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[center [h3 Insisting Knight]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Eric had put his hand on the back of his head as he rubbed his hair a bit confused. He came over lifting her hand up as he placed the bottle in her hand. Helping grip her fingers around the bottle as he gave another smile.]]

[center [+brown I don't think you guys would do anything terrible like that. If I do get knocked down I'll just get right back up it's better then not trying at all right?]]

[center [b He said as if it was rather simple for him to come to that conclusion like it was as easy as adding one plus one. He ruffled her hair and looked over at Elise as she began to speak up.]]

[center [b Eric had listened to Moniku and Elise talk a bit. He chuckled rather childishly as she talked about cooties. It wasn't long after that before Eric's friend Rex was attacked Elise had taken cover behind him He had taken a step forward raising his arm over her protectively. It came to him without thought by instinct even. As he begun to reach for his blade. Drawing it as he made sure to hold the sharp side away from himself.]]

[center [+brown Are you okay?!]]

[center [b He turned his head asking a bit worried but despite that worry he had decided to give her a reassuring smile. This guy was playing a lot rougher than any spar Eric ever saw. If he wasn't careful he could have seriously hurt Rex they need to be careful what weapons they give us!]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Websaru's words went over Eric's head. Victories? White Swordsman? Rex had looked at Eric tilting his head a bit in confusion.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm fine..]]

[center [b However it seemed Moniku had other plans as she pushed Elise to take care of him. Could she really? Did she really have that kinda power? Eric had put his hand on Elise's shoulder and a soft smile before letting go.]]

[center [+brown Thank you.]]

[center [h3 Reluctance]]

[center [pic]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex could see that Moniku was intent on getting her to help him. Sylph? Was that her code name? It didn't matter Rex could see she didn't want to help him. He turned his head away as she leaned her unique aura around him. He took a step back biting his lower lip. As his eyes softly watered. No, he could see that look in her eyes she was scared of him and worse if she didn't hate him before? She did now no he couldn't show it bothered him. That'd be so embarrassing to care so much what a stranger thinks about you? Was it cause they were teammates? He doubts they felt that way Moniku was probably just helping cause she felt were forced to be a team. Eric had stepped behind Rex helping how him still as he smiled.]]

[center [+brown Hey she isn't going to hurt you, buddy.]]

[center [+orange I.. S-S-She.. d-d-doesn't h-have... t-t-to h-help if she..]]

[center [b He trailed off as he gripped his hands letting go he didn't want to scare her off from frustration. It was better if he went off and fought alone they'd have a better chance of survival without him stressing them out. He wanted to voice this to say this but he didn't want to seem dramatic or emotional. It was just... the best choice for them. He didn't need to be around people anyway how could he help them? He's never protected anything before not that he hadn't wanted to. Deep down he felt as hopeless and naive as Eric though he was more self-aware of this fact. He wanted to be that hero the guy that they could hide behind and feel safe. Not the one to be afraid of that was never what he wanted. The guy when they see his fearless smile? They could feel safe. It seems he had the opposite effect on them despite having the name the White Swordsman he hardly looked to be full of light. Despite that being what he always strove to be.]]

[center [b As she began to send this sensation through his body. He felt strange... A tingle he began to wonder if things like her mindset affected the power? What if her disdain affected this process? Of course to believe emotion had that kinda power was maybe an effect his childhood had. It was then he realized... Moniku had her hand placed on him how long? How did he not notice? Was his blood pumping too fast? Was Elise making him too uneasy to notice? He flinched a bit looking at Moniku's eyes with a deep look before staring down. What's with that stare?! "She's gonna think I'm hitting on her! Guys only stare at girls eyes like that if they... Yeah, she's cute but come on Rex get a grip! Ugh!" he felt a bit drained. Not in the usual emotionally drained either his wounds closing up he realized it was her power it took an expense of energy. Luckily enhanced stamina was something Rex was blessed with it wasn't too bad.]]

[center [b He started to wonder about his life before trying to remember what were his limitations? As the boy? Not the subject Rex? Was there a time he didn't always have these powers? Yes... there was he was sure of that fact. Yet most people he met were born like this it was strange but again it wasn't what mattered right now.]]

[center [b Moniku then had placed her hand away from the timid boy. He took a deep breath as he looked at her then away. She had offered for Eric to carry him? She was talking about him, right? He shook his head as he begun to walk forward. Eric had then spoke up a bit.]]

[center [+brown Hey maybe we should go find some shelter? Could we hideout? Get some rest?]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Rex stopped placing his hand on a broken stone beside the tree. Most likely damage in a massive fight that aside he felt his heart still racing. Why? Was it that battle? Was it his past shown in front of people who seemed too delicate to accept him? Was it because Moniku had gone out of her way to help him? Placed a hand on him? That Eric here was trying to support him still? That the "Sylph" probably hated him? Probably all of it though his mind was on possibly the least important detail. Her hand... it felt soft kinda nice he was almost disappointed to lose the call of affection. He felt like a lost puppy thinking so stupid. "You'd accept affection from anybody, would you? Is that why your so eager to believe Mr smiles over here? Or Moniku? They can't stand you Rex and for good reason." he gave a sigh. He knew with that clash there would be more any other bold contenders would come to find the weakened team. Luckily Rex was in good fighting condition but running away wasn't his style. How would he help at camp? Make a fire? Nope, set up a tent they may not have? Nope, gather food perhaps? Nope suck at that too he really wasn't good for much besides swinging his blade around.]]

[center [b Rex trembled unsure what to say and how to say it. "Sorry I'm staying behind to swing around like some mad dog" what could they say to that? Anger? Hatred? Fear? Despise? Judgemental gazes?]]

[center [+orange I-I think... I-It's better if y-y-you go ahead...]]

[center [b He took a deep breath as he tried to find a reason the courage to split off. Lone wolf huh? Funny thing was he hated those character tropes. Not to mention in his MOBA games he hated the lone wolves the junglers who'd grind for EXP and ignore team fights. The types who didn't play around the team? To work together? Damage dealers were the worst offense always trying to be some badass handling the world alone. He was always such a team player but over the internet? Typing to people..? It was easy to shot call it was easy to be a team player he even struggled talking on the mic. He would type in mid-match instead it was easier for him that way. Why did he think of that? Would those experiences somehow help him better to work with others? No, not here not in the real world they didn't really help him learn a damn thing did they? Just a way to waste his time to... Whatever it didn't matter. He shook his head to shake the thoughts off.]]

[center [+orange M-More w-will c-c-c-come... I-I t-think i-it w-will b-be b-b-better if you s-stay here...]]

[center [b There it was gunshots in the distance it was still somewhat far off they could make it out if they left now. Rex had pulled his blade out as he held it over his shoulder looking forward turning his back to his "teammates." It was better than they just used him for the only purpose he was turn around and survive this ordeal. Eric can look after them, right? Rex will thin out the herds for them to survive and if he dies from his wounds? Well... nothing exactly changed in that regard.]]

[center [b He took yet another breath as he looked forward spinning his blade around holding it tightly as he took a guarded stance. He couldn't fool around not here there would be opponents that have won at least over one hundred fights. Earning unique ranks this would be a fight unlike any other and he couldn't slow down but he couldn't lower his guard. He'd live with no regrets and give it everything he got.]]

[center [b It was then that Eric had taken a few steps forward offering a soft tone.]]

[center [+brown Rex we aren't going to just leave you behind right guys? You gotta come with us we can still make it out if we leave now right? I think the people here are taking this thing a little too seriously ya know?]]

[center [b Eric reached out placed a hand on Rex's shoulder as he offered a smile to the trembling shorter male.]]

[center [h3 Meanwhile]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Meanwhile in another group a man had taken the front in large shining armor. One of his partners by the name of Alexis had taken a shot at a man passing through at blinding speeds. He had managed to cut the bullet in half at unbelievable speeds.]]

[center [+gold Whoa! Alexis, we don't even know if he's one of the bad guys! Wait... who are you?]]

[center [b The man flipped his daggers looking at the two as Alexis flipped her guns taking aim.]]

[center [+gold Wait for a second that attire that speed... Are you the "Assassin" okay he is definitely one of the bad guys. Remember we only fight those who actively look to take others lives, Alexis, we don't wanna kill anyone trying to avoid this arena. This conflict but he's--]]

[center [+red Collecting data first the White Swordsman now a woman who's eyesight can perceive "sprint." Followed by subject King of Knights "Arthur."]]

[center [+gold Collecting what? Who talks like that? Is it true? Is your brain really like some cold computer?]]

[center [b Arthur had rubbed the back of his neck a bit unsure how to approach this man. He didn't exactly enjoy the idea of going around killing people. He always wanted to be the knight in shining armor and it was hard to that trapped in a death game. He'd find a way outta here once he was strong enough and ready. He refused to battle unless he knew they were cruel and sadistic. Maybe it what earned him his subject name. Before the naive minded male could come up with a plan the man had taken a dash and Alexis two shots as the Assassin made a few quick movements clanking against the lead. One grazing his leg as he continued to dash.]]

[center [+purple Tsk, Arthur I agree with not going around like ruthless murderers but remember what I said? We shoot first and ask questions afterward we can't take a chance. This is my first time on the battlefield so "forgive" me if I have an itchy trigger finger.]]

[center [+gold Heh heh.. don't be so nervous! I'll protect you guys don't worry about it I'll always take the front! Wait... did I hear the White Swordsman...? The man with the highest kill count? A living unnatural disaster?]]

[center [b Arthur had trembled a bit he had only fought around two hundred and fifty battles. Though because he refused to fight he was listed as a weaker bunch. His opponents too were new and timid so he instead was thrown against goliaths that had taken several lives. The weak was used to feed the strong. Though every one he met? Had learned to take a twisted pleasure or maybe they always had it. To take the lives of others if he didn't stop them they would simply feast on the weak supplementing their own skills and honing them.]]

[center [b They got a kick out of him finally fighting when the odds were more against him. He barely survived his first hand full of fights he was outmatched in just about every way besides his stubborn nature. Arthur was a bit scared he couldn't deny that. He was excited too excited to put his skills against a demon in human flesh. One even the assassin had run from he looked to his friends offering a childish smile.]]

[center [+gold Heh heh.. if you guys wanna hide out I understand. This will be my personal battle but I know with the White Swordsman this will become brutal. I've heard he hunts for targets causing these matches to be cut short abruptly devouring weak and strong alike. Without any regard of human life a real monster. "White Swordsman" like he'll cleanse the world ha.]]

[center [b Arthur slapped his cheeks as he begun to stop trembling as he pounded his armored fist together giving a smirk. He was scared and excited all at once this was his chance. If he could defeat this place's greatest darkness he would know he was ready. He would be ready with his friends and whoever else would talk with him to break out of this damn place. To avenge the fallen to grow past this place he'd have to put his metal to the test. He chuckled to himself on the poor pun crossing his thoughts.]]

[center [h3 Reckless]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Alexis had sighed putting a hand on her head she hadn't known this team very long. Though Arthur proved to be quite the idealist she was honestly scared herself. Sure she shot at practice ranges and practiced her many gifts as a secret weapon. However, she never fought a battle when she felt her body begun to shut down there he was with that dorky smiling. She wouldn't exactly say it was because he was her knight in shining armor. No, he's proved to be nothing but impulsive talkative and honestly? A giant hand full but perhaps he served as the distraction she needed. Even if she appeared a bit more harsh or cold-hearted she'd never want to gun down an innocent bystander. Here Arthur said that he refused to ever cut down someone who didn't take pleasure in killing others. The meek and helpless that he'd grow up in the battle and soar straight to his destiny. That he'd never let anything slow him down it made a perfect excuse to not come off soft or weak. It was easy to say she had no choice but to give in right? What scared her was he will only target well... The most dangerous and she wasn't exactly as pure-hearted. She didn't want to die out here nor was she ready to risk her neck for anybody Arthur included even. Yes, she needed him alive his nature increased her chances of survival. It felt cruel to think that way but she'd feel bad about it later right now she'd survive. She couldn't help but running into this "White Swordsman" was a bad idea. She wasn't a fighter like Arthur so titles like that didn't get thrown around she has no idea how dangerous he is. She decided to ask Arthur and the other fighter here in fact.]]

[center [+purple So is this White Swordsman more dangerous than the Assassin? He was.... pretty fucking fast is that guy even faster still?]]

[center [+gold No the Assassin is known for having no par in raw speed with his ability "Sprint." The White Swordsman is fast but he's not that fast but I don't know much about him. Rumors and legends but well.. those might just make you nervous. Some say he's not even human others that he's ten feet tall and moves like the wind. He doesn't even look for crates around these parts he just fights and takes other supplies.]]

[center [+purple What!? How does he survive the constant fights?]]

[center [+gold Barely, yet despite scrapping through he just doesn't again and again. One thing is for sure his fearless attitude has helped afforded him the actions he took. His luck, however, is about to run out I won't let him hurt anyone else.]]

[center [b Ugh so it sounds even worse then she thought but if he's not too fast maybe her bullets can do the trick? It's hard to imagine she can take him but maybe he won't expect her? This is the first arena with healers and secret weapons. In a team environment, scary or not this is a first for him too right? A man like that can't work well in a team? Maybe his teammates might even turn on him? Maybe this matchup doesn't exactly favor his style? She could at least hope for that she was a bit mad that someone so smug could go around taking what he wants. Though she wasn't so prideful to die because it simply annoyed her. She didn't have a choice if she doesn't take this ambush it could go the other way around. He could end up ambushing them when they were worn and tired. Right or wrong this is also simply the best course of action. At least that is what she told herself.]]
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At the notion, Moniku almost reached her hand out -- until Eric’s comment made her pull it right back in; the bottle flying towards the albino giving her pause. Perhaps she should have distributed other objects before wanting to be pulled up? That... would have been rather smart, honestly. The look on her face was blatant annoyance, but it wasn’t direct towards anyone since she closed her optics for just a moment in time.

