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[center [size17 [u An Arsonist's Lullaby:]]][center [size15 [i Jesse McCree & Pandora Nova.]]]

[center [size13 [i When I was a child, I heard voices,]]][center [size13 [i Some would sing and some would scream,]]][center [size13 [i You soon find you have few choices,]]][center [size13 [i I learned the voices died with me.]]]
[center [pic]]
[center [size13 [i All she had was her fire.]]][center [size13 [i And a place that she needed to reach.]]][center [size13 [i But no longer did she have to be desperate to get there.]]][center [size13 [i He was there to help her in her time of need.]]]


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[center [size12 [i Angela's sessions?] Pandora thought about those sessions. Honestly, she did not know whether they were helping or not. There was a lot that was engraved into Pandora's mind. She did not know what was real or fake with her. She was being shaped into a Talon Assassin and her personality and individuality was being stripped away when she realized what was happening. Or. Was it all a test to get Pandora inside of Overwatch? What was Pandora at this point?]]

[center [size12 Realizing that she was silent for a bit too long, Pandora glanced up at Jesse with a quiet sigh. [i [#FF0000 "Honestly, Jesse. If you want me to be completely honest, I don't even know who I am anymore. I guess they help, but not in a way that I think they are intending to work,"]] Pandora shook her head. [i [#FF0000 "Honestly, my head should remain locked. We don't know what kind of creepy shit is locked inside of here,"]] she poked the side of her head before chuckling.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Do you have things that you want to know about yourself from before Overwatch?"]] Pandora asked curiously. She could only assume that was why he was asking her about it. She had almost forgotten that before Jesse joined Overwatch, he was in a kind of shitty spot too.]]

[center [size12 Angela's sessions were helpful in the sense of Angela was a kind hearted individual that was very different than the people that Pandora was normally around. Despite how Pandora appeared, all rough and mean, she had a softer side and Angela made things okay for her. Pandora hated to admit that though, so she kept that part a secret from everyone.]]

[center [size12 Pandora does remember the first ever meeting that she had with the good doctor. It was a rough meeting, Gabriel demanded to be present while Angela dissected Pandora's brain for what information that she might have on Talon, but nothing. Angela was empty handed and Gabriel was angry. Eventually, Gabriel left the room and Pandora had begun crying. Sobbing violently by how Gabriel reacted. He was so mad at her and she felt like she was going to be thrown to the side, kicked out of Overwatch for it, but Angela explained clearly and kindly that it was an accident and no one was angry with her.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Angela is a very kind person and Overwatch is lucky that they have her, even though I see them take advantage of her every day,"]] Pandora almost sounded offended, angry about it. Which most people that sees Angela's struggles, would feel the same way.]]
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Jesse's head was in a turmoil when He nearly toppled over a freckle-faced beauty. He was started at her sudden laughter and took a step back from it.

[i "Careful of my influence on you."] She said, which made him cringe ever so slightly. He was careful to keep his distance, however, even though it wasn't [i her] influence that was worrisome.

After a gulp to get his speech back, he spoke, "You heard, huh?" He quietly walked around the side of her, intending to walk around her. "I reckon you ain't knowin' the brunt of it." He sighed gently, shoving his hands deep into his pockets.

"S'alright, though. Ain't nothin' but bickerin'. Mostly on Reyes part. Although... I don't take too kindly to threats." He was able to crack a small smile, although it nearly hurt every muscle to do so.

Jesse was [i not] okay. He didn't realize getting placed as Pandora's partner would come with such... Baggage. And the load wasn't even from the girl herself, but from the Jealous Co-captain, and his creepy Frankenstein sidekick. What exactly were they intending for the girl? ...For him?

His mind wandered off. If anyone had been speaking to him just then, he might've missed it. What was in their pasts that was so important, they needed a [i plan] for Jesse? He didn't know, which bothered him. And even though he had brushed Moira off, he really didn't like the fact that there was a chunk he seemed to be missing. Even worse, that other people knew about it over him, considering they were supposed to be [i his].

He turned to Pandora. "This is gunna be out of the blue a bit," He said, pulling her away from the debriefing room, and also out of earshot of the two giving him the most discomfort currently, "But Yer... Sessions with Angela. Do they... Help? With the memories?" It was always a question he had anticipated asking, but this time, it was for a different reason; A reason he could not quite explain to the resident Firestarter until he was sure himself.

Did he have answers in him somewhere that could be unlocked? Would it be worth it? Some part of McCree said that they were missing for a reason. Some other part, way deep in his mind, and very quiet, said that if he didnt find out what was going on, he would regret it. He cleared his throat.

