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[i [size10 The first thing after introducing herself, she could tell this would be a rather... interesting experience to say the very least. As her eyes slowly rolled along everyone, Moniku took note of the individuals. A short-tempered fuse, a naive kid, and ... a shy boy? Maybe? The female blinked, there was a bit of interest with this one. It’s not everyday she would lay eyes on someone who would stumble over their words with sanity in their speech.]]

[i [size10 Maybe he’s timid? As her eyes stayed on him, they were forced over to the brunet who stood in front of her. There was a flash of what appeared of slight mistrust. His disposition is a bit... off. The suspicious gaze she cast towards Eric was evident enough nonetheless.]]

[i [size10 Shaking his hand, it wasn’t a soft shake like most women did. No, It was firm, strong. She knew to assert herself, not like any shy girl who didn’t know how to properly shake hands. Her mother -- what little image she has left of the blonde haired woman -- told her to ALWAYS be firm. And so, she did after releasing his hand.]]

[i [size10 ... ]]

[i [size10 He was still staring at her.]]

[i [size10 At first, she was about to open her mouth to retort with some snide, crude remark filled with sarcasm to see if it would ringle him out of his box. But the stare he was giving her...]]

[i [size10 It resulted in all the weight in her head tipping to a side, tilting her head with her brows furrowing just the slightest bit. And even when he looked away, the female could only roll her eyes at the fickleness of the boy. Oh, yes, he was a shy boy indeed.]]

[i [size10 Deciding things wouldn’t get anywhere, Moniku stood up from her spot and strolled over towards the white haired boy. The few steps she had taken were enunciated with slight clicks from the small heeled shoes she is constantly seen wearing. There wasn’t a reason to try and scare the poor lad. And for that reason,]]

[i [size10 [#330b5b “Y’know,”] The female began, tone light and playful. [#330b5b “It’s not very polite to just stare at a girl without saying a ‘hello’, Rex... Rex was the name, right?”] She’d ask, now covering her mouth in a slight, small fit of laughter. There wasn’t a reason for her to speak with Eric currently. He was busy with Elise.]]


[i [size10 [#13c9c7 “I’m subject Sylph.”] Elise had quickly responded, her blue eyes cast downwards. There was a slight twitch, and even now the girl flinched away from the touch. Elise would refuse to get any sort of physical contact from anyone. Even now as she toyed with her fingers in a display of nervousness. This friendliness... was a foreign concept to her. It’s been so long since anyone has tossed a smile at her. Unless if you were a lecherous guard from time to time.]]

[i [size10 Elise would bite down on her plump, pink bottom lip slightly as she shuffled away a bit from the rather friendly male. Now clearing her throat slightly before she did a complete 180. Clearing her throat, Elise squared her shoulders a bit, showing now that she is stable, calm .. .for now.]]

[i [size10 [#13c9c7 “And who are you? You’re asking everyone’s name, we deserve to know yours.”] Which, sounded quite fair to her. Especially if he’s asking for other’s real names. It made the woman tap her foot on the ground slightly, even now as he seemed to attempt to offer her any sort of item for warmth.]]

[i [size10 Sure, it’s true, Elise was a bit cold. But that didn’t mean she would just blindly accept things from someone who she doesn’t necessarily know. Despite the gooseflesh she began to form on her milky white skin.]]

[i [size10 [#13c9c7 “W-what’s wrong with you?”] She’d ask, dumbfounded by the rather happy-go-lucky character. That wasn’t very nice. [#13c9c7 “... No, I do not want your coat.”] She snapped, arms folding over her chest as she soon turned away from him altogether. He was just trying to gain her as a friend. Just like the last one.]]

[i [size10 Each and every time Elise would befriend someone, they were tossed right back into her face. Injured and near death. It was a cruel joke found on the scientists ends, seeing her emotions become haywired and over stimulating the bodies in the process of healing.]]

[i [size10 Yes, she’s a healer. And a damn good one when she ISN’T in a hypersensitive state. Unfortunately, this is something that happens too often even for her to bare. Perhaps if she weren’t so sensitive, then...]]

