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[center [size17 [u An Arsonist's Lullaby:]]][center [size15 [i Jesse McCree & Pandora Nova.]]]

[center [size13 [i When I was a child, I heard voices,]]][center [size13 [i Some would sing and some would scream,]]][center [size13 [i You soon find you have few choices,]]][center [size13 [i I learned the voices died with me.]]]
[center [pic]]
[center [size13 [i All she had was her fire.]]][center [size13 [i And a place that she needed to reach.]]][center [size13 [i But no longer did she have to be desperate to get there.]]][center [size13 [i He was there to help her in her time of need.]]]


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Jesse merely watched Pandora as she ran her fingers over his uniform. Was she going to take it off? Jesse would [i definitely] not be able to control himself then. Then again... Was he sure he wanted to?

Before he could really give chase down that rabbit hole, she was flinging him until she was, basically, mounting him in the corner of the room. did the teasing ever stop? Did it ever get serious?

Before she could pull away, Jesse swiftly hooked his fingers into her belt loops, pulling her back into him. He pulled her waist until she was leaning into him, pulling her hands to his chest as he came close to her ear.

"[i Darlin']"," He said quietly, an underlying seduction to his southern drawl, "I've about had it with this run-around you got me in." He mused. He was only half serious. "I want one-- [i just one]-- answer from ya that ain't consistin' of sarcasm or leavin' me all jittery." He took his hand from the top of her and slid it to her neck, tilting it slightly as his lips came dangerously close to her chin line.

"I know what you want... But ya ain't havin' it if yer not straight with me." He knew, too, that this was a dangerous game they were both playing. Yet, the more she teased him, the more she tested him, the more he [i craved] her. He knew it was like letting her win.... He didn't care much.

It felt like winning all the same.

He nipped her neck slightly, trying to concentrate on just his breathing. He couldn't lose his cool now, now that he'd come so close.

"...Pandora, be honest with me." He said quietly. The moment was still intimate, but his voice had changed just slightly into a more serious tone. "...What do you really want from me?"

That question sent butterflies through him. He was, in fact, quite nervous of her answer. On one hand, it could lead horribly, that this position and their current circumstance was overly unwelcome, and that he'd crossed a line he'd never be able to get back.

On the other... he could've crossed a line that was [i very] much welcomed, and perhaps she could want more to do with him.

Either way, Jesse was afraid of the demons that came with either solution. Being afraid to lose something --[i anything]-- was not something Jesse was willing to admit aloud, but it happened often. It's why he didn't let people close, or stay on teams long, or know anyone longer than he needed to. Overwatch, so far, had been the major exception, and now...

The girl that he held up against him felt so warm and familiar, and he instantly dreaded he'd asked anything to ruin this moment he'd had.

[i Well, at least, For a little while....] He thought dimly, but it drifted off, and all he could hear was his heart pounding in his ears in anticipation.
[center [size12 A sly smirk rolled over Pandora's lips as she moved into the office, listening to Angela and Jesse exchange words about the file. She began picking through things, opening jars filled with swabs, and even opening a couple of drawers, only to find more medical supplies. Pandora was curious like that. She was absently listening to the other two, while she was glancing around the medical office with such disregard only to be brought back to reality when she heard Angela's voice, but this time it was directed towards her.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I don't think playing nice is my thing,"]] Pandora gave the good doctor a wink before trotting out of the office and up to the Cowboy. Of course, Pandora was not going to take it easy on Jesse. It was too fun to watch him squirm.]]
[center [size12 Pandora was in her own mind while she was catching up to Jesse. She was glancing off into a direction, rather than watching Jesse, which seemed to be a mistake on her part. While she seemed to be lost in her own thoughts, Jesse had taken it upon himself to lock himself in a closet with her. Though, she did not feel in danger, or threatened, it seemed to be right where he wanted her and vice versa.]]
[center [size12 Pandora glanced up at Jesse, watching him lean in as close as he was. She wanted to kiss him again, throw him off balanced like she did earlier, but it wouldn't work again. He would be expecting such an easy thing like that. Instead, she was just looking right back up at him.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I must be good at what I do then,"]] Pandora murmured softly, her fingers lightly tracing his clothing, running along his coat before turning the tables. Gracefully changing their positioning to now she had him in a corner, her lips curled into a deadly smirk with something hidden behind it.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "To be completely honest, Jesse... You're just too fun to mess with. I want to see how far I can push you until you actually get the message,"]] Pandora had a pretty tight hold on his coat, her eyes glaring into his, but it was an angry kind of glare. It was a daring glare. [i [#FF0000 "I always seem to forget how thick men's skulls are,"]] she gave his forehead a good flick before letting him free of her grasp.]]
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Jesse was lost in his thoughts when she popped up by his side, apparently loyal as ever. He wasn't sure if he thought that it was annoying, or endearing. Either way, it didn't stop her from firing off that mouth of hers as they approached Angela's office. He made to say something, his ears turning red at her comment about his composure, but it was immediately stifled as Pandora quickly entered the room.

