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The once great kingdom of Muran is falling to pieces, for a deadly sickness had settled upon the great wildlife, turning calm dragons violent and tame demons feral. All connections to outside kingdoms have been cut off and the kingdom was quickly losing food and water. The king, desperate, has reached out to anyone that could help find a way to stop this sickness and return Muran to its former glory. Of course, one of these heroes is you.

Romance is allowed if agreed by the other roleplayer.
You can curse, but don't make it every other word
Pets are allowed, but only one or two. You don't need 300 snakes.
This is a kingdom era roleplay, no phones or modern clothing.
Your character can start of with money, but make it reasonable.
You can have multiple people in the same roles.
Your character can have multiple roles, but not every single one.
No op, god modding, or invulnerability, no perfect armor
Yes, you can die, but only if you feel like it

Healer(s):Liana Stonebridge
Fighters and hunters: Lyra Shadow, Lucas Mui
Guides: Zhala Hart,
Supernatural beings : Lyra Shadow, Lucas Mui, Zhala Hart,

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Zhala watched the fight before her eyes. They were trying so hard, and yet she could feel the power of the Demon growing stronger and stronger with its fury, she knew she would have to act soon. As Liana's branch snapped and the girl tumbled to the floor, Zhala took a step forward and then found her feet moving quickly, running towards the girl.

Panic set into her gut, she had grown fond of the girl, the cold attitude and straight-laced talking, and the sight of her laying unmoving on the floor, blood pooling around her, tugged at something Zhala hadn't felt in a long time. She hesitated for a moment, looking at the pain across the wild ones face. Her hand hovered over her bag, ready to pull out a potion and help the girl, but she hesitated and then reached down, pulling a small splinter of branch off the floor. It was covered in a dark liquid and she knew at once that it was the Demons blood.

Drawing in a deep breath, she retreated slightly, not wanting the Demon to sense her enough to attack her and break her concentration. Liana was down, Lyra was frozen but Lucas was still up and he could fight it long enough for her to pass the binding spell. Taking a deep breath, she started to chant the words that would bind this Demon to her mortal body forever. It was the beginning of her end.
  Zhala Hart / Burningsxn / 1y 108d 5h 21m 9s
If this was the demon at half power, Liana did not want to know the alternative. It moved faster than any beast she had encountered in the wild and seemed to half anticipate Lucas and lyras every move, making it near impossible to get a hit.

Liana needed to do something. She hauled up a nearby oak, or what she thought used to be an oak, her labour hardened fingers barely feeling the black, crumbling bark. The first branch, rotted through, snapped beneath her feet. She leaped before she fell onto the the branch over. It shuddered but stayed put.

Barely breathing so not to compromise the stability of her platform, Liana pulled out her bow and notched an arrow and drew.

The demon was charging towards the two fighters, both sprawled on the floor. Lucas was moving but Lyra seemed frozen. Lianas arrow flew. Right into the head of the demon. It screamed the most visceral of screams and thrashed it's shapeless form, it's tail end whipping and smashing into liana's tree, sending it crashing down.
  Liana Stonebridge / Dexy / 1y 125d 22h 50m 41s
Lucas had been slowly, yet surely following Lyra and Floof until he had noticed the demon. He quickly unsheathed his blade and looked over to Lyra, noticing that she was unmoving. Before the Drake knew it, the demon was charging right towards both of them. "Lyra!" Lucas yelled out of slight frustration, trying to get her attention and snap her out of her petrified state.

Right as the demon was about to slam into both of them, Lucas tackled Lyra in an attempt to dodge the beast. Luckily, it worked...but just barely. "Lyra, pull yourself together. Please!" The Drake shouted in desperation as he helped her up, knowing that they would both die if she didn't snap out of her current state. The demon was about ready to start another charge...and it probably wouldn't miss them this time.
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 127d 8h 2m 23s
Lyra nodded, and headed off with Floof. She constantly checked if Lucas was following, before doing a sharp dodge as the demon ran past them. "I think we found it!" She looked petrified, unmoving as the demon came towards them. It was as if she had lost all feeling in her limbs. She felt like that too. She could only stare.
  Lyra Shadow / RamaAmor / 1y 128d 1h 4m 35s
Zhala narrowed her eyes. Though she could not see the demon she could feel him. [b "Lyra, Lucas, you will need to do this quickly, I won't be able to weaken the demon for long, just long enough for you to get the blood." ]

With that comment, Zhala knelt on the floor and drew strange symbols in the dirt. They would temporarily weaken the demon, giving the others a shot and harming it enough to get the blood. Once they wore off though, the Demon would know they were here, and it was sure to be a brutal fight whilst she bound him the best she could.

