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"that doesn't help much, dad." she said and smirked at him before going to dimitri nuzzling her mate's neck. "hi, i'm back...." she said and looked up at him.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 27d 14h 11m 34s
His gaze had followed hers to the boy and he gave a faint smirk. "By all means. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do." He teased lightly aa he watched her go to the boy
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 28d 1h 30m 12s
She hugged him tightly and nuzzled him slightly. "Thanks, dad." She said and smiled at him softly. She looked over at Dimitri and peeked up at her father. "I'll be back, okay?"
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 29d 35m 32s
The man looked to her as she asked her question. And after a moment, Sirius nodded to the girl. It would be "Padfoot" as it seemed that was the only way he himself did not struggle as badly with his own nightmares
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 29d 2h 30m 49s
she nodded slightly and cuddled him. "can i sleep with you tonight, dad?" she whispered and swallowed slightly. she had been having nightmares more frequently since school had started.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 30d 3h 34m 14s
At those words and her pout, Sitius could not help a faint laugh and shake of his head. "You wouldn't be leaving me by myself. I have the Order, the knuckleheads, Moony, and remember you made me promise to watch Lilith too. So it won't be all that bad.." He was trying to make the girl feel better for having to go back to school
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 30d 3h 41m 20s
she kept hugging him and closed her eyes absorbing his scent. "i don't want to leave you here by yourself, da..." she said and looked up at him pouting.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 32d 3h 53m 24s
That very much seemed to make sense. James would not know what kind of woman to go for unless she bit him in the arse. Or in the case of Lily was not afraid to stand up to his idiocy. A faint smirk did cross his lips as he hugged the girl but he did not speak
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 32d 3h 59m 18s
"jsut try dad. please?" she said and smiled at him. "also, unce james didn't know how to pick women, it was lily who chose him." she smirked and hugged him again.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 32d 4h 2m 8s
"The last one of those ended horribly. Such a stiff. It had been James' idea too." Sirius said with a shake of his head and making a face. "Love you too.."
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 32d 12h 42m 1s
"dad, trust me on this, please?" She asked and hugged him. "If I have to set you up with blind dates, I will." She teased and smiled up at him softly. "I love you, dad."
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 32d 19h 48m 10s
Wise he could give his daughter that. And it was something that Remus often tried to remind him of. But always he found that it never really helped. Half the time he found himself wishing for some sort of an end even. "I understand.. just sometimes it is hard to face when you feel..." But the man had to cut off his words. Now was not the time nor was it the place for this
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 32d 21h 56m 17s
"dad... i know what it did to you." she said and touched his hand. "you gotta look at it like a test... something that was meant to make you stronger." she gace him a small smile. "you're going to struggle with it and life is going to be tough and you're going to have things you have to struggle with, but it makes you a stronger person."
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 34d 5h 9m 22s
The man gave a faint irony filled laugh. "That doesn't quite seem right to me. The twelve years of Azkaban was something I had not handled well." He reminded the girl.
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 34d 5h 29m 47s
"the gods will help you find happiness again." she said and sighed looking up at him. "they don't give you any challenges you can't handle, okay, da?"
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 34d 5h 31m 25s

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