[i [size10 Opening the ice blue eyes Elise didn’t quite realize she shut, she turned back towards Eric. An adamant gaze being turned right back at him. Clearly not letting this boy slide without giving an answer.]]
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[center [h3 Cell Mates]]

[center [b Rex had held at his head wondering about his next fight. Fighting was all he had to look forward to wait... Did he think that? He looked forward to it? Murder? No that wasn't what he enjoyed but fighting to preserve his life? That was all he had to do here it was when other subjects other fighters broke down. He however that was the only time he felt alive the peace and boredom the solitude of this cell? That is what broke the boys frail heart. How he'd remember faces and figures but never a name never a who. Friends? Family? Lover? Him have a lover? He didn't remember much beside being awkward and he couldn't imagine that not ever.]]

[center [b He wasn't opposed to the idea if anything the boy had liked the idea didn't mean he held his breath on it. Fighting was all he was good at and that's what he'd stick too. Though that was crashed when two beautiful girls entered the cell and so did a kind looking man. This couldn't be real right? They all looked so... Charming in their own unique way. A bright warm embracing smile from the man named Eric.]]

[center [b Than a rather adorable looking female who had yet to name herself. Rex blinked and blushed looking away he wasn't sure how to respond to this or what to even say. Than the last a woman whom really was very different than the other two. Something about her... Screamed attraction sure Rex felt that way about really cute girls. No he never said it out loud or even acted on it but it affected him.]]

[center [b What was it? What about her appealed him? He tried to ponder on that fact but he wasn't sure. As he pondered the quirky boys brain had stumbled upon a few strange thoughts. He had realized he never stared at a girl "like her" before. Oh what did that mean Rex?! He would talk to himself or rather think to himself like this rather often. "That's kinda uncool buddy!" No I mean curly haired girls! "Yeah sure you meant you stare at white girls like ninety percent of the time!"]]

[center [b He shook his head he stared at all kinds of girls but maybe he had a preference? Why else think that way? He felt like he was gonna melt from embarrassment and yet no one could read his mind right? He found himself staring into her eyes almost longingly with his orange tinge. The contacts he wore along the dyed white hair he hardly looked like the boy he was before. He liked it he felt it was "cool" though maybe it was only cool to him. Since others simply gave him weird looks for it, it was than he realized how much he stared at her before looking away as his cheeks began to burst into a crimson gleam.]]

[center [b Eric had walked over to Rex poking his shoulder. Offering a glimmering bright smile.]]

[center [+brown What's you're name bud?]]

[center [b Bud? Rex didn't know this guy right? He blinked looking at the man as he grabbed Rex's hand giving him a soft yet firm handshake. He seemed awfully friendly he wasn't wearing a tunic either perhaps he was still on the phase were the fighters only spar. They hadn't fought to the death yet.]]

[center [b Rex remembered his first death match the two were thrown into a room choosing weapons and gear they wished. Rex and the man had refused to fight one another but as hunger and exhaustion sunk in? The man had opted a better way to survive to attack Rex on the spot. Left with little choice Rex had to put the man down.]]

[center [b Rex was sure everyone here was born with these gifts and even if he wasn't? He practiced "sword play" he remembered that much about his former life. Imitating his favorite median as he copied them he pushed his body a lot. He skipped school even simply watching whatever he pleased while also training his body. He remembered grabbing the largest sticks he could swinging them around doing push ups and chin ups to boot. Climbing and every exercise he could muster in a strange way he felt if he could grow stronger in body? That somehow his mind would catch up he'd be more confident and maybe make some friends.]]

[center [b It really never worked that way but as he shook his head from memory lane he held on to his arm.]]

[center [+orange R-Rex.. Rex R-Rider....]]

[center [b He stuttered as Eric crossed his arms scratching at his own head with a childish curiosity to him. As he shook his head offering a smile flicking Rex's nose.]]

[center [+brown No goofball you're actual name not the ones they gave us you know? Those names are just as dull as these rooms they give us maybe we should ask for a bit of fresh air huh?]]

[center [b Rex's eyes widened as Eric shook Moniku's hand giving her a smile as he came to other girl doing the same and also asking for her name as well. Was this guy... Crazy? This wasn't some vacation these guards? The cells? He thought this was what a cell? Was he that hopeful or just that naive? Both? Rex couldn't believe that this guy was real he had to be joking right? No way he was real just no way.]]

[center [h3 Greetings Friends!]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+brown Hi so what's you're name? Wow they didn't give you a coat too? It's really cold here do you wanna borrow mine? Maybe we could ask for a few extra blankets?]]