[b "I would offer a protection spell, but I'm not sure it will do any good." ] She said, once again being less than reassuring about the success of their mission.
  Zhala Hart / Burningsxn / 1y 128d 7h 38m 9s
"Sounds like a plan," said Liana, uneasy with the uncertainty of their mission. They couldn't even guarantee Zhala was telling the truth, she'd betrayed them once before. "I'll stand back, prepare for the worst; we may have to fight our way out and if we do, I'll cover you."

In front of them, Zhala was getting progressively slower, weaker looking. Liana wanted to ask what the problem was, but she doubted she'd get an answer. Instead, Liana sidled up next to her and offered her a help hand that was waved off.

Zhala shook her head, "there's no need, we're here."
  Liana Stonebridge / Dexy / 1y 129d 23h 44m 19s
If Lucas had been any more quiet and distant than he already was being, the others in the group would have thought he was dead. Then again, the same goes for what he would have thought of them. When Zhala broke the silence, he turned to listen with great hesitancy.

In the blink of an eye, Lyra had already volunteered to get the demon's blood. The Drake sighed and walked up to his friend that he had been ignoring for hours. "Look, Lyra...it's not going to be easy to get that blood. I'll...go with you." From the awkward tone in Lucas' voice and the spacing in his words, it was obvious that he was trying as hard as he could to trust her again.
Lyra felt, and looked, incredibly guilty. Lucas, her best friend in the group, didn't trust her. Sadly, she knew he had reason not to.He was right. Her anger got the better of her, and poor Floof...

She stepped up, Floof resting around her neck. "I volunteer to get the demon's blood, I will go alone if I have to." She stared at Zhala, her emotions unreadable. "What should I do to hurt it?"
  Lyra Shadow / RamaAmor / 1y 130d 10h 14m 34s
Zhala felt her powers growing weaker as they walked. It seemed the demon was aware that she had bound herself to it, and now it was trying to pull away from her.

The entire time she had avoided eye contact with the group. The guilt of betraying them had now been enveloped and replaced with the fear that she had failed. Of course, she could still complete her mission, she could bind the demon, make it obey her and wipe out the evil in the Kingdom. But like a child learning to ride a bike, one knock and she was much more hesitant.

[b "I need a few things to finish binding the demon. Its' blood is the most important thing." ] She hesitated. This implied that one of the two warriors would have to cut the demon, then somehow bring her back the blood without making the demon follow them. She couldn't be disturbed again.

[b "I can't touch him until the spell is complete, otherwise there is a risk that he will overpower me." ] Zhala didn't comment again on the fact that she would likely become possessed or even more likely, die, from the binding. No one needed to know that and she had no intentions of making them feel sorry for her. She didn't want their pity. She despised pity.
  Zhala Hart / Burningsxn / 1y 130d 11h 37m 38s
The silence going forward was not a comfortable one in the slightest. Zhala hung her head, whether in shame or embarrassment that her plan had gone so spectacularly wrong, Liana didn't know. Lucas and Lyra, normally thick as theives hadn't made eye contact since they'd restarted their journey. Lyra didn't even seem to want to talk to her pet, fluffy? Floofy? Whatever it's name was. As long as she kept its infection far away from Liana, she didn't care.

"Are we getting any closer?" Said Liana. The sound of her voice seemed five times as loud as normal among the silence of death and unfriendly comrades. Zhala on the other hand, seemed much quieter.

"Not far now," she said, "it's movements are slowing; it's nearing sunrise and it's at its weakest during the day."

"So it'll be easy to defeat and bind?"

Zhala sighed, "no. Demons are partially non corporal during the day; part of the retreats back into their own dimension to protect itself when it's most vunerable. I could bind the corporal part of it but when night comes there's no guarantee that it'll be me in control."

