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As soon as the Kitsune started purring, Liana had had enough. "That's fucked up," she said, stepping away. Even as she did so, the Kitsune made no start to move, in fact, it seemed quite content as Lyra continued to stroke it's tail.

She was whispering something to it in a language Liana didn't understand. Kitsune weren't native to the area and the only experience she had with the creatures was in passing. From what she was seeing at the moment, she was glad of the fact.

Zhala was still standing over it with her glittering knife but for some reason no one was paying her any attention, despite her clearly wanting blood. Liana couldn't blame her for being angry; it had been a long, tiring day with little positives to be found and now she was being attacked in the middle of a night by the worlds first purring fox.

"I don't suppose," Liana asked her, "you have a magical talisman that let's us understand what the hell they're saying?"
  Liana Stonebridge / Dexy / 1y 58d 15h 24m 13s
Adlee tensed up from the person touching his tail then, he calmed down once he felt it being combed. It sort of needed to be combed anyways. There was some mud on his tail though it was camouflaged due to it's color. He laid down and started purring loudly. A content look spread upon his face
  Adlee Hasley / RlyCoolTurtles / 1y 58d 16h 49m 3s
When Lucas saw Zhala be pounced on again, he felt sorry for her. "Okay, I think we should watch for Zhala's safety from now on!" He said as he rushed over and observed Liana trap the kitsune to the ground. Lucas inspected the kitsune for a second, wondering if it had evil in its eyes or not. "Looks like a normal kistune to me...I wonder what angered it." He watched Lyra comb it, calmly. "I'm surprised to see one out here."
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 58d 17h 14m 8s
Lyra ran over, and saw them standing over Adlee. She took out a knife and walked over. She took in the scene, and noticed how familiar the figure looked. "Wait, don't attack, but don't let them go either." She bent down and grabbed the kitsune's tail, put away her knife, and pulled out a comb. She combed Adlee's fur, a common tactic used to calm kitsunes that always seemed to work. "Okay, now get off. I'll talk to them." She had come across pure fox kitsunes, and knew just enough of their language to get points across. She had never seen a humanoid one, though. The she-snake around her neck hissed and spread its hood. "Let them go, if they attack me...I can take care of it."
  Lyra Shadow / RamaAmor / 1y 58d 17h 37m 27s
Zhala was probably the worst person to offer to take the first watch, when the dark figure dropped down onto her legs she sat here, eyes wide and mouth open. She could have cast a spell, but what good was that? It took time to cast an attack spell, she threw up a protection around herself, hoping that it would at least save her from any supernatural attacks.

Suddenly the thing was thrown off her. Zhala looked up at Liana who, once again, was saving her ass. She quickly grabbed her bag and pulled out a small jeweled knife, holding it out in defense.

[b "Why do things keep attacking me" ] She huffed, clearly annoyed at the constant stream of things landing on her. She moved forward slowly, to stand beside Liana, holding the knife with an unsteady hand to the throat of her attacker.

[b "I have had it with people attacking me today, so if you could just stay still whilst I carve out your organs to release some of this anger, that would be fantastic" ] She snapped sarcastically.
  Zhala Hart / Burningsxn / 1y 58d 18h 6m 1s
When Liana woke with a start, night was still upon them and the only light provided came from the stars. Even so, she could see the shadowy figure crouched on top of Zhala poised, ready, she thought, to attack.

Suddenly she was moving, grabbing the first viable weapon she could: a rock twice the size of a man's fist and ran to hit the attacker over the head. It went down with a Yelp. She kicked over onto it's back and shoved her leather booted foot to it's neck.

A kistune? What the hell was one of those doing here? It didn't matter now. The kitsune was an enemy until proven otherwise.

"And what," said Liana, seething, "do you think your doing?
  Liana Stonebridge / Dexy / 1y 58d 18h 33m 53s
Adlee was suddenly awoken by a disturbance. He was sleeping in a tree so that he was well hidden from predators and thieves. He readied his claws to fight back against the intruder. Adlee didn't even bother to look at the person who disrupted his sleep. Maybe he could even swindle some goods before he fled? He pounced on the girl with reddish hair not noticing the hellhound. He landed on her leg with a fierce look and readied to fight
  Adlee Hasley / RlyCoolTurtles / 1y 58d 20h 4m 3s
Lucas set himself away from Liana and Zhala, wanting to avoid their pointless bickering. He glanced around, taking in his surroundings and pondering upon more thoughts once again. "Everyone is getting along just [b swell]." He whispered to himself sarcastically. After a few minutes, Lucas looked over at Lyra and noticed her sorrow. He walked over to her and sat on the other side of the hellhound. "Hey...are you doing alright? You seem troubled."
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 58d 20h 8m 52s
Lyra sat next to the hellhound, her eyes clouded with sadness. Her arm was still black, and would probably stay like that for a while. She was an insomniac, almost never sleeping. She ate a piece of fruit from her bag, and looked up at the stars, making out constellations. She thought about the rare beasts she had heard of. Capricorns, Eastern Lung Dragons, and many more. She felt a small nudge from her king cobra, and she stroked its head. If there was one thing these two girls had in common, it's that they never closed their eyes, the difference being that one had bags to show for it.
Lyra sighed, and searched her sketchbook, bookmarking a page with a night-eye/snox, red and black with a furry mane. She put the book back, and looked back at the skies, dreaming with her eyes open...
  Lyra Shadow / RamaAmor / 1y 58d 20h 20m 31s
Zhalas eyes widened at the girls comment. A rash? How was she supposed to see if she had a rash! Her good hand flew to her neck to feel the skin around her neck, nothing felt different? Pushing herself off the floor she picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder.

