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Looking to do a sword art online roleplay. i don't care if it aincrad, alfheim or gun gale. Looking to use OC but if you wanna play one of the main character that fine to. No one lines is all I ask Pm me if you like to give it a try

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Candle had been ported back to the temple when his selections were done. He stepped back into the anti-chamber where John and Elisis seemed to be waiting. His form hadn't changed, at least not until he phased into his armor the first time. [b "John, The tower the one where I found you and Eisis and Alara. That is your trader's information. It is strickly given to your guild as a base of operations for this world. You are always welcome here. Its obvious placement is to watch the entire city itself, however its primary function shall house anyone who is in your guilde in the ctiy, no need to build yourself a house. The portal we stepped on is a faster way to go from the bottom to the very top. As you saw how large it was."]

Candle took a step back and smiled. [b "As for scouting, I say we scout the area around the portal we came through, we don't need something like Spitetooth happening to other players as they come through the portal, expecting it to be safe, and then be attacked while on their jorney here to the city. From there I figure we would follow the landmass, potentially get an outlay of the land as we go. We obviously will be gone for quite a while, so as we go we should set up outposts or cities as well. Perhaps as we travel people will follow and these new cities will thrive as NPCS start showing up to the cities themselves."]
Taking the steps down from the inside of the temple to outside candle took in the sunlight again. [b "I am sure John you are curious as to what I did earlier. as my sister probably told you. My power is called the Forged light. She understands a little of how it works, but can only guess on what it actually does."] holding up four fingers he took in a deep breath as he continued his walk down the stairs out of the temple.

[b "Forged light works in four different ways, sort of like the four horsemen. it is also what has given me the nickname of Lightbearer."] taking the very last step down Candle took in a sharp breath and grabbed his side. [b "The first, as you saw when we dealt with Spitetooth is a weapon that takes form of a cone in front of me. As I am sure you saw as well from the top of the tower anything caught in the blast was destroyed, or solidified into a solid black rock. I call it Sunburst, but others call it Excalibur, due to the sword of legend being made of gold."] removing a finger he kept going.

[b "The second, as you saw as well is what gives the power part of its name. I call it the Eternal Forge, however others call it the body forge. This allows me to absorb light into my body and mass it into anything I desire as long as its within a certain distance of me, as you saw I built the city with it in only a matter of moments. What would have taken months to build if not years to build stone, or even the tower. The only requirement is that the ground where the buildings are going to be are placed. The other part is that I can form these buildings based upon what they are needed for."]

Pointing to the tower which was visible even from the distance they were at. [b "For instance the tower watches over us even now, and I am sure you can see the sort of magical barrier from the top of the tower to a few hundred yards out of the wall. This is a sensory barrier that has been placed by many magic based classes such as the mages, druids, and priests. The tower is also able to house the entire city incase of a siege. You see the city was split into three parts. The first part was the tower. Directly in the center of the city, but on its own. The river that ran in the Oasis is much larger as it goes through the city, so the Tower is on a section all its own. With a bridge that connect it to the other parts. The rest of the city is split right in the middle each little island can be fortified so that they act as their own fortress. I can however also forge great forests, large bodies of water, and the like with this power as well as long as I can mass enough light for it."]

Candle removed yet another finger. [b "My sister Alara has explained the third to you. I gather light into my armor which allows me to be unkillable. Its not that I can not be touched, no far from it instead it boosts my regenerative power and my armor's defensive stats to super high powers, however the moment I loose this as much damage my health and armor have absorbed my armor takes in one hit, so usually it costs me the armor I wear when its used as no armor has the kind of stats I use the power for."] removing down to his very last finger. [b "The unmentionable power that no one has seen is a recursive power John."]

pausing to look at the city from outside its wall Candle turned to his companions. [b "The burning ember. I can resurrect any fallen player within the same room I am in, however this is the most limited portion of my power, as each player returns with only a single hit point left to them, and I can only use it during combat. And to make matters worse the moment those players are resurrected whatever we are fighting agros right onto them, as they take all my threat onto them. I have yet to use it in front of anyone as I know that if I do they will want me to bring back members from places I have not been. This information will be vital I fear however here in Aegyutpus."]

The light bringer, his reputation name he had been given due to his "holy sword" or Excalibur as players called it, Candle called it sunburst. the nickname stuck with him ever sense he went solo fighting for several floor boss fights and gained not two or three levels for the front liners without them knowing, but almost fifteen levels for them on his own. Not even the Brotherhood of Ashes knew what was going on until Candle's name appeared on the stone tablet that appeared in the town of beginnings when they reached level fifty. It had carved into it the names of every person from level one and up on their server that had been in the raids on the boss rooms. It even listed each person's guild, and the floor to go with it. [b "If you don't mind John I will go with you and I'm guessing Elisis is as well. We should go as a scouting party and make a basic map of the land. Start with that, after that go for the dungeons and raids on the new land."]

