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A in a fierce land after a long war between all the different races, Magical and non-magical eventually peace was declared so long as each race could be useful to society.
Many humans became skilled in either magic or otherwise became fighters and protectors for the natural order.
Vampires, Demons and Werewolves all provided their own skills to society, many of them being considered high ranking citizens or even royalty.
But Neko's on the other hand, even though they aren't exactly weak..
They're not considered as strong as the heavyweights like vamps demons and such, and they're not quite as versatile as humans. So they're considered the lowest ranking of citizens.
Right below humans who are the second lowest, especially if they don't have special abilities. A human or a Neko with special abilities are given a higher rank because they could be more useful.
Slavery is supposed to be illegal in most areas, but not all of them. And some of those in higher society try to keep slaves anyway. But unknown to the citizens of this land there are forces of a group of fighters magical and some non are planning even though their intent is pure something has truned a good girl very very bad. Can someone stop her? Can she be saved or condemned?

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[Josefin+Sans [size15 [center The dark haired male had expected for this nekojin to be more timid in his presence, and pleasantly surprised this wasn't the case. After her explanation though it made sense, he just wasn't aware any nekojin still followed their initial code of honor. As it seemed this one did. Once he took notice of her slender hand outstretched to him, he accepted the offer for a handshake with a gentle grasp of his own. He met her eyes for the first time in that moment, taking in her features in full.

She was... breath taking. Her eyes reminded him of the rarest sapphires, or the calm of the ocean just before a storm. His own eye of pure gold studded her but a moment, his handsome featured and moonlit face eventually allowing a very small smile over her polite introduction. [#990000 "Pleased to meet you Miss Nanako. I am Arsene Muroi."] He began genteelly, he then glanced up and scanned the area. Once sure no one else had come to investigate he continued; [#990000 "I can get you out of the area, leaving the city will take time and planning. However, I live alone for the most part. If need be I can keep you safe there while I arrange to get you out of the city safely."] he offered carefully. It would indeed take some time to make sure she could leave the city without others picking up her trail.

She wanted freedom after all, and he was going to ensure no one got their hands on her again. Besides, he was finishing visiting his father's home for that appalling 'ritual'. His own place was far more empty and secluded than his father's or his brother's, with no slaves in sight. For despite his gift being that of powerful manipulation, the thought of slaves disturbed and angered him. He would just need to avoid any visits from his brother, family or no he would rip Lucian to shreds if he came near this girl.

He straightened up and turned, ready to lead the way should the lady agree to his plan as he asked; [#990000 "Does this seem agreeable to you? At least, for the time being?"] again he would not force her. No matter how much he was now determined to prevent harm from befalling her. It would be her decision. Granted the idea of her [i owing] him her life made him slightly uncomfortable, he would just do his best never to request anything dire from her. And he respected her people's honor code, even if he personally didn't feel she owed him anything.
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The full moons light cascaded down through the air and shined on a side door of the large building the peaceful night air which seemed to all be still was suddenly filled with a mans angered voice from behind the door [b "I SAID STOP!"] As the doors burst open a young slender Female Nekojin with deep blue eyes that looked as if god has scooped some of the oceans water up and poured it into her eyes, with long blue hair to macltch. Her dress was worn and torn at the edges and the blue color seemed to be slowly fading from it, burst through the door falling to the ground gun fire whizzing over her head as she looked up seeing it hit a tree she looked back and him and scrambled to her feet taking off to the front of the building [+blue [b "I will never be someone's meal again!!!]] She said as she closed her eyes pleading inwardly that she would be able to make her escape as she heard him cocking his gun to shoot at her once more but suddenly she ran I to something with enough force it almost knockes her off her feet as she caught her self clinging onto the shirt of the man she ran into her eye wild with fear as she looked at the man with one eye she looked back as her "master" spoke [b You there! that slave is my property, stand aside."] She looked from him to the other man as she saw anger flare up in his one eye and she felt a low growl come from the stranger as he asked [+red "How much?"] After he said this is she darted around the man and clung the to back of his shirt as she hid herself behind him listening to their conversation [b . "She's not for sale. Either she comes home with me quietly, or I shoot her."] She looked back and forth between the two her life and her freedom hanging in the balance [+red . "It seems you misunderstand."] The man that was trying to help her started [+red "I only asked out of courtesy, the truth of the matter is you will not be gunning her down. I simply wont allow it. And I will be taking her with me to prevent that, one way, or the other. If I must pay her bounty in your blood instead, that would also suffice. Or you could surrender, by your will or... my own."] She looked from him to her chaser as he took a step back like he was intimidated by the man in front of her, I look she had never before seen in his eyes in till this very moment [b "T-Take the whore then. But you'll regret it..."] He said before taking some steps back and darting back into the building they came out of and the man turned to her his eye color dimming down as he spoke in a softened tone [+red "There will be several patrols in the area, even with him gone more will find you before you can leave the city. I understand you have no reason to trust me, but please come with me for now. I will do what I can to keep you safe."] He said and he deep eyes looked him from head to toe then back again [+blue [b "your wrong about that, you saved my life that means with my pride as a Nekojin I not only can trust you I own you my life, will you help me escape from this place?""]] She asked her voice quivering slightly as she spoke she extended her hand out to him [+blue [b " My name is Misuki Nanako, thank you for saving my life. I will fully repay you one day I promise.]]
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[Josefin+Sans [size15 [center Sadistic. Idiotic. Depraved and absolutely REPULSIVE.