What shocked the bronze skinned woman, however, is the fact he held the bottle out towards her. There was sincere puzzlement across her face, why would he...? It was a concept she failed to comprehend all together. Since when did anyone offer something without expecting anything in return? There had to be a catch, whatever it may have been in the future.

[#330b5b “Uh, no thanks,”] She commented, giving a small wave of her hand at the offered object. [#330b5b “You’ll need it more than me. I don’t usually exert myself.”] She explained, a faint line of irritation appearing on her rather defined cheekbones as she gave a small scratch to them. At the first question, Moniku simply brushed it off. It’s not like girls fight all that easily, Moniku knew this herself. Hence as she turned her head back to address Eric, she gave a small shrug along with a ‘meh’.

[#330b5b “Realistically speaking, I’m sure everyone here would be willing to stab each other in the back first notice, unfortunately,”] She stated, the last word being used more or less as if it has been forgotten to be added on to the sentence. [#330b5b “.... Minus you.”] She finished, her figure turning towards the brunet altogether at the last portion of his sentence. He’s quite the naive little boy indeed. And as such, she knew he would get hurt.

[#330b5b “You’re going to get hurt with that attitude in here.”] She curtly ended, her tone still even. It wasn’t her problem, anyways.
Elise in the meantime gave a simple scoff, her arms folding as she snapped her head to the side. Tch, figures he wouldn’t be a go for smashing things, huh? What’s the point of having such a big sword then, anyways? At the fighting part, Elise finally stomped her foot at the male in her anger. She’s such a small little thing, standing at a stature of 5’2. Honestly, her anger couldn’t be taken all that seriously. Usually being mistaken for a child.

[#13c9c7 “Is it so wrong to check inventory?! God forbid I ask someone to keep things in place so we now what we’re working with.”] She responded rather haughty, a couple strands of her blue hair falling out of its bun. The female slowly took the large bun out of its place, just to retie it back up with a small grunt of annoyance from her figure.
At the question, Moniku gave a scoff, these questions are so very prying. [#330b5b “You’ll get cooties, ew! Barf.”] She finally said, one of her eyes closing, mouth opening as her tongue came out. She soon pointed at her mouth as if it was a look of disgust. [#330b5b “Girl gerrms! Yuck!”] She finally whined, wiggling a bit where she stood. [#330b5b “Who wants a girl’s germs?? No one, that’s who.”] ‘That’ didn’t even come out correctly, it’s almost as if someone could hear the typo in her own speech.

Elise gave a small nod at the question. Perhaps something could have been done in the meantime? It would have been smart to figure out WHERE exactly they were. But with what map did they have to figure out such a thing? What direction were they facing? These questions should have been cleverly thought out. Even now, the female’s short fuse appears to have gone down just the slightest bit at her thoughts.
[#13c9c7 “It’s better than nothing... but where can we...”] The female murmured, her eyes soon widening over why the bronze skinned girl wanted to be picked up and set in a tree so badly. “Oh.” Is the only murmur she gave. Why the hell didn’t she just voice what needed to be done?!

As the female opened her mouth, to possibly chew someone out again, she soon became silent. A look of what appeared to be somewhere between shock and startlement. The two men tousled, causing the female to subconsciously move her figure closer to Eric as she gave stiff, small intakes of air. The sound of metals switching to flesh pounding against flesh terrified her the most, as she soon covered her face with tears pricking at her large light blue oases. And the sound her teammate, Rex, tone of beckoning the other boy forward held nothing but excitement. Nothing but the want, a challenge. It caused the female to shiver just the slightest bit as she gave the slightest gasp. It almost.. Hurt to see two people fighting. Did it ever have to genuinely come to that? Putting hands on one another?

It made the girl get quiet, her eyes watching but never taking in what exactly has been going on.

Four hundred and sixty-seven wins? It couldn’t possibly be anything good. Her eyes were clouded over, anxiety washing up at her. It wasn’t rocket science.

Rex has killed four hundred sixty-seven people.

It made Elise grip onto Eric tighter, her petite form hiding behind the male even more. Could she have been four hundred sixty-eight? Sixty-nine? Would they be added to his list? Trying to distract herself, Elise took a glance around, taking breaths in.

Her eyes landed on Moniku, her hand held up to her chest as one of her legs went forward before back. And there wasn’t a single ounce of fear in the female. In Fact, there was interest.. .and the grin which came across the female’s face was almost enough to make her shudder just the slightest bit.

Four hundred and sixty-seven, that’s quite the impressive number. She knew it, what a catch, what a catch.
Her little party was short lived, the smile she had diminishing as she noted him coming back down and closer to her. At that, the female’s fingers were gentle but firm, giving a tug as her body went down to the ground.

[#330b5b “Stop moving so much, you’re going to make it worse.”] She murmured, her voice has been gentle as Eric’s voice rang in her ears as panic. The female would gently trace her fingers against the wounds. He was reckless, she could tell this now. Skilled, but reckless.
Elise could only watch the female, how could she even be touching him right now?!

[#330b5b “Sylph.”] The female stated, her eyes unmoving. The cloth is going to be ruined, she finalized, her eyes leaving his figure to move around. [#330b5b “May you heal his wounds? You said you could do this, yes?”] She asked, the female giving a small nod.
The blue cotton candy haired girl slowly detached herself from Eric, her attitude once again rather meek as she looked slightly unsure. Should she be doing this? Aiding this... psychopath with healing this other one? It made the girl slightly squeamish, a look of uncertainty coming upon her.

[#330b5b “Sylph.”] The visual cue was enough to make the girl slowly get to work, it was a lesser of two evils for her. Did she hate seeing someone in pain? Yes, did she hate people who caused pain? Also, yes.
Hence the reason why the female’s shaky hands stayed slightly above the male, hovering as a light blue aura formed around the girl’s palms. The aura was almost wavy, like a fire which ate away at nothing before it found its directed target.

Suddenly going straight, those blue lines trailed their form across the males body. A soft glow illuminating the trail as a tingling sensation began to move, sewing wounds together along with halting any sort of harm which has happened to the albino. However, due to the hyperstate she has been in, her trembling hand, it caused it to be slightly more... intense. That’s the only problem with the girl, she couldn’t keep her composure, resulting in making those tired by accelerating the restoration process too quickly.

Not to say it doesn’t take a bit out of her too. After it has been done, each line has soon retracted, the light blue fading from him. It didn’t stop the female from shaking, her bottom lip being sucked in as she rather aggressively chewed on it in a coping method.
Moniku would turn her attention back and forth between all three of them, her eyes soon trailing around again.

[#330b5b “Can you stand? If not, then Eric would be able to carry you -- for a bit.”] She murmured, her feather like touch leaving the boys frame altogether. She slowly stood up, the black and white leggings she had on having slight smudges of dirt and grass due to her knees digging into the ground. Ah, well.

Elise in the meantime slowly began to control her breathing, her body still trembling as her steps were clumsily placed. The female stumbled, her arm thankfully hitting against a trunk. The small girl didn’t take the support for granted. Elise soon slid down, burying her face in her knees in an attempt to ground herself.
  |Simulacrum| / Simulacrum / 37d 8h 21m 48s
[center [h3 Higher?]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex had looked at her and tilted his head a second before giving a nod. He wasn't sure if she wanted her to take her or not. Tarzan? He blushed embarrassed looking away as he hopped on a branch offering out a hand. She didn't specify who he'd be taking so he just put a hand out to the group in general as they bickered over water and other items. A scope? Rex didn't really care he'd find food alone if he had too and if he didn't? He's gone without eating before or drinking. If Elise wanted a bottled water it didn't matter Eric had reached in to grab a bottle of water. Makes sense he'd get thirsty right? Eric had looked to Elise she had teased him about grabbing things being not his strong suit he gave a nod and a smile.]]

[center [+brown Haha you're right it really isn't, hey Rex! Catch!]]

[center [b Eric yelled as he threw a bottle at Rex he reacted instinctively catching the bottle and placing it in his vest. Was he crazy? Would he try and take Moniku? No here he was holding out the bottle to her as well with a bright smile. He's gotta be crazy no doubt what's in it for him? Then again can Rex judge? He was willing to hand his water over was it over not wanting to fight? Sure that made a fine excuse but deep down... He wanted to be a hero he knew that. He wanted to look after the others first and here Eric was trying to look after Rex. With that he looked back over at Elise with another smile.]]

[center [+brown Hey I'm not sure if smashing is something I'm good at... Although I don't think you and Moniku should fight we are friends right? A team at least right? Because of that no matter what we decide to leave or stay I'll protect you guys no matter what.]]

[center [b That dorky speech that cheesy smile how could he make such a stupid promise? Really? Sure Rex sorta admired it but with Eric's combat experience... His naive nature did he really know what was going on? If he found out would he stand by that promise? Mr "My swords too sharp" no Rex wouldn't fault him for being kind or innocent. If anything Rex found it... warm and refreshing maybe a bit suspicious, however.]]

[center [b Eric than looked to Moniku to ask.]]

[center [+brown Why is that? What's wrong with staying too close? I'm not sure I get it...]]

[center [b He scratched his head a bit confused as Rex blinked looking at him then away. Rex never got along with people well but this team? Seemed so... built for disaster personality wise. Rex had wondered how they'd fare in a fight. His guess? He was sure the other three wouldn't help much in a fight. Not that he really wanted them too... he'd refuse to let someone fight his battles sure they shared those battles but at the same time. Someone fighting by his side? Risking anything for him? Rex wasn't afraid of dying but he was afraid of watching someone else he was supposed to protect die right in front of him. In fact, that very thought haunted him...]]

[center [h3 Planning Knight]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Eric had crossed his arms nodding as they talked about forming a plan.]]

[center [+brown They may be watching us but we can still play Jail Break better then they can right?]]

[center [b He gave a sophomoric smile tilting his head flashing his teeth this time with a childish chuckle.]]

[center [+brown Hey Moniku need help up the first branch? I can't help much further then that but I'd be willing to if you wanted?]]

[center [b Eric said as he offered his hands out to pick her up to the first branch.]]

[center [h3 Meanwhile]]

[center [pic]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Websaru a young petite man was found dashing through the forest. "God Speed" wielding his daggers he was scouting ahead in which was agreed by his team to see what could be found. If he could find any easy eliminations he would take it with his set of skills it'd be possible to maybe find a few easy prey. In fact, he's already stricken one down and escaped so maybe he could find a second.]]

[center [b The man kept his footsteps silent that was another power he had to mute any sound he made. Around him was a small barrier though it was invisible to the naked eye and it didn't exactly protect him it kept sound from escaping said barrier. The still hearted assassin launching himself at sixty miles ahead has never found a match in speed as he dashed through locating an easily detectable target. One that took root in a vulnerable position. As Websaru dashed through spotting the mop of white hair he jumped up into the tree pulling his daggers and slashing through. Turning back around on the branch to throw a finishing blow he saw instead a flash of steel as he backed up in a blinding speed his eyes raised a bit shocked. The man was bleeding a shallow cut on his shoulder but the first strike did he? Block it? Without sound? Did he detect him? No... this man was fast with a keen eye but he wasn't faster then Websaru was it simply? Websaru analyzed the man it was his swordsmanship. It made up for the difference in speed between the two. Websaru saw the others on the ground this man had a hand out to them perhaps they are not as agile? It seemed like the perfect chance.]]

[center [h3 Assassin?]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b As Rex offered a hand to his comrades he saw in the corner of his eye a few leaves rush by. The air rushing and a flash of movement though the sound managed to be completely silent. Though that would help conceal one's movements if they were too fast and jumpy it would feel even more out of place. At least to someone like Rex who was rather jumpy and aware himself. Drawing his blade in step he took a step back realizing on instinct this man was inhumanly fast. Using the step and crouch he used his broad one-handed longsword to block the shortsword. Turning around he felt a liquid drip from his shoulder it was rather shallow however the tip of his second blade must have scrapped him. Rex dashed in without hesitation swinging at the man he had backed up in an inhuman fashion. Almost like when a snake is completely still before having a sudden jolt when launching his jaws faster even.]]

[center [b The man observed Rex's comrades closely before looking forward.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex could tell the man found his comrades lacking the agility to reach him. Rex could easily reach his comrades and this man would leave. Maybe in the air, he could manage one slash before hopping back with his superior speed. That was it... Rex had only ever faced two fighters with speed greater than his own. This man? Trumped even those before. It'd be annoying if he managed to get away Rex gripped his blade looking down at his allies. He knew his friends... Rather teammates would judge him if he showed this side. He had no choice though this? Was the only way he knew how to fight to be of use. A tool a sword that was all he knew to be. As the guilt began to wash over he felt only one thing as he began to tremble. Websaru taking this chance of trembling to dash right in.]]

