The Vlistonian Incident: A Kynterra Tale [Dark Fantasy Survival]

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[h3 [size20 POSTING ORDER] ]
[center [+red [space+mono Mallac Dhoure { ExistentialCrisis }
?] ] ]

[center [pic] ]

[center [+blue Open for business!] ]
[center [+red [space+mono It's like Bloodborne, but better. Reserved spaces are Reserved, but I will be taking applications. I encourage you to ask questions before making an application.] ] ]
[ Google Docs Map: Vlistonia Capitol City.]

[i Just a little a couple of songs to get you in the mood.]
[ "Your World."]
[ "Hunt."]
[ "Strike."]
[ "Sorrow."]

[h3 [size20 [sedgwick+ave+display The Vlistonian Incident:] ] ]

[i Four weeks ago the ever buzzing city of Vlistonia went silent. It's doors shut and a massive storm began to grow over the city. Shortly after twisted creatures began to find there way to the rest of Luxia. Maddened and freakish, they began to slaughter the outlying rural villages. The leaders of Luxia called an emergency council, stationing a joint force outside the city to keep it contained and slay anything brave enough to exit. An army of soldiers from several nations, mercenaries and hunters from every corner. Luxia has found itself in a sudden truce to dissolve this mysterious situation, lest the problem spread.]

[h3 [size20 [sedgwick+ave+display The Blackthorne Mercenary Company:] ] ]

[i With the events unfolding within the city, you and your fellow cutthroats in the Blackthorne Company have decided to sign on as an expedition party. The promise of combat, loot and fame has drawn many notable names and some less than reputable parties. One Captain, a small group of mercs, and a week's supply of food. Your orders are as follows. Find the source of this obvious magic destruction and madness, kill said source, rescue and escort survivors. Oh, and loot the bloody hell out of the dying corpse they called a city.]

[h3 [size20 Rules and Guidelines:] ]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 1.0:] ] Pictures should be classified as Digital Art. Try to keep away from anything anime-like. Fantasy warriors on the younger side preferred. If you can't pick a race, just give me a picture and I'm sure I can match it to one. OH, and if I can name the character/source... It's an instant NO till you find something else.]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 2.0:] ] Joining. You do this by filling out a skeleton and PMing me it. That's it. I'll go through your previous posts myself. And it is NOT first come first serve. So don't feel rushed. If I don't like something, we can work on it together. Okay? ]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 3.0:] ] Attitude is a motherfucking must, but keep it in character.]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 4.0:] ] Posting will have an order to be determined later. Try to keep it above 1000 characters and keep the misspelling and punctuation errors to a minimum. Everyone has typos, but slapping it into an autocorrect doesn't take much. Otherwise I'm not going to be too picky... for now.]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 5.0:] ] The Species and types of things is already set up. Don't make shit up without checking with me first. I've got whole pages of this crap. Some of it will be posted here. Some of it you can even play as. If you DO want to make something up, we'll talk, but it may be added to canon if it's really awesome. OH and a Half- something doesn't mean it has to be half human.]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 6.0:] ] Look, I'm an asshole. A tyrant. I'm sure there's a couple hundred words in the dictionary that you can use. None of them flattering. I reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason, I'll probably even tell you why. I've been around for a while, in ES years I'm a bitter old man. Sorry. Luckily for you folks I'm really needing an rp.]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 7.0:] ] Lots of annoying rules, but let's try to have fun, okay? I mean. It's why everyone is here usually.]

[h3 [size20 Character Application:] ]
[b Picture:]
[b Picture Link:]
[b Username: ]
[b Name:] [i First, middle, last, plus whatever. More info means more creative.]
[b Titles:] [i I'm gonna be picky here. Might even dish them out unless you have a good one.]
[b Age:] [i Depends on the species, check with me.]
[b Gender:] [i My brain can only handle 6 of them.]
[b Species:] [i Like I said, this is particular. I'll outline a bit below and we'll talk if you have issues.]
[b Height:] [i If this becomes an issue I'll ban your ass... You know who you are... >_>]
[b Weight:] [i Some things ARE heavier.]
[b Eye Color:] [i Some things have 2.]
[b Skin Color:] [i This more like a test of your creative talent than anything important.]
[b Hair Color:]
[b Class Specialty:] [i There's a list.]
[b Known Talents:] [i We aren't Batman... but this should have more than a few things.]
[b Known Languages:] [i Useful info. Most races have several, there is also a common tongue that almost all species seem to be capable of using. No one knows why.]
[b Quick Bio:] [i Summarize it. Most importantly I want to know who you were before the island.]
[b Pertinent Information:] [i Just the tidbits you want people to know that don't fit anywhere else. I.e. tattoos, oddities and extra bits.]

[h3 [size20 Current Cast:] ]

[pic ] [size45 [Berkshire+Swash Mallac] ]
[b Username:]
[ ExistentialCrisis]
[b Name:]
Mallac Dhoure
[b Titles:]
Blackthorne Captain, "Cheapshot", Greenbelly
[b Age:]
[b Gender:]
[b Species:]
Ogrekin - Kegosh
[b Height:]
[b Weight:]
[b Eye Color:]
Bloody red.
[b Skin Color:]
Deep blue fur, leathery green skin.
[b Hair Color:]
Black Blue.
[b Class Specialty:]
[b Known Talents:]
Swordsmanship, Tactics, Pyromancy, Toximancy, Sanguimancy, Autopsy, Biology, Minor Surgery, Herbology, Minor Alchemy.
[b Known Languages:]
Common, Raerkejun, Vlistonian, Inuneric, Mocirla, Kegosh, Kulbane, Muhtt, Melani, Promsuinin, Animsoinin, Bloqsuinin and Selach.
[b Quick Bio:]
Mallac was born for mercenary work, most Kegosh are, really. What set him apart immediately, was a voracious hunger for knowledge. And the willingness to use it to get what he wanted. For a few years in his youth he bounced around from company to company, until he finally found Blackthorne and the bastards. Bloodthirsty, greedy, just plain mean. It suited him just fine. So he came in, joined up, and gutted any horse's arse that got in his way. Now he's one of the 6 Captains under ol' Blackthorne himself, and ready to make a real name for him. Lucky them there's a city under siege, full of targets and loot. Like an apple ripe for the plucking. All he has to do is keep everyone alive long enough to reap the rewards.
[b Pertinent Information:]
Mal deep down is really just as mean as he appears on the outside. Don't piss him off or you'll likely be lunch. His green skin is actually an abnormality, as usually Kegosh are a dark shade of blue.