A man appearing no older than early twenties shook his head in distaste and disapproval. His pale lips tightened to conceal a scowl. He had been forced to watch his brother's 'practices' for almost an hour now. For being royalty his family sure did like to indulge in their more base of instincts, it disgusted him. The way the victim would squirm and plead helplessly, the way his brother would breath out pleased sounds more befitting of an animal than a man.

While it was technically true the one he fed on and tormented had volunteered for such treatment, it was clear they felt they had few other options. And those that lined up to become servants or [i feeders] rarely knew what they were signing up for.

It was bad enough that such a thing was occurring at all, but the fact his presence in the matter was required made his stomach churn and his blood boil. This poor woman in particular, had volunteered not just to be fed upon... but to be [i turned.] It was a tradition of sorts, for those in his family undergoing a rite of passage to sire a fledgling. Thus expanding on their empire and furthering their claim of royal blood. What utter bullshit.

This supposed need to further their line by creating fledglings who would never be seen as 'true' members of their family, merely glorified servants intended to represent bragging rights to their power. In his mind it only made them look like sadists and only proved their existing insecurity.

And his brother really was a sadist. He had obviously fed on nekojin and a few humans before, he acted like a blood hungry monster those times as well. Seeming to savor every flicker of fear, every whine for mercy and each feeble movement of struggle. The corners of his own mouth twitched at the scene, in disgust of his brother and partially of himself.

Watching this reminded him of his own cursed hunger. He brought a white gloved hand up to smooth back his dark hair, doing well not to knock off the eye patch that kept his age old 'injury' safe and obscured from view.

His uncovered eye squeezed shut a moment, if only to avoid the image of the quaking girl in his brother's grasp for a second. His quiet aversion however was noted by the elder of the three men in the room, [b "Arsene."] his father addressed curtly with the beginnings of a soft growl. Reminding him of his position. Arsene said nothing, but opened his eye and reluctantly refocused on his brother. Who was just about finished with the girl. Lowering the drained and unconscious human woman to the ground, his brother straightened up licking the remainder of on his lips smirk. His brother then added as if to further their father's point; [b "Don't forget brother, it will be your turn to do this soon enough."] his sibling finished the sentence with a condescending chuckle.

[#990000 "Not until the new moon Lucian."] Arsene replied in a monotone. He then turned to his father, but the older vampire was already leaving the room. Indicating that the rite was over, and others were now allowed exit. Breathing out a silent sigh, he gratefully took the opportunity to leave before Lucian could chide him any further. He needed air.

