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She blushed a bit more and sighed peeking at him sideways. "Can I meet you in your room later...?" She asked and gulped slightly. There she had asked.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 30m 22s
Dimitri looked at her as she scratched her cheek. He knew it was one of her nervous ticks. "Not that. Know of. And never too busy for you. What's up?"
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 4d 8h 22m 3s
she almost groaned and coughed slightly. "are you going to be busy later?" she asked a little embarrassed and scratched her cheek, a nervous tick she had gotten from her mother. she peeked at him and blushed slightly.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 5d 12h 13m 52s
"We'll see. But with you on stage I will." The boy said with a wink. He knew he liked the girl but was almost shocked when she was so affectionate ane in front of everyone else in the room too. It was the snickers from the twins that made him raise his brows
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 5d 12h 16m 41s
she smiled and said. "depends if you have any inspiration for it." she waited until he looked away and swiftly kissed his cheek. she blushed brightly and looked away. she had mixed feelings about it and bit her lip throwing the twins a look to shut up until he left the room. she rolled her eyes at their wiggling eyebrows and sighed. she was glad she had given affection to dimitri, but in front of the others in the room? she thought and sighed.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 5d 12h 18m 54s
Dimitri looked at her as she said that. "So this next one is mine to do?" The boy asked with a smile
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 5d 12h 22m 49s
She smiled at him and said. "Glad you like it because it was written with you singing in mind."
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 6d 2h 24m 58s
Dimitri listened to her and smiled. "That's amazing Keeva!"
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 6d 6h 34m 0s
She thought for a moment and suggested a line of words.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 7d 5h 12m 26s
He began to sing the song again and when he stopped he looked to her. "What do you think?"
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 7d 5h 13m 37s
She nodded and played her guitar again trying not to let his scent drive her nuts.
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 7d 5h 43m 13s
Dimitri smirked faintly. "Figured you would know better than I would. And play it again?"
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 7d 12h 55m 4s
"week and a half actually." She said and smiled at him. "Any other ideas for it?"
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 7d 14h 26m 25s
The boy raised a brow at Keeva and shrugges. She would tell him and he knew that. "Lets get it finished. You've been on this one for a week"
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 7d 15h 11m 55s
She blushed slightly and said. "Tell you later...." She looked up at him and grabbed an ice cube pressing it on the side of her neck. "So you want to finish the song or what?"
  Keeva Black / wingedwolfy120 / 7d 15h 14m 31s

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