[right [size37 [Berkshire+Swash Valkarie] [pic] ]
[b Username:]
[ NorthernWolves]
[b Name:]
Valkarie Fisali
[b Titles:]
[b Age:]
[b Gender:]
[b Species:]
Elvynkind - Mocirla
[b Height:]
1.73 Meters
[b Weight:]
[b Eye Color:]
A bright, nature-like and snake-ish green.
[b Skin Color:]
A pale white with the barest tinge of a dark green all over.
[b Hair Color:]
Dark Brown
[b Class Specialty:]
[b Known Talents:]
Pyromancy, General Elemental Spellcasting, Aquatic Respiration, Forest/Swamp Terrain Camoflauge.
[b Known Languages:]
Mocirla, Blorqsuinin, Raerkejun, Vlistonian, a touch of Kegosh.
[b Quick Bio:]
She was born in the swamps and forests of Qukaer. No city life, but a life in constant movement. There were the occasional border skirmishes with the Blorqsuinin, but that was about the most dangerous thing to happen.
When she discovered her adeptness at fire elemental magic, Valkarie decided to leave the swamps and forests she had called her home and go travel while practicing her elemental magic.
It was during her travels that she became "acquainted" with the Black Company. There was no talking, mostly the members threatening her with her life or give up any valuables; she promptly incinerated most of them, leaving only one badly burned Black Company member to run back. She expected the Company to send out a force to kill her, instead they came back with an offer to join. She accepted.
[b Pertinent Information:]
Green markings in the form of triangles, with one big one on her forehead and a clockwork of smaller green triangles. Almost always wears a cloak, which can easily be taken off in combat for added arm movement. ]

[pic] [size45 [Berkshire+Swash Reyner] ]
[b Username:]
[ Kudaketa]
[b Name:]
Reyner Ulric Godfrey
[b Titles:]
[b Age:]
[b Gender:]
[b Species:]
Humankind - Vlistonian
[b Height:]
[b Weight:]
258 Pounds
[b Eye Color:]
[b Skin Color:]
[b Hair Color:]
[b Class Specialty:]
[b Known Talents:]
Massive amounts of strength, endurance and resolve.
[b Known Languages:]
Common and Vlistonian
[b Quick Bio:]
"A simple sell sword who fought to reach his limits nothing, more nothing less."
Pertinent Information: Has a fondness for war whilst having a soft spot for children. Reyner is aware that mentality among mercenaries is rather common. That the world would be a better place without men who relied on the talents that he had perhaps that's why he strives to find his own death in a blaze of glory. This has put him at odds with the idea of his people being industrious or wise with a varied pool of talents. Sadly Reyner is only good at swinging his massive blade around despite what's believed about his people. ]

[right [size37 [Berkshire+Swash Seraphina] [pic] ]
[b Username: ]
[ YoruNeko]
[b Name:]
Seraphina Larissa Noelani Cind
[b Titles:]
Obsidian Shadow
[b Age:]
[b Gender:]
[b Species:]
Beastmankind - Melani
[b Height:]
[b Weight:]
100 lbs
[b Eye Color:]
Enchanting gold
[b Skin Color:]
Ivory black
[b Hair Color:]
Jet black
[b Class Specialty:]
[b Known Talents:]
Light & Shadow magic, Master in using daggers and hidden weapons, Weaponsmithing, Strategy, Speed and Precision, Minor Biology
[b Known Languages:]
Common, Melani, Sekhelm, Acinon, Vlistonian, Zapada, Inuneric, Kegosh, Demmovaan, Faerensal, and a few insults and threats in Blorqsuinin.
[b Quick Bio:]
Seraphina was born and spent her early years in Veikal. Her parents owned a respectable number of quarries and forges from which the Sekhelm often commissioned varies resources and components for their latest objective or whatever. She learned the entire process from the best of the workers and began forging her own items at the age of 6. Her parents travelled a lot for business and for years she was not allowed to accompany them. So, she was left with a lot of time to master her skills and even learn to how to use what she made. As she got older, she was then encouraged to go with her parents to learn how to run the business. She picked up many languages on their excursions. However, she also picked up on how a good strategy can be the difference not only between success and failure, but life and death.
[b Pertinent Information:]
Seraphina got her title from her lethal combination of illusionary magic and weaponry. She’s not one to start things unnecessarily, but she will finish it.

[pic ] [size40 [Berkshire+Swash Alerian] ]
[b Username:]
[ Colorful_insanity]
[b Name:]
Alerian Van Anu Cornawal
[b Titles: ]
The nightsky, The Nest Guardian
[b Age:]
Six Hundred and Two (602)
[b Gender:]
[b Species:]
Faekin - Faerensal { Light }
[b Height:]
1.88 meters (6'2")
[b Weight:]
14 stones or 196 lbs.
[b Eye Color:]
A vibrant bright white, like a shining star.
[b Skin Color:]
A dark midnight shade with dots of white almost like the night sky itself.
[b Hair Color:]
[b Class Specialty:]
[b Known Talents:]
Specialization in healing magic, Poison making, Element manipulation, Trap making, night walking,Cooking, and tailoring.
[b Known Languages:]
Common, Melani, Acinon, Vlistonian, Inuneric, Kegosh, and Faerensal
[b Quick Bio:]
"He just spends his days appeasing Vertol by sacrificing the heretics and the weak". That was at least after he was dismissed from his guardianship of his Fae's hive as he was the reason they had lost so many homes as it was. Banished he was forced to forever live to be forever in his humanoid form.
[b Pertinent Information:]
He has nubs of where his wings use to be as they were cut off when he was banished. He can indeed be seen at night, however it takes a very specially trained eye to do so.]

[h3 [size20 The Races of Luxia:] ]

