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He really did feel warm to her, but maybe she was just nervous and her sense of touch was all out of whack when it came to him either way. Hearing that he didn't want her to come along, she furrowed her brow slightly. "Just make sure that you text and tell me you got home alright," she ultimately said, not wanting to burden him with her being there, if he felt like being alone for a moment. Maybe if she had been braver, she would have insisted on coming with him, but she wasn't. "Maybe," she agreed softly as she watched him leave. Ultimately, she did sit in the same row as the girl, though several seats away, a big concession for someone like her, even if it probably seemed rude to most.
What followed was an array of things that made Kyoko confused. While he still texted her Sho didn't come over at all during the weekend. She wrote that off as being busy and possibly still feeling under the weather. There were several times she was tempted to write him and ask, if she could come over, but she was scared he would reject her or that he would only agree, because he felt he had to.
When Monday came around she hoped maybe she could talk to him, but then the text came that he was already in school, she felt a piece of her heart break. They always walked together, always. What had she done that that changed?
Arriving at school, she hoped to ask, but there were always people around and she couldn't bring herself to go up to him when they were there. However, instead of finding new friends, she started to sit in the back of the class alone, not speaking at all. At night she laid in bed crying, trying to figure out why he suddenly hated her as she stared at the text message that she had written, but wasn't brave enough to send. What did I do wrong? She had read it in books. When guys didn't talk to girls anymore, they didn't want to be around them.
Her appearance over the next few days was probably horrible, her eyes red from constantly crying and lack of sleep. During lunch she sat alone on a roof, not really eating as she stared at the text message on her phone as more tears rolled down her cheeks.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 300d 2h 52m 30s
Well, of course everything started at some point, but he didn't feel like that totally was applying here. Still he did have some thinking to do, even if for some reason it sort of hurt him to come to all these conclusions. In the end, he did decide it was ultimately for her sake after all. Still looking over she seemed a little bit nervous after her hand had touched him, he somehow doubted he felt warm at all, but she looked warm, so maybe that's why she said it. He figured she was just still embarrassed about what he did earlier, which he couldn't blame her for. He finished up his coffee and let out a small breath as she asked, "Of course not."He pulled out his phone, seeing the time, "You have to get to class. I'll see myself there."He told her, sort of getting up now as it was. "Maybe sit next to your new friend if you can."He offered, at the very least even if she felt like the person was overbearing, she managed to be astute while in class.
He didn't exactly wait around to hear her protest, he wasn't going to make her walk all the way back to their apartments. He did go himself though, and this would be the beginning of a sort of long period away from him, little did she know. He texted her every now and again, but nothing prolonged, and she didn't outright ask him anything because well..she didn't want him to think something about her liking him. The whole weekend did pass by though without physically seeing Sho. Now that it was schooltime maybe she thought he'd be around like normal for the morning's, but it was almost time for them to leave now and a surprising text most likely came in the form of, 'Already at the campus, don't wait up'. There were a few people in between them during classes and the next days were more of the same. Unless of course there was something she was going to do about it, the pattern would mostly continue this way.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 300d 3h 14m 26s
"Okay, true, but there is a first time for everything and it could start a bad habit," she pointed out, maybe a little worried that would happen, if he did start now. She would stick to the party point, considering she thought it was stupid to go partying when you knew you had class the next day.
She didn't dare touch him, because every time she did, she felt like he could tell how much it effected her, even if it wasn't true. That he would realize how much he meant to her and if that happened, she wasn't sure how he would react. He knew so many girls, all far more outgoing and whatnot, surely he only considered her a friend and that would put them in an awkward position. It was similar to why she never visited his place. He seemed to like coming over and it just seemed comfier than his place so she had never really questioned about going to his place. Besides, she felt like she would intrude, if she went there unannounced.