It also didn't take her long to throw him under the bus.

Angela raised her eyebrow at Pandora's last comment before turning to McCree.

"Stole something?" She said with a rising smile. "You're under the assumption I don't know when things go missing, and by whom." She held out her hand, regardless of her statement. Jesse shrugged, pulling the file from his pocket, smoothed it out, then handed it to the good doctor.

"Thanks fer lettin' me barrow it, Doc." He said with a smile.

"You should [i really] ask, Jesse." She said with a forgiving smile as she put it back in its respectful place. "And your ears are red. Are you sick?" Jesse's face fell before he huffed, sitting in the chair in front of the woman.

"I'm [i fine], damnit." He grumbled. Angela merely smiled, rolling herself in her wheeled chair closer to his arm. He pulled at his coat, the human arm exposing its true colors. Literally.

It was only slightly bruised here and there, but was certainly red from being in a position it wasn't supposed to be in. It would be tender, but Jesse could tell, by the fact that he could move it at all, that he'd be fine. Angela laughed quietly.

"This is getting old, McCree."

"You wouldn't have a job if i ain't hurtin' myself." He laughed quietly. "Ain't nothin'. She did fine." Angela pushed on the arm, and Jesse didn't even flinch. It hurt a bit, but if it had been relocated incorrectly, it would have instantly been more painful than that. Mercy then made to straighten out his shoulder, pushing her hands in a way against it to check and see if it was out of alignment.

"Well... You've done this enough to know." Angela said, sighing in defeat. "It is in place. Don't fret, [i Kära]." She smiled at Pandora. "And you were supposed to [i call] first." Angela punched Jesse in the arm, far below the bruise. He rubbed the spot.

"Okay, okay! I'll remember next time." He said, standing and putting his coat back on. "I'm goin', then."

"Of course." She grinned. Jesse let himself out, and Angela looked to Pandora. "i've only seen him go red once before." She smirked at the girl. "[i Play nice], Pandora." She then motioned for her to follow the Cowboy before turning to her desk.

Unbeknownst to the girls, Jesse hadn't made it far enough [i not] to hear Angela. [i Damn women...] He huffed, pulling his hat in his face more than before and walking quietly down the hall. He walked slow enough to let Pandora catch up to him before he pushed her towards a closet, just on the other side of her. When inside, he shut the door and sighed quietly.

"To answer yer question... It's hard to get words out when ya go off 'n shove me into situations I ain't know how to respond in." He laughed slightly, leaning over her. "That was a dirty trick you pulled, tryin' tuh deflect our conversation by gett'n me on the doc's bad side." He smirked slightly, his arms grasping the shelf above her.

