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In a vast land full of humans, creatures, and cross-breeds of both, an ancient evil is brewing. It has been waiting for many eras to strike, knowing that the perfect moment would finally come. Unfortunately, that moment is approaching fast. All across the land, strange beasts have been spotted roaming. These monsters have slowly become more and more hostile, killing hundreds of innocents. Getting sick of the world's plummet into savagery and chaos, a small group has joined together to find the source of this evil and exterminate it for the rest of time.


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"This is an absolute disaster." Lucas admitted to a group of anonymous individuals at a round table. "How did we lose over seventy-five percent of our members and support in a single day?" The other men at the table looked at him solemnly, unable to think of anything to say. "Well, how did this all happen?" He glanced at each of his comrades, awaiting a legitimate answer. When no one replied, Lucas slammed his scaly hand down on the table. "Do any of you have an answer at all?" He half-shouted in frustration.

"Well, sir..." One of the men near Lucas began. "While we were traveling here with a majority of our entire group..." The man hesitated, but knew he had to spit it out. "Some creature...larger than we had ever seen before, ransacked our camps and chased down our travelers. Only us few that stand before you survived the encounter."

"Say what?" Lucas asked in an irritated manner. The only reason Lucas knew that the man was telling the truth was because of the awful feeling in his own heart. "You're telling me...that a singular beast killed most of our men..." He rubbed his hand against his forehead, wondering what he should do. "I'm going to take your word for this...I can tell that you're being honest on the matter. However, what do we do now?"

Another man at the table decided to speak up. "Lucas, sir, I believe that we should seek out new members. It may be the only way to save our organization."

"Yes, that would be the best plan of action." A young woman in the back agreed. "Gaining more allies will be important to our cause."

Lucas looked around, seeing if anyone else had any objections. After seeing that no one else would speak up anymore, Lucas started to converse again. "Alright...if you believe that gaining members would be the best plan of action, I will go and search for warriors. Does that sound like an adequate action for now?" He said as everyone began to agree. "Good. This meeting is adjourned." A few minutes later, Lucas walked outside into the cold and crisp air of his town. He was just relieved that the meeting was finally over.
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