Passing by the gate into the city Candle was greeted with cheers from the city, players and NPCS alike had all begun to flood the city like it was a new town of beginnings. [b "We can leave as early as Dawn if you would like."]

[Center [pic https://i.imgur.com/xvoN4ji.jpg]]
  Conquest Anubis / Colorful_insanity / 327d 2h 7m 40s
John was amazed at the view. It wasn't like the other areas it had its own feel to it. The danger and adventure gave him the chills. After being told where they were setting up he sent a quick message to his guild and the info guild. 'We are setting up send the guys with the supply to start setting up the house.' To start buying and selling info they need a house to work in. Also, any information guild had a second story to house any of John guild, free of charge. After a few hours the build was complete and so was most of the city. That when he was called.
He had heard of the Ash guard. Many of their feats around the game. John had also met on of their lead once about information on a rare weapon that he had found. They had paid good money. They had demanded that he have a guard as an impotent member of the info guild. However, he refused to have someone watch him. So, should after they gave him one he kept giving them the slip and after a while they gave up.
The order of the moon was a group he was also, familiar with. They had been one of his biggest buyers and sellers. 'The crimes rose wonder how she got that name' John thought to himself. She seemed like capable leader as she ordered her troop around. He could also see Candle was smile as he watched her work. They must have been close and he proud of her. It took a lot to get thought this game.
Last but not least the guild that most people didn’t talk about. He only knew about as Elisis had had a run in with a female member after a long night of drinking. John had pulled some stinging to erase the event as it would look back for both party. However, this had been his only interaction with the group. After that both party had agreed to ack as if they never meet. " I see." John finally said after the explosion where over. Elisis just nodded.
After he left to help build John and Elisis stepped to the side and started chatting. "So what do you thing?" John asked. "I don’t like it." Elisis answered looking away. "Something about him rubes me the wrong way" John just laughed. "You're fine."
That when Alara addressed them "Yep can't keep me down for long." John joked. "And you don't need to set us up with rooms. My guild is finishing up my place as we speck but thank you. " As he listened to Alara tell them just how powerful Candle was. "He seems on a hold different level then even the best front liner." But there must have been a down side. All armor did his was that he couldn't take piercing damage very well. As his armor had larger gaps in it. And there it was without light his amor suffered. That seems powerful in this area but night could be bad. For a man that liked to stick to the shadows he could see a few ways around this armor.
The view was breathing he couldn't believe that someone could do this. That when Candle said something about a blessing. I'm shocked we got it as we didn't do much. John followed to the temple he was again amazed by the detail that went into the tower. Next was the blessing he didn't even think about it as he selected. “Blessing of Anubis has been accompanied to the player Johnfireheart. First level of blessing has been unlocked." Now he could help even more people than before. Last Elises choices Amun. With a shrug saying "I always wanted to fly." John roled his eyes before turning back to Candle. "Well it getting later and I need to be up early if I want to scout out the area. Is the a location you wanted scouted out first?"
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[Center [size10 Candle had smiled to John as he introduced Elisis. [b “Candle You best come take a look at this.”] called Mike over their talk and the rustling of the armor and backpacks of everyone that had come through the portal. [#6208e7 “What is it?”] Mike only looked at Candle from atop the sand dune. [b “The scouts have found something you have to look at.”] Candle had looked to John and Elises before trudging up the hill. Climing the thing Candle had stepped next to Mike to see an Oasis spread far and wide. [#6208e7 “John the scouts have found a perfect spot to put our city.”]]]

[Center [size10 Candle started down the sand dune along with several other members of the Brotherhood of Ashes. [#6208e7 “Men.”] the male called out to the entire group. [#6208e7 “I want a base of operations set up within the hour. Command center, Barracks, Stables, everything.”] The men all seemed to snap into line when Candle called out order. As soon as he finished his command the group snapped to it and quickly.]]

[Center [size10 First to be made was the barracks. Starting to mass at twenty feet tall ten feet wide and ten feet long they start laying down the base stone around where it would go. After that got working the second thing they started to work on the head quarters. Standing twenty-five feet tall, fifteen feet wide and fifteen feet high. After that was the stables made of solid wood that started getting built a few moments later. A stone tower was starting to be built as the Information’s post. It was a single tower, so the players could cast spells that would grow over the city. It would also work as a lookout tower for the town as well in case it would get attacked. After that was the wall being built around their base of operations. Only the people laid down the stonework for each building just around its base. Once everything was done Candle stepped into the middle of the town.]]