"Now here's mine... Why're ya so interested in derailin' me?" He quietly waiting for her response as he looked down into her golden eyes.
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[center [size12 Without a single word, other than her name being said, Pandora was against a wall. Normally, she would have reacted very defensive against someone that was trying to do that, but this was Jesse McCree, the Overwatch Organization's famous Cowboy and someone that Pandora definitely would not mind being pushed against a wall by. She did have this tight pain in her stomach for a brief moment, but it was a bad kind of pain. It was a good, anticipation kind of pain that wanted to know what was going to happen next kind of pain.]]
[center [size12 Everything about this situation made Pandora want to further poke at Jesse to see what his breaking point. She knew that he wanted her, but he was too afraid to act on those kinds of desires. She could not quite pinpoint why though. That part did make her wonder that if he was acting previously and maybe he did not want this. She had a million things running through her mind, but she was brought back to reality when he was walking away from her. He had taken the file and was leaving the room when she regained her composure completely.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "What? Did the Cowboy struggle to find his words? I thought you liked talking?"]] Pandora continued on poking at him, though she might be crossing the line as she followed him out of the room. She was by his side once more within a second.]]
[center [size12 Pandora glanced around, looking to see if there were people around. Everything was rather quiet for the base. People were doing their own thing. There weren't any missions going on right now since technically, Overwatch isn't supposed to be involved in the King's Row issue. Pandora and Jesse were basically undercover and hidden from the government of King's Row. An in and out mission that had a few bumps.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "By the way, I would like to see you lose your composure that you seemed so hard to keep in check earlier,"]] Pandora commented as they approached the door to Angela's office. She gave Jesse's a smirk before knocking on the door.]]
[center [size12 Angela's quiet and soft voice could be heard from behind the door before it opened. [i [#FFBF00 "Ah, Miss. Nova and Jesse. What can I do for you?"]] Angela asked curiously.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "It took some convincing, but our resident Cowboy dislocated his shoulder during our mission earlier and I relocated it while in the field. I'm not a medical expert, so I would love if you would make sure I didn't mess anything up,"]] Pandora explained before entering Angela's office, glancing over her shoulder to Jesse. [i [#FF0000 "And Jesse stole something from you, as well,"]] Pandora was good at throwing Jesse under the bus, for sure. It was pay back for what he just did in his room.]]
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Jesse was starstruck.

He'd been merely teasing the girl the whole time he was meandering around the room, but he hadn't expected... Well, [i that]. His whole face seemed to lose color and regain it all at once. He couldn't help but just watch her sift through his drawer, that smirk plastered all over her face, like she'd won or something.

Jesse pulled at his hat slightly before standing, striding to her with ease and pressing her up against the wall before she had much say in the matter. He took her chin between his thumb and forefinger and tilted her head up to meet his eyes with hers.

"Pandora." The drawn out syllables of her name almost sounded like a warning... Almost. Gently, he took the file from her hand with his free one and tucked it in his back pocket, never once looking away from her. He mulled over in his head what he should do here. She [i did] kiss him first, and yet... Something in McCree's mind said it wasn't quite right to rile her up... Not just yet.

After a moment of just staring, he stood, fully, nearly towering her, his fingers still firmly against her chin. "Now I've been pokin' at you, firehawk, but yer rilin' something up I ain't gunna have means to control if you [i don't stop teasing me]." Again, it was an almost warning. His voice was firm, even though he sounded a lot like he wouldn't mind losing his composure. At least... With her.

"I..." He said quietly, but couldn't seem to get his words to move past the beginning of the sentence. He gave a heavy sigh before pulling away, releasing her face and shoving his hands in his coat pockets. He gave no reassurance that he was alright, no smiles as he stared at her.

Weirdly, he couldn't put the words together in his mouth on [i exactly] what he wanted to tell her, which was uncommon for the man who basically did nothing but speaking. What could he tell her? That he felt like he knew her? That he wanted to run his hands through her hair? That he [i liked] being riled up?

They'd barely known of each other before this mission, and yet he wanted the world to know that she'd be [i his] someday, and no one would get in the way of that... And that scared Jesse.