When he leaned up to sip his coffee, she hadn't expected that and didn't pull her hand back so that it touched his forehead, making her turn bright red as her heart beat faster. She always felt so obvious, though he never seemed to realize. "You do... seem a little warm," she finally said, hoping he didn't notice how she looked, "Should I bring you home?" She would feel better knowing that he got home safely, if he did leave.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 300d 7h 25m 2s
"I don't skip class whenever I feel like it."He pointed out, because to be honest he hadn't yet, and obviously there were times he clearly didn't feel like going to class, but he had gone regardless. Still he didn't enjoy the party point, it wasn't like it was all that bad. She soon corrected and seem to think he wasn't feeling good, though it was weird how she stopped before actually touching his head. His eyes shifted up to look at her hand feeling her there, curious as to why she didn't actually feel. It could be perhaps that the problem was with what he was considering doing to someone he had known so didn't feel great or anything, but she'd change anyway right? She'd have to make friends or at the very least to be less shy to be around him if he went to hang out with other people.. he didn't want to totally ditch her or anything, but maybe it was for her own good. It was just nagging at him like earlier that, if she liked being alone so much, she wouldn't mind if he wasn't there either, or if she did, she'd finally speak up about got to a point where even a close friend felt pushy having to initiate when they were hanging out or just showing up at her place all the time. Truthfully it felt like the number of times she came to his place could be counted on one hand. "Maybe I'm not feeling so great.."He mentioned, leaning up slightly, to sip his coffee, probably she would pull away her hand altogether at that point.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 300d 10h 18m 5s
She was able to read him well and she could often tell what was going on with him. She supposed it came from years of being together that they had just sort of developed routines of sorts, like how he knew how to make her coffee with just the right amount of cream and sugar that it was sweet, but not overly so.
Thanking him for the coffee, she followed him over to the comforters and sat down, blowing lightly on the coffee before taking a sip. She was not disappointed. Just how she liked it. Looking over to him, she shook her head softly at how he sat there and what he said. "You can't just skip class whenever you feel like it. Then you would never be there. That's why you don't party during weekdays," she pointed out, being one to always drag herself to class, no matter what, "You could miss something important."
Though she could clearly see that he did seem extra out of it today. "Is that why you were so out of it earlier?" she asked, though she assumed it was because of this morning's incident, not that she spoke that out loud, "Maybe you are coming down with something?" Carefully she leaned over to move her hand to his forehead, though stopped the fraction of a hair before it, not daring to touch it as she looked to him concerned.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 300d 16h 59m 24s
It seemed he was thinking on something, but even if she knew that, it seemed she wouldn't ask. Some days he wondered if her shyness had become some sort of block between even the two of them. He didn't doubt she knew when dodging was on his mind, but sometimes he wondered if she didn't ask because of her nervousness. This time however if she chose not to pry it was fine with him. It seemed like they both were a bit tired anyway, even if a majority of their day was at her apartment and not at the party. He let out a small breath doing her coffee just how she liked it, with the cream and sugar content being one he found out she seemed to respond to best in her own way. Even that was mostly unspoken, which should lead volumes to how much or how easily he was able to learn things about her. Unless they were things as obvious as her crush, but in her own way she hid it well by just being shy.
Taking a seat with his cup and her, there were some open comforter seats luckily for them. His head almost instantly plopping back on the back of the couch. He was tired, but extra so it seemed. "Maybe I should pass lectures today."
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 300d 17h 14m 38s
Their dynamic definitely was strange and hard to explain to any outsider. It was probably easiest to explain by simply saying they were childhood friends and let people assume there were years of history there that made them simply quirky, which was true.
To Kyoko she couldn't imagine a life without Shouryu. After all, they had been through so much together and the thought of him suddenly being out of her life scared her. She doubted she would be able to handle it, if such a thing happened, especially considering that she would then be friendless and she was just terrible at making friends.
Quite honestly she was too shy to speak about it. What was she supposed to say or even how? Angry, nonchalant? She had no idea. The girl could barely touch him without having a heart attack, let alone speak about such a topic. Sure, she had read about it, possibly fantasized about it with a certain individual, but there was no way she could ever do that in real life. He didn't even realize she like him like that.
Hearing the suggestion of coffee, she gave a soft nod as she followed after him. Coffee was probably a good idea. Her night as well had been rather short and they had a long day of class ahead of them. In school she just did her best to leave any loud place as inconspicuously as she could. When he offered to make her coffee, she gave another nod.