[center [b Rex had moved in to seemed to clash with him however he jumped to the left. Grabbing a branch kicking at Websaru as he slashed at Rex's leg. Rex's indirect fighting style set Websaru to pull his daggers back waiting for another attack. Rex, however, kept the kick going despite knowing had Websaru kept the attack up his leg would be gone kicking him knocking his clock out for a bit. Rex didn't seem he packed a punch causing him to lose balance.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex found himself smirking as he came in to slash at him letting out a loud rawr. As Websaru took his second blade blocking the strike sending him backward as he backflipped stumbling back on balance as Rex kept running forward the two exchanging slashes despite Websaru throwing twice as many it was apparent Rex was more experienced avoiding slashes as he anticipated every opening his strikes would leave. As he dashed again leaving another opening Websaru slashing down Rex raised his hand he was willing to sacrifice a leg why not a hand? Websaru not falling for that trick again made his slash. As Rex quickly flicked his wrist showing the black metal contraption on his wrist. Though he didn't use it often. Rex had shown a sinister smirk as the end of the blade cut at his arm still. As Rex bit down at the end of the blade with a vice grip. As Websaru flinched a bit in fear slashing with his other blade Rex grabbed at the man's wrist already closing this distance. Rex had dropped his own blade to make this grab. Take his foot behind Websaru's leg he pushed forward slamming his head into Websaru with such unyielding force of self-harm that the two began to bleed badly. As Rex took the man's pain for an opening he spun slamming his metal contraption into his neck. Punching with a right hook a quick left jab a powerful uppercut from the right. As Websaru stumbled and stumbled he backed up and despite the stoic face made a desperate move. Dashing forward at full speed at out of nowhere despite being too dizzy to see a damn thing blades forward. Rex saw the man hoping to rely on superior speed to overrun Rex it was hard to keep up not hearing his blades or footsteps. Sound was important in a battle and this man was a dangerous foe he could easily kill Rex if he wasn't careful. That one feeling... washing over guilt it wasn't fear it was excitement.]]

[center [+orange Come on!]]

[center [b Websaru charged through as Rex ducked low slamming his shoulder into the man's sternum. As he gripped his pain slashing his sword into Rex's shoulder kicking off his back giving another slash to his back however shallow. As the man began to cough blood bleeding internally. Rex could tell he lacked enhanced endurance and would be in trouble without treatment. The man gave Rex as to size him up as he made a comment almost like a stoic killing machine.]]

[center [+red Target... Rex codename in unit fighters as "The White Swordsman" winning... Last checked four hundred sixty-seven matches.]]

[center [b How the hell did he know that? Fighters that made a name for themselves usually earned a name after winning one hundred battles. Rex... wanted to hide this from the others that were a lot of lives he was forced... No, he couldn't focus on that.]]

[center [+orange W-Who are you..?]]

[center [+red Target appears timid in nature despite effectiveness in bloodshed. I am Websaru codename "Assassin."]]

[center [b Websaru had felt his eyes lighten up a bit almost as if he was questioning why he even offered an introduction. Why? Sure Rex asked but he didn't expect an answer why give a name? Before he could get anything else he had then taken off. As Rex hopped down to the ground back to his comrades. He was still ready to take Moniku up he just took a moment to stretch his shoulder as he winced in pain. It hurt, it hurt badly but Rex knew the wounds would only pile on. That's why he needed to end these as fast as possible so he could head back and receive medical treatment. Rex looked back down to his hand trembling he did it again. He found himself giving over to adrenaline to that rush to that feeling of control. He found himself using it to escape from...]]

[center [b He winced again holding his shoulder that man was unlike anything he ever fought before. Why was that? Was it because in grooming the greatest soldiers they offered them... Weaker prey? Simply to feed the weak to the strong? To sharpen and hone their skills? He would face those with only fifteen wins and twenty before. Even in the forest taking on those who worked together with relative ease. They valued the strongest... What was this? Were they taking those with codenames against one another? Then why Eric? A novice? Hmm they were finally ready to see the cream of the crop it seemed.]]

[center [b Rex had looked down at the supplies then back to his friends. It was obvious they would try and find supplies and avoid combat. It was a smart move, to be honest.]]

[center [b However... Rex had never "fought" this way before he had never fought smart or carefully. He never even learned to survive in these forests.

[center [b He'd take the supplies of his fallen foes. He wasn't much of an outdoorsman survival type. He couldn't cook or set up a tent or anything of that sort. He'd eat cold food or bread and water. Sleeping on the floor he'd make his goal to make the battle short. He'd even had a few rounds end in a single twenty-four hours because of him. He fought so offensively and relentless those up top were pleased. This didn't exactly make Rex happy. True he enjoyed fighting but he didn't like going around chopping people up either. It was the only way he knew how to fight. He didn't have survival or hunting skills. He wasn't smart enough to find crates around the forest. He found very few and always by mistake.]]

[center [b Those up top called him a soldier more often than not. Rex would pretend not to notice but he did. From their point of view, he probably looked like he was already brainwashed. True the way he fought was risky and if he continues it. One day he will meet his match and die. Be it from a fine tactic a few good fighters or simply a man better than he. Or he could be caught off tired or snuck up on in his sleep. Or even awake if the foe was stealthy enough. The thing was Rex didn't really care if he had lost.]]

[center [b He'd much rather die in a fight over starvation or some disease. That's why he slept so little dying in his sleep terrified him. He wanted to die on the battlefield. That way he could convince himself he died a warrior. Even if he wasn't exactly fighting for a noble cause. Course what would he convince? A corpse? He'd be dead so it was strange it mattered to him how he went. Was this how Vikings felt? Knights felt? Rex had heard that with the new weapons being developed on the outside. With the war that things sure have changed. The title of a knight was even made available politics took a vast change. Suppose that happens when several superpowers merge and others end. The Earth was scarred so it was time to adapt. Though maybe we were reverting in a way.]]

[center [+brown Rex are you okay?! Guys, can you heal him? He isn't looking too good, hey buddy take a seat okay?]]
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Elise was the first to stumble out of the small little preparation room, a look familiar to awe forming on her face at the first ray of sun hitting her milky white skin. How long has it been since she has been out? The female could only close her eyes for a bit, enjoying the light hitting her frame while the air gently brushed up against her form. She would open her eyes, the feeling of tranquility quickly brought to an end by Eric’s voice.

A small ‘tch’ came from the blue haired girl, her arms folding across her chest as she tilted her head away from the naive boy. And just when she was about to start calming down too.

[#13c9c7 “Wh... whatever.”] She grumbled, her eyes opening up at the question that followed suit.

Moniku on the other hand held a smile on her face, she didn’t expect Rex to honestly agree. And by that, she did give a closed eye smile. Something she is prone to doing even now in such a state. Her orbs soon slid open, now flicking towards Eric at his question. What should they do?

[#330b5b “Well,”] She said, tapping her lower jaw just the slightest bit. [#330b5b “I’d personally say scout the area and see for any sort of water supply. I’d also suggest getting to know our environment, possibly a small cubby hole for now. It’d be preferable if...”] She was trailing off, murmuring things to herself incoherently.

Elise could only huff just the slightest bit, [#13c9c7 “Or find a way out.”]

[#330b5b “Yeah, uh, you do know they’re always watching... o.... Scary--”] She soon got cut off, her eyes sliding shut as a small chuckle flew out of her lips over Eric’s failed attempt at climbing the tree.

Elise on the other hand, started to chortle at the events. Her laughter bubbling with mirth as she closed her eyes at the poor clumsy knight.

[#13c9c7 “Wow, maybe getting things isn’t your strong suit,”] She teased, quickly calming down from the events as a giggle was the last sound heard from her. [#13c9c7 “Just smashing things would be good enough for you, yeah?”]

The female soon glanced up, looking at the bag before a dash of white soon made its way up the tree as if it weren’t much effort in the first place. He almost reminded her of an old movie she watched before coming to this place.

Moniku’s hands did fly out, catching the parcel of items with a small intake of air. She wasn’t sure what was in here exactly. She did glance up towards the albino, now mouthing a small ‘thank you’ before crouching down and beginning to unravel the bag.

[#330b5b “Yeah, yeah.. But it’d be ill advised to be so close,”] She absently stated, looking at the contents of the bag holding mostly rations. [#330b5b “You’ll end up being...”] It would be enough to serve throughout two days, if used appropriately, she noted. Causing the female to smile just the slightest bit. Her favorite item out of the whole bunch however was a small scope, used mostly on any sort of sniper rifle.

She knew exactly what to do with this, hence why she immediately grabbed at it with swift dexterity.

Elise on the other hand looked rather content, guess they weren’t going to starve after all. And the bottles of water would have been enough to make her almost tear up in joy. God, does she love water. The only peculiar thing she saw out of the whole thing was the small scope, causing the female to quirk her brow just the slightest bit.

[#13c9c7 “Why the hell is that thing in there? Hey, wait! You can’t just go grabbing at everything you want!”] Elise practically snapped, causing her to being ignored altogether.

[#330b5b “Yo, Tarzan, do you think you can climb up that tree again? Even higher this time?.. With someone?”] She asked, the agitated Elise snapping heavily over how she is being disregarded.

[#13c9c7 “[b Don’t] you ignore me when I’m talking to you, hey! What the hell?!”] She’d begin, her foot beginning to stamp on the floor. The nerve of the girl! [#13c9c7 “You can’t just waltz around taking things and expect people to not get snappy.”]

[#330b5b “You’ll barely even get a skip outta me.”] She absently stated, now bouncing on the soles of her heels. They weren’t high or anything like that, allowing her to run along if needed. And the fact they were chunky assisted in maintaining her balance, too.

Elise only gave a scoff, now folding her arms as she looked at the food, water, then group. There were mainly dried fruits and nuts. Oh, and three bottles of water. Three doesn’t equal four... meaning...

[i [#13c9c7 ‘Oh hell no.’]] is the only thing Elise thought before grabbing a bottle, now folding her arms over her chest yet again. There was no way she would share such a thing with either of them. Especially ... Elise gave a shudder, she honestly didn’t know who was worse: Eric or Rex.
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[center [h3 Such Power]]

[center [b Rex had stumbled a bit as Eric had slammed the ground. He quickly caught himself looking to Eric out of all the opponents Rex fought he never met someone with such... Brute strength. How could one man... be so strong? Rex had shaken his hands clenched looking toward Eric. He felt this urge... this urge to... Prove himself. It wasn't as if he wanted to exactly kill Eric that wasn't the case. What was this then? He felt that kinda power screamed... A challenge and it put a fire in Rex's chest. It made him wonder the most basic and primal of all things. "Who was the greater?" Rex wanted to know if he could fight something so powerful and survive. Rex had stared at Eric as he looked back and gave a smile. Rex again turning his head away.]]

[center [b Elise looked again pissed off a bit scared but pissed off nonetheless. "Great now she thinks I'm a nutjob who will kill her at the smallest comment. I'm just... a little stressed out okay? Aren't we all? Look I'm sorry..." he sighed ignoring her little angry reactions. Or at least trying to ignore them but it was obvious he spooked her a bit and she was responding in anger.]]

[center [b He didn't want to scare a sweet cute little girl. "Sweet ha yeah right maybe that slipped out simply because of how sweet she looks right? That isn't fair though right..? Maybe she's just stressed out too?" it didn't matter what she was like Rex had given up on making friends. Outburst like that reminded him why he wasn't able to talk to others.]]

[center [b As the others equipped themselves and grew ready Moniku had told Eric again he didn't want to know. It wasn't his business she seemed kinda scary. Not her power that didn't scare Rex it was her attitude but Eric still just smiled. Even when he suggested they get a weapon Elise gave him this tough act and he just continued smiling. Was he mad at Rex? For threatening the cute girl? "Let me guess he wants to be the knight in shining armor and protect the girls from the crazy guy huh?" Rex sighed. "Subject Knight" it beat Rex's subject name. "Rex" a "Mighty King" like kings actually do anything. Rex had fought the urge to sigh again. If he was sighing left and right they would think he was annoyed with them he wasn't really. It just sucked Eric got to be the good guy and Rex looked like some crazy psychopath.]]

[center [b Moniku had looked at Rex asking if they could talk later as the doors began to open. He looked at her blinking, did she... Really want to talk to him? Was she mad? That he threatened Elise? A poor girl? Did she see through the ruse to show off his skills? He had looked at her and away as she touched him flinching away she quickly apologize as he shook his head looking away.]]

[center [+orange N-No..! It's fine... I... I-It's okay and.. We can um...]]

[center [b He simply nodded to her question about talking later. Oh, cause you can't just say yes Rex!? He thought to himself how he felt he made things harder then they needed to be. What would the main character do? In an anime? He'd probably smile and tell her "Sure whatever you need" it wasn't many words so why couldn't he say it? Because nice guys like that? Looked so fake they seemed like they had some other motive and he couldn't handle being accused. To be called fake? Manipulative? He could barely handle attitude he'd... He hated it but he cared what others thought of him. Well, now it was time for him to focus on what was ahead of him. What would be first? Finding supplies in a tree? Or perhaps scouting ahead? If Rex were alone he'd... As reckless as he knew it was. As irresponsible as he knew it was and maybe even cruel... He'd hunt down other subjects. He wasn't good at hunting or finding scattered supplies he knew the center of the forest had the most supplies and so. He'd head there fighting for his meals rather than trying to outlast the others. If he tried that? He'd eat something poisonous or starve hunting or fishing camping? That wasn't his thing. The longer it lasted the more likely he'd be killed in his sleep. Or would run out of food so he'd take what he could from the middle when these bouts had only fighters and they didn't have "units"]]

[center [b Sure some worked together a set number could survive together so working with a few others was okay. He lacked the social skills for that too... He'd spare the weaker or those who avoided him the meek or... A pretty face. He'd face those who boasted those who went after the big supplies as he had. He felt bad for fighting in such a cruel and direct way so many avoided fighting to think of a smarter plan or to preserve their humanity. Here he was... fighting the itch to take off and fight the way he knew best how to. Sure it'd eventually get him killed one day but he didn't care and why should he?]]