[size18 [u [b Humankind:] ] ]
[b Vlistonian]
-Pale Humanoids akin to Anglo-Saxon coloring. Industrious and brilliant, with a varied talent pool.
[b Raerkejun]
-Tanned humanoids akin to Arab coloring. Strong and nomadic, with an incredibly resilient body. Currently the mass population is 'Enslaved' to the Sekhelm.
] ]
[size18 [u [b Elvynkind:] ] ]
[b Zapada] { Ice Elvyn }
-The Zapada, though shorter and thinner than human stature, are not to be underestimated. A slow demeanor and emotionless face often hides a calculating mind and an unbreakable backbone. They generally avoid the heat, so most often their skin is pale with a very light blue tinge. They can withstand temperatures well below freezing.
[b Inuneric] { Shadow Elvyn }
-With skin colored like oil, eyes of vibrant violet and hair like pure snow, the Inuneric are quite intimidating given their stature. Tall and lean, they have bodies built for combat, and know exactly how to use it. The entire species shares a spartan-like mindset and are masters of weaponry.
[b Mocirla] { Slime Elvyn }
-The shorter, green tinged elvyn are perhaps the least understood of their brethren. At home in the murky waters or hiding in the twisted trees of the swamps thanks to their dual air intake biology. Lungs and gills make for a versatile creature. Their saliva acts as a virulent venom, that they often tip their arrows and very sharp nails with. Nomadic and tribal, they aren't a fan of those hiding behind walls.
] ]
[size18 [u [b Ogrekin:] ] ]
[b Kegosh] { Blue Ogrekin }
-The Kegosh are continually underestimated, and the peoples of Luxia continually learn to regret it. They have an unnatural amount of strength for their small stature, and can leap nearly triple the distance of anyone easily twice their height. The only race to be allowed territory in Inuneric lands, simply because the battle would be too costly on both sides. Kegosh construction can last millennia.
[b Kulbane] { Yellow Ogrekin }
-Tall and thin with a sickly pallor, the Kulbane are almost elvyn in appearance, it not for their sharp claws and fangs. They are quite quick to kill a man and empty his pockets. Kulbane make up a large portion of Luxia's criminal underground, though typically not in leadership roles.
] ]
[size18 [u [b Faekin:] ] ]
[b Demmovaan] {Mountain Dwarf}
-Not Luxian natives, the Demmovaan are classic mountain dwarves from a neighboring continent. Their greed is only matched by their unending ego. It's said that ever Demmovaan is born with a need to be a king.
[b Faerensal] { Tiny Elemental }
-The Faerensal are elemental fairies who reside in the deepest jungles and forests. Like tiny flecks of living magic, they are typically made up of their particular element and have an adept manipulation of them.
] ]
[size18 [u [b Plant based humanoids:] ] ]
[b Hedera]
-The Hedera are a isolationist species of plantkin. Their appearance resembles a gnarled log sprouting vines in the shape of a humanoid. Though they can speak, they usually do not when other species are involved. They are one with their jungle home and can converse with their surroundings. Though the information is subtle and often unintelligible.
] ]
[size18 [u [b Beastmankind:] ] ]
[u Canid:]
[space+mono [b Muhtt]
-The Muhtt are an ugly mix of canid species. Brutish and overly large, with faces like a bulldog. Though not the brightest, they are some of the best trackers in Luxia. And a never turn down a good fight.
[u Feline:]
[space+mono [b Sekhelm] { Mix/Desert Catfolk }
-The Sekhelm are the largest reigning power in Luxia. They're pyramids and temples tower above the masses in their desert country. They think themselves akin to gods, and act thusly. All other races are to be subjugated. They are strictly more feline than man. Beastman with more humanoid features are killed at birth.
[b Acinon] { Cheetah }
-The Acinon are a sight to behold. More human in appearance, they are deeply tanned and covered in an amazing pattern of spots and markings. Unbelievably quick, they have become valuable solders for the Sekhelm in their bid for conquest.
[b Melani] { Panther }
-Skin like an evening night and eyes that glow gold in the dark, the Melani are the silent hunters of Luxia. They can be any range between catlike humanoid to nearly human, though their coloring is always dark. No one is quite sure why, but Melani make no noise when they move, because of this they are quite often distrusted.
[u Reptilid/Amphibinoid:]
[b Promsuinin] { Tortoise }
-These shelled and scaled miniature giants may seem slow until angered. They typically avoid a fight, and are even vegetarian in nature, but simply can't be underestimated due to their sheer hulking size and strength.
[b Animsoinin] { Gila Lizard }
-The Anim are a violent nomadic race of bastards who eke out a living wherever they can. Moderately sized, with over-pronounced jaws and whiplike tails, the Anim are a deadly beastman. They live by one rule. If it's not strong enough to survive, it's food.
[b Blorqsuinin] { Dart Frog }
-Small, poisonous and quick as lightning, these beastman have become a plague on any civilized race of Luxia. They enjoy wallowing in their swamp, only leaving to find the nearest shiny object and steal it for their hoard. They have no real leadership, and would overrun the continent if they didn't continually kill each other for their treasures.
[u Insects:]
[b Formici] { Ants }
-The Formici are an odd race. Four legs and a long abdomen, two pincer-like arms and large bulbous eyes. They live their lives for their queen and have very little intelligence. Though seemingly they have a mass consciousness of sorts. Where there is one, there is always dozens.
[u Aquatic:]
[b Selach] { Sharks }
-The Selach are native to the oceans of the world, but have found a liking for the damper places in Luxia. Strictly humanoid with very sharp teeth and tough blue-hued skin. They have webbed hands and feet tipped with small black claws. Pitch black eyes and hair. They have no moral compass, especially when food is concerned. They make for wonderful pirates and even better assassins.
] ]

[h3 [size20 Adventurer Classes: ] ]
[size18 [u [b Might Class: Light Armor] ] ]
[u Fighter:]
Fighters are the jack-of-all-trades class. They can use just about any weapon when they need to.
[u Warrior:]
Similar to the fighter, but with heavier weapons. Greataxes and greatswords.
[u Barbarian:]
Musclebound warriors. Using mainly axes.
[u Berserker:]
Raging balls of anger. Generally uses two weapons and little to no armor.
[u Monk:]
Hand to hand fighters. Takes years of training.
[u Myrmidon:]
Duel blade fighters. The quickest form of swordsman.
[u Sentinel:]
Light armor and spears make them versatile fighters.
[size18 [u [b Might Class: Medium Armor] ] ]
[u Cavalier:]
Light armored spear using horseback knight.
[u Crusader:]
Mace and shield using knight.
[u Dragoon:]
Dragon slayers. Spears and swords. Mostly just a name.
[u Dragon Knight:]
Armored warrrior, uses axes.
[u Samurai:]
Armored katana user.
[u Strongarm:]
Armored hand-to-hand. Heavy brawler.
[u Champion:]
Greatsword using knight.
[size18 [u [b Might Class: Heavy Armor] ] ]
[u Knight:]
Short sword and shield using fighter. Heavy armor.
[u Paladin:]
Heavy blunt weapons knight.
[u Dark Knight:]
Hand to hand. Armored claws.
[u Guardian:]
Heavy tower shields and small weapons.
[u Blader:]
Two handed swords and heavy armor.
[u Lancer:]
Spears and heavy armor.
[u Gatecrasher:]
Two weapons and heavy armor.
[size18 [u [b Skill Class: Speed Focus] ] ]
[u Fencer:]
Quick light sword or rapier using combatant.
[u Corsair:]
Two handed fighter, no armor, mostly ship-to-ship battle.
[u Privateer:]
Knife using pirate, at home in the rigging.
[u Swashbuckler:]
Longsword duelist pirate.
[u Bladeslinger:]
Many daggers, adept aim.
[u Reaver:]
Small axes, speed barbarian.
[size18 [u [b Skill Class: Range Focus] ] ]
[u Scout:]
Dagger flinging crossbowman.
[u Ranger:]
Bow and sword user.
[u Sniper:]
Greatbow user. Can shoot from leagues away.
[u Hunter:]
Shortbow and axes.
[u Falconer:]
Bowman with an avian companion for sighting. Can also use daggers.
[size18 [u [b Skill Class: Stealth Focus] ] ]
[u Rogue:]
Basic shortsword using trapspringer,
[u Thief:]
Many weapons, but stealth focused.
[u Assassin:]
Dagger wielding shadow.
[u Ninja:]
Sword wielding shadow.
[u Shadow:]
Cloaked phantom. Hard to even spot.
[u Cutpurse:]
Thief with a focus on daggers.
[size18 [u [b Will Class: White Magic] ] ]
[u Druid:]
Nature magic using staff wielder.
[u Templar:]
Holy magic using mace wielder.
[u Cleric:]
Healing magic using staff wielder.
[u Priest:]
Chanting magic user.
[u Sorcerer:]
Scientific magic using wand user.
[u Witch/Wizard:]
Ritual magic using wand user.
[size18 [u [b Will Class: Black Magic] ] ]
[u Witchdoctor:]
Potion based black magic. Uses totems.
[u Occultist:]
Ritual based black magic. Dagger.
[u Demonologist:]
Demonic summoner.
[u Warlock:]
Curses and killing magic.
[u Necromancer:]
Anti-Life magic. Raises the dead.
[u Conjurer:]
Uses rituals to twist spirits to their bidding.
[size18 [b [u Will Class: Grey Magic] ] ]
[u Binder:]
Uses neutral curses to stop movement and bend the laws of physics.
[u Mystic:]
Uses celestial magic to complete rituals.
[u Shaman:]
Can heal and curse with the power of potion based magic.
[u Elementalist:]
Can use the elements to their bidding. Does not need control of the spirits.
[u Illusionist:]
Uses light and shadow magic to bend the word around them and make people see what the caster wants.
[u Summoner:]
Calls the spirits to earth and gives them the form of a familiar. A partnership.
[u Sage:]
Has control over oneself and their magic. Allows great feats of strength and will.
] ]