  Liana Stonebridge / Dexy / 1y 130d 22h 41m 33s
Lucas pushed Lyra away slowly, not wanting to be offensive. "I forgive you, but that doesn't mean that I want to be near you at the moment..." Most of Lucas' blood had finally dried, so that was a good thing. "I can't trust any of you anymore...at least not very much..." He half-growled. "We're all ticking time bombs and we know it!" He shouted, frustrated at everything. "Let's just go and end this stupid journey before I either get killed or infected with the disease..." The Drake sighed, still remembering how vulnerable he could be to being infected.
Lyra looked at Floof, than at Zhala, then to Liana. "It listens to me, kill it, and I'll be put at the brink of death. Similar to Zhala." Floof curled around Lyra's arm, and snuggled up to her face. It was cute, in a nightmarish way. Lyra's marks had stopped glowing, as well as Floof's. Given time, they would some how return to normal. "We are bonded. I will help get that demon. If we can stop this sickness, I'll think about not putting a dent in Zhala's skull." She went over to Lucas, helping him out. "Sorry 'bout that.." Her voice was still a demonic layered hiss, though it sounded more like Lyra, now.
  Lyra Shadow / RamaAmor / 1y 144d 6h 5m 45s
"Okay," said Liana. They were put of options, either they trusted Zhala or they didn't and failed anyway. The others didn't look happy and Lucas looked half dead; she'd have to tend to him as best she could before they made a move.

"And, Lyra, I'm sorry to say this but you're going have to decide what to do with that pet of yours and quick. I have something that might knock it out for a while but we can't let it lose so it can eat us. I'll kill it if you want, it won't feel anything. Just decide while I sort Lucas out."

The wounds were deep, but not life-threatening if she stitched them up. "I don't have anything left for the pain," she told him, "so you're gonna have to brave it out." Trying to mend the wounds was easier said than done and took longer than she would have liked; turns out mending scaled hides was much different to mending warm flesh. He didn't complain, though, which was as much as she could ask for.

When she was done, not her finest work but given the circumstances, reasonable, she turned back to Lyra. "Made your choice, yet?"
  Liana Stonebridge / Dexy / 1y 144d 6h 12m 10s
Zhala looked at Lucas, her emotions were a mix of fear and guilt. She wouldn't blame him for trying to kill her, she would do the same in his position, but if she died now, she would never complete her mission.

Closing her hand around the neck of Lyras creature she pulled it off and stood back, creating a distance between her and the group. She wouldn't kill it now, she wouldn't kill any of them as they were her only chance at helping to get the demon back under control.
[b "I'm not asking you to trust me. I'm just asking for your help. Remember when we first met, and I told you that it was pointless trying to cure the sickness? It was pointless at the time as I was the one keeping it alive." ] She stopped and looked at the floor, not wanting to meet the eyes of those she had betrayed. [b "I can stop this sickness if that's what you want, but I need you to help me get that demon back in my control." ]

Zhala could feel the darkness of the demon, who was now bound to her, swirling inside her, like a plague unto itself. She couldn't tell the others what it meant to be bound to the demon, she just had to work fast before it completely consumed her. She could already feel the increase in her power, she could see better, hear better. She could taste the fear surrounding the group and the bitterness of hatred - aimed towards her.

Liana was the only one who made a move, stepping towards her the girl nodded without saying anything. Zhala knew they would have to move slowly and she couldn't see Lucas letting her use magic to heal him now, not after her murder attempt. [b "If we split up, Liana and I can track the demon quicker and I can temporarily trap it. Then Lyra, Lucas, I will need you to kill it... if you can." ] She said, looking the two angry, injured, people up and down.
  Zhala Hart / Burningsxn / 1y 144d 6h 27m 47s
Lucas doubled over and had another coughing fit, in no condition for any of this. Blood spattered onto the ground and he looked even worse than before. "I've almost been killed twice, now..." He looked up at Lyra again, still worried for her.

He slowly tried to get up, but collapsed back onto the ground. He still hadn't had any treatment for his worse wounds, causing them to still be leaking reptilian blood. The Drake almost looked like an art exhibit with mostly shades of red. Lucas coughed once again, looking over to Zhala this time...with a fiery anger in his slitted eyes. "When I'm back on my feet...please help me refrain from murdering that freak..."
  Lucas Mui (Shadow Drake Ver.) / AskTheStaff / 1y 149d 5h 44m 7s

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