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Jacob parked in front of Sam and Emily’s house and called out the pack signal. It wasn’t really a word but more of a noise. Sam came out to the porch nodding. He hugged Bella, “it’s nice to see you again Bella, you should come to the Rez more...” Jacob agreed, “she should.”

He led her inside where Emily was covered in flour and mixing up batters for cakes and cookies for the bonfire.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2y 35d 13h 32m 50s
Bella smiles and sits back in her seat. funny thing is Jake doesn't know the surprise she has for him once school starts back up in a couple days. [+blue I know Jake but like you said my friends are all in forks and i would miss them.] she smiles softly and looks out the window thankful that Jake can't read her mind or else he would already know.
  Isabella Swan (Bella) / MidnightJuniper / 2y 35d 13h 39m 31s
Jacob smiled, “I thought you needed a reminder of me when your at school....I wish you would finish out your year in La Push but I understand your friends are at Forks...I like that I get out at 3 and you and 3:30 so I can come and pick you up everyday.” He said starting the truck and heading toward Sam and Emily’s house.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2y 35d 13h 42m 47s
Bella takes the wolf charm into her hand and smiles leaning forward and kissing Jake softly. [+blue it look so pretty Jake thank you] bella says placing a kiss to Jake's cheek.
  Isabella Swan (Bella) / MidnightJuniper / 2y 35d 13h 47m 39s
"Babe I think he knows.... remember the time he caught me in the hallway in my boxers?" Jacob said smiling. He kissed her lips and climbed into the driver's seat. "I want to give you your anniversary present before the bonfire... I feel like thats private just you and me." He said getting a small black box out of his pocket. "I know you said don't spend any money but I needed a chain for it." He opened the box revealing a silver bracelet with a carved wooden wold charm... the same color as Jacob's wolf.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2y 35d 14h 23m 27s
[+blue you can put your bike in the garage. and then you can get your butt in the driver seat your driving today.] Bella says. Bella blushes when Jake rests his hand on her Ass [+blue Jake i was joking i dont need charlie getting all bent out of shape by finding out that his not so innocent daughter isnt a virgin any more and haven't been for a good 3 years]!
  Isabella Swan (Bella) / MidnightJuniper / 2y 35d 14h 25m 39s
Jacob groaned, "I rode my bike so can I put it on your garage, I forgot that Emily wanted to make cookies or I would have brought the rabbit." He said opening the driver's side door of her truck for her. It was rare she allowed him to drive her truck. Only if she wasn't feeling well.

"Babe you didn't mean what you said to Charlie right... your not going to deny me all this...." he said letting his hand rest on her ass, "On my birthday and our anniversary."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2y 35d 14h 33m 36s
Bella perks up a little more when Jake mentions Emily she loves spending tim with her. [+blue i am more then willing to help Em make cookies Jake and Really we will be going to the bonfire? Thats awesome i can't wait!] Bella smiles and leans over and kisses Charlies Cheek [+blue Don't worry dad i dont think anything else is gonna happen tonight. Anyways me and Jake should probably get going] She grabs Jake's hand and pulls him into the living room,out the door and towards her truck.
  Isabella Swan (Bella) / MidnightJuniper / 2y 35d 14h 35m 49s
"Emily wanted your help with some cookies today and I am going to help Sam cut wood for the bonfire... remember I become chief tonight...I'm 18 now." He said smiling. He loved her so much and everything in his life had been leading up to him becoming chief of the tribe and taking over for his father. Jacob would be a great leader and everyone knew it. What they didn't know was he was going to ask Bella to be his bride...

Charlie spoke up, "its his birthday Bells I was going to let it slide but I don't want to know about anything else that happens, just be safe, and I'll be at the bonfire tonight, Billy gave me and you permission... the only non Quileutes allowed tonight."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2y 35d 14h 40m 42s
Bella walks down the stairs as she hears Charlie and Jake talking she smiles to herself and steps off the last step and rounds the corner smiling. "[+blue Morning Charlie and good morning Babe]." she says smiling as Jake pulls her into his arms and kisses her. "[+blue Jake come on not in front of Charlie]." She says playfully pushing Jake away blushing. "[+blue happy 18th birthday by the way, what are the plans for tonight]?" she asks watching charlie drink his coffee.
  Isabella Swan (Bella) / MidnightJuniper / 2y 35d 14h 45m 10s
Jacob was already downstairs and Charlie had let him in. He waited on Bella, he could hear her upstairs in the shower. Wolf hearing had its perks. Charlie talked to him about the bonfire and Jacob told him how he wanted to be there and that tonight was the night. A couple months ago Jacob had asked Charlie's permission to marry Bella and Charlie had wholeheartedly agreed. He considered Jacob his son and had since they were kids.... he wouldn't consider them kids now. Jacob looked in his twenties but was only 18 today and Bella was surely an adult.

"If it gets too late I trust you can keep Bella safe and she can stay at Billy's and make sure that you don't let her suspect a thing...." Jacob nodded, 'I won't.... we're going to Sam and Emily's... Emily wants her to bake with her and I'm helping Sam cut some wood for the bonfire, remember your picking up dad." Charlie nodded as Bella came down the stairs. "Morning Bells." Charlie said sipping his coffee and Jacob smiled, "Morning Babe." He muttered getting up and pulling her into his arms for a kiss. Usually Charlie would have cleared his throat but it was Jacob's birthday and he thought it was funny seeing Bella blush.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2y 35d 15h 14m 53s
The morning late shines brightly through Bella's bedroom window, hitting her directly in the face. She rolls over grumbling about the light be to bright and throws a pillow over her face, laying there for 30 mins she suddenly sits up realizing what day it was. It is Jake's eighteenth birthday and hers and Jake's five year anniversary. Scrambling out of bed Bella trips on her covers and hits the floor hard "[+blue ouch i really need to be more careful.]" Bella says to herself getting up and going into her bathroom and taking a shower. When shes done she goes back into her room and gets dressed into her outfit for the day which consists of a red palid shirt over top of a black tank top, a pair of blue skinny jeans and a pair of tan hiking boots.
  Isabella Swan (Bella) / MidnightJuniper / 2y 35d 15h 19m 58s
I am all for this roleplay. I love twilight themed roleplays :)
  porter15311 / 2y 37d 13h 20m 1s

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