[h3 [size20 Known Locations:] ]

[center [pic] ]

[b Vlistonia:] {V-lee-stone-ya}
[i A sprawling multi-tiered megacity made up of layers and layers stone and mortar. The original builders are long lost to time, and over the generations city after city was built on the ruins of the old. No one knows how deep the necropolis goes. Currently a towering fortress is its highest point, ruled by the iron fist of the Vlistonian royalty.]
[ Google Docs Map: Vlistonia Capitol City.]

[b Veikal:] {V-ay-call}
[i An massive desert abandoned by the goddess of water to its never ending drought. The massive obsidian and gold temples, spires and monoliths of the Sekhelm populate the sprawling city of dirt and rock. Slaves continue its construction at the cost of their lives, while the Sekhelm live in luxury.]

[b Raerkej:] {raw-air-k-edge}
[i A relatively smaller country annexed by Veikal and slowly being swallowed by the desert. Their royal family prisoners of the Sekhelm pharoah, their people enslaved. They thrive off the mountain mesa's and have become quite adept at agriculture. The people born there quickly become a resilient being, or don't survive its harsh terrain.]

[b Aspaezel:] {Az-pay-zell}
[i A harsh mountain littered with stony fortresses and cave towns. Ruled by the spartan-like Inuneric. It is a nation of a single army. Though the Kegosh have managed to cut out their own small territories due to sheer tenacity.]

[b Eseleia:] {Ay-sell-ay-a}
[i A dense, isolated jungle populated by a race of plants and nomadic fairy. Hidden from the world by deadly swamps. Most of Luxia has never set foot within its branches, and those that do rarely return.]

[b Qukaer Swamplands:] {Coo-caw-air}
[i The largest portion of Luxia, covered in knee deep to fathomless murky water. Twisted trees and creeping vines hide the sky from site and the only light often comes from the bioluminescent fungi and mosses. Many creatures call it home, though none rule it. It is just too vast and too deadly. Almost alive even.]

[h3 [size20 Known NPCs:] ]

[ Hartfain Blackthorne:]
-Leader and Founding member of the Blackthorne mercenary company. Much older than he appears, do not test his patience. He's the man in charge of some of the nation's worst bastards.

[h3 [size20 Bestiary:] ]

[h3 [size20 Useful World Information:] ]

[b Luxia:]
[i The continent of sorrow and Bluere's domain. A damp place full of dense tropics and wetlands, with the exception of the massive desert. It's name gives you a decent understanding of its occupants. Luxia is not a happy place to be. Survival is the only goal for most of its residents.]

[b Money:]
[i While all forms of object are subject to trade, the universal currency of the world is Kyn. Ranging in rarity of metals from common copper coin to the inconceivable astral-mythrite. Though shape and design differs from place to place, as does common value between countries.]

[b Racism:]
[i It affects any world with differing opinions and physical appearances. An unfortunate side effect of the vast and unique makeup of the world.]
[b Magic:]
[center [pic] ]

[h3 [size20 Gods and Devils] ]
[size18 [b [u Creatio Deus] ] ] {Gods of Creation}
[div [i Blanca] { Light/Life and Justice }
[i Noire] { Shadow/Death and Malevolence }
[i Grist ] { Ether/Order}
[i Rouget] { Fire/War and Conflict }
[i Juanen] { Earth/Peace and Serenity }
[i Bleure] { Water/Sorrow and Pain }
[i Vertol] { Blood/Greed and Profit }
[i Rosem] { Wind/Love and Romance }
[i Pourpet] {Bone/Luck and Fate}
[size18 [b [u Terra Deus] ] ] { Earthly Deity }
[div Ciele { Sky}
Mjera { Sea }
Terraet { Earth }
[size18 [b [u Stella Deus] ] ] {Celestial Deity }
[div Orm { Sun }
Argente { Silver Moon }
Cuiven { Harvest Moon }
Lahoul { Shadowed Moon }
[size18 [b [u Greater Deva] ] ] { Abyssal Deity }
[div Zoaz [sup { Vengeance } ]
Sahn [sup { Corruption } ]
Sral [sup { Chaos } ]
Ozrah [sup { Hatred } ]
Ryve [sup { Fear } ]
Toac [sup { Despair } ]
Abzaral [sup { Blight } ]
] ]


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[center [h3 Reyner Ulric Godfrey]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b A large armored behemoth of a man had ventured through a snowy dark forest. It was dark at night and he had taken a request to handle a beast that prowled this forest and the snowy mountains. He had again accepted another request this time from a small town nearby. Walking into every tavern he would always ask for "work"]]

[center [b Though he wasn't very discreet blatantly asking for the most dangerous work he could. Accepting whatever initial pay they had offered while never offering a name himself. Loot? Glory? What need does a man have for such things? To have his worth proven by others? A man can only look into himself to find his worth. Perhaps this was an excuse to cast his life away. However, he was able to use his life however he saw fit he knew living like this he wouldn't live a long life. Anyday could easily be the last but he had to know his limitations in his cold dead life. He needed to again feel alive like he had so many years ago.]]

