickname. He didn't call anyone else that, at least that she was aware of. In return she called him Shouryu-kun or Sho-kun for short. She supposed in a way it was their way of showing they had known each other for a long time.
She was slightly startled by him suddenly waking up. "Get ready? You never look any different," she pointed out, remembering the one or two times she had gone with him, "That's what you wake up for?" She looked up from her own book, covered in a pile of notes. Still, she shook her head as she watched him pack his bag slightly amused. "You only realize that now?" she asked. They both knew it was true, just as much that they knew he could do so much better, if he tried.
A small did cover her cheeks when he teased her. "Only for the next semester, Sho-kun," she corrected him, being a stickler for that sort of thing. The invitation made her furrow her brow. She knew he was just being polite. She doubted any of them had ever really asked. That and she couldn't imagine going. The only reason she would ever consider going was to please him. "I... don't know...," she replied hesitantly, "I have a lot to do." Saying good bye, she looked around at her empty apartment. Should she go? The thought of going to a party was enough to make her insides crawl.
For Sho-kun was the mantra Kyoko repeated over and over in her head. She was standing in front of the house where the party was taking place. Already the music seemed too loud, it was too many people and all she wanted to do was go home. In her nicer dress she stuck out like a sore thumb. She wanted to go home as people bustled past her to go inside.
No, she had gotten this far. But she could still go back... Still standing on the front lawn her shaking hand took out her phone to text, I'm here. Truthfully, this was the closest she wanted to get to this hell. There was the overwhelming desire to pull out the novel from a Fitzgerald that she was currently reading from her bag and find the next bus home.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 300d 14h 49m 22s
'Kyoko-chan' somewhere along the line that one stuck, he couldn't tell if she hated being treated a little bit like a kid, or if she considered it a pet name like he did, either way it would amuse him and be a lose-lose for her. He scratched the ever so slight stubble on his face and then rubbed his eyes, "Just after 9?"He seemed to wake up a bit more at the mention and then shook his head a bit. "Oh I gotta go! There's a party going on at 10, I gotta get ready."He stood up and began to collect his things, throwing his book in his bag, the only one really that he brought, even if it was never opened. Though once he was ready he looked to her again. "Sorry..I'm a terrible study partner."He knew that much was true, he wasn't super smart, his grades were okay and he could do good if he applied himself, but he never really did, he just passed. "You should come to the party Kyoko-chan. You already probably know all of the material for the next..20 years anyway."He teased, looking around at all her books. "Some of our seniors will be there..some of our classmates.They ask about you sometimes." He scratched the back of his head. It was always the same, he made sure that she knew about the parties, or if there was some casual hangout, but she never really came along. His eyes scanned elsewhere for a few seconds, before that slightly disappointed feeling came over him. "Well you should think on it anyway. Text me if you go and I'll find you there."He stated as he headed out of her apartment. Lucky for her she found one..though it was only a couple buildings over from his.
Later at the party was just what you'd expect, some alcohol a lot of people just socializing like normal, and the music wasn't even too loud, of course they were near their college so it'd be bad to have it too loud.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 300d 15h 13m 54s
When it came to college Kyoko could say she was happy the way it was going. Sure, she never really went to parties and aside from class never really met any classmates aside from Shouryu, but it was the way she preferred it. She much rather preferred spending time in her room, the walls nearly completely covered by bookshelves, which were overflowing with books. Her room could have been mistaken for a library with ease.
When it came to friends, Shouryu was more or less her only one. She was on good terms with everyone, but since she was so chronically shy and almost always had her nose in a book, deeper conversations were a rarity. The only reason she had Shouryu was because they had been friends since forever. He seemed to be the only one that didn't take advantage of her and respected who and how she was.
She looked over at her childhood friend, who was clearly sleeping. "Honestly...," she muttered softly, but couldn't help a small smile on her lips as she watched him for a moment. She had always found him cute, not that he knew that. Turning back to her problems, she was soon interrupted by him waking up. "Good morning, sleepy head," she said before looking to a clock, "It's just after 9. Why?" If there was anything going on, such as a party, she was usually the last to know, or didn't know at all, if Shouryu didn't tell her.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 300d 15h 30m 21s
It was a Thursday night, average as they all come. The college was busy until evening, and things were winding down..for most people anyway. There was a party planned for this night, even if there were some classes the next day. This was all a part of the college experience for Shouryu, along with a few other things. He wasn't alone in his endeavors, most of the time anyway, his friend had gone to college with him. For the most part they tried to be there for each other, but on another level she was totally a shut-in and he wasn't. It wasn't to say he mistreated her or anything, their whole friendship seemed to be based on his willingness to be her friend, to stick up for her when it was needed, things of that nature. Still, you couldn't really force some things and he never intended to.
At the moment they were at her place 'studying', it was only just now that Shouryu was waking up from his nap, his head perched on his palm and leaned down on the table. It was clear his college ride was coming with a few of the average things. Bouts of sleep from a terrible sleep schedule,self-imposed, a bit of a stubble build up,self-imposed, and some scruffy hair, that was just how it always was though. His eyes slowly fluttered open, unlike his text book which hadn't been opened before he fell asleep. His friend of course wasn't asleep. "Kyoko-chan,"He yawned out. "What time is it?"
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 300d 15h 49m 4s

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