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[h3 [size20 POSTING ORDER] ]
[center [+red [space+mono Mallac Dhoure { ExistentialCrisis }
?] ] ]

[center [pic] ]

[center [+blue Open for business!] ]
[center [+red [space+mono It's like Bloodborne, but better. Reserved spaces are Reserved, but I will be taking applications. I encourage you to ask questions before making an application.] ] ]

[i Just a little a couple of songs to get you in the mood.]
[ "Your World."]
[ "Hunt."]
[ "Strike."]
[ "Sorrow."]

[h3 [size20 [sedgwick+ave+display The Vlistonian Incident:] ] ]

[i Four weeks ago the ever buzzing city of Vlistonia went silent. It's doors shut and a massive storm began to grow over the city. Shortly after twisted creatures began to find there way to the rest of Luxia. Maddened and freakish, they began to slaughter the outlying rural villages. The leaders of Luxia called an emergency council, stationing a joint force outside the city to keep it contained and slay anything brave enough to exit. An army of soldiers from several nations, mercenaries and hunters from every corner. Luxia has found itself in a sudden truce to dissolve this mysterious situation, lest the problem spread.]

[h3 [size20 [sedgwick+ave+display The Blackthorne Mercenary Company:] ] ]

[i With the events unfolding within the city, you and your fellow cutthroats in the Blackthorne Company have decided to sign on as an expedition party. The promise of combat, loot and fame has drawn many notable names and some less than reputable parties. One Captain, a small group of mercs, and a week's supply of food. Your orders are as follows. Find the source of this obvious magic destruction and madness, kill said source, rescue and escort survivors. Oh, and loot the bloody hell out of the dying corpse they called a city.]

[h3 [size20 Rules and Guidelines:] ]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 1.0:] ] Pictures should be classified as Digital Art. Try to keep away from anything anime-like. Fantasy warriors on the younger side preferred. If you can't pick a race, just give me a picture and I'm sure I can match it to one. OH, and if I can name the character/source... It's an instant NO till you find something else.]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 2.0:] ] Joining. You do this by filling out a skeleton and PMing me it. That's it. I'll go through your previous posts myself. And it is NOT first come first serve. So don't feel rushed. If I don't like something, we can work on it together. Okay? ]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 3.0:] ] Attitude is a motherfucking must, but keep it in character.]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 4.0:] ] Posting will have an order to be determined later. Try to keep it above 1000 characters and keep the misspelling and punctuation errors to a minimum. Everyone has typos, but slapping it into an autocorrect doesn't take much. Otherwise I'm not going to be too picky... for now.]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 5.0:] ] The Species and types of things is already set up. Don't make shit up without checking with me first. I've got whole pages of this crap. Some of it will be posted here. Some of it you can even play as. If you DO want to make something up, we'll talk, but it may be added to canon if it's really awesome. OH and a Half- something doesn't mean it has to be half human.]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 6.0:] ] Look, I'm an asshole. A tyrant. I'm sure there's a couple hundred words in the dictionary that you can use. None of them flattering. I reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason, I'll probably even tell you why. I've been around for a while, in ES years I'm a bitter old man. Sorry. Luckily for you folks I'm really needing an rp.]

[space+mono [size15 [b Rule 7.0:] ] Lots of annoying rules, but let's try to have fun, okay? I mean. It's why everyone is here usually.]

[h3 [size20 Character Application:] ]
[b Picture:]
[b Picture Link:]
[b Username: ]
[b Name:] [i First, middle, last, plus whatever. More info means more creative.]
[b Titles:] [i I'm gonna be picky here. Might even dish them out unless you have a good one.]
[b Age:] [i Depends on the species, check with me.]
[b Gender:] [i My brain can only handle 6 of them.]
[b Species:] [i Like I said, this is particular. I'll outline a bit below and we'll talk if you have issues.]
[b Height:] [i If this becomes an issue I'll ban your ass... You know who you are... >_>]
[b Weight:] [i Some things ARE heavier.]
[b Eye Color:] [i Some things have 2.]
[b Skin Color:] [i This more like a test of your creative talent than anything important.]
[b Hair Color:]
[b Class Specialty:] [i There's a list.]
[b Known Talents:] [i We aren't Batman... but this should have more than a few things.]
[b Known Languages:] [i Useful info. Most races have several, there is also a common tongue that almost all species seem to be capable of using. No one knows why.]
[b Quick Bio:] [i Summarize it. Most importantly I want to know who you were before the island.]
[b Pertinent Information:] [i Just the tidbits you want people to know that don't fit anywhere else. I.e. tattoos, oddities and extra bits.]