"Well... I guess what I mean to say is... Do you [i wanna] remember? There's a reason things are the way they are... Ya ever wonder if they should stay put how it is?" He started leading her towards his room, simply because that's where the auto-pilot of his feet were leading him.
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[center [size12 Pandora knew two things about her, for sure. One, her genetic code was completely scrambled and shifted around to serve the needs and wants of a organization that did bad things. Two, there was something a lot bigger going on in her life than she quite realized. Things weren't clicking with her very well and no one could really give her answers. They were obsessed with her past and wanted to know more about how she worked. Unlike Angela Zieglar, who has a moral compass that worked correctly, Moira was completely fine working on Pandora's case. Angela was a bit more cautious and wanted to work with Pandora in a positive manner, unlike Moira.]]

[center [size12 Pandora knew something else about herself, but she wasn't quite sure about it, actually. She knew that there was something inside of her, but she couldn't touch it, see it, or really feel it. She just knew it was here, waiting to be let out. That thought made her a bit afraid of what she could do to someone. She was a Talon agent at one point, which means she was capable of horrible things, but now, she was fine, right? She could only hope.]]

[center [size12 Clearing her throat, she shook her head for a moment. She did not want to think about this right now. She wanted to go sneak in on Jesse's meeting. Sometime, that could be funny, right? Wrong. She turned the corner and heard voices, angry voices down the hallway. She tilted her head, approaching the next corner with ease, quietly listening in a conversation that involved, Gabriel Reyes, Moira, and Jesse McCree. She did not quite understand what was going on, nor the context of what Gabriel was talking about.]]

[center [size12 [i Why would they be so concerned about my influences on Jesse?] Pandora thought to herself for a moment before nearly jumping at the way Jesse reacted, nearly snapping Gabriel's fingers off his hands. She watched from just far away to keep her presence unknown to the whole situation. She covered her mouth before turning back around the corner, away from everything. She didn't quite understand what could be so concerning about her [i influences].]]

[center [size12 Once the situation seemed to be over, Pandora rounded the corner once more. She looked over Gabriel and Moira, acting as if she didn't know anything or heard anything about what had just happened. [i [#FF0000 "Did the meeting go well with Jesse? I know he can be a bit of a hard head about things,"]] Pandora quietly sighed softly. Pandora glanced at Moira for a moment before walking away in Jesse's direction.]]

[center [size12 About the same time that Pandora rounded a corner, her body came into contact with another one. She stumbled backwards before looking up. She was hoping it would be Moira, but she knew that it wasn't the case. She saw tall, angry looking Jesse McCree and it made her almost laugh. She had a bit of a smile on her face before clearing her throat.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Be careful, Cowboy. My influences can be quite deadly on you,"]] she grinned, laughing in a menacingly, but fake way before shaking her head. [i [#FF0000 "You okay? I heard some of what was said between Reyes and you,"]] she murmured softly, looking up at him.]]
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When Jesse woke, he became aware of how dark his room was immediately. His alarm was blaring next to him, annoying as ever, telling him that it was time to get up if he wanted to make it to the meeting. Which was far earlier than he ever wanted to have his eyes open. He sighed, pulling himself out of bed with a yawn.

Diligently, he began dressing himself in casual blackwatch attire: Basically, a black shirt, his normal pants, and, of course, his hat and boots. He stretched slightly, but it was thwarted by the pain in his shoulder suddenly, and he winced. He'd almost forgotten about that incident, due to his lack of consciousness.

Then it all came flooding back to him, the crazy night that he had with Pandora, and the emotions, and the kisses...

His face turned beet red as he tried to cover it with one hand, realizing all that transpired yesterday, and how quickly things had moved.

"Snap out of it, Jesse." He groaned before stepping towards the door. It slid open to reveal Reyes, his arms crossed at him, but he seemed to be confused.

"You're up?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Reckon it was important since you wanted me up so early." He stepped out of the room and passed Reyes, the door closing behind him. "I assume Ana 'n Jack are already there?"

"...Yes, but they are debriefing another team. For now, Its just you an I." Jesse turned to Gabriel, confused, but he didnt say anything before walking towards another of their conference rooms, and ushering Jesse inside. Jesse walked in, and sat down. It was silent between the two for a couple minutes before another person entered the vicinity: Moira.

Jesse stood as she closed the door.

"What the [i hell] is this, Reyes?"