Watching Liana settle herself to the ground she turned to the others. [b "Sleep?! OUT HERE? Is she crazy?!" ] Zhalas cheeks were getting red with irritation. What kind of people were they? Didn't they understand how dangerous this place was? Pulling out a glass bottle from her bag, Zhala tipped a white ground powder into her hand and threw it over her head. [i Custodire a malo ] [b "To protect me from evil" ] She whispered to herself then turned back to Liana who was now asleep.

Tipping the white powder into her hand again she threw it in the girls face. It was a mix of protection herbs and ground crystals and lots of salt. She rolled her eyes and lifted her foot, planting it on the girls stomach, pressing down. [b "If you ever, EVER, poison me again with your weird forest girl potions, I will skin you and use your eyes for earrings." ] She snapped and released her foot. Zhala looked to the others and rolled her eyes again. They looked terrible and it was all from protecting her. She smiled slightly, the feeling unfamiliar on her face since her mother had passed. [b "Sleep. I'll keep watch." ] She said, her voice flat of any emotion, as she sat down as far away from Liana as possible.
  Zhala Hart / Burningsxn / 1y 58d 23h 34m 3s
"Just so you know," said Liana as she watch Zhala keel over and empty her stomach for what felt like the dozenth time, "that's completely normal. If you come up in a rash around your neck, though, it means you're probably gonna die in the next thirty minutes so you might want to get you affairs in order."

Lucas was still rubbing his arm from the chicken scratch he'd acquired earlier. Liana guessed he was feeling sorry for himself. "You keep aggravating that cut and it'll scar," she told him. Probably not the best idea, he'd like that. At least Lyra was sucking it up and not complaining, though she had been hurt worst than the lot.

Liana looked around her. They had entered a small clearing and if she looked up she could see the early night stars.

"It's getting late," she said to no one in particular, "we should set up camp." The area was quiet aside from the soft murmuring of the wind so they would hear anything approached. Liana would, at least.

Without waiting for anyone else's approval, she pulled out her blanket from her bag and lay it on the ground. She rested herself on top of it, folded it over her and almost instantly, she was asleep.
  Liana Stonebridge / Dexy / 1y 59d 1m 28s

As Lucas turned to look at the mangled corpse of the hellhound, he let out a sigh and placed his hand on his wounded arm. "Well...that's that." He said slowly. "Now we can tend to Zhala." He walked over to her and noticed how she had vomited up the concoctions that Liana gave her. Lucas turned back around and looked at each of his comrades solemnly. "It seems that the sickness growing in great power, now. If this hellhound almost killed one of us in just a few seconds, who knows what could happen when we encounter something bigger and stronger...?" Lucas closed his eyes and entered his own mind, pondering over what has already happened and what may happen in the future. If the sickness is getting even more widespread, could he catch it? There was no way to tell at the moment...as he could only brood and meditate upon the circumstances that the team is in.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 59d 19h 9m 32s
Lucas had no idea what to really do in this situation. He was never a full-blown fighter, unlike what most others expected. He was more of the intellectual type, thinking before acting. He ran up to the creature again and continued to swipe his tail at it, hoping to deter it from it's vicious efforts. "This thing just doesn't give up!" He shouted at the others as the monster jumped right past his head. "We need to find a way to kill this thing, and fast...or else we'll all be injured before we even get where we're going!" As Lucas said this, the creature was finally able to scratch his arm a bit, drawing some blood that had a peculiar shade to it.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 59d 20h 15m 2s

She watched as the creature fell to its side. She got up, and wiped the blood from her chin. She grabbed her sketchbook,and turned to a different page. Before long, a king cobra appeared, slithering up Lyra's arm and resting around her neck. Lyra looked at the creature. It was a hellhound, creatures often tamed to be guards. Lyra turned to an empty page and began sketching the creature, hopefully keeping at least one healthy. She pet it, before pulling back her now pitch black arm. She cried a bit, for it wasn't feeling anger or hatred, but melancholy and pain. It knew that what it had done was wrong, but the sickness was controlling it...another innocent life lost. "This isn't right...that goddamn sickness..."
  Lyra Shadow / RamaAmor / 1y 59d 20h 47m 12s
As Bork hit the tree, a loud thud sounded and a loud whimper came from the wolf as it fell to the ground, hurt and breathing heavily. Lyra suddenly coughed up blood and fell to her knees. Her spine felt deformed, though it was fine, and the glow from her eyes left. She went to Bork, who was weak, and woke the wolf.
"Run. Run away." The wolf limped away, quickly healing as it left. She opened her sketchbook to summon another creature, for Bork was no longer by her side. As she found a realistic sketch of a Phoenix griffin, she was suddenly pinned down from the creature. She put her hands around its neck, hoping that this would keep it from harming her. "Help!"
  Lyra Shadow / RamaAmor / 1y 59d 20h 56m 25s

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