[h3 [size20 Current Cast:] ]

[pic ] [size45 [Berkshire+Swash Mallac] ]
[b Username:]
[ ExistentialCrisis]
[b Name:]
Mallac Dhoure
[b Titles:]
Blackthorne Captain, "Cheapshot", Greenbelly
[b Age:]
[b Gender:]
[b Species:]
Ogrekin - Kegosh
[b Height:]
[b Weight:]
[b Eye Color:]
Bloody red.
[b Skin Color:]
Deep blue fur, leathery green skin.
[b Hair Color:]
Black Blue.
[b Class Specialty:]
[b Known Talents:]
Swordsmanship, Tactics, Pyromancy, Toximancy, Sanguimancy, Autopsy, Biology, Minor Surgery, Herbology, Minor Alchemy.
[b Known Languages:]
Common, Raerkejun, Vlistonian, Inuneric, Mocirla, Kegosh, Kulbane, Muhtt, Melani, Promsuinin, Animsoinin, Bloqsuinin and Selach.
[b Quick Bio:]
Mallac was born for mercenary work, most Kegosh are, really. What set him apart immediately, was a voracious hunger for knowledge. And the willingness to use it to get what he wanted. For a few years in his youth he bounced around from company to company, until he finally found Blackthorne and the bastards. Bloodthirsty, greedy, just plain mean. It suited him just fine. So he came in, joined up, and gutted any horse's arse that got in his way. Now he's one of the 6 Captains under ol' Blackthorne himself, and ready to make a real name for him. Lucky them there's a city under siege, full of targets and loot. Like an apple ripe for the plucking. All he has to do is keep everyone alive long enough to reap the rewards.
[b Pertinent Information:]
Mal deep down is really just as mean as he appears on the outside. Don't piss him off or you'll likely be lunch. His green skin is actually an abnormality, as usually Kegosh are a dark shade of blue.

[right [size37 [Berkshire+Swash Valkarie] [pic] ]
[b Username:]
[ NorthernWolves]
[b Name:]
Valkarie Fisali
[b Titles:]
[b Age:]
[b Gender:]
[b Species:]
Elvynkind - Mocirla
[b Height:]
1.73 Meters
[b Weight:]
[b Eye Color:]
A bright, nature-like and snake-ish green.
[b Skin Color:]
A pale white with the barest tinge of a dark green all over.
[b Hair Color:]
Dark Brown
[b Class Specialty:]
[b Known Talents:]
Pyromancy, General Elemental Spellcasting, Aquatic Respiration, Forest/Swamp Terrain Camoflauge.
[b Known Languages:]
Mocirla, Blorqsuinin, Raerkejun, Vlistonian, a touch of Kegosh.
[b Quick Bio:]
She was born in the swamps and forests of Qukaer. No city life, but a life in constant movement. There were the occasional border skirmishes with the Blorqsuinin, but that was about the most dangerous thing to happen.
When she discovered her adeptness at fire elemental magic, Valkarie decided to leave the swamps and forests she had called her home and go travel while practicing her elemental magic.
It was during her travels that she became "acquainted" with the Black Company. There was no talking, mostly the members threatening her with her life or give up any valuables; she promptly incinerated most of them, leaving only one badly burned Black Company member to run back. She expected the Company to send out a force to kill her, instead they came back with an offer to join. She accepted.
[b Pertinent Information:]
Green markings in the form of triangles, with one big one on her forehead and a clockwork of smaller green triangles. Almost always wears a cloak, which can easily be taken off in combat for added arm movement. ]

[h3 [size20 The Races of Luxia:] ]