[center [h3 Talkative Knight]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b As they left Elise had grabbed a weapon barking if Eric was happy. Though Eric hadn't really seen it as barking as he nodded smiling.]]

[center [+brown I am happy thank you I'm sorry for knocking you guys down earlier. So what's the plan? Maybe get something to eat? What do you think Moniku any ideas?]]

[center [b He smiled as they wandered aimlessly Eric standing closely to Elise and the others. He was ready to protect them if any wild beast came from the forest and had attacked them. He had then seen something stuck in a tree as he pointed up it was a small pack as he pointed smiling.]]

[center [+brown Hey guys look that seems perfect!]]

[center [b Eric had taken his armor and sword off as he went to go climb the tree. He had jumped climbing for a few moments before falling flat on the earth on his behind. As he tried a few more times falling again and again on his rear.]]

[center [+brown Ouch... maybe climbing tree's isn't my strong suit.. Don't worry guys I got it--]]

[center [b It was then that Rex keeping his leather and bulletproof armor on with his blade as well. Had leaped and jumped from branch to branch. Climbing one as he pulled himself up with one arm flipping to the next one. As he grabbed the bag throwing it back down to Moniku as he jumped off the top of the tree.]]

[center [+brown Oh wait I'll catch yo--]]

[center [b And like that Rex had stuck the landing as Eric looked his way rubbing the back of his head with a laugh.]]

[center [+brown Haha and he sticks the landing huh? Well nice job Rex!]]

[center [+orange I-I umm..]]

[center [b Eric had than wrapped his arm around the shorter male giving a large goofy grin.]]

[center [+brown We'll Moniku you do have us both to protect you! Though I can't guarantee I'll always stay out of that bubble we might have to stand close to make sure no wild animals get the jump on us! Still, Rex that was awesome nice work, buddy!]]

[center [b Eric had ruffled Rex's hair as he blinked looking back at Eric and back at the ground as Eric put his hands on his hips with a wide and happy smile.]]

[center [+brown So what's the score Moniku what do we got?]]

[center [b Eric asked sliding over like an excited child on Christmas morning.]]
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Hearing him apologize was enough, to be honest. The glare she had on her face, that scowl appeared to almost be smeared off instantly as she closed her eyes. He’s just a kid, Elise would have to remind herself as she tapped a nail on her arm ever so softly. It appeared to be in slight annoyance, but it quickly has subsided as her ice blue orbs trained back onto the boy.

[#13c9c7 “It’s fine.”] And that was the end of that.

Moniku stared quietly fo a moment, watching this all play out. He’s such an emotional thing. Why would someone like him have been placed in here? His body language practically screamed how he was feeling. The way his eyes watered up, his voice trembling just the slightest bit even a bit quieter... it made a pang hit in her chest just the slightest bit. Why, he almost reminded her of...

The female snapped her head away from him, she’ll talk to him shortly after this when she’s sure they could potentially be alone? The female closed her eyes, shifting the thick rimmed glasses upon her face as a soft sigh came from her.

[#330b5b “You dont wanna kn... Ugh,”] The female breathed out her frustration with a grunt from the question. [#330b5b “Just, just stay out of my personal space bubble. That’s all I’ll say over it.”] It was apparent her face became dusted with a slight shade of pink. She didn’t particularly KNOW these people. And her telling them anything too informational was something she’d rather not do. Sure, there’s the fact it’s slightly embarrassing. But it’s more so she just.. Doesn’t trust them.

Elise quirked a brow at the girl, so it’d have to be something close range, then? Not any sort of spell or anything being cast? Her eyes narrowed, thought etched into her face as a feeling similar to a blade slicing against one of her cheeks. The first instinctual thing was for her frame to tense up, her eyes widening with a look of alarm on her face. She felt her red, warm liquid slide down her face as she stared at the boy for just a moment owlishly. It’s almost as if her stare was similar if she saw him with two heads.

Just what the fuck is wrong with this boy? Her lips began to pull back, anger beginning to return as she opened her mouth -

Just for him to begin ... playing? That’s an understatement as the boy began to slide around the room as if he were in a dance with only his blade as his partner. Her cheek did begin to patch up on its own, as it began to knit itself together with any sort of pour of her blood ceasing altogether.

Instead of saying anything, Elise would ground her teeth together, eyes shut tight firmly as she held back any sort of snapping at him. He looked .. frail. Even she could have seen that, even when he was staring at her like he wanted nothing more than to see her to cease breathing...

That exact gaze is what greeted her with her eyes closed. The females milky fists continued to shake, her nails no doubt going to form creases in the flesh. The look she saw before he turned his head away was such a contrast. And for that reason alone, she would allow a shaky breath of air to leave her form as she wiped her cheek with a growl coming out of her.

[#330b5b “Impressive.”] Moniku would simply state. The smile she gave forming a slight crater into one of her cheeks to show a dimple for once. How interesting, she would muse to herself as she locked that information into the back of her mind. The soft giggle shown how much she approved as she turned her attention over to the brunet once he spoke.

The easily irritable girl snapped her eyes to the boy, the scowl on her face forming nothing but suspicions.At the slam, Elise would flail, panic forming on her face as she seemed to flop around like a fish. She decided to quickly fall on the floor, covering her face for any sort of debris that may or may not fly around the room by the small fissure created by the boy.

Moniku, on the other hand, gave a very, [i very] feminine, [#330b5b ‘eek’] while taking approximately two steps to keep her balance intact. Her hands did fling up to her mouth, trying to hide any sort of giggles she had from the display. It was VERY interesting, and the fact he was, indeed, a little titan, made her continuously giggle just the slightest bit.

Sure would suck to be on that side of the sword, wouldn’t it?

At the question Eric asked, the female gave a shake of her head.

[#330b5b “Nah, my stun baton isn’t in there... I have you two to protect me, anyways. I’ll... grab something smaller outside?”] She asked, tapping her chin as she glanced towards the weapon pile once more. Maybe there was a small dagger of the sort in there in the meantime? Not that she’d particularly know how to use one it’s just...

Elise had huffed, glancing over the items once more. It was more so to protect herself from that other boy now. Even now, she didn’t have much faith over herself if such a thing were to happen. Eric did begin to slide in last time, she recalled. But you can still never be too careful... Unlike Moniku, Elise didn’t have faith in BOTH of the boys in here.

[#13c9c7 “Just... hold on.”] She would grumble, her voice coming back with frustration. Eric was right, afterall. And that’s something she wouldn’t vocally say as she went rummaging through that pile once more. What could she possibly grab, she wondered.

As she moved a few items out of the way, she gave a huff while a few weapons tore into her skin just the slightest bit. But she didn’t really seem to mind as she tossed them out of her way After a moment, Elise came up with a shiv.

[#13c9c7 “Happy now?”] She’d bark at him, taking a couple of steps towards the opening door.

Moniku, in the meantime found this more than a perfect opportunity to slide herself over towards the white haired boy yet again.

[#330b5b “... May I speak with you later?”] She’d murmur softly, she knew it was a bit peculiar coming from a stranger. But he didn’t look as... happy. She didn’t mean to touch him, but when she did, her hand flinched back. Eric has been denied for giving him any sort of comfort, so why would he...?

[#330b5b “.. ‘m sorry.”] She would murmur yet again, the royal purple colored nails falling to their side as she soon took fast, quick steps after Elise. It would have been good to see the general environment of this area, after all.
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[center [h3 "Eyes"]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex had taken a seat waiting for the others to decide on what to do. He didn't really know them but he didn't want to see them die it was his charge to help them right? It wasn't duty he felt the urge to help others. He wondered why to himself but with that thought, a few things rang into his head. A few memories of his school life always getting involved in others affairs. Perhaps it was because the boy had wanted to be like the heroes he'd watch growing up. The acts his small eyes would observe as his face would burst into a huge grin.]]

[center [b Rex couldn't help but remember the crazy amounts of Anime he'd used to watch. It was a form of Media that was somehow retained from "the old world" it was rather nish even back then. For some reason, this past from the blast was followed by a pain. Did others want him to really meddle? To help them out? Was jumping in to answer a situation with only violence the way to go? What if going to a teacher didn't help that person?]]

[center [b He found himself wondering more about his past life as it soon hit him. "That doesn't matter' what mattered was what he could do for others now. "Why?" motivation he pondered on that. The answer to him was indeed very simple. "Unlike me, they still care to live" for a reason as simple as that he'd lay his life down for strangers. As much as he wanted to see it as an act of heroic gesture was it? Or was it self-gratification? As doubt consumed the small male his thoughts were cut off. Elise had begun to dig into him as he raised his head like a scared deer caught in head lights. He looked into her eyes before looking away as she demanded to know what he was staring at. "Was I.. Staring?" he hadn't meant to but she had given him a harsh look first? He gritted the bottom of his lip. He was feeling anxious and upset and defensive all at once. His heart was racing a thousand miles an hour and there she had gone calling out his social abilities. He looked at the ground trembling trying to block her out.]]

[center [b "Why me? What did I do? I didn't want to upset anyone it's why I... Why? I didn't..." he gripped his arms as he began to shake. He was beginning to fall apart he wanted to act like he didn't care. "Why do I care? I don't know her! This so stupid!"]]

[center [b Thoughts swarming the young man wondering if he had done something wrong as he muttered softly to the woman.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm sorry...]]

[center [b His eyes had begun to tear up as he wiped underneath them. He hid his face turning around as quick as he could. "Ugh! Oh god, Moniku and Eric are gonna think I'm crazy! Why am I getting so upset over this? It's so stupid I'm such an idiot" as much as Rex fought it. He knew that he cared what that woman thought of him. Moniku had then stood in giving a jest about winning the internet. Eric had rubbed the back of his head giving a chuckle.]]

[center [+brown Hey guys can't we get along? Hey Rex buddy you okay?]]

[center [b Rex had turned around trying to fight the tears with a sigh as he gave a soft nod. He just wanted it to go away but how? He wanted this pain in his chest. This awkward feeling of Eric treating him like a child of Elise hating him for no reason. He hated this feeling he hated it all he couldn't deal with it. Fighting... Was simple and straightforward but dealing with people? Why was that so hard? It was then Moniku and Elise had begun to explain their abilities. It seemed neither was a combat type but with unique and useful utility. Moniku's powers concerned Rex a bit what if she used them on them? Made them serve her as pawns? What was the limitation? What did it take? She seemed the type to play coy and even if she was open? Rex was timid to ask about her limitations and what not. Taking a second thought on it Rex realized had she used that power on him? He wouldn't really care he'd relish in having a purpose rather than just being some monster who destroys solely for the sake to survive. If anything it'd guarantee some company, right? "Man talk about setting standards low enough to settle for loyal lap dog" Rex knew it was true but it didn't change the fact he'd be okay with it.]]

[center [+brown How do you persuade someone to fight for you?]]

[center [b Eric had asked tilting his head a bit curious Rex had blinked seeing the boy rather bold. Elise had even been told she hadn't wanted to know so how could he just... Ask? Sure Rex wanted to know as well but this was... Reckless did he not care really? What others think of him? Before Eric or Rex had a chance to share their abilities. Rex had noticed Elise gave her another firm glare. Rex had looked back at her again tears welling up in his eyes. As he gritted his teeth clenching his hands he was visibly upset. "What do I have to do to make it stop?"]]

[center [b Before Rex think for even a second he had put his hand on his handle walking toward Elise. As he looked downcast and back into her eyes. His eyes still filled with tears but his orange eyes burning with a passion. With almost a murderous intent as he drew his sword in a brief flash stopping it right at her cheek letting the blood drip for a moment. He had blinked realizing what he had done. He let out a softened that look that screamed "I'm sorry..." what did he do to this poor girl? He took a gulp and a moment to think of a way out of this. As Eric gave a smile he started to walk between the two of them as Rex pulled his blade back. As he swung it at the air dancing with his blade as he started to twist and spin through the air. This was so embarrassing! To pretend that was a prelude to showing off his swordplay? He closed his eyes taking a breath as he offered stabs and lunges dancing side to side. As he spun his blade through his fingers effortlessly.]]

[center [b Following with a one-handed handspring as he rolled his blade off his shoulders into the air. Rolling to the ground as he pushed his body up performing a one-handed handstand before flipping back to catch his blade. With that he let an exhale of air escape his lungs. "That was way more embarrassing than just giving an answer but I had to think of something right??"]]

[center [+orange I-I... Have I... I possess enhanced speed a-and strength with p-prolonged s-s-stamina...]]

[center [b As for his swordsmanship that was something he worked rather hard on. Though he wouldn't go on much about that he'd rather talk for as short as possible. He had spun his blade sheathing it to the side.]]

[center [b "Wait... what if Elise took that as a threat? A show of strength?! No! That wasn't what I meant! I just... I just wanted an excuse for losing my... My cool." Elise seemed tough right? He could handle her getting mad but if he upset her? Scared her? He knew he'd feel terrible about it. He looked back to her his eyes filled more with worry as he looked away again. Eric had given Rex a pat on the shoulder a thumbs up with that same look of glee and naivety.]]