[center [b The hunk of metal let his thoughts wander as he traversed through the place. Strange mutations and creatures shrieked from the darkness as they began to follow the man. As he turned around drawing his sword before bellowing out a roar. Like a feral and simple-minded creature, he hunched his back ready to pounce. The beast had snarled from the darkness a few even cackling as they still hid in the darkness. The beast here wasn't worth his time as he continued on.]]

[center [b Time passing by the fleeting snowy night as he placed his blade on top of a snowy cliff taking in another deep breath. As the air escaped his lungs he took his rage, fear, excitement Into a deafening roar that bellowed on and on as what felt like the very mountains themselves were shaking. As the strenuous roar carried on what felt like eternity filling only more with rage and impatience finally came a host to this annoying uninvited guest. Reyner had made himself a pest and soon enough he found the "host" of this "lovely home"]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b A massive terrifying unsettling beast had jumped upon the cliff looking back down at the man. In comparison, he was puny in size as the beast roared back several times louder to the man. As snow and rocks began to rumble and fall from the surrounding area as the metal began to shake and tremble. The roar had come to an abrupt stop however the trembling had not. This was when the pesky creatures hiding began to cackle at the young man.]]

[center [b Reyner couldn't stop shaking how could he? Look at this beast! Who would be able to stay calm? Because...]]

[center [i "This is way too damn exciting!"]]

[center [b The man had a deep and gruffy voice that would insinuate he was much older than he really was. Perhaps that was because his vocal cords were shot all in all the man was damaged goods. As worn as the blade and armor he wore as he charged at the beast as it raised its foot. Stepping on the man as silence filled the air the cackling continued. As the foot began to shake a massive blade piercing through it the man pushed himself up managing to push the beast back. As it turned around slapping him with his tail he was shot flying hitting several rocks they began to crash on top of him. He had crawled out of the rocks spitting up blood he couldn't help but have a grin under his helmet. "I'm coming home baby!" the thoughts filled his head. He never fought something strong enough to knock him around the armor and blade he wore was highly resistant to physical and magical damage at a price of being insanely heavy. Still, here he was racked in pain perhaps this massive beast was his limitation? After all his years of fighting, he finally met his match but if he was coming home he's taking this thing with him. He let out another battle cry as he charged headlong into the fray. The beast put his claws up as they cut into the man's body his plate defending only so much. He had screamed pushing and sliding the beast back as he charged with all the might in his body. The beast began to slide off the cliff as it grabbed him with it.]]

[center [i "Haha petty little critter aren't you? You don't wanna go alone either I see! Don't worry I planned on holding you're little hand in the abyss!!"]]

[center [b The man bellowed a hearty laugh as the beast squizzed at him. Crushing his bones he pulled his blade out shoving the large hun of metal through the mighty beast neck as the two fell down the cliffside. Short brief and magnificent was the frenzy of battle. The man had closed his eyes as he twisted the massive blade into the beast. The two took the plunge down the cliff together as Reyner shut his eyes offering this world a smile in his farewell.]]

[center [h3 "Alive"]]

[center [b The surroundings had changed here Reyner was in bed badly injured. As a few healers surrounded the man as they began to remove his helmet he grabbed the first healer. Offering a low growl as a young beautiful woman entered holding the male healer. Reyner sighed as he let go.]]

[center [i The helmet stays.]]

[center [b The man nodded as they a small group of villagers debated healing him. They had found him next to the massive beast that had been causing terror around this area. Reyner had lost himself to thoughts of disappointment he hadn't found his end yet had he? On the argument that he slew the beast for them. One healer convinced the rest to let him begin. Healing magic was something Reyner was exposed too often though being healed for free? Was something he was not very exposed too. He stared at the wall as he saw his blade placed against it the healer laughed as he saw Reyner's head turn to look at it. He seemed to be a small scrawny man wearing a pair of glasses with a soft smile.]]

[center [+green That took four of our strongest to carry back it's hard to believe you were swinging it around. It was hard enough to lug back to the village. The others are afraid you're gonna turn that thing on us next. Maybe because we can't pay back much for the beast you've slain?]]

[center [i "Hmm.."]]

[center [b Reyney let out a low rumble still racked in pain as the healer let out a chuckle ruffling the back of his head.]]

[center [+green I'm sure you're wondering why than huh? I guess I could say I've felt dead for years now anyway since that thing took my wife and my only son when he went to avenge her. I always told that boy an eye for an eye makes the world blind. Though seeing its lifeless body on the cold dead ground? Covered in ice and unforgiving snow? I felt a warmth a spark of happiness in me. Cruel to be sure the beast knew no better but in that moment even if for a moment I felt alive.]]

[center [b Reyner had stared at his blade his hand on his chest. Reyner knew where this man was coming from. In that moment? In that brawl with this beast, he felt alive and even though he survived? He felt dead perhaps it was because he had survived. Today would not be the end that he was searching for. His voice stern, monotone, scratchy, worn he looked back at the healer.]]

[center [i "...It is up to you to find a reason a way to feel alive again. Living just to live isn't living it is merely existing."]]

[center [b Reyner wasn't the type to offer words of wisdom to others leave that to a sage or someone who understood the world. Reyner did not nor did he care too. With no money, he would consider that advice to be his only payment back for the healing he received. He sat up his wounds closed but his blood not fully restored. His organs were in decent enough shape they'd heal in no time. His sword and armor were fine for the most part. He like his metal was used to the beating. As he stood up the man looked at Reyner.]]

[center [+green I could warn you that you're healing isn't finished but a man as reckless as you wouldn't yield to such a warning. Are you of the Blackthorne Bastards? If so aren't you on the wrong suicidal mission?]]

[center [i "..Hm?"]]

[center [b Reyner again only responded with a rumble almost like a stray dog. Reyner was disconnected to the world and its workings he couldn't care less what happened in the outside world. The man then had begun to explain this mercenary band. What they were called it in too do the impossible. They lived on the edge with no fear of death for fame and glory, was it? Could that be all this group yearned for? Reyner had to know what this goal of theirs was.]]

[center [b This seemed like the perfect "work" for him so Reyner knew he had to see these people.]]

[center [h3 "New Life"]]

[center [b Reyner had left the healer without a word more as the man gave Reyner a pack of food and a map. Reyner had made his way to the Blackthornes.]]

[center [b Several days had passed and finally he had found this encampment. Without reason or invitation, he began to waltz right in. They seemed to be more than mercenaries here it was a bona fide army. Was this a war? Regardless he had grabbed a man and decided to ask.]]

[center [i "Where are the Blackthornes?"]]