[size18 [u [b Humankind:] ] ]
[b Vlistonian]
-Pale Humanoids akin to Anglo-Saxon coloring. Industrious and brilliant, with a varied talent pool.
[b Raerkejun]
-Tanned humanoids akin to Arab coloring. Strong and nomadic, with an incredibly resilient body. Currently the mass population is 'Enslaved' to the Sekhelm.
] ]
[size18 [u [b Elvynkind:] ] ]
[b Zapada] { Ice Elvyn }
-The Zapada, though shorter and thinner than human stature, are not to be underestimated. A slow demeanor and emotionless face often hides a calculating mind and an unbreakable backbone. They generally avoid the heat, so most often their skin is pale with a very light blue tinge. They can withstand temperatures well below freezing.
[b Inuneric] { Shadow Elvyn }
-With skin colored like oil, eyes of vibrant violet and hair like pure snow, the Inuneric are quite intimidating given their stature. Tall and lean, they have bodies built for combat, and know exactly how to use it. The entire species shares a spartan-like mindset and are masters of weaponry.
[b Mocirla] { Slime Elvyn }
-The shorter, green tinged elvyn are perhaps the least understood of their brethren. At home in the murky waters or hiding in the twisted trees of the swamps thanks to their dual air intake biology. Lungs and gills make for a versatile creature. Their saliva acts as a virulent venom, that they often tip their arrows and very sharp nails with. Nomadic and tribal, they aren't a fan of those hiding behind walls.
] ]
[size18 [u [b Ogrekin:] ] ]
[b Kegosh] { Blue Ogrekin }
-The Kegosh are continually underestimated, and the peoples of Luxia continually learn to regret it. They have an unnatural amount of strength for their small stature, and can leap nearly triple the distance of anyone easily twice their height. The only race to be allowed territory in Inuneric lands, simply because the battle would be too costly on both sides. Kegosh construction can last millennia.
[b Kulbane] { Yellow Ogrekin }
-Tall and thin with a sickly pallor, the Kulbane are almost elvyn in appearance, it not for their sharp claws and fangs. They are quite quick to kill a man and empty his pockets. Kulbane make up a large portion of Luxia's criminal underground, though typically not in leadership roles.
] ]
[size18 [u [b Faekin:] ] ]
[b Demmovaan] {Mountain Dwarf}
-Not Luxian natives, the Demmovaan are classic mountain dwarves from a neighboring continent. Their greed is only matched by their unending ego. It's said that ever Demmovaan is born with a need to be a king.
[b Faerensal] { Tiny Elemental }
-The Faerensal are elemental fairies who reside in the deepest jungles and forests. Like tiny flecks of living magic, they are typically made up of their particular element and have an adept manipulation of them.
] ]
[size18 [u [b Plant based humanoids:] ] ]
[b Hedera]
-The Hedera are a isolationist species of plantkin. Their appearance resembles a gnarled log sprouting vines in the shape of a humanoid. Though they can speak, they usually do not when other species are involved. They are one with their jungle home and can converse with their surroundings. Though the information is subtle and often unintelligible.
] ]
[size18 [u [b Beastmankind:] ] ]
[u Canid:]
[space+mono [b Muhtt]
-The Muhtt are an ugly mix of canid species. Brutish and overly large, with faces like a bulldog. Though not the brightest, they are some of the best trackers in Luxia. And a never turn down a good fight.
[u Feline:]
[space+mono [b Sekhelm] { Mix/Desert Catfolk }
-The Sekhelm are the largest reigning power in Luxia. They're pyramids and temples tower above the masses in their desert country. They think themselves akin to gods, and act thusly. All other races are to be subjugated. They are strictly more feline than man. Beastman with more humanoid features are killed at birth.
[b Acinon] { Cheetah }
-The Acinon are a sight to behold. More human in appearance, they are deeply tanned and covered in an amazing pattern of spots and markings. Unbelievably quick, they have become valuable solders for the Sekhelm in their bid for conquest.
[b Melani] { Panther }
-Skin like an evening night and eyes that glow gold in the dark, the Melani are the silent hunters of Luxia. They can be any range between catlike humanoid to nearly human, though their coloring is always dark. No one is quite sure why, but Melani make no noise when they move, because of this they are quite often distrusted.
[u Reptilid/Amphibinoid:]
[b Promsuinin] { Tortoise }
-These shelled and scaled miniature giants may seem slow until angered. They typically avoid a fight, and are even vegetarian in nature, but simply can't be underestimated due to their sheer hulking size and strength.
[b Animsoinin] { Gila Lizard }
-The Anim are a violent nomadic race of bastards who eke out a living wherever they can. Moderately sized, with over-pronounced jaws and whiplike tails, the Anim are a deadly beastman. They live by one rule. If it's not strong enough to survive, it's food.
[b Blorqsuinin] { Dart Frog }
-Small, poisonous and quick as lightning, these beastman have become a plague on any civilized race of Luxia. They enjoy wallowing in their swamp, only leaving to find the nearest shiny object and steal it for their hoard. They have no real leadership, and would overrun the continent if they didn't continually kill each other for their treasures.
[u Insects:]
[b Formici] { Ants }
-The Formici are an odd race. Four legs and a long abdomen, two pincer-like arms and large bulbous eyes. They live their lives for their queen and have very little intelligence. Though seemingly they have a mass consciousness of sorts. Where there is one, there is always dozens.
[u Aquatic:]
[b Selach] { Sharks }
-The Selach are native to the oceans of the world, but have found a liking for the damper places in Luxia. Strictly humanoid with very sharp teeth and tough blue-hued skin. They have webbed hands and feet tipped with small black claws. Pitch black eyes and hair. They have no moral compass, especially when food is concerned. They make for wonderful pirates and even better assassins.
] ]