[Center [size10 [#6208e7 “John, Elisis I am sure you have heard of the Brotherhood of Ashes. The number one guild across the entire game. Its leader, myself. However I am not the only famous person within the guild. No we also have a group called the Ash Guard. They are our elite warriors, who have come with us to see this new world. They act as body guards to the leaders of the Guild and as I am our biggest leader I have half of their numbers to defend myself alone. Then there is our Order of the moon, they have come with us as well. Consistent of Priests and paladins they are the main force of the raiding party which also was the team we sent to the front lines in Anicard. They are lead by my twin Sister Alara, Her Reputation has given her the name Crimson Rose.”]]]
[left [pic https://orig02.deviantart.net/2bc3/f/2016/060/c/5/160213_by_exellero-d9tjoc5.jpg]

[Center [size10 With her name being called a women with white air stepped into the area. Her golden armor decorated with thorns and roses twisting all around her armor. Even her fingers seemed to end in claws. Instead of a helmet however she had only a crown of Talons come out of her cascading hair. [#8c0818 “Greetings.”] Turning to her own group of people that followed her she stepped away from the group again as she called out [#8c0818 “Hurry up with that block I want this place up and running as soon as possible. I want Guards posted at every entrance to this camp. We must protect the builders as they work. “]]]

[Center [size10 Candle had only smiled as his sister shouted orders to soldiers, it gave him a bit of rest from the daily job of being the leader of such a large faction of players. Returning his attention to John and Elises he continued on. [#6208e7 “ The last famous group, and probably the reason why the brotherhood of Ashes has the reputation of being the best guild is The Forgotten Legacy They are our secret force we send into dungeons and raids to get details about them for smaller guilds. They were taken after you John and your group you have. We supply smaller guilds and smaller players within our guild details about dungeons and raids so they can level up faster. We however have one more group within our guild that not many know about. It’s the group that I specifically have answer to my orders alone. It use to stand as a guild all on its own, but merged into The Brotherhood of Ashes to help us. They use to be called The Steelforge, However they are now called The Iron dawn. They are forgers, magic users, Builders. They are the last group here.”]]]

[right [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/5b/66/bf/5b66bfa237933c5c256649137404c521.jpg]]

[Center [size10 As he finished a female clad in cloth and armor with a sword hung at her side with red hair came to stand in front of Candle. [b “Sir, The Iron Dawn are in position.”] Nodding to her Candle snapped his fingers so everyone gave him their attention. [#6208e7 “Stand clear of the buildings people.”] as he called out the group repeated his words across the entire camp, which spanned two miles in all directions from him. [#6208e7 “If you excuse me John. Elisis I am needed.”] stepping up onto one of the rocks in the middle of town Candle started floating up in the air. [#6208e7 “Antada Althadora Imagand Lathedamo. Entinash lenthid Walthe dormatili.”] with the enchantment falling from his lips Candle’s body started glowing a bright gold The city seemed to build itself out of the air and the light being produced from his own body. As the glow from him disappeared however he started to slowly descend from the air. The rock he was on finally touched the ground with candle still on it.]]

[Center [size10 As the finishing touches on the spell were being put into place Candle seemed to start to loose consciousness. Being caught however by his sister who stood at his side. [#8c0818 “Oh brother you over work yourself always.”] The female smiled to John and Elisis [#8c0818 “I am Alara as my brother introduced me. I am called the Crimson Rose. I am the second leader to the Brotherhood of Ashes. And leader to our faction of the Order of the moon. John it is nice to see you here still on the front lines.”] Elisis picked Candle up with ease and looked to the two. [#8c0818 “If you two follow me please. I shall show you to your Quarters. I am sure my brother would have nothing less than the finest rooms for gamers when they come into a city of his making.”]]]

[left [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/7b/a5/1c/7ba51cee0fab4978257be5cec7aa4738.jpg]]

[Center [size10 Taking Candle first to the medic Alara kept walking with the others as guards took to their patrol. [#8c0818 “John, Elisis. I am sure as you have seen my brother is not an ordinary player. You see his special skill given to him his called forged light. You have now seen him use it twice and in completely different ways. It is because of this skill that he is Respected, loved, and feared by other players. His power allows him to gather up light within himself, his weapon, or his armor and unleash it for whatever purpose he needs it. What this purpose is limited to is what he gathers the light in. For instance the first time you saw it he gathered it within his sword, which meant he had to use the light as an offensive power.”] Stopping at the tower in the middle of the town she pointed to the top. [#8c0818 “The reason he told you to move, was because anything caught in the blast is destroyed. I am sure if we were to look at the battle field you had from atop the tower you would see the sand on the battle field had been turned to a solid stone. As you can also see he built the city with just the groundwork of each building put into place so he had the demotions of each building. He gathered the light into his body which meant it had to be a close proximity to him. He has however adapted his body to withstand more light and so the distance has become farther out. This city was his largest project he ever had produced, usually he repairs any damaged weaponry or armor from other players around him.”]]]

