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This is just a chat for the few friends I have on here. Anyone can long as they request and know the proper meaning of respect. That's about it. ^^

Oh yeah, and this chat has been dead for a while...but that doesn't mean that life can't spark back into it.


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Roleplay Responses

Alright, I'll reply to make ya happy! ^u^

There ya go! XD
  Rayna / AskTheStaff / 1y 79d 9h 39m 45s
Zach should reply down here

I don't like it that it's only me ;-;

I don't really mind! It could be anyone

  |x| Hello Dere |X| / NightSkyFox / 1y 79d 9h 41m 10s

This rp is AskTheStaff's but i'm teh first one posting here!

Take that Zach!!!!

[b I luvs this place]

Probably gonna stay here for awhile.

Sincerely~ NightSkyFox!
  |x| Hello Dere |X| / NightSkyFox / 1y 83d 15h 18m 40s

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