"I merely want to speak to you without Pandora's influence about you." She said calmly. She didnt even smile. Jesse scoffed.

"Who said her influence was what makes me dislike you?"

"McCree, Sit down." Reyes warned, to which Jesse turned on his heels.

"Like hell, Gabe."

"Jesse, I haven't been too fond of your closeness to Pandora in my place," Reyes said with a narrow of his eyes, "But you're what we got stuck with, so we need you to listen to what Moira has to say."

"Is that was this is all about, Reyes? You're jealousy of me?" Reyes twitched over the comment. "Why don't you just ask her your damn questions yourself!? I can't imagine she'd be too happy to know who your associatin' with these days." Jesse eyed Moira. Suddenly, he was lifted off the ground and pushed into the wall behind him, Reyes firmly gripping his shirt, fire in his eyes and a growl escaping his clenched teeth.

"[i Listen here, you little shit]," Reyes threatened, "You'll do as I say when it comes to [i her], or i will make it very difficult for you here." Jesse leered down at him as he pondered what he thinks he could do to him. He collected himself for a moment before pulling at one of Reyes' hands with his mechanical one, nearly breaking his fingers. Gabriel backed off slightly, letting go of Jesse as he winced.

"Two things. Firstly, ain't nothin' i've been doin' has been forced on her. She took to me. Simple as that. If ya wanted it be be yer business, maybe you should've been nicer to our resident fire starter." He took a step, gripping the hand further, and gaining a pain filled growl out of him. Moira took a step towards him, but the look Jesse shot towards her stopped her in her tracks, whether it be from fear, or she didn't to make the wrong move just then.

"Secondly... If either of you keep treatin' her like some kinda object, I ain't gunna hesitate tuh punch yer lights out." He looked over at Moira. "Yer's, either." He let go of Reyes hand before dusting himself off.

"I ain't yer puppet. Leave me outta yer dirty deeds."

"You're the same as her, you know." Moira piped up as Jesse attempted to leave. "You have a similar set of skills lying dormant inside you... Waiting to be let out." Jesse looked over his shoulder to Moira, who was now leaning against the wall with her arms crossed. Jesse noticed, then, that this was the first time he'd seen her without all of her equipment on.

"...Don't you want to know about your past, Jesse? ...About hers?" Jesse hesitated there for a few moments before pushing through the conference doors.

"Must be a reason I forgot it, eh?" He said before leaving the vicinity, working to head back to his room, fuming from the multitude of things that just transpired before him, and not watching where he was going when he rounded the corner.
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[center [size12 When McCree and Pandora parted ways, Pandora was running over how rough the meeting with Gabriel and all of them could be. She wanted to check it out, but she knew that she would most likely not be allowed. For several reasons, but the main one being that she was still somewhat new to the organization, as well as her criticism and briefing on missions was probably held a bit differently than how McCree was treated. She could definitely tell that Jesse McCree, the resident Cowboy, was held a pretty short and tight leash. She wanted to see just how tight though.]]

[center [size12 Pandora got back to her room, shutting and locking the door behind her. She exhaled quietly, still feeling a bit off from the whiskey that they had drunk together. It was all and all a very nice night, especially for her first real night after a mission. She never realized how much a bed could be calling her name after a mission and getting somewhat drunk with the cowboy. She quickly changed her clothes and crawled into bed for the night.]]

[center [size12 When Pandora woke up the next day, she felt surprisingly great, like she could take on the whole world. She got up, changing into what appealed to her uniform. Well, not so much of a uniform, something a bit more Overwatch looking. It was a jumpsuit, of sorts. It darker versions of the Overwatch colors. She felt actually comfortable in it, like she was becoming a part of the team. It was really nice.]]

[center [size12 When Pandora finished getting ready, she heard a few people walking around, outside of her room. It sounded like Gabriel and Jack talking about McCree and when the meeting was going to start. She was kind of excited to easedrop on this.]]

[center [size12 Waiting for them to leave, Pandora slipped out of her room. She really did not have much to do today other than some training and talks with Angela Zieglar, the doctor, about everything that she had been through. Same old, same old stuff.]]

[center [size12 Thinking about Angela, her thoughts wandered over to the other doctor, Moira. Well, she wasn't so much of a doctor, as she was an immoral scientist that worked on generics. It made Pandora mildly uncomfortable that she might want to use Pandora as a guinea pig one of these days. She just hoped that Gabriel did not allow the creepy woman to do that kind of stuff on it.]]