"...Alright, I'm goin'. follow 'er not." He turned to the door sharply, kicking the bottom gently and it revealed the hallway to him. He stepped through the entrance without another word as he walked in the directions towards Angela's office.
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[center [size12 Pandora followed Jesse into his room and glanced around. She could assume that he had been here awhile, given that her room was a lot more clean than his. His was definitely a different style than hers. The new recruits' rooms must have just been added. She then looked over at Jesse and pouted in an annoyed manner. He was doing this on purpose and Pandora knew it. She wanted to kick him, but instead, she took a seat next to him.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Don't be askin' for things that you might not want, Cowboy,"]] she raised an eyebrow at him. She could mean anything by that. Ignoring him, kicking him, anything.. She was just sitting next to him before she grabbed his shoulders and turned him to face her and she was glancing deeply into his eyes. [i [#FF0000 "But, if you don't find that file, I will have to resort to drastic measures,"]] she had a very mischievous grin on her lips.]]
[center [size12 She still had a rather tightening grip on his shoulders before leaning into him. Their faces were mere centimeters from one another before she landed a very gentle, chaste kiss on his lips and then pulled away. Without a second wasted, she was on her feet and glancing through Jesse's things, herself.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Come on, Cowboy. Help a girl out and let's get this over with,"]] she snapped her fingers a few things before finally finding the file. She plucked it out of the hiding place and gave a smirk in Jesse's direction. [i [#FF0000 "Time to pay a nice visit to the Angel and you can tell her that you stole this,"]] she hummed in a soft voice, knowing that she had Jesse around her finger at this point.]]
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"Nah, Nah, You misunderstand." He put his hands up. "What I meant was... We're the only ones she's buggin'. Between you and I, if Angela got a vibe from somethin' that bootlicker was doin' around her, the doctor wouldn't wait a second." He said with a firm nod.

Angela was very kind, and very patient, even if she shouted at people, however... McCree had only ever seen that patience run out once. He had faith that, If Mercy suspected [i anything], she would be on it before it was even necessary to have a meeting about it.

She was very reliable like that. The paperwork later, though...

"I ain't tryna get rid of ya." He grinned. "Far from it..." He said quietly, although he was pretty sure it could be heard. That hallway was pretty barren. He dug his heels into the ground after that, stopping her from pushing him for a moment, then he turned to her, catching her in his arms.

"If I'm to return the thing, I'm gunna need it on hand." He laughed slightly, taking her arm in his and leading her the opposite direction. "I hid it... Didn't want it goin' anywhere. It's import'nt, after all." He kicked his door after they got to his room and it popped open for him, a little more clunky than the nice, smooth ones of the newer rooms.

He'd been here a while.

He stepped in, expecting her to follow before the door slid closed.

"Now, where did I put it...?" He wondered with a slight grin, tapping the side of his face with his pondering features. "Could be anywhere at this point." He mused, giving her a grin. "Maybe if I had something tuh.... Jog my memory." He turned to her, sitting on the bed, being a facetious little prick in the name of good fun.
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[center [size12 Pandora made a mental note of Jesse's comment about Moira not being an issue for anyone, but them. Her was terribly wrong, in that field. She was definitely at odds with Angela, but of course, being the angel that Angela was, she wasn't going to make a huge fuss about it. But, Pandora knew. Their ideas of medicine and healing was completely different. Pandora could see all of that, but she did not dare approach the doctor about it.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "No, no. I am coming with you, Jesse. Don't tell me otherwise,"]] Pandora shook her head. She was a stubborn girl and wasn't going to back down now, she even wanted to take him earlier when he came and checked on her, but somehow, they had gotten side tracked with drinks and food. [i [#FF0000 "And this is nothing compared to how far I am going to put you under the table when we get some real Irish whiskey in us,"]] Pandora bumped into him with a soft chuckle. She wasn't the type to back down from a challenge, especially with something that was so natural to her and her people.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Come on, Cowboy. You aren't going to get rid of me that easily. I am coming with you, whether you like it or not,"]] this time, Pandora was actually pushing him down the hallway in a comical fashion, closer to Angela's office. [i [#FF0000 "Plus, you gotta tell the good Doctor what you stole a few days ago and I wanna see what happens,"]] of course, Pandora mentioned the file with a spiteful grin on her lips.]]
[center [size12 But as they began actually walking towards Angela's office, Pandora felt a need to tell Jesse about the conflicting issues with Moira and Angela. If anyone would knew just how horrible Moira was, it would be Angela, not Morrison or Reyes. It was a sad fact, but a true one.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "By the way, Jesse... I think you might have some misinformation about Moira not causing any issues with anyone else. I know our good ol' Doctor, Angela, has been having some issues with her as well,"]] Pandora explained in a hushed tone. [i [#FF0000 "Angela and Moira have very different views when it comes to helping people and healing their wounds. It's like a weird case of good doctor/bad doctor kind of thing,"]] Pandora explained with a soft sigh.]]
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"I Doubt it, Spitfire." He mused before pulling her in. "Moira ain't been a touchy subject for anyone but us. Mayhaps I'll mention her creepin' tuh Morrison, though... I ain't so sure Reyes would take much interest." He walked along with her under his arm and he smiled down at her.