[center [h3 Show And Tell Knight]]

[center [+brown Oh okay well I suppose I gotta show the same right?]]

[center [b Eric had walked forward taking a few steps away from everyone as he took a deep breath with another bright smile. As he drew his large blade spinning it over his head. He had almost stumbled right over but he gripped the blade as he took a deep breath before slamming it down into the ground. As the metal floor shattered and crumbled shaking the room causing him and the others to stumble a bit. As he turned back around offering a childish grin as he walked from the crater left in the Earth.]]

[center [+brown I used to have trouble remembering what I was told but I got it now. Extremely enhanced strength and endurance. I believe my wounds close quickly and my heart puts a strain to pump blood faster when I lose it. With hardened bones and muscle tissue, my organs can survive being shut down for a few minutes before the wounds close if not too badly injured. Though I'm not really sure what all that really means... Although unlike Rex it seems my "gifts" drain my stamina more quickly rather than extending it. So Elise, Moniku I know you two don't really fight but you sure you don't want anything to defend yourselves with?]]

[center [b Eric asked as he came over patting Rex on the shoulder. Offering him a smile he had hoped Rex was feeling better. He didn't enjoy seeing someone so upset or teary eyes though it seemed Rex only looked away as Eric tilted his head. "Was it something he said?" and with that, the metal doors began to open in front of them. As the announcer again repeated the situation reminding that weapons and supplies can be found in crates throughout the forest as well.]]
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The dark skinned girl could only give a small little smile at the male, seeing his head go downcast once more. Poor babe, indeed. The girl soon turned her head to the brunet at his response. Causing the female to chuckle a bit at his response. Such an optimistic kid. She has come to the conclusion Eric is quite the child, quite the naive little boy, indeed. Perhaps it is a facade, she still hasn’t taken that out of possibility. But that chance is so small, that even Moniku would be shocked if she has been duped at the end of the day.

[#330b5b “Yeah, I get it...”] She would say, hands moving behind her back in a slight little fumble. Elise would stumble, looking at the female as she practically gripped onto her. Hard. Quite the informationist, Elise noted.

[#13c9c7 “Wh-what is a prepping room?”]

[#330b5b “Exactly what is sounds like, Sylph girl.”] Moniku stated, slapping the girls hands off her frame with a resonating slap. The sound of the slap sounding nastier than it actually was. She’d give a small little hum, her onyx orbs have hovered around the three others in the room, her gaze soon falling on the pile. What is the likelihood of them having one of her books in there, she’d wonder. It’s a slim possibility, but there nonetheless.

[#330b5b “Usually there’s only one... I don’t mainly deal with weapons around here.”] She’d continue, her steps giving resonating clicks from the small heels she currently wore. Elise would watch, her blue orbs forming into a narrow. Face scowled.

Elise would glare, her eyes moving all around the room as the intercom went off, speaking of suggestions and what would be supplied here. It just so happened as Elise’s ice blue eyes surveyed around, she found a pair of orange orbs staring at her in a rather... nasty manner.

Unfortunately for Rex, he is now her target.

[#13c9c7 “And what, exactly, do you want? Quit staring at me.”] She would snap. She was already sick of everyone in here. This ‘happy’ boy, this condescending-like bitch, and that boy who apparently had something he wanted to say.

[#13c9c7 “Not like you could get it out in the first place. You can barely even say one sentence without stumbling over it.”] The female spat, more so as a reminder to herself as her arms folded across her chest. Unless he suddenly wanted to say something, which she would keep her eyes locked onto the orange hues. They didn’t waver; asking -- no, daring him to say something, anything to her.

And in the background, an audible groan/sigh could have been heard from the dark skinned woman.

[#330b5b “This is LITERALLY the exact opposite of what we are supposed to be doing. Congratulations, you win: The internet.”]

[#13c9c7 “Who asked you?”]

[#330b5b “You’re a healer. I don’t know who you think you’re getting smart with. Do you really want to try your luck in angering someone who has a sword?”]


The shit-eating smirk Moniku gave was enough to make Elise clamp her mouth shut in a scream, now storming to the pile to go rummage through the items in anger.

She already had her attire, it’s peculiar considering the amount of time she has been here. It was apparent she had a rather slick mouth... so why didn’t she have tattered clothes like Elise?

[#13c9c7 “W-well, aren’t you going to cover me?”] Elise would ask, almost as if her snapping never happened in the first place. The chortle Moniku gave came out mingled with a scoff; she’s like a little kid! It didn’t take long for Elise to switch into her light attire, consisting mostly of a robe which was rather flexible.

[#330b5b “.... I’m known as subject diablo. It was puppeteer at first, but it was decided to be switched to ‘devil’ after my first time in these rings.”] Moniku finally stated, her eyes closing for a moment. She appeared rather calm, but the shaking of her hands spoke of the antsy emotions she currently had.

This little weakness, showing of her actual emotions was quickly hidden however; her arms folding together as Elise moved her way out from behind the girl.

[#330b5b “I can’t fight, but I can.... ‘Persuade’ someone into doing it for me instead.”]

Elise would look at the girl, her mouth opening.

[#13c9c7 “Do... do I, we, want to kn-”]

[#330b5b “No.”] She’d interject flatly, seating herself down on her knees, a shudder running through her frame. She did turn her head away, nose sticking up in the air while a soft little ‘humf’ being made. She knew her primary tactics the first time she has been set in these rings.

She had to play as a hopeless, petty, sad little girl. Playing as a leech who had to latch onto something, anything that would help her with making it further down the line. It was unfortunate it was there, in those very lands, she was found capable of wrapping men and women alike under her thumb. It was through this, she wasn’t so alone - she would find a nice source for water, food, and a potential home.

It would also happen she tended to her dear puppet more than herself. She missed a meal? That’s fine, as long as her object is at its greatest potential, that’s all that mattered... Until she didn’t require them anymore.

[i [#330b5b “Kill yourself,”] The female would state, her onyx orbs watching as her poor, broken little toy took one step forward from the br-]

The reminiscence has come to a quick stop however when Elise opened her mouth. It was more so quiet at first, unsure of whether or not to share this information.

[#13c9c7 “I am Sylph, I heal the body through cell regeneration. It was a tradition found in my family. I do this through contact, but... I still need practice with it.”] She’d conclude, head tilting away for just a second. She would have to now above everything else, especially since now....

Her ice blue eyes traveled around the group, them now landing on Rex once more as a firm glare made its way on her face once more. She would have to quell this for now, she’d note. Hence why she, too gave a ‘humph’. A different reason of its own entirety from Moniku’s.
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[center [h3 Embarrasment]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b After Rex had shot up shouting his outburst. Moniku teased him a bit as he looked her way moving his head downcast. You'd think his neck was rather used that position but he had a good reason this time. "Yikes did I seriously scream that?" He had lost himself a bit in thought as Eric began to respond to what seemed like a question she asked right before he woke up.]]

[center [+brown Saitama-sama? Well I thought never till you try you know?]]

[center [b He said offering another kind glance with a brimming smile. Eric hadn't gotten a chance to answer Elise's question about an angle. Though Rex was seriously thinking the same thing. What was the guys deal? Rex didn't mind someone casting him a kind smile... That wasn't what made him uneasy. What was it? Perhaps it reminded him of people playing nice at school just to play a prank. Wait... was that another memory he remembered? Or was it remembered wrong? No this seemed familiar but if Eric was faking it? He was seriously taking it a step too far. What did he have to gain to be so kind? To smile all the time? In that way Rex was similar to Elise, however, unlike her, he hated being that weary of him. Because honestly? Rex loved characters like Eric in stories the kind and just hero. The nice guy who can smile and keeps things simple? They were cliche and generic sure of course they were. Yet it was heartwarming to put people like that in horrible situations. It was heartwarming to see them smile against any and all odds.]]

[center [b That was what frustrated Rex was despite Eric being a stranger he pulled at his heartstrings. Despite how fake it looked despite how stupid it was despite everything! He didn't want another stranger coming into his life just to hurt him. Was that fair? To write him off? "Am I being petty? Too defensive?" what did it matter? It didn't matter this wasn't some social get together. Why did he have to care? Sure he can want to or not it really doesn't matter. Sure it's easy to say that but he found himself wondering about the others regardless. He found himself thinking of the others. Hmm ahh, Eric wasn't the only one who hadn't really thought of Elise's words. Well for Rex it was her actions he remembered her giving Eric and him a look. After he spoke up a look Rex understood all too well. Despite the meek and timid rather frail image of Rex, he had a lot of anger in his small body. When others for no real reason would push him to such anger besides what? To prove a point? To single him out? Regardless that look was a look that screamed she wanted to punch somebody. Was she so battle hungry? Or had Eric and Rex did something wrong? It made Rex feel guilty and insecure that such a cute girl was so pissed off at him. "What had I done wrong?" was it him speaking up?]]

[center [b This is why he hated talking! "Ugh damn it" regardless of him blaming himself. He felt anger and defensive nature fill up in his chest mixed with anxiety and disappointment with himself. As he turned looking at Elise not that he had meant to but it appeared to be a rather spiteful rather resentful look. One that had said "if you want to fight than the weaker of us shall be culled"]]

[center [b Rex himself hadn't realized it but this place had changed him. The thrill of combat the peace on the battlefield the luxury of not worrying about social interaction. Not the love of murder but the love of action a talent taking flight. A shame this was all he was good for right? He had realized he was staring at Elise before turning away. "What am I doing? That was so Rude!" he wondered if he looked as angry and defensive as he felt. Sure if they were going to fight he now had fewer qualms about attacking her on the spot. Was that fair? Over one dirty look? Again he found himself questioning himself something the boy found himself doing a lot. Hopefully, she hadn't seen his look of disdain he really hadn't meant to. Despite how upset he was he couldn't deny how adorable she was. "I mean if it were an anime the cute tough girls usually have a reason right? They are tough on the outside and squishy on the inside? It's always up to the main character to smile even when he hits his chest or face and calls him an idiot"]]

[center [b Rex loved that kinda thing sure again it was generic but as much as Rex would scream. "That's my waifu!" he realized in real life? Would he have the patience? To let someone abuse him? His hand began to tremble as he wondered. Would Eric or at least this "persona" of Eric seemed the type didn't he? He'd just laugh and call her tiger. Real or not? Rex knew he at least admired the patience of the man. Of course, she hadn't gotten that far so will see how "patient" Eric really was.]]

[center [b It was times like this that Rex would go blank a moment and think. "Why am I being such a jerk?" he hated how little faith he had in these strangers. Any strangers to count Elise and Eric out to have any chance to be his friend? Elise just seemed so standoffish and Eric? He seemed hard to talk because of how easy he tried to make himself to be. How does someone compete with officer friendly? It was hard to not feel like he'd be making a fool of himself talking to someone that unafraid to be an open book.]]

[center [b Though Rex's mind trailed off something hit him rather late. Did Eric say... Love you too man?! Sure Moniku sounded like she was joking with sleeping beauty bit obvious. Though with Eric's smile he was... Was he? Was he serious? He didn't even know the guy! Though before Rex could really say anything the intercoms had gone off.]]

[center [+red Hello subjects today's test will involve you in a new trial. You will be separated into units of four. Subjects are placed into two fighters one healer and a single Secret weapon.]]

[center [+red Subjects will be forced to survive in the forest with supply drops. Animals and sources of water until the number has fallen to a certain percentage. Good luck, I suggest subjects learn about one another. The room you are all placed in is equipped with fine arms and armor take your pick before we begin.]]

[center [b Good luck huh? A new series of test it seemed this wasn't different from his test before. He was placed in forest deserts and ect only difference? It was every man for himself and every subject was a fighter. Rex has survived... countless of these. How? Why? What drove him to survive? How could someone who fought without restraint or worry survive so long?]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex had come over trying his best to hide out of view. Changing out of his tunic to see they had left his usual get up. He never chose anything different than this thick longsword and that attire. Bulletproof light metal and leather. Sure it offered light protection to cutting and stabbing smashing but it really offered extreme protection to bullets. It was light and easy to move in funny Rex loved to rely on brute strength and fighting things head on. Yet he used such light attire and a long sword. In video games, he loved the two-handed blade tanks but he supposed this wasn't a video game huh? Obvious but he didn't care he'd compare life to them before and he would now too.]]

[center [b Looking into his reflection on the blade he's realized this is the blade that has become an extension of himself. That was part of where his anxiety came from in that cell in his time here he hated being unarmed. In that bland tunic he loved the style of the blade and his attire strange but he had. It was a shame he didn't find it in more lovely circumstances huh? Spinning his blade around he had spun it sheathing it to the side. Durandel that was the name of his blade and in some form, it has become his best friend. It was always there for him to rely on when he needed. To offer its support and strength to protect him. Sure it wasn't the blade but his blade doing the protecting the fighting but he liked to act like he wasn't on his own. Call him crazy but it was nice to think of it in a way that something had his back.]]

[center [b This time he wasn't on his own was he? He had friends a unit but by the looks of it? Whoever was the other fighter? It didn't matter he could tell none of the three had ever been a fight before. Even had they been experts he wasn't eager to rely on others. Not that Rex thought of himself as too cool or too much of a lone wolf to rely on others. Actually, he loved MMO's and RPG's because every challenge was usually way too big for one man to handle. He hated animes where the main character could be basically a party of one. Healing, tanking, damage he could just do it all cause why not, right? So he loved teamwork in video games.]]