[right [pic http://img10.deviantart.net/7503/i/2015/111/e/a/desert_tower_by_chanmeleon-d8qjw10.jpg]]

[Center [size10 Stepping onto the little portal at the bottom of the tower, which teleported her to the top Alara stepped over to the edge of the tower, not really seeing if they were there she continued. [#8c0818 “As I thought. The sand that had been blasted by his sword’s light had become solid stone pitch black like a scar on the earth.”] Turning around to face the two again she took a deep breath and went on yet more. [#8c0818 “My brother can do one more with his special skill, however no one has ever seen him do it. He can absorb light into his armor. Its rumored that it makes him untouchable as long as the light stays within the armor, but it also requires him to have a constant light source to feed it as the moment it takes a blow his armor is gone and so is the light.”]]]

[Center [size10 Alara looked over the edge of the tower to look below as NPCs and other players started coming through the portal. [#8c0818 “It is a good thing Candle had built the city, as it seems many people are rushing to the new area to be a part of the first adventures here in Aegytpus.”] with those words her eyes grew a bit big as once again Candle seemed to be standing next to John a wicked looking cut on both of his hands wrapped up, and his clothing barely fitting him like it had before the spell. [#8c0818 “Candle you shouldn’t be out of bed already. The damage you did to yourself…”] Candle cut her off with a hand held up in the air. [#6208e7 “Minor details. The three of us got something called a God’s blessing. We need to get to the Temple.”]]]

[Center [size10 Alara’s eyes grew it seemed to an almost impossible larger size. [#8c0818 “What, The three of you got one already? This early into the land?”] Candle only nodded to her with a smile on his face as he pulled the small rainbow like orb out of his inventory. Leaving Alara just left them in silence. Candle looked to the two and smiled. [#6208e7 “Let’s go the temple awaits us.”] Stepping onto the portal and returning to the base of the tower he stepped outside into the sunshine which seemed to return a little color to Candle’s form along with some of the natural look to him. Taking several streets to get outside of the city Candle smile seemed to grow as he looked back at his creation. Leading down a small pathway lead the temple set aside away from the city.]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/a8/43/95/a8439505aa4192e8a5abb000535c43c7.jpg]]

[Center [size10 Its grander was far larger than even the tower and the city combined. Dug into the natural stone system. Climbing the two thousand steps to get to the temple doorway. Candle turned around to look at the sun from the top of the steps. Holding out his arms like he expected to be posted to the temple’s door if he would ever die. Go to the alter which stood in the middle of a massive open space dedicated to all the Gods of the land Candle stepped up with the rainbow orb in his hand. Placing it on the alter a booming voice came out from the statue’s of the gods. [b “Choose your City’s Major God.”] Having a selection of gods Candle picked the one that drew his attention. Amun, the God of Air, and Sky along with creation.]]

[center [size10 The voice once again boomed [b “Choose two minor gods.”] With that a second list of gods came up and Candle picked Anubis, Prince of the underworld and guardian to the dead. Along with Ra King of the Gods and god of the sun. The voice once again boomed. [b “Choose a Blessing from the gods.”] a list of blessings came up based off the three deities he had chosen. First clicking on Amun, the three level blessings. The first was a faster travel speed while here in Aegyptus, the second level was the ability to fly, The third level to Amun’s blessing was the ability to form weapons out of thin air. The fourth and final level to Amun’s blessing was the ability to form armor out of thin air. Hitting the back button Candle clicked on Anubis, The first blessing was the resurrection of a dead player, the max time of the deceased being ten seconds. The second blessing was being able to shapeshift into Anubis himself. The third was to form armor around the shapeshifted form. The fourth and final was the ability to call upon several anubian warriors to fight for a maximum of five minutes. Clicking back again Candle next went to ra. The first level blessing was the power to transform a player’s avatar to look like something else. The second level blessing was the ability to amplify powers using the sun. The third level was the ability to make a shield using light powers. The fourth and final level allowed one to call upon the sun’s devastating rays to destroy enemies within a six feet area. Candle had thought about it for just a few moments before clicking on Ra’s blessing. [B “Blessing of Ra has been accompanied to the player Candle. First level of blessing has been unlocked.”] Tapping on his armor Candle now appeared to look just like Anubis even without armor on, His armor had transformed to look just his regular armor, only it’s eyes, hands, and the skulls that hung at his belt all glowed a fel green colored mist.]]
  Conquest Anubis / Colorful_insanity / 334d 23h 32m 9s
As they enter the area John noticed that a huge Spitetooth. He was a little shock that Candle was fight on his own. Stop for a second he selects he prime armor set. A larger blue armor set enclosed itself around him as he heard Candle yell out. Grabbing his sword, he ran in to switch with Candle. His great sword had a unique trait that allowed it to split itself into two great swords. It did more damage as one weapon but didn't was slow and didn't have much defensive as it was to slow to block with. However, when it was two he could attack and defend with little problems. Elesis stood back out of John way as he took most of the damage.
Her fighting style was a little different than most. She was a swordswoman but in a different way. She would dance with her while she would fight. She could also channel her fire magic while she dances. This had gotten her the nickname of Fire Dancer. At the moment she was using her skill to hit the Spitetooth when John did to do a little extra damage. She ended her dance when John back off to let Candle in. She watched as Candle finished off the spitetooth in a remarkable display of skill.
After the battle John used some crystals to heal up. "Good to see we made it in time." He said changing out of his armor to his traveling clothes. John had two major roles going through the game. The first was a scout and an information broker. As he led his own guild that help players of lower levels level up he also helped a friend the leader of Information guild. He would go out and scout an area and get map data before anyone else to estimate the danger. His second was a front liner. Because of this his skill had to be split with more in scouting then fighting. This made him a little weak then most but he could still hold his own. "If it in this game John would now about it." Was a common saying among the fount liners about him.
He nodded as he fell in line behind. "Yes, I honored that I was asked to come help." John just laughed as he shocked the man hand. "No problem it only my job as a player to make sure, yawl get out." He had heard the name passed around the Information house but he didn't look into people personal life's. He just dealt with monster and locations. Elises was shocked about this she had heard that The Brotherhood of Ashes was the largest guild but never thought she meet the leader.
"No problem at all. I glad that you found the information useful in your travels." He was always glad to help people when they went looking for stuff in new areas. "Yes, this is my friend and company Elises. Most people know her as the Fire Dances." He could tell that a few of the guys seemed to perk up at the name. She was fames for her beauty and cold heartedness toward most men that came up to her. Elises for her part lived up to her role and made a huff noise and looked away annoyed. "Charmed." She said. John looked back to Candle. "Lead the way I would like to start setting up the Info post as soon as possible. I can already tell this place is going to be dangers."
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Matthieu had taken the first of many blows from the Spitetooth. He had a small gash on his arm, but he kept fighting off the blows from the tail left and right, only to still have his health go down due to the poison from the beast. He had taken a few health potions; however they had only helped in minor ways preventing him from going from yellow to red. He had chosen paladin, so while he could heal himself, it would disengage himself from combat and he would have to cast the healing which meant more damage he would take if it dies because of the thing. Hearing people coming from behind him Matthieu guessed it was more creatures that agroed onto him while he was fighting Spitetooth, but his guess was wrong.