[center [b He placed a hand on her shoulder as he gave her a bright smile offering a cheerful disposition.]]
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[i [size10 It’s a wonder even to Moniku why she is being allowed to see daylight currently after the little stunt she pulled not too long ago... That is, if they knew, anyways. The dark skinned girl was able to sit here, willingly, alone. It was easy for her to have been given this access, especially after pulling strings in how she saw fit. Tapping a nail in a constant rhythm, Moniku downed her final pills for the day. It wasn’t as excessive -- it was a more safe amount before she handed the plastic cup back to the scientist she has managed to charm.]]

[i [size10 It’s a long story, after she has realized she had this ability, it was a more miniscule, subtle thing. Like the air around her always being inviting and friendly as she gave a smile. It’s almost as if she were the one in control as she allowed this man to write down notes on her quietly before he called a guard over to escort her elsewhere.]]

[i [size10 Moniku knew, oh she knew some were suspicious of her for not flying off the edge. There isn’t any paranoia, there doesn’t appear to be a single thing wrong with her. She wasn’t like the other subjects in the cells. Even now, she hasn’t been treated AS roughly as she was being escorted to her new cell.]]

[i [size10 [#330b5b “Do you know WHY I’m getting transported?”] She’d ask beforehand. Resulting in her charmed scientist partner to hesitate with a tap of a hand on his clipboard. It only took a hand, a gentle touch of her cool hand to be set upon his to quiet any anxiety. He had this built up founding of ‘trust’ for the girl. And that’s when he spilt the beans over wanting to know how susceptible others would have been to her ‘abilities’.]]

[i [size10 They were still growing. Stronger by each day. She was known as a ‘special’ gift. And it intrigued her enough to just make her shrug her shoulders before she made her way into the cell. Moniku knew her ‘personal’ scientist would be around some othertime.]]

[i [size10 So, here Moniku was, her half lidded orbs being greeted with two individuals. One with brown hair, the other with white. A tilt of her head was all it took to show interest over the two new individuals. Her lips parted slightly, now finally speaking.]]

[i [size10 [#330b5b “Hello,”] The bronze skinned beauty began, [#330b5b “It’s... a pleasure to meet you two.”] She said, her voice notable soothing and calm. Her sentence ended with a smile, her eyes closing slightly before she opened them up to look around.]]

[i [size10 Moniku’s onyx orbs were quite reflective, easily showing the reflection of everything in a darker hue before she made her way over to an open corner.]]

[i [size10 After seating herself down, Moniku began gently toying with the black curls, eyes downcast.]]

[i [size10 [#330b5b “Oh, and ... I’m Moniku.”] Her face tinging slightly pink out of embarrassment for not saying her name. How could she forget?!]]


[i [size10 Unlike the other’s entrance, a rather rowdy, annoyed shriek could have been heard as a girl has been forced down the intricate halls. Being forced with her head forward, the guards were rather cruel to the girl as they gripped her long, blue tresses of hair to keep her head in place. She was NOT a fan of the position she has been in the slightest bit.]]

[i [size10 Elise could only glare at the flooring, her threats falling on deaf ears as they moved over to the cell. There wasn’t any question from the guards before they shoved the gate open, and giving an even harder shove for the girl to go into the cell.]]

[i [size10 The milky skinned girl soon shot straight back up, growling just the slightest bit out of annoyance. How dare they?!]

[i [size10 Even now, Elise could see only a couple strands of light blue on the floor. Causing the girl to almost scream AGAIN. But instead of doing that, she practically ignored everyone in that cell, now focusing on her hair the most. She would quickly comb it out to the best of her ability, murmuring to herself.]]

[i [size10 And it’s only after Elise has finished pampering herself to the best of her abilities did she take in the area. This is NOT what the healer was expecting. And due to her emotions not being completely quelled just yet, Elise would look over everyone. At least there is another girl. Otherwise she may have thrown yet another fit.]]

[i [size10 Seeing Moniku caused her shoulders to relax just a smidgen, the smile she has received caused Elise to look down quietly.]]

[i [size10 [#13c9c7 “... ‘m sorry,”] she said, toying with her fingers. The tantrum Elise just threw now dawning on her. Instead of dwelling on it and sinking in her embarrassment, the female took in some air before speaking again. [#13c9c7 “Who are you guys..?”] Her voice actually sounded nice, when she wasn’t screaming her head off at others.]]
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[center [h3 Test]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [+red Have you taken today's samples yet? So no change? That's dissapointing well continue monitoring the subjects.]]

[center [i Drip drip drip drip]]

[center [+red And someone fix those damn pipes already.]]