[center [size12 Pandora slipped around the corner, watching the two commanders walk into a room and she could faintly hear Jesse McCree's voice. She chuckled quietly to herself, running over all the scenarios of how his debriefing could go. All of them were pretty funny, but some more funny than the others. She then stood in front of the door, waiting patiently and listening to the conversations.]]

[center [size12 Though, Pandora was curious why she wasn't including for the sole purpose of her being the one fixing his arm. They would have to wonder why she would have done that when she was so inexperienced, but of course, she wasn't going to question them about it. That would be disrespectful and Jesse had been with the organization for a bit longer than she had, so she figured that they had their own ways of dealing with things.]]

[center [size12 Quietly, Pandora slipped away only to be caught by none other than Moira. She was cornered by the woman this time, alone. She felt a bit helpless, but of course, Pandora wasn't going to back down from this. She just cleared her throat and looked up at the towering woman. [i [#FF0000 "Can I help you?"]] Pandora asked in a rather inpatient tone before Moira chuckled.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Your generic code could definitely serve some purpose for me. You should come down to my office soon, so I can do a few tests on you,"]] Moira seemed almost pleased by the fact that Pandora's DNA was all kinds of screwed up and messed around. Pandora found that increasingly creepy and shook her head at Moira, turning around on her heels to walk in the opposite direction of the woman.]]
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"Aye, if anyone here is judgin' you, in certainly ain't me." He laughed, wiggling the fingers of his mechanical arm. "Ain't all there, meself." He grinned. "But I'm glad yer here, 'n not there... Honest." He grinned.

Of course, then, she dropped the big question: His arm.

McCree took an elongated drag of the cigarette, trying to decide if he should tell or not a thing he had told to, basically, no one, minus the parties involved. He sighed, the smoke coming out of his mouth and nose.

"...Once upon a time, I was a bad man by choice." Jesse flicked the cigarette from between his finger and thumb, and it went flying off of the roof, the light disappearing as it fell down. "Blackwatch picked me up after I'd been caught, and I reckon gettin' to do good tidings of good-- Well... [i better]-- was a better alternative for the latter: Rottin' in jail. I kept my freedom, 'n they got a soldier." Jesse looked up to the sky and grinned. "Reyes had less scars then. Amari less sags under the eyes. Now-a-days, everyone looks so tired, 'n it hasn't even been that long." Jesse shrugged off the memory of happy faces and battles won, to loss, and chaos. He sighed.

"Eventually, everyone was forced to disband. I tried to play the hero far too much to make up for past mistakes, and that got me into trouble. Got me a bounty. That bounty got me doin' a lot of runnin', and... Well." He looked to his once-human hand and watched the gears work as he flexed. "One of those times, I wasn't so successful in gettin' away. Cost me my pride, 'n my arm."

"But hey," He grinned over at her, "I can't complain too much. Still got me an arm, 'n I'm still kickin'. Pretty damn good at shootin' still." He laughed before standing.

"Gettin' cold, ain't it? Let's head in." He held his hand out to her for her to take before leading her back down into his room, closing it all up behind them after they'd made it safely down.

"Reckon i'll be gettin' a good amount of paperwork tomorrow. And a yellin' at... And a glare." Jesse could see the board room now; Ana and Jack glaring him down while Reyes slammed the paperwork in front of him, his word travelling a mile a minute as they poured out of his mouth, going in one of Jesse's ears and coming right out the other. He didn't much care for Reyes' threats, nor did they really bother him. He'd had worse. He grinned at her.

"Maybe we should call it a night... For now. But after my debriefing, I'll swing by. How's that sound?" He reached out to snag her waist and pull her to him delicately. "Maybe we can get breakfast." He mused, kissing her forehead.
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[center [size12 Pandora must admit that she had not realized just how strict the people with the Overwatch organization was. It was kind of a drag and made her really want to reconsider her opinions in where she wanted to end up, but for now, this was her best opinion to survive. She had better plans for the future though.]]

[center [size12 Grabbing the bottle, Pandora pulled herself from the bed. She pushed her feet back into her boots before trotting after Jesse. She snatched a quick cigarette from Jesse’s pack of smokes before following through the small stairwell, which lead to a place that she never expected it to. Actually, she never expected a flight of stairs to be there either, but hey, Jesse was full of surprises. She could never know what would come next from him.]]