He stepped out the door and into the cool autumn night. His gold eye and pale skin catching the moonlight's radiance. He massaged his forehead and attempted to breath out his frustration and discomfort. Regaining control of his hunger. He understood that as a species vampires had to drain the blood of others to survive. But doing simply as a means for either domination or twisted pleasure, he would never see that as necessary. He had fed on volunteers himself. It was true. He needed to in order to live. Yet he was not like his brother, or his father, he never tormented those he fed off of. With a brief shake of his black colored locks, he set out on a walk, hoping to clear his mind.


The crisp night air and light of the full moon was doing much ease his tension, though not much to stave his hunger. That he would just have to keep under his usual composure and restraint. His bloodline held intense thirst, especially compared to some others. But it was nothing he wasn't accustomed to dealing with, he had plentiful amounts of self control to keep it in line. His thoughts were returning his brother's words, filling him with dread. Yes. Eventually he would be expected to turn some poor soul, and resign them to being a part of their family in the form of a high ranking servant. Several times he contemplated avoiding this somehow, sadly his family held an iron grip on their kin. Escape from their laws would be almost impossible.

It was during this moment of reflection that his sharp hearing picked up the sound of conflict. He could hear running footsteps, a man shouting and... a gun cocking. Without a moments thought or hesitation, he suddenly found himself bolting towards the struggle. Once there he was met with a young girl ramming straight into his chest, nearly knocking the wind out of him from the force and surprise. The girl, a nekojin was already recovering from colliding into him. Over her shoulder he could see a man appearing to be in his early thirties, with glowing green eyes re-aiming a pistol. The man paused upon seeing Arsene and quickly spoke; [b "You there! that slave is my property, stand aside."]

Arsene felt his blood boil again with rage and disgust. He hated being reminded of the state of things in this city, slavery was the aspect he hated most of all. His brother had slaves. He treated them all like toys. And this man was about to kill this girl for no reason other than she wanted her freedom. No. He didn't care if he was stepping out of bounds, he would do more than simply watch this time. Deciding he would not stand by as this girl was gunned down, he spoke two words in a near growl; [#990000 "How much?"]

The man blinked, then scowled. [b "She's not for sale. Either she comes home with me quietly, or I shoot her."] The man replied sharply. Arsene's visible eye began to glow, shimmers of red began showing among the gold. [#990000 "It seems you misunderstand."] He began again lowly, taking a step towards the armed demon. [#990000 "I only asked out of courtesy, the truth of the matter is you will not be gunning her down. I simply wont allow it. And I will be taking her with me to prevent that, one way, or the other. If I must pay her bounty in your blood instead, that would also suffice. Or you could surrender, by your will or... my own."] his deep voice rumbled softly as he spoke, seemingly graceful and composed while bearing the edge of a deadly threat. Like a dagger wrapped in silk.

His eye flashed once more, indicating a hint as to the meaning of 'his will' at the end of his threat. Many vampires possessed magical ability, some even possessed the ability known as 'Compulsion'. The power to manipulate the will of others via eye contact and intense focus. Most vampires could only use this power on nekos or humans. Arsene on the other hand, it was his specialty. His gift. He could use his power on mortals as well as demons and even his own kind. Granted, as he was missing an eye now it would cost him a severe amount of energy and even cause him pain. But he could manage.

The demon in question seemed to take a small tentative step back, rethinking his original approach. He trying and failing to avoid Arsene's gaze. Clearly frightened of the vampire and confused over his own fear. [b "T-Take the whore then. But you'll regret it..."] The man sputtered, then took several more steps backwards before fully retreating.

Arsene turned his attention back to the girl, his eye dimming and his tone instantly softening; [#990000 "There will be several patrols in the area, even with him gone more will find you before you can leave the city. I understand you have no reason to trust me, but please come with me for now. I will do what I can to keep you safe."] he uttered gently. He wouldn't really want to force her to stay, but he knew others would find her. Other's far less understanding, and far more cruel.
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