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Bella holds Jake's hand and smiles watching as everyone came up to them and congratulated them on their engagement. Bella leans closer to Jake to say something when all of a sudden another member of the pack comes running to warn Jake about some Vampire in their territory that has killed someone. Bella looks at Jake and places a hand on him and is about to say something when Two vampires come crashing through the trees and stops in front of Bella and Jake..
  Isabella Swan (Bella) / MidnightJuniper / 1y 343d 12h 44m 10s
Jacob was shaking as he slid the ring on her finger. It was custom for imprinted couples to marry young. Sam had been 19 when he and Emily got married and Jacob was 18 now. Billy and Sarah had been 17 and 18. It was a tribal tradition but one that Jacob had no problems or worries about. Being with Bella was as easy as breathing. Jacob kissed her and held her close to him. This was the best birthday he could have ever hoped for. After he let her go he smiled and Billy smiled, “Congrats kids.” Jacob hugged his father and for the first time in his life, Billy was an elder now...not the chief.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 344d 7h 3m 41s
Bella claps along with everyone when Jake is Made Chief but is suddenly shocked when Jake pulls her into the circle as well and starts talking to her. Bella doesn't fully understand what is going on until she watches Jake get down on one knee and asks for her to marry him she lets out a small gasps and places a hand over her mouth and starts to tear up [+blue Yes! i will be honored to be your wife Jake.] She says to Jake pulling him up off the ground and kissing him as cheers are let out from the tribe as they hear her answer.
  Isabella Swan (Bella) / MidnightJuniper / 1y 344d 7h 17m 56s
When it was announced that Jacob Black, son of William, Grandson of Ephriam, and great grandson of Ta- Ha- aki was the chief of the Quileute tribe everyone clapped and bowed to Jacob. Jacob pulled Bella into the center of everything where he was and gave a nod to his dad and Charlie. He took a deep breath, “Isabella Marie Swan....I’ve loved you my entire life, from making mud pies on the beach to planning for our future....I will love you and protect with every fiber of my being for the rest of my life, as long as I live, you will be safe and loved....Bella....will you marry me?” He asked as he got down on one knee, holding out the ring box. It was a gorgeous while gold engagement ring, the diamond in the center was heart shaped but the whole band had smaller diamonds set into it all the way around. It looked like Jacob had been saving for years to buy it and would explain all the extra cars he had taken in at the shop lately.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 344d 7h 24m 11s
Bella smiles and hugs Jake close nodding her head [+blue I know Jake i can tell you are Alpha]. Bella watches Jakes Ceremony for cheif begin and she cant help but beam with pride and joy at how well he boyfriend had done these last five years
  Isabella Swan (Bella) / MidnightJuniper / 1y 344d 7h 29m 4s
Jacob hugged her smiling and whispered, “I’m alpha now.” Billy was full of pride for his son. Charlie just smiled. He thought he was witnessing Jacob’s chief ceremony as well as his daughters wedding purposal.

The ceremony started and everyone was silent, Jacob was sworn in to the great spirit and by the elders. He looked like an Native American brave in his loin cloth attire and wirhbtribal symbols painted all over him. It was tradition and this is the way they did things.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 344d 7h 46m 12s
[+blue I wouldnt have missed this day for the world Billy.] she turns to Charlie [+blue Thanks dad] she says as she turns towards Jake and watches as he walks closer to them. Bella smiles and takes a step forward
  Isabella Swan (Bella) / MidnightJuniper / 1y 344d 8h 37m 50s
“It’s a big day for him bella....thank you for being here for my son.” Nikki muttered hugging her. Charlie hugged her and said, “I’m proud of you Bella and congradulations on five years with that crazy boy.”

Soon the ceremony started and it was obvious Jacob had taken his position as alpha. He walked out first and seemed taller and more commanding than before.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 344d 8h 40m 15s
Bella shakes her head and swats Jake's hand away but not before he grabs a cookie. Bella and Emily get everything put away and Jake and her walk down to the beach for the bonfire. Jake tells bella that Charlie and his dad are down on the beach and that she should go over there and wait for him. Bella walks over to charlie and Billy and smiles [+blue hey you old men whats up] Bella says jokingly leaning down and giving billy a hug before giving charlie one.
  Isabella Swan (Bella) / MidnightJuniper / 1y 344d 8h 44m 9s
Jacob came in the small house and leaned against the doorway smiling. “You girls need any help with those?” He asked stealing a cookie from Bella’s tray.

Later that night Jacob was walking toward the beach with Bella and sighed, “dad and Charlie are waiting on the beach, as much as I want you to see the alpha exchange, I don’t want to phase with you too close Bella.”
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 344d 8h 49m 35s
Bella nods and smiles as she hears the boys hollaring from outside. [+blue well we better get our mess cleaned up and everything wrapped up so it doesn't get eaten by our boys.] Bella laughs as she looks out the window and see Jake wrestling with one of the boys.
  Isabella Swan (Bella) / MidnightJuniper / 1y 344d 8h 55m 55s
Emily nodded, “That’s wonderful. I know Jacob was worried about with him being chief and alpha if the tribe would have a problem with you not being involved as much as you should as his imprint....but your the only imprint in history to have been dating before the imprint and yours is the strongest bond any of the elders have seen.” She said smiling.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 344d 9h 4m 17s
[+blue Well then Em lets get to work and make these cookies and cakes and such plus i need to talk to you about the surprise i have planned for jake] Bella says as they get to work. By the time she was ready to talk about her surprise they had made well then more then enough cookies and cakes for tonight. [+blue Okay Emily here is what i have planned for Jake.. Im finishing my school year out here in La Push.. and i was wondering if thats a good idea?]
  Isabella Swan (Bella) / MidnightJuniper / 1y 344d 9h 7m 22s
Emily nodded, “a Birthday, anniversary, and a tribal chief ceremony all in one....the entire tribe will be there tonight and there has to be enough cookies.” She said sighing. Jacob and Sam headed to the woods to cut wood for the bonfire tonight. They would need quite a bit....Bella didn’t know this was also Jacob stepping up as alpha....but that would be done in private before the ceremony.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 344d 9h 12m 15s
bella smiles as they get out of her truck and smiles even bigger when Jake makes a noise and Sam appears giving her a huge hug and saying she should spend more time on the rez [+ if only they both knew] she chuckles to herself following them inside to find Em covered in flour. [+blue Hey Em I heard you could use a hand?] Bella says walking over and giving Emily a big hug.
  Isabella Swan (Bella) / MidnightJuniper / 1y 344d 9h 16m 3s

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