"At any rate... Ya got a light dustin' on ya. Had a lil' too much, eh?" He smirked slightly. "And here I was, thinkin' you'd put up a challenge to me." He only meant it jokingly, and he couldn't help but laugh. Even her slightly childish nature was cute to him.

Jesse couldn't help but wonder what was peaking his interest in Pandora today. Yes, he could say anyone would be curious to get to know the person they would be working with on a near constant, but... This was different. Perhaps it was because she was new. Maybe it was because they had pretty much been near each other most of the day.

Jesse couldn't think of an excuse through the slight buzz creeping up on him.

"...Should we get ya tuh bed first?" He grinned at her. "Ain't no reason to follow me in. She'll just tell me what I already know. 'McCree, yer so reckless.' 'Jesse, you big oaf, be more careful!' Ya know... Typical Swedish hollubaloo." He laughed in spite of himself.

"That, 'n... You've had quite the day, ain't cha?" He tilted his head. "I could... Come back 'n chat with ya when all's said 'n done." It was his way of poking around to see if she wanted him around. He didn't want to burden her if she'd rather be alone. He was respectful enough to know when to back off.

A weird thing, too. It was usually a fun game for him to prod at someone until they wanted to punch him, which typically led to his laughter and full entertainment. But... Not this time. This time, he felt a little self conscious, which led right back to the thoughts: [i Why her?] He waited for her reply.
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[center [size12 Pandora couldn't help, but to try and get an idea of what McCree was talking to Angela about. The conversation was cut short without much of a warning and she grew increasingly concerned. [i [#FF0000 "I wonder what the resident Guardian Angel wanted after she realized you were with me,"]] Pandora chuckled quietly before watching McCree flagging down the server.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Once upon time, Cowboy... I wasn't always spitfire and aggressive,"]] she chuckled quietly when she watched her own shot slid towards her. She took a hold it and quickly downed it. [i [#FF0000 "But, I do know how to handle my alcohol. You might not want to get into this with me,"]] Pandora warned her.]]
[center [size12 There were a few more things that she remembered about her past. She did know that she wasn't this aggressive and confrontational girl. She used to be soft and kind, a total sweetheart, but she did have a party side. She had an older brother, who taught her a little bit before he, sadly, passed away.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "But, I do have to hand it to you, Jesse. You have bigger balls than I would expect from you,"]] she purred softly, lowering her eyes to meet his gaze. She scooted in just a bit closer to him, teasing him with a brush of her shoulder against his. Small touches and things like that before she cleared her throat. [i [#FF0000 "We should actually go see what Doctor Ziegler wanted and maybe... We can continue this drinking game later,"]] with that Pandora flagged the server down for their check.]]
[center [size12 Without a word, Pandora actually paid for their full meal and drinks. She wasn't one for traditional methods. She actually hated when people babied her, or paid for her. She liked being her own person and doing the things that she wanted.]]
[center [size15 [b ~ Back At Base ~]]]
[center [size12 A red hue was crawling over Pandora's cheeks and nose. It was some of the liquor getting to her. She wasn't drunk by any means. Just a bit tipsy. She figured that it was because she actually hadn't drank in a very long time.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I wonder if this is about Moira..."]] Pandora was thinking out loud. She knew that it could be dangerous talking like that. She glanced over to McCree with a raised eyebrow. [i [#FF0000 "I still feel like she is creeping around. She is so creepy,"]] she huffed quietly, shivering a bit. It was like Pandora felt like she was always being watched by that woman constantly.]]
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Jesse listened intently to her words, even though he was shoveling food into his mouth. He hadn't realized how hungry he was. Or how intrigued he was by this girl's facial expressions. When she'd finished her sentence and smirked at him from over her cup, he chuckled gently.