[center [size12 Once Pandora felt the breeze of the night air, her lungs expanded and she felt amazing. Her face had grown a bit warm from the whiskey that she had been sipping on. She watched Jesse for a moment, lighting his cigarette before politely declining the lighter. She snapped her fingers, causing a small flame to appear from her fingers which she carefully lit her cigarette with. With a hard pull from the cancer stick, Pandora felt immensely better than before. A cigarette with some whiskey was the perfect combination. She exhaled with a smile on her face.]]

[center [size12 Pandora took a seat next to the cowboy and took one last sip of the whiskey before passing it over to Jesse. [i [#FF0000 “Nah, I got secrets of my own too. I won’t be tellin’ anyone yours,”]] Pandora nodded at Jesse before glancing up at the night sky. It was a kind of peaceful scene, almost cliché actually. It was a stupid kind of cliché where two people are sitting on top of a roof, smoking and drinking. Seemed like something teenagers did. Not people in their 20s or older.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Firehawk, I like it,”]] Pandora could not help, but to chuckle. She then shrugged a bit. [i [#FF0000 “I’m safe here. That is all I think about, to be completely honest with you, Jesse. I don’t have to worry about anything bad happening, you know?”]] Pandora was, of course, talking about Talon. She took another hard pull from the stick in between her lips, tapping the ashes to the wind. She watched them float away without a care in the world.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I’m gonna tell you something, Jesse. Something very serious, okay?”]] Pandora laid down on the roof, facing the sky with a mildly serious expression on her face. [i [#FF0000 “Talon did awful things to me. Experimented on me, injected with me with things that has never been tested on anyone else. I was a guinea pig. I was a test subject and they manage to make me into what I am now. Honestly, its kind of cool, but at the same time, I am no longer 100% human,”]] Pandora held her free hand up to the sky, a large flame appeared in her hand before she chuckled. [i [#FF0000 “But it is really cool, you have to admit,”]] Pandora looked over at Jesse and chuckled.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I kind of have to be curious about this. What happened to your arm? I mean, you don't have to share it,"]] Pandora waved her hand and the flame disappeared. She finished the last bit of her cigarette, pressing it out on the top of the room before tossing it off into a random direction. She was curious about it, but she didn't want him to share it, if it made him uncomfortable.]]
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Jesse watched her trail around the room after his attempt at surprising her. Even though her face hadn't moved, her body betrayed her, tensing at his actions. He Watched her go through his things, too, not really minding. He was never one to really hide himself, save a few secrets here and there. Nothing in his room, however, would give those things away.

A smile crept into his features as he watched her take a leisurely swig from the bottle, never once looking away from him. She then asked for a smoke.

"You... smoke?" He raised an eyebrow as he reached into the inner workings of his coat. "I guess I ain't that surprised, since yer a bit of a fire hazard 'n all." He mused, pulling out the pack. He tapped it against his metal hand, a little light than a smoker normally would as he took into consideration the abnormality of his limb, before flicking it open and extending the pack to her.

"Ain't gunna be able to do it here, though." He then pointed above him to the smoke alarm, which was well blended into the facility ceiling, but not completely hidden if you were looking for it. "Just gotta take a trip up." He grinned, putting a cigarette into his own mouth and returning the pack to his coat pocket before walking over to his closet.

On the side adjacent to where he pulled the bottle from, was a set of stairs. It was one of the main reasons he wanted this room in particular. He could escape to the roof, and it would [i actually] take someone a while to find him, if they didn't know where he was already. The stairs pulled down and unfolded until it touched the floor gently, and Jesse made a point to wiggle it firm. He gave her a quick smile before striding up, expecting her not to be far behind.

The area in which the stairs led was pitch black, and small, but it was ever familiar. McCree had done this far too many times, taking a few steps forward before reaching to to touch the tile he had carved out a long time ago. It gave way gently, the night air hitting him in the face before he even fully removed the obstacle. He placed it down next to him before hopping to the roof itself with ease. Once up there, he laid himself out on the tiling and lit the stick in his mouth with a zippo he had buried in the same place as the cigarettes.

"Well... Now ya know my hidin' spot." He grinned. "Don't go spoutin' it all over base, er I'll have to punish ya, here?" He only teased. He knew she wouldn't tell. He also knew she could light her own cancer stick, but once she settled, he extended the flame to her like a gentleman.

After putting the lighter away, he took a long drag, then let the smoke billow out into the cold night air.