Just then her phone exploded in a burst of rings, nearly giving her a heart attack, considering it rarely rang and then only once or twice. Only a few people had her number, no more than ten people probably. Once she had calmed down slightly, she looked to her phone to find an unknown number, she assumed from the girl, having texted her like five times. All nice messages, asking how she was, how the rest of her evening was and thing like that, but that was already enough to make Kyoko feel completely overwhelmed.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 300d 23h 5m 20s
He certainly didn't see her like a nagging mother, whatever their dynamic was, sometimes it just worked out for them as friends. Honestly, he felt like he was the burden on her life, and he really often wondered why she kept him around..just for old time sake? After all, giving the example that she didn't like anyone really, and she only managed to mind him, or so it seemed, made him feel like she'd rather be alone. It was a possibility in his head that's what he should do though, if he gave her space, maybe she would seek out other people to interact with. Surely enough, she at least would have that friendly girl's number soon enough, the texts would surely start.
It seemed it was to be quietness for the most part, she didn't even want to speak up on behalf of these kinds of things. He wasn't the type to let it hang over himself long anyway though, after all..neither of them meant any harm. He yawned out and and looked to her now, face red tinted of course. "We should get some coffee. There's some of those instant cup things in the school cafe."He mentioned it as they were coming through the gates now. The cafe was definitely not the busiest place at this hour in the morning, groups of friends to meet up and head to class, and last minute readers or worker's, but it was morning, so there was this unspoken understanding about keeping it to dull noise and quiet conversations. He headed for the cafe anyway, this time he wasn't forcing her to do anything. He went up the the machine and brewed his cup of coffee, and if she came along then he would offer to make her's too, that's the gentleman he was.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 301d 33m 12s
Sometimes she wondered if she took the nagging mother role in his life. It felt like it, considering she woke him, tucked him in at times and just did a lot of other stuff that just seemed to be reserved for mothers.
It took her a moment to realize what he was apologizing for, it was hard to ignore when he sat up like he had been stung by a bee and was apologizing, his face bright red. Her own face turned scarlet with embarrassment as her hands instantly tried to tug her skirt down slightly so he didn't see more, even though he had obviously already sat up at that point.
Once he had run from her house she sat there still stunned for a moment longer before going to do her morning routine. This included joining him when he walked past her building. Seeing him made her face turn bright red again as she couldn't look at him. Sure, they had seen each other in underwear before, but that was as kids. Once they realized they were growing up, things had slightly changed where they always made sure to be decently dressed before the other. She couldn't help subconsciously tugging at her skirt, as if pulling it down right now as she walked was necessary.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 301d 19h 53m 41s
It was a little bit, like he was awake he just didn't want to move. As usual though she tried to wake him, and he noticed that most likely he was going to be holding her morning up. Though he let out a small breath regardless and turned his head, maybe..maybe not the best idea at this time, his face turning red as he quickly shot it back up and sat up. "S-Sorry."He stated, but maybe she wouldn't unlikely that was was probably high, but she's the one who sat there anyway.
It was offset by him realizing that he wasn't actually all that hyper in the morning, his yawn coming out and he began to rub his eyes. He managed to do up a few buttons, but other than that he was just going to walk to his home, only a couple buildings away and not all that far anyway. "Right..class. I'll go get changed." He stated sort of leaving a little quickly.
Once they were all showered and changed essentially, he met up with her as he walked past her building as usual and they began their walk together, though..maybe this walk would be somehow more quiet than normal..or maybe she'd actually get on him about what he'd saw or did somehow.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 301d 20h 5m 0s
She couldn't explain it herself. He was the only person she could stand being around for a long period of time and not make her want to run and hide, despite how his personality was. Theoretically, it should have gotten on her nerves more often than naught, but somehow it didn't.
When her alarm rang the next morning it was easy for her to get up, even though she hadn't had a lot of sleep to begin with, thanks to the party. Getting up, she could see him doing his usual thing of pulling the pillow over his head. What made her pause though was seeing his unbuttoned shirt revealing his chest. Her face flushed. He looked so good and she was tempted to just touch him, though she was too shy to do that.
