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[font "Times New Roman" Hey there. This is the diary of my [i active] original roleplay characters. It will cover things before the roleplay as well as during. It will [s hopefully] be updated regularly, at least every couple weeks. Thanks for reading.]

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[left [size18 [Amatic+SC Dear Diary,]]]
[size18 [Amatic+SC I don't think I ever explained how painful the first explosion was. It wasn't painful in the normal sense of pain. It was painful because of what it did to me. An entire year of my life is virtually gone, and all I got from it was some stupid tattoo type thing. Sure, people pay more to see a Marked girl dance, but that doesn't really make up for all the sickness and loneliness it brought. I miss being normal. I miss Daddy, and Jack, and Lily. Sometimes I wonder what happened to them, if they got hit by the bombs too, if they're Marked now too.]]
[size18 [Amatic+SC Someone approached me today. He said that there's a group for people like me, people who are Marked. They want to bring color to everyone. I'm thinking about joining. Who knows? It might be kinda fun. I'll make sure to keep you updated on the situation, Diary.]]
[right [size18 [Amatic+SC - Siobhan]]]
  a g a t e / Monday- / 56d 9h 30m 5s
[left [size18 [Dancing+Script Dear Diary,]]]
[size18 [Dancing+Script I found three pearls at work today. One was pink. I think I'll have Mother make it into a bracelet for me. Mark caught lots of fish for market, I think I'll go with him later when he sells the catch. I might sell some of my clams, too. Sometimes I wonder if Mother and Father used to do that. I suppose I'll never know.]]
[size18 [Dancing+Script Last week we found out that the Capitol is starting the Hunger Games again. Mother was inconsolable, it took Mark four days to calm her down. I wish I could've helped, but I don't look enough like Father to have any calming effect on her. All I could do was try and sing to her, like they say Mags used to do. I hope Mark and I don't get Reaped, so we can stay home and take care of Mother.]]
[right [size18 [Dancing+Script With Love, Molli]]]
  g a m e s / Monday- / 56d 10h 56m 57s
[left [size15 [Gloria+Hallelujah Dear Diary,]]]
[size15 [Gloria+Hallelujah Nothing really exciting happened today. Mom yelled at me again for being out after dark. I went out past town limits again and just lost track of time. Its so nice and peaceful out there sometimes. I wish that someday, someone will come and take me out there on a real adventure. I know it would be dangerous, but just imagine it, being out there, being [I free]. I suppose it's just a dream though. I hope something exciting happens tomorrow.]]
[right [size15 [Gloria+Hallelujah Sincerely, Galen]]]
  s t a r s / Monday- / 56d 10h 56m 40s

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