"So, firehawk... Ya ain't been here long, but I reckon you've got 'n impression of the new homestead, 'n i'm fixin' to hear it." He laughed slightly. "What're yer thoughts?"
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[center [size12 Pandora Nova was a rather hard to please woman. It wasn't hard to please her, but it took the right things and the right people to make her happy. Right now, she was happy, content even. With Jesse by her side and a bottle of whiskey in her hands, she could almost forget about all the vile and horrible things that had been done to her, as well as being a part of a stressful organization that she could see the fall of in the next decade or even sooner. She wasn't going to talk about that though.]]

[center [size12 Pandora was pulled from her thoughts by someone pulling her body into theirs. It was Jesse, of course. She placed a hand against his chest and relaxed against his form for a moment until her body tensed up at the feeling of Jesse tugging at her lower lip, sucking on it even. She almost choked for a moment, but kept a rather even expression before feeling the bottle being taken from her hands.]]

[center [size12 As Jesse was taking his swig from the bottle, Pandora wondered around Jesse's room with a curious expression, picking up things before placing them back down in the same spot. She then deemed it disrespectful and rude to do such a thing and finally took a seat on Jesse's bed and smiled up at him.]]

[center [size12 Pandora really did not know why of all the people in this base that she choose Jesse McCree to hang around with, honestly. He was notorious for being annoying and rumored to have a drinking problem, but that was just speculation and Pandora would never judge him for that. She found an odd comforting factor with Jesse, maybe it was that southern hospitality. He was, honestly, warm and inviting and Pandora kind of gravitated towards that, since she felt very alone when she first came to Overwatch.]]

[center [size12 Pandora then leaned forward, taking the bottle from Jesse's hand and sighed in a content manner. [i [#FF0000 "I can back up my big talk, so don't worry, Cowboy,"]] she murmured against the opening of the bottle, taking a lingering gulp as she leaned up against the headboard of Jesse's bed. She had a rather calm and content expression on her face. It was like she was in her element, something that she was comfortable with.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Do you have a smoke, by chance?"]] Pandora leaned up from her relaxed position, itching for a cigarette so bad, though she had smoked in a while. She was just itching for that nicotine. She knew that Jesse smoked, so it shouldn't be a big deal to ask him for one.]]
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Jesse rolled his eyes about Amari. Yes, she was trust worthy, but it was not behind her to start a little mischief. Jesse had been there long enough to know. Amari was the base's eyes and ears, like a hawk. Anything that went on, she most likely knew about. Hard to keep a secret from her, really.

Although, truth be told, she [i could] somewhat keep secrets, so long as they were asked of her.... Like Jesse's drinking problem.

Speaking of, he watched the girl pop the handle into her mouth and take a righteous swig from the nozzle, that delightful smirk displayed across her features.

"Ain't nobody told ya it's rude to chug a fine whiskey before tasting it?" He smirked, pulling her into him and leaning over. His lips were very close to hers, but instead of a kiss, he took her lower lip in his mouth and suckled the flavor of the honey whiskey from her. He chuckled darkly before pulling away, licking his lips.

"Not bad." The bottle slipped from Pandora's hands into Jesse's and he raised it, taking several gulps from the bottle before catching his breath. "Ah... Damn, that's good, actually." He turned the bottle over once or twice before taking another swig, then handing it back to her.

"Alright, spitfire, ya talk a big game. Let's see it, then." He grinned.
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[center [size12 Pandora followed Jesse with a soft sigh. She trusted Amari, more than Jesse apparently did. As they entered Jesse's room, she glanced around at it once more, drinking in her surrounding with a quiet expression. [i [#FF0000 "I mean, I don't mind if people know. People here already think of me as some kind of Talon agent gone good, so I guess it wouldn't tarnish my name much more,"]] she was making a stab at Jesse with a sly smirk on her lips before she pulled off her boots, leaving them neatly by the door. Probably the only neat thing in the room.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "But, I trust my Captain and I don't think she'll say anything,"]] Pandora commented idly before being handed the bottle. She glanced over the label, reading it carefully before watching Jesse find some glasses. She watched the Cowboy look in all sorts of weird places before finally heaving back to the closet. She leaned against the small mound of pillows and cracked open the bottle in a musing fashion.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Better hurry, Cowboy before I might finish the bottle before you even find those glasses,"]] with a daring expression, Pandora took a rather large sip of the whiskey. Like a grown ass Irish man that was on a dare with his buddies. It was a kind of massive gulp for a girl her size. She swallowed it with a pleased expression before looking at the label once more. [i [#FF0000 "For American made Whiskey, this is pretty good stuff,"]] she chuckled softly before leaning up from the pillow, eventually standing up to follow behind Jesse.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Come on, who needs glasses when we can just share the bottle? Hell, you just kissed me, so why not just drink after me?"]] Pandora asked, holding up the bottle in temptation at Jesse with a small smirk that danced on her lips, daring him to take a drink at this point.]]
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When they exited the closet, Jesse was greeted with Amari's smirking face as they passed, saying something about 'kids' as if they weren't in their 30's or something. He grumbled slightly before turning to Pandora.