He couldn't stop fighting Spitetooth, but he would end up dead if the things behind him would end up coming up killing him. A few dark thoughts come to his head as his final thoughts went through his head. Would he really leave his guild leaderless? No of course not they had emergency things for that in case something as such would happen. Would he really die? No! He was not going to die here, never. Drawing forth all his might the boy pushed forward and forced Spitetooth onto his back. But before he could kill the man he spun around to face the other creatures that were coming from behind. To his surprise however it wasn't creatures at all, but other players. Perhaps this was a good thing, but perhaps it was a bad one as well.

Seeing that it was John and another person a wave of relief came over the man. It was helpful to know who he was fighting with, however that was the issue he barely knew who this man was. They had traded information. Usually Matthieu bought information about the new areas, as his guild was always running side quests in Anicard, however when it came to Aegyptus he wanted to be one of the first few people into the new realm, however to be the first into the area ever was a big achievement for them. The Brotherhood of Ashes would forever be carved into the pillars of the stone to the portal in Aegyptus.

Mattieu spun around to face Spitetooth again as the giant scorpion got back onto its feet. Calling to John [#6208e7 “Keep it busy I have to charge up my power.”] John didn’t hesitate he took up his blade and shield and took to attacking the creature. Mattieu had pulled back to stand next to the female Allowing his power of light. It seemed John was taking heavy amounts of Damage from Spitetooth, however As his health went into the red Mattieu held his claymore above his head and called out. [#6208e7 “Move out of the way.”] As his blade turned gold John jumped out of the way as Spitetooth was once again knocked on his back. Before the creature got back up however The male had earned his nickname in the one way he knew how. As his downward swing came one could see what looked like a horde of angels come from his blade.

As it connected with Spitetooth the creature caught on fire and lit up like a torch at the end of a candle, as the soft glow from his blade faded back to its normal metal. Breathing heavy the male dropped to one knee his hand on the hilt to his blade. The giant scorpion’s hp bar dropped to zero and it disappeared. Dropping something unexpected, Clicking on his inventory Matthieu had been given a Blessing. Looking over to John and the girl they seemed to have received a blessing from Spitetooth as well. [#6208e7 “Ah John, it is good to see that you answered the call that we sent out.”] putting his blade away as he stood back up he gave a week smile.

[#6208e7 “Perhaps we best get going to where we will build the town before anything else comes out at us.”] sending a quick message More members of the Brotherhood of Ashes came through the portal. [#6208e7 “Careful guys Giant Scorpions are this area.”] The brotherhood’s member mike came up and clamped John on the shoulder. [b “Thanks for saving him. Don’t know what we would do without the famous Silver eyed prince Candle.”]