[center [b Several others drew their blades at him as they ordered him to put the man down. He had dropped the man pulling out his own massive blade. Sure he had fought tribes bandit clans and such but an entire army? Why pass up the chance if they'd offer it?]]

[center I-I shall get captain Mallac!]

[center [+red Yeah this guy will be dead by the time he gets here so have at it!]]

[center [b The man who was grabbed had begun to run leaving behind the group as he came into the tent Mallac was residing.]]

[center Sir! There's a strange man wielding a massive blade asking for the Blackthornes! The men have begun to fight with him, sir!]

[center [h3 Time Passing]]

[center [b It wasn't but a few minutes later Reyner was surrounded by a few bodies. Men wailing in pain some passing out from blood loss while others yelled missing limbs. He was careful not to kill anyone at least until he had a chance to talk to this captain. Depending on the conversation he'd possibly stop holding back. Though he wasn't sure if everyone here was breathing. It wasn't long before more troops arrived on the scene. Reyner was having a good time maybe he wouldn't need their crazy mission to get what he wanted. If it came to that he wanted to at least claim a few dozen heads for his own maybe this captains too. If they were this adamant about fighting him anyhow here he was again an uninvited guest.]]
  Reyner Ulric Godfrey / Kudaketa / 223d 20h 11m 14s
Starlight, that is how he was born, and that is how he would die. At least that is what many of the Faekin thought while their hives waged war against one another. To be brought to death by their element meant they would be reborn into it. extinguished the world would burn.

[#0c18ac [I "Alerian. You have been found wanted in killing your own king, and for this the council has found no better punishment then to strip you of your wings and banish you from the hive. May the Goddess take kindness upon you. for we shall not."]] It was the words no Fae had ever wanted to hear. To be banished from the single thing they called home. although the Anu hive had forever been on the move as their guardian was to say in the least a little crazy.

Being banished wasn't to horrible, at least that is what many thought until their wings were ripped from their back and cauterized so they couldn't regrow like most had. Moving to the Cornawal hive Alerian had done no better there. He was yet again faced with banishment, and instead of being allowed to move to a third hive of the light faekin he was forced to face his punishment.

He remembered one thing, the pain, it was what kept him going through his banishment was the reminder and constant burning sensation he felt on his back from the council removing his wings. even forcing him to forever stay human in size instead of being allowed to be a normal trickster of six inches tall. His kind was forever altered. Taking on the appearance of what many would call a Spear ear Alerian had an elven look to him, the only thing that gave away his faekinship was his night sky like skin and his moonlight eyes. a very rare thing to find among even his own Alerian would have face much harsher punishment if it hadn't been his position as Guardian of the hive. He had cost the lives of to many of both hives against the other.

During his banishment Alerian had found it hard to coop, and so he had become slightly crazed. Eventually joining a clergy group that would later teach the faekin about the God Vertol which he would devote his life to. The first of many sacrifices to the god of blood, greed, and profit was the cult itself. Alerian had poisoned them all casting aside their beliefs for his own. The heretics would die and his Hive would be restored to its former glory this promise was his drive to life.
While traveling Alerian had come across the Blackthorne Mercenary Company. a small group had tried to rob the man, only to find he had nothing of value other then his eyes. Trying to take his eyes the band that had lost ten of its members; the loss had left five members left.

The first was Valkarie, a she elf who had disengaged from the fight when the ten had died. The second was a human whom has long been forgotten and digested by Mallac. The third and most destingished member of the group was the Duke blackthorne himself, he seemed to be looked at the starlight creature with fascination and hatred both. Then there was the Ogre like creature, that was now standing in front of him with a look of both hunger and suprise. That was who his captain was now Mallac Dhoure, an unusual Kegosh. The last living member that was in the party had like the human been forgotten to the winds in Alerian's mind. While he hadn't been eaten by Mallac he wasn't of importance more a messenger boy. Having been offered to join the Blackthorne Alerian took up their offer. He would have a place to call home, and permanently.

That offer had been given to him a little over a year ago to the day, but to Alerian it would seem like yesterday comparatively in his long life of six hundred years. Most spent with the fae hives, another hundred spent with elves learning their magical ways and humans to learn poison, they all seemed to deem him, an oddity. The Blackthorne company seemed to collect oddities.

Upon setting up camp a safe distance from Vlistonia one could find Alerian in the kitchen or in the mess of a tent he called his own filled with bottles of liquids, gasses, even some slime like substances. Tools and an alchemy lab were set up and toxic animals hung on a rope just behind that with buckets to catch the creature's blood which dripped ever so slowly down anymore. The faekin sat on the makeshift bed he had made for himself writing in a notebook about a small lizard like creature as he hung it up on the rope making some artistic sketches of the creature in his book as well with a well detailed description of the thing.

jotting down eight inches in length from head to tail end. Blue skinned with pink dots, the dots seemed to represent the years the creature had lived. They were the area's the poison were produced out of the thing. Toxin covers skin, but doesn't seem to take immediate affect on victim. Toxin seems to be a paralyzing affect, usefulish... Captain Mallac .... Three rows of Canine like teeth. Bright yellow eyes. Six legs....Again Captain Mallac..... Hearing a knock hit the wooden poll that stood in the middle of his door the light faekin looked up to see a messenger. [b "Captain Mallac is asking for you."]

only giving the man a nod Alerian set down his notepad and stood up. Taking a step out into the sunlight his skin started tingling. the pain of his wings trying to regrow after being cauterized hit him like they did every time. The sunlight affected his regeneration. moving around the crowded camp The male stepped into the captain's tent to see Valkaria, Seraphine, and Mallac all standing there waiting. Stepping up next to Valkaria the male stood in silence.
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[#916508 “I don’t care if the Vlistonian capital sunk below its very own catacombs. Bottom line, I get what I’m owed and your company owes me those resources. I’ll send my collector in three days and--”]

“Excuse me, Miss Cind. There’s someone here for you.” Seraphina turned away from the merchant she was speaking to see one of her attendants standing in the doorway.

[#916508 “Was that all?”] The attendant confirmed that it was. Not even a moment later, the attendant’s eyes went wide with fear and began gasping for breath as if something was blocking his airways. The merchant stood where he was. He refused to even budge, petrified that taking action would direct that same treatment back at him. He was right. Though he had no clue when or how she used illusionary magic to get the young man in that state, he knew he did not want to join him.

Seraphina’s unyielding gold eyes never left her underling or showed any remorse. [#916508 “You see, I’m not in a good mood and your unsightly interruption made things even more unpleasant. Wait there while I finish up.”] She then redirected her attention to the merchant. [#916508 “Now, where were we… Oh, yes. You have three days until my collector arrives. I advise it be ready by then so that I don’t have to send anyone else or make any unnecessary trips myself. Understood?”] The merchant nodded. [#916508 “Good. We’re done then. Please take your leave.”] The merchant scuffled out within a blink of an eye.

