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[h3 Friends or Enemies? ]

Alexa looked at the cheerful boy and tilted her head slightly. He seemed very relaxed to be here, which irritated her slightly. [i Rex ] on the other hand, looked a mess. He was cute, sure, but she could smell the crazy a mile off. Her hands twitched slightly, the healer inside of her wanting to grab his face and analyse the mental and physical damage. She was itching to clear the fog that she saw around him and wondered how long he had been like this, but she pushed those feelings down. [i You only feel like this because they've made you this way. You don't care about anyone and never have. ] Alexa thought to herself.

She stood up slowly and brushed the dirt off her clothes. Unlike the smiling boy, she didn't offer her hand out. She had been 'gifted' with the ability to energy transfer, which meant any physical contact and her body would take the sickness from others and dump it in her own body. It was a horrible experience, the pain was unbearable every time, but they made her do it over and over again until she passed out.
[b "I'm Alexa... or Flora as they call me here. Stupid name if you ask me." ]

She glanced at the boy again... Rex. He didn't look well, in fact, he looked very uncomfortable around the new arrivals. She looked the other boy up and down, taking in his clothes and smile.
[b "Let me guess, you're a masochist? You like living in a cell and having people stab things into your body all day? To you this is all fun and games?" ] she spoke quietly but knew the others heard her. She was irritated by this place and often told her doctors how she wished they had left her to die.

[center [pic http://i1288.photobucket.com/albums/b499/juliethasker/56285079-b3ba-4b4d-8a6b-c2720db2c98e_zpsb7e9665a.jpg?t=1405069122 ]]

[h3 Lucy ]

Lucy looked at the girl who seemed to be getting irate with the others around her. She clearly didn't want to be here which wasn't a surprise. It seemed Lucy was the only one who was a willing subject.

[b "My name is Lucy but I'm called Project Eve here. There has to be some kind of mistake..." ] her voice drifted off as she looked around the cell. There weren't supposed to be boys here. She didn't know how to act around them. She breathed in deeply and ran through her training exercises in her head.
[i Don't panic, it could cause an explosion, breath in, out, in, out. Don't get upset, it could affect the weather and destroy peoples lives. Keep your emotions calm. ] She closed her eyes for a moment and took another few deep breaths before opening her eyes to look at her cellmate again.

[b "We've all told you our names... so you need to tell me yours now, Sir." ] She said, looking at the smiling boy. Why was his smiling, this wasn't the kind of facility that people tended to smile in. [i Maybe his head doesn't work? I've seen it happen before to people who take a bad turn in training. ] She thought.
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[center [h3 New Cell Mates?]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1ACDMUEyiQ]]

[center [b As Rex had lost himself in thought and ravish he saw others enter the room as a man waved with a gentle smile giving his name. The other two? Were... Well to be frank beautiful young women Rex had looked away and sighed. He had hoped they weren't going to be his next opponents Rex had a soft spot for pretty faces. It wasn't that he underestimated women many fights he had with capable warriors were female. It didn't change the fact the timid boy had a hard time at starting a gorgeous female down. He gulped fighting the urge to vomit remembering every women... Every person he had to cut down.]]

[center [b Did he have it in him? Too kill a man with a friendly smile? Two gorgeous ladies to boot? Or would he hit his limit? Maybe not a physical one but a mental blockage would he rather die? Maybe he would it'd be easier that way sure the awkward teen wanted to die on his own two feet but did he really want to hurt such beauty? He sounded like such a flirt in his own mind truth be told he's only ever had two friends. "Two friends.." the thought crossed his mind who were they? One was a girl but who? Why did he struggle remembering? He hated this feeling but Rex had decided to avoid conversation all together he was way too awkward to try and break the ice. What was the point? How long would he get to keep any nice company anyway right?]]

[center [h3 Salutations!]]
[center [pic http://orig12.deviantart.net/13ab/f/2014/321/9/0/fairy_fencer_f_fang__psd_download_by_conflictluka-d86r0cp.png]]

[center [b Eric had walked over as he picked Rex up shaking his hand he was a handsy guy but his smile always implied he meant no offense by it.]]

[center [+brown What's you're name?]]

[center [b He than came to each woman giving them a sudden and friendly handshake with a bright gleaming smile to boot. Almost acting as if he was there on vacation he wasn't forced to kill anyone. Yet anyhow only sparring with other fight subjects.]]

[center [+brown What's you're ladies names? So I guess we've checked in right? This place is kinda a dump huh? Maybe we could ask for a bit of fresh air?]]