[i "She won't say anything."] She had said, to which Jesse smirked.

"Oh?" He mused. "Ya must not know Amari as well as ya think." He pulled her in slightly, holding his hand up in the air, highlighting his next few words as he said them. "Biggest. Mouth. Ever." He laughed slightly.

"Actually, it'll be the [i one] person she tells that'll get to us. She'll casually mention it to Morrison, n he'll straight away to Mercy, and the Good doctor'll blab it in glee, and then.... Well, that's half the reason Reyes figures out why I [i should] be in trouble." He laughed again, rubbing the back of his neck.

"I guess the question would be... Do [i you] care?" He looked over at her. "I'm not one for denyin' secrets. Kind of an open book, ya might say. If ya ain't wantin' this out in the open, well... I [i can] keep a rumor at bay, if puttin' my mind to it." He smiled at her before shrugging.

"However difficult that may be."

He kicked his door when they reached it and it slid open, a bit janky as usual, and Jesse led the girl inside. He motioned to the bed as he went into his closet, reaching up into the ceiling tile and pulling out an old bottle of whiskey, still sealed and untouched by man.... Until today. He rolled it in his hands as he approached the bed again.

"Hn... Been wanting to try this fer a while now. It's been temptin' me for [i years]." He laughed before handing it to her. "Ya'll get it open, i'll find glasses... Somewhere." He couldn't remember where he'd stored those, so it was a bit of a dig in weird places, like under the rug, behind the dresser, that sort of thing.

Didn't want Reyes to steal his secret stash, because he has, and would continue to. Jesse had to think of creative ways for him [i not] to find things, which also put McCree at risk for losing them, too.

"Damnit..." he grumbled, deciding to venture back to the closet to see if they were there, too.
  Jesse Mcree / HextechZydrate / 194d 14h 51m 8s
[center [size12 The kiss left Pandora star stuck, actually. Her body almost melted into Jesse's hands, like this was the thing she needed to continue living, but of course, Pandora was smarter than that. She wasn't going to put all her eggs in one basket here. Jesse was cute and kind of funny, but Pandora wasn't going to put all her faith and trust in him. Just yet. For now, she was going to play this game and hope that it doesn't back fire on her. And what she means by game, she means by allowing herself to give into such human and normal sensations and needs that normally, she wouldn't do. Jesse was kind of irresistible actually.]]
[center [size12 The moment that the kiss was over, Pandora wanted another one. She was greedy like that, but his voice stopped her from trying to kiss him again. She was the type of person to go all in or not even pay attention to something. Jesse has actually caught her attention and Pandora wasn't exactly sure if she liked this or not, but she wasn't going to stop it here.]]
[center [size12 Pandora's eyes glanced upwards to Jesse's smiling face. It wasn't an over exaggerated smile. It was a smile, but cute one. His rough hand against her cheek actually made her feel invited and cared for. It was so strange. She was actually feeling things, that before she never felt. Was this what it felt like to be normal for Pandora?]]
[center [size12 When Pandora was taken by Talon and experimented on, one of the things that they did to her was remove all emotions and other things that would make her human, or act human towards things or people that she had to kill. Jesse just made progress that Angela Zieglar or anyone in Overwatch could ever do. She was actually feeling a strange mix of emotions inside of her that she hadn't felt since before Talon's experiments.]]
[size12 [center All things that Jesse was saying went in one ear and out of the other until his ending sentence. He offered for them to drink together. More time with Jesse was what Pandora preferred actually. It wasn't that she was falling head over heels for this boy. She wanted to know more about him, which she could say that Jesse might be feeling the same about her. They are kind of strangers, at this point. They know one another, but they don't [b KNOW] one another. There are things in both of their lives that they wouldn't just share with anyone and Pandora wanted to know those things about Jesse.]]
[center [size12 Pandora nodded her head a few times before chuckling. She was silent this whole time, while Jesse was talking, which was kind of strange for her. She couldn't help it. Looking at his face and having that kiss just made her speechless.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "An Irish and a Cowboy, drinking together. I wonder who will fall first?"]] Pandora's thick accent really lingered there for a moment. It was one of things that she suppressed due to, of course, the Talon experiments. They tried ripping everything that made Pandora, who she was, away from her. That accent though, it would never really go away.]]
[center [size12 As Pandora was being led out of the room, her eyes caught Ana Amari, the resident Egyptian walking by right as they stepped out. She swallowed hard for a moment, her cheeks actually flushed with red coloring which was noticeable on her pale, but freckled cheeks. Captain Amari did nothing to confront them, only just chuckled. She did say one thing though, [i [#778899 "kids will be kids."]] But then walked away.]]
[center [size12 Captain Amari was someone that Pandora put all her trust in. Pandora shared things that she remembers from Talon with Ana Amari, that she hadn't told anyone else. And how Pandora knows that she can trust her is by how no one has spoken to her about Talon and the things that she has shared with Amari. Ana Amari was not only her Captain, but that was Pandora's teacher, guide, and mother figure.]]
[center [size12 Pandora then glanced up at McCree and just chuckled softly. [i [#FF0000 "I know that you know this, but she won't say a word about this to anyone,"]] Pandora wanted to reassure. She knows that Jesse has been with Overwatch, as well as Blackwatch, for a bit longer than Pandora, so of course, Jesse has known Captain Amari a lot longer than she has, as well.]]
  pandora / GH0UL / 206d 22h 49m 1s
She tasted like the shot he'd fed her earlier.

