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A casual Pokémon roleplay, your character needs to be a trainer and can have up to seven Pokémon, though only six are allowed for battles. Your character doesn't need to be a new trainer, but you can't make them gods or op. No legendary Pokémon catching either! All types of writers are allowed, and romance is allowed as well. It would be amazing if someone could play npcs, but I'll do it if no one volunteers.

Nothing fantasy
Keep it realistic according to the game
No op
Team skull characters are allowed, but only as grunts or part-timers
Only trainer OCs, no canon characters unless you are controlling the npcs, no Pokémon either
Romance of all types is ok
Your character can have abilities like being able to speak to Pokémon, but don't make it so that everyone understands the language

Puppet master:

Puppet master: RamaAmor
Name: Maria Mayflower
Pokémon: Bite the Seviper lv. 49, Lillian the lopunny lv. 51, Saria the salazzle lv. 48,
Yuri the froslass lv. 47, Jules the Zoruark lv. 50, Blank the Silvally lv. 46
Appearance: White dress shoes, black and white striped knee socks, white bag, black and white plaid skirt, skull tee, white pigtails, white rimmed glasses, silver eyes,
Bio: A trial dropout doing part time jobs for team skull, she often camps out and puts her Pokémon before anyone else. Her father left, and her mother died from an extreme sickness, most likely cancer. She gave up hope after this and dropped out of the island challenge. She has a habit of being vague and disappearing, as well as helping the once in a while trial goer.

Puppet master: eeveelover
Name: Lilanni Smith
nickname: Lills
pokemon: Litten (lv.12), eevee (lv.14), pikachu (lv.13)
appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, shortish
Bio: Lilanni was just like any other girl until she met her rival Lukas and became a trainer.


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Roleplay Responses

Maria laughed and chased him, Saria following them with Noivern. Maria eventually caught up to him, accidentally running into him and knocking him down a short ways from the next town.
  Pokemon / RamaAmor / 29d 22h 54m 10s
*His face grew a bright Red as He Hugged Her* Yay! Now.... Shall We get out of here? Race you to the next town!! *Starts to run with lucario* Come On Maria! I'll Race you too!
  Seth the Stalker O-O / MLthevampireking / 264d 21h 18m 17s
She wiped away a small tear, still laughing quite a bit. "Yeah, I'll stay...I love you~" She finally calmed down, giving them a quick kiss on the cheek.
  Pokemon / RamaAmor / 264d 22h 20m 33s
*Sighs* So are you going to stay? *Grabs her hand and holds it tightly as they both turn a bright red* and you call me Tomato berry boy.... *Chuckles*
  Seth the Stalker O-O / MLthevampireking / 276d 22h 59m 41s
Maria's eyes were wide as she stared at him in shock. "Y-yes..." She started to chuckle a bit, before breaking into a loud laugh. She kept going to the point she was crying.
  Pokemon / RamaAmor / 277d 2h 36m 46s
Calm down.... it's ok.. you are fine. guess what? Surprise!*Chuckles as he Kisses her without a warning as Her eyes widen in surprise*now was that so embarrassing?
  Seth the Stalker O-O / MLthevampireking / 277d 2h 39m 10s
Maria was dark red, covering her face with her hands. She was embarrassed beyond belief. "Stop, you're making me bluuuush!" Saria laughed, staying close to noivern.
  Pokemon / RamaAmor / 277d 2h 46m 48s
W-what? really? so i'm the first guy you've opened up to? or even actually talked with? *Staring at her in shock. as his face started to get red* I-i thought a girl like you would have had at least one boyfriend.... you are very pretty... i would have never assumed i was the first... but i am honored to be the first.... *Blush*
  Seth the Stalker O-O / MLthevampireking / 277d 2h 57m 21s
Maria moved with a jolt, startled. "S-sorry! I was just thinking kiss you gave me, i-it was my first kiss. Y-you're technically my first b-boyfriend..."
  Pokemon / RamaAmor / 277d 3h 7m 36s
I did it. i only had to battle with Lucario... so whatare you thinking about? *Notices she was staring* Hello? Earth to Maria... Anyone in there? *Knocks on her head lightly*
  Sam / MLthevampireking / 277d 3h 23m 11s
Maria thought about what he said. D-did she? She had never dated anyone before, and his surprise kiss had been her [i first] kiss. She questioned if his statement was truly a compliment, forcing a smile when he appeared with the Z crystal.
  Pokemon / RamaAmor / 277d 12h 3m 39s
*Almost melts as he kisses back* You really do know how to wow guys... *smirks playfully* Well, wish me luck... *walks in and walks back out with a z crystal*
  Sam / MLthevampireking / 277d 20h 36m 3s
Saria playfully chatted with Noivern the whole time they walked. Maria laughed whenever she looked at them, before deciding to surprise him again with another passionate kiss.
  Pokemon / RamaAmor / 277d 20h 40m 46s
yeah, yeah... Bonehead *Chuckles and Punches her in the arm playfully* let's go lovebirds. *Looking at noivern and scratches him behind the ears* I feel greatful for you as my pokemon*
  Sam / MLthevampireking / 277d 20h 44m 44s
"Heh, when I feel up to it, tamato berry boy." She chuckled, kissing his neck before getting her pokemon ready to go. Saria refused, and got to stay with Noivern.
  Pokemon / RamaAmor / 277d 20h 49m 54s

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