[center [b Rex's eyes widened a bit as he again looked away. Fresh air? Fresh air?! Rex began to thought "this guy had the wrong idea this wasn't some vacation" fresh air? Was this a resort for him? He still had his clothes maybe he wasn't here long enough to realize the situation? No anyone should get it by now so why so hopeful? Rex envied it but was sure it'd be gone soon enough but even Rex on a good day was never that hopeful. Another flashing memory what was life like before? He couldn't remember but instead he looked down shyly as he began to answer.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm.. I-I.. I'm R-Rex...]]

[center [+brown Huh.. Rex... Wait no not our subject names man! You're real name come on! I'm sure it's nice buddy don't be shy!!]]

[center [b This was so embarrassing, buddy? Like he was a kid? He couldn't argue he didn't want to make a scene. He wasn't that offended just... Afraid to be embarrassed in front of the girls. What was next champ? He fiddled his fingers and looked away he had forgotten his real name ages ago. It wasn't like he cared.. He was Rex now and that was all that mattered right?]]
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[h3 The beginning of the end ]

[+green "Stop struggling, nurse get the tranquillizer again, she's trying to knock herself out again. Stupid girl. If it wasn't for our dying subjects I wouldn't have bothered to keep you alive." ]
The tall man who had his large hands gripped tightly on her arms, his nails creating half circles in her pale skin, had been the one who saved her life. She had been running along the coastline when her ankle twisted and she ended up falling a few feet into some rocks. He must have found her because the next thing she knew she was laid out on his medical table with tubes sticking out of her arms depositing something awful that made her vision spin and her stomach sick.

[+green "There we go, now you're going to meet some new friends today, so get your rest... there won't be much of it later" ]
The man tightened his grip again, getting close enough to her face that she could feel the heat coming from his skin. The proximity distracted her long enough for the light haired nurse to stab the needle in the back of her neck.

Her vision became a swirling mess of colours and soon enough she was out cold.
[hr ]
[center [i Those freaks drugged me again. ] ] Alexa thought as she regained consciousness sometime later. She was being moved and she was careful to keep her body still and relaxed so they thought she was asleep.

[+blue "Subject Flora taken to energy transfer but that's it. Doc wasn't going to keep her alive but as she's the only healer we have in block C the brat is sticking around a while longer." ] She lady who was moving her seemed to be discussing her. Flora? That wasn't her name... but they were discussing her right?

Alexa heard the metallic sound of keys. She forced her eyes to stay shut as she was picked up and placed on the cold floor. After waiting a few moments she opened her eyes, blinking at the dimness compared to the hospital-like room she had been in.

[b "This is... " ] She let her voice trail off as she looked at the two men in the cell.
[center [pic http://i1288.photobucket.com/albums/b499/juliethasker/56285079-b3ba-4b4d-8a6b-c2720db2c98e_zpsb7e9665a.jpg?t=1405069122 ]]

[h3 Lucy ]

[+navy "We don't keep [i them ] in with the others. They tend to have their own cell..." ] The young women in the lab coat seemed to be talking about her. She was talking with someone just outside the door but Lucy couldn't see who. A man possibly from the low murmurs.
[+navy "Yes sir, right away sir." ] She shut the door and slowly turned to face Lucy. She had been the only reason she had made it this far with her sanity intact. After being allowed to stay in her own room with 'Miss' nearby, she had tried to make the best of a terrible situation.

[b "They're moving me aren't they" ] She said, her voice quiet and flat. [b "Which probably means I'll only get to see you when I run through drills and get my daily medication."] It was less of a question and more of a statement.

Lucy stood, ignoring the numb ache in her back from the multiple injections she had been given this morning. Having been born into this facility Lucy was one of the few who resisted. She hadn't been further than small training courtyard which was surrounded by high walls.

Standing up, Lucy brushed off her grey tunic and ran a hand through her cornflower blonde hair. She closed her eyes whilst 'Miss' put a blindfold over her, as was protocol and she was led to a cold damp warehouse. [i 'Block C' ].

Once in the cell, she looked at the other three people, her eyes widening. This had to be a mistake, there was no room in this cell for all of them. And there were boys there, she had never been around men and had been kept far from them. [b "You... boys... you're in my cell." ] She said avoiding eye contact with them.
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[center [h3 Test]]

[center [youtube https://youtu.be/R1jG99z7lVY]]

[center [+red Have you taken today's samples yet? So no change? That's dissapointing well continue monitoring the subjects.]]

[center [i Drip drip drip drip]]

[center [+red And someone fix those damn pipes already.]]

[center [b As the water fell from the rusted pipes of the barren underground lab. So did the spirits of those who dwelled in such a place.]]