[center [b In fact typing to others online he'd always be a shot caller or take charge. Sure it was easy cause they couldn't see anything but his avatar. He'd take the lead as meaty tank character charging in grabbing the aggro while the others came in. Though he had people to play games with he didn't really have "friends" sure one could suppose playing together was a friend. It wasn't the same as having someone to talk too...]]

[center [b Wow where did that depressing thought come from? "Am I really that pitiful?" Rex shook his head. No this was the time to get his head out of the clouds on the battlefield? He had to turn all of that on as hard as that sounded. He found peace in it he found a reason to not worry about his faults. Focusing on the task at hand again and again until the end? It a twisted way... It gave the boy peace. Would he be able to experience that same peace with others around?]]

[center [b Rex supposed if this were a party this would be the part where the others would share their talents with the others. However, Rex refused to be the one who spoke up. If no one suggested it than he was fine with that too with that he had stood near the metal door. Awaiting for it to open and unleash him to the forest.]]

[center [h3 Carefree Knight]]

[center [pic]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Eric had scratched his head wrinkling his nose at the intercom.]]

[center [+brown So it ends when too many of us leave the forest? So it's kinda like camping right?]]

[center [b Eric had walked over the arms and armor scratching his head he was unsure of what to grab. Would he need something to cut tree's down? Or was this one of his spars? Eric remembered his spars they went into one opponent said, uncle. Eric hadn't lost a fight yet but he remembered hearing these were the early exams. He had no idea what that truly meant. Though Eric had taken metal armor putting it over his coat. It wasn't full steel plate but it was fairly heavy duty steel around his body not fully encased but fairly covered nonetheless.]]

[center [b Eric had looked at his blade as he held it over his shoulder. Large and rather oversized but as he looked to it his usual bright faded for a fraction of a second before returning with a small smile.]]

[center [+brown Isn't this a little sharp? If we're going to be sparring again someone could get seriously hurt you know?]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b He said as he noticed Rex had gone to the door unlike Eric his blade was double-edged. Eric's had a blunt and sharp side luckily for him he could just swing with the blunt side. Though what would Rex do? It'd be hard to fight with something that dangerous. Eric knew he'd have to be careful too his blade was massive and had a lot of crushing weight to it.]]

[center [b Eric had offered them another smile as he sat down waiting on the girls to sift through the sortments of equipment they had laid out.]]
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[i [size10 The first thing the Sekushon did was cock an eyebrow up. There has been puzzlement in her reflective, onyx orbs as she tugged at the dark sleeves of her turtleneck. Indeed, she isn’t quite a combative subject; as her subject name is more so ‘diablo’, ‘devil’ as one would retain better. There has always been talk of her family dealing with witchcraft, especially of a tale involving her many great’s of grandfather named ‘Dominiku’ being entwined with a succubus. It’s what has given the Sekushon family their natural ‘charm’ as one may put.]]

[i [size10 However, a tale is a tale, whether or not true or false, it matters not. What did matter at this time is this boy currently apologizing to her. Moniku’s head would tilt, cocked just the slightest in puzzlement as her reflexive orbs seemed to show a mirror of the boy, his white set of head turned away to hide the shade of red so obviously dusted on his cheeks.]]

[i [size10 [#330b5b “For...,”] The female drawled out, he was a bit... quirky, wasn’t he? Instead of dragging it on, the female gave a roll of her shoulders before giving a small bounce to her compressed legs before standing up completely. [#330b5b “It’s okay, whatever it is you did.”] She said, dismissively as she gave a lazy roll of her hand. She soon moved her way back to her little corner, seating herself where she has wanted to be in the first place]]

[center -]

[i [size10 Elise honestly couldn’t believe this man. Her eyes would stare in puzzlement at his off behavior, how could someone so chipper be... in a place like this. How long has he been here, anyways? That’s the question Elise couldn’t let slide.]]

[i [size10 [#13c9c7 “What’s your angle, boy.”] She said, it not coming out quite like a question as her ice blue orbs appeared to dig holes into this boy. And him calling her cutie, or tiger?? Sure, she did flush a slight shade of pink due to the second pet name but it didn’t change her glaring disposition otherwise. No way would she allow someone’s words make her become flustered and drop any sort of answering she may have wanted -- or needed at the current time.]]

[i [size10 He was an object of interest, even to Moniku, as she tilted her head up after hearing her name with a questioning gaze before tilting it back down.]]

[i [size10 ... That is until he spoke about getting fresh air.]]

[i [size10 Elise didn’t quite notice the jacket around her shoulders, as his words caught her off guard. If it were THAT simple, then she wouldn’t have been here right now, correct? Her orbs drifted over towards that Rex kid after hearing him say something. And she almost wanted to punch both him AND Eric for being tools. This albino for not saying anything else, and Eric for being dense enough to think it would just be like that.]]

[i [size10 [#13c9c7 “Are you INSANE? You doing that would get repercussions. And I’m already down to my LAST. I’d have to...”] Her hands were shaking just the slightest bit, her milky skin contrasting to the red dusting her face due to frustrations.]]

[i [size10 Moniku, on the other hand, remained silent. She was the one currently observing everyone. [#330b5b So,] she concluded, [#330b5b Eric isn’t trying to be a little weasel.] She wondered how someone like him has gotten in here, retaining such optimism no less. There’s no way a sane person would risk everyone’s necks with a stunt like that. Especially if they held little to no knowledge of the area, right?]]

[i [size10 Right.]]

[i [size10 So, the female closed her eyes as she thought the situation over. The three general chtype personalities which were trapped in this room. She was overly observant and analytical of everyone’s actions.]]

[i [size10 There was Rex, a rather shy boy who had trouble with speaking with girls. Not only that, but in general from not speaking his thoughts out to why Eric shouldn’t bust those gates down. What was he good for? The tired eyes spoke to her, she noted. He’s seen quite a bit of something, which she could only assume as death. He was most likely combative, or a healer. Either of the two. But something told her to go with the initial idea, her gut is usually spot on with these things.]]

[i [size10 Moniku’s orbs moved to the only other female in this cage. An aggressive female. With the subject name known as ‘Sylph’, pretty self explanatory. She’s definitely a healer. And with her outbursts, the female may assume she gets riled up easily. Almost easy to confirm with the constant shrieks from days ago. Moniku concluded they came from this girl. An emotionally unstable individual. Just a small jab here or there would set her off the deep end. Easy. And let’s not forget she appears to be more interested in herself than the others in here. Her included. Just something to note for later, she surmised.]]

[i [size10 And finally, this one. Moniku eyed the brunet for a moment, Eric. It would have been easier if the male gave his subject name rather than his actual name. Aside from his bright, outgoing personality, Moniku didn’t have all that much on the male. He did appear self-sacrificing enough to give something to the hot-headed girl, however. And the way he was ready to punch at bars almost made her want to think he had something involving strength.]]

[i [size10 However, these are just guesses and general pools she is getting from the three. Eric is definitely missing the point.. Or maybe not absorbing the situation he is into not stress? That appears more likely. Or does he want to bring others up to an at least happier mood. This last one almost seems spot on to her. Which is what she decided to conclude for now. Eric’s comment about missing his gram’s cooking flew over her head mostly.]]

[i [size10 But for Elise, however, it didn’t. She has deduced that this boy, Eric, is either a complete idiot or insane. His grams cooking.. .that’s all he’s worried about right now? Jesus... just how did he live this long?]]

[i [size10 When Elise was about to open her mouth, that green gas began to pour through the filters of the rooms.]]

[i [size10 [#13c9c7 “What the hell is that? What the fuck is going...”] Her voice became more drowsy after her first statement before her orbs slid shut, now falling into a state of unconsciousness.]]

[i [size10 Moniku only gave a loud groan, annoyance filtering through her tone of voice as she gave a simple, [#330b5b “Are you FUCKING kidding me?”] No doubt this hasn’t been her first rodeo as she soon watched the figures in front of her slowly form into blurs as darkness consumed her.]]

[center ----]

[i [size10 Elise had still been unconscious as those words flew out. Hearing voices were enough to open her orbs and look around at the surrounding area. It looked... different from where they have been prior. This prepping room was waaayyy more kempt, she noted as she slowly stood up. There was a pounding in her head as she gave a small little grunt of pain. Just what on earth happened?]]

[i [size10 Moniku stayed leaning up against a wall, one leg pressed against it while the other stayed straight down. Her arms have been folded across her chest as she eyed the three in the room. She has been the first, if not second to wake up. And she was enjoying an idle, quiet chat with Eric at that time.]]

[i [size10 Primarily asking if he’s done any of these before, where did he come from, what was his home like, ecetera ecetera. Mainly just small talk. She of course, gave some information as well when asked. Like her age, her birthday, and a little bit of her family. The most striking question she recalled asking before Rex shot out with his random outburst was, [#330b5b ‘Were you really about to punch that wall down, Saitama-sama?’] It was a very light, teasing jab as a grin stayed on her face.]]

[i [size10 But Rex’s outburst made her almost snicker. [b almost].]]

[i [size10 [#330b5b “I guess sleeping beauty had a nice rest.”] She said absentmindedly, her eyes softening a bit as she gave a slight smile to the two awakening.]]

[i [size10 [#13c9c7 “Where are we...”]]]

[i [size10 [#330b5b “In the prepping rooms. However... I haven’t been placed in these before with others, anyways.”] She said, the last part coming out in a murmur to herself more or less. Just what did they have planned this time, she wondered.]]
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[center [h3 Interactions]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex had flinched a bit as she came closer. He was only used to others coming close to attack. Either in combat or even in the cell others would try and kill him so they wouldn't have to fight him later. Out of fear out of a will to survive but was she a combat subject? She looked really pretty... Really Rex? Does that matter? If anything that makes her more untrustworthy she could use that to her advantage. He held his arm as she teased him about staring. Was she teasing? She sounded playful but maybe lowkey he was making her uncomfortable? Eric may not have noticed her glance at him offering her a smile only in return. Rex had an awkward social interaction like this? Ate at him like no tomorrow he hated this what if he did something that annoyed her? That got him a look like that? He was always the type to care what others thought of him. His thoughts had pondered on that "wait always?"]]

[center [b He wrinkled his nose a bit did he remember something about himself before? His personality? Was he really always like this before? Great! Then could he really have friends he had forgotten about before? Who'd be friendly toward him? Speaking of friendly Eric was acting it, it made Rex wonder could he have been sent by the lab? Sent here to watch them? Rex couldn't trust somebody that happy go lucky no way it wasn't an act. Then it happened he heard her laugh a bit he looked away as his face glistened red. It was cute but was she laughing at him? He looked back at her and then away again as he muttered softly.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm sorry...]]

[center [b He hung his head low he hadn't meant to stare at her it sort have just happened. Gah! Why do you suck at this? Is it really that hard to talk to people? Damn it Rex whatever she'll just be awkward for a second and leave him alone right? He didn't exactly give her the most exciting response. Though he found himself looking at Eric and the other girl. She... was pretty cute too actually but she was giving Eric a pretty hard time. Rex was glad he wasn't the only having a hard time or at least so he thought. Though Eric hadn't let his smile vanish not even for a second is this guy for real? Who can just smile like that? Rex wanted to say this place hadn't brought him down yet but looking back? He wasn't even that happy when he first came here.]]

[center [h3 Introductions Of A Knight]]

[center [pic]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Eric had smiled and then chuckled at her feisty behavior. He had despite her words placed his coat around her before nodding.]]

[center [+brown You are right not giving a name wasn't very nice of me was it? I apologize though I didn't want your subject name either! I'm sure you have a pretty name! So for my name? I'm Eric it's a pleasure to meet you. If you won't give me a name I think I should go with the tiger! Or maybe cutie instead?]]

[center [b He said as he flashed an innocent smile before tilting his head.]]

[center [+brown Hmm? What's wrong with me? You guys are the one who looks upset you and Rex here. Only Moniku here has cracked a smile yet! Is it really that cramped in here? Maybe it's time we did get some fresh air huh?]]

[center [b Eric had popped his knuckles and his neck. As he pulled his arm back ready to punch at the bars. Rex had widened his eyes as his thoughts began to race. "Did this guy seriously think he could break steel bars with his bare hands? Sure I'm a good fighter but this is just insane! Even if he can't if they see him trying we could all be punished. Rex did want to see two pretty girls get hurt. He put a hand up as he chocked out a bit"]]

[center [+orange P-Please..]]

[center [+brown Huh? Rex? Are you saying I shouldn't mess with it?]]

[center [+orange I...]]

[center [b Rex had found himself too shy to say anything more he didn't want to start bossing them around. He found himself again looking at the ground holding his hand to his chest. As Eric walked over and patted Alvin's head with a smile.]]

[center [+brown I'm not sure why but if you don't want me to I won't okay little buddy? So how do we get some fresh air? I'm getting tired of playing Jail Break here ya know?]]

[center [b Eric smiled as Alvin sighed quietly this wasn't a game man. Wait, buddy? That aside was he really so naive to not see what was really going on here? Everyone was pretty quiet it didn't seem they were on board with his crazy idea or maybe they were simply observing.]]

[center [h3 Notion Denied]]
[center [youtube]]

[center [b Eric chuckled almost a bit awkwardly for the first time ruffling the back of his hair. He hardly had much of a reaction from the other three at all. Rex zoning off completely. They weren't making this easy huh? Eric chuckled a bit more sincere this time, however.]]