She tasted like home, and heartache, and fire. She tasted like smoke.

The description itself sounded a lot like him, which made him shiver under the touch of her lips against his. [i She was far too good at reading him, too.]

His hands had already been around her from pulling her in, but somehow, they'd snaked their way to cupping her neck and face, deepening the kiss, as if he couldn't get close enough to her.

He finally pulled away with a small smile as his thumb ran over her cheeks. "Well, that wasn't so hard, was it?" He said quietly, chuckling just under his breath at the comment.

"I don't mind.... Givin' inta yer antics." He narrowed his eyes just slightly at her. "So long as you ain't beatin' 'round the bush. I ain't as [i thick headed] as ya make me out to be... I just ain't givin' in to yer coy nature, bein' feisty n' all." He mused slightly. "...Can't say I don't find it charmin', though."

"...Maybe we should get out of the closet." He laughed, pulling himself away from the wall, although he slid his arm around her waist so that she'd stay close to him. "You can come to my room... If I remember right, someone initiated some kinda drinkin' challenge, n' i've been savin' a good bottle for such a thing." He smirked slightly, raising his arm to her shoulder and leading her out of the closet. "Ain't got nothin' but paperwork tomorrow... How 'bout it?"
  Jesse Mcree / HextechZydrate / 207d 54m 8s
[center [size12 It had in a smooth, but quick motion that made Pandora half expect a hard thud to happened when their bodies collided with one another. But, instead she just felt them leaning against one another in a soft fashion. It was like their bodies were made for this specific moment in time, but of course, she wasn’t a foolish girl to believe that. Instead, her eyes made direct contact with his until she felt his hand tilting her chin upward. She wanted to half protest, but where was the fun in that? Making Jesse stop now? That would be counterproductive.]]
[center [size12 Pandora’s fingers gripped onto the fabric of Jesse’s jacket in an attempt to keep herself under control, especially now with a gentle nipping at her neck. She wanted one thing, but could not act on it just yet, of course. She closed her eyes and smirked.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “You’re being quite persuasive, aren’t you?”]] Pandora could not help, but to chuckle. It was a ticklish chuckle from the nipping that she was holding back. She pulled her face away from his grasp and looked him in the eyes with a stern expression.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Don’t be frightened that you might ruin the moment, Jesse,”]] she whispered to him. She plucked his hat straight off the top of his head and placed it aside. [i [#FF0000 “You might do stupid things, but for once, you aren’t ruining anything,”]] she murmured quietly against his lips.]]
[center [size12 There was a lot that she wanted from Jesse, things that varied and secret things. She could not just spill everything that she wanted from him. Instead, she was careful and threaded lightly. She wasn't going to ruin anything that they had in the moment because this was definitely a rare moment for the both of them.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “I.. Just want to… Feel your lips on mine,”]] she whispered quietly, drawing out the sentence before finally kissing him once more. This time, it wasn’t that chaste, quick kiss from Jesse’s bedroom. This one had meaning behind it. Her fingers curled around the fabric of Jesse's jacket once more, holding onto it firmly as if she was showing that she wasn't going to let go any time soon.]]
  pandora / GH0UL / 210d 20h 39m 23s

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