Matthieu just smiled [#6208e7 “I guess I am out of the bag. Yes My avatar name is Candle. I am called the silver eyed prince due to running the top guild across the world, not just our server here. The Brotherhood of Ashes is the reason Anicard was beaten, however I am told the Jotunheimr was beaten due to another guild.”] stepping up to john he bowed slightly. [#6208e7 “John I am told you’re the reason we have you to thank for the information on Jotunheimr.”] standing back up he looked over to Elesis [#6208e7 “I assume this is the girl you mentioned in your mail to us about joining us in establishing a city for the people who first come to Aegyptus to use as a safe zone.”]
  Conquest Anubis / Colorful_insanity / 340d 49m 43s
Both made there way to one of the lower levels and meet up with John friend. "Hey Mike." John said. "Hope we aren't to late." Mike turned to look at the new arrives. "No man you're just in time our guild leader just when in. If you follow him in you shouldn't be too much behind him." John nodded. "Alright I'll see what this new area holds for us. Come on Elesis let go." With that John led them into portal. He could hear a few people chanting as they went in.
As they enter John could fee the heat coming from just out side. "Wow this is hot." Elesis said a looking around." John nodded. "Come on let go find him." Elesis follow while asking "So what do you know about this guy?"
"Not much really. I just know that him and his group like to take on more side quest then the hundred floor. Not to say they didn't help but I think I have only talk to him more then twice and both time had been business. Asking for info I thing about the area form the Info guild. He paid for it and I delivered that was it." About that time they heard combat. "Come on sounds like he needs help." With that they both drew there weapon and rushed in to help.
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Elesis was laying on her bed when she heard a knock at her door. "Hey you okay?" A voice asked as a tall man walked through the door. He was six four with short cut brown hair and bright green eyes. He had a great sword about as long as him on his back. "I haven't seen you around most of the day." He grabbed he desk chair and sat next to her bed. Elesis looked away from him. "Yes and No" she finally said. "I'm angry and worried about the game not ending when we beat it. But at the same I'm glad because I won't go being going back to horrible place." She pulled her legs into her chest and hugged them. "Am I a bad person for that?"
The taller man sighed before opening his mean and de-equipping his weapon and armorer before sitting on the bed next to her. He pulled her into him in a hug. She didn't stop him as she felt the warmth of him. She even leaned more into him. "No, you're not" He whispered to her. "I understand why you don't want to go back. A house hold like that is not something easy to grow up in but you can't let fear preventing you from going back. You're young don't let them define who you are." He ran his hand down her hair.
Finally, he let go and moved back to the chair. "Trust me I'm not looking forward to not seeing my leg anymore and learn to walk for the third time." This caused Elesis laugh a little. "But it be worth it to get all you kids' out of here." Elesis looked at him a dead pan face. "John, I turn 18 in a month." John laugh. "yes, yes you do but you're all kids to me." John had just turning 25 a month ago but he felt twice his age. Before this game he had got home from a war. He had lost his left leg and was discharged. While in therapy he was told about this new game coming out. Thinking it would help him with something he gave it a try. After finding out it was a death game he started a guild for lower level player and helping them stay alive and finding a place. He had meet Elesis early on trying to hide herself away. He had gotten her to join him and soon she help him take care of some of the younger player. But that didn’t stop them both being front liners. "Now let's go one of my friend wants my help with something."
Elesis nodded. Killing something would help her feel better. "Is this about the new areas?" John nodded. "Yea a guild is about to go in and my friend wants me to go in as well and get in info that could help other." Elesis nodded again "Okay sounds better than being sad all day."
  Elesis / Mended / 343d 4h 55m 3s
[Center [size10 The game of the world had just been released. Sword art online has been released to more than just Japan. The Company Argus had released the game to the world for players, however many of the games had warning labels of thirteen or older. Many people even had to place their birthday in to be able to access the notes Argus had placed online for the game itself. This was his chance, Mattiue de Argent was one of the first to test the game during its Beta testing in the American servers. He had just been in the game’s beta when he had heard that the game would be released in just a few days. The boy was very excited when he heard that the game was allowing his character from Beta to be brought into the game. While his stats and gear and weaponry would be gone his character would start out like everyone else in the game that was not on during the Beta testing.]]

[Center [size10 Getting on his character for one last run of the Beta test and one last attempt at the forty second level boss Mattieu had but one thing on his mind the day and that was the game and the actual release of it. Destroying the boss Mattieu had taken down mental notes about the boss like he had done with all the others before it, along with creatures and areas on the map itself as well. The boss took a full raid group of fifty people to kill him this level and several people died during the fight, but they had just been revived outside of the boss room, so as the door slid open the ones outside of the room were cursing themselves for dying as they collected their loot. Matthieu hadn’t stayed on long, as he had plans to be one of the first few to join up the game and get it going with himself. Quickly returning to his home Mattieu logged out and went to bed.]]