[center [b Rex felt bad for not saying much it was obvious it appeared the three of them just ignored Eric's plan. From their reaction, it seemed it was a no. Rex could vouch for him but how would that help? He wouldn't want to get the girls killed too when they didn't even get involved.]]

[center [+brown Hmm so gonna guess that was a no huh? Well anyone else has any ideas? I think these guys are pretty hardcore at Jailbreak huh? I'm pretty competitive I'd hate to lose.]]

[center [b Eric said as he leaned against the wall looking up at the ceiling.]]

[center [+brown I've been playing too long I'm sure the folks back home are gonna kill me when I get back. The food here isn't too bad but I sure do miss grams home cooking.]]

[center [b He rubbed his stomach with a laugh as he closed his eyes a smile plastered on his face.]]

[center [h3 Weeding Out]]
[center [pic]]

[center [b Rex had begun to really process Eric's words. Grams home cooking? Was this guy for real? Rex couldn't help but get the feeling he had lived out in the country. Friendly outgoing and a bit thick-skulled with experience in home cooking. Rex was more of a city boy himself. Though Rex would never think of himself as frail or weak at least in the strength of his arm. Most country folk he had met seemed to be aggressive. Or would judge Rex to have been "weak" or "soft"]]

[center [b Rex himself being competitive though he hardly looked it. Always wanted a chance or a reason to prove he wasn't. This, of course, led to a few fights with guys like that. Though even so, they did things Rex could never do. Hunting, fishing, working he wasn't a very handyman with tools either. Could barely work a screwdriver maybe it was just his lack of confidence. Maybe that's why he enjoyed fighting it was all he could do right.]]

[center [b His best friend would make off comments. On how "under all that awkward teenager was a Viking." Rex never paid them much mind but it was very true wasn't it? He always wanted a reason to fight. He himself had always wanted to die on his two feet if he ever had to. The idea of dying old and peacefully scared him more than most things. Though he never wanted to kill anyone! He shook his own head lost his in thoughts yet again. He enjoyed getting into fist fights not ending lives but why? Why has he fought to live? Perhaps he wanted to die a meaningful death. Perhaps he wasn't as much a Viking he thought he was? Or just couldn't LET himself lose he wasn't sure exactly. The thought crossed him that with this overcrowding...]]

[center [b There would be another "tournament" wouldn't there? Usually, a desolate forest surrounded by guards. Every man for themselves it'd keep going till a certain number remained.]]

[center [b It was too groom the strongest and test their strength while grooming the weak. Only those with unique non-combat abilities were exempt. They had equally dangerous trials such as playing espionage against one another. Rex would hate to stake his life on some sort of mind game.]]

[center [b Wait? Sharing the same area... Does that mean his cellmates had abilities that could be used for combat? Would he have to.. Kill them too? He rarely fought women and it tore at him each time. Every life did but attacking a woman felt wrong to him. Though in life or death scenarios it wouldn't bother most. How would he be to fight the others? He had no idea what they could do but as cute as Moniku was and Sylph? Sure Moniku seemed rather tough and Sylph came off as standoffish they probably wouldn't think twice about killing him right? So why think about it? ]]

[center [b Still Eric wasn't wrong about Sylph being kinda cute. Though Rex wouldn't side with Eric on that out loud he didn't want to commit social suicide. Although... what if she really was just putting a tough act up? Like Eric seems to think? That was one of his favorite tropes in Anime! To kill a girl like that would honestly suck. Or to fight an upbeat naïve man like Eric? Would he even fight back? He's far too kind he'd be calling Rex "Buddy" the whole time. At least the girls seemed like they'd fight back maybe even strike first.]]

[center [b Maybe however from Eric it was a ploy to lower his guard? To be able to get the drop on them easier?]]

[center [b Rex had hoped so it was easier to kill someone like that... Eric did have some serious confidence in his brute strength. Perhaps his skill was simple and straightforward. Augmented strength and endurance that sounds fun. Not the idea of killing Eric but a good fight? As a guilty pleasure, the fights themselves gave Rex peace. It was a distraction from all the boredom and pain. He freaked out the worst in the cells. However in that forest? He had always realized he was the calmest. Almost like a caged tiger, was he a monster? He had sure hoped not as much as he imagined himself to be a hero one day. In fact as a hero? The kinda personality he had hoped to have was... One like Eric's if it was real! With a cute girl like Slyph or Moniku by his side as dorky as thought was.]]

[center [b What a big statement barely knowing the three right? They could hardly be what they look on the outside right?]]

[center [b True Rex was shy and had appeared docile himself. Though under it all was a sea of madness and anxiety one Rex wouldn't dare deny. Though the idea of a tournament and company is helping his sanity for now. Mostly just having something NEW to think about in this boredom. In a weird way even though Moniku made Rex the most anxious. He was in a weird way enjoying her company the most.]]

[center [h3 Sweet Dreams]]

[center [b Before they could talk much more about it a gas had begun to enter the room as Rex started to feel rather sleepy. So he was spot on huh? It was another tourney]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+pink Wake up sleepyhead!]]

[center [b Rex had opened his eyes shooting up as he slammed his head into the women. As the two held their heads in pain.]]

[center [+pink Owowowow!!]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b There laid a brown-haired male "Rex" as well as a woman with fair skin. Dyed pink hair surrounded by grass and flowers as far as the eye could see. This was Rex's favorite place to go after school. He loved to snooze off here and rest.]]

[center [+pink You're a big meanie! Hurting me like that!]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+blue Yeah man don't you know to treat a lady better than that?]]

[center [+orange V-Vincent?! Serah?! What are you guys doing here?]]

[center [b A man approached the two rubbing the back of his neck with a smile. As Serah giggled placing her finger to the air closing her eyes.]]

[center [+pink I have deduced that "blank" doesn't know better at all. See his families really a swarm of aliens from another planet. That's why he acts so weird all the time!! Hehehe oh I'm just kidding.]]

[center [b She ruffled Rex's hair as he giggled blushing slightly looking up at the two. He loved to wake up having them there they were his favorite people in the world. He may have loved these plains but there was nothing he loved more than them. Wait... what was that? Did she say his name right? He was sure she did... it came out so.... Garbled. That was his name, right? Right? How could he forget what his name was?]]

[center [b Vincent grinned at Serah's words as he leaned over Rex placing his arm around the boy.]]

[center [+blue Don't let her trick you man she is dead ass serious. I heard her calling the Men in Black to inspect yo alien ass. I'll hold her off run for it!!]]

[center [b Vincent said letting go of Rex as he stood up grappling Serahs hands. As he pretended to wrestle with her.]]

[center [+blue Be careful! I can only hold her off so long! She has she-hulk strength man! Get outta dodge I got yo back bro!!!]]

[center [b He laughed as she giggled grappling with him pushing Vincent to the ground. As she held her stomach with a fit of giggles. As she wiped her eyes.]]

[center [+pink Hey! That's not very nice to say to a lady either! Let me guess you're both aliens huh? I knew it! MIB Is coming for you too little Vinny! Or is that even you're name!]]

[center [b Rex giggled more placing his hands over his mouth.]]

[center [+orange Le gasp! You lied to me! I thought we had something!! How could you Vincent?]]

[center [b Serah and Vincent couldn't help but laugh their asses off as they looked at the boy. Though afterward they couldn't help but give him a strange look.]]

[center [+blue Nice, but I think that's the most I've ever heard you talk man! What's got you in such a good mood? I'd love to see this "blank" more often!]]

[center [b Rex gulped as he held his hand a bit looking at the ground before tugging at his scarf. Despite the heat, he loved to wear his winter clothing. He simply raised his head up giving the two a shy smile. Serah couldn't help but give Rex a smile. A smile that couldn't help but scream "I'm proud of you"]]

[center [+pink I'm glad you're starting to open up to us. Next, we gotta work on a summer wardrobe don't we cutie?]]

[center [b She playfully winked as Vincent put his arm around Rex with a smile. A smile that was just as proud as Serahs.]]

[center [+blue I was starting to worry he didn't like us! Wait cutie? Dude you just got the hottest girl in school to call you cutie! What will you do next?!]]

[center [b Vincent said putting an air microphone to Rex's mouth. As Serah blushed pushing at Vincent playfully.]]

[center [+orange H-Huh? C-C-Cutie? Don't like? NONONO! I... I....]]

[center [h3 Wake Up Sleepyhead]]

[center [b Rex shot up yelling.]]

[center [+orange I love you guys so much!!]]

[center [b Rex said as he looked around the room intensely it wasn't those plains? What? Or his cell? Were both just dreams? Well, a nightmare and a dream anyhow. As he scoured the room he saw Eric leaning against the wall his arms crossed throwing a smile Rex's way.]]

[center [+brown Hmm? Haha love you too man you woke up in a good mood huh?]]

[center [b Rex gulped biting his lip if Eric was here so were the girls right? Oh god they were, weren't they? Hopefully, they were still asleep. Rex couldn't bring himself to look around for them. He had looked down on the ground. He screamed that?! He felt so stupid! His face burning hot red. As cute as that would sound like in a manga or an anime it wasn't. It caused a pain in Rex's chest as well his anxiety crashing through the roof. Part of him almost wanted to cry it was so bad. Eric was making fun of him, wasn't he? He had to have been right? With that smile, it was really hard to tell... He seemed sincere but still.]]

[center [b Wait... Rex knew these rooms these were prepping rooms. So he was right there was a tourney in the forest coming. Wait... the cell was meant for one combatant each. So what were they all doing here? This made no sense what was going on? Why send the four of them in together? Like some sort of unit?]]
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[i [size10 The first thing after introducing herself, she could tell this would be a rather... interesting experience to say the very least. As her eyes slowly rolled along everyone, Moniku took note of the individuals. A short-tempered fuse, a naive kid, and ... a shy boy? Maybe? The female blinked, there was a bit of interest with this one. It’s not everyday she would lay eyes on someone who would stumble over their words with sanity in their speech.]]

[i [size10 Maybe he’s timid? As her eyes stayed on him, they were forced over to the brunet who stood in front of her. There was a flash of what appeared of slight mistrust. His disposition is a bit... off. The suspicious gaze she cast towards Eric was evident enough nonetheless.]]

[i [size10 Shaking his hand, it wasn’t a soft shake like most women did. No, It was firm, strong. She knew to assert herself, not like any shy girl who didn’t know how to properly shake hands. Her mother -- what little image she has left of the blonde haired woman -- told her to ALWAYS be firm. And so, she did after releasing his hand.]]

[i [size10 ... ]]

[i [size10 He was still staring at her.]]

[i [size10 At first, she was about to open her mouth to retort with some snide, crude remark filled with sarcasm to see if it would ringle him out of his box. But the stare he was giving her...]]

[i [size10 It resulted in all the weight in her head tipping to a side, tilting her head with her brows furrowing just the slightest bit. And even when he looked away, the female could only roll her eyes at the fickleness of the boy. Oh, yes, he was a shy boy indeed.]]

[i [size10 Deciding things wouldn’t get anywhere, Moniku stood up from her spot and strolled over towards the white haired boy. The few steps she had taken were enunciated with slight clicks from the small heeled shoes she is constantly seen wearing. There wasn’t a reason to try and scare the poor lad. And for that reason,]]

[i [size10 [#330b5b “Y’know,”] The female began, tone light and playful. [#330b5b “It’s not very polite to just stare at a girl without saying a ‘hello’, Rex... Rex was the name, right?”] She’d ask, now covering her mouth in a slight, small fit of laughter. There wasn’t a reason for her to speak with Eric currently. He was busy with Elise.]]


[i [size10 [#13c9c7 “I’m subject Sylph.”] Elise had quickly responded, her blue eyes cast downwards. There was a slight twitch, and even now the girl flinched away from the touch. Elise would refuse to get any sort of physical contact from anyone. Even now as she toyed with her fingers in a display of nervousness. This friendliness... was a foreign concept to her. It’s been so long since anyone has tossed a smile at her. Unless if you were a lecherous guard from time to time.]]

[i [size10 Elise would bite down on her plump, pink bottom lip slightly as she shuffled away a bit from the rather friendly male. Now clearing her throat slightly before she did a complete 180. Clearing her throat, Elise squared her shoulders a bit, showing now that she is stable, calm .. .for now.]]

[i [size10 [#13c9c7 “And who are you? You’re asking everyone’s name, we deserve to know yours.”] Which, sounded quite fair to her. Especially if he’s asking for other’s real names. It made the woman tap her foot on the ground slightly, even now as he seemed to attempt to offer her any sort of item for warmth.]]

[i [size10 Sure, it’s true, Elise was a bit cold. But that didn’t mean she would just blindly accept things from someone who she doesn’t necessarily know. Despite the gooseflesh she began to form on her milky white skin.]]

[i [size10 [#13c9c7 “W-what’s wrong with you?”] She’d ask, dumbfounded by the rather happy-go-lucky character. That wasn’t very nice. [#13c9c7 “... No, I do not want your coat.”] She snapped, arms folding over her chest as she soon turned away from him altogether. He was just trying to gain her as a friend. Just like the last one.]]

[i [size10 Each and every time Elise would befriend someone, they were tossed right back into her face. Injured and near death. It was a cruel joke found on the scientists ends, seeing her emotions become haywired and over stimulating the bodies in the process of healing.]]

[i [size10 Yes, she’s a healer. And a damn good one when she ISN’T in a hypersensitive state. Unfortunately, this is something that happens too often even for her to bare. Perhaps if she weren’t so sensitive, then...]]

