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He wasn't aware of how this would end either truth be told. His mind had stopped trying to force so many questions into this when it seemed like she didn't want him to. It felt as though he was supposed to go along with this because her feelings were so genuine, and his were just coming to light as to what they could be for her. After all, the timing seemed to work out..he had gotten out of a relationship not out of pity for her, but because he didn't want to give her up for anyone. He hadn't seen this coming at all, but maybe the wine would help him to stop if he could just focus on almost nothing besides the feelings. His kissing was starting to match her's more and more as she kept getting into it and he got pulled deeper into the same feeling. Her pushing up against him more now had made him feel like his face was getting a lot hotter, his hands finally moving to hold on to her side and her back.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 291d 2h 38m 20s
This was what she had been wanting to do for years, since she fell in love with him. She would probably be sad that it took her getting drunk to do this. He would probably write it off as the actions of a drunk, even though she genuinely meant them. Did he feel that? She had no idea.
It felt good though to snuggle with him and to be doing this. Him kissing her back and at least feeling like he meant it and not just because she had jumped him was a good feeling and it made her happy in a way that she couldn't explain. It was a dream come true for her. Right now she was thankful for the wine.
It almost felt like she could feel his heart beat through his chest and hers was beating similarly fast as she felt her body arch lightly at this sensation, naturally making her chest press against his. Her brain wasn't thinking of the fallout of the next morning, though she rightfully should be. This would not end well, she imagined, when they were both sober.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 291d 2h 45m 13s
It seemed that he was going to drink more too, again he couldn't be sure if it was a good idea or not, but he would do it. Though she didn't take too much time to consider it. This time she seemed to lay back down and snuggle right back up to him, it was like that morning such a while ago, her lips coming into contact with his own once more. This..was..well very hard to describe, the way she was kissing him still felt like she meant it so much, her hand almost forcing him to act sooner since she had it in his hair. He couldn't deny it felt good, the way she seemed to mean these actions just..made them feel so genuine and well sort of amazing. It wasn't anything he'd experienced before, but he did respond the same way, kissing her back using whatever feeling she brought on that he was unsure of, his heart clearly thumping at this point probably noticeably. Really though did he know this person in the room with him?
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 291d 2h 55m 22s
She wasn't sure what to expect from him. She supposed anything, from he hated it and demanded an explanation for why she did it to kissing her again. Instead he just sat there and didn't seem to say anything in any direction.
She did go and pour him a wine as well, not sure why, but drinking alone was no fun, her brain seemed to think and so their glasses were full again and the bottle empty. Maybe a good thing, considering where this was going. The movie was completely forgotten at this point.
When he still hadn't done anything aside from let out a breath, she had no idea what to think. Her brain again seemed to consider then that he didn't mind kissing her. Or at least didn't mind using her as a replacement for his now ex. Why not do it again? Slowly she moved closer to him, this time not just her face, but her body so they were almost touching and she kissed him again, a hand finding his hair, remembering how he had liked that before.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 291d 3h 12m 51s
It seemed his face was red as well, even if they only had the same amount of wine, so her rationalizing that he was as drunk as her probably wasn't true. He felt himself in for..well a lot of trouble or explaining or something after this. In the end she only looked at him curiously, she knew what she did he assumed, he wouldn't have to..explain? He didn't really know what to say either, he was really bewildered by what had just happened, something he hadn't considered happening before.
She went to pour herself another drink and he didn't know if he should stop her or join her was a hard question, maybe she wouldn't even remember tonight. He let out a small breath finally..realizing he hadn't been breathing for a while now, that was catching up to him and he was sure his heart was thumping against the ground enough. Still she seemed to distract them both with more wine, though they sat in slight embarrassment.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 291d 3h 20m 50s
It was a strange situation. He was right in assuming she would never have kissed him, if she wasn't drunk. She was way too shy to do that. Still, right now she was very happy to be doing this. Finally, after years, if not a decade, she had kissed him.
She wasn't sure though what he thought of all this. In the beginning he didn't seem to react at all, not even moving back or anything. When he did kiss her back, there was a small feeling of triumph and euphoria. At the same time her mind rationalized that he was just acting on instinct or was as drunk as she was.
After holding the kiss for a few more seconds she did slowly lean back and looked at him. Her face was scarlet, probably both from embarrassment and the wine. Her gaze to him was one of questioning. She didn't know what to say and she supposed she was waiting for him to say... well, anything really. He wasn't exactly saying much as it stood right now anyway. Her hand reached out to pour the last of the wine to distract herself.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 291d 3h 39m 25s
Her responding to his teasing was normal enough, though she wasn't moving and he wasn't really moving either. It just..felt like it was headed somewhere. How would he be able to process this exactly..wasn't he supposed to be the one who didn't think as much, but she wasn't moving or withdrawing like she normally would so..maybe she was really drunk. It still didn't seem like this was coming from nowhere. She started to lean in and his eyes opened a bit more, finally once her lips landed on his he almost couldn't believe it. It was a small state of shock he supposed. The feeling was good..the feeling behind her kiss was..very strong, like she really meant it when she kissed him. Was this his fault too, did he send that sort of message, was she only doing this to distract really didn't feel that way. Slowly his eyes did close a bit more and maybe for a second he slightly kissed her back, as long as she was anyway.. After though he didn't know..well what to think, or what she would do really, was she going to do more? She had never been this forward about anything in her life.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 291d 3h 53m 35s
Hearing the teasing, she gave a pout. "You aren't moving around much, so stop talking," she replied, feeling her face going hot, "Besides, you are a guy. Guys are able to process this better than women." If she wasn't sure that she wouldn't end up face planting after all, if she tried to hit him, she would have.
