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[center [pic http://orig02.deviantart.net/3e3c/f/2011/340/f/7/woods_by_joakimolofsson-d4ibtoa.jpg]]

[center [b The year is 10 AD. During Fall of last year, our people had set out to ambush the local Praetor and his forces. After a long and bloody struggle, the ill-prepared Romans and their auxilliaries turned the tide and won the battle.]

Praetor Varus, lead into the ambush by Arminius of the Cherusci, had eventually dispatched most of the united tribes. After their defeat in the battle of Teutoburg Forest, these tribes, namely the Cherusci, Marsi, Chatti, Bructeri, Chauci and Sicambri joined into a Germanic confederation, to better defend themselves from Rome in the future.

Though Rome had previously attempted to lord over the Germanic tribes, the armed attack on Rome's forces that occured during the failed ambush did little to win over the favour and mercy of Rome, despite the fact that Augustus Caesar had been assassinated in the confusion that had taken over Rome after the battle. How could such a savage people have cost the Roman Empire so many lives?

Tiberius Caesar, succesor of the first Emperor, did all he could to find out how these barbarians could win, and would stop at nothing to ensure this pyrrhic victory over the barbaric tribes would not go without a subsequent offensive; Rome must be avenged.]

[center [pic http://t00.deviantart.net/ArDTqTbegL8fqAuSxHTkjekgPzY=/fit-in/700x350/filters:fixed_height(100,100):origin()/pre02/e26d/th/pre/i/2014/078/8/a/teutoburg_forest_by_u_joe-d7atjon.png]]

[center The legions ready themselves to march upon our beloved Germania. The tribes feast and hunt, knowing their deaths may be nigh. Axes are sharpened and shields are crafted. Though spirits are high, boys who are too young to do battle are handed bow and axe, shield and spear, to ensure their homes may be defended. Young girls are given blades, spinning and seaming replaced by the training required to become one of Germania's fabled hex-bearers.

We are the Chatti, Chauci and Cherusci, the Marsi, Bructeri and Sicambri, and we shall not stand for these foreign oppressors.]

[center [pic http://pre09.deviantart.net/3fff/th/pre/i/2015/129/4/b/teutoburg_by_larrywilson-d81u7t7.jpg]]

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[center [size20 OOC information]]

This roleplay, for those unfamiliar with history, is meant to ask a big question; What if the Romans had won the [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Teutoburg_Forest Battle of the Teutoburg Forest?] This battle is believed to have been a crucial turning point for the Roman Empire, and is claimed by some historians to have been a large turning point in the history of mankind as a whole.

Exploring the ramifications of a failed ambush at Teutoburg seems, to me, very interesting, and therefore I hope someone out there feels the same way. Initial knowledge of the event and tribes is not required, but I do ask that you do your homework if you seek to participate.

I will adapt my character to whatever my partner wishes to play to ensure utmost compatibility. Romance is an option.

This will be a one on one. If you wish to join, I'd ask you adhere to the rules below and fill out a skeleton form to describe your character.

[center [b Rules]]
The ability to post upward of 1500 characters.
The ability to post consistently. Daily or weekly posts are not requirerd, but are appreciated.
The ability to put yourself into a train of thought consistent with that of a first-century Germanic tribes(wo)man.
A willingness to cooperate when it comes to determining the direction and plot of the roleplay.

[center [b Skeleton]]
Short history:

I look forward to anyone willing to cooperate. PM me if you are interested and have read through the thread.

[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germanic_paganism#Deities Religion. This might prove handy.]


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