Finally being able to pull her gaze from the sight, she kneeled beside him, her legs next to his face. "Sho-kun, you have to get up," she told him as she pulled the pillow from his face, "We don't want to be late for class." She still had to change after all and so did he. Pretty sure the pillow stealing wouldn't be enough, she mustered all her courage to touch his side lightly and shake him. "Wake up," she said, her face bright red from the touch.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 301d 20h 18m 17s
Mostly it was because she hadn't changed it to anything either, so he didn't. Her case that nothing better would be on could be true enough. Was it okay? Wasn't he overstepping his bounds? She didn't like to be around people, she was shy..but she was okay with him laying in her lap? It was something he probably would have thought on just a bit more if he weren't so tired. Dazing out of it for a bit, he felt her hand one more time, but managed to keep his eyes shut as he thought on it. They were close, sure enough, but that didn't make this seem less..different. Even after he made her do something she was completely against. Why'd he have to do that? Why'd she put up with him..she didn't need anyone according to how she acted anyway. He was thinking he was too pushy..maybe he should give her some would that affect things?
The night went by quicker after he had passed out, and her alarm going off did little to persuade him to get up, merely lifting the pillow and pulling it over his face until the noise subsided. His button up had come open during the night and his blanket was down to his waist, he laid there on his back, pillow over his face, not wanting to get up for the day yet.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 301d 20h 35m 5s
She did chuckle slightly at him not moving to change the channel. "I'm going to assume that that means we'll keep watching this cheap horror movie," she mused softly. She didn't care either way. As long as he stayed here, they could watch whatever.
Perhaps there was a bit of fear that if she touched him too hard that he would snap out of it or that he would pop like a dream and then he would be gone. Either way, she continued to peer down at him.
And just like that the moment was over when he shifted away. "It's okay," she replied in a soft voice as she watched him settle into the pillow instead. Her lap felt strangely cold right now. Her gaze did meet his as he watched her before it was clear that he was falling asleep. It wasn't the first time that it happened. Slowly she got up to grab a blanket she had for this occasion and draped it over hin. "Good night, Sho-kun," she whispered, not to wake him. If she had been bolder, she might have kissed his forehead, but as she was she was too shy and simply ran a hand through his hair before moving over to her bed. Not changing, she simply got under the covers. Her alarm was set for the morning, not intending on missing class.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 301d 20h 45m 50s
Surely there probably was something better on, but he wasn't willing to take the time to find it now, maybe he'd have to keep it in mind for next time. For the most part, sure he was buzzed, but maybe this was a bigger deal than he thought. Because as he was peering up at the flopped over hair, which was barely in his face now, she took it upon herself to find a little more to push along with it. Though it was mostly like a ghost's touch since she was so gentle about it. His eyes did shift back more towards her face now and he realized what he was doing. "I'm being annoying, sorry." He commented, sliding his head over on to his pillow once more and turning on his side to watch the movie. Though it was curious to him, her face was a bit red..was she really so embarrassed after they knew each other so long, cause she surely wasn't drunk at all. He wasn't drunk enough to not notice, but maybe he wouldn't remember after all. Still..just as earlier, the touch on his head was somewhat nice, though she did it gentler than earlier. He scratched the stubble on his face a little bit and his eyes began to shut. It was late, and of course there was class the next day.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 301d 21h 33m 39s
It wasn't like her face turned scarlet. It was more a subtle hue that covered her cheeks. Their odd movie tradition was something that made him think. She had no idea why it had ever started to begin with. She shrugged at the teasing. "It was... fun. Besides, I never got to stay up late normally," she pointed out, her parents being rather strict on that subject.
Should they change it? She supposed it was silly to watch something this bad. "You do realize we have watched this before," she pointed out thoughtfully, "Is there anything better on? I fear there isn't." It was partially why they had ended up watching these things. She didn't need to sticking to watching this, especially if they didn't like it.
She always ate slower than him, but that wasn't hard considering that he just inhaled his food while she ate at least partially civilized. Once she was done she placed her bowl aside. When he suddenly placed his head on her lap, her face turned red as her heart beat fast. What was he doing? She looked down at him, but he just seemed buzzed and didn't realize it.
Slowly her hand reached up and ran gently, almost too gentle to feel, over his forehead, pushing the hair out of his face. She hoped he wouldn't remember in the morning as she looked to him. She wouldn't say anything out of fear of him moving away from her.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 302d 1h 54m 19s

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