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He was born Felicity Henna Remniart a beautiful little girl loved and worshiped by many as he was raised in a heavily religious household. At age 10 he was sent to an all-girls school to learn how to become the perfect housewife and that’s when he started to realize he was... different from other girls because after a year at the school he fell in love with his best friend and roommate _____ _____ of course he kept it to himself for a few years, having been taught his whole life that these feelings were wrong, but then came How To Please Your Husband In Bed 101, or Sex Ed for those not attending old-fashioned religious schools, and that’s when he realized he was not only broken for liking a girl, but because he was in the wrong body. Finally realizing why he’d always felt so different a huge weight lifted off his shoulders and that night he told _____ about how he was feeling about himself and even confessed his feelings for her, but unfortunately _____ freaked and told the school which ended up getting Him sent to the ‘special class’ where he went through a ‘reforming’ until he was 18, at which point he was sent home and immediately married off to a cruel man who forced him to have 5 children before he finally escaped to another state. Now known simply as Marcus he has wandered for several months living as the boy he is while attempting to raise money for his transformation and a peaceful life. Unfortunately though his happiness couldn’t last and in the middle of his 25th year he was found by his ex and the man beat and raped him in the middle of an alleyway before leaving him to die. Of course as fate would have it someone happened to stumble upon Marcus’s beaten and bloodied body, a woman who looked strangely familiar and this woman took him home and nursed him back to health. Who is this woman and why does she look so familiar and will Marcus be able to move on from the attack or will the notion that anyone from his past life could come back to kill him lead him to suicide?

[h3 [center Rules and Information]]
~As though it wasn’t obvious I’d like you to be the ex best friend, BUT you don’t have to be you can also be an ex classmate or relative of the best friend who learned about Marcus through the best friend’s big mouth.

~This is a DARK HETERO ROMANCE and for once I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and play a ‘straight’ male though that being said there is an option for Yaoi if you’d like to play either A) Another Trans Male or B) the male relative of the ex Best Friend.

~I am willing to do a prequel section where the two are back in their younger days so that they can build up their relationship before falling out and speeding forward to the ‘present’ {Only applies to best friend, though there can be something small for relative/classmate}

~PREGNANCY WILL BE A THING since Marcus has not begun his transition, and isn’t even taking Testosterone yet because of his ex husband’s attack he will get pregnant.

~DO NOT EXPECT FREQUENT POSTS my work schedule is a F*cking mess so I never know when I can be on longer than just to see what is updating, and on top of that I get depressed and writer’s block fairly easy so your best hope is 1 post a month… sorry.

~HAVE FUN If I haven’t scared you off then please send me a PM with the title ‘Your Perfect in any form’ along with a small skelly including character name, role{BF. BF Rel, CM}, if you want a prequel and picture URL{either real or anime is fine} and we’ll have some fun thank you.


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