This shouldn't be on her mind right now. He had only just broken up. It seemed terrible to do this on that account then. Still, there was a voice in her head that said to go for it. To be fair, it was a drunk voice. However, the air around them felt like it too and honestly, the way he looked at her didn't seem too denying either.
Her eyes scanned his for a moment longer before she did lean in to kiss him. Truth be told, it was her first kiss. How she would feel about this when she was sober would be the next question, but right now it felt good.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 291d 4h 5m 17s
So it seemed they were laying there and staring at each other, very close together with their faces. A small grin beginning to form on his face as one of his eyebrows rose up. "This seems more accurate to what you're used to handling.."He chuckled a bit, though as for the no better statement, "Such harsh the very least I am not falling over."He pointed out. Though she didn't seem to be moving, she sort of seemed to be more lost in thought than anything else. He felt the smile sort of even out on his face as well, his eyes trying to read what her intentions were here..he couldn't be right could he? If he was right and it was what it looked like, it seemed to be..well, the air around them he was right about too, this playful intensity that built into a real intensity, so they seemed to be staring at each other now. Red-faced and possibly intoxicated, though he was more buzzed than anything else. It was clear at the very least, the last thing on his mind was his break up.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 291d 4h 22m 34s
She didn't realize that he was seeing her differently nowadays or at least she didn't think he did, because he still acted the same around her. That and he had had a girlfriend so he had distanced himself even more from her than anything else.
They were both in a state where they just seemed to be downing it to cover their feelings. This wouldn't go well for long, at least for her, considering that she couldn't hold half a bottle of wine without it not affecting her. Hearing him tease her, her face went even redder than before. "Shut up, you aren't any better," she replied as her other hand, the one not in his hair, clapped over his mouth. However, with this flourish of movements and her slight if not stronger intoxication, she lost her balance and had to use her hands to catch herself from face planting on the floor. When she slowly straightened, her face was very close to his. She didn't recall it ever being this close. Like she could kiss him in a second, if she tried. Her mind was seriously considering that right now.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 291d 4h 28m 10s
Sho found this much more, well..different than normal. They didn't normally do this or anything, but this time it was especially different. It wasn't that he was feeling vulnerable, it was just, ever since that day she was so pressed against him he realized she wasn't just his friend, she was a woman too. He didn't exactly want to keep thinking so, wasn't that a slippery slope. His glass was definitely gone now too, they weren't too sippy with their wine so much as just downing them. Was it..was it really the air around them..there was something different than normal. "Jeez..what happened to're drinking those down pretty well.."He teased, not exactly knowing what they would move on to from here. Perhaps stuffing some popcorn into his mouth so he couldn't talk would help him out in this situation.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 291d 4h 46m 34s
She gave a nod when he simply repeated that it wasn't her fault. She would have to accept that, she supposed. The first time he had properly dated anyone... Naturally, he didn't tell her everything that went on in his life, but still, she didn't know if he had ever been in any other relationships.
Hearing that he liked her playing with his hair, she did feel herself flush, maybe more easily brought on by the wine. Still... if he enjoyed it. Downing her second glass of wine, she slowly moved closer so that it was easier to reach him and began to run her hand through his hair. If it was something as simple as this, she could do that, though the wine probably made it easier. Even her speak up more was probably, because of the wine. It was damn easy to anyway.
Since he didn't seem to know and she had no idea in this either, it seemed easiest to continue watching the movie, though she didn't. She was still looking at him and running her hand through his hair,
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 291d 5h 41m 38s
"It's not your fault."He repeated more definitively. She wasn't the one who couldn't accept it anyway. As for how he felt, sure he was a little hurt but to her saying so he offered a shrug. "It's just.. It's so fickle and I feel like this was my first real time dating anyone."He offered back to her, that was the cause of most of it. He didn't know what to say when she asked if there was anything she could do. "This is nice.." He told her in reference to her sort of beginning to play with his hair. He couldn't tell if his face was a little red cause of the wine he kept drinking or if he didn't want to admit how much he enjoyed her doing that after those times he had those thoughts. He didn't really know how to respond, he wasn't exactly too broken up about the break up itself, he understood and it was amiable. "I dunno.."He answered her final question, she was so much more clearly spoken now that he hadn't been around her much..when did that happen?
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 291d 10h 14s
Even if they had broken up, she found herself wondering how far they had gone. She knew they had kissed and such, but did it go further than that? Naturally, she couldn't ask that. Hearing that he couldn't just leave her, she smiled softly. "I'm glad to hear that, but I'm still sorry that I am the reason you broke up," she replied, trying to figure out how she felt about this. Had there been more to it than that?
Seeing him hold up his glass, she smiled before filling up both their glasses again. She nodded. "I get that, but still... This is a big thing and you are clearly hurt. I wouldn't want you to hide that just for a movie night," she told him as she sipped on her glass again, "I mean... we've watched a lot of bad movies already." She chuckled softly as she looked to him. There was something irresistible to him right now, but she could hardly do anything now. Not when he had just broken up. "Anything I can do to make you feel better?" she asked as she looked from him to the movie and then her glass.
  Kyoko / Hoshizora / 1y 291d 14h 13m 59s
He offered her a small shrug, he knew he wasn't around as much, he said he wasn't. He looked at her, "I told her. I said we were friends and that I can't just leave someone I knew my whole life."He wouldn't, he couldn't actually. It made him think on it a bit more, just what she was to him. He offered his glass up for more wine anyway. Feeling her hand go through her hair was nice. He looked at her curiously though, "I didn't want tonight to be about that. And I didn't want to ruin it or anything." He gave her the reason that he didn't want to say to her. Now though, she knew why they broke up, but he still defended the reason that he did it, no one could tell him he couldn't see his oldest friend apparently.
  Shouryu Mitori / Willofiam / 1y 291d 14h 34m 37s

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