[center [b As the water fell from the rusted pipes of the barren underground lab. So did the spirits of those who dwelled in such a place.]]

[center [b It almost looked more like an underground waterway or a sewer than a lab it was hard to believe any kingdom would fund this. It hardly looked legit though the drugs and tech were state of the art that much was for sure.]]

[center [b Though the machines never broke that wasn't to say other things did not. There was one such broken thing perhaps shattered even.]]

[center [+red Subject "Rex" he's been here for quiet some time. He's lost rather a lot of cellmates hasn't he? Well place the next three subjects here I doubt he'll last much longer. Subjects been non responsive for quiet some time now.]]

[center [i Drip drip drip drip]]

[center [+blue But sir we are ordered two per--]]

[center [+red Nonsense we save more room this way I have more promising subjects to concern myself with. That will be all carry on.]]

[center [b The man adjusting his collar as he handed his clipboard to his female aid. She appeared young and rather frightened too. She was young and most certainly unprepared. How she ended up here was anyones guess.]]

[center [h3 Day 364]]
[center [youtube]]

[center [b Subject Rex had laid in his cell scribbling on the walls as usual. Though other subjects from near cells would attempt to catch his attention it was to no avail. The boy was gone all that remained was a husk a shell. Though that was not always the case. Once the boy had attempted to make such chit chat. Timid and awkward he hardly said much.]]

[center [b Though one by one the subjects would change again and again and again and again. Why bother talking to someone who wouldn't stay much longer?]]

[center [b Rex had fiddled with his hair laying in a brown tunic. One of the things he had missed most may have been the clothes they had taken away. When had that happened? How had that happened? It was hard to remember much of anything with all the shots.]]

[center [+orange Three hundred and... Sixty-Four tomorrow is a special day. Special day...]]

[center [b Rex stared to the roof to only cover his face with his arm. No sky again yeah almost as if he kept looking one day there wouldn't be a roof. That one day when he opened his eyes there would magically be a blue sky.]]

[center [b Not that he went out much in the first place. Or did he? It was hard to remember anything at all. Rex hated this feeling he could only remember a few faces. Parents? Lover? Siblings? These questions would plague the man for hours to hours a night. Enough for him to want to take a drill and--]]

[center [+orange Drill... Drill..... What are my drills today? Will I have to kill someone today?]]

[center [i Drip drip drip]]

[center [b As drops of water continued to hit the ground the boy had wept. No longer were the drops of water from the pipe alone.]]

[center [b Rex had decided if he was to kill another or was pitted against one that he would instead surrender his own life. That was selfish wasn't it? To let someone else live in this hell hole? To find peace in death? Selfish... Selfish.... It was hard for the muddled boy to find right or wrong.]]

[center [+orange That's not right... Right right right.... no left? No wait up? Or maybe down? Should I? Go down? Down down..]]

[center [b The boy rambled on as his words fell on deaf ears. As the boys sweet voice clashed with the words he rambled on and on.]]

[center [h3 Eric]]

[center [+darkblue Subject "Knight" thick muscle tissue, dense bone structure. I suppose he was properly titled. Though his changes seem to only be around the body how boringly straight forward. The last guy made a nice lighter.]]

[center [b The woman spoke as she adjusted her glasses licking her lips appearing somewhere in her mid thirties.]]

[center [+darkblue His cellmate is... Ahh subject Rex that delicious little morsel. I wonder if our knight in shining armor taste just as sweet.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Subject Knight being a brown haired male yet to be stripped of his coat or belongings. Those were the rules down here obey those above you and keep you're things. As long as it wasn't any weapons of course. As the guards shoved subject Knight or also known as Subject Arthur into the cell. Rex had shot up hearing his cell cage open.]]

[center [+brown Oh heya! The names Eric pleasure to meet you.]]

[center [b The tall brown haired male smiled as the guards shut the gate as Rex stared at the man. Smiling? That won't last long he was one of those types. A man who held hope strong or just a delusional fool. Either way they all broke the same it didn't matter who.]]

[center [+brown I heard we're getting two more room mates man it'll be cramped! So what's you're name champ?]]

[center [b The male said as he sat beside Rex looking his way his mouth widened into a smile. Rex had noticed the name flash his teeth into a smile... An expression he hadn't been familiar with for some time.]]

[center [+orange I umm... I'm.... Well... I'm Subject Rex.]]

[center [b He said as he looked away rubbing the back of his neck looking away. It was harder to ignore someone that shared the same cell with you.]]
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