The moment he was out the door, Seraphina broke the spell on the attendant and he collapsed on the floor as his breathing returned to normal. [#916508 “It’s funny how the body reacts even when there’s no danger, as long as the mind thinks there is. I hope you learned your lesson in interrupting others.]

Seraphina walked out of the office space she was just using and saw a Muhtt waiting for her just outside. She knew immediately that Mallac was summoning her to wherever he was. He only sent a Muhtt to track her down when it was something urgent and important. Sending any other race would be a waste of time since Seraphina rarely stayed in one place for long. There was always too much to get done in too many places.

[#916508 “Aldreg,] she called for her assistant, who was by her side a moment later. [#916508 “Make the proper arrangements until I get back. I want those resources and a 6% increase in profits by the time I return. If I’m gone longer than 2 weeks, increase the percentage by 2 per extra week I’m gone.”]

With that, she was off with that mongrel of an escort. Luckily she didn’t have to travel too far with slobber-mouth, since she was in Raerkej near its border with Vlistonia. When they arrived at the tent, Seraphina was very grateful she didn’t have to endure another moment of that wet dog stench. She entered the tent and noticed Mallac had already managed to call in Valkarie. [#916508 “This must be real good, Mallac. Please tell me this has something to do with the Vlistonian capital. Whatever is going on there has been a thorn in my side all day.”]

From her network, she knew something major happened about 4 weeks prior that shut down the entire city. As for what or who caused it was a mystery. There really wasn’t much to go on. Regardless, other merchants have been trying to use whatever happened as an excuse to not produce or meet their quota and the numbers keep compounding.
Bright, orange and red flames swirled around in a circle. ‘‘Twas like a cyclone, thin at the bottom and incrementally increasing the higher the flaming cyclone rose. The cyclone itself roared as if it were part beast itself, the fire crackling, snapping, popping, roaring its presence to anyone who cared to listen. The ground where the cyclone flamed was burnt to a deep black, further out the ground was steadily blackening, and 4.57 meters out there was an outline traced on the ground; that was where the extremely uncomfortable heat started. Further out, one could still feel the intensity of the heat, but it felt like a comfortable camp fire.

Then from the ground up, the cyclone slowly vanished. From the feet up, a slow reveal of a female elf took place. Even with her somewhat tanned skinned from being close to the fire, one could still see the indistinguishable green tinge to her skin. She wore murky green clothes with brown leather forearm armor and some leather armor around the chest area. . Snake-ish eyes, even brighter than the color of an emerald peeked out of joyful face that had dark green triangles painted like the markings on a clock. Her ears were as sharp as arrow tips. Her long brown hair, tied compactly so that it barely hung fading backwards so that it would not be able to go forwards over her shoulder.

Her name was Valkarie Fisali, a Mocirla elf who was one of the members of the Blackthorne Mercenary Company; also known as Blackthorne’s Bastards, a name in which almost all of the whole merc company revelled in. Her introduction to the company had been a big blaze, mostly incinerating some of he members who were trying to rob her and leaving one slightly burnt victim. Valkarie had expected a revenge attack, but instead they had sent over a small delegation to ask if she wanted to join; she had quickly accepted. It had been quite a blaze being with the company, eventually being under the command of the sixth captain, a mean and gritty Kegosh with the name of Mallac Dhoure. Valkarie had somehow managed to stay off his bad side most of the time, which was good because what he did to creatures who pissed him off were completely brutal. Her own methods had made her into one of the top ranked members under him.

Valkarie shifted her her stance as she heard someone approaching. She stood ready to blast anyone with whatever elemental magic came to mind first. But there was no need for that as the creature before her was not there to kill her. Instead, they were there to tell her about the summons from Mallac. Valkarie untied her cloak from around her waist and put it on, tying it closed around her neck but not too tightly so the gills wouldn’t be squeezed to death.

She followed the creature from the far open field where she had been practicing her magic so no accident would occur, to the maze of tents that were spaced out somewhat evenly. Her snake eyes constantly scanned around for imminent danger, it definitely did not hurt to be too safe.

The creature had led her to Mallac’s tent, and from the outside she entered inside by herself. It seemed no one else had arrived, either she was the first one to arrive or would be the only one to arrive. At least there was someone she could ask.

As Valkarie walked further inside, she spotted Malloc sitting behind a desk. In somewhat broken Kegosh, [+purple “Good day captain, what’s the situation?”] Valkarie stopped and crossed her arms over each other, while looking curiously at Mallac and waited patiently for a reply.
  Valkarie / NorthernWolves / 246d 15h 18m 57s
The blood dripped from the large stone slab. It's pitter patter the only sound inside the dreary gloom of the darkened tent. Various sources of incense gave off the only light, making the air in the interior a foul haze. A sickening thud and the cracking of bone broke the silence. A taloned hand, covered in a tough green hide and a dusting of midnight blue fur lowered the hammer. With deft movements it removed the last remnants of ribcage. Crimson eyes stared avid attention, before flipping back to a large leatherbound book in its other hand. [b "Well, plow me ta' the second moon... That don't look right..."]

A shadowed figure entered the tent with a derisive snort. "I would really prefer not to, Mallac. Not when you've got work to do..."

Mallac Dhoure, Sixth Captain of the Blackthorne Mercenary Company, raised his head. He gave the newcomer an unsettling smile with plenty of sharpened teeth. [b "Sorry, Boss. You're pretty, but you ain't my type anyhow."]

Blackthorne shook his head. He took in the gore, piles of scrolls and tomes and various equipment scattered around. "A pity. What have you discovered, Greenbelly?"

Mallac snapped the book shut. [b "Ain't no bloody demon. That's for damn sure."] He waved to the opened torso of the twisted evil thing i front of him. A recent visitor from inside the city. It had run rampant on a nearby farm before the coalition forces patrol found it. "It's a gods damned dog!"]

The knight blinked. Surprise was not often a mask he wore. "What do you mean a dog?" He stepped closer. Maybe in complete darkness... and at half the size, he could mistake this creature for the common beast.

Mallac grunted and hopped down from the large stool he had been standing on to reach the table. His forehead came to about the slim mans waist. [b "I mean it's a bloody dog. Bark bark, and whatnot. Sure as hell don't look like one on the outside. Guts are a bit twisted, atrophied here'n'there, but it's a dog. A common wharf mongrel.]

Blackthorne picked up a scalpel and made a few cuts and pushed a few organs around. "So it seems. Excellent eye... A plague perhaps?"