"I reckon I'd enjoy that." He said. Mid bite, a chirp could be heard, signalling he was getting a call on his comm device, and he groaned. Setting his silverware down and fishing out of his pocket the device, he finished swallowing his food before answering.

[i "Jesse Mcree, Var i helvete är du?!"] A very angry, very swedish voice rang out as soon as the connection was met. Jesse had to pull it away from his ear as to not get his eardrum damage.

"Hello tuh ya too, Angela." He said with a sigh.

"[i You] were supposed to be here already. Do you really think I have time to wait around on you?" Mercy growled on the other end.

"Sorry, Darlin'. I went out."

"[i Out!?]" The shrill came back into her voice.

"Easy, Angel. We're just grabbin' some grub. I'll be in soon, alright?" He chuckled nervously. He anticipate more shouting, and probably a beating when he got to the infirmary, but he always did what he could to keep Mercy calm.

"You said 'we'?" Mercy said, a little more calm than a moment ago. "You're with Pandora?"

"...Yeah?" McCree couldn't tell if that was shock or confusion in her voice on the other side, but he wasn't sure why she would have need for either of those things.

"...Call me when you get back to the base." She said.

"...Alright, but Mercy, what--" Click. Jesse looked at the phone with confusion before setting it down. "...I got this inklin' i'm gunna hear it when I get back." He laughed it off, trying to make it seem as normal as he could. Why had she gone soft like that all of the sudden, after moments before hounding him about not being there?

Did Mercy know something he didn't?

He flagged the waitress down for a couple of shots this time. He needed to get his mind clear from some of the day. Although, he was not entirely sure how successful he would be, considering part of the problem was sitting not even 5 feet across from him.

When the shots were put on the table, he immediately took one, and then slid the other to Pandora.

"Since ya seem to be such a tough cookie, stealin' my drink n all, let's see you have yer own." He challenged slightly with a smirk to go with it. Jesse couldn't help but be intrigued every time she smirked at him, or challenged him with her words, or gave a little hint of attitude. He wanted to see it more, understand her intent behind it better.

McCree wanted to [i know] her.
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[center [size12 The small diner had only recently put the Sheppard's pie on the menu because of Pandora's increasing visits there, so she could only hope that this wasn't completely inedible. She was a bit hesitant, but soon took a bite. It was no Irish Sheppard's Pie, but it was horrible. She savored it for a moment before swallowing it with a small sigh. [i [#FF0000 "Not quite like Mother used to make, but still somewhat close to the Irish recipe,"]] she humored herself with a quiet chuckled before directing her attention back towards the Cowboy.]]
[center [size12 Pandora, with McCree's question, pondered about her past for a few, brief moments. She leaned back into her booth, holding her cup of coffee in one hand and took a longing sip from it. She was, obviously, in deep thought as she tried to recall some kind of memories from her days with her family in Ireland.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I remember having a brother, like I mentioned earlier. He was my best friend and I believe that he died from a car crash when I was younger, before all this shit with Talon happened,"]] Pandora was trying to recollect memories, but it wasn't the easiest thing to do. Angela was trying to help with that process. [i [#FF0000 "I was, believe it or not, a devoted Catholic,"]] she chuckled, shrugging a bit. Her current way of living would definitely speak against her old religious beliefs. [i [#FF0000 "But as of the rest of my memories, Angela is trying to help me with that. I remember little things, like what my house in Ireland looked like, but I can't remember any of my family's names,"]] she quietly sighed before turning her attention back towards her food.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Ireland is really beautiful though, maybe I can take you there one day,"]] Pandora looked at McCree from the corner of her eyes with a small smirk on her lips. She began finishing off the rest of her coffee, as well as her food, pushing the plate and cup aside.]]
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Jesse chuckled at her worry. There he went, thinking how cute it was, too. He shrugged gently. "Don't mind me, darlin'. If you'd messed it up, it would be black 'n blue about now." McCree poked it gently with his free hand and grinned. "See? Ain't even hurtin'." He nudged her gently with his leg, as she had done before. "I'll be fine... Take a second not tuh worry, alright?"