[Center [size10 The next the male awoke early enough to run to the game store and pick up his pre ordered copy of the game. He didn’t have to install anything new to his computer as the nerve gear and everything still worked from the Beta testing. As the game downloaded the boy ran down the stairs and into the kitchen to be greeted by a friendly face of his mother who was cooking breakfast. Taking three eggs, toast, bacon, and a glass of Orange juice Mattieu ate quickly almost like a vacuum sucking up dirt. The boy put his dishes in the sink and ran up the stairs. His download was done, and so he dived right in.
The female voice came onto the speaker. [b “Welcome Mattieu, Do you wish to use your Beta character?”] Mattieu thought about it for a moment but decided against it. Anyone who played the beta would know who he was and he didn’t want to be called a beater, It happened every game and so he changed it up. [#6208e7 “No thank you, I wish to make a new character.”] The female’s voice didn’t reply, but instead the character creation mode came up. [b “Please pick your gender.”] Of course he had picked male, The next was minor details, such as skin shade, texture, markings. Then it went to the hair stype, color, even to the fine detail of Eye brows and their color and facial hair. Going then to Accessories such as piercings, scars, or Jewelry . After that was the starting clothing. Sliding left and right Mattieu had decided.]]

[Center [size10 His character would be a male human who had porcelain like skin both smooth, pale, and blemish free. His hair was a medium short cut that was whiter than a fresh fallen snow, his eyebrows the same color, only they were a thin line that his hair style covered unless you look at his character from the side. His eyes a silver with just a drop of Sapphire in them to give them a blue tint; the next thing that he chose was a single tattoo that was placed on his character, which was a black dragon scar that stretched from his left ankle and would wrap around his body up to his right shoulder blade. His starting clothing was simple pieces of cloth His tunic would be a dark blue in color, his pants matching the shade. His clock would be a simple white like his hair.]]

[Center [size10 Once that was done a single voice once again came, only this one was a male. [b “Choose your class.”] Scrolling through Mattieu saw many more potential classes then in the beta. There was Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, and Warrior. Going through and selected the Paladin option. Reading the potential sub classes He selected the Retribution Paladin. It meant he would be clad in heavy plate armor, but it also meant he would use light to strike down his foes and even had the potential to heal his allies if need be. He would basically act like a buff beacon for his allies. Hitting start the game loaded up, but that wouldn’t last long. As he was running around and more and more players flooded into the game it seemed to glitch for a moment. Anyone who was skilled in games would have seen the slight glitch but those who didn’t know the game probably wouldn’t have. It seemed something abnormal was going on, but nothing that Argus wouldn’t take care of. At least that is what Matthieu would think.]]

[Center [size10 Once he was out in the world Matthieu was blinded for but a moment. Upon having his vision cleared up he looked around confused, why was he back at the town of beginnings? How was it he got here? Why all the other players here were on the server were in here as well? Seeing an official game announcement the ceiling acted like it was bleeding, but it never touched the ground, no instead it gathered up into a ball at first, and later transformed into a giant hooded figure. A deep computerized voice spoke out. [b “ attention Players, I welcome you to my world. My name is Akihiko Kayaba and as of this moment I am in control of this world. I am sure most of you have noticed have already noticed an item missing from your main menus. The log out button, let me assure you this is not a defect in the game. I repeat this is not a defect. This is how Sword art online was designed to be. You cannot log yourselves out of SOA, and no one from the outside will be able to shut down or remove the nerve gear from your head. If anyone attempts to do so a transmitter inside the nerve gear will discharge a microwave signal into your skull; destroying your brain and ending your life. Despite my warning some of the families and friends of players have attempted to remove the nerve gear an unfortunate decision to say in the least. As a result the game now has two hundred and thirteen less players. They have been deleted from both Aincard, and the real world.”]]]

[Center [size10 As the figure stood there for a moment screens started popping up around it. [b “As you can see international media outlets have around the clock coverage of everything including the deaths. Its safe to assume the likelyhood of a nerve gear being removed is minimal at best. I hope this brings you a little comfort as you try and clear the game. It is important to remember the following. There is no longer anyway to revive someone in the game. If your Hp drops to zero you Avatar will be deleted from the system forever. And the nerve gear will simultaneously destroy your brain. There is only one way for a player to escape now. You must clear the game. Right now you are gathered on floor one. The lowest level of Aincard. If you can get through the dungeon and defeat the boss you may advance to the next floor. Defeat the boss on floor one hundred and you will clear the game. Last but not least I have placed a little present in the item storage of every player, please have a look.”] the figure went silent, but Mattieu went and pulled it out. It was a small mirror, Everyone seemed to light up and the players resumed their real life looks. Mattieu’s hadn’t changed much accept his height he had grown just a little taller than his avatar.]]