[i [size10 Opening the ice blue eyes Elise didn’t quite realize she shut, she turned back towards Eric. An adamant gaze being turned right back at him. Clearly not letting this boy slide without giving an answer.]]
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[center [h3 Cell Mates]]

[center [b Rex had held at his head wondering about his next fight. Fighting was all he had to look forward to wait... Did he think that? He looked forward to it? Murder? No that wasn't what he enjoyed but fighting to preserve his life? That was all he had to do here it was when other subjects other fighters broke down. He however that was the only time he felt alive the peace and boredom the solitude of this cell? That is what broke the boys frail heart. How he'd remember faces and figures but never a name never a who. Friends? Family? Lover? Him have a lover? He didn't remember much beside being awkward and he couldn't imagine that not ever.]]

[center [b He wasn't opposed to the idea if anything the boy had liked the idea didn't mean he held his breath on it. Fighting was all he was good at and that's what he'd stick too. Though that was crashed when two beautiful girls entered the cell and so did a kind looking man. This couldn't be real right? They all looked so... Charming in their own unique way. A bright warm embracing smile from the man named Eric.]]

[center [b Than a rather adorable looking female who had yet to name herself. Rex blinked and blushed looking away he wasn't sure how to respond to this or what to even say. Than the last a woman whom really was very different than the other two. Something about her... Screamed attraction sure Rex felt that way about really cute girls. No he never said it out loud or even acted on it but it affected him.]]

[center [b What was it? What about her appealed him? He tried to ponder on that fact but he wasn't sure. As he pondered the quirky boys brain had stumbled upon a few strange thoughts. He had realized he never stared at a girl "like her" before. Oh what did that mean Rex?! He would talk to himself or rather think to himself like this rather often. "That's kinda uncool buddy!" No I mean curly haired girls! "Yeah sure you meant you stare at white girls like ninety percent of the time!"]]

[center [b He shook his head he stared at all kinds of girls but maybe he had a preference? Why else think that way? He felt like he was gonna melt from embarrassment and yet no one could read his mind right? He found himself staring into her eyes almost longingly with his orange tinge. The contacts he wore along the dyed white hair he hardly looked like the boy he was before. He liked it he felt it was "cool" though maybe it was only cool to him. Since others simply gave him weird looks for it, it was than he realized how much he stared at her before looking away as his cheeks began to burst into a crimson gleam.]]

[center [b Eric had walked over to Rex poking his shoulder. Offering a glimmering bright smile.]]

[center [+brown What's you're name bud?]]

[center [b Bud? Rex didn't know this guy right? He blinked looking at the man as he grabbed Rex's hand giving him a soft yet firm handshake. He seemed awfully friendly he wasn't wearing a tunic either perhaps he was still on the phase were the fighters only spar. They hadn't fought to the death yet.]]

[center [b Rex remembered his first death match the two were thrown into a room choosing weapons and gear they wished. Rex and the man had refused to fight one another but as hunger and exhaustion sunk in? The man had opted a better way to survive to attack Rex on the spot. Left with little choice Rex had to put the man down.]]

[center [b Rex was sure everyone here was born with these gifts and even if he wasn't? He practiced "sword play" he remembered that much about his former life. Imitating his favorite median as he copied them he pushed his body a lot. He skipped school even simply watching whatever he pleased while also training his body. He remembered grabbing the largest sticks he could swinging them around doing push ups and chin ups to boot. Climbing and every exercise he could muster in a strange way he felt if he could grow stronger in body? That somehow his mind would catch up he'd be more confident and maybe make some friends.]]

[center [b It really never worked that way but as he shook his head from memory lane he held on to his arm.]]

[center [+orange R-Rex.. Rex R-Rider....]]

[center [b He stuttered as Eric crossed his arms scratching at his own head with a childish curiosity to him. As he shook his head offering a smile flicking Rex's nose.]]

[center [+brown No goofball you're actual name not the ones they gave us you know? Those names are just as dull as these rooms they give us maybe we should ask for a bit of fresh air huh?]]

[center [b Rex's eyes widened as Eric shook Moniku's hand giving her a smile as he came to other girl doing the same and also asking for her name as well. Was this guy... Crazy? This wasn't some vacation these guards? The cells? He thought this was what a cell? Was he that hopeful or just that naive? Both? Rex couldn't believe that this guy was real he had to be joking right? No way he was real just no way.]]

[center [h3 Greetings Friends!]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+brown Hi so what's you're name? Wow they didn't give you a coat too? It's really cold here do you wanna borrow mine? Maybe we could ask for a few extra blankets?]]

[center [b He placed a hand on her shoulder as he gave her a bright smile offering a cheerful disposition.]]
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[i [size10 It’s a wonder even to Moniku why she is being allowed to see daylight currently after the little stunt she pulled not too long ago... That is, if they knew, anyways. The dark skinned girl was able to sit here, willingly, alone. It was easy for her to have been given this access, especially after pulling strings in how she saw fit. Tapping a nail in a constant rhythm, Moniku downed her final pills for the day. It wasn’t as excessive -- it was a more safe amount before she handed the plastic cup back to the scientist she has managed to charm.]]

[i [size10 It’s a long story, after she has realized she had this ability, it was a more miniscule, subtle thing. Like the air around her always being inviting and friendly as she gave a smile. It’s almost as if she were the one in control as she allowed this man to write down notes on her quietly before he called a guard over to escort her elsewhere.]]

[i [size10 Moniku knew, oh she knew some were suspicious of her for not flying off the edge. There isn’t any paranoia, there doesn’t appear to be a single thing wrong with her. She wasn’t like the other subjects in the cells. Even now, she hasn’t been treated AS roughly as she was being escorted to her new cell.]]

[i [size10 [#330b5b “Do you know WHY I’m getting transported?”] She’d ask beforehand. Resulting in her charmed scientist partner to hesitate with a tap of a hand on his clipboard. It only took a hand, a gentle touch of her cool hand to be set upon his to quiet any anxiety. He had this built up founding of ‘trust’ for the girl. And that’s when he spilt the beans over wanting to know how susceptible others would have been to her ‘abilities’.]]

[i [size10 They were still growing. Stronger by each day. She was known as a ‘special’ gift. And it intrigued her enough to just make her shrug her shoulders before she made her way into the cell. Moniku knew her ‘personal’ scientist would be around some othertime.]]

[i [size10 So, here Moniku was, her half lidded orbs being greeted with two individuals. One with brown hair, the other with white. A tilt of her head was all it took to show interest over the two new individuals. Her lips parted slightly, now finally speaking.]]

[i [size10 [#330b5b “Hello,”] The bronze skinned beauty began, [#330b5b “It’s... a pleasure to meet you two.”] She said, her voice notable soothing and calm. Her sentence ended with a smile, her eyes closing slightly before she opened them up to look around.]]

[i [size10 Moniku’s onyx orbs were quite reflective, easily showing the reflection of everything in a darker hue before she made her way over to an open corner.]]

[i [size10 After seating herself down, Moniku began gently toying with the black curls, eyes downcast.]]

[i [size10 [#330b5b “Oh, and ... I’m Moniku.”] Her face tinging slightly pink out of embarrassment for not saying her name. How could she forget?!]]


[i [size10 Unlike the other’s entrance, a rather rowdy, annoyed shriek could have been heard as a girl has been forced down the intricate halls. Being forced with her head forward, the guards were rather cruel to the girl as they gripped her long, blue tresses of hair to keep her head in place. She was NOT a fan of the position she has been in the slightest bit.]]

[i [size10 Elise could only glare at the flooring, her threats falling on deaf ears as they moved over to the cell. There wasn’t any question from the guards before they shoved the gate open, and giving an even harder shove for the girl to go into the cell.]]

[i [size10 The milky skinned girl soon shot straight back up, growling just the slightest bit out of annoyance. How dare they?!]

[i [size10 Even now, Elise could see only a couple strands of light blue on the floor. Causing the girl to almost scream AGAIN. But instead of doing that, she practically ignored everyone in that cell, now focusing on her hair the most. She would quickly comb it out to the best of her ability, murmuring to herself.]]

[i [size10 And it’s only after Elise has finished pampering herself to the best of her abilities did she take in the area. This is NOT what the healer was expecting. And due to her emotions not being completely quelled just yet, Elise would look over everyone. At least there is another girl. Otherwise she may have thrown yet another fit.]]

[i [size10 Seeing Moniku caused her shoulders to relax just a smidgen, the smile she has received caused Elise to look down quietly.]]

[i [size10 [#13c9c7 “... ‘m sorry,”] she said, toying with her fingers. The tantrum Elise just threw now dawning on her. Instead of dwelling on it and sinking in her embarrassment, the female took in some air before speaking again. [#13c9c7 “Who are you guys..?”] Her voice actually sounded nice, when she wasn’t screaming her head off at others.]]
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[center [h3 Test]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [+red Have you taken today's samples yet? So no change? That's dissapointing well continue monitoring the subjects.]]

[center [i Drip drip drip drip]]

[center [+red And someone fix those damn pipes already.]]

[center [b As the water fell from the rusted pipes of the barren underground lab. So did the spirits of those who dwelled in such a place.]]

[center [b It almost looked more like an underground waterway or a sewer than a lab it was hard to believe any kingdom would fund this. It hardly looked legit though the drugs and tech were state of the art that much was for sure.]]

[center [b Though the machines never broke that wasn't to say other things did not. There was one such broken thing perhaps shattered even.]]

[center [+red Subject "Rex" he's been here for quiet some time. He's lost rather a lot of cellmates hasn't he? Well place the next three subjects here I doubt he'll last much longer. Subjects been non responsive for quiet some time now.]]

[center [i Drip drip drip drip]]

[center [+blue But sir we are ordered two per--]]

[center [+red Nonsense we save more room this way I have more promising subjects to concern myself with. That will be all carry on.]]

[center [b The man adjusting his collar as he handed his clipboard to his female aid. She appeared young and rather frightened too. She was young and most certainly unprepared. How she ended up here was anyones guess.]]

[center [h3 Day 364]]
[center [youtube]]

[center [b Subject Rex had laid in his cell scribbling on the walls as usual. Though other subjects from near cells would attempt to catch his attention it was to no avail. The boy was gone all that remained was a husk a shell. Though that was not always the case. Once the boy had attempted to make such chit chat. Timid and awkward he hardly said much.]]

[center [b Though one by one the subjects would change again and again and again and again. Why bother talking to someone who wouldn't stay much longer?]]

[center [b Rex had fiddled with his hair laying in a brown tunic. One of the things he had missed most may have been the clothes they had taken away. When had that happened? How had that happened? It was hard to remember much of anything with all the shots.]]

[center [+orange Three hundred and... Sixty-Four tomorrow is a special day. Special day...]]

[center [b Rex stared to the roof to only cover his face with his arm. No sky again yeah almost as if he kept looking one day there wouldn't be a roof. That one day when he opened his eyes there would magically be a blue sky.]]

[center [b Not that he went out much in the first place. Or did he? It was hard to remember anything at all. Rex hated this feeling he could only remember a few faces. Parents? Lover? Siblings? These questions would plague the man for hours to hours a night. Enough for him to want to take a drill and--]]

[center [+orange Drill... Drill..... What are my drills today? Will I have to kill someone today?]]

[center [i Drip drip drip]]

[center [b As drops of water continued to hit the ground the boy had wept. No longer were the drops of water from the pipe alone.]]

[center [b Rex had decided if he was to kill another or was pitted against one that he would instead surrender his own life. That was selfish wasn't it? To let someone else live in this hell hole? To find peace in death? Selfish... Selfish.... It was hard for the muddled boy to find right or wrong.]]

[center [+orange That's not right... Right right right.... no left? No wait up? Or maybe down? Should I? Go down? Down down..]]

[center [b The boy rambled on as his words fell on deaf ears. As the boys sweet voice clashed with the words he rambled on and on.]]

[center [h3 Eric]]

[center [+darkblue Subject "Knight" thick muscle tissue, dense bone structure. I suppose he was properly titled. Though his changes seem to only be around the body how boringly straight forward. The last guy made a nice lighter.]]

[center [b The woman spoke as she adjusted her glasses licking her lips appearing somewhere in her mid thirties.]]

[center [+darkblue His cellmate is... Ahh subject Rex that delicious little morsel. I wonder if our knight in shining armor taste just as sweet.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Subject Knight being a brown haired male yet to be stripped of his coat or belongings. Those were the rules down here obey those above you and keep you're things. As long as it wasn't any weapons of course. As the guards shoved subject Knight or also known as Subject Arthur into the cell. Rex had shot up hearing his cell cage open.]]

[center [+brown Oh heya! The names Eric pleasure to meet you.]]

[center [b The tall brown haired male smiled as the guards shut the gate as Rex stared at the man. Smiling? That won't last long he was one of those types. A man who held hope strong or just a delusional fool. Either way they all broke the same it didn't matter who.]]

[center [+brown I heard we're getting two more room mates man it'll be cramped! So what's you're name champ?]]

[center [b The male said as he sat beside Rex looking his way his mouth widened into a smile. Rex had noticed the name flash his teeth into a smile... An expression he hadn't been familiar with for some time.]]

[center [+orange I umm... I'm.... Well... I'm Subject Rex.]]

[center [b He said as he looked away rubbing the back of his neck looking away. It was harder to ignore someone that shared the same cell with you.]]
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