[h3 [size20 Adventurer Classes: ] ]
[size18 [u [b Might Class: Light Armor] ] ]
[u Fighter:]
Fighters are the jack-of-all-trades class. They can use just about any weapon when they need to.
[u Warrior:]
Similar to the fighter, but with heavier weapons. Greataxes and greatswords.
[u Barbarian:]
Musclebound warriors. Using mainly axes.
[u Berserker:]
Raging balls of anger. Generally uses two weapons and little to no armor.
[u Monk:]
Hand to hand fighters. Takes years of training.
[u Myrmidon:]
Duel blade fighters. The quickest form of swordsman.
[u Sentinel:]
Light armor and spears make them versatile fighters.
[size18 [u [b Might Class: Medium Armor] ] ]
[u Cavalier:]
Light armored spear using horseback knight.
[u Crusader:]
Mace and shield using knight.
[u Dragoon:]
Dragon slayers. Spears and swords. Mostly just a name.
[u Dragon Knight:]
Armored warrrior, uses axes.
[u Samurai:]
Armored katana user.
[u Strongarm:]
Armored hand-to-hand. Heavy brawler.
[u Champion:]
Greatsword using knight.
[size18 [u [b Might Class: Heavy Armor] ] ]
[u Knight:]
Short sword and shield using fighter. Heavy armor.
[u Paladin:]
Heavy blunt weapons knight.
[u Dark Knight:]
Hand to hand. Armored claws.
[u Guardian:]
Heavy tower shields and small weapons.
[u Blader:]
Two handed swords and heavy armor.
[u Lancer:]
Spears and heavy armor.
[u Gatecrasher:]
Two weapons and heavy armor.
[size18 [u [b Skill Class: Speed Focus] ] ]
[u Fencer:]
Quick light sword or rapier using combatant.
[u Corsair:]
Two handed fighter, no armor, mostly ship-to-ship battle.
[u Privateer:]
Knife using pirate, at home in the rigging.
[u Swashbuckler:]
Longsword duelist pirate.
[u Bladeslinger:]
Many daggers, adept aim.
[u Reaver:]
Small axes, speed barbarian.
[size18 [u [b Skill Class: Range Focus] ] ]
[u Scout:]
Dagger flinging crossbowman.
[u Ranger:]
Bow and sword user.
[u Sniper:]
Greatbow user. Can shoot from leagues away.
[u Hunter:]
Shortbow and axes.
[u Falconer:]
Bowman with an avian companion for sighting. Can also use daggers.
[size18 [u [b Skill Class: Stealth Focus] ] ]
[u Rogue:]
Basic shortsword using trapspringer,
[u Thief:]
Many weapons, but stealth focused.
[u Assassin:]
Dagger wielding shadow.
[u Ninja:]
Sword wielding shadow.
[u Shadow:]
Cloaked phantom. Hard to even spot.
[u Cutpurse:]
Thief with a focus on daggers.
[size18 [u [b Will Class: White Magic] ] ]
[u Druid:]
Nature magic using staff wielder.
[u Templar:]
Holy magic using mace wielder.
[u Cleric:]
Healing magic using staff wielder.
[u Priest:]
Chanting magic user.
[u Sorcerer:]
Scientific magic using wand user.
[u Witch/Wizard:]
Ritual magic using wand user.
[size18 [u [b Will Class: Black Magic] ] ]
[u Witchdoctor:]
Potion based black magic. Uses totems.
[u Occultist:]
Ritual based black magic. Dagger.
[u Demonologist:]
Demonic summoner.
[u Warlock:]
Curses and killing magic.
[u Necromancer:]
Anti-Life magic. Raises the dead.
[u Conjurer:]
Uses rituals to twist spirits to their bidding.
[size18 [b [u Will Class: Grey Magic] ] ]
[u Binder:]
Uses neutral curses to stop movement and bend the laws of physics.
[u Mystic:]
Uses celestial magic to complete rituals.
[u Shaman:]
Can heal and curse with the power of potion based magic.
[u Elementalist:]
Can use the elements to their bidding. Does not need control of the spirits.
[u Illusionist:]
Uses light and shadow magic to bend the word around them and make people see what the caster wants.
[u Summoner:]
Calls the spirits to earth and gives them the form of a familiar. A partnership.
[u Sage:]
Has control over oneself and their magic. Allows great feats of strength and will.
] ]