And when these so called "pies" came out to them, he stared at it, bewildered. Pandora explained what kind of dish this was, he narrowed his eyes at it, skeptical.

"Ain't never heard of no meat pie..." He grumbled. "... But I'll try anythin' once." For a minute or so, he poked into the crust, looking into the contents of the concoction in front of him, his skepticism unchanged as his face twisted in distaste. But, as he said he would, he got a hearty scoop onto his utensil, and shoved it in his mouth. After a few moments of chewing, he have a "huh", not entirely disappointed with the flavor.

"... Interestin'." He said when how mouth had been cleared off the first bite. "Might take some gettin' used tuh, but... It ain't bad." He shoved another bite in his mouth with less hesitation than before.

He watched again as she snuck some of his alcohol into her drink, obviously not caring to hide it, and he grinned. "Careful, darlin', it's more potent than it looks." He said before taking another bite.

"What do I want to know now?" He said after quickly swallowing, as not to seem rude with his mouth full. "Well..." He set his fork down to think for a moment. "Yer from Ireland, right? Do you... Remember much of it?" He knew that they did a number to her memory, but maybe there was a chance she could still remember some things. That, and, he was curious to know what it was like over there. He hadn't done as much traveling as he would have liked to, especially with blackwatch tethering him down.
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[center [size12 Pandora had actually forgotten about his arm and nearly yelled at him for not getting it checked out, but she had stopped herself remembering what had happened. He took time out of his schedule to check up on her. She did not want to yell at him for that.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Yes, you do need to take it back and on that subject, I will be going with you to make sure I didn't screw your arm up,"]] plus it would be a learning experience for her, in the grand scheme of things. If she had screwed up his arm, she could potentially learn how to actually properly put something like what happened to McCree back into place.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I guess I can understand the whole taking precautions ordeal for you. Not only am I new member, but I was once under the control of Talon,"]] she gave a casual shrug as she snuck a bit of Jesse's drink into her own once more. She had never been a drinker, but if she ever drank, it was always with her coffee. She then glanced up when she watched the waitress walking over with their food. Once their food was placed down, Pandora gave the girl a general nod into her direction before she walked off.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "I hope you weren't expecting actual pie. It's an Irish dish and its delicious,"]] she chuckled quietly before taking a couple of bites. [i [#FF0000 "So, Cowboy... Do you have an questions about myself as of right now? Anything you want to know about me?"]] Pandora asked curiously after she washed a bit of her food down with her spiked coffee.]]
[center [size12 Not only was Pandora a human turned into a war machine, but she was once a member of Talon, without truly knowing it, of course. She was brainwashed heavily and put through extensive training and manipulation. She could understand Jesse's caution when finding out who his new partner was. She wasn't going to fault him for that.]]
  pandora / GH0UL / 22d 10h 51m 35s
"Oye," Jesse laughed, "If I go hidin', it ain't to cause trouble, Missy." He grinned at her. She then mentioned something about what she knew he was doing, to which he chuckled darkly, eyeing her as she made to take his drink. "Ya sure you wanna be takin a man's drink, Firehawk?" He mused before taking it back and pulling a big gulp of it into his mouth.

"Darlin, if you knew what I was like, then ya'd know she ain't my type." He grinned at her, putting the menu down. "She's easy on the eyes, sure, but that ain't all I'm lookin' fer." Then the waitress came back for their order.

Pandora ordered something interesting. A Sheppard's pie? I mean, who could go wrong with pie? Jesse cleared his throat. "I'll have one as well." Then he handed off the menus to the girl.

Jesse basically began to down his drink when she started talking about her missing file. He put the mug down and chuckled. "I've got lots of questions. N I'll be askin ya them... In time." He smiled at her genuinely.

"Ain't that I don't wanna trust ya, darlin'. I am not the type tuh goin' about, stealin files n things. I just... Take precautions." He shrugged slightly. He then flagged down the waitress to refill his liquor. "Been a while since I had a partner. Even longer than that fer one that's got history in likeness to mine... It made me nervous." He laughed slightly before taking about swig.

"I'll put it back on my way in fer my arm."
  Jesse Mcree / HextechZydrate / 22d 11h 20m 6s

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