The goblinoid waved his hands and made an annoyed sound. [b "No, no. Definitely magic. Maybe demonic. Somethin' really nasty plowed it up, drove it batty."] He removed the stained apron he had been wearing, and rinsed his hands in a basin of liquid that smelled strongly of alchemical reagents. [b "Gives off an energy. Smells a bit like the storm blowin' round overhead. Mutations are random. The growth sporadic. There ain't a pattern, so far as I can tell from looking at the diagrams of the previous corpses."] Mallac grabbed a bell from a table full of vials and sharp metal tools. With a quick jingle a black suited young man entered. He cringed at the sight of the beast. [b "Gather some boys. Get this thing thrown into a hole and burned, soon as you can. Then wash up and do the same to your uniforms. Sterilize the tools."]

The boy nodded and hurried back out. The gasp of fresh air was audible as he exited. Blackthorne shook his head. "I thought you said it wasn't a disease?" He placed the scalpel back down and stepped away from the corpse. The two began to exit the tent themselves.

[b "Ain't likely, but best not to take chances with this kind of thing, Duke."] As they strolled through the milling mercenaries, receiving salutes as they went. [b "So did the poncy buggers finally decide on a course of action?"]

Blackthorne smiled, knowing the vile little man has included him in that description. "We are to retake the city. District by district. Hopefully freeing any survivors. There are a few relevant persons of interest we are to see to first of course. The royal family and many notable denizens were caught up in this incident." He waved his hand, Blackthorne cared little for his fellow aristocrats. "All the while trying to discover the source of this foul curse the city seems to be under."

Malloc sighed. [b "A siege then. A damned big one too. That place is big enough to house forty cities. And that's just above ground. Each level a bloody fortress in its own right. Every section of it defensible ground."] He pointed a sharp black talon at his employer. [b "Ye know it'll become a landgrab if we do clear it out. Ain't nothin' left of the Vlis army but border-rats and retirees."]

The man nodded. "And detestable mercenaries. Yes, Aspaezel and Veikal will pounce when they can. We'll see where that bridge takes us when we walk across unfortunately. For now we'll take what we can and bleed these abominations along the way."

Mallac shrugged. [b "Wouldn't have it any other way. I'll get my squad ready to move. Just tell us which door we're kicking in, Boss."]

Blackthorne gave Mallac a grim smile as they parted ways. "I do so enjoy that bastards work ethic."

[center [pic] ]

Mallac entered his personal tent, sending another retainer to summon his higher ranked squad members. Asides from the specialists, he had some three dozen of the meanest bastards under his command. And oh how he enjoyed it. He took a seat behind a desk, one of the few luxury items he brought with him. Shuffling through reconnaissance reports would kill time long enough for the others to assemble.
  Mallac Dhoure / ExistentialCrisis / 248d 16h 47m 47s
The young man walked steadily towards the largest tent in the cluster of similar makeshift buildings. The gaudy thing flapped in the howling wind. It did little to drown out the noise of activity in the encampment. Clanking steel and various shouts. [i Like music to my ears...] Thought Hartfain Blackthorne. As he approached, the guards stationed outside lowered their halberds. Understandable, given his unhealthy pallor, striking grimace and battleworn blackened armor. Blackthorne knew he made quite the villainous countenance, and decided to let the matter go. A voice to his left broke the awkward contest of will. "His Lordship, Duke Hartfain Blackthorne of Vlistonia." The men jumped into a salute and Blackthorne waved them off. "Thank you, Bharrin. Please wait here." His retainer snapped his own salute, a raised elbow and a fist above his heart. The duke slipped into the tent to the sound of heated argument that quickly quieted at his presence.

A young man sat at the head of a large crescent shaped table. "Duke Blackthorne... Impeccable timing as always. Please be seated. I do believe you are the last delegate to arrive." The exasperation in the man's voice was palpable. "One last round of introductions are in order I suppose." He waved his hand to the left of the 6 figures seated around him. A sharp figure dressed in similar fashion to Blackthorne himself nodded his head. The snow white locks a drastic difference from the shadowed skin like a dark evening sky. "Brigadier General Xenaphon, representing the Aspaezel forces."

He moves to the next in line. A sleek feline form wrapped in gold and silks. Blazing green eyes narrow farther, while a tail whips silently past an open backed chair. "Lieutenant Commander Sekhelm, representing the Veikal." He passed an empty seat that Blackthorne would soon be taking.

He motioned to himself. "Of course, I am the now acting General Dhelus Yarrow, representing the remainder of Vlistonia's military." He gave Blackthorne a haggard smile. Dhelus motioned to the man seated to his left. An ancient, wrinkled thing in flowing robes. "The Archmage Iwelsen Zheal, representing the various sorcerous guilds."

Further down Blackthorne took note of the beast of a man. Easily the largest in the room. "Arvin the Stalwart, representing the various mercenary companies of our great continent." Dhelus shrugged, his shiny armor shifting quietly. "Aside from your own of course."

"Finally, Tullay Spannere, representing the craftsmen, guilds and merchants of Vlistonia and elsewhere." The slightly overweight, balding man smiled widely. "Which of course brings us to you, my friend." He nodded his head and motioned to the empty seat. Blackthorne accepted and slipped into it without a word. "Duke Hartfain Blackthorne, representative of the Vlistonian Aristocracy and of course his renowned Company of mercenaries."

Arvin snorted. "We call 'em Blackthornes Bastards, yer lordship." Dhelus cocked an eyebrow and glanced at the newest member of the table.

Blackthorne dipped his head in a mock bow. "An apt name for my oddly diverse employees. I believe they are quite fond of the name themselves." He smiled, though it clearly didn't reach his eyes. The temperature of the room seemed to dip slightly, causing the members of the delegation to tense and sit a little higher in their seats.

Dhelus waved his hand. "Petty jabs aside... It's about time we discuss the matter at hand." A quick gesture and two servants stretched a map between them before the table. "Two weeks ago, the Capital City of Vlistonia closed its many, many doors. All communications ceased with those of us on the front lines, as did international lines. The commonwealth frankly panicked, fearing the start of some conflict between our nations." He shook his head. "I marched back from the borders and our various skirmishes to find my home engulfed in some sort of maelstrom. To make matters worse, shortly after creatures began to emerge from the city using the various tunnels and waterways." He motioned again and a retainer passed out several scrolls to the table, depicting said creatures in great detail.

Xenaphon sucked in a breath in disgust. "What in the Abyss, ARE these things?..."

Iwelson nodded, his voice rasping like gravel. "Abyss indeed, we believe these creatures to be just that. Some malformed abomination tainted with Deva magicks. Likewise the maelstrom seems to have such an unholy cadence."

Dhelus stood. "My lords and ladies... Vlistonia has been captured by the Greater Deva themselves... Nearly thirty million prisoners of war... or worse." He slammed his fist on the table. "I will do anything in my power to grant whatever you wish... but I beg of you. Help me save my homeland, and prevent these hellish abominations from spreading."

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