[h3 [size20 Known Locations:] ]

[center [pic] ]

[b Vlistonia:] {V-lee-stone-ya}
[i A sprawling multi-tiered megacity made up of layers and layers stone and mortar. The original builders are long lost to time, and over the generations city after city was built on the ruins of the old. No one knows how deep the necropolis goes. Currently a towering fortress is its highest point, ruled by the iron fist of the Vlistonian royalty.]

[b Veikal:] {V-ay-call}
[i An massive desert abandoned by the goddess of water to its never ending drought. The massive obsidian and gold temples, spires and monoliths of the Sekhelm populate the sprawling city of dirt and rock. Slaves continue its construction at the cost of their lives, while the Sekhelm live in luxury.]

[b Raerkej:] {raw-air-k-edge}
[i A relatively smaller country annexed by Veikal and slowly being swallowed by the desert. Their royal family prisoners of the Sekhelm pharoah, their people enslaved. They thrive off the mountain mesa's and have become quite adept at agriculture. The people born there quickly become a resilient being, or don't survive its harsh terrain.]

[b Aspaezel:] {Az-pay-zell}
[i A harsh mountain littered with stony fortresses and cave towns. Ruled by the spartan-like Inuneric. It is a nation of a single army. Though the Kegosh have managed to cut out their own small territories due to sheer tenacity.]

[b Eseleia:] {Ay-sell-ay-a}
[i A dense, isolated jungle populated by a race of plants and nomadic fairy. Hidden from the world by deadly swamps. Most of Luxia has never set foot within its branches, and those that do rarely return.]

[b Qukaer Swamplands:] {Coo-caw-air}
[i The largest portion of Luxia, covered in knee deep to fathomless murky water. Twisted trees and creeping vines hide the sky from site and the only light often comes from the bioluminescent fungi and mosses. Many creatures call it home, though none rule it. It is just too vast and too deadly. Almost alive even.]

[h3 [size20 Known NPCs:] ]

[ Hartfain Blackthorne:]
-Leader and Founding member of the Blackthorne mercenary company. Much older than he appears, do not test his patience. He's the man in charge of some of the nation's worst bastards.

[h3 [size20 Bestiary:] ]

[h3 [size20 Useful World Information:] ]

[b Luxia:]
[i The continent of sorrow and Bluere's domain. A damp place full of dense tropics and wetlands, with the exception of the massive desert. It's name gives you a decent understanding of its occupants. Luxia is not a happy place to be. Survival is the only goal for most of its residents.]

[b Money:]
[i While all forms of object are subject to trade, the universal currency of the world is Kyn. Ranging in rarity of metals from common copper coin to the inconceivable astral-mythrite. Though shape and design differs from place to place, as does common value between countries.]

[b Racism:]
[i It affects any world with differing opinions and physical appearances. An unfortunate side effect of the vast and unique makeup of the world.]

[h3 [size20 Gods and Devils] ]
[size18 [b [u Creatio Deus] ] ] {Gods of Creation}
[div [i Blanca] { Light/Life and Justice }
[i Noire] { Shadow/Death and Malevolence }
[i Grist ] { Ether/Order}
[i Rouget] { Fire/War and Conflict }
[i Juanen] { Earth/Peace and Serenity }
[i Bleure] { Water/Sorrow and Pain }
[i Vertol] { Blood/Greed and Profit }
[i Rosem] { Wind/Love and Romance }
[i Pourpet] {Bone/Luck and Fate}
[size18 [b [u Terra Deus] ] ] { Earthly Deity }
[div Ciele { Sky}
Mjera { Sea }
Terraet { Earth }
[size18 [b [u Stella Deus] ] ] {Celestial Deity }
[div Orm { Sun }
Argente { Silver Moon }
Cuiven { Harvest Moon }
Lahoul { Shadowed Moon }
[size18 [b [u Greater Deva] ] ] { Abyssal Deity }
[div Zoaz [sup { Vengeance } ]
Sahn [sup { Corruption } ]
Sral [sup { Chaos } ]
Ozrah [sup { Hatred } ]
Ryve [sup { Fear } ]
Toac [sup { Despair } ]
Abzaral [sup { Blight } ]
] ]



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