The Survivors

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[i A year, A month, A week... we didn't realize it would take just a day for our lives to be ruined. ]

They said Rome wasn't built in a day, but it sure as hell was destroyed in one. Devastation, the word doesn't do justice to what we now wake up to each morning. We were oblivious beings, sitting at desks, wishing each day would pass quicker than the last.

It was one man, one genius who took it upon himself to slap this new reality on our plates and make us fight to survive. A bitter taste for revenge on the cruel world that chewed him up and spat him out.
Still... that will never make up for the horrific month that we have survived.

[i A month ago... ]

Bio-chemical bombs started dropping like flies, those who didn't die straight off the bat were infected with a disease that rotted them slowly but ultimately, killed them. Anyone who came in contact with these people would contract the disease themselves.

Bodies are now lining the streets and the river of blood that lines our memories is slowly becoming less shocking. The world as we knew it is now a rotting corpse. Those of us who survived, mainly those who were in the secluded places the gas didn't reach, have started to band together, fighting to make it to the next day, avoiding the contagious and new military arms that are patrolling to wipe the rest of us out.

We are the survivors.

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You get stabbed, you bleed bitch.
If you have any directions for the plot, go for it.
I can’t think of anything else right now, so just behave.
** This is an OLD RP that i've decided to restart. **

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Name: [b BurningSxn ]
Characters Name: Ashlyn
Age: 19
Small Background of Character: What seemed like a rough start to life turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Ashlyn had spent the first few years of her life jumping from home-to-home, family-to-family. On her eighteenth birthday, her sentence was passed and she was imprisoned in a solitary confinement institution. A year into her life sentence and the world turns, outside the reinforced concrete walls bombs are dropped and contagious destroy each other.
A month later, starving and dehydrated, Ash finally breaks out of her cell and picks her way through the corpses in the Prison to face the outside world...

Name [b Mended ]
Character Name Jason knight
Age: 24
Joined the army at a young age Jason learned to be a snipe. Deployed three time he saw thing that no man should see. On his last rotation he lost his leg just under the knee. Being discharged short after Jason thought his fight was finally over. He spent a year learning to walk again before the bombs dropped. Now he fight to stay alive in a new kinda hell.

Name [b gmiho ]
character's name: junseok 'jace' chae
age: twenty-three
small background of character: born to a korean mother and a korean-american father. having left south korea at the age of ten, junseok spent the better part of his childhood receiving an education in the states. upon turning eighteen, he returned to korea in order to get his military evaluation and decided to remain in seoul with his grandparents with the intention of completing his mandatory military service in the next three years. he enlisted at nineteen, returned to the states at twenty-two, and enrolled in university. at twenty-three, the world turned on its axis and before he knew it, he was being called back into active duty and ordered to return to south korea. unfortunately, that soon proved impossible.

Name [b RamaAmor ]
Holly Star
She had grown up on the streets, constantly scamming people for money. It was a miracle that she survived after her mother and sister tried to eat her. Now, she rolled around on her skates, picking up anything that may be useful for protection or bartering. She kept her gun close, and scams anyone who tries to scam her.

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Holly was breathing heavily. She was terrified. "My brother..." she started crying before she could finish her sentence.
  RamaAmor / 2d 6h 37m 46s
Jason was groggy as walked down the last few steps of the building he had been sleeping in. It was early morning and the area was covered in thick lay of fog. It was a quick morning with little sound to be heard. Jason hated the silence around him. Few thinks scared the war veteran but the sound of silence was one of them. Not because it was unsettling but because it let his mind wander. Memoirs would come up that he didn't want to think about. Memorirs from a time of blood and steel.
Pulling out a small ipod he but in on headphone as he started walking. He had managed to gather music over his travels and keep certain thing charge by using a solar powered charger. He had chosen to stay mobile instead of hiding up in some building. He had a car and quite a bit of supply stock up in it. As he made his way up to it he noticed a few zombies in the area. Most didn't seem to noticed him so he didn't care to waste ammo killing them. That when he heard the voice calling out. 'Dam it' he caused under his breath. As he grabbed his SCAR from his back and made a slow run until he could find the voice.
"Calm down it okay." He tried to calm the girl. "You need to quite yourself or you will attractive them. What wrong?" He stayed on alert just in case this person tried to attack him. He could tell she was armed lightly. It wouldn't be the first time someone tried to kill him and it wasn't going to be the last ether.
  Jason Knight / Mended / 2d 6h 39m 12s
Holly had been rolling away on skates. Where she was going, not even she knew. She only had one instinct. RUN. She had seen her own little hell. Her mother became a demented corpse, and her sister was almost unidentifiable. She didn't stop moving, not even to rest. She was desperate to find something, or someone, that could help her. "Anyone there?! Answer!"
  RamaAmor / 2d 11h 20m 16s
[center [b [u The great escape ] ] ]
Ashlyn ducked under the barbed wire, the pricks cutting into her skin. The pain was bearable compared to the things that had happened to her in the past year. Her feet were bare and she wore nothing but navy blue overalls out in the freezing air. Fear. She didn't know she could feel fear again. Running from the guards was easy with their eyes were bleeding, their skin rotting they had been easy to outmanoeuvre. [i 'Run, just run.' ] She thought to herself and pushed her bleeding feet to move faster.
[hr ]
For the past few months, it had been the nightmares that had woken Ashlyn. It was normal for people on death row to dream of their execution. It wasn't that she was old, in fact, she was almost twenty, but someone waiting to die had little to dream about.

The outbreak had changed that. This morning, she woke to hope, but a hope that was not shared with her fellow survivors who deemed this new world as hell.

She gingerly lifted a dirt-smudged hand to her head, pressing lightly on a raised scar. She had managed to knock it running from the prison and though the bleeding had stopped, thanks to one of the other survivors patching her up, the small scar was a constant reminder of [i them ]. Blinking back the memory of the contagious' twisted faces, she looked across the warehouse. It was filled with equipment that people had started to scavenge- most of it useless - and breathing, sleeping bodies that lined the floors whilst those who opted to patrol were swaying back and forth, like zombies themselves.

Ashlyn pushed herself up off the cloth bed that she had been sleeping on, better than the cold floor, but damp nonetheless. She slipped a pair of boots on that rubbed against her heels and ran her fingers through her matted hair, wishing more than anything for a hot shower and a hairbrush. Most people didn't touch the corpses that lined the streets, but Ashlyn had seen it most fit to take what she needed to survive, like boots and a jacket, a switch blade, hand gun and a few lighters.

Straightening up, she headed over to the warehouse entrance where a man waited. He was on guard, according to the other survivors he had a military background, but Ashlyn wondered if he had even killed a Contagious yet. [b "Switch with me." ] She said, her voice low and flat. [b "You're as good as dead if you don't sleep." ]
  Ashlyn / Burningsxn / 4d 13h 39m 10s

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