[Center [size10 The figure continued talking. [b “Right now you are probably wondering why? Why would Akihiko Kayaba Developer of sword art online and nerve gear, do this. Ultimately my goal was a simple one, the reason I created sword art online was to control the fate of a world of my design. As you can see I have achieved my goal. This marks the end of the tutorial and the official launch of sword art online. Players I wish you the best of luck.”] With that the figure disappeared. Mattieu had just walked past the players that seemed to be stunned. He knew something was wrong. The male seemed to gather things quickly and quietly.]]

[Center [pic http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/kotaku/2009/06/final_fantasy_xiv_concept.jpg]]

[Center [size10 It had been three years sense the game had officially started, but rumors had came to the American servers that those on the Japanese server had beaten the last boss, but how was that possible America had kept up to Japan in the game. Hell they thought they were passed the Japanese server. Last they knew they were only on level fifty two, and America had been on the seventy-fifth level. The journey had been hard in fact many people had believed that all was lost. Once again all the players were teleported to the town of beginnings for another announcement. [b “Welcome Players, I am Akihiko Kayaba With another announcement for you. As I speak to you here there are two new realms appearing. We have Jotunheimr, The land of the giants. Along with Aegyptus, the land of sand. In order to end the game now a player must beat the end boss of Jotunheimr and Aegyptus both, along with Anicard’s level one hundred boss. However this is a change as well in the game. To get to Aegyptus one must beat the bosses from Anicard, and Jotunheimr. That is all.”] Once again disappearing, this time however the players were teleported back to the area’s there were at before the announcement.]]

[Center [size10 It had been several months and several very extremely tough fights, but they had beaten Anicard. Only to find out that the floor boss from level one hundred was actually the leader of the second largest and best guild on the server. The first guild was the one Mattiue, Code name Candle had joined and made. The Ash Guard. Their banner was an odd one. Its base color was midnight, or black to most. Their symbol was that of a white tree, around the trunk of the tree was a golden crown. And above the tree branches was a red moon. It was the symbol anyone feared. Most of the people in the guild had decided they would ware the armor which varied based upon personal touch; accept one thing was always the same. The base color of the armor was that of black, the outer armor such as the shoulder pads, the boots, the hand guards, even the chest and belt armor were that of a crimson red. The trim on the armor was a white in color. Mattieu had made the guilde originally as a joke so he would stop being invited into them, however as his name kept coming up within the talks of a single player taking on rarest of creatures found on the levels the server was currently up to it was hard to imagine one wouldn’t get people to ask if they could join.
He had earned the reputation of being known as Conquest, War happened to follow him everywhere and he would be the final blow in it.]]

[Center [size10 He however was not the reason they had beaten Anicard’s one hundredth level, no instead another had taken and staked his name to it. Candle had taken his guilde right into the next land of Jotunheimr and started on their task of clearing it out, however it was much easier done then could have been said about Anicard. It was a single level of humanoid like creatures One was a blue giant that stood at least twenty-five feet tall. Garbbed like a barbarian warrior carrying things such as clubs, swords, and spears. The other was a more Monster like type of creature It had a jellyfish like body, but also an elephant type of face, with the trunk for a nose, and the loose ears, They even had it seemed the ability to fly. The guilde had wanted to help the giant blue creature, however Mattieu insisted to help the other instead. It was Jotunheimr the land of giants, there for all creatures had a right to live. This had caused an NPC to show up and give the group a quest.]]

[Center [size10 To remove the blade that the Frost king Thrym had thrown into the lake. It meant they had a quest to complete. Getting quickly through the thing Mattieu had removed the blade, but it was not one he would be given. Instead the NPC had taken the blade Excalibur and forged it into something similar. Arondight, the blade of Lancelot. He had accepted it gracefully and with that the cheers of his guild had come from behind him, they were free or at least to go to Aegyptus.]]

[Center [size10 They had arrived, Upon the very first level of Anicard a lake had appeared on the edge, In the lake stood a single giant portal stood on what little land was found in the lake. Candle could only guess that it would take them to Aegyptus, A few new players tried to get to the new island without taking one of the boats, but they fell short either into the water, or were denied access to the island. He had waited for a while, but no more. Drawing up a boat from the water The male went across the water to come face to face with the portal.]]

[Center [size10 He had waved back to his guild as he walked through the portal and into the unknown lands. Walking around for a couple of minutes He had seen something charging at him, but it looked small from so far away, that was just it, whatever the thing was it was really far away. As it drew closer it seemed to grow larger and larger, eventually to the point it looked even larger than the giants from Jotunheimr. Seeing the thing clearly as it drew back its tail the thing was a giant scorpion. Swinging its tail it had only bounced off Arondight, however a loud clash of steal rang out across the sands. As the metal rang out across the world, Mattiue had noticed one thing about this giant scorpion, it had a silver dragon around its icon, which meant not only was it a rare it was an elite type of monster. Looking at it as he dodged another attack he saw it wasn't just named Giant Scorpion like most would, no instead it had a name Spitetooth.]]
  Conquest Anubis / Colorful_insanity / 343d 20h 45m 33s

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