[center [b It almost looked more like an underground waterway or a sewer than a lab it was hard to believe any kingdom would fund this. It hardly looked legit though the drugs and tech were state of the art that much was for sure.]]

[center [b Though the machines never broke that wasn't to say other things did not. There was one such broken thing perhaps shattered even.]]

[center [+red Subject "Rex" he's been here for quiet some time. He's lost rather a lot of cellmates hasn't he? Well place the next three subjects here I doubt he'll last much longer. Subjects been non responsive for quiet some time now.]]

[center [i Drip drip drip drip]]

[center [+blue But sir we are ordered two per--]]

[center [+red Nonsense we save more room this way I have more promising subjects to concern myself with. That will be all carry on.]]

[center [b The man adjusting his collar as he handed his clipboard to his female aid. She appeared young and rather frightened too. She was young and most certainly unprepared. How she ended up here was anyones guess.]]

[center [h3 Day 364]]
[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fi5ECR42PQk]]

[center [b Subject Rex had laid in his cell scribbling on the walls as usual. Though other subjects from near cells would attempt to catch his attention it was to no avail. The boy was gone all that remained was a husk a shell. Though that was not always the case. Once the boy had attempted to make such chit chat. Timid and awkward he hardly said much.]]

[center [b Though one by one the subjects would change again and again and again and again. Why bother talking to someone who wouldn't stay much longer?]]

[center [b Rex had fiddled with his hair laying in a brown tunic. One of the things he had missed most may have been the clothes they had taken away. When had that happened? How had that happened? It was hard to remember much of anything with all the shots.]]

[center [+orange Three hundred and... Sixty-Four tomorrow is a special day. Special day...]]

[center [b Rex stared to the roof to only cover his face with his arm. No sky again yeah almost as if he kept looking one day there wouldn't be a roof. That one day when he opened his eyes there would magically be a blue sky.]]

[center [b Not that he went out much in the first place. Or did he? It was hard to remember anything at all. Rex hated this feeling he could only remember a few faces. Parents? Lover? Siblings? These questions would plague the man for hours to hours a night. Enough for him to want to take a drill and--]]

[center [+orange Drill... Drill..... What are my drills today? Will I have to kill someone today?]]

[center [i Drip drip drip]]

[center [b As drops of water continued to hit the ground the boy had wept. No longer were the drops of water from the pipe alone.]]

[center [b Rex had decided if he was to kill another or was pitted against one that he would instead surrender his own life. That was selfish wasn't it? To let someone else live in this hell hole? To find peace in death? Selfish... Selfish.... It was hard for the muddled boy to find right or wrong.]]

[center [+orange That's not right... Right right right.... no left? No wait up? Or maybe down? Should I? Go down? Down down..]]

[center [b The boy rambled on as his words fell on deaf ears. As the boys sweet voice clashed with the words he rambled on and on.]]

[center [h3 Eric]]

[center [+darkblue Subject "Knight" thick muscle tissue, dense bone structure. I suppose he was properly titled. Though his changes seem to only be around the body how boringly straight forward. The last guy made a nice lighter.]]

[center [b The woman spoke as she adjusted her glasses licking her lips appearing somewhere in her mid thirties.]]

[center [+darkblue His cellmate is... Ahh subject Rex that delicious little morsel. I wonder if our knight in shining armor taste just as sweet.]]

[center [pic http://orig12.deviantart.net/13ab/f/2014/321/9/0/fairy_fencer_f_fang__psd_download_by_conflictluka-d86r0cp.png]]

[center [b Subject Knight being a brown haired male yet to be stripped of his coat or belongings. Those were the rules down here obey those above you and keep you're things. As long as it wasn't any weapons of course. As the guards shoved subject Knight or also known as Subject Arthur into the cell. Rex had shot up hearing his cell cage open.]]

[center [+brown Oh heya! The names Eric pleasure to meet you.]]

[center [b The tall brown haired male smiled as the guards shut the gate as Rex stared at the man. Smiling? That won't last long he was one of those types. A man who held hope strong or just a delusional fool. Either way they all broke the same it didn't matter who.]]

[center [+brown I heard we're getting two more room mates man it'll be cramped! So what's you're name champ?]]

[center [b The male said as he sat beside Rex looking his way his mouth widened into a smile. Rex had noticed the name flash his teeth into a smile... An expression he hadn't been familiar with for some time.]]

[center [+orange I umm... I'm.... Well... I'm Subject Rex.]]

[center [b He said as he looked away rubbing the back of his neck looking away. It was harder to